Chapter One: A New Enemy Edit

Prievously on Unison: Carnage was implanted with his own bomb and thrown into the sea miles offshore and explodes saving the City, The Heroes cheer as does the city and SHIELD and ARGUS agents. Spider-Man then turns around to see Spider-Girl dead in a pool of blood as Spidey breaks down and holds her in his arms as his friends surround him. Doom is sent to prison along with all of his experiments including Rogue one of the heroes.

Underground below Manhattan a large device was placed, and below it a cryotube that beeped open as a figure stepped out wearing a coat and put on a breathing mask as he gasped for breath.

"The Time has come.."

The figure said and put his arms behind his back and looked up at the machine

"I will complete what we started" he said and walked out to greet the new world.

Main Title: FREEDOM plays

Spider-Man comes into view taking a web pose, Wolverine then appears unsheathing his claws and Iron Man showing off his gauntlet then a shot of all three of them in their poses. zoom far out till we get another spin of the arial view of the City. it changes to a city street as Spider-Man is walking normally down sidewalk and looking up seeing Iron Man fly by superfast. and then Wolverine running elsewhere slicing up a burglar and then back up at Spider-Man swinging through city and landing and looking up at the sky as images of Spider-Girl and Rogue appear smiling. cut to a pan up of both Superman and Batman in poses and next to them their civilian identities and then zooming back to Spidey as images of all the villains from past season appear across the back of him. then three scenes of past episodes appear.

Cut to the Heroes standing in unison and staring at several villains: Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and Deathstroke as they begin to do battle, cut back as Spider-Man , Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Superman and Batman do poses one after another till Superman and Iron Man fly up into the sky and the screen changes to an Ancient Symbol and pan back to see Three caped figures next to eachother: Wintersolider, Vector and Magneto standing arms behind him and Magneto as it pans up at a shaded robotic figure who makes a pose and then cut to all Six Heroes standing together.

"Good Morning, Manhattan, It's been two weeks since our world had changed as the existence of Superheroes was announced due to the actions of a red monster that terrorized our city leaving many around America wondering how many others are there" the news anchor announced.

"The known conspirier of this plot former Professor of ESU Victor Doom was arrested by SHIELD for his work in illegal genetic creation over a long span of months" another anchor said.

"Some are terririfed by the exisntace of these Superheroes while others are happy that they are being protected by someone other then the government" Another reporter said as news all across the nation in Gotham City, Metropolis, Starling City and Washington DC and many more.

Spider-Man/Peter Parker sat on his couch in sadness looking down at the ground tears staining his eyes as his costume lied across a chair.

"Snap out of it bub"

A gruff voice said coming through the kitchen door it was Logan known as Wolverine his best friend

"How can I?" Peter said wiping back tears.

"Because men don't cry" Logan said smacking him across the face.

Logan sat down next to him

"Sorry kid but i get it you lost your sister, but it's not the end of the world" Logan said.

Peter clutched his stinging face and turned to him

"hey we stopped Carnage and saved the City" Logan continued.

Suddenly a monster burst through the door startling Peter and Logan

"Guyys turn on TV" Hulk said.

Logan growled " Hulk you can't just burst in here in rage mode" Logan screamed

"Hulk Sowwy" Hulk said as he slowly morphed back into Bruce Banner

"Seriously though turn on the TV" Bruce said calming down.

Logan sat back down as Peter looked down recovering from the scare Hulk gave and turned on the TV. A news woman appeared on the screen

"We bring you here live from the Triskelion where SHIELD director Nick Fury is here with ARGUS director Amanda Waller".

The camera panned to a black guy with an eye patch and a mustached man at a podium.

"I'm here to tell all the nation that there is no cause for alarm so get the fuck off my property" Fury said to the reporters.

"Mr Fury how can you deny something when a evil red monster tried to blow up the City" a reporter said.

She was referring to three days ago when the psychopathic creature known as Carnage had tried to destroy everyone on the City but was stopped by the Heroes Six who teamed up with their long-dick'd enemy Doctor Doom, but with a great cost one died and the other was locked up along with all the rest of the Experiments created by Doom. "

Yeah well we handled it and locked up all of Doctor Doom's creatures in a special facility of SHIELD and ARGUS. Amanda Waller was a large black woman."Through the combined might of SHIELD and ARGUS we contained this situation" she said calmly.

"How can you say that when you have kept the very nature of what was going on in this city a secret from the rest of the nation" another reporter said.

Waller and Fury looked at each other

"We had the best interest of the nation in this act" Fury said.

The two organisations had decided to keep Doom's Experimenting a secret so not to cause a worldwide panic, but when Carnage made himself known they had no choice and stepped in to contain the damage.

"No further questions" Fury said as the two directors began to walk away.

Another man stepped up "It was not just SHIELD and ARGUS, It was the group known as the Heroes SIx." Tony Stark said.

The crowd began to murmur, as Fury and Waller stopped mid tracks and whirled around a look of anger crossing their faces.

"What can you tell us about them" a reporter asked holding up a microphone.

"That They saved this city" Stark said, "Not your Fearless leaders" Stark then smirked

"That's enough no further questions moutherfuckers" Fury shouted covering the mic and dragged Stark off the podium as more people asked questions.

Logan turned off the TV. "Those two are such asses" Logan remarked.

"At least Stark told them off" Bruce joked. Peter just sighed

"It wasn't your fault kid" Logan said as Bruce also sat down.

"She was trying to save me and payed it with her life" Peter said.

During the battle with Carnage he had created an army of symbiote spider-man clones as Peter and Jessica, Spider-Girl fought them off and then faced Carnage two on one but fate struck as Carnage stabbed her fatally with his symbiote claws and threw her off the building they were on as she fell down below Spider-Man screamed in anger and relentlessly assaulted Carnage and with the help of Wolverine and Iron Man they inserted his bomb into Carnage as Iron Man flies him out and throws him as hard as he can into the sea as the bomb explodes destroying Carnage. That day Peter lost his sister and was in a depressed state.

"we all loved Jessica and we will miss her just as much as Marie" Logan said trying to comfort his friend. and Bruce just sighed sadly.

Marie known as Rogue a superhuman touched by the infamous lightning storm that created all the superhumans. Tony Stark then entered he was a billionaire inventor of Stark Industries but also one of the heroes with his Iron Man suit.

"Come on guys it's time for the funeral" Tony said.

Peter, Logan and Bruce got up and went down to their special car and drove to the outskirts of the city to the cemetery where Jessica's grave was. Peter lent down to her grave and placed a bouquet of flowers on it and shed tears

"I Miss you so much Jess" .

After they payed their respects they walked to their car but Peter stayed having donned his costume

"I need some time alone guys" he said. the others turned to him and nodded

"We are here for you man" Logan said.

Spider-Man shot a web at the building nearest and swung into the air. Whenever he needed to clear his head he always went web slinging around the city usually to the top of the Empire State Building

A lone figure walked into Manhattan National Bank and lifted his hand slightly and three guards began twitching and shaking as their arms were twisted in various directions as they grunted and groaned and finally dropped to the floor as the figure lowered his hand and kept walking. he arrived at the vault taking out a few more guards using the same technique he then placed some bombs on the vault and stepped back. they exploded and sounded the alarms. Spider-Man was in earshot and turned toward the sound

"Finally something to keep my mind busy" he said and swung down as fast as he could. He landed at the bank and looked around there was nothing there, no money was stolen either. Spidey scratched his head and headed back into the streets.

"If it isn't the one they call Spider-Man" a voice said.

Spidey whirled around looking up and saw a figure shrouded standing up on the building next to the bank.

"Yea and who are you?" the figure just laughed and backed out of view. Spidey webbed up and landed facing the guy

"I'll ask again Who are you"

the figure just chuckled and Spidey had enough and sprung into action swinging his fists and kicks, the figure just backed and ducked and weaved his blows. Spidey was flustered but kept attacking and then tried to web him. as he shot out a web his arm bent and twitched on it's own and he screamed in pain. The figure had lifted a hand as the attack happened.

"Now Now don't tell me this is all you got?" the figure sneered as his voice was deep and raspy. Spidey grunted as the pain stopped and he continued his assault but the figure simply grabbed his fist spun and jabbed his hand into Spidey right below his armpit.


Spidey screamed as suddenly his left arm had gone limp and numb

"What the hell?"

he said and looked up at the figure who sent a massive kick into him sending him flying. Spidey flew back skidding across the rooftop as his signal device was activated and landed groaning he got back up as the figure approached

"Come now, you are only embarrassing yourself" the figure said.

"How did you do that?" Spidey asked as his arm was regaining itself. the figure sprung so quickly and jabbed another hand into his shoulder and also into his chest. Spidey fell to his knees and got a kick to his back. the figure jumped and did a combo of several moves and Spidey was left limp on the ground. the figure just stood next to him arms behind his back.

"what are you doing to me?" Spidey asked in pain.

"it's called chi blocking, a unique technique that stops the flow of your inner body essentially leaving you vulnerable"

the figure smirked through what he could now see as a breathing apparatus. Spidey was then lifted to his knees by a telekinetic force as the figure had his hand out and raised it as Spidey's body was raised. the figure then shot his hand to the left and Spidey was thrown in the air flying and screaming as he hit the wall of the building next to them. He fell down as the force had lifted his arm and bent it the way it should not go s he screamed in pain. the figure approached as Spidey was bent in various ways causing intense pain

"Whooo aree you?" Spidey asked between grunts and screams.

"I am Vector"

the figure said and raised his hand up for another attack when a huge green figure slammed into the roof behind him as Vector turned around shocked. Hulk delivered a punch to Vector sending him flying miles away screaming. Hulk roared and looked at Spider-Man's limp body as the force twisting it had ceased. he picked him up and jumped away. Vector regained himself from the rubble of the destroyed wall and rearranged his coat as if nothing had happened and laughed as he disappeared from view.

Spider-Man woke up surrounded by Bruce, Logan and Tony.

"Wh.. What happened?"

Spidey asked as his mask had been taken off and saw he was in their apartment.

"Hulk saved you" Bruce said referring to his other self.

Peter sat up wincing in pain as his limbs were healing.

"That man, he.. he is nothing like we have ever faced" Peter said.

"What do you mean?" Tony asked.

"He did something to me, he jabbed me in placed and instantly I couldn't do anything I was completely helpless he could have killed me at any time" Peter said obviously scarred by this frightening encounter.

"Why didn't he?" Bruce asked.

"I don't know, maybe he was just toying with me" Peter said trying to get up.

"rest man you took a bad beating your blood is not circulating right like it was tampered with"

Tony said trying to keep him down

"What?" Peter asked horrified.

"your blood looks like it was churned and distributed unevenly around your body the fact you are still alive is amazing as something like this would kill you"

Tony said examining his results.

"Then why am i still alive?" Peter asked laying back down wincing at the pain.

"It might be because of your healing powers" Logan said arms folded.

"But I don't have a healing factor like you" Peter said puzzled.

"You do actually but it is very minor" Tony said.

"That Vector guy was able to control me like a puppet without even touching me" Peter said clutching his face.

"What do you think he wants?" Bruce asked eating a chicken leg. Peter titled over and looked out the window at the setting sun.

"I don't know.." Peter said and slipped into sleep.

Underground the machinery flickered to life as it crackled with energy. Vector stood in front of it looking right at it.

"Everything is going as planned"

To Be Continued.

Chapter Two: Experiment Breakout Edit

Prievously on UNISON: With Doctor Doom imprisoned and the evil Carnage defeated peace returns as the world is made known to superhumans, Spider-Man distraught over the loss of his sister Jessica/Spider-Girl is confronted by a new enemy known as Vector with a terrifying ability of puppeteering and chi blocking the ability to restrict movement of the body making him the most dangerous villain the Heroes have ever faced, as Spider-Man heals he wonders how to beat this seemingly invincible villain.

Spider-Man was swinging around New York when he saw something that made his heart stop it was his sister Jessica known as Spider-Girl, he swung down and looked at her.

"Jess? But you were dead?"

He approached her but she didnt turn around. he reached out and turned her around as the image of jessica was gone replaced by Vector who stared right at him and twisted his arm behind him and kicked his feet so he fell to his knees.

"You are weak, and don;t deserve to be in this world"

he taunted and began to use his controlling on Spidey who cried out in pain. Peter woke up sweating and panting as it had been a nightmare.

Main Title: FREEDOM plays

Spider-Man comes into view taking a web pose, Wolverine then appears unsheathing his claws and Iron Man showing off his gauntlet then a shot of all three of them in their poses. zoom far out till we get another spin of the arial view of the City. it changes to a city street as Spider-Man is walking normally down sidewalk and looking up seeing Iron Man fly by superfast. and then Wolverine running elsewhere slicing up a burglar and then back up at Spider-Man swinging through city and landing and looking up at the sky as images of Spider-Girl and Rogue appear smiling. cut to a pan up of both Superman and Batman in poses 'and next to them their civilian identities' and then zooming back to Spidey as images of all the villains from past season appear across the back of him. then three scenes of past episodes appear.

Cut to the Heroes standing in unison and staring at several villains: Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and Deathstroke as they begin to do battle, cut back as Spider-Man , Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Superman and Batman do poses one after another till Superman and Iron Man fly up into the sky and the screen changes to an Ancient Symbol and pan back to see Three caped figures next to eachother: Wintersolider, Vector and Magneto standing arms behind him and Magneto as it pans up at a shaded robotic figure who makes a pose and then cut to all Six Heroes standing together.

Peter got up as he winced from his beating by Vector who could chi block and control bodily movements left him in a near dead state, if not for Hulk arriving he may have been killed. It had been a week since his confrontation with Vector and nearly every night he had nightmares of him killing him and of Jessica watching and then killed again and again. Peter was healing and his friend Tony Stark's equpiment had rearranged his blood flow again so he could walk and be normal.

"What's the point" Peter said walking into the kitchen where his friends were eating breakfeast.

"Point of what?" Bruce asked mouth full of cheerios.

"The fight, We may have beaten Carnage, but this Vector is in a class by himself" Peter said.

"How so?" Tony Stark asked eating more sophisticated then the others.

"He can control our very bodies, and warp our blood flows, and before that he can take away our ability to even fight"

Peter started screaming but wincing as his heart began to beat fast.

"Calm down Pete" Tony said activating his scanner "You are hyperventialting"

Peter calmed down as his body returned to normal.

"Come on bro rest" Logan said taking him back to the room.

Vector stood before his machinery that was crackling lightly with energy.

"In time I will have enough to bring this world to it's knees" Vector said smirking.

"But to do so I will need subordinates" he said to himself.

"And I know exactly where to get some but first" He continued and went to a computer where he hakced SHIELD database like Doctor Doom had done so many times.

"heh This will work" He smirked and headed out.

Over in the Triskelion headquaters of SHIELD. reporters still stood at the gates as news cverage over the recent events continued to aire.

"Will those motherfuckers ever quit" Fury said looking out his window. Waller stood nearby in a chair.

"Apparently not" she said sighing.

"It was our choice not to reveal what was going on and now we pay for the consequences" Fury said.

"Yes well we could still have kept the Heroes a secret. until your playboy Stark blew the whistle" Waller said.

"Yea well They deserve the credit for taking down Carnage and Doom" Fury said.

Waller thought for a minute. "If the people knew that it was a bunch of super powered freaks, instead of their governments then they would riot" Waller then snapped.

"You are not to let them know Is that clear" Waller finished.

"Listen here bitch you don't get to tell me what to do" Fury retorted.

"SHIELD was responsible for the storm that granted the powers in the first place" Waller smirked.

Fury stood his ground glaring through his one eye. Waller just smirked knowing she won.

"I must get back to Metropolis, if you go behind my back, I will know" Waller threatened and walked out shutting the door as Fury was shocked and sat back grunting angrily.

A knock at the door made Audrey Coulson stand up from watching TV and she opened the door as Vector stood on the other side

"hello Miss Coulson" he smirked and used his body controlling to drop her to her knees as she tried to run.

"Ah ah ah" Vector cooed, and stepped into the room. "Mind if i come in?" he smirked.

"Wh.. what do you want with me" Audrey said panicking.

"Oh nothing much, But there is something you can do for me" Vector leaned down releasing his hold on her briefly. Audrey seized the chance by slipping her legs around his and flipping him to the ground and rolling to her knees and kicking him hard in his face knocking him down and running for a gun.

Vector was caught off guard as he picked himself off from the floor, he had not been expecting her to be trained. Audrey got a gun and ran into her bedroom locking the door and trying to get out of the fire escape. She busted into a room below and apologized to the people she interrupted who were making love. She ran and opened the door and ran into the hall only to fly forward falling on her face as the control grip took hold of her.

"MMM Got a little fight in ya, I like that" Vector said approaching from behind. he lifted her with his control and dragged her back, while looking into the room of the startled lovers

"Please don't get up" Vector said giving them a mocking curtsy and walked away with Audrey behind him in the air.

Audrey woke up strapped to a chair with a light shining down on her.

"wakey wakey" Vector taunted as he stepped into view.

"Wh.. who are you" She said scared as hell

"I am an associate of your husband's" Vector said.

"Phil?" Audrey panicked.

"Yes, Phil" Vector said simply.

"I need you to do go to SHIELD and deliver something for me" Vector replied smirking behind his breathing mask.

Two Hours later Audrey arrived in her car at the Triskelion walking normally through the door showed her ID clearance as she was welcomed by severl guards she knew. She walked down the hallway and stopped at her husband's office

"Audrey? hey how are you" Agent Phil Coulson asked pleased but confused to see his wife here.

"Phil I was,," She began to say but a pain in her heart made her think twice as Vector's voice came from a mic in her ear

"Ah ah ha, no telling or i will kill him" Vector cooed evilly.

Audrey sucked it in and continued "I brought you your favorite lunch" She said handing him a bag. "Ah thank you, Is there something bothering you?" he asked sensing his wife's scaredness

"Noo haha, I'm fine" She said shrugging it off. "I need to get back dear she said and kissed him and secretly whispered so Vector could not hear "watch out for the potato salad" then she smiled and walked away.

Coulson was confused when he realized that he didn't even like potato salad and she knew that as he looked in the bag at the box of it.

"Security we have a bomb" Coulson shouted in his walkietalkie. Instantly SHIELD agents rushed in and the bomb removal squad

"This box contains a bomb" Coulson explained.

"what the hell you sounding the alarm for, motherfucka" Nick Fury said striding in.

"Sir i believe this has a bomb in it" Coulson said kind of calmly.

"Well now that's the oldest trick in the goddamn book" Fury said equally calmly, as he reached in and opened the box as it was just potato salad

Everyone flinched as he did so but calmed down when they realized they had been had.

"All security secure the files, vaults and anything else that's goddamn important." Fury shouted orders in to his microphone.

Everyone scrambled around to do so, as Audrey had left the Triskelion and met up with Vector with her mission a datacube of information.

"You did well Audrey" Vector said and then with his control grip snapped her neck

"Your services are no longer required. as she fell to the ground dead. Vector then took her car and drove off.

Peter lied in his bed as he struggled to get well from his fight with Vector

"How am i supposed to beat someone who can control my very body and disable me" he thought and clenched his fist.

In the living room Logan and Bruce were watching TV as Tony was punching things on his laptops when he got a call.

"yes?" he answered

"Stark we need you to come in" Fury said.

"Why do you need me?" Tony asked.

"Do I need a reason get yo playboy ass here Now" he shouted and cut the transmission

Tony sighed and mounted his Iron Man suit "Guys ill be back, need to take care of something" he said and the othrs just titled their heads and nodded then went back to watching TV as Iron Man rocketed out into the sky towards Triskelion.

Tony landed at the gates when he saw the dead body of Audrey and picked her up carrying inside. Tony carried Audrey's corpse up to where Fury and Coulson were, Coulson then stopped dead in his tracks as he trembled holding Audrey's lifeless face to his

"What happened?" He asked choking back tears.

"I found her neck snapped at the front gate" Tony explained.

"Someone used her to fake us out with a bomb while she went for something else" Fury said.

"What did they take?" Tony asked.

Over in Brooklyn a seemingly ordinary building as Vector walked up to it and put in the codes he got from SHIELD as he entered killing the guards by snapping their necks mentally and set bombs at the vault. they exploded sounding off alarms, as he walked down the stairs.

"Not very good security" he muttered hands behind his back as he strode down a hallway of glass containtment units on each side.

In each one was one of the Doom Expiriements that survived the Carnage Crisis. One was a man chained up and drugged labeled Emil Blonksy. Another was a Black Ninja, another was an electrical being, two guards and a doctor rushed but were thrown back by Vector and twisted around as he approached a cell with a guy in a straighjacket with a crazed look on his face, Vector cocked his head and threw a knife down at the man's reach and kept walking. He went past a eighth to last cell as the black ooze substance Venom was moving around reforming shapes of all kind while still keeping his evil eyes.

"You sure are not one of the doctors" a lady said as Vector looked over at a woman with silver fingernails and a smirk, he read above her :DEATHSTRYKE,

"Oh I am a doctor just not that kind" Vector smirked and kept walking, passing by a man strapped and robotic tentacle arms contained and powered down

"Doctor Octavius I presume" Vector said as Ock looked up

"It's Octopus Now, ock for short" Octavius said.

"I could use a man of your scientific mettle" Vector said as he kept walking finally using the codes he entered another room that lead to a dark durby where the only light was sunlight from above in a bullet proof skylight and 10 machine guns locked onto it. Vector stepped up and peered in at a man with a metal mask in a criminal uniform

"Doctor Victor Von Doom At last" Vector said smirking.

Doom looked up at his visitor

"And who are you supposed to be?" Doom said standing up.

"Vector Saba" He said bowing some

"I am a great admirer of your work Doctor" Vector continued as Doom listened.

"Your creations are wuite wonderful you are a brillaint scientist" Vector said as Doom clearly liking him being praised listened.

"What do you want?" Doom said knowing why he was here.

"You know what I want, the Expiriements" Vector said suddnely.

Doom crossed his arms "Of course everyone wants them, but you can't have them they are linked to my mind" Doom said.

Vector just stood there "Oh how impressive, making yourself the link so if anyone wants to take them they must take you as well" Vector said pretneidng to me impressed. he just raised his hand and Doom flew into the glass door smushed against it

"How are you doing that?" Doom asked mesmorized by the power the man showed but felt his insides twisting and turning.

"Like you I have a power too but not from the pathetic storm that made you and the others, No my source comes from something more ancient" Vector smirked and opened the door lifing Doom before him.

"I was planning on taking you with me anyway" He said as he released his grip and turned back punching in more codes he unlocked all the Expiriement doors.

"My friends A new day is Rising, Join me and we will bring this world to it's knees" Vector said as Doom got up and stood before him.

The others cheered and roared as they used their powers to free the ones who couldnt get freed. Blonsky instantly free became the Abomination and they ran out as more guards ran to stop them.

back at the Triskelion, alarms went off as Fury Coulson and Tony checked the alert

"And that was what was stolen, codes to access the Facility where we stored the Doom Expiriments" Coulson said still cradling his dead wife.

"Motherfucker" Fury shouted slamming his fist on the table "get SHIELD teams there now" he began shouting orders

Tony accessed his comlink back to the apartment calling for Wolverine and Hulk as they rushed out and headed for the facility.

Doom took in the energy from Electro and charged Octavius's tentacles and he freed himself smirking, Deathstryke also freed her self after her serum was removed and Venom formed into his humanoid with a flicking tongue

"Doom Lives Again!" Doom shouted shooting lightning from his hands at the other cells, they then heard a maniacal laugh and an explosion and a rocket sound but shrugged it off.

"To serve Me" Vector said sudennly and all the Expiriments and Doom were forced to their knees by his controlling grip.

Doom grumbled at being second to someone but knew this man had great power that he wanted to know more about.

"We serve you Sir" Doom said trying to sound nice.

"Good now let us go and make preparations" Vector said and walked out hands behind his back as the rest followed him.

"Sorry but your going nowhere" a girl said as Vector and Doom turned to the doorway as the hero Rogue stood.

"little girl step out of the way" Doom said charging his lightning.

"I don't have time for this" Vector said sighing and used his control grip on the brave girl who screamed and grunted as she was forced to her knees. Venom charged forward baring his fangs when Rogue managed to touch him and he dropped to the ground knocked out as Rogue gained his power and split her atoms into the goo and reformed breaking the control grip as she shot forth tentacles of symbiote construct at Doom who shot his lightning into them and another tenacle grabbed his leg and flipped him into Vector knocking them down as Doc Ock met her tenacles with his own Rogue overpowered him and knocked him down as Doom got back up and shot her full of ligtning disrupting the sy,biote as vector regained control over her and began splitting her form until she was several piles of it as Doom and Electro shot their lightning into her as she screamed and disapated into steam.

"Well that's that" Doom said as Venom regained himself cursing and they headed out.

When they got to the entrance SHIELD helicopters and tanks were waiting along with NYPD.

"halt sir and go back to your cells" a officer shouted in his megaphone.

Electro just laughed and shot out his lightning at a car making it explode, Doc Ock grabbed several guards with his arms and threw them around as the rest opened fire. Venom morphed into a wall as Abomination took the rest and plowed through the tanks and threw one into another. Vector grabbed Doom and punched a button in his coat and they teleported away. Letting the Expiriments fight and run amok.

By the time Wolverine and Hulk arrived they were gone and most of the teams were dead or injured. "Shit" Logan said.

"Thy are gone" Logan said into his comlink to Iron Man.

Fury pounded his desk in anger "MOTHERFUCKERS" he shouted as everyone left the room, Coulson took his wife's body and went to bury her in a cemetery.

Fury then called Amanda Waller on his montior.

"What is it Fury" Waller said her big fat face taking up the whole thing.

"We have a national security risk the Doom Expiriments are loose" Fury said pissed off.

Waller was equally pissed but kept her cool

"I knew you couldn't do the job you were assigned for" she said angrily.

"My team will get on it right away ma'm" Tony said.

Waller looked at Iron Man and shook her head

"No I don;t want news of you Heroes getting out we are trying to contain the situation as best we can" she said

Iron Man was angry "keep us secret The whole damn city knows about us and the Crisis was broadcasted across the nation Everyone knows" he screamed.

Waller just stood there not saying anything and finally relented "Very well contain this all of you" she said and turned the monitor off.

"You heard her Stark, contain these Expiriments once more" Fury said.

"Oh and before you go take Number003 with you" Fury smirked.

Iron Man nodded and rocketed out.

He returned to the apartment as Logan and Bruce had returned

"Well guys, the Expiriments are loose again and Waller and Fury have tasked us for rounding them up and bringing them back" Tony said.

"Never a dull day" Logan said smirking.

Peter opened his door and stepped out,

"The City needs its heroes again" he said proudly.

"We wont be alone" Tony said and opened the door as Ben Grimm the Thing was there

"Looks like you guys need some clobberin time" he said grinning.

