In a corrupted city ruled by dicktators, it is up to the managers of Arkham Assylum  to fight corruption and take back the city.....


Arkham Management

  • Bill Plunderbones Tewt - the smelly protagonist
  • Richard Nolan - booted from the city now works at Arkham
  • EvaSack Boogaloo "Boogie Baby" 
  • Susan 
  • The Lazy One
  • Johnny Dentface
  • Lawrence Moriarty
  • Nnamdi

The Dicktators

  • John Rage'sOlot Brealsy
  • Matt Blastshit
  • Johnny Oldtimbers
  • David Mcmartin Pootis
  • Lecap Stanley
  • Ned Edgewalker
  • Blake Stewart
  • Victoria Sheep Lord

Other Characters

  • Christopher Crane aka Darth Hermit
  • Jokervane
  • Ghostface and Goldface
  • The Mothman
  • BallsOfSteel
  • The Squirtman
  • HotLizzah
  • The Noming Kitty 
  • Keria Meowiner
  • Bobbeh Mooon
  • Not so Blonde

Guest Characters

Chapter One:Edit

A man stood on a perch of the tallest building in Gotham. He looked out over the glowing city, a glow that was of a sickly yellow. Scattered around were smokestacks that spewed toxic clouds into the already muggy sky. The man shook his head sadly and pulled out a pair of binoculars, aiming them toward a building that was smaller than the one he was standing on, but one that was still a huge tower. A banner sat on the side of it.

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