President Sebastian

When Mardi Gras is out I...

  • eat pie
  • play bored games
  • watch tv
  • watch spongebob
  • do the jig
  • dance around the bon fire
  • eat some prok tonic
  • watch the fireworks
  • eat some more pie
  • eat cake
  • go to Kings Arm tavern
  • troll people
  • play potco
  • level up
  • listen to music
  • chat with friends
  • play even more bored games
  • eat ice cream
  • watch other people die when they are in a pvp glitch
  • go to the beach
  • get eaten by a shark (Like a boss)
  • get a girlfriend and dump her
  • troll Captain Goldvane and his sidekick Bill
  • avoiding the weird people of Abassa
  • destroying homes in Abassaian server
  • tell everyone that I did something to the tonic pork
  • tell everyone to rage on the peddelers for giving us weird clothes for Mardi Gras
  • eat some more pie

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