The others grinned back and looked at Peter.

"You sure you are ready man?" Logan asked.

Peter pulled on his Spider-Man costume and stood produly

"Yes, let's Go" He said and shot a web out the window as Wolverine jumped after, Bruce turned into Hulk and jumped out with Thing and Iron Man rocketed out last was Spider-man swinging like he had before.

Below the Empire State Building, Vector and Doom teleported into his lair where Doom immediately saw the machinery.

"What is that?" Doom asked.

"That is the solution" Vector said simply as several charges were appearing.

To Be Continued

Chapter Three: The Coming Storm Edit

Prievously on UNISON: Vector launched an assault on the SHIELD facility where he sprung Doctor Doom and several of his Expriements as the Heroes failed to stop him they did fight all their old foes across the city and captured some of them but most are still loose.


the Expiriement known as Black Ninja shouted as he got thrown against a wall of a building. Wolverine jumped at him as he raised his claws for a fatal blow when the Ninja ducked out of the way and grabbed his sword and blocked his blow and pushed him back. Wolverine growled and struck his blade and kicked him in the gut

"You're going back to jail bub"

Wolverine said and disarmed him and punched him hard. Ninja fell down knocked out as Wolverine collected him and went on his way. It had been non stop battles trying to collect the escaped Expiriements by the villain Vector and no one had seen Doctor Doom the mastermind behind it since.

Main Title: FREEDOM plays

Spider-Man comes into view taking a web pose, Wolverine then appears unsheathing his claws and Iron Man showing off his gauntlet then a shot of all three of them in their poses. zoom far out till we get another spin of the arial view of the City. it changes to a city street as Spider-Man is walking normally down sidewalk and looking up seeing Iron Man fly by superfast. and then Wolverine running elsewhere slicing up a burglar and then back up at Spider-Man swinging through city and landing and looking up at the sky as images of Spider-Girl and Rogue appear smiling. cut to a pan up of both Superman and Batman in poses'and next to them their civilian identities'and then zooming back to Spidey as images of all the villains from past season appear across the back of him. then three scenes of past episodes appear.

Cut to the Heroes standing in unison and staring at several villains: Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and Deathstroke as they begin to do battle, cut back as Spider-Man , Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Superman and Batman do poses one after another till Superman and Iron Man fly up into the sky and the screen changes to an Ancient Symbol and pan back to see Three caped figures next to eachother: Wintersolider, Vector and Magneto standing arms behind him and Magneto as it pans up at a shaded robotic figure who makes a pose and then cut to all Six Heroes standing together.

Spider-Man dropkicked Venom as he swated him away with a tentacle, while dodging Doc Ock's tentacles and making Venom hit him. Venom roared and shot a strand of web at Spidey and swung him into a wall as Doc Ock pinned him with two tentacles

"I'm going to enjoy peeling your suit away" Ock said as he began to do so.

Hulk locked hands with Abomination as the two battled throughout the street throwing eachother into buildings and sending cars into eachother.

"I will crush you" Abomination shouted and grabbed Hulk sending him through three buildings and raced after.

Hulk let out his sonic scream and sent Abomination away right into a pie truck, which he in turn picked up and used as a bat to send Hulk away. The Thing then attacked grabbing Abomination from behind in a headlock as Hulk tackled both sending them into the mall. Spider-Man webbed Ock's tentacles to drive forward and delivered a swift kick to his jaw sending him back. Venom shot a symbiote web grabbing Spidey and hurling him through a store as he landed in a bin of lemons. People scattered as Venom burst in as Spidey grabbed some lemons and squirted the juices into Venom's eyes as he screeched blinded and landed on the floor hard breaking a table. Spidey webbed onto the celing when he heard cracking as the top he was on was lifted clear out of the celing and above being held by Ock. Ock smashed the top as Spidey fell to the ground and one tenacle grabbed his waist and threw him around. Venom burst out of the hole angry from being lemoned and grabbed Spidey in a deathgrip as Ock kept his tentacle on his head squeezing.

Hulk threw Abomination into Thing who punched him hard in the head sending him back as Hulk headbutted him hard, Abomination fell face first grunting. Hulk and Thing approached him and roared.

Deep down in Vector's lair the energy machine was charging and getting some more.

"It all goes according to plan" Vector said.

"I should be out there killing Spider-Man myself" Doom said growling as he watched the monitors of all the battles going on.

"Now now we are not going to kill them" Vector said arms behind his back staring at the energy machine.

"What, Then what the hell are we doing" Doom said angrily.

"We are pushing their limits so they expend more energy" Vector replied.

Doom just growled wanting to kill his enemies, he walked away cape whipping behind him.

"If you are going to kill them, I will not hesitate to kill you" Vector said without turning around.

"But then who would control your little army" Doom said threateningly and walked out.

Vector just smirked.

"My expiriements were beaten?" Doom shouted angrily as he returned to the lair. But no one was there

"Vector?" Doom shouted looking around.

"Sir?" A voice said as Doom whirled around seeing Doc Ock there arms in all

"What are you doing you lost" Doom shouted charging his hands with lightning as Doc just backed off

"I have orders to retreat someplace" Ock said as he went to move.

Doom just watched him go wanting to blast the traitor but found he couldnt.

"Now Now, good Doctor" vector said walking behind him holding him in a minor control grip.

"What the hell are you doing here" Doom questioned as he tried to break the grip.

"I told you, sowing chaos" vector smirked and walked past him and into his hangar where he boarded his aircraft.

Over in Tibet a place called Nanda Parbat, Vector exited his plane copter and walked in as several black coated humans stood in his way.

"Oh please" Vector said and kept walking as they attacked but were easily beaten by Vector's chiiblocking. as he continued on his way taking out more and more assassins.

"The best assassins in the business huh" Vector said as he broke down the door to a room where at the far end was a bubbling pool. and a man in green robes and cape was standing back to the door.

"We call ourselves the Shadows now"

The man said. as he turned to face the intruder. The man had two mustaches down both sides of his face a white streak across his headsides that made points on each side of him. He had a long flowing greenish black dick with an elegant cape and a sword at his side encrusted with gold in a talon shape guard.

"Ah yes the League of Shadows" Vector said, well back in my time it was known as the Assassins" he continued and stepped forward.

"You have returned my son" the man said standing perfectly calm.

"To ask a favor old master" Vector said continuing to approach.

The master just looked at him

"what kind of favor would you child want that you ask the all powerful Ra's Al Ghul" He said.

"You know why I am here, It is almost time" Vector said.

Ra's al Ghul stepped forward. "Indeed it is, 3000 years is coming in a year"

"I have begun the process that will lead to my goal" Vector replied.

"How is the helm, sill functioning?" Ra's said removing his cape.

Vector just smirked. "if it didn't I wouldn't be here right now would I?"

Ra's also smirked "The Lazarus Pit has served me well for millennia and it seems to do the same for you, Ve-Ctor" He replied.

"But has old age dampened your skills?" Ra's asked approaching him.

"Care to find out" Vector said and leaped into action as Ra's easily countered with a quick jab and a flourish of kicks sending Vector onto the floor.

Ra's stood there and walked around so his back was to him

"Still reckless as before" He said smirking.

Vector flipped up and did a quick jab of his chii blocking but Ra's grabbed his hands and twisted around then threw him against the wall.

"Still arrogant as always" Vector retorted. As he grabbed a sword hanging from the wall and brandished it and did a flourish at Ra's who simply sidestepped nailed him in the gut with an elbow and spun brandishing his own sword and batting his away. Vector recovered and brought his blade to meet Ra's

"I Guess you still show some talent" Ra's said as he pushed Vector back and did a combo of sword strikes Vector could barely deflect as he was knocked back again.

"Oh I have some new tricks as well" Vector said and raished his hands preparing to use his control grip on Ra's.

Ra's instantly twisted and twitched as his arms bent behind him and he was being forced to his knees.

"You learned it..." Ra's said astonished.

"I sure did" Vector smirked keeping the grip up.

"Who taught you?" Ra;s asked as he tried to fight the control.

Vector just smirked as he stepped forward still making Ra's go to his knees and then knealt down and said into his face

"My father"

Ra's just stared at him as he remembered Vector's father the terrible warlord he was but a great ally who he had taught the special Chii blocking technique to him and Vector but after they had trained both left Vector returned a year later explaining his tragedy.

Ra's on his knees before Vector the man he trained so long ago now had dethroned him.

"So are you going to kill me?" Ra's said helplessly but calm.

"No I was never going to kill you I just wanted to show who was the true master" Vector replied and lifted Ra's up.

"What I want is one of your best warriors" Vector said.

"My daughter?" Ra's asked still in the controlling grip.

Vector laughed. "No I already have a woman on my team no I want Him"

Ra's smirked. "I will call him"

Vector released the controling grip, and Ra's quick as ever delivered several jabs of chiiblocking and sent Vector down to the ground.

"I did tell you about minding your surroundings" Ra's said brushing himself off as Vector lied on the ground.

"Don't worry I will let you take him, as a sign of good faith but Never come here again Understand"

Ra's said as he picked up his cape and exited the room sealing it away.

A Few minutes later, Vector woke up laughing as Ra;s was able to get the better of him and walked out where a figure was waiting for him.

"Ah you must be the master assassin" Vector said clutching his sides from Ra's assault.

the figure just nodded, He had an armor to him with a mask split down the middle of black and orange and two swords in scabbards on his back and several guns in pockets around him.

"Slade Wilson pleased to meet you" Vector said as he pushed a button for his Planecopter.

"I prefer Deathstroke" Slade said and followed him as they flew away back to Manhattan.

The Heroes sat back in their apartment having saved the day once again.

"Still Lady Deathstryke and Venom were unaccounted for and Doom escaped again." Peter said lying back on the couch next to Logan as Bruce sat away from everyone else

"No Marie either" Bruce said sadly.

The team looked over at him as he was talking about Marie aka Rogue another Doom Experiment who joined them and was romantically involved with Bruce but when Carnage was defeated and Doom and his cohorts were locked up Rogue went with them, but unbeknownst to them, she was not a Doom Expiriement but a SHIELD one and they took her back locking her up in the depths of the Triskelion.

"We will find her" Tony said putting his hand on Bruce's shoulder.

Peter just stared out the window, knowing that Vector is out there and scehming.

Doom sat in Vector;s chair as he waited imapetneinyl when the hangar door opened and out stepped Vector hands behind back as always.

"And where the hell have you been?" Doom asked.

Vector just stepped aside as their newest ally walked in. Doom just stood there speechless at this guy.

"Meet Deathstroke" Vector said triumphantly.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Four: Return of Goblin Edit

4 Days Ago

a man cackled as he was held in a straight jacket in a padded cell as he heard a explosion and just laughed more as alarms sounded. guards and doctors shouted and ran to the disturbance as they got thrown back and twisted in two and dropped to the floor as a black coated man stepped in. Vector walked to the laughing man's cell and opened it looking at the man he just dropped a knife within the man's reach and kept walking taking out more guards. the man just looked with a crazed face and used his feet to grab the knife and threw it in the air adjusting so it would cut his jacket, and it worked but stuck into his arm as he laughed at the pain. he freed himself and took the knife out wincing and held it ready as he ran out the cell. He ran down as guards were waking up and he just plunged the knife into them killing them one after another chuckling. He ran down the hall to a door and opened it using a dead guard's handprint and entered a room looking at boxes of stuff and found what he was looking for a glider, suit and lots of bombs. he cackled and put on the suit and gathered the bombs and mounted the glider as it roared to life and he laughed as he flew out back down the hall as more guards not busy with Vector came to stop him. the man laughed and threw a bomb exploding and killing anyone in his way and shot a rocket from the glider at another wall and flew outside

"HAHAHAHAHAHA Look out New York, Goblin's back in town, HAHAHHAHAHAHA"

he screamed in laughter and flew into the night.

Main Title: FREEDOM plays

Spider-Man comes into view taking a web pose, Wolverine then appears unsheathing his claws and Iron Man showing off his gauntlet then a shot of all three of them in their poses. zoom far out till we get another spin of the arial view of the City. it changes to a city street as Spider-Man is walking normally down sidewalk and looking up seeing Iron Man fly by superfast. and then Wolverine running elsewhere slicing up a burglar and then back up at Spider-Man swinging through city and landing and looking up at the sky as images of Spider-Girl and Rogue appear smiling. cut to a pan up of both Superman and Batman in poses 'and next to them their civilian identities' and then zooming back to Spidey as images of all the villains from past season appear across the back of him. then three scenes of past episodes appear.

Cut to the Heroes standing in unison and staring at several villains: Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and Deathstroke as they begin to do battle, cut back as Spider-Man , Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Superman and Batman do poses one after another till Superman and Iron Man fly up into the sky and the screen changes to an Ancient Symbol and pan back to see Three caped figures next to eachother: Wintersolider, Vector and Magneto standing arms behind him and Magneto as it pans up at a shaded robotic figure who makes a pose and then cut to all Six Heroes standing together.


Spider-Man swung around the city clearing his head at the past things, Vector had not been shown since he freed all the Expiriements and Doctor Doom while Venom had escaped. Suddenly he heard a beeping sound and a explosion sent him flying into the nearby rooftop.

"Think Fast, Think faster" a familiar voice said as two lasers came down as Spidey ducked and flipped out of the way.

"Goblin" Spidey shouted as his old enemy The Green Goblin an old SHIELD agent went rogue and adopted a persona and a vendetta against Spider-Man.

Doom watched from the lair as Vector appeared behind him with Deathstroke who was sharpening his blades looked up along with Deathstryke who walked in from her quarters

"Don't you evil people have a good shower?" She said angrily and then saw who else had joined a man with a mask and a metal arm.

"meet Bucky Barnes known as Wintersolider" Vector said motioning to him.

he whipped out a machine gun so fast Deathstroke was just as fast to brandish his guns.

Slade laughed at the quickness of this new ally.

"We are ready to reveal ourselves to the Heroes" Vector said as Deathstryke walked to stand before the two men.

Doom clasped his hands together

"At last I will have my reveng.. GAHHHHH"

Doom started but gasped as he looked down at a sword through his heart, he looked back as Slade was there with the blade in his chest. Doom staggered and turned back to his betrayer.

"Sorry but you have become a liaibility"

Vector said and threw a icon thing onto Doom as his body surged and exploded as he screamed in agony and his energies entered the machine granting it more power.

"Never liked him anway" Deathstryke smirked and brandished her nail claws.

"Yes well Let us go my friends" Vector said and opened a portal with some machinery and they entered it.

Vector stood before the Heroes

"Greetings friends" he said in his trademark stance of arms behind his back.

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk , and Iron Man all looked up at Vector.

"VECTOR!" Spidey said angrily.

"You show us yourself at last, ready for a grade A asskicking" Logan said brandishing his claws.

"heh I'm not alone folks" Vector said as the portal opened behind and out stepped his three new allies.

The Heroes just watched as three figures walked into view.

"hey Logan" Deathstryke smirked as she eyed her old boyfriend and now enemy.

Logan sneered at her.

"meet, Deathstroke/Slade and Wintersolider" Vector said clearly earger to have them beat the shit out of the would be Heroes

"Never heard of them"

Hulk said and jumped up to attack, Deathstroke quickly acted and sent three grenades at Hulk blowing him back as he rushed forward and slashed his swords across, when he wa smet by more metal as he saw Wolverine blocking his blades, Deathstroke stepped back as Wolverine swung over and over as Deathstroke blocked each and then pulled his arm outwards and kicked hard in his gut and spun around grabbing him by the head and hurling over onto the ground.

"And where I thought you were the badass one"

Slade said as he stood ready, Hulk slammed him from behind and threw him down preparing to step on him, when Slade jabbed his sword into Hulk's foot and rolled out from under and showed he had super strength as he lifted Hulk and threw him down. Iron Man rocketed out of the way as he shot his repulsor blasts at Vector, but Wintersolider jumped into the way and with his metal arm batted them away like it was nothing. Tony inside his suit was speechless as Lady Deathstryke jumped onto the back and stabbed her claws into his suit shorting some circuits. Spidey webbed her foot and threw her off Iron Man. Deathstryke slashed the web and cartwheeled kicking Spidey who in turn back flipped and slide behind her and punched her grabbing her head and flipping her away. Iron man was punched by Solider's metal arm as he ducked another and delivered a uppercut to him with his gauntlet. Solider reeled back as Iron Man shot a few missiles at him as they blew him backwards.

Wolverine and Slade continued their blade battle as Slade was clearly more skilled,

"You do remind me of Deadpool" Logan said getting exhausted but keeping up the pace. Slade just chuckled

"That boy's a punk, I'm the real deal"

Slade said and proved it by sweeping his feet knocking Logan down and then stabbed his blades into Logan's chest causing him to scream and then flipped using the momentum of the swords and slammed his feet down upon Logan's face hard and did a kick flip sending Logan flying off his swords and into a wall cracking it. Hulk regained himself as Vector then used his controlling grip to keep him down.

"I have too much power for even you little man"

Hulk shouted and broke the grip with difficulty and slammed his arm across Vector's head sending him flying with surprise.

"Well, I sure wasn't expecting that"

Vector said setting his jaw right as Hulk smashed before him and pounded him down.

"Evil Man DIE Now"

Hulk shouted when a electrical grenade attached to him and shocked him hard making him stagger backwards. Wintersolider stood behind when he got blasted by a repulsor blast from Iron man who flew forward tackling him.

Spidey ducked and dodged Deathstryke's strikes as she kept getting angrier when she slashed his chest and kicked him hard into his balls. Spidey caught off guard stumbled backwards in pain when Deathstryke pounced but he caught her by his legs and threw her over into the wall.

"You cur"

She shouted as she got back up when Iron man gt flung back into her kncoking both down. Spidey turned around as Solider stood behind and smashed him down, Spidey rolled out of the way as Solider continued and shot a gun at him, Spidey dodged and webbed the gun pulling it free and kicking him in the chest which did no effect.

Wintersolider said nothing as he grabbed Spidey by the neck and punched him hard with the metal arm sending him into the building nearby. Wolverine regained and ducked in time as Slade punched the wall creating a hole and swung his sword as Wolverine rolled out of the way and got up blocking another blow with his claws.

"I was hoping for more of a challenge"

Slade said crossing his arms then let out a OOghh as he got blasted forward by Iron Man who had Deathstryke in a headlock crushing her as she squirmed. Slade flew forward as Wolverine grinned and stabbed his claws into him and slammed him hard on the ground and held the claws to his neck while one in his chest as Slade grunted.

Iron Man turned back to Deathstryke and threw her away as Wintersolider grabbed him and tackled them through a building. Iron Man got a grip and used his rocket boosts to throw him over and through another building.

"How's it feel now bub" Logan said as he kept his claws in Slade's skin and the other fist slowly sticking his claws into the jaw.

Slade just chuckled and slowly got to his knees as Wolverine kept hold but shocked, Slade grabbed hi arm and pried it out of his chest and healed instantly

"You are not the only one with tricks, Kid"

Slade said through his bizare mask. and hurled Wolverine by his arm hard into a wall. Wolverine was aching as he had not taken a beating like this in a while.

Vector got up as Spidey was getting up as well as the two stared eachother down, a crumbling building from Wintersolider and Iron Man's battle directed their attemtion, SPidey took the chance to web Vector's face and pull him here and kick him hard into the mask, when vector grabbed his foot mid air and twisted it and him onto the ground.

"You will never learn" Vector taunted as he began his control grip on him as Spidey felt the pain, he felt a not-so-long dick once more.

"AGHHHHH" Spidey screamed as he lied there with his arms and legs twisting in diffrernt directions.

Wolverine got back up as Slade pounded his fists into him and grabbed his neck and hurled him away to where Spidey was. Wintersolider blocked another blast from Iron man and headbutted him picking him up and throwing into the air and slammed his arm across him sending him flying. the three Heroes were beaten and bruised as Vector kept working Spidey and began to do it to Wolverine as well.

"We could kill you easily but..."

Vector began when Hulk grabbed him from behind and roared as he used Vector to swat Deathstroke, Deathstryke and Wintersolider away as they all screamed and grunted, and then hurled Vector hard into the ground.

"Hullkk geet us outtt off here" Spidey said weakly

Hulk picked up his comrades and leaped into the air aaway as the villains got back up brushing themselves off, Vector picked himself up readjusted his suit and chuckled

"well that went well" He said as the others nodded

"What now?" Slade asked picking up his swords and sheathing them.

"Now we wait , let this sink in, I'm sure SHIELD will notice and send us more pawns very soon" Vector replied chukcling and teleported them away.

Hulk carried his comrades back to their apartment as Iron Man went to work recovering first and giving medical care to Peter and Logan.

'hang on guys" Tony said working his best.

Logan recovered first healing his wounds

"Son of a .." he said gasping for breath as he sat up.

Peter remained comatose and breathing slightly.

"He did something to mess with my healing factor" Logan screamed and punched the wall in anger as Hulk became Bruce again.

"I'm more concerned about his three powerful allies" Tony said.

"Deathstroke and Wintersolider, Who the fuck are they?"

"I'm looking in my database, Deathstroke is a known mercenary for several organizations" Tony said looking on his onboard computer.

"Wintersolider however no record of him at all" Tony said.

"it's obvious, Its a SHIELD project those bastards" Logan said already fuming.

"We don;t know for sure but for now let us rest and regain our strength we will definitely need it" Tony said as he tended to Peter again.

Later in the Triskelion

Nick Fury director of SHIELD sat back watching the monitor of the earlier battle between the Heroes Six and the Three Assassins instantly noticing one of their expiriments was there

"How the hell did he get his hands on Project: SuperSoldier" Fury shouted when he got a call.

"WHAT?" he screamed at the screen but scowled at the person on the other line.

"What the hell is going on, your situation is getting worse" Amanda Waller director of ARGUS said through the screen.

"Yea well we know and we are handling it, so relax motherfucker" Fury said.

"I don't care what you think, your 'heroes' can't handle this situation" Waller said

"And I told you, I don't give a rats ass about your so called 'Legendary Heroes" Fury shouted back.

"Clearly you do when this Vector can control the very body of someone" Waller said getting angrier.

"Yes because sending basically a god to us in this situation is a GREAT idea too" Fury said.

Waller just stared at him "I don't care, him being an alien, might negate his ability" Waller said

Fury just thought about this. "Possibly, but what about the other one a HUMAN" Fury said

Waller just smirked. " He is one of the best martial artists and detectives of the century he can figure out how to escape the ability"

"I hate it when you make sense" Fury growled. "Fine when will they get here"

"When they are done with a crisis overseas, some organization called the League of Shadows" Waller said.

"League of Shadows?" Fury asked.

"Some terrorist group we believe they might be aligning with the Ten Rings, you know who they are" Waller said smirking

"I sure do, well let me know when they are on their way ill have my team meet them" Fury said and switched off his monitor.

"lady pisses me off" He muttered

Over in Metropolis, ARGUS headquarters Waller in turn sighed and sat back in her chair

"Guy pisses me off"

She remarked and turned to a TV monitor showing a news cast of two heroes one in blue and a red cape with a S on his chest, and a guy all in black taking on an entire army of people.

Chapter Five: Spidey Claws Edit

"Merry Christmas!"

Peter Parker shouted. Logan just glowered and said nothing

"I hate this holiday" he said plainly.

"come on now don't be a grumpy pants" Bruce Banner said wearing a hat.

"How can we be celebrating when a madman who can alter are very bodies and who also has three superpowered allies are out there plotting and we got our asses handed to us" Logan shouted.

"We need some happiness with all that has happened recently" Bruce said.

Then there was a knock on the door. Peter opened it and there was standing Ben Grimm with a giant sausage

"Hey hey " He said cheerfully walking in as the others greeted him all expect Logan.

Peter drank some eggnog and then started to remember back when he was a kid

Christmas Time

Peter shook his presents under the tree as small hands grabbed him from behind and pulled him down

"You can't check your presents this early" his little sister Jessica said as his head was in her lap and she was grinning down at him.

"I was not cheking" peter said sheepishly as he got back up as Jessica still held his waist.

"Yes you were don;t lie Pete" Jessica chuckled ruffling his hair and moving her hands to lightly around his neck in a playful headlock.

"Hey let me go" Peter said pretending to struggle as the siblings laughed.

"Now be nice children" their mother Mary Parker said walking into the living room seeing the two struggle. Jessica let go and stuck her tounge out at him as he playfully swatted her still laughing.

"When will dad be home?" Peter asked going over to his mom. As she knelt down to pick up some laundry on the floor.

"he should be home soon" Mary said as Jessica also wandered over to them.

"Will Santa come tonight?" Jessica asked getting wide eyed

Mary laughed and hoisted Jessica onto her lap as Peter hopped onto the couch next to them.

"Yes he will and bring all the good little boys and girls presents" Mary told her children

"I have been the best girl ever" Jessica said cheerfully. Peter laughed at her statement as she whirled around fake being angry

"you have not you stole all the cookies from the jar"Peter teased.

" I did not!" Jessica protested as she was about to lunge for him the door opened as their dad walked in

"Hey hey Parker's" he said cheerfuly as the siblings ran to hug him. And leaned into eachother and Jessica whispered

"You are going down after they go to sleep"

"Your on" Peter whispered back as the two hugged their dad.

Peter was brought back to the present as Ben and Bruce talked to eachother, Tony was setting up some special lights made by his company, as Logan just sat on the wall.

"Ughhh" Logan just rolled his eyes and sat against the wall.

He did not realize that he was being watched from a tall building overlooking the apartment by an assailant through a targeting sniper rifle holding the trigger was a figure clad in red and black with a double sided mask similar to Deathstroke even the name was similar the mercenary for hire: Deadpool, he once worked for the mob that Wolverine got into debt with, He got in deep and tried to run , Deadpool was tasked with killing him and cornered him at the Brooklyn Bridge, he managed to kill his girlfriend Yuriko and the two fought but he clearly was outmatched and finally stabbed him then pushed him into the river, at that moment the imfamous lightning storm and energy waves hit the city and changed something in Deadpool, he gained enhanced strength and also a healing factor, Later he discovered Wolverine survived and also gained a healing factor so he went back to finish the job, leading to a lengthy battle, which thanks to other meddlers he was forced to retreat, Until now when he was determined to finish the job. Deadpool locked on target and prepared to fire when one of his friends got in the way,

"Why not" Deadpool shrugged and opened fire.

Peter was standing in Logan's way when he felt a tingling sensation that he shouted.

"Get down"

Peter ducked and webbed Logan knocking him down as the bullet hit the wall he was just at.

"Damn" Deadpool said and quikcly packed his sniper rifle and shot a grapple cable and swung toward the building and threw some smoke grenades into the broken window. Peter got up and Bruce started to growl and grow green turning into the Hulk

"Oh no you don't big dick" Deadpool muttered and shot from his gun a 12 inch tranqualizer that pirieced Hulk in mid transformation as he roared and fell down stunned.

