Verun (pronounced Veh-ruhnn) is a fictional character based off of one of Gold's characters in SWTOR.


He is an Imperial Chiss sniper whose skills are very exceptional. He considers his jobs "hunts," and often moonlights as a personal assassin, although he's not technically a bounty-hunter since he's very picky about his tasks. He'll rarely follow through with a mission if he believes it's against the Empire's wishes, and instead prefers to either eliminate Republic targets or neutral ones. He is, however, quite quick to shoot down an Imperial who has committed treason or is in any other way working against the Empire.

After serving for years as an Imperial Agent, Verun was convinced by his ally Cado Zelona to join The League of Shadows. During his time there, Verun has accomplished many tasks and grown comfortable with the organization.

Personality Edit

Verun is very stiff and he rarely cracks jokes. He prefers to focus on the task at hand, and if there is going to be any relaxing or celebrating, it will be after the job is done.

Allies Edit

Verun was partnered with Kalidus, a Sith Pureblood who was also a sniper. He too joined the League of Shadows, and they currently serve there together.

During a hunt for a corrupt Imperial official, Verun encountered Cado Zelona. Somehow, the two formed an alliance, taking down the corrupt official and sharing the reward for the capture.

Appearance and Armor Edit

Verun is a very large build, having been worked his whole life. He also never tends to indulge on large meals much, making him a very fit person. He wasn't a slave or anything, he just chooses to work and not to eat.

His facial expression is almost always plain, rarely grinning and often scowling, frowning, or glaring. His blue-themed armor matches the color of his skin, and you'll rarely find him sporting anything too bright or happy-like.

He has gone through several chestpieces through his time. His first was a simple leather jacket, not capable of much protection. Also, being native to Hoth, he has a large polar exploration suit. Currently, he uses a leather chestguard upgraded with many gadgets and additions.

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