"Shit" Tony said but started coughing as the tranq gas started to effect him.

Logan got up and looked out as a figure broke the gas cloud and Logan just stared in shock and then anger

"what's wrong Wolverine, aren't ya pleased to see me" Deadpool said coldly and then shot a tranq dart into Peter as he got up and fell back down. as Ben fell down from the gas.

Logan unsheathed his claws and just stared at Deadpool.

"You got some balls coming into my house" Logan sneered.

Deadpool just stood there, Logan attacked swigning his claws as Deadpool dodged and drew his katana and blocked, Logan swung with his other hand as Deadpool grabbed his wrist twisting it and using the sword to flip him into a wall. Logan got up and tackled him as Deadpool grabbed him as well and the two bashed each other into the walls smashing some when Deadpool hurled him down a hallway. Logan skidded and stuck his claws into the walls and lifted himself up as Deadpool rushed forward, Logan got his legs around his head and did a twist sending him down to the ground while grabbing his arm making him drop his sword and held him in an arm bar. Deadpool grunted as Logan tried to dislocate his arm, but using his strength he threw Logan off him with one arm. Deadpool got up and kicked at Logan who got out of the way as he kicked a hole in the wall. Logan grabbed him in a headlock and shoved his head into another wall as Deadpool kicked him repeatedly in the gut and balls. Logan growled and groaned as he released him, Deadpool shoved him through the wall and went to grab his sword

"I was hoping for more of a challenge hos"

He said picking the sword up but when he looked up Logan jumped him headlocking and clinging to his back digging his claws into his neck. Deadpool grunted and ran backwards smashing Logan against the wall trying to get him to let go as he shoved his elbow hard into his gut and then grabbed his arms and threw him back down the hall into the living room.

"I will miss our bouts, but mission comes first" Deadpool said sheathing his sword and walking toward the living room, when he got slammed by something huge knocking him into a glasscase, he realized that Logan just smacked him with a christmas tree. Logan raced over to his knocked out friends

"come on Pete"

he said shaking him. He heard a smash as Deadpool rose tearing the tree apart

"well I got to say, I wasn't expecting that welp"

He said chuckling some brushing the pine needles from him. He looked up and saw Logan pointing one of Iron Man's replusor gauntlets at him

"aw man"

Deadpool said sighing as Logan opened fire and shot him through the window and out.

Logan dropped the gauntlet and went back to his friends

"come on bubs time to wake up" He said when a grappling cable shot through and wrapped around him and pulled him out where Deadpool was waiting sword ready, Logan quickly stabbed the side of the building and cut the cable and then blocked the sword with his claws and went down stabbing into his knuckles and flipping the sword from him and released the hold on the building and dropepd down while cactching the blade and swinging it as he sent Deadpool down who responded by drawing his second sword and parried him, the two fell down to the roof below, they rolled and got up clashing blades as Logan also used his other claws striking his leg and blocking a sword blow,

"Damn son"

Deadpool said as he healed the wound and did a flurry of sword strikes sending Logan back, Logan flipped in the air and did a sword strike as Deadpool stepped back and blocked another, he punched his head and roundhouse kicked. Logan fell backwards as Deadpool jabbed his sword into his shoulder and stepped on his neck while keeping his arms and legs pinned with several magnetic restraints he picked out from his pocket. Logan grunted as he was helpless

"Don't worry I will grant you a merciful death" Deadpool said removing his mask, showing his face for the first time as he had several gashes in his cheek.

"Those don't heal?" Logan asked grunting trying to distract him.

Deadpool smirked, and slammed his heel into Logan's jaw.

"Seems the healing works on new wounds that was from 5 years ago" he said and held the blade and twisted it around drgaging it toward his neck as Logan screamed in pain.

"I know how it works hos, decapitation, No one comes back from that" Deadpool smirked and continued to drag the sword through him and to the neck.

As Deadpool was near to completing his mission he got webbed in the face and staggered back releasing Logan as Spider-Man swung down and drop kicked Deadpool away. Iron Man flew down and disabled the bracers as he got up and pried the sword from him.

"payback time bub" Logan said bringing out his claws as Deadpool hurled Spider-man away. Logan charged forward and spun slashing his claws against him as he staggered back. Iron Man shot his unibeam from his chestplate sending Deadpool back more. Spider-Man got back up and did a sweep kick that made him fall down and grabbed his arms and threw him into Iron Man who held his gauntlet out so Deadpool cracked his neck against it. Deadpool clutched it and stumbled back then threw down gas bombs.

Deadpool moved around and tried to stab Spidey when Logan burst out and deflected his sword and pushed him back then delivered a uppercut to him. Deadpool ducked a repulsor blast from Iron Man as he backkicked Spidey away. Logan continued swinging his claws at him eventually disarming him which he in response did a barrel rooll for his sword and roundhouse kicked Logan, as he deflected a blast from Iron Man. SPidey webbed his hands together along with the sword and still using the rope swung him into iron Man who blasted him with his unibeam.

"Is that all you got?" Deadpool said as some of his costume had been blasted.

"Nope fun keeps on coming bub" Logan growled and swung again.

Deadpool blocked with his sword and backkicked Spidey away as he had tried to sneak up on him, Logan ducked a blow and jabbed his leg as he responded by slamming his arm across sending Logan flying back. Suddenly he was thrown to the ground hard as he looked over at Ben Grimm The Thing standing above him as he rained down fists of rock on Deadpool pounding his face in.

"Wow you are much more precise then Hulk" Logan said watching as Ben pounded the guy and smirked, Deadpool slowly grabbed a electrocuting device and jabbed it into Ben's leg and shocked him as he released his hold and fell down reverting back to human form.

"I always come prepared" Deadpool said getting up as his face healed as best it could.

There was an explosion from upstairs and a mighty roar as Deadpool,'s grin turned into a frown.

"Looks like he woke up" Peter said grinning at Deadpool as Hulk landed behind him with a thud and grabbed him by his head.

"Hulk" Logan said

Hulk holding the man's head inhis one hand glared at Logan.

"Smash" Logan smirked as Hulk smiled and did just that.

Hulk slammed Deadpool holding his head repeadetly on the rooftop and then hurled him hard smashing through the roof and down into another building breaking apart as he skidded. Hulk jumped in front of him and continued his assualt of pounding him with his fists until he was out cool.

"Maybe we should start with that next time" Logan said shaking his head recovering from the beating

"I called Fury, He will send a team to pick him up" Tony said.

"Merry Christmas guys" Peter said as they all turned to him and looked up at their apartment damaged all over.

"SHIELD will pay for this right?" Peter asked.

The others laughed as they headed back to enjoy the rest of Christmas, as Peter wandered into his room and pulled out a borken glass picture frame of a man and woman and a boy and a girl, Peter's eyes watered as he remembered his mom and dad and now Jessica

"Merry Christmas, mom,dad and Jess" he said and cried.

Fury watched the monitor as Deadpool sat in a cell stripped of his weapons and outfit given a prison uniform as he looked away he got a call

"Happy Holidays Director Fury" a female voice said as it was Director of ARGUS Amanda Waller

"happy Holidays Miss Waller" Fury said trying to sound nice."What did you call me for?"

"I just came to let you know that my assets are done over seas and will be joining you as soon as they can" Waller continued.

Fury nodded and hung up the phone and then looked up on ARGUS files at the two men:


Fury just looked over the files and smirked

"Sure I guess we could use some badass motherfuckers"

Down below in a secret lair Slade and Yuriko were sitting on a couch and talking having fun as Wintersolider just stood guard arms folded watching them and behind a door in another room sat Vector in a glass cylcnder case with his mouthpiece off and sipping and raising his glass of Egyptian Champagn in the air as he sat back in a recliner and whispered

"Happy Holidays Dad, I will see you soon enough" He said as some tears stained his face.

To Be Continued.

Chapter Six: New Heroes Edit

Prievously on UNISON: the new villain Vector had freed Doctor Doom and several of his Experiments setting them loose on the city as ARGUS deems the situation to be getting worse after a close encounter with Vector they decide to send the two greatest heroes to New York.

A plane landed at New York Airport as two men came out one dressed in a business suit and another in a reporter uniform. Peter Parker, Logan Howlett Nick Fury and Tony Stark were waiting there waiting to greet the men.

"Welcome to New York"

Peter said as the men walked up to them.

"Greetings my name is Bruce Wayne" the man in the suit said shaking his hand. the reporter man spoke up next

"I am Clark Kent" he said also shaking their hand.

"Tony Stark billionaire playboy philanthropist" Tony said shaking Wayne's hand

"Oh yes I have heard of you" Wayne smirked.

"Alright you two can kiss on your own time, You are briefed on the mission yes?" Fury interjected.

Clark stepped up, "Yes sir we are, we just got done over seas we could use some downtime"

The Heroes all went to the Triskelion where Fury sat them down and began the mission.

"yes well the situation is anything but, Two days ago, the criminal known as Vector broke into the Facility where Victor Doom's Expiriements were being held and since they have been running amok, In my city" Fury said.

"Sounds like daily life at Gotham" Wayne said.

"I can do it in a hour in Metropolis" Clark said.

The others just shrugged and looked annoyed

"Yea well, the Six have already dealt with the Expiriements" Logan said getting into Bruce's face.

"Six? I count only 3 of you" Clark said.

"We were Six then we lost two of our own" Peter said sadly.

"Both women I might add" Tony said

Bruce nodded but had some thoughts in his head of meeting the two women.

"But that is not the reason, we called you" Fury said.

"Vector has three others one was an Expiriement the other two are completely new" Logan said.

"What kind are they" Bruce asked.

"One had a metal arm and a mask and super strength" Peter said.

"Another had a orange and black split mask, and super strength as well as mastery of swordplay and guns"

"And the last is my old girlfriend turned evil Lady Deathstryke, same powers as me but implanted with adamantium that comes from her nails" Logan said.

"I don't know about those two but the orange black mask guy we have heard of" Clark said.

"Name is Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, a professional mercenary who works for the League of Shadows" Bruce said showing himself the detective.

"Deathstroke?, Sounds like Deadpool" Logan said clenching his fist.

"we have heard of Deadpool too" Clark said.

"trained assassin for the Mob but obviously more then that might even be working for the Ten Rings" Fury said folding his arms.

"He's gone for now"

Logan said, referring to Christmas a few months ago when he ambushed them in their own house and finally was beaten and taken into SHIELD custody.

"We just came from disrupting a merging of the League and the Ten Rings" Clark said.

"Could this be a coicidnence?" Tony asked.

"Vector showing up and at the same time the two most powerful organizations teaming up?"

"It's possible but I don't know" Peter said.

"Gents, two of the West coast's heroes have arrived in Manhattan at the behest of Amanda Waller" Vector said walking to the front of his lair as , Slade Yuriko and Wintersolider stood in a line.

A figure jumped across the rooftops shooting a grappling cable as he swung in the shadows. and arrived at a casino as he scoped it out from the skylight and finally burst in as bystanders as he single outed the mob boss and grabbed him by his collar and lifted up so he could stare him face to face

"Carmine Falcone, I know you have connections to the League of Shadows" the figure said in a gruff deep voice.

"Arent you supposed to be in Gotham?" He asked scared.

"I needed a change of scenery Now where is Deathstroke" the figure replied.

"Who?" Falcone said panicking.

"Slade Wilson, Where IS HE" the man said louder as he dragged Falcone and up to the roof as he held him over the edge

"I swear I don't know" he panicked.

"Tell me where he is, hurry up my arm is getting tired" the man said holding his leg by one arm dangling off the edge. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him say

"Put him down"

the man turned as a spot light was shining on him as he saw a man in red and yellow with glowing eyes. "Iron Man?" the man said.

Iron Man could see the figure clearly, He wore a long black cape black bodysuit and a bat cowl.

"And who are you, some kind of guano lover?" Iron Man said chuckling some at the guy's ridicculous outfit.

the man just stared at him and let go fo Falcone who screamed in terror as the man never even flinhed or turned around.

"Noo" Iron Man rushed forward to grab him but then Spider-Man jumped up carrying the guy and setting him down

"I got him Tony" Spidey said.he then turned to see the bat guy "Who's the trick or treater?"

"I am Batman and you are interfering with my interrogation" Batman replied.

"interrogation that is threatning someone" Spidey remarked.

"That is how i interrogate" Batman replied.

"yea well did Vector send you?" Iron Man asked.

"No" Batman said.

"I see a vigilante trying to be cool, sorry not in my town" Iron Man said standing tall.

"It's not your town Mister Stark" Batman said smirking.

Iron man just said nothing.

"So why don't you go back to fucking with innocent whores"

Batman said before turning around. Iron Man just glared and punched Batman right in his head making him stagger. Batman just turned spitting some blood from his mouth

"No One punches out Batman" He said and punched at Iron Man who easily grabbed his fist stopping him.

"Yea well don't mess with the big boys or else AGHHHH" Iron Man said when Batman threw a smoke grenade right into his visor as Iron man staggered back and released Batman, who returned by delivering a dropkick to him.

"Okk" Iron Man said getting back up and facing Batman. He threw out his hand and shot a blast of energy from it as Batman responded by throwing a knife boomerang thing that made it explode in the middle creating a smoke cloud as Batman rushed forward grabbing Iron Man by his head and flipping over and rolling him off and letting him slide onto the ground. Iron Man got to his knees as Batman walked over and grabbed him digging his blade like gauntlets into Iron Man's back and picked him up slamming him down and picking him up again and throwing him into a wall. Spider-man was watching as he shot a web at Batman which caught his leg as he paused and looked down and grabbing a "bataraang" and slicing the web and then throwing it at him. Spidey did a flip and kicked it away as he charged throwing his fists at Batman who blocked and returned them. Iron Man got up as he shot another blast from his hand as Batman heard it and dodged out of the way as the blast it and sent Spidey away with a scream.

"Damn it sorry peter" Tony said as Batman punched him across his metal face not leaving a dent as he turned and retaliated by swinging his whole arm across his face and sending him flying into the air and fell down.

"Damn" Batman said holding his head getting up quikcly as Iron Man rocketed forward delivering a metal elbow to his back as he grunted and picked him up shoving him into the wall again. Batman got up but Iron Man grabbed his throat with one gauntlet and choked him as Batman dug his wristguards into his metal armor and pushed off then roundhouse kicked him in the chest sending him back. Batman leaped and threw down several greandes that exploded knocking Iron Man backwards with each blast. Finally Iron man caught a batarrang as he stood up

"That the best you can AGHHH"

Iron Man said as the device he was holding exploded in his face, he fell as Batman grabbed his arm and flipped him over onto his front as his chest rockets stopped him from landing but Batman just kicked him hard in the back sending him forward. He reached down and held him in a headlock as his blades dug into his armor but Iron Man reached his hand up and shot point blank range into his head knocking him back as he screamed. Iron Man turned around and rocketed forward as Batman struck him with a batarrang and made him fly forward as it exploded on his back. Batman leaped and clung on as Iron man rocketed and slammed him against the wall as batman grunted and held on as he got shoved again and again until Iron Man grabbed him by his cape and swung him off and around into another wall smashing it.

"Had enough yet/"

Iron Man said panting. He approached Batman who threw down a device as it shot out a EMP as Iron Man's suit stuttered and short circutied as he fell to his knees groaning.

"Expect the Unexpected" Batman said getting up and approaching him as Spider-Man jumped onto his back and held him in a tight chokehold as Batman just elbowed him hard in the gut and threw him off hard. Batman apprached pulling out a blade as a laser blasts hit the ground between the two

"That's enough Bruce"

A man said as all three whirled around to see a man in blue and a red cape with a S symbol on his chest floating and desnding toward them.

"Bruce?" Tony asked as he got up long enough to rip off Batman's cowl revealing Bruce Wayne, "You?" He said shocked.

"Yeah me" Bruce said turning to him glowering. "And He's Clark" He said pointing to the floating man

"But everyone calls me Superman" Superman said.

"So when were you guys going to tell us" Peter said getting up rubbing his back.

"When the time was right, I like my privacy" Bruce said.

"I was gonna tell you right away but Bruce told me not to, and look where that got us" He said glaring at Batman who just squinted his eyes and scowled.

"So now that we are all friends lets go back to the house" Peter said stepping between the two richboys as they glared at eachother

"I totally won that though" Tony said.

"Did Not" Bruce retorted.

"Sure i did" Tony smirked as his power on his suit came back on. "my suit was rebooting as you threw Peter away by the time you got to me I was going to use my chest beam sending you off the roof"

"But you didnt so therefore invalid" Bruce said turning to walk away with Peter and Superman.

"oh yea and who do you think you are calling the shots" Tony said as he walked as well.

"Because, I'M Batman" Bruce said smirking.

The Heroes returned to the apartment where Logan and Bruce Banner were waiting.

"And what were you all doing as he turned and saw Bruce and Clark in their superhero identites "Okkk Do i even need to ask/" Logan said sighing.

"We are the two heroes from Gotham and Metropolis Superman and Batman" Superman said explaining.

The Six Heroes entered Doctor Doom's old lair, that had since been abandoned since his capture. Spidey crawled across the ceiling trying to be secret and took notice of four figures down below in Doom's laboratory.

"Ok I count four: Vector, Wintersolider , Deathstroke, and Deathstryke" Spidey said into the communicators.

Iron Man with his visor up received the com and turned to Superman, Wolverine, Bruce Banner and Batman.

"Ok here's the plan" Tony began.

"Sorry I don't do teamwork" Batman said. Wolverine looks around

"Are you sure that's a good idea bub?" Tony looked at him

"Well I'm free today". Batman then stepped up

"Here's the plan, We are gonna take down Vector and I'm not gonna deal any of you people, in the bedroom or the battlefield".

"Not a great plan" Tony instantly replied.

"whoah whoah, where did that come from?" Superman asked.

Batman just grinned "Because' I'm Batman!"

he then whipped his grapple gun and shot into the celing lifted away.

"Son of a.. " Tony said and put on his visor as he became Iron Man.

"dumb fuckers" Wolverine muttered and followed.

Spidey crawled a little further till he was right over them, Suddenly he felt a odd sensation as he recognized Vector's control grip.

"How good of you to join us, Spider-Man"

Vector said with his hand up and then dropped it as Spidey felt the control as he was dropped to the ground right in front of the villains.

"Umm" Spidey said panicking.

Wintersolider flexed his metal arm intimidatingly

"Where are the rest of your cohorts" Vector asked keeping Spidey pinned by his power.

Suddenly a batarang was heard and smacked right into Vector's head as he reeled back in pain. Spidey quickly got up swept Vector's feet and kicked him away.

"Right Here"

Batman said and jumped down from his perch atop a damaged pillar and delivered a roundhouse kick to Deathstryke as she got flung back. Deathstroke pulled out his swords and swung at Batman who used his spike gauntlets to deflect the swords and kick at him. Wolverine jumped on him stabbing his claws into Deathstroke as he reached back and stabbed his blade right into Wolverine grunting he threw him over as he got thrown off the blade. Bruce Banner charged in becoming Hulk and went for the downed Vector who had regained himself and caught Hulk's fist as it slammed down, he spun around and jabbed his fists into certain points of Hulk's waist to his arm as his arm fell limp.


Hulk shouted as he used his other arm and grabbed Vector by his legs and then smashed him on the ground over and over before he could even react. Vector was caught off guard completely as he became dizzy from the blows.

"Ah yes, The two greatest heroes, Batman and Superman" Vector shouted triumphantly as he got up

Iron Man and Superman charged in flying as they both shot lightish blue energy beams from their hands at Deathstroke as he was in combat with Wolverine. Deathstroke got blasted into a pillar as Superman delivered super punches into him. Iron Man flew in but Deathstrike jumped onto his suit in mid flight and stabbed her nail claws into his armor trying to reach his flesh but he spun around in the air and hurled her off him. She regained herself as Wolverine grabbed her from behind and threw her into the wall. Deathstrike snarled and jumped off and stabbed into him as the tumbled to the ground. Deathstroke caught Superman's fists and twisted around twisting him and threw him into the wall.

"Nice try" Deathstroke said.

Iron Man blasted him from behind with his repulsor beams, but he whipped out his blades and deflected it and shot a punch into Iron Man sending him back. Batman faced off against the Wintersolider who swung his metal arm at him. Batman met it with a batarang blade and roundhouse kicked at him. Wintersolider just grabbed his foot and twisted him around. Batman grunted and recovered throwing a grenade at his face, Wintersolider recoiled in pain as Batman pounced taking him down.

Vector picked himself up when Spider-Man delivered a kick to his face. Vector grunted but regained himself and caught a punch from him. Spidey panicked as Vector wrenched his arm and jabbed his shoulder with a quick punch. Spidey winced but slipped his feet behind Vector and tripped him. They tumbled onto the ground as Vector used his quickness to grab him in a headlock and his other hand jabbed him hard into his gut. Spidey lurched forward

"Don't struggle"

Vector said coolly tightening his grip. Batman ducked a punch from Solider as he shoved his leg into Batman's gut making him stagger. Solider grabbed his cape and swung him around throwing him into Iron Man.

"Watch it"

Batman said getting up quickly and hurling a batarang at Solider who caught it and bent it effortlessly with his normal hand


Batman said as the man charged. Vector had Spidey in his grip and heaved him down onto the ground and then threw him into some machinery. Spidey rolled off of it as he got lifted telepathically and slammed into more.

"when will you learn,,"

Vector said sneering. Hulk regained himself from Vector as he looked around at the battlezone. Wolverine and Deathstryke were slashing away at eachother, Superman shot his laser eyes at Deathstroke who deflected but got nailed by a punch from Iron Man. Spidey was being thrown around by Vector and the new guy Batman was locked in combat with Wintersolider. Hulk jumped into the air and landed behind Vector and punched him away releasing his hold on Spidey.Vector just sidestepped another slam by Hulk and grabbed his fist and twisted it around and jabbed into him, Spidey flipped into the air and kicked him hard in his back. Hulk got back up and smashed at Vector who rolled out of the way and threw a smoke bomb and ran away. Spidey wanted to chase after him but Hulk held him back remaining him that he would lose again so they decided to join the rest of the fight. Vector then jumped down and landed in the middle of the fighting


He shouted and stretched his hands out instantly all the Heroes twisted and twitched and groaned as Vector worked his control grip on them.

"N..nooo" SPidey shouted as the pain continued again.

Wolverine growled as Deathstryke released him from her claw hold and smirked backing away.

"On your knees"

Vector shouted as the Heroes fell to their knees like puppets controlled by a dark durby master.

"I bow to no one"

a voice said from behind as Iron Man charged his gauntlet and punched Vector hard into his breathing mask and knocked him away. the heroes just landed on the ground recupirating themselves as the Assassins began to attack until Superman opened his mouth and blew out a massive gust of wind and blew them all away. Vector got back up as Iron Man walked toward him.

"You will never learn"

Vector said and pointed his hands and nothing happened. Vector gasped as he tried again

"That's Not Possible!" He panicked for the first time

"It is Now"

Iron Man said and blasted him point blank with his gauntlet blasting Vector away and breaking his mask. Deathstroke got up first and threw down smoke grenades around the Heroes as Wintersolider picked up Vector who was breathing heavily and aging fast and ran out blasting the entryway so the Heroes couldn't follow.

The Heroes escaped the old lair as Batman clutched his shoulder.

"I don't usually need saving but Thanks" he said to the Heroes. They all looked at him

"It will be difficult learning to play with new faces" Tony said.

"But we will get past it and Become the New Heroes Six"

Spider-Man said limping as they walked together as the sun set.

In Vector's lair the energy machine flared and sparked more as Vector himself lay on a table as energy shot from it and replenished his and he put on a new mask and his breathing returned.

"It seems there is a flaw in my technqiue" he said to Deathstryke, Deathstroke and Wintersolider standing nearby.

"What kind of flaw?" Deathstryke asked sharpening her nails.

"I can only control body if a body is shown, skin to be exact, Iron Man has no skin visible." Vector said getting up taking his signature pose of arms behind him.

"How do you want to handle this?" Deathstroke asked crossing his arm and metal arm. Vector smirked

"Time to call in a friend..."

Chapter Seven: Return of Magneto Edit

Prievously on UNISON: Theres a new enemy in town with the ability to disable and control anyone who comes against him aided by three powerful assassins: Deathstryke, Wintersoldier and Deathstroke, have a plan to bring the world to its knees, in response tow new heroes have joined the Heroes making them Six once again: Batman and Superman

It was a fierce battle of the ages as the two opponents sat staring each other down

"Billionare's first" Tony Stark said.

"That's fine, but i think it's Trillionare's first" Bruce Wayne smirked as he sat across from Stark. Stark just glowered

"Playboys first then" he retorted.

"Get in line then" Bruce said.

"Hey guys why don;t ya send some of that money my way huh?" Peter Parker said watching their intense stare off.

"Maybe another time son" Wayne said patting Peter on the head and returned to his game of chess with Tony.

"A five minute game?" Tony said.

"If you think you can manage it" Bruce replied starting the clock as they began.

In the other room Logan sat smoking and reading the newspaper that headline read "MAN OF STEEL AND DARK KNIGHT BUST UP TERRORIST ORGANIZATION" Clark Kent grinned some as he walked past and into the bathroom where he used his laser eyes on the mirror to shave. Bruce Banner was at the table eating cereal and watching the news.

Back in the room where Tony and Bruce were in mid game as Peter watched from his reversed chair.

"Would you like me to recommend your next move?" Bruce said smirking at Tony, as he was in a difficult postion.

"yes I would recommend a hair cut" Tony said as Bruce just stared at him.

A few moves later.

"Game is still young" Tony said putting on a sly smile.

"Actually it's in it's adolescence" Bruce replied.

After a few moves, Bruce had Tony on the ropes.

"It seems you lost your most valuable piece" Bruce smirked.

"Bishop takes Knight, Check" Tony said suddenly. Bruce's smirk began to disappear.

"King to Rook Two, Bruce said making his counter move.

"Rook to King's Rook Three, Check" Tony said more confidently, as Peter watched still not understanding a damn thing that was going on.

"Bishop to Rook Three" Bruce countered making his move.

"Dick to your Ass, Bishop takes Bishop" Tony replied making another move. Bruce was starting to lose his smile.

"Axe to your Dick, Rook to Bishop Four" Bruce countered beginning to smirk again, as he knew he could still win.

"Rook takes Rook" Tony said

"Pawn takes Rook" Bruce instantly replied making their respective moves.

"Bishop to Bishop Seven" Tony quickly countered.

"I believe It is my game now, Mr Stark" Bruce said and made his move.

"Queen takes Night Pawn" Bruce said knowing this game was his.

"You do seem so confident don't you Brucey" Tony said mocking him.

"Well when you are rich like me You can afford to be" Bruce retorted smirking as well.

"That's a good sign right?" Peter said as they both ignored him so caught up in their game.

"Bishop to Bishop Eight discover check and i might add MATE" Tony said grinning, as Bruce began to glower.

"Then I guess I Do have enough to afford it" Tony said making a boom with his hands in victory.

Tony had won their game as he stood up and bowed and began to walk away. Peter followed him as Bruce just sat in his chair in his defeat.

"Son of a clown" Bruce said and got up following him.

Deep beneath the city in his lair where the machine was Vector was on a phone call tapping his hand impatiently trying to reach his caller.

"I swear they never answer"

he muttered as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke did what he always did , polish and sharpen his swords. Yuriko/Deathstryke lied on her couch watching tv as Wintersolider did nothing but stand guard arms folded.

"You guys sure are lively" Vector said rolling his eyes.

"There's nothing to do sir" Yuriko said mockingly.

"How about you train instead of sitting on your ass watching Cartoons lady" Slade said looking up from his sharpending.

"I don't need training I have everything genetic in me" she replied as she lied on her back feet in the air and head below.

"I may be the best in the business but it's nothing if I don't keep up my training" Slade said and responded by hurling a dagger at her.

Yuriko barely dodged as the dagger stabbed her in the thigh. 'Owww you bastard" she shissed and pried it out.

"See you are out of shape" Slade replied knowing he was right.

"piss off shithead" Yuriko said giving him a middle finger nail claw and went back to watching tv as her wound healed.

Wintersoldier just stood there doing nothing.

"And what the hell is with this guy, when they programmed him in SHIELD did they forget to give him a personality?" Slade shouted walking into Solider's face.

Vector was just fuming as he was still on the phone listening to their bickering.

"At least he's quiet Unlike you" Yuriko chuckled as she lied back. Slade heard her and responded by brandishing his pistol

"ya got something to say missy?, i might be sayin something as well" he said. Yuriko didn't flinch.

"You know that wont do shit on me?" Yuriko smirked.

Slade just pulled the trigger and shot her right in the arm, which she let out a scream

"Son of a..." She screamed clutching her arm.

"yep adamantium bullet" Slade said whriling his pistol around and holstering it.

"Alright shithead you want to go" Yuriko said growling and unsheathing her nail claws.

Slade just smirked and did a flip grabbing his swords and blocked as she swung at him.

"what will ya do now, Bitch" Slade said pushing her away and then sweeping her feet from her so she fell to the ground.

"Give it time asshole" she replied and slashed his chest and did a flurry of kicks, which he just blocked and threw her down again.

Wintersolider still did nothing just watched, slightly titling his head as the two battled back and forth. hurling curse words

Vector had enough and whriled around using his control grip to pry Yuriko off of Slade and make them fall to their knees

"I am trying to call someone important and I can;t with you all curising eachother out and smashing up the place" he screamed and hurled them both into walls opposite releasing them and going back to his call as he finally got through.

"Finally your call service is shit" Vector said.

In a fortress of metal on a island in the middile of the ocean with a large town a helmeted man walked out onto his balcony as he looked out over the sea and over his town

"Father, there is a call for you" Wanda Maximoff said from inside the castle as Magneto walked in and picked up the phone.

Magneto hung up the phone and turned to his daughter.

"Wanda, I must go back to Manhattan on a extended trip" He said putting his hands on her shoulders

"But Father, Can i not go with you?" Wanda asked

Magneto thought about it for a bit

"No, You just want to see that Parker boy" Magneto then said as Wanda blushed and scoffed

"Am Not i.. just want to see the city again..." she said unconvingly. Magneto chuckled.

"Not this time my darling stay here and watch over Genosha" He replied kissing her forehead and heading off.

"We'll see about that" Wanda smirked.

After a few minutes on the phone, Vector hung up.

"Alright everyone you want something to do go to the airport and meet my contact and for crying out loud do it nicely" Vector said as he whirled around and arm folded behind him. Slade and Yuriko glared at eachother and walked to where Wintersolider was still standing guard

"you coming too Kid?" Slade said. Wintersolider just stared ahead and unfolded his arms and walked out leading the way.

"crazy bastard" Slade muttered and he and Yuriko walked out.

Nick Fury called on a special radio as The Heroes Six arrived

"We have confirmation that Magneto is heading for the city" Fury explained.

Peter, Logan, Banner and Tony looked at each other at the mention of the master of magnetism

"Another terrorist to add to the growing numbers" Tony grumbled.

"Who's Magneto?" Clark asked.

"My father" A voice said from behind as they turned to see Wanda Maximoff standing there

"Wanda" Peter said happy and ran to embrace her but she held out her hand

"No Peter, I'm only here on business" Wanda said sadly.

"Oh.." Peter said sadly.

"Nice to see you again Wanda but why are you here" Logan asked.

"My father has come here and I have no idea why he told me to stay on our island but I needed to know what he was doing" Wanda replied.

"Well if we are guessing Vector called him" Tony said.

"Vector?" Wanda asked puzzled.

"He is a international terrorist who has an unknown goal here in the city, he released the Doom Expiriments but we put them all back except for a few" Logan said.

"Wow, My father is going to help him?" Wanda asked.

"It's possible, after he found a weakness in his technique with my armor he needs someone with magnetism" Tony said.

"Father, What are you doing here?" Wanda shouted as she saw Magneto with Vector, Deathstroke, Wintersolider and Deathstryke.

"Wanda? I told you to stay on Genosha" Magneto said shocked to see his daughter here.

"So this is the famous Scarlet Witch" Vector said chuckling

"Vector!" Iron Man said stepping forward.

"Ah yes You know exactly why I called him" Vector chuckled as he nodded.

Magneto nodded and used his magentism to lift Iron Man and turn him around on his friends and controlled his systems making him shoot his missiles out

"Damn itt" Tony said as he had no control.

The Heroes scattered as Peter tackled Wanda out of the way.

Hulk roared as the missiles just impacted him making him stagger as he ran forward toward the villains Slade rose his sword but was kncoekd back by Hulk grabbing a car smashing it into him and stepping on Deathstryke as he He slammed his fist at Vector who dodged and tumbled to the ground as Hulk stomped and delivered a kick which he caught and turned his weight aainsthim as Hulk fell, but got right up and did a kick into vector's gut sending him back.

Wanda got up as she shot her energy beams at Magneto who deflected with a metal barrier he picked up from a nearby building as he used one hand to control Iron Man. Iron Man flew down as he shot his repulosrs at Superman who delfected with his fists and flew forward but was shot by a missile from Wintersolider who held a bazooka. He turned to see Batman jump him delivering a kick to his chest making him stagger. Batman grabbed him by his arm and waist and threw him into a bus smashing it. Solider got up and ducked a blow from Batman as he slammed his metal arm against his face making him fall back into a car. Solider ran up kicking him in the gut and doing a spin kick twice sending Batman sliding along the road as he ran at him. Batmna got up caught him in a hold and threw him down as he bent his metal arm behind him trying to snap it.

Slade recovered as Superman plowed into him and shot his eye beams point blank but he managed to dodge and slice his sword into SUperman's leg making him groan as he grabbed him in a headlock but Superman just flew backwards smashing him against the wall of a building. Slade slumped as Superman shot his eye beams at Magneto who managed to bring up a wall of metal to block it.

Wanda did a jump for him when Deathstryke tackled her sending the two women rolling as they got up and Wanda made sword energy constructs and blocked Yuriko's claws. Logan and Peter did a combo move as Peter shot a web into the building grabbed Logan and spun him into Iron Man trying to claw into his suit but Iron Man grabbed his back and hurled him off and shot a beam into Peter

"Sorry guys, I have no control" Tony said chukcling some.

Wanda blocked Yuriko's claw strikes with her energy sword as she was sent back by a kick.

"Your dear dad is with us now"

Yuriko hissed as she grabbed her throat with her claws digging them in as Wanda screamed struggling but managed to get her legs around her arm and did a roll as she brought Yuriko down while bending her arm abnormally as Yuriko gritted her teeth. Wanda held onto her arm as she continued to twist it in a painful armbar but let go when Yuriko scratched her chest as she got up she dug her claws into Wanda's back and threw her into a building laughing and ran after her when Peter jumped in her way and shot his leg out making her plow into it groaning as she fell down.

"No one touches my girl" Peter declared angrily as Wanda groaned getting up

"I'm not your girl anymore Pete" Wanda said but smiled some.

Yuriko got back up as she hissed and swung at the two. Peter and Wanda linked hands as they ran and did a spin combo with both delivering kicks into Yuriko as she toppled over with Peter releasing Wanda and shooting his webs across Yurikp's body restrianing her.

"Still make a good team though" Peter smiled some but was knocked down by a beam from Iron Man. Wanda whirled around and put up an energy shield as it bloked another beam.

Hulk grabbed Vector's legs and slammed him down hard into the ground and threw him across the road into a car smashing it. Vector got up as Hulk stomped on him grabbing his arms and pulling back roaring

"I WILL BREAK YOU LITTLE MASKED MAN" Hulk shouted as Vector groaned but managed to kick his feet into his green arms making him loosen as he did a flip twisting Hulk's arm behind him and did a flurry of jabs to disable him but he had too much muscle and mearly slowed down as Hulk slammed his arma cross Vector sending him flying. Batman hurled a grenade at Wintersolider who rolled out of the way but was hit with a blow to the head by Batman who then kneed him in the gut and threw him down. Solider did a sweep kick knocking Batman down who jabbed his dagger into the ground as he fell and did aroundhouse kick knocking Solider back

"Nice try" Batman said in his throaty voice.

Superman threw Slade around more as he then turned his attnetion to Logan dodging Iron Man's attacks and delivreing his own

"Hey Kid, Im not finished with you yet" Slade said as Superman didnt even turn around and just held out his fist sending Slade back with a punch.

"yes you are" Superman said flew at Iron Man tackling him into a building. Logan got up growling but heard a scream as he turned quickly blocking Slade's sword blow as he did a spin kick knocing him back. Logan got up as Slade delivered another strike as he blocked with his claws and slashed across his arm.

Peter shot out his web at Magneto who used a spinning metal piece to cut each strand shooting but was hit with Wanda's nergy blast into his back as he staggered loosing control over Iron Man as he turned and slammed a metal piece into her knocking her down

"Don;t make me hurt you Wanda" Magneto warned not enjoying hurting his daughter.

"You are not my father..." Wanda said clutching her head from the blow as she shot her energy into a car and made it hurl into him as he caught it with his mind splitting it in two but gasped as Peter flew forward and kicked his helmet clear off his head sedning it to the ground where Wanda picked it up. Peter did a punch to his face but was caught with a metal pipe around him and thrown back pinned to the wall. Magneto looked down to see Wanda holding his helmet

"Stop this Erik" She said not calling him father anymore

"Wanda you insolent child why do you stand against me" Magneto growled as he descended till he was staring right at his daughter.

"If you loved me you wouldnt be helping a madman" Wanda snapped as Peter struggled watching from the wall.

Wolverine slid dodging a blow from Slade sliding between his legs and stabbing his back but was kicked back getting up he was tackled by Slade who threw him to the ground and jabbed his sword into his body pinning him to the ground as he threw punch after punch into his head making him bruise and bleed

"You can heal this but I will not stop till you bleed fully" Slade growled as he continued his blows.

Iron Man got up as he felt under control again but saw Superman grab a metal pole and wahck him with it.

"Wait wait im go..." he started but was slammed backwards by it groaning. Superman dropped it and ran to him

"Dang it sorry " Superman said helping him up. a screech went out as they turned to see Yuriko jumpng at them as Tony just shot her away with his unibeam from his chest as she screamed.

'Rude arent they" Superman said

"yea" Tony said watching the villainess fly into the ground.

Solider wa sthrown down as Batman did a jab at him but it was caught as Solider's legs snaked around his cowl and flipped him off as he grabbed his arm and bent it with his metal arm as Batman groaned. Superman then plowed into Solider sending him back releasing Batman who slumped in pain.

"Get up Wayne" Tony said nudging him with his metal foot

"Piss off Stark" Batman said getting up himself.

"R000d" Tony retorted.

Vector got up as Hulk was apporaching and did a rolling dodge and did ahis chi blocking punches into his legs quikcly and hard as they gave way ans Hulk fell flat on his face roaring.

"That's better" Vector said panting but was knocked back by a blow from Batman.

"Mister Wayne" vector chuckled as he dodged a blow from Batman who did a kick that vector caught and threw back, Vector did a flurry of jabs all blocked by Batman as both could use the chi blocking. Batman grabbed him by the waist as he threw him down to his knees. Vector groaned as he pushed up his arms and then headbutted him and did a spinkick knocking Batman back making him sprawl on a broken car. Vector panted still annoyed from his Hulk thrashing as Batman chuckled and he looked down to see a device on him as it exploded as he got thrown back off the car onto the ground with a grunt. Batman slowly got up groaning as did Vector who then started laughing.

"deception, a powerful agent to the uninitiated But we are initiated Aren't we Bruce, Members of the League of Shadows" Vector said chuckling.

Batman got up staring at him "I was never a member of that gang of psychopaths" He said and groaled throwing fists at Vector who barely dodged ad blocked sening his own doing a flip into him making him fall on his back and then grabbing him with his control grip as he could see his face

"You betrayed Us" Vector said beginning to twsit his insides as Batman groaned and growled.

Wintersolider got up as Superman shot him in his face mask with his eye beams and Iron Man punched him down and grabbed the back of his head surging it with energy and then dropped him . Logan finally got up kicking Slade off him and removing the sword as he huled it at him which Slade caught and the two met again trading blows as the two were pretty much even and began to get tired

"Wanda, Please I'm doing this for you" Magneto said still in a staredown with his daughter who held his helmet in her arms. not seeing a metal pieice twisted to be a tentacle slip behind her as Peter tried to scream out the metal pinning him wrapped over his mouth so he couldnt talk. Wanda though did notice it and smirked

"Nice try" she said and quickly whirled around as the tentacle shot forward as she caught it with her energy and sent it down as she whirled to see Magneto throw a metal pipe at it spearing it and sending it backward as he grabbed her with a metal trap below and threwher to the ground. he walked past her as he picked up his helmet

"You are a disappointment Wanda" Magneto said shaking his head angrily. Wanda just grunted and groaned trying to get free. Peter also groaned and struggled as he was held to the wall by metal around his body and mouth. Magneto walked to where Iron Man was as he began to reach out to control him when Logan in a headlock from Slade elbowed him slashing his chest and then throwing him over and into Magneto knocking him down. Wanda then focued her energies from her hands into the metal holding her as she made it fly off and then freed Peter same way who fell down as she helpd him up.

Vector kept twisting Batman's body around iwth his control grip as he chuckled but couldnt hear Hulk getting up behind him and finally he felt a shadow over him as he turned slowly to see a very angry Hulk behind him as he tried to reach he got slammed down hard by the fist and kept being punched down by him. Batman got free and staggered away coughing. Hulk kept at it for a good 20 seconds as Vector layed there barely moving.

"It's Over Vector" Batman said but he was then thrown back by a metal plate that wrapped around him sending him into a car pinned. HUlk was also being restrained by more metal as he tried to ifght it off but finally it got him too. Peter and Wanda looked at eachother as they ran for the battlezone as Superman shot his eye beams in Slade knocking him down. Magneto had gotten up as he controlled Iron Man's armor and made him shoto his containtment field out at Superman Peter and Wanda and he held Logan up in the air with his magnetism.

"It's only just beginning" Vector said as he got up walking to where Magneto was keeping all the Heroes contained. He pushed a button on a remote as a portal opened behind them and slowly engulfed them and the fallen Yuriko, Slade and Solider and finally him and Magneto as Magneto took one look at his daughter looking sad as he disappeared.

Iron Man's control was broken and he released the field as Logan fell to the ground and Batman and Hulk got free thanks to Wanda.

"How could He" Wanda said sadly as Peter put his arm around her comforting her.

"Don;t worry we will stop him and free your father" Peter said huggingher as she hugged him back.

"it's not all bad" Tony said as he held up a radio device "I managed to plant a one way radio bug on Wintersolider We will be able to here everything they say he smirked. as the others slowly grinned and laughed

"Finally we are one step ahead of him" Logan said laughing.

Wanda just stood there as she hugged Peter who also chuckled.

Back at the Airport Wanda stood in her travel clothes as Peter stood holding her hands

"I must return to Genosha to keep it in order while Magneto is away" she said sadly

"Please stay, Since i lost my sister I havent been the same" Peter said sadly "I need you" he then added

Wanda was taken back some but smiled tajing his face in her hands

"You don;t need me, You have always been kind, good, and powerful You will stop Vector and save this City" she said staring right at him. as Peter stared back into her beautful redish brown eyes as he smiled back

"I will free your father from Vector's control" Peter said as Wanda smiled at him

"I have no doubt you will and I will be back" she said chuckling as the two leant in and kissed deeply for what seemed like a mintue when they released eachother as Wanda boarded her plane waving goodbye to Peter and the city in the background. Her plane took off as she disappered from view as peter stood there sadly and turned around to see Logan there arms folded chukcling

"Always get the girls" he chuckled teasing as Peter laughed some too

"She will be with you and she will return" Logan said reassuring him as the two friends headed back into the city.

"I know".... Peter remarked.

Chapter Eight: Vector's Scheme Edit

"We should have killed those bastards" Slade Wilson said electronically

"And i keep telling you No" Vector said also electronically.

The Heroes Six and Nick Fury were listening in on Vector's base of operations as Wintersolider had been planted with a bug audio only.

"I don't know how you did it, but damn son" Nick Fury chuckled patting Peter on the back as they sat around a listening device in Fury's station.

"Finally we can be two steps ahead of Vector and his organization" Stark said.

"Thanks of course to my technology" Stark added grinning some

"Now hang on, your technology? I provided the tech to make it" Bruce Wayne retorted.

"If i recall, It was my name on the tech" Stark said staring at Bruce.

"Check again" Bruce smirked as Tony did so


Tony just rolled his eyes and kept to himself as Bruce chukcled.

"Quiet you two and get a roomm" Fury said.

"I must applaud you Fury, you are finally making progress in this operation" A voice said walking in

"Amanda Waller, come to check up?" Fury said not pleased to see the director of ARGUS and one of the biggest bitches of all here.

"Well Mr. Wayne told me you had completed something, I had to come see it for myself" she sneered.

Fury glared at Bruce who just looked sheepish.

"Alright he's beginning to speak again guys" Clark said.

"Where's Erik and Wintersolider?" Slade asked over the radio.

"doing a secret errand for me" Vector replied.

"And is the mission still on schedule?" Slade asked as they heard a blade being sharpened

"Of course, the CIA will not know what hit them" Vector replied chuckling some.

Fury, Waller and the Heroes all stared in disbelief

"He's going to attack CIA??" Peter exclaimed.

"That would be a suicide mission" Waller said arms on her hips.

"Well from what we have seen him do he could do it" Logan said arms folded.

"can we track his location?" Clark asked.

"My tracker doesn't give off a GPS" Bruce said sadly

"Mine does" Tony said in a sing songy voice.

"Would you two motherfuckers stop" Fury said shouting.

Bruce and Tony stepped back from eachother.

"What facility are they going to hit?" Waller said.

As if on cue Yuriko said over the com

"which CIA one we going after?"

"Ah the mainframe of course there we will download the information of anything we want, including the identities of the Heroes" Vector said chuckling.

The heroes were shocked.

"Should we suit up sir?" Slade asked.

"No I can handle this myself" Vector replied.

"where's the mainframe located?" Peter asked.

"Um the building on East Street" Bruce said.

"Alright guys suit up go intercept him Do not engage Vector, stun him." Fury said taking postion for an operation.

Tony suited up in his Iron Man suit as Bruce suited up as Batman, Clark spun around and formed his Superman outfit.

"Should we contact Banner?" Tony asked.

"Negative we don;t need him for his mission" Waller said also taking postions.

Iron Man rocketed up and down through a runway and out heading toward the city, as Batman got into his tumbler with Wolverine and drove off followed by Superman as Spider-Man webbed away.

Batman's Tumbler drove down the streets bypassing traffic and skyhooking up ramps and landing on rooftops as Bruce looked up seeing Superman and Iron Man fly by superfast,

"Show offs" Bruce said in his gruff Batman voice.

"Why do you talk like that bub?" Wolverine said hanging on for dear life as the Tumbler drove and jumped upsetting him.

"It makes me sound more badass" Batman replied and hit a rocket boost as they flew over rooftops and onto the highway.

"Yea sure" Wolverine muttered.

Down in the lair, Vector turned to the monitor where Wintersolider was at the wheel of a vehicle

"Did they buy it?" he said over radio.

Vector nodded. "Yep I'm heading out now to set it up"

"You know we could have smashed our way through instead" Slade said sitting back upset at not getting to the action.

"I know but we don't know where their new place is since Doom hacked them over and over and plus this way we can hurt them better then with any weapon and further our plan" Vector replied and put on his coat and headed out.

The Tumbler pulled up to the corner from the CIA mainframe building, as Batman and Wolverine got up , with Wolverine throwing up on the sidewalk.

"Never drive me anywhere AGAIN" Wolverine screamed in Batman's face.

Batman put up his gloves making him step back.

"took ya long enough" Tony chuckled walking up to them from the corner in his Iron Man suit but the visor up. followed by Superman.

"haha yea I could have flown I have a batplane, but I perfer to drive my tank" Bruce said defenseively.

Spider-man finally landed in their circle.

"Clark use your x-ray vision to see inside the building tell us when Vector gets there we are going in to set a trap" Peter said.

Superman nodded and hovered behind a tree keeping watch on the building as the others ran into it.

Ten Minutes later, Vector arrived in his vehicle and got out holding a suitcase looking around and walking into the building.

"Guys he's here" Clark said in his comlink

"Copy" Peter said. "Stark go"

"Roger" Stark said putting his visor down.

Vector entered the front door and walked forward looking around seeing no guards around.

"Why don't you all come out and say hello" Vector said out loud setting down his suitcase.

Batman nodded to the others and stepped into Vector's view making sure he had his mask showing no skin.

"You really think I can;t sense your breathing your heartbeats" Vector said clasping his gloved hands together stepping forward.

Batman stepped forward as well.

"Nice touch showing no skin, figuring out my abilities weakness" Vector said feigning impressed.

"I'm taking you in" Batman spoke, Vector couldnt help but stifle a laugh

"wait, that's the voice you use?" Vector said starting to laugh

Batman just glared forward through his eyeplates.

Vector just did a skip jump while laughing "That is hilarious"

"Tell me where your lair is, Then you have my permission to die" Batman said in his voice.

Vector just kept laughing. "I just can't take you seriously here"

Batman was fuming while in the corner Peter and Logan were also stifling laughs, even Superman was laughing outside using his super hearing from around the corner. Tony also laughed but had turned off his vocal module so no one could hear him except Superman.

"Vector!" Batman said

"Oh come now let's not stand on ceremony here" Vector said still laughing and then went serious quickly

"Mister Wayne..."

Batman stooped and just stared at him.

"You think I don't know about you and Clark?" Vector said becoming serious and threatening

"Stark go Now" Peter said in hi com.

Vector just stepped forward more, when he sensed something behind him as Iron Man did a barrel roll and charged his replusors and grabbed the sides of Vector;s head and surged electricity into him. Vector struggled and twitched as he was electrocuted and then fell down unconscious letting out a groan.

Batman took off his mas breathing in heavily.

"We did it" Peter said sighing in relief as he and Logan walked around the corner looking at Vector's knocked out body.

Iron Man put on some neutralizing cuffs on his wrists and a collar on his leg and picked him up and walked out carrying him.

"Director we have him" Batman said in his radio to Waller.

"Well done Mister Wayne" Waller said and then turned to Fury. "Seems my agents are better then yours" Fury just scowled.

Vector was waking up as he was marched down a hallway flanked by Iron man , Spider-Man , Wolverine, Batman and several SHIELD guards.

Iron Man threw him into a glass cell, as Vector stood up still bound by the neutralizers and looked at his captors. and chuckled.

"Well done friends, you finally captured me" He said pretending to congratulate them

"Give me a few minutes alone with him, And I'll get him to Sing" Batman said in his weird voice as Fury even stifled a laugh.

"He is still dangerous we should stay back here" Peter said.

Vector sneezed making the others look at him.

"What? can't a guy sneeze I;m human just like all of you, well except you" Vector said nodding to Clark.

Clark's eyes just glowed red as Batman held him back.

Vector just chuckled as they had not realized with his sneeze he had shifted something in his body to activate: a tracker.

"He's in Let's Go" Slade said suiting up.

"hang on guys I'm approaching my target" Magneto said in the side pod of what Wintersolider was in: a submarine

"Does he give the clear to bring it up?" Magneto added.

Slade just thought for a moment "yea go on kid"

"I'm a old man you bastard" Magneto said.

Magneto turned off the monitor and stood up from his seat and walked down standing in the glass bubble facing forward as the searchlights shone on a large black sphere with several arms coming out of it, Magneto went to work stretched his hands out and used his magnetism powers strianing to lift the object.

Vector just sat arms behind him bound in a chair as Nick Fury apporached the cell.

"You're a hard man to find" He said holding a folder.

Vector didn't look at him as Fury walked around the cell.

"this cell was designed to hold the strongest thing in the world" Fury began to explain.

"Who Hulk?" Vector finally said looking up and around at the prison.

"That and more" Fury replied simply and looked in his folder. Then studied his face espcailly the mask.

"If I take that off will you die?" Fury asked. Vector just stared at him "It would be extremely painful" He said.

"I'm sure it would" Fury retorted before Vector just added "For You" Fury chuckled some and looked at the file.

"No known names only goes by Vector, and yet you have a ability no one has ever seen before, wanna tell me about that motherfucker?" Fury continued.

"I learned it" Vector said looking up staring at him.

"From who?" Fury asked.

"My father" Vector said plainly. Fury just looked at him

"Who's your father?" he asked getting interested.

Vector stared him dead in the eyes and even though he had his breathing mask Fury could see something of a smile creeping on its edges

"You will find out soon enough" he said simply but Fury could swear he felt a chill.

From the operations center, the Heroes and Waller were standing watching the monitor

"Why did him saying that give me chills?" Peter asked as the others shrugged.

Outside the Facility Deathstroke decapitated several guards silently and swiftly dropping their corpses into a ravine nearby and did a super jump over the fence and ran forward.

"Until recently you didn't exist " Fury continued to interrogate Vector.

"Around the same time, two known terrorist organizations: The League of Shadows and Ten Rings met to discuss a unity which was stopped by Batman and Superman, Anything to comment on that?" Fury asked.

Vector looked up as if he seemed to have just heard this. "Really, I see that didn't work heh" He then said

"Your second ability, the Chiiblocking, it's known for high members of the League of Shadows only to be taught by the master The Demon himself: Ra's Al Ghul" Fury went back into interrogating mode.

Vector just stared at him." You met him?"

Fury just shook his head, " No but I know someone who has"

Bruce watched from the monitor as that name was spoken knowing full well who Ra's Al Ghul was, as he had been his main trainer to become what he is now.

"Maybe Vector met with the League and told them about the Ten Rings and offered to help them make a treaty" Tony said.

"When would this have happened?" Clark asked.

"Seven Months Ago..." Peter said blankly as realization dawned.

"That was when Vector let all the Expiriements loose, Was it all a diversion to direct his attention from his meeting with them?"Logan said.

"Two days later me and Bruce were sent to to deal with their alliance, so it didnt escape Waller's mind" Clark said

The group froze as they all thought the same thing

"Does that mean Waller is in on it?" Tony asked.

"Yes, I trained under them, No i am not associated with them , Not anymore" Vector said.

"Anymore? meaning you were one of them before?" Fury questioned.

"Yes, me and my father were members" Vector continued stalling for time.

Deathstroke grabbed one guard's head and crushed it while spinning and slicing another with his blade and then planted a device on a computer terminal and headed downstairs after busting a door down.

Tony, Peter, Bruce and Clark left the monitor and went into Fury's room to call Waller.

"Yes Director Fury how can I help you?" Waller said as her image filled the screen, "Oh Mister Wayne and Kent what do i owe this pleasure" she said realizing who was speaking to her

"Why did you send us over to the Alliance?" Bruce asked.

Waller just stared at them, "It was a threat and SHIELD was busy dealing with New York's problem" she replied

"Yea but how did you know, No calls were made during the time by Fury" Tony said checking the phone records.

Waller was a little fidgety as Bruce walked up to talk to her one on one

"Unless you planned it so we could go over there and erase your tracks" Bruce continued. Waller seemed angry.

"That is a serious accusation Mister Wayne" she replied coolly but could be seen getting red.

"But its true isn't it" Bruce said flashing a knowing grin.

Waller swallowed and growled. "Yes i did arrange it But only because i had intel that a mysterious client was going to meet them, and I wanted to get him sending in my best agents You two" Waller said.

"Vector" Tony said knowingly, as Waller nodded.

"But you arrived too late Vector had already left" Waller finished. As the group just looked at eachother.

"And did they teach you that control technique?" Fury asked.

Vector just stared at him, "No, that was someone else" as Fury stared right into his eyes.

"So how is your plan going, now that you're locked up?" Fury said smirking some.

"You don't see it but this city will turn against you and your so called Heroes" Vector began, as Fury listened.

"My father once told me, Chaos is the root of all beings, and if you sow enough people will reveal their true natures" Vector said as Fury sat back listening to his farce.

"And what did you do to acquire Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson?" Fury asked.

"Why don't you ask him yourself" Vector said nodding as Fury turned drawing his fun super fast.

Deathstroke caught his wrist and made him drop the gun and threw him away by his arm.

"Nice timing, it is set?" Vector said as Deathstroke nodded and went to access the locks.

"Oh hell no you did not Just do that" Fury's voice said as Deathstroke whirled around to be met with a container to his face knocking him back.

Vector just stood there watching as Fury managed to surprise his best assassin. Deathstroke was also shocked but got back up quikcly and swung his sword at Fury who dodged and kicked it out of him and threw a elbow to him which he caught and snapped, as Fury grunted and was pushed back into the wall. Deathstroke walked toward him but was met with a kick to the groin as Fury rushed forward grabbing him one hand on his right side of the mask and sending them tumbling to ground as Fury grabbed his taser and stuck it into him trying to knock him out. Deathstroke just kneed him in the gut and threw him off as he stood up jostled from the tasering

"I expected nothing less of the Director of SHIELD" Slade said as his mask was cracked showing his eye.

"Expect the Unexpected" Fury said as he grunted to sit up, and hit a detonator. Slade felt cold when he realized what Fury had done and was thrown back as his face exploded. Vector just gasped watching from his cell at this trick.

Fury walked over to him to see he had blasted apart half of Slade's face removing his mask to see his right eye also missing.

"Damn motherfucker" Fury remarked as he turned back to Vector "So much for your grand plan to escape" and smirked.

Vector just stood there looking at Slade's unconsious body and half scarred face.

"I'm sure I will manage" Vector said calmly. At that moment his suitcase they had taken activated and sent out a electronic signal that disrupted everything in the com room as people held their ears at a high frequency screeching as computer monitors got messed up

"AGhhh what is that?" Bruce said holding his head in pain. as Waller's transmission was cut as she said what that noise was.

Tony lowered his visor and turned on a sound filter as he looked around at all the computers "Guys its a virus going through the computers getting data.

The energy turned off in the prison cell Vector and Fury were in as the door opened and Vector just stared at Fury as he felt a force lifting him up into the air.

"I never needed my hands baybay, As long as I can see I can control anything I want"

Vector said from behind him as he made Fury face him. he titled his head as Fury's arms moved against his will and had him deactivate the bracers. the cuffs fell off as Vector rubbed his wrists and then grabbed the one on his leg and ripped it off throwing it on Fury and then dropping his body on the ground

"You have no idea what is about to occur Directtor" Vector said and went to Slade's body and held out his hand and re adjusted the blood in him to make him wake up.

Slade coughed and gasped as he sat up and touched his face recoiling as he growled

"I will kill him" he shouted as he moved for Fury's unconscious body but Vector held him back with his control

"In time right now we have new friend to meet" Slade snarled but sheathed his swords and put back on his mask and followed Vector out.

Tony in his suit walked looking for the source of the frequency and found it as the suitcase Vector had and he smashed it with his gauntlet as the sound stopped and the virus halted. Everyone regained themselves as Stark lifted his visor.

"What was all that about" Peter said still clutching his head. Tony and Bruce looked at each other and exchanged a Oh shit look and rushed out heading for the detention level They reached it and found Vector's cell empty blood on the ground and some clothing and Fury's body just starting to wake up

"About Damn time" he said weakly as Tony helped him up and Bruce looked around at the blood and clothing pieces on the floor

"Slade" he said just taking a glance at it

"Quite a detective" Fury said sarcastically leaning on Tony's suit

"This whole thing was a trap set up I should have known" Fury said shaking his head feeling like he failed.

Down below Vector and Slade walked to the computer terminal Slade put his device on and Vector touched it as a sound dinged and he took it out

"Excellent" Vector said and hit a button opened another secret door "Stay here" He ordered Slade and proceeded in.

Up stairs as the personal worked to get things working again Peter put on his mask and went down with Logan to Fury's room where Tony and Bruce and Clark were already at.

"I'm still working to see what exactly the hell happened" Tony said at a computer as he furiously looked around through files.

"The virus did more then just disable things it also had a encryption code in it that was designed to download certain files" Bruce said also at a computer.

"What files did they steal?" Peter asked.

Down below in a long white hallway Vector walked arms behind back and looked at each room window. One had the black substance known as Venom, "Tempting" vector remarked and kept walking passing by he saw a dark-durbied woman who rushed to the door and glared at him but he kept walking, He then walked several doors down and looked into a window to see a man with scars on his face, and Vector opened the door as the man turned to him.

"Wade Wilson" Vector said as he approached him.

Wade looked at him "You here to free me?" He asked.

Vector nodded "yes on the condition you join my cause"

Wade smirked and nodded "Sign me up"

Vector stepped out of the way as Wade walked out and the two went back down to where Slade was as he gave a angry look.

"You" Slade said.

"You?" Wade said.

Vector looked at them "You two have met?"

Wade and Slade just scowled at eachother

"My kid brother" Slade said.

"Well this will be fun then" vector said at the interesting turn of events as Wade went to get his suit and gear as they exited.

Several agents ran for them as Slade and Deadpool went to work with flurry of swords and brandishing of guns the agents were down in 2 seconds as Vector kept walking. they exited the Facility as a team of SHIELD personal and soliders were waiting with tanks aimed right at them.

"Oh dear" Vector exclaimed feigning surprise.

Suddnely the tanks were lifted from the ground and dropped on the soliders as they all ran and scattered. Vector smirked and looked up in the sky at his planecopter descending with Magneto in view arms out, the copter landed as Slade decapitated several survivors and Wade shot the rest. as they boarded and flew away

"what about that other mission Erik?" Vector asked looking down as they left the airspace of the facility, as He saw that it was directly below the Triskelion.

Vector sighed and chuckled. "So original"

"yes sir the mission was a success it is waiting for you at base" Erik said smirking, as Vector also grinned behind his breathing mask.

Back in the disbaled Triskleion.

"We are dead here" Agent Phil Coulson said to Fury.

"Vector's virus disabled communications and all weapons are offline" Tony said still on the computer trying to reconnect. Fury slammed his fist on the desk.

"And you say Waller had her hand in the League and Rings deal in an attempt to intercept Vector?" Fury asked.

"Yes it appears so sir" Bruce said also working at a computer.

"You also mentioned a code to steal files that was in the virus yes?"Fury asked.

"I'm working on it now" Tomy said.

Logan then stormed into the room with Superman

"Deadpool's gone" Logan shouted stabbing his claws into the wall and ripping it

"So he wanted another assassin, disable us and also steal data" Bruce said.

"This was a very elaborate plan but what the hell were the files stolen Stark?" Fury shouted.

Tony just sat there speechless and stoic.

"Stark, STARK Answer me, motherfucker" Fury shouted.

Tony just turned his computer screen to show in big bold black letters STARK INDUSTRIES: ARMOR CRAFTING SCHEMATICS - HUMANOID

The group just stared at this new knowledge as Fury sighed angrily "Son of a bitch" he muttered.

Down in the lair, Vector entered a large room seeing his prize and staring eyes widened as he saw the large obeject as Wintersolider entered with Doctor Octavius with his arms arrived.

"Doctor" Vector said shaking his hand "Thanks for coming as we planned"

Octavius nodded and shook his hand.

Vector then placed the device he used to get the files from SHIELD on his computer as the schematics for a humanoid robot form

"think you can deal with this?" Vector asked. Octavius looked over them and nodded smirking and then noticed the newest thing added to the room and was speechless.

"Gentleman We are ready to begin Phase Two..."

Vector said as he stepped forward as Deathstroke, Deadpool , Wintersolider , Magneto, Doc Ock and Deathstryke all stood behind him as they stared at a large black metal sphere with arms coming out of it:

Doctor Doom's old killing AI robot the Omnidroid....

To Be Conitnued

Chapter Nine: Enter Ultron Edit

Doctor Octavius ripped off several metal peices from the large sphere robot with two of his robot arms and used the other to meld them onto a humanoid skeleton turning the black metal into silver metallic. Vector watched to the side of Octavius as he created the ultimate weapon.

"So why are you building a weapon when we can just cause enough havoc ourselves?"

Slade Wilson asked in his suit without the mask as his left side of his face was scarred and his eye missing so he had to wear an eyepatch.

"I have no doubt in all of your combat skills, but this is far more fun" Vector chuckled.

Slade just returned his attention to the work Octavius was doing as he used his robotic arms to attach more armor to the android. The robot Octavius was tearing apart was a advanced AI robot designed by Octavius and served Doctor Doom to kill the Heroes Six. The Omnidroid as it was called turned on Doom and went on a rampage across the city leading to Doom teaming up with the Heroes and were able to shut it down and threw it into the River until Vector discovered and brought it back up, he then stole Stark Industries android armor shcematics and had Octavius take the indestructicable metal on the Omindroid and meld it onto the android to create a robot he could control.

"Just imagine a robot of great power under our control" Vector said

"Are you sure you will be able to control it?" Magneto asked arms folded.

"Possibly, but if not the City needs to be destroyed anyway to create a shit ton of energy we need" Vector said chuckling as the other villains laughed too.

Over in the Triskelion the headquarters of SHIELD, the Heroes Six: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk , Batman and Superman were standing around as the elevator lowered and exited a large black lady and a skinny black man

"Welcome Miss Waller" Nick Fury said greeting the visitors.

"Thank you Director Fury this is.." Amanda began when Batman/Bruce Wayne stepped up

"Lucius Fox" Bruce said greeting his friend

"Lucius Fox is my head scientist at Wayne Enterprises" Bruce said to his new friends

"Right you are Mister Wayne, I was called here by Miss Waller to help rebuild SHIELD after this terrible virus disabled it" Lucius said.

"So you have a lap boy, That's nothing" Tony Stark said and grabbed a nearby lady named Maria Hill.

"Iv'e for this lovely lady" He continued. Maria just growled and elbowed him in the crotch and made him let her go as he held his jewels and she walked off grumbling.

"Actually I am his lovely lady" A voice said coming up from the platform a gingerhead.

"Ah yes, Pepper Potts, my Stark Industries secretary/acting CEO and my girlfriend" Tony said

"Yea uh huh, Hello Mr Fox i hope we get to work together" Pepper said.

"A fine lady you have there Mister Stark" Lucius said as he shook hands with her.

"Alright Alright, You called in one of Your flunkies to help reorder my building?" Fury said scowling.

"yes, because it's obvious You have no idea what you are doing" Waller snapped.

"It was a trap, motherfucker" Fury retorted.

"And you fell for it" Waller said.

"Might I add something guys?" Peter Parker said stepping up as everyone whirled around to stare at him.

"Well, I was looking over surveillance cameras pointed at the River and I saw this" He continued and pulled up a monitor. it showed a submarine turn into a aircraft and lift into the air as something else followed, a large black sphere with arms coming out of it.

"That';s the Omnidroid!" Tony said staring.

"The what?" Bruce asked.

"Doctor Doom created a rapid learning AI robot to try and kill us but it went rogue and we teamed up with the psycho to take it down and we threw it into the river so it would rust and fall apart, but according to this it looks like Magneto raised it." Logan said

"Meaning Vector has one of the worst robots in history" Bruce Banner said.

"But what is he going to do unleash it its uncontrollable it will just go rogue again" Peter said.

"Unless.." Tony started as he pondered. "He replaces the computer with something better, like My Armor Suits.." he said realizing what Vector was really doing.

"He let us capture him, steal the schematics for my armor suits and in the process, disabled SHIELD so we couldn't fight back and raised the Omindroid to use as its armor and enhanced computer combined with my stuff" Tony poured out.

The others just listened and realized how grave the situation was.

Down below Octavius put the final touches on the android, a tall metallic android with a open mouth

"And now the final touch" vector said approaching it as he opened the chest plate. He reached in and surged energy into it as he screamed in agony as he transferred his energy to the android. creating a red and black energy core he stepped back weakened as Slade went to catch him. Vector groaned as he staggered back up.

The android's chestplate repappeared like liquid metal and became hard instantly, The mouth and eyes glowed red as it came to life. it broke from the binds and stood up a few feet above the villains gathered.

"it is beautiful" Octavius said staring in awe. the robot looked down and grabbed his head and hurled him into Slade, knocking both down as the robot stepped forward and stared Vector who was hunched over clutching his chest.

" I am Ultron" The robot said.

Vector stared at Ultron " I am Vector your creator, I set you forth on this City do as you please, But one condition any Superhuman you meet, You are not to kill, you may beat them to a pulp but never kill." Vector said.

Ultron just stared at him with his red energy mouth open as it could not close.

"Very well, I will obey, But this City will suffer my wrath"

Ultron said as he stepped forward and activated his rockets and flew up and out smashing rock and rubble as he exited to see the city from the sky as he flew up past the tallest building.

"Mine for the taking" Ultron grinned robotically and used his computers to seek out databases he could use to access files and learn more. he spotted SHIELD's Triskelion and flew that way.

Vector watched him go and laughed then turned back to Octavius "Begin creating six more but smaller" Octavius nodded and went to work as Vector stared at the monitor ready to begin his chaos.

tanks and helicopters were stationed around the Triskelion in wake of its defenses disabled, When Ultron landed hard in a Iron Man pose he learned from being created by Iron Man technology. Soldiers scattered and aimed their guns at the intruder as he stood up in a menacing pose and scanned each of them.

"I was ordered not to kill superhumans, but humans are weak insignificant creatures that need termination"

Ultron said sinisterly and stepped forward as the soldiers opened fire , the bullets and lasers just bounced off Ultron's armor as he walked forward and slammed his fist down upon three soldiers killing them. He turned and swatted a tank out of the way as it landed in the river below. the helicopters above radioed distress and fired their missiles at Ultron who looked up and held out his hand as the missiles impacted his hand and he kept walking as everyone was shocked and retreated.

Inside the Trisklelion the radio transmissions came through "Sir there's a robot here , its .. its unstoppable we AGHHH" the transmission cut as everyone listened heard a crushing sound as they guessed the robot crushed the skull of the guy.

"Guess Vector;s toy has arrived" Tony said.

"Come on Heroes lets get him" Peter said pulling down his mask and running out followed by his team.

The Heroes all rushed outside to see a swath of destruction bloody corpses all smashed and tanks and helicopters flattened and on fire and among it all stood one lone robot who turned to look at them.

"greetings Heroes I have been expecting you, I am Ultron" Ultron said.

The Heroes just stood together staring at the android as it was metal and evil red eyes and mouth.

"Did Vector create you to kill us?" Spider-Man asked.

Ultron simply said. "No"

"Then what are you doing here" Batman asked getting a batarraang ready.

"I am here to destroy the City and SHIELD as i have learned has the ability to do so" Ultron replied stepping forward.

"What do you mean its disabled?" Tony asked seeing the clear use of his computers.

"Below the building I see the secrets SHIELD hides. Now if you mind please get out of the way" Ultron said.

"Not a chance we don't let a sausage do as it pleases" Superman said and fired lasers from his eyes at Ultron who was sent backwards but regained himself.

"You were created by ARGUS when they couldnt handle the aftereffects of Project:LightStorm II" Ultron explained as he inspected Superman.

"Whoah what do you mean" Superman asked as he rushed forward and punched at him. Ultron simply caught his fist and threw him away.

"ARGUS had created a energy storm to power an entire city but it backfired and caused a global epidemic giving random people abilities." Ultron explained as Superman attacked from behind and was once again thrown away.

The Heroes just turned to look at the building as Nick Fury and Amanda Waller were watching from a monitor inside their room.

"SHit, Now they know" Waller said.

"It couldn't stay hidden forever" Fury responded still watching.

"He's just another of my suits Take him Down"

Iron Man shouted and rocketed forward firing ten missiles from his gauntlet , Batman hurled his explosive bataraangs as they exploded on Ultron's armor and Iron man continued with energy beams from his gauntlets and chest as Ultron just stood getting impacted by each of them when the smoke cleared he stood there unfazed as everyone around had their mouth open.

"Are you finished Mister Stark?"

Ultron said and his mouth glowed and shot out a beam of red energy that made a braaaaauuummm sound and blasted into Iron Man as he screamed in pain and was hurled back as the beam conintued and shot down Batman, Wolverine who stuck out his claws to absorb most of the ray but was still thrown back screaming. Ultron's beam disappeared as he stood there when he was knocked forward by a powerful force as Superman bullrushed him. Ultron fell down but got up quikcly as Banner turned into Hulk and ran at him. Ultron ducked as Superman flew over and he grabbed his foot in midflight and spun him into Hulk as both fell down. Spider-Man was left standing as he faced Ultron.

"So you won't kill us?" He asked as Ultron walked forward.

"Yes" He said "But I can't say the same for beating to near death"

Ultron said sinisterly Spider-man ran up and punched his face as hard as he could but the android did not even flinch and responded by punching him hard into his head sending him flying. Spider-man landed hard on the ground but got up quickly and shot a web at his hand and pulled as Ultron fell to his knees but surged electricity through the web into Spider-Man who screamed and fell backwards. Ultron got back up as Superman plowed into him from behind and grabbed his head and threw him into the sky as he shot his laser eyes and hand bolts up into Ultron and caused an explosion that filled the sky as it fell down into the river. Superman helped Batman and the rest up as they walked over to the edge to look into the churning water.

"Uh oh"

Peter said as bubbles and the river began to churn and swirl, as a large waterspout emerged and towered above the Heroes. Superman responded by beginning to run around in a medium circle and created another tornado as the Heroes got anyone who survived to safety the two tornadoes met and reacted by becoming one single tornado as Superman flew into the funnel where Ultron was and delivered punch after punch as Ultron blocked and caught his fists and delivered a armored knee to Superman's gut as he spun him around and hurled him down below nto the ground inside the funnel. Ultron used the energy of the tornado to make it head for the City, as He hovered out and landed near Superman. Ultron picked his head up and threw him onto the ground over and over as Hulk rushed forward and tackled Ultron. Batman and Iron Man watched as the tornado headed toward the city. Hulk pounded into Ultron but his power left no dents or scratches and Ultron shot his dark durby again sending Hulk flying into Wolverine.

"We got to stop that thing" Batman said pushing a remote as his Batplane roared from the hangar of the Triskelion and landed next to him as he got in and flew into the sky with Iron Man followowing. Ultron watched them go and returned his attention to Superman

"You are quite the superhuman, Mr Kent"

he said as he grabbed him by his neck and hoisted him into the air and hurled him away into the building. Superman regained himself as Ultron flew in and pounded him down. He looked around at the scared personal who were running for their lives

"All too easy" Ultron said stepping over Superman's unconsious body and shot out missiles from his gauntlets.

Iron Man flew ahead of the Batplane as he scanned the apporaching tornado as it made land fall destroying the warf and heading toward a oil refinery.

"I can shoot a sonic distrupter into it make it disappear" Iron Man said to Batman in the plane.

"That could work but it would drop all that water and flood the place causing it to explode" Batman said

The tornado was fast approaching ripping up streets and buildings as it headed for the refinery, Iron Man flew ahead of it and began to fly counter circles around it as the tornado was being halted.

"keep it up Tony"

Batman said watching from the plane as the counter circle began to lift the tornado from the ground and into the sky. Iron Man continued and titled direction so the tornado began to wrap around itself as Batman then fired a pulse cannon from his plane at the tornado and it disappated also evaporating the water falling.

"We did It" Batman shouted as Iron Man stopped flying and hovered next to the plane.

"Now let's stop Ultron" Tony said as the two flew back to the Triskelion.

Ultron was walking unapposed through the building smashing agents soldiers and doors. Suddenly one agent stood in front of him holding a large yellowish cannon as Ultron stopped and seemed intrigued by this one's bravery.

"Halt, Like this? Its something we have been working on for a long time, Even I don't know what it does" Phil Coulson said as he charged the cannon "want to find out?"

"No weapon can.." Ultron began but was blasted with the cannon point blank and exploded. and Coulson stood triumphantly.

The smoke cleared as Coulson's triumph became horror.

"So that's what it does, Your Bravery is Admirable but a Useless Gesture."

Ultron replied as he was unscathed and he lifted his gauntlet and shot out his dark beam at Coulson.

Iron Man flew into the Triskelion bypassing dead soldiers and broken machinery as he followed the path until he flew by a smoldering body who's face was recognizable

"Phil, No" Tony said kneeling down. beside his old friend

"I tried" Coulson said sadly and fell limp in Tony's arms.

Tony clenched his fist as he was furious and rocketed in anger to find Ultron.

Ultron broke down the vault door and stepped in as he scanned the area weapons and devices all around. as he heard explosions behind him he turned as Iron Man plowed into him sending the androids through a glass window and onto a platform below. Iron Man rocket punched Ultron's face hard as he reeled back and delivered a kick which Tony caught and threw him to the ground on his face and grabbed his head and surged electricity into it. Ultron rocket elbowed Tony in his chest and threw him off with pulse energy.

"Foolish Move, Mister Stark"

Ultron said turning and shooting pulse energy at him. Tony responded by shooting his repulsor beams as they collided with Ultron;s beams as the two shot back and forth creating a lasting energy beam. Iron Man strained to hold the beams as Ultron never flinched and continued to hold it.

"your suit is designed to withstand most anything but can only run for 5 hours , where I can do this all day." Ultron responded and shot energy from his eyes to increase the beam at Tony's distress and finally was overwhelemed and fell to his knees as Ultron approached.

"I can see it, what makes you hold together" Ultron said grabbing him and hoisting up and delivered quick jabs to the joints of Tony's suit as he let out intense pain.

"Yep, It's Doom's Omindroid in there for sure" Tony winced as he was pounded.


Ultron said and hurled him to the ground, picked up again jabbing his joints more and finally let him go so he slumped to the ground. Tony lied there helpess before Ultron as he stepped over him and surveyed the tehcnology SHIELD has hidden. He took a device and carried it back to the platform as he turned on the lights where to his right was a large battleship and he boarded it with the device. He went to the bridge and used his influence over machines to activate it as the ship roared to life and shook the entire building as everyone upstairs were thrown around.

"What's going on?" Maria Hill asked being thrown around.

"Oh that motherfucker found it" Fury shouted angrily

"Found What?" Waller asked angrily being thrown around.

Alarms sounded as outside the Heroes were watching as the large annex to the right of the Triskelion shook and crumbled. as a Large battleship floated from the rubble hangar and began to ascend in full view of the Heroes

"Son of a ..."

To Be Continued.

Chapter Ten: Day of Ultron Part 1 Edit

The Triskelion shook as the annex next to it crumbled and fell apart as a large battleship rose from the rubble in full view of the Heroes and Nick Fury and Amanda Waller from inside. Across the river at the city citizens stopped their cars and walking as they looked over as the battleship rose into tharea around the building.

"Umm did you know they had one of those?" Logan asked turning to Tony who stood there visor up

"Ummm No.." Tony said.

"You were hiding That?" Waller asked angrily.

"it was meant to only be deployed in an emergency like a evac" Fury responded.

"Well this is a national emergency"

Waller shouted as she went for her phone, but was thrown to the ground by a explosion. The battleship had opened fire.

Ultron at the bridge kept the cruiser in hover mode and activated its starboard cannons and opened fire on the Triskelion. The building shook as pieces fell apart and explosions rocked the rooms as people were flung around or to the ground getting cover.The Heroes below saw this as Superman flew after it and intercepted the cannons and sent them back damaging the cruiser. Ultron staggered as the cruiser shook but responded by inserting control tentacles from his hands into what looked like a robotic machine. Superman shot his lasers into the hull as Batman had gotten into his Batplane and fired pulse cannons trying to crash the cruiser.

"What else was down there Fury?" Waller shouted getting back up.

"A control system for a orbiting defense satellite, a robotic machine and a few Stark Armor Suits he had us hold for him" Fury explained.

Everyone was shocked inclduing Waller but she became furious again

"And Now it is all in the hands of a lunatic robot, Just Great, what about this satellite cannon" Waller continued.

"It is based on altitude he would need to get the control device to 3000 ft to activate it" Fury said trying to shed some good news.

"Which is why he took our Helicarrier" Maria Hill said.

"So we have a time limit at least, But Get that Helicarrier down NOW" Waller screamed as she went to look out the cracked view port.

Tony Stark woke up as he was surrounded by rubble and was staring up at the battleship as he saw mini explosions using the HUD screen to see Superman blasting and pounding the Helicarrier.

"I got you" Spider-Man aid hopping down as he helped Tony up, Tony groaned as his joints were in pain

"Get me to the medbay" He said weakly as Spidey held him and webbed through the damaged hallways and saw Coulson's dead body and picked it up as well. He got to the medbay placing both of them on tables as Tony ejected from his suit and fell down getting up aching and began to work fixing it.

"What about him?" Peter asked going to Coulson as he called a doctor.

Outside Superman kept firing into the hull of the Helicarrier as it responded by firing missiles and cannons. Batman flew in his plane and fired his missiles into it.

"Enough of this foolishness"

Ultron said as his bridge was rocked by explosions. and held his hand on a lift and flew up onto the deck as he fired his pulse cannons at the Batplane destroying it's engines and begin to fall. Batman ejected and grappled onto the deck as his plane flew down and exploded into the hangar destroying equipment. Batman got up clutching his arm as he faced Ultron.

"Mister Wayne, you are quite formidable but once again a useless gesture"

Ultron said as Batman hurled exploding grenades at him creating smoke as he rushed forward but was caught by the neck by Ultron and choked hard as he was thrown to the ground as Ultron stepped on him hard. Batman grunted in pain but planted a electronic bomb on his leg and it exploded knocking him over as Batman rolled to his feet and threw smoke bombs down and made his escape down the lift and to the bridge. As he tried to shut down the system shut him out. as Batman stepped back he was grabbed around the neck by Ultron's arm.

"I anticipated you would try this, so i beamed all the controls of the Helicarrier into me, which means to stop it you must stop me"

Ultron replied deadpanned as he strangled Batman in a headlock. Superman rushed in as he grabbed Ultron from behind in a headlock using his strength to try and crush Ultron's frame.

Wolverine and Hulk rushed in to see Tony and Peter as Fury and Waller joined them in the medical lab. As Fury stood over Coulson's blasted body

"Coulson, you will be missed soildier" Fruy said sadly as Tony stood by him.

"We can't let his death be in vain" Peter said standing tall.

"Then lets scrap that bastard" Logan said and drew his claws.

"You guys need to stop the Helicarrier before it reaches 3000 feet, once there Ultron will activate a satellite cannon that is orbiting the city,and essentially be able to destroy anything he wants with a thought" Fury said to the gathered Heroes.

"We will stop him, Heroes lets GO" Peter shouted heroically as he pulled down his Spider-Man mask. Banner turned into the Hulk and Tony entered his repaired suit and they all rushed out.

On board the Helicarrier bridge the three figures kept their respective grips

"enough of this"

Ultron said and with one arm still holding Batman he used his other to grab Superman's head and hurled both either way off the bridge down onto the platform. Ultron beeped and the Helicarrier began to drive forward. The Heroes rushed out of the building to see the Helicarrier hover forward as its shadow engulfed them.

"Alright how do we get up there" Peter asked looking at his friends.

"Leave it to me" Tony said and hit a panel on his gauntlet as a roar was heard and a jet drove out of the second hangar as they boarded it with Iron Man flying up by them. Ultron watched from the monitor and activated several drones in the hangar as the dropship doors opened and the drones flew out and after the plane

"heads up we got bogeys"

Iron Man said as he turned around and shot down some. Logan flew the plane dodging blasts from the drones and fired missiles at them as well. The two split as the drones locked on and fired, Iron Man flew on his back and shot his drones down one by one while shooting missiles at the Helicarrier's hull. The plane also flew around the hull as it was chased by drones, Spider-Man held onto the wall and opened the door and shot several web balls that covers the drone's sensors as they plummeted into Iron Man's path as he shot them apart.

"Nice team work"

Tony said over the com as he ducked more drones and shot them down. Ultron watched from inside and then pushed a series of controls and began to replicate himself using the technology

"Defend your master" He told the little Ultronites as they headed across the Helcarrier.

Superman and Batman got up and jumped back up to the bridge as Ultron whirled around and shot them with both his hands. the two heroes ducked and rushed forward as Ultron grabbed them both by their necks and slammed their heads into one another, they were disoriented as they in unison punched Ultron knocking him backwards.

"Impressive, but Futile"

Ultron said and shot them full of lightning from his fingers as they fell to the ground writhing in pain. Batman was then kicked away by him as he approached Superman still electrocuting. As Superman got to his knees and tried to punch Ultron who caught his fists and crushed them.

"You have proven you are the most powerful of your fellow Heroes"

he said and grabbed Superman's neck and jabbed his metal fingers into his neck and the top of his head and injected nanites into him as Superman screamed in pain. Ultron continued to influence him taking control of his mind.

"You are Now my meatbag and will serve me" Ultron said releasing him as Superman stood and his eyes went permanently red with a tinge of black as Batman got to his knees and looked over at Superman standing by Ultron as Ultron laughed.

"Clark, No.." Batman said weakly. Superman turned to him and shot him with his laser eyes.

To Be Continued

Chapter Eleven: Day of Ultron Part 2 Edit

The SHIELD Heilcarrier lurched as Iron Man shot drones down that impacted the cruiser. As the cannons on the helicarrier opened fire on him and the plane containing the heroes. The plane swerved and weaved dodging all the cannon blasts and rail guns as explosions lit around the battlezone as pedestrians watched from below in awe and terror. Logan unbuckled his seatbelt and jumped out of the plane catching onto a drone and steering it into the starboard hangar and made it blow up several Ultronites.

On the bridge Ultron stood with his new pawn: The man of steel himself Superman as Batman lied on the ground watching helpessly.

"Clark... noo.." He said weakly.

Superman responded by shooting his eye beams at Batman, Suddenly a Ultronite was thrown into view and caught the laser beams and caused an explosion that sent everyone back. Wolverine had arrived as he ran into view baring his claws as he growled. Superman got back up as he shot his eye beams at Wolverine who deflected witrh his claws but got pushed back by the force.

"Clark? What are you doing?" Logan asked getting back up. Batman was lying on the deck as he also got back up and joined by Logan's side.

"Ultron did something to him" Batman said.

"Holy Shit" Logan said as Superman ran super fast and punched him hard into the hull denting it. He turned to Batman who ducked a blow and took out a grenade and stuck it on Clark's leg and rolled out of the ways as it detonated throwing Superman to the ground. Wolverine got back up as Batman threw down smoke grenades to cover their escape as he told Logan to run.

"I ain't runnin from a fight bub" Logan shouted as Superman got back up and flew athim. Logan jumped into the air grabbing hold of the paneling on the celing and dodged his ram as he took off after Batman. Wolverine jumped back down as Ultron was left arms behind his back.

"Mr Howlet, you are quite the specimen" Ultron said staring at him with those soulless red eyes.

"What are you talking about bub?"

Logan asked as he rushed forward swinging his claws as Ultron caught his wrist and snapped it spinning him around and kicking hard into his back as he flew forward.

"We are both cut from the same material"

Ultron explained as he stepped forward grabbing him by his back with one hand as he lifted him up, Logan grolwd and spun around wrapping his legs around one of Ultron's and stabbed his blades into his chestplate but they just sparked and bent the way his arm moved.

"Adamantium, Shit"

Logan exclaimed as Ultron threw him hard into the ground making a dent and lifting him back up and cutled his hand into a fist and punched his jaw hard that it loosened as Logan flew backwards landing hard on the groiund.

"In the flesh"

Ultron said and his mouth glowed red and he shot his dark durby out at the ground in front of Logan as it broke apart and he began to fall. Logan acted quickly and stabbed the ground as there was a vaccum of air in the hole.

"Impressive, Mr Howlet" Ultron said as he magnetized his feet to the ground so he wouldnt budge.

"Stop Calling Me That you shit"

Logan shouted as he jumped into the air as he was about to be sucked out he launched himself at Ultron impaleing his blades in as they stuck this time. Ultron was unconcerned and just simply swatted his head almost off hi body. Logan fell toward the air vaccum as he quickly stabbed the ground anchoring himself.

Batman was dodging Superman's laser eyes as he shot at him and occasionally threw back some smoke grenades which Superman just inhaled and shot forth a gust of wind that blew Batman down. Superman rushed forward and pounded Batman's cowl in craking it as peices fell off and his mouth began to bleed. Batman quickly grabbed a smoke grenade and shoved it right in Superman's face as he fell back clutching. Batman grabbed his arm and threw him over his shoulder onto the ground and ran off. Superman got back up and glared angirly shooting energy beams from his hands at the hull as he used his x-ray vision to see Batman. Batman was thrown to the ground by the energy beams as it cut through the wall on the corner. Superman busted through and pickd him up by his neck and shoved him over and over into the walls denting them. Ultron then pushed a lever as the Helicarrier began to lift as the altitude went from 200 ft to 300 and so on.

Down below in the Triskelion, teams were at work repairing the damages as Lucius Fox and Pepper Potts were working on the computers trying to get the defenses back online

"This is some tech" Fox remarked as he worked the computer.

"yep Mister Stark's

Back on the Helicarrier Superman held Batman against the hull choking him when Batman threw a smoke grenade in his face again and double kicked him back freeing himself. Batman then looked around batarrang at the ready as Superman had vanished. He backed up as Superman hovered behind and put him in a headlock with both arms as Batman panicked and coughed

"Clar.. K comee on"

Batman pleaded as he was being choked. He then delivered a elbow and his blade wristplates into Superman's chest and pushed off as he released his grip. Batman responded by slamming his arm across his face which he just flinched and retaliated with the same move but Batman was sent spinning in the air and landed hard on his face. Superman stepped forward but heard a beeping and looked down eyes going wide as the batarrang exploded breaking apart the floor he was on and the vaccum sucked him out. Batman jabbed his blade wrists into the ground to stop him from flying out. Up at the bridge the explosion rocked and Ultron lost his footing as Wolverine flipped into the air and kicked him away. Wolverine threw punch after punch striking the armor as Ultron countered each and threw him away again.

"Your persistance amuses me"

Ultron replied grabbing his leg and slamming down on the ground and then throwing into the hull. Logan got back up as Ultron slammed his leg into his gut as he reeled over in pain spitting out some blood. Logan lurched forward as Ultron grabbed his face and threw him down the bridge toward the viewport as the plane flew by shooting at drones and the hull. Ultron just stepped forward and shot out several missiles that blasted from his shoulders and flew out the view port and followed the plane

"heat seekers" Peter said piloting as Bruce Banner looked to him

"My time to shine"

Banner said as he unbuckled and jumped out of the plane as He turned into his alter ego the Hulk as he threw his fist out and punched a missile away as it impacted a drone chasing Iron Man who was busy fighting a Ultronite in the sky. Hulk then grabbed another missile in mid air and hurled it into the hull of the helicarrier but was hit in the chest by the last missile sending him down onto the helicarrier's aircraft deck. Several Ultronites approcahed him and he fought them off and threw their parts into drones as Iron Man threw the one he was fighthing away. Suddenly he got blasted by a laser and fell to the deck near the edge as Superman flew down landing in front of them.

"Clark?" Tony said as Hulk got back up after finishing a Ultronite.

Superman didnt say anything just rushed forward and punched Iron Man away as he skidded across the deck to the edge. Hulk was shocked but roared and threw a punch at him as Superman flew backwards. Superman shook his head as he flew at Hulk as the grene giant ripped apart of the deck off and slammed it into him as he went flying off the edge. Tony got back up as Hulk turned to him.

"Let's go" he shouted as he jumped off and plummeted to the ground. Iron Man was about to follow when Spider-Man landed his plane and got out.

"Whats wrong with Superman?" Peter asked having watched from above.

"Ultron did something to him" Tony explained but a smash coming from the bridge made them rush to check it out. Batman was crawling on the floor as Iron Man and Spider-Man ran in and ran to help him.

"Guys, Ultron is controlling Superman's mind" Batman said weakly.

"How do we stop it?" Peter asked as he then heard a scream

"LOGAN" He shouted.

"Get me to the ground, also get to the control center and make this thing crash into the river" Batman also said as he got to his feet slowly. Tony then gave him a keycard.

"Go to my storage in the Triskelion Stark Industries sector and you will know it when you see it" Tony said smirking as Bruce nodded and limped to the hangar where a SHIELD Quinjet was still in tact as he boarded and flew it out while also shooting apart the hangar as his friends got clear heading toward the bridge.

Down below Hulk regained himself as he was standing on a street where people were watching as he looked ahead and saw Superman also getting back to his feet groaning. He looked ahead at Hulk standing there and began to walk forward.

"Hulk will buy enough time" Hulk shouted and roared some as he began running slowly forward. Superman began hovering and going forward. Hulk grunted and running faster. as Superman began flying at his top speed. Hulk ran at his top and then jumped into the air some as he collided with Superman in huge explosion that ripped apart the street and shattered every building window around.

Logan was thrown into the wall hard as Ultron ran forward and shot his leg forward impacting the wall as Logan ducked and rolled to a safe distance but was knocked off his feet by Ultron's eye beams. Ultron whirled around and menacingly approached him but looked outside as he saw a large explosion in the city below sensing it was Superman, he then turned back to Logan.

"We are so much alike join me and we can purge this world of all who persecute your kind"

Ultron persuaded. Logan was healing as best he could but Ultron was delivered hard blows that couldnt heal correctly. Ultron grabbed his arms and bent them behind him as a snapping noise was heard and Logan screamed in agony.

"Don't make me destroy you"

Ultron said plainly as he kept the arms bending unnatrually, when a spider web struck his face distracting him so he let Logan go. As Logan slumped Spider-Man jumped and spun in the air delivering his foot into Ultron's face as he grunted and staggered. Spider Man stood hunched as Ultron regained himself and shot his dark durby from his mouth as Spidey dodged ti but the beam hit Iron Man in the chest sending him back as he was flying in.


Spidey said chukcling some as he returned his attention to the fight. Ultron grabbed Spidey by the head and shoved him into the wall as Spidey webbed a power cord and held it up quickly so Ultron struck it and got electrocuted groaning robotically. Spidey ducked and sent both his feet into Ultron's chest making him stagger when he grabbed his legs and bent them outward as SPidey let out a groan and a scream. Iron Man flew back in and delivered a rocket punch knocking Ultron backwards as Spidey rubbed his legs wincing in pain. Spidey got back up and hurled his fist at Ultron who caught it as Spidey did a uppercut as both groaned, as Spidey hurt his hand.

"Son of a.."

Peter muttered as Ultron grabbed his throat and threw him hard into the ground plowing his foot onto his chest as it felt like a ten ton house.

"That's quite enough Mister Parker"

Ultron said as Iron Man tried to punch him again as Ultron turned his head and shot him with his mouth beam sending Iron Man out the view port down below. Spidey threw his hand into the air webbing a metal plate above and threw it down as it just impacted on Ultron's head as he didnt even flinch and just jabbed his foot harder onto Peter's chest. He then grabbed hi leg and twisted it as a snapping noise was heard and Spidey screamed in aogny.

"Is that the best you can do Mister Parker?" Ultron said

"Coming at ya Ultroni"

Tony's voice said as he rocketed from the broken viewport with Logan on his back and grabbed Ultron as they flew backwards through walls and down the hall and then aimed down smshing the floor and landing in the engine/control room.

"well Now, I wasn't expecting that"

Ultron said getting back up and throwing his attackers off. as Iron Man planted his feet down and prepared for battle. Logan rushed in and delivered some claw strikes as Ultron blocked and jabbed him with multiple punches and grabbed him in a headlock squeezing tightly. Iron Man rocketed forward kicking hard in his mechanical jaww making him stagger but not release Logan. Ultron shot missiles from his shoulder that iron Man caught and redirected into the controls as the entire helicarrier shook. Ultron satggered as Logan kicked hard into his side and dug his claws down his jointed areas as Ultron lurched and released. Iron Man shot his reoulosr beams from his hands into Ultron sending him into the wall. Iron Man and Wolverine both rushed forward.

Down below in the city a building crumbled as Superman flew through it carrying Hulk in his arms and punched him away sending him into another building. Hulk smashed the building's top floor as he regained himself punching Superman up into his jaw as he launched into the air and grabbed his head and threw him down theside of the building into another one as he jumped down as well. Superman regained himself and flew out of the way as Hulk landed on the building as it crumbled below him and jumped forward as Superman caught his fists and the two flew through two more buildings when Hulk kicked him off sending him back and jumped after punching him up a building over and over until Superman caught his fist and punched Hulk away as he flew after him. Hulk grabbed the side of the two buildings he was going through and stopped him as he threw the debris into Superman kncoking him off his flight path and the grabbed a chunk of the building and slammed it onto him as he impacted the street below ripping it apart. Hulk flew down and created another crater as he went over to where Superman landed. suddenly the road shook and he was lifted along with the street chunk he was on as Superman lifted it five stories up and then hurled it into another building as the building was destroyed and the chunk and Hulk kept going through two more as both buildings crumbled to the ground. Hulk regained himself as Superman flew super fast through the debris sending it in different ways as Hulk shoved his foot forward and sent Superman flying through another building and jumped after him roaring.

Back in the helicarrier Spider-Man regained himself as he saw the damaged city from Hulk and Superman's battle disappearing in the clouds as he looked up to see the altitude meter at: 2669 feet and still going. As he groaned and crawled for the autopilot lever.

Down in the Triskelion Nick Fury, Amanda Waller, Potts and Lucius were watching the fixed monitor as it showed where the helicarrier was above the city and where the satellite cannon was loading. and a timer of 15 minutes.

"They are running out of time" Fury said staring at the monitor.

Logan was slammed into the wall by Ultron as Iron Man had his head in a headlock and elbowed him hard in the chest that cracked it and threw him backwards as Iron Man punched his back as Logan headbutted him backwards.

Hulk broke through the rubble as he clutched his head but growled as Superman flew down intending to kill him by spinning.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Twelve: Day of Ultron Part 3 Edit

Bruce Wayne also known as Batman rushed down the hallway looking at machine arms building machines and gadjets and finally reached the vault with the keycard Tony Stark gave him the vault had the label STARK INDUSTRIES and then below it BAT MARK I

"What was he making?" Bruce pondered as he opened the vault and stares wide eyed

"You have got to be kidding me" he said.

Hulk jumped out of the way as Superman plowed into the street creating a shockwave that ripped more glass from buildings and cars as people were thrown back. Superman stood back up as Hulk slammed him away with a semitruck. Hulk ran across cars and grabbed his foot and threw him down into the ground and into a building and ran forward, As Superman got back up he charged at Hulk and threw punches left and right sending Hulk back who then clapped his hands together creating a sonic wave as Superman shot out of his hands energy that impacted the wave and made both fly backwards and shattered buildings' structures as they collapsed. Superman got back up inhaling the dust and smoke as Hulk was standing right in front of him, he grabbed his face and lifted him and Superman's eyes glowed and shot forth singing Hulk's hand till he let go roaring in pain. Superman threw a fast punch at his face as Hulk used his other hand to block it and bent it backwards as h used his hurt hand into a fist and punched him. Superman skidded backwards ripping up road but flew back as he delivered a dropkick to Hulk making him fall into a bus. Hulk got back up as Superman flew towards him, Hulk picked up the bus and slammed it hard down on the man of steel. the bus smashed but was lifted by Superman who broke it in two and used both peices to pounc Hulk. Hulk responded by roaring and getting sent back but finally roared a sonic scream that sent Superman flying as he dropped the bus pieces into already broken buildings.

In the Triskelion the timer was at 8 minutes.

Spider-man sat himself in the captain's chair as he pushed buttons trying to disable the autopilot but could not even the lever for the AP wouldnt work, The altitude meter continued to climb now at 2884 feet. He then heard noises behind as Ultronites appeared and grabbed him by his hurt leg and dragged him out Spidey tried to fight back but was too injured as they bega to beat him up. Spidey uses his normal leg to kick one off as he webbed it and then shot webs into the celing and swung himself up as the remaining ultronite tried to grab him as Spidey swung on the web and kicked the little robot's head off.

"I Offically hate robots now" Peter declared.

Down at the control room Iron Man swung his gauntlet as Ultron blocked it while stretching his leg out to impact Wolverine who was sent t othe floor by the force. Iron Man grabbed the evil android by the chest and threw him hard into the machinery making it electrocute him. Ultron groaned robotically as he got back up and shot his dark durby at them which they ducked. the beam impacted the hull cracking it and leaving scorch marks. Wolverine rolled up to him and jabbed his claws into his leg as Iron Man shot a electricfied current through Logan as he grunted and it surged into Ultron who twitwcied and spazzed but delivered the struck leg hard into Logan sending him against the damaged wall. Iron Man rocket punched Ultron who dodged and jabbed into his armor making a crack as Tony screamed in pain and fell to his knees as Ultron had broken his rib area and weakened him.

"Weak things Humans"

Ultron observed and delivered a kick to under his arm as Tony screamed in pain as Wolverine got back up clutching his chest as he rushed forward as Ultron caught his neck and crushed his throat as Wolverine tried to scream but couldn't, Ultron just chuckled a ungodly sound as Logan dropped to the ground and Ultron slammed his foot down on his groin area.

"Is that the best you humans can do?" Ultron asked evilly. Tony clutched his chest as one of his arms was limp and he slipped it from his iron guantlet and kicked it in the air and threw it at Ultron as he shot the other gauntlet at it and they exploded on contact damamging the entire room as Tony pulled Logan to safety.

Spider-Man up at the top dropped back into the chair as he noticed the controls were flickering back on.

"it's working?"

He said and pulled the autopilot lever it still didn't work, However he did manage to drive the wheel forward as the carrier still ascending started to move forward. The smoke cleared as Logan and Tony watched in terror as Ultron was only singed

"Come now you need to better then that"

Ultron said as he felt the ship lurch forward as he used his scanners to see Spider-Man at the bridge.

"I will deal with him"

Ultron said kicking Logan hard making him roll on his side, as he still could not scream as Iron Man readjusted his arm and stood up when Ultron turned around and blasted him with his lightning from his hand. Tony was thrown back as he screamed in pain and Ultron just headed out.

Spider-Man was working at the computer as the helicarrier was going over central park but they were to high up so he couldnt see it as he felt an arm grab him behind and throw him backwards. Spidey landed on his injured foot screaming in pain as he looked up to see Ultron standing arms behind

"Mister Parker, Nice try"

He said as he shot lightning from his hand into Spidey who screamed in agony as it ripped into him. The Helicarrier had finally reached 3000 altitude.

"Now we begin" Ultron said as he touched a control panel he had brought from the SHIELD warehouse the helicarrier was stored in as he linked the satellite cannon and had it target the city below.

"What shall go first, Your precious apartment? Or perhaps The Triskelion itself"

Ultron said to the aching Peter who lied nearby singed from his attacks.

"Oh don't worry each of those will be dealt with No in fact let's do this"

Ultron said and pushed a button as the antenas on the Helcarrier's tower sent a signal up into the orbiting satellite cannon as it titled the direction of the waterfront and the firing device extended and shot down.

"This is it" Nick Fury said then turned to his workers " DO WE HAVE ANY WEAPONS ONLINE?" he shouted.

"One a missile launcher" Lucius Fox said.

"It will have to do" Amanda Waller said barking orders. the technicians did so as the rooftop missile launcher came online as they put in the target coordiantes the Helicarrier at 3000 feet.

The satellite cannons's beam impacted the waterfront and ripped into the buildings and ground around as it started to move north east blasting apart anything in it's way as people ran screaming but were vaporized instantly.

Fury went to the roof along with Waller and Fox as they looked into the distance at the red energy beam shooting from the sky and moving northward tearing apart the city.

"It's headed this way" Waller shouted.

"FUCK" Fury shouted.

"Might I make a suggestion Mister Fury?" Lucius said

"Yes a suggestion would be GREAT" Fury shouted.

"I bet I can rig the missile launcher to send a code into the satellite cannon so we can manually make it target the Helicarrier" Lucius explained.


"yes sir Mister Fury" Lucius said and began to input codes and work.

They heard a roaring noise as they looked down to see black thing fly out of the Triskelion and head toward the beam.

"What was that motherfucker?" Waller said as Fury just shrugged

"Don't you be taking my phrases bitch" Waller just glared.

Ultron turned to Spidey as the satellite cannon beam was behind him aiming at the city below

"Watch as your city burns"

Ultron said coldly and his eyes and mouth both glowed as Spidey quickly shot a web stream to cover his face as the beam shot forward exploding it, Spidey ducked as the explosion ripped apart the bridge's machinery and windows and made the whole helicarrier shake. The cannon's beam phased some but continued on.

News helicopters hovered from a safe distance as they broadcasted the beam and ordered everyone to get out of the way.

Down below in his lair Vector sat back in his chair as his cohorts watched the monitor of the Helicarrier and the satellite cannon beam cutting across the city scape destroying it. as Vector looked up as the room shook from the strength of the beam, He then looked over at the energy device and beamed through his helm, there had been more energy then ever before and more was coming in

"At this rate we should have the amount of energy by the end of May" Slade Wilson said watching the energy surge.

"Indeed, We are going ahead of schedule" Vector said nodding and watching the monitor.

Hulk and Superman were in a grapple as they pushed against each other when they saw the beam coming their way. Superman took the initiative and twisted Hulk's hands and then threw him over and down the street right into a building as he shot its foundation and made it collapse on the green sausagefest. Superman was about to charge when a black figure plowed into him as they flew down the streets away from the beam Superman threw him off as the fugure slammed against the street but quickly got up right as Superman landed on all fours and stared up. The figure looked like Batman but more bulkier and shiny, he wore his cape but his gauntlets had green tipped edges

"Clark, This is for you"

Batman shouted and rushed forward as Superman did. Superman shot his laser eyes at him but Batman ducked and placed his gauntlets on the road and energized them creating shockwaves that made the ground rise up and smash against Superman as he fell backwards. Batman launched forward grabbing a car and smashing it against Superman who responded by punching him in the chest. Batman flew backwards but regained himself as Superman did a crushingblow on his helmet knocking off a bat ear, Superman picked him up and threw him into a truck. Batman picked the truck up and smashed it across Superman's face sending him into a parking garage. Superman threw car after car at Batman who rocketed into the air and kicked and punched away each one but was rammed backwards by Superman's speed. As they flew back Batman charged his gauntlets with green energy and slashed them across Superman's chest as he groaned and grunted and lost momentum as the two fell into the streets ripping it up and rolling away from eachother. Batman got up first as Superman got up more slowly and threw a punch at him but Batman easily caught him and then jabbed his gauntlet into his arm as Superman screamed in pain.

"Kryptonite gauntlets, Stark thought of everything"

Batman remarked as he slammed his arm against Superman's back causing him to scream louder. Batman picked him up and slammed him down on the road as he put his armored boot on his chest and shot from his arm two kryptonite darts shot out into Superman's neck and other arm as he screamed in pain

"Clark I know you are there" Batman shouted removing his visor to show Bruce Wayne.

Superman tried to push his foot off but could barely budge him as his strength was being sapped as he screamed bloody murder as whoever was left alive came out of the rubble to watch this scene. Hulk finally dug himself out of the building and slowly returned to Bruce Banner and walked over to where Batman had Superman pinned.

"Fight Ultron's mind posion"

Bruce shouted to his friend who was spazzing and growing weaker. Clark's eyes turned from red to blackred back and forth as he stuttered and shook and finally passed out as the black around his face disappeared. Bruce gasped a sigh of relief and pulled the darts out and threw them away as he got up and stepped back sheathing the gauntlet blades. They laughed some and picked Clark's body as they headed back towards the Triskelion as they reached the gate a red glow began to engulf them as the two Bruce's looked over to see the cannon's beam beginning to hit the river.

Tony had helped Logan to the medbay in the Helicarrier as news showed the beam

"Come on guys you can do this" Tony said wincing.

Ultron had a damaged face from Spider-Man's trick as he had Spider-Man against the wall crushing his neck as they looked out the viewport at the beam approaching the Triskleion

"It will all be over soon" Ultron chuckled as Spidey gasped getting crushed.

At the Triskelion Lucius put the final touches on his new device and turned to Fury and Waller

'it's finished" he beamed

"JUST TURN IT On MOTHERFCUKER" As he looked over at the beam ripping into the water and fast approaching their position.

Lucius did so and instntly as the beam hit the tip of the island near where Bruce, Batman and Clark were who shielded their eyes and hunched over ready for the end the beam disappeared.

All three breathed a sigh of reielf as everyone in the Triskelion cheered and the news crew in the heilcopters just watched breathing a sigh of relief as did everyone in the city watching Times Square's monitor at the sight of the beam dissipating but most were scared.

Fury turned back to Lucius as he then imputted new coordiantes for the beam to hit as he had hijacked the satellite directly.

"those motherfuckers better get the hell out of there" Fury said staring up at the helicarrier above the west side of the city.

Ultron just watched not expecting this to have happened.

"Well that is unfortunate" He said.

He kept his grip on Spidey's neck and walked over to the control panels as he then saw that the target computer was focused on his location


Ultron muttered. As Lucius pushed the target button as the satellite cannon titled and fired. The beam impacted the back of the helcarrier at its engines and stern as the entire area exploded and shook. Everyone onboard was thrown around as SPidey got free and stuck to the wall keeping his injured leg in the air. Ultron staggered as the helicarrier began lurching downward as he heard explosions from the stern as the engine room exploded as well. The beam cut into the battleship like nothing and then disappted as Lucius turned it off. The helicarrier began to go doward spiral toward the city. Logan stabbed into the bed so he wouldnt slide off as Tony magentized his boots. Bruce and Banner looked up as they saw the beam impact the helicarrier sending it on a downward spiral toward Central Park.

Spidey crawled along the hull as Ultron magnetized his boots and aimed toward him shooting lightning as Spidey jumped out of the way and hung onto a pipe and shot some webs covering Ultron's face.

"Same trick won't work twice" Ultron said burning the webs off with his electrical impulse

"Then try this"

Tony shouted as he shot his unibeam into the floor where Ultron's feet were and he got thrown back as Tony rocketed forward tackling him out the viewport onto the deck of the descending helicarrier. Spidey went to where Logan was crawling across the floor as he helpd him upe while standing on one foot. Ultron got back up and grabbed for Iron Man who grabbed his gauntlets and threw him to his knees as he slammed his knee blade into his jaw and threw him back as it cracked some of Ultron's face. Ultron grunted as he was surprised and Iron Man shot point blank range his arm repulsor cannon punching a hole in the side of his face.

"That's not possible"

Ultron exclaimed as he began shorting out and twitching, Iron Man smirked as he jabbed a energized blade into Ultron's shoulderplate and electrocuted it. Ultron grunted but still was strong enough to throw Tony away. Tony skidded across the damaged hull as they got closer to the buildings aiming for a large green park with a lake.


Fury shouted as Lucius aimed the missiles at the descending helicarrier and opened fire as the blasts ripped apart and punched holes in the battlecrusier causing the whole thing to shake and small explosions across the ship. Ultron staggered trying to magnetize but his boots were damaged as Iron Man flew forward and threw him to the ground as he rolled across the deck and caught hold of a broken panel and got back to his knees. Inside Logan and Spidey were thrown around as the SHIELD misiles impacted the hull and broke apart chunks that fell down below smashing buildings and damaging stuff.

"What are they doing?" Spidey shouted as he lurched and smacked against the hull as the entire thing shook and explosions were behind and in front of them

"Damn Fury"

Logan muttered sinking his claws into the hull to keep from sliding, Spidey jumped onto the dangling pipes as he felt the vibrations of the collapsing helicarrier. Fury watched from binoculars as Batman and Banner entered the Triskelion carrying Clark who was still unconsious

"what the hell are you doing, Lucius" Batman said stepping from the batarmor and wearing his normal batsut but no mask.

"I was just following Mister Fury's orders" Lucius explained as they all turned to look at Fury.

"What you staring at motherfuckers" Fury retorted

"Our friends are still on that helicarrier and it is falling out of the sky" Banner shouted.

"It is regrettable but how else were we to take down that power mad robot" Fury explained.

"Our friends are battling him right now" Bruce said as Waller just stood by

"We made the tough call, if your friends are really good then they will find a way off that ship" Waller said. as they all turned to watch the smoking and simultaneous exploding helicarrier.

Ultron was hanging on with one of his arms as He shot his other arm cannon at Iron Man trying to make him let go as he responded by shooting his own cannon as the two beams collided once more as the rippled ripped apart the already deconstructing cruiser. Inside Spidey and Logan used their webs and claws to get to the hangar where most of the Quinjets were destroyed or damaged as the floor then gave out from under them and they plummet screaming. Spidey grabbed hold of Logan as the two fell toward the city as broken debris and damaged quinjets fell as well impacting buildings and roads. Spidey quickly threw the strongest web he could at the bottom of the descending helicarrier as both screamed and gronaed as their arms were nearly pulled out of their sockets but were hanging onto the battleship as debris fell around them

"This is either the dumbest thing you have done, or the most brillaint kid"

Logan said as he held onto Peter as he held tightly to the web

"Probably the second one"

Peter said grunting as the strain of holding him and the web was beginning to hurt his already battered body. Up above Iron Man and Ultron kept their intersecting beams as it ripped into the deck causing more explosions.

"It's over for you" Ultron shouted keeping the power of his energy and his damaged eyes and mouth began to glow heralding his dark durby beam. Iron Man looked back and forth as he saw the helicarrier's damaged tower beginign to fall forward. Tony closed his eyes as he thrust his arm shooting the beam out as Ultron's shot him point blank in the face as Tony's beam shot the tower causing it to fall completely sliding down towards them as Tony then let go and fell sliding off the deck and down below amongst the debris Ultron still in mid energy generation stared in its direction as he realized he had been played.

"Well then"

Ultron said and shot his energy beam at but it was too close and impacted the sliding tower as the structure exploded right in Ultron's face as the rest of the crusiers deck exploded and split in half. Spider-man then let go of the web as he jumped with Logan onto a building's roof they passed by and landed hard as they made snapping sounds.


Peter screamed as his leg completely broke, and Logan groaned as he impacted dislocating his shoulder but the both laughed as they had survived and got up watching what was left of the stern crashing into the buildings bordering the south end of the park as the front half the helicarrier impacted the grass and slid forward into the lake causing it to flood around as the peices exploded more and just burned brightly. Peter then pushed a button on his belt and activated the signal.

Fury, Waller, Lucius and both Bruces watched the burning wreckage in the now scorched park, as two parts of the helicarrier were 10 miles from eachother just staring at this. Down below Vector was also watching the monitor wide eyed as Slade's mouth was open.

Fury checked his watch to find Peter's signal and had the people board his helicopter as they flew to where the signal was a team of doctors took Superman down below to the medbay. Fury lowered the helicopter and helped the injured heroes on and flew toward the wreckage.

"What about Tony?" Bruce asked.

"He was on the helicarrier when it crashed"

Peter replied sadly as they landed. people were lying around dead or dying as ambulances and firetrucks sounded in the distance as they arrived.

"Nothing could have survived this" Banner remarked staring at the towering inferno of wrecked metal.

"Even Ultron?" Logan asked clutching his neck and shoulder.

"He seemed impossible to destroy" Peter said limping on his broken foot being held up by Banner and Bruce.

"Well I guess that takes care of that threat" Fury said.

They heard a beeping sound as Fury looked down to his watch as another signal appeared behind them between the two pieces of helicarrier. They ran to the location across debris and destoryed planes and found Tony in what was left of his suit, arm missing chestplate badly damaged and broken and his face badly scorched and scarred as they rushed to him.

"Stark my god" Fury remarked. as he helped him up.

Tony was still unconsious. Bruce then leaned down and said loud enough to hear

"I guess my company will always be the best"

Instantly Tony's eyes fluttered open as he stared Bruce right in the eys.

"What the hell?" he asked looking around and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "What happened, Please tell me nobody kissed me" He said panicky.

Bruce just smirked "yea well I did" Tony just stared at him and said.

"Bastard and whats that burning smell?!" and began wiping his mouth as everyone started laughing as Tony realized he was being duped.

"haha very funny" He remarked. then got serious as he looked around at the flaming wreckage of the helicarrier. "What happened to Ultron" he then asked his gathered friends.

Everyone looked uncertain until Waller spoke up "he was destroyed in the explosion and ripped apart when the helicarrier crashed into the ground"

Tony sat up quikcly "Where is his body?" Waller then said

"There is no body it was probably ripped to shreds"

"Find it NOW" Tony started barking orders as he limped toward the wreckage as SHIELD teams arrived to begin to pick up the pieces.

"When we going to tell him his perfect face is ruined?" Bruce asked.

"he will figure it out" Peter chuckled. AS if on cue Tony screamed a girlish NOOOOOO

"Guess he figured it out" Logan began laughing as the rest did.

Days later most of the wreckage had been pulled away as parts of Ultronties were found and taken to a secure facility as Iron Man in his brand new suit, Hulk and Batman in his IronBat helped remove wreckage and debris while also being ready should Ultron had survived. Superman was treated by ARGUS sceinteists to remove the left over kryptonite from his body as Logan was given a serum to help reactivate his healing factor and soon he felt good as new as Peter got a cast for his leg and a crutch.

"Looks like we are out of the hero business for now"

Peter remaked as he and Logan walked to the balcony of the Triskleion and surveyed the damage to the city as the satellite cannon beam at left a line of destruction right through the east of the city.

"We vowed to protect this city, but in only a year we have had two major crisis" Peter continued. He was referring to the Carnage Rising and now the Ultron Assualt.

"And Vector is still out there, If Ultron was all part of his plan, did he fail?" Peter asked himself more then Logan while staring out at the damaged cityscape.

Logan said nothing just stared into the river "Why do i get the feeling Ultron is not gone forever"

Peter shuddered at the thought of the evil robot still around "I don;t think we are going to forget this battle for a Long time" he said. as Logan nodded as the sun began to set

Down in his lair Vector sat back in his chair and watched as the energy machine was over half full and he chuckled

"Everything goes as planned"

To Be Continued....

Chapter Thirteen: Shadows of Doubt Edit

Logan lied in his bed as he tossed and turned and began to have a dream, or rather a nightmare

Logan was in Central Park, it was a ncie day when suddenly an explosion rang out and fire erupted across the ground and into the city as his fellow heroes tried to stop it but each was taken down by an unseen force.

Superman was shot with a green beam of energy and screamed in pain and then disinergrated, Batman was thrown and crushed beneath a collapsing building , Iron Man was controlled and shot his megabuster at Hulk transforming him back to Banner as a energy beam shot and disnietrgrated him as he screamed. Iron Man was then short cicruted by energy waves and collapsed on the ground in front of Logan who was looking on in horror and finally his best friend Spider-Man was killed by a red mass of goo that wrapped around him and transformed him as he screamed and exploded, Logan turned around to see a figure arms behind him and a sickening red grin and eyes shone down as he laucghed a mechanical laugh: It was Ultron!.

Logan screamed and awoke panting and sweating.

"What happened? Peter Parker asked walking in the door with his leg in a cast and a crutch.

"Nothing, it was jut a dream " Logan said but then he gasped as behind Peter he saw clear as night Ultron with his evil permanent red grin.

"This is no dream, It's a Nightmare" Ultron said laughing ungodly as Logan rushed past Peter.

"HES HERE" Logan shouted as he clawed the wall. Peter just turned to him

"Who's here?" Peter asked as Logan turned to see he had just impaled the wall and retracted his blades and took a step back

"N..nothing" Logan said holding his head as he crawled back into bed as Peter shut the door.

The Next day reporters and news stations were once again in front of the Triskelion as Nick Fury Director of SHIELD and Amanda Waller director of ARGUS addressed them.

"Director Fury, Director Fury, what do you have to say about the fact that you were keeping a massive battlecrusier and orbiting defense cannon a secret form the people" a reported shouted.

"I say, Fuck off Motherfucker" Fury retorted as the crowd approached.

"What he means to say is He had the best intentions for keeping this a secret" Waller said.

"What do you plan to do to help this city, that has now suffered two major attacks in a year." another reporter said.

"We intend to ask our neighbor city of Metropolis to donate repair funds"

Fury spoke up and smirked at Waller who looked speechless.

"Yes, we will do just that" Waller said gritting her teeth.

"What about the people, many are dead or injured and several hospitals are destroyed" A reported said.

"Also theres another area of devastation that the energy beam did not hit but according to whoever was left was done by a battle between the two heroes known as Hulk and Superman" another reported said as more began to murmer.

"And your point?" Fury asked.

"Our point is, they are supposed to be protecting us but their brawls are causing just as much damage as the villains" the reported said again.

Fury and Waller looked to eachother realizing that was a good point.

More reporters asked questions on the TV as Vector watched.

"Trying to talk your way into their good graces now eh Fury" he chuckled.

"What did happen" Slade Wilson asked.

"Ultron is gone, But he did his mission so we can move ahead with our plan" Vector replied.

"Speaking of Your Plan, What the bloody hell is it?" Slade asked angrily.

Vector said nothing just kept his hands together as he sat in his chair.

"You have us stand around watching and occasionally beat up the Heroes but not kill them and then order us back as you plan something else?" Slade started screaming.

"Slade is right, Once you get all the energy what then?" Magneto said as he held his helmet in his arms.

"A New World Order" Vector finally stood and spoke as the gathered villains's eyes widened.

"And what the hell does that mean?" Slade shouted.

"You fail to see the big picture, This is not just about collecting the energy of fighting but to sow doubt in the minds of the people" Vector continued.

"alright then" Slade said confused

"BOOOOOORRING" a voice said as they whirled around as Deadpool/Wade Wilson Slade's little brother spoke up leaning against the wall twirling his gun.

"No one asked you Kid" Slade snapped.

"Come on Now gents, New world order? blah blah blah, mystic mumbo jumbo" Wade blathered.

Slade turned to Vector who just sat back down watching. "remind me why you made us break out my idiot kid brother" Slade muttered.

"I'm no small time killer, I'm in the big leagues now Slade"

Wade said as he walked toward them. Slade put his hand on his sword as he got close.

"You'll always be a small timer in my book now let the big dicks talk" Slade said turning back to his fellow villains. when a gun fired as a bullet went past his head as Magneto caught it in midair. Slade whirled around to see Wade whistling arms behind his back

"what?" Wade asked innocently.

"Alright Kid you want a asskicking Fine"

Slade said as he rushed forward drawing his swords and doing a flurry of strikes at Wade who quickly responded by blocking with his sword and staggering back. Wade pushed back on his swords and delivered a kick to Slade knocking him back and shot his gun, Slade blocked each bullet and did a swipe of his swords as Wade blocked but got thrown back by a kick. Slade charged and did a spinning strike that knocked Wade's sword from him as he ducked and grabbed Slade's wrists and made him drop his swords as Slade reversed and bent his arms behind him and threw him into the wall.

'Am I supposed to be impressed?"

Slade asked as he picked him p by his head and threw him into the ground and put his foot on his chest. Wade just lied there struggling as Slade removed his foot from him and picked up his swords sheathing them

"You were never in my league Kid"

he said and walked on into the back room. wade got up and grabbed his sword as he walked back over.

"Mmm, I'll take ya on big boy" Yuriko said winking at him.

"No thanks ma'm I got my butt kicked enough today" Wade replied when Yuriko grabbed him by his waist from behind and threw him against the door to the sleeping quarters as she leaned into him with her hands on his face

"baby I don't wanna fight, much" she said licking her lips and pinning him there with her body as he looked flustered. and moved his hand down to open the doorknob as he opened the door he and Yuriko fell in as her feet kicked the door closed. Yuriko immeidately threw off Wade's stuff and ripped off his costume as he did the same to her as they stood up and began kissing roughly as they were undressed she hopped up wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him maing him stagger till they fell onto the bed and laughed and moaned. Vector in the other room just turned to Magneto as both sighed and shrugged

"Ah to be young again" Erik said. as Vector nodded chuckling.

Logan ate breakfeast with the rest of his friends in the Trisleion's cafeteria with a distant expression on his face.

"Fury says we should stay here until our apartment is rebuilt as it was destroyed by the satellite cannon" Peter said coming to his friends

"My company is already at work building it" Bruce Wayne said.

"Uh yea No, My company owns half of the city so I'm building it" Tony Stark said.

Bruce just stared at him " Well your city was ripped apart and Metropolis funds are rebuilding it hensforth Wayne Enterprises is building".

"Yeah, not happening, I pay for the stuff" Tony said.

"Listen to yourself do you even consider the little guy" Bruce asked scowling.

Logan watched from the sidelines as he was joined by Ultron leaning in the same postion he was in

"Selfish Bastards huh" Ultron remarked shaking his head.

"YOU your dead" Logan said loudly that everyone heard and turned to him as Logan did not notice and ekpt screaming at the wall.

"Logan are you ok?" Bruce Banner asked.

"YEAH I'm fine" he shouted and stormed out as Ultron watched him chuckling.

"Damn reporters Im getting sick of them" Fury shouted storming in as Logan brushed by.

"Watch it bub" He shouted turning but instead of seeing Nick Fury it was Ultron

"Now that is just rude motherfucker" Ultron said laughing in Nick Fury's lingo but Logan just recoiled gasping and headed off as Fury watched dumbfounded.

"What's wrong with him?" Fury asked going to where the three heroes were sitting around the tv monitor.

"We don;t know but I'm getting worried" Peter said.

"SHIELD and ARGUS are busy removing the debris of the helicarrier and searching for Ultron's body under Stark's advisory." Fury said.

"Do you really think He is gone?" Banner asked.

"I keep saying Yes but now I'm not so sure" Peter said.

That night once again Logan had another nightmare

Wolverine was still on the Helicarrier as it ascended as Ultron the demonic adamatnium android threw him around like a ragdoll

"You are very disappointing Logan"

He kept saying while punching him hard and kicking him into walls. Logan got up and swung at him widly but Ultron just blocked and bent his arms backwards that the metal in them creaked and Logan groaned as he was thrown into the wall yet again. He looked up to see Ultron rush him and he then woke up scream roaring as his claws shot out and impaled the bed on either side of him.

Chapter Fourteen: The Journey Part 1 Edit

Logan packed his bags as he headed out of the Triskelion when Peter stopped him

"Where are you going?" Peter asked.

"I'm a danger to everyone here, I need time to figure things out" Logan replied not turning to him.

"Blowing off your friends, you are heartless" The voice of Ultron the demon robot spoke. as Logan turned to see him standing there arms crossed with that sick red grin.

"Go away you shit" Logan said out loud and paused as he turned to see Peter standing there sad and concerned.

"Sorry, I got to go" Logan said quickly and headed out the gate as Peter watched and headed back in.


Vector trekked through the icy snow as a blizzard battered him ,he coughed as the cold stung him He climbed a cliff straining as he carried his bag over his shoulder. After ten minutes of an intense climb he arrived at his destination a temple fortress nestled in between two cliffs, He approached it when a flurry of arrows shot out and landed in front of him forming a wall.

"Halt.." a hooded masked man approached flanked by five others.

"I'm a friend I have come to see the master" Vector replied putting his arms up

"Why should we believe you stranger?" another hooded man raising his bow and arrow.

"because, En Saba Nur is dead..." Vector replied.

a silence fell over the men as they looked at eachother and stepped aside to let Vector pass. Vector entered the fortress removing his hood as he headed through a door where a man in greenish robes stood back to him

"The great En Saba Nur is dead?" the man said in a grave stern voice.

"Yes sir" Vector answered

"Such a pity, He seemed almost invincible" the man continued clenching his fist.

"I have no where else to go so i come to you great Ra's Al Ghul" Vector said bowing.

Ra's turned to him with the stern expression. "Rise, You are always welcome here my boy" he replied.

Vector got up nodding as Ra's gestured him to the nearby table as both took a seat

"How did he die?" Ra's asked.

"Rac-Is-Fet" Vector replied as Ra's stiffened breathing in and out.

"The Sorcerer" Ra's understood. Vector nodded.

"What happened?" Ra's then asked.

"When I got there Rac-Is-Fet had shoved En Saba Nur into a sarcophogas and cast a spell he then turned to me laughing evilly

"The pharoah is dethroned forever!!!!" the demon laughed but then Saba Nur's son rushed him with his spear as Rac made a blade out of magic as the two dueled finally the son swept him onto his back and jabbed the spear into him as he laughed he said this

"The pharoah shall sleep for 3000 years, but will only waken if his energy is gathered togther..." he declared and then slumped dead and disappeared into a mist that coverd the son who turned to me as we both mourned the great king.

Ra's al Ghul nodded at the story "3000 year sleep" he repeated.

"yeah but what did he mean by the energy" Vector asked.

"well what did Saba Nur do what was his life" Ra's asked Vector sparking a riddle.

Vector thought and realized the answer. "Fighting, he was a warrior"

Ra's nodded "So gather enough fighting energy" Ra's explained

"Fighting energy, How is that possible?" Vector asked confused.

"Fighting releases a special energy that can not be harnessed normally, It requires a large ammount of emotional energy and something to collect it" Ra's explained

Vector listened intently "How would I do such a thing"

"You must sow chaos make people exert their fighting prowess cause turmoil" Ra's said smirking at the thoughts of disorder.

"But how would i collect the energy once i create it" Vector asked.

"That you would need to figure out for yourself" Ra's said as Vector scowled.


Peter Parker was on the Triskelion's balcony as he looked out at the setting sun over his beloved city, It was scarred as a path of destruction went south to north the wreckage of the helicarrier during the evil android Ultron's assualt remained.

"Vector's out there, plotting" Peter said as Maria Hill came out to join him.

"You guys will defeat him and save the city" Maria said to him smiling.

"I think we can now since I learned his disabling technique" Peter commented.

"His what?" Maria asked curious.

"Vector can do a series of jabs into your body and make parts limp literally disabling you according to Bruce it is a knocn technique of the League of Shadows" Peter explained.

"Oh, can you show me?" Maria asked as she gestured toward the gym as Peter nodded and followed her.

The two removed their coats as they stood on the mat facing eachother "Show me what ya got " Maria smirked.

Peter did a flurry of jabs at her only for her to block each of his blows and grabbed his wrist bending it around and did a kick knocking him down. Peter was flustered as Maria just smirked

"Whoops hehe" she said playfully. Peter chuckled and did a sweeping kick intending to knock her down but she jumped up and reached down grabbing his legs and bending them onto his back as she sat on his spine as he groaned in pain

"tap out" Maria said laughing. Peter struggled as he reached up grabbing her waist and rolling her off him as he tried to pin her she managed to grab his head with her legs and spun him down scissoring him.

"too slow" she smirked grabbing his hands as well and pulling them while her legs squeezed his head as he winced and groaned.

"Did you just want to beat me up?" Peter asked groaning. Maria laughed in response

"No, I'm cheering you up" she replied as she pulled on his hands more making him whimper.

"Come on the great Spider-Man cant handle an agent?" Maria laughed.

Peter realized she was trying to help him as since Ultron attacked and Logan left he was feeling discouraged losing his fighting spirit he looked into Maria's eyes groaning as she smiled back. Peter felt a burst of confidence and slipped his hands from hers as he grabbed her legs and pried them off his head gasping for breath he bent them to her head as she groaned struggling now as he did a roll so she landed on her face and he picked her up holding her head in a headlock

"Looks like I got ya" he smirked. Maria struggled but laughed

"Theres Spider-Man" she said but then elbowed his gut and did a spin sending him off her into a wall.

Peter got up as she helepd him up he smiled "Thanks Maria" he said as she nodded.

"Just beat down Vector and save the city" she replied and kissed his cheek and grabbed her coat and walked out as Peter watched her go smiling as well.

Vector sat in his chair in his lair thinking as Slade Wilson was sparring with Wintersolider as the two traded fist blows but Solider had advantage with his metal arm and slammed Slade into the wall

"Not bad man" Slade said resonding by barreling into him sending him down and grabbing a dagger holding to his throat but winced as he looked down to see Solider holding a knife to his back

"well then" Slade said as both got up

"Men, I need to go run an errand, I will be back in a day" Vector said standing up

"Where you going>" Magneto asked as he sat on the couch reading newspaper and looked up.

"personal business" Vector repsonded as he buttoned his coat and walked toward the hangar. The others just watched him go curious where their leader was going.

Vector walked past the remains of the Ominidroid as Doc Octavius was there tinkering with his building something else

"You heading out sir?" Octavius saidusing his metal tentacles to peice stuff togetherand weld them.

"yes ill be back in a day" Vector responded and boarded his helivehicle and flew out cloaked as it flew away from the Empire State Building and headed away.


Nick Fury sat down at his desk and picked up the phone calling a secret SHIELD base in Canada near where Wolverine and Deathstryke were.

"Yes sir Fury?" a scientst answered.

"Release Project:23" Fury replied as the scientst nodded and turned to a cryotube and thawed out a woman with a shirt no sleeves and pants as she looked up she shot out two blades from both her knuckles as she stepped forward

"Go find him" the scientst told her as she nodded and ran out into the wilderness.

Vector was flying his helivehicle over desert as h began to remember back in the day:

Vector dodged a blow from a girl as he caught her wrist and spun around but was kicked back by her as she did a flip scissoring his head with her legs and taking him down securing him in a hold as he struggled.

"Remeber to mind your surroundings" Ra's al Ghul the Demon's Head said overseeing the sparring.

"yeah hard to do it when your opponent is excellent" Vector groaned as the girl tightened her hold on his head

"if you can not beat me, then you are not ready for your task" the girl said

"Now Nyssa, it's not like that he must learn" Ra's said as Nyssa nodded

"yes father" she said but was distracted giving Vector enough time to break free from her hold and jab her disabling her body making her fall to her knees groaning.

"well done" Ra's smirked.

Vector bowed to Nyssa as she did too standing up with her arms to her sides as some servants came over and snapped them back to normal as she winced.

'Well done Ve-Ctor" she replied and headed off. Vector turned to Ra's

"You have the prowess, but you lack the coruage to do all that is nessecary, your task will require you to break people, mind body and soul" Ra's explained.

"So i have to hurt people?" Vector asked.

"Has Saba Nur taught you anything?" Ra's snapped as he then did a flurry of jabs into him knocking him down

"Arghhh" Vector screamed in pain as he looked up at the demon

"You must get into another;s mind and break them, psychically and mentally" Ra's said doing a swift kick into his gut making him gasp. Vector got up but was sent back down by Ra's

"You will need to become a ghost, disappear when the time is right" Ra's added doing another kick into him.

Vector groaned as he got up feeling the chiblock wearing off as he did a flurry of his own but Ra's caught each one and spun him around holding his arm up in the air and snapping it as Vector screamed.

"You are a weak boy" Ra's said as he let him go dropping him to the ground. Vector screamed in pain as he held his broken arm when Ra's motioned him to come. He led him to a door and opened it revealing a pool

"This is the Lazarus Pit, it has kept me alive for years" Ra;'s said as the two moved toward it. He lowered Vector's broken arm into it as the waters healed it instantly as he winced

"Wow, that is amazing" Vector said in awe. Ra's nodded and then called in another Assassin

"Now go again" Ra;s said as the Assassin assault Vector who did his best to fight back.


Vector looked out the window snapping out of his flashback as he saw the pyramids of Giza below smirking he muttered

"I'm Home" He piloted down landing in front of the Great Sphinx as he pulled his cloak around him more.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Fifteen: The Journey Part 2 Edit

Vector stared long and hard at the Great Sphinx in front of him as he pulled his hood farther down and stepped forward as the wind swept up sand and dust that stained his eyes. He went up to it and placed his hand on a hieroglyphic wall and a secret door opened as he stepped in down some stairs.

"Arghhhh" Logan screamed as Yuriko had her arms around his neck and legs around his waist as she held her nail claws into his skin on his head chuckling evilly enjoying his screams.

"Yess scream for me baby" she hissed as she tightened her hold and dig her nails in more.


Vector reached the bottom as he lit torches with the one he carried as he walked down the hallway seeing hyrogphycis on the wall of one guy who was blue. He then thought back again.

Vector had been training for 2 years finally he faced Nyssa again who had also gotten better as the two sparred both trading blows trying to disable the other. Vector punched at her but she grabbed his wrist twisting it and did a kick into his gut sending him against the wall as she cartwheeled pinning him with her body

"submit to mee" she hissed somewhat seductively

Vector struggled and mnaged to knee her off him and tackled her down as the two rolled trying to gain upper hand. both combatants got up as Nyssa kicked him in the back and jumped on him wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist squeezing him as he groaned. Nyssia chuckled as she tightend her grip but Vector headbutted her throwing her off him.Nyssa did a move intending to scissor him again but he ducked grabbed her waist and rolled her away from him grabbing a sword as she did too and swung at him as he blocked as she did a flurry of swipes as he blocked Ra's watched nodding standing with another girl next to him. Vector blocked another blow from Nyssa as she grabbed his wrist and spoun him around about to strike him with her sword when he did a kick knocking the sword from her as he then reached behind flipping her over him onto the ground in front of him and putting his sword to her as he held his foot on her chest

"yield" Vector said confidently. Nyssa just smirked as he looked down to see her sword pointing at his groin.

"Mind surroundings" she said smirking. Vector chuckled as both got up dusting themselves off and turning to Ra's

"Well done, Vector you have learend well, your final test shall now begin" Ra's said stepping forward.

"You are to Kill Nyssa" Ra;s said sternly as both Vector and Nyssa and the other girl gasped and their eyes widened

"father, why?" Nyssa asked. Ra's held up his hand and the gestured to the other girl

"Your sister Talia is the first born and therefore heir to me, I have no use for you, I kept you alive to train Vector and you have done so" Ra's explained sounding stern.

Nyssa was aghast as she looked over to Vector who was equally shocked

"I dont want to kill your daughter" he replied as Ra's stared right at him

"You must show you have the coruage to do all that is nessecary"

he said repating the same lesson he had been taught every day he was here. Vector took the sword and turned to her as she stood there speechless but closed her eyes not wanting to watch it. Vector also closed his eyes and jabbed the sword into her chest makig her lurch and fall down dead as Vector turned to Ra's and Talia who watched. Talia was speechless and covering her mouth as Ra's just smirked nodding

"Very good, You are ready" Ra's said as Vector felt awful. looking back at Nyssa's b;leeding body on the ground. Ra's headed off closing the door as Talia just watched and grew furious

"You son of a bitch" She said intending to kill Vector when he held out his hand to shh her

"Quiet he will hear you" Vector said as Nyssa stirred getting up as Talia watched shocked.

"I faked it" Vector said whsipering. Talia just looked at her now alive sister.

"How..." Talia asked confused.

"When i jabbed the sword into her I used my ability to warp her body so i would not hit anything fatal" vector explained as the two just looked at him. Nyssa slapped him across the face

"You asshole, but thank you" Nyssa said smiling some. Talia then worried what would happen if her father found out.

"I have a plan, Nyssa you escape from here and meet me at the foot of the moutain ill join you when im done here" Vector said. Nyssa nodded and kissed him on the cheek

"see you soon" she said as she headed out. Vector turned to Talia

"I must see your father now" he said as Talia nodded

"thank you for doing this for my beloved sister" Talia said bowing as both headed out


Vector kept walking and finally reached the door with a symbol on it he breathed in and out as he opened the door also thinking back.

Vector approached Ra's al Ghul who stood there and turned to him

"you have done well and you are ready" He said as Vector bowed.

"Thank you master" vector said.

"I'm surprised you did the deed of killing my daughter" Ra;s said somewhat suspisous

Vector just smirked "the bitch had it coming" he said faking evilly

Ra;s just smirked chuckling "I ave a gift for you" he said and took a cloaked item from behind his back as he handed it to Vector. Vector took it unwrapping to reveal a breathing aparatus

"What is this for?" he asked inspecting it.

"This will keep you alive for your 3000 years, it has a serum of the Lazarus Pit in it" Ra's explained.

"Use it once you are ready to begin, you wont age with it but in 3000 years if you take it off you will die" Ra;s warned him. Vector nodded bowing.

"Go forth and bring back the Pharoah so the world can enter a new age" Ra's said nodding as Vector bowed.

Vector climbed down the mountain of Nanda Parbat as Nyssa was waiting for him the two embraced

"I want to go with you" Nyssa said to him.

"I will be living for years to come" Vector said to her "You wont be able to keep up"

Nyssa shook her head "It will be worth it" she smiled as the two ran off into the night.

Vector snapped back to reality as he entered the chamber where a sarcophagus was laying.

"It's time" He said as he summoned a android to come down from the outside and carry it as exited the sphinx sealing the doorway and he boarded the helivehicle he turned to the sphinx and then flew away from Egypt.

Wolverine and X-23 busted into the abandoned facility as they were on guard looking around

"this seems to have been a genetics laboratory" Wolverine said inspecting the items on tables

"You made it" a voice that was all too familiar spoke up making Logan whirl around swinging as Ultron caught his fist claws

"you get out of my Head!!!" Logan shouted as he swung across Ultron's chest as he looked over to X-23 who alaos sliced at him

"I'm real this time" Ultron said kicking X-23 away and smacking his metal arm across Logan's face sending him spinning.

"So you did survive" Logan said groaning getting up as he dodged a foot stomp by Ultron and did a kick to his spine as he then picked him up by his leg and hurled him into a wall. Logan slumped as Ultron pounded his fists into him.

"I did, when the helicarrier crashed I was able to bury myself in the wreckage and escape through a tunnel system under the city" Ultron said as he grabbed his neck and hurled him into another wall. X-23 jumped up making a whirl of claw strikes and stuck her foot blades into his armor and did a backflip sending Ultron down. Logan got up and grabbed his arms bending behind him

"Oh please" Ultron scoffed robotically as he activated his pulse gauntlets and sent Logan flying back. X-23 did a flurry of kick strikes as Ultron caught her legs bending them apart and nearly ripping them out as she groaned and screamed.

"One of Fury's i assume" Ultron said scanning the clone.

"You son of a bitch how have you been in my head" Logan shouted jumping at him swinging wildly. Ultron caught his arms and shot his knee into his gut making him fall down coughing.

"When we fought on the helicarrier i implanted a chip that allowed my programming to latch onto your mind making you see me when i was not, In any case the next person you would see would be my image and it triggers a rage that would make you strike out against it" Ultron explained as he laughed and picked up Logan by his neck and hurled him into a wall. X-23 got up and jabbed her blades into his armor piricing it as he groaned but smashed her across the face sending her neck flying back and landing on the ground in pain.

"I will fucking kill you" Logan said.

"No, No you wont" Ultron replied as he shot out a barrage of lightning from his hand as Logan caught it into his claws screaming in pain as it ripped through his body and he spun around shooting it back out his other claws as Ultron's eyes widened as the lighting impacted him making him explode. Logan panted and groaned in pain as he looked at the smoke when a glowing was shown as he panicked as Ultron's dark energy beam shot from his mouth nailing Logan right in the forehead sending him down unconscious. X-23 got up and gasped as she saw Logan down but turned around as she tried to to attack the demon robot who simply grabbed her arm and snapped it in two even though it was metal underneath as she howled in pain and fell to her knees.

"You have something I could use" Ultron said with that sickening red grin as he advance on her.

Logan woke up struggling as he realized he was trapped to a metal table he looked over to see X-23 knocked out strapped next to him

"Laura" He shouted trying to break the restraints

"Shall we begin" Ultron chuckled as his eyes glowed and shot out thin laser bolts into Logan's skull as he screamed in pain...

In Central Park the Four Heroes were at work. Hulk was moving a large debris peice of the helicarrier as Superman was also moving several peicies. Iron Man used his enrrgy field to transport it as Spider-Man arrived.

"Hey Peter how you feeling" Tony asked.

"I'm feeling better now and I'm ready to fight Vector" Peter declared

'That's the spirit" Batman said but then he froze as did everyone else as they stared up a hill

"What is it?" Peter asked as he also turned around and saw a sight that froze him to his very core. There he was the one and only Ultron standing there with his permanent evil grin and laughed.

"I'm Backkk"

To Be Continued...

Chapter Sixteen: The Tough Choice Edit

The Five Heroes stared up at the top of the Central Park hill as the silver android Ultron stood arms behind his back and the sickening permanent red grin.

“I guess Logan was right, He wasn’t destroyed” Peter remarked.

“But How, Nothing should have survived a crash like that” Tony said gearing his gauntlets ready.

“When the Helicarrier crashed I was thrown from the wreckage into the lake and sunk as the rest of the debris crashed into it burying me, But I had a plan already and managed to escape before you ever found me” Ultron explained.

“Not a great plan” Tony said suddenly.

“Do you say that every time, someone mentions plan?” Bruce asked looking skeptical.

“It’s kind of a thing I got” Tony responded.

“Enough of this foolishness”

Ultron shouted getting angry. And shot a barrage of red lightning into the group of heroes knocking them down.  Tony charged his gauntlets and got up and shot a repulsor blast at Ultron who met with a swat of his arm and bounced it off. Tony rocketed forward before Ultron could react when something jumped and sliced into his armor sending him back to the group as they got up.

“No…” Peter said as he looked up at the new figure standing between them and Ultron as Ultron laughed. The figure was Wolverine but his eyes were glazed over in red hues and he had a growling smirk on him

“He needed a little molding, But meet my new servant, I’m sure you know him” Ultron said pleased with his work.

“You son of a bitch” Peter shouted as he shot forth a barrage of web blasts but Wolverine just jumped up and sliced apart each one so they never hit Ultron. Peter gasped.

Wolverine launched himself swinging madly at Peter who did his best to duck and dodge as he did a sweeping kick knocking him down. Superman flew and punched Wolverine hard in his head but all was heard was a sickening metal sound as Wolverine turned his head growl grinning and slashed his claws across Superman’s S logo cutting it as he then sent him back with a spin kick.

“His eyes, They are like mine when he controlled me” Superman said getting back up as he shot out laser beams from his eyes that Wolverine just deflected and sent back with his blades as the group scattered.

A mechanical laugh was heared as they all looked up at Ultron standing there.

“Yes, like I said needed a bit of molding, including a special rearrangement of his adamnatium to make him even more powerful and susepital to mind control” Ultron explained.  

“You sick metal fuck” Peter shouted as he stared at Wolverine who just had that grin. “Logan come on you wouldn’t let anyone control you” He asked as he stepped forward.

“Talk is cheap time for action”

Banner said as he growled and grew to his Hulk persona and charged grabbing Wolverine and threw him at Ultron knocking both backwards. Hulk jumped and smashed Wolverine below his feet as he punched at Ultron who caught it and began pushing him backwards as Hulk kept on the pushing roaring. Wolverine recovered and stabbed into Hulk’s foot as he released his hold and Ultron blasted him backwards with an eye beam. Wolverine charged forward sinking his claws into Hulk’s chest drawing green blood and a scream as Superman flew forward and tackled him off as Hulk landed hard on his back. Superman and Wolverine flew backwards as he punched him over and over but Wolverine was unfazed as he jabbed his blades into Superman causing him to wince as Superman shot his eye beams into his head trying to lobotomize him but Wolverine growled and shoved his feet into him as Superman flew up but grabbed his leg and threw him away into a building nearby. Superman then turned his attention to Ultron who was holding off Iron Man and Batman. Iron Man was thrown back by  Batman dodged a punch from Ultron as he jabbed a exploding bataraang into his joints and blew it up but had no effect just staggered him. Batman delivered a kick but Ultron grabbed his leg and threw him bending it over and down the hill. Iron Man got up and threw a punch into Ultron whic he caught and threw him away with a metal arm across the faceplate, Iron Man slid back as he then stood up and shot out his unibeam that knocked Ultron back some. Batman also got up and rolled to behind him making him trip backwards as Iron Man and Batman both in unison punched at Ultron who caught both of their fists as he chuckled but then Iron Man shot out his unibeam from his chest as Batman threw a exploding grenade into him sending back down the hill. Ultron got up but was grabbed from behind and flew forward into the surrounding city as he was thrown into a skyscraper he got up and turned around as he saw Superman hovering there arms crossed.

“Really, Don’t you remember the last time we fought?” Ultron said skeptically as he got himself ready.

“Yeah, I do”

Superman said and shot forth his eye beams as Ultron met them with his mouth dark beam. The ensuing explosion destroyed the top of the skyscraper they were in and both were sent flying into other buildings demolishing them. The two combatants flew out of the debris and met in the area between buildings as Superman began hammering Ultron with punches sending him back, Ultron recovered and caught several punches but was sent back by the eye lasers. Superman pressed on punching him back more and finally into a building. Superman panted but looked up as he saw the building Ultron had crashed into was being lifted and hurled onto him, Superman managed to get out of the way as the building demolished everything below the shadow but was blasted back with the dark beam.

Vector finally returned to his lair hauling the sarcophogas as he hid it so the others would not see and entered the main room where his troops were watching the monitor

"hey guys I'm back" Vector said walking up.

"You're not the only one" Slade Wilson said poting to the monitor as Vector's eyes widened seeing Ultron in the city blasting Superman.

"So he did survive, Interesting" Vector said as he turned to the machine as it surged and glowed.

Batman recovered as Wolverine was running toward him with skyscrapers falling down behind him from Ultron and Superman’s battle. As Batman braced himself grabbing a bataraang from him and holding it like a dagger as he blocked his blow and kicked into his gut. Wolverine staggered as he swung again Batman caught his wrist with the bataraang and bent the arm back as he did a punch to Wolverine’s chest and spun around locking an arm around his head and holding the arm up with the bataraang as Wolverine struggled and elbowed his other arm into his ribcage as he pushed off and did a backwards kick into Batman sending him back. Batman as he slid threw the bataraang but it was deflected by Wolverine. He charged after him as Batman ducked more blows and did a flurry of strikes of Vector’s chii blocking technique but they only enraged Wolverine as he jabbed his blades into Batman’s armor and hurled him away. Batman recovered as Wolverine did a flurry of kicks at him which he caught and spun him into a tree and did another headlock using his weight against him and threw him into another tree. Wolverine grabbed the tree and uprooted it and hurled it at Batman who shot his grapple cable up to another tree and swung out of the way but Wolverine jumped into the air and collided with him as the two traded blows. Batman fell to the ground but rolled to a safe distance as Wolverine stabbed into it and dug up pieces of dirt and grass and threw them into Batman’s face as he recoiled unable to see.

“Lucius Now”

Batman said into his comlink as he did his best to sense where Wolverine was. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he could see sonar waves of everything around him and he saw Wolverine coming at him, He did a dodge as Wolverine swung but was knocked by a swift roundhouse kick. Wolverine tackled but missed as Batman did a sideswipe and grabbed his arms pulling him up and kneeing him hard in the spine, Wolverine grunted but spun free and slashed across his chest three times and finally kicked him down. Batman recovered as Wolverine attacked but was shot with a web rope and swung around into a waiting Spider-Man’s leg as he was kicked away into another tree. Iron Man had recovered as well and shot Wolverine with his beams. He turned when he heard an explosion as more buildings in the distance were coming down.

“I’m going to help Supes” Tony said as he rocketed toward the destroyed city. Wolverine got up as he faced Spider-Man and Batman who managed to wipe off his face so he could see.

Lucius Fox was watching through cameras in Batman’s suit as Nick Fury and Amanda Waller were watching the battle from the view.

“How many damn times are we gonna have to rebuild this city because of Them” Waller said.

“Too many, the public is becoming angry about these midtown brawls” Fury said staring as more buildings fell.

“But they have saved us it’s the villains destroying the city” Lucius said turning from his monitor as Batman dodged a blow from Wolverine who was kicked away by Spider-Man.

“Yeah but look at the aftermath, The satellite cannon sure was Ultron but the rest of the damage was done by Superman and Hulk’s battle, and let’s not forget the Helicarrier crash that was brought down by the Heroes.

“Under your orders” Lucius said suddnely.

“Yeah well my hands are clean in this mutherfucker” Fury said.

“We still haven’t completely repaired the damages done by the satellite cannon.” Pepper Potts said coming up behind them with a clipboard.

“ But with all the villain activity, We need them for the moment” Fury said.

“And when the villains are defeated?” Lucius asked.

“They become obsolete” Waller said with a fierce smirk.

Superman and Ultron traded blows against eachother as they also shot their respective beams with the shockwvaes sending them back and smashing windows in buildings. Superman swung his fist but Ultron caught it and uppercutted him hard sending him flying above as he flew up and grabbed his cape and spun around and around hurling him through 5 buildings. Superman recovered himself as he hovered looking back through the perfect holes he made in the cities at Ultron hovering at the end. Superman supersped right back through the holes causing the buildings to collapse and demolish everything around.

“Just look at it all, you cause destruction everywhere you go”

Ultron said gesturing behind Superman at the swath of destruction he just created.

 “You are the villain here” Ultron chuckled when he got rammed into by a metal figure and sent backwards into a billboard smashing it.

“No man, I’m the Hero” Tony Stark said and he shot rockets and his unibeam into Ultron as he just dodged and flew out as the attack destroyed the building.

“Even you, who claims himself a hero can not see the destruction you cause” Ultron chuckled as he shot a barrage of lightning into Iron Man but his armor just turned it into more energy and shot a more powerful unibeam into Ultron sending him back through another building.  Superman just hovered there looking around at the damaged cityscape and over at Central Park where some of the Helicarrier wreckage remained

“He’s right, we are a threat to the city” Superman said as Ultron’s mind games began taking their toll.

Ultron flew out and  grabbed Tony by the throat and hurled him into the rooftop of a building below and flew down smashing him through the floors to the street below as the building crumbled behind them. Superman just hovered there as Ultron was thrown back into the sky by a uppercut from Iron Man

“You need time alone with your thoughts”

Ultron said and grabbed the dazed Superman and hurled him away from the battle and into the river to the east. Superman could not drown but he did not make a dash to get out as he sunk.

“Damn you”

Iron Man shouted delivering his best punch to Ultron’s already damaged face. Ultron growled and threw a rocket punch kocking off Iron Man’s shoulder plate, Tony responded by doing a spin attack with a laser that cut across Ultron and also cut into some buildings. Ultron chuckled as Tony knew that he was making sense

“Look at it they fear you, you try to do good you end up hurting them”

Ultron said as he chuckled and blasted a building that was already damaged and made it collapse below to kill a group of pedstrians trying to run for cover

“No” Iron Man shouted and rocketed down to stop the building as Ultron watched. Iron Man managed to catch most of the building but Ultron shot a rocket into the cracks forming and the building split as Iron Man could only hold one half as the other crushed the people below.

Tony was horrified as he turned back to Ultron and hurled the half of the building into him sending him down crashing. Tony flew down hovering in front as he readied himself through the smoke he heard Ultron chuckling and his beam being charged. Tony gritted his teeth and shot forth his repulsor blasts in to the smoke but all he heard was screams of people, he gasped as he blew the smoke away to see the remains of humans scorched by his own attack.

“I told you, the world does not need Heroes”

Ultron said chuckling as he hovered behind him and grabbed him by the helmet ripping it off as he punched him hard in his face sending him down to look at the dead humans he created.

“Nooo it cant be” Tony shouted scared.

“It was all you” Ultron hissed as he continued to laugh.

Spider-Man did a web attack at Wolverine who sliced them apart but was knocked back by a bataraang by Batman who charged forward doing a summersault and kicked him away.

“Come on Logan stop this” Spider-Man shouted as he dodged a swing from him and blocked another as Batman did a flurry of punches at him knocking him to his knees as he got him in a chokehold and began to suffocate him.

“Come on buddy you’re better then this”

Batman said keeping the grip as Wolverine screamed and roared swinging madly. And resorted to headbutting Batman’s face breaking his nose as Batman groaned releasing him and was stabbed into the leg as Spider –Man grabbed Wolverine and spun him around kicking him away. Wolverine regained himself as he turned to Spider-Man and tackled him as the two tumbled down the hill to the wreckage of the helicarrier as Wolverine kicked him hard into the metal debris as one pipe jabbed into his arm. Spidey groaned and screamed as he got up pulling the pipe out but rolled away as Wolverine did a swipe and cut the metal piece. He turned to Spider-Man as he just got up wincing as he held his arm and staring at Logan as the city was on fire behind him.

“I;m not gonna fight you Logan” Spidey said removing his mask to show his cut and bruised face as he staggered. Wolverine just moved forward growling and snarling.

“You are my best friend, don’t you remember us stopping Doom, Venom, Deathstryke” Peter said standing there as Wolverine apporahced his mind racing and shaking his head.

“we saved the city countless times, and we can save it again” Peter continued as Hulk got up groaning and looking up to see the two standing as he tried to get up but was returned to Bruce Banner.

“Please Logan search your mind you know who I am” Peter kept pleading as he stood his ground in the face of a angry Wolverine.

Wolverine finally was standing face to face with him as he huffed and puffed growling as he shook his head some as memories of him being a hero flooded his mind.

“That’s it” Peter said smiling.

Wolverine just stared at him his eyes flickering and finally with one growl he pluncged his claws into Peter’s chest as Pete lurched and his eyes widened and choked on blood as he buckled to his knees as Wolverine’s eyes finally returned to normal as he stared in horror

“P..ete…….Peter… PETER” He shouted as he realized what he had just done. Banner watched in horror as he helped Batman up who also was shocked.

“God NO, NO NO” Logan shouted as he fell to his knees with the dying Spider-Man in his arms.

“RAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He shouted looking o the sky as he let out a ungodly roar.

Superman underwater was in a daze thinking about the destruction he caused when Wolverine’s scream pierced the water and shook him out of it as he clenched his fists and flew out of the river and headed for Ultron.

Logan held Peter’s body as he fell limp arms going to the ground. Logan cried and whimpered as Batman limped over along with Banner as both felt sadness too.

“Ultron… You will pay for this dearly”

Logan’s sadness turned to rage as he set Spidey down and turned to the damaged city clenching his fists and his claws slowly came out as he began a run intending to take down Ultron once and for all….

To Be Continued….

Chapter Seventeen: Adamantium Showdown Edit

Tony Stark just knelt there staring at the burning corpses that he had created when he missed his attack on Ultron.

“Think back to all the times you “Saved this city” Ultron said from behind knocking his mind games were sinking in. “You stopped the bad guys, but in the process you ripped apart this fare city even caused death and injuries to innocent civilians. You are supposed to save people but all your actions do is create misery” Ultron continued.

“You are right, we are careless we focus too much on the larger threat we don’t even think about the people themselves”

Tony said as a tear streamed down his battered face. Ultron’s mouth just glowed as he charged his beam ready to strike down the distraught Iron Man

“Let me help you now, No more bad memories” Ultron said but as his beam was about to fire Superman raced in and grabbed his jaw and closed his mouth as the beam exploded in him sending him sprawling back groaning and landing hard.

“Tony He is wrong, We may cause death and misery but look at how much we did save” Superman said.

“You were not here in the battle against Doom and his army” Tony shouted. Superman just stared at him but snapped back to attention as he heard Ultron get up

“Brave words but look around you” Ultron said as he clutched his face now even more damaged as he spoke distorted. Superman just delivered a punch right into his mouth sending him flying backwards ripping apart the road.

“Do you ever shut up” Superman said and hovered over to Tony putting his arm around him.

“Yes we may do collateral damage but you can make it right, by stopping Ultron so he can’t hurt anyone else, and then we will take down Vector and make the world a safe place again.” Superman said to Tony.

“How can you stop me when you can’t even help yourselves” Ultron said distorted as he got back up and used his limited telekinesis to make a building come crashing down upon them. Tony snapped to attention and shot forth hundreds of rockets blasting apart the building till it rained rubble and ashes as Superman then flew at Ultron punching him backwards.

“You’re right Clark” Tony said grabbing his damaged helmet and placing it back on him but the faceplate was gone and rocketed forward with him as both landed blows into the evil robot sending him flying backwards toward an apartment complex. Ultron got back up as he flew upward shooting rockets from his hands but Iron Man met them with his own as Superman charged and grabbed him throwing him down into the complex damaging it but gasped as he heard screams of people being crushed to death.

“See, Even when you do good, you do evil” Ultron said getting up as he held two people in his hands and threw them either way.

Iron Man and Superman raced to catch both and set them down but the people just screamed and pushed away running for their lives.

“You already inspire fear into them”Ultron said coming up behind as he shot a barrage of lightning into them but Iron Man was ready and shot his unibeam out as he turned around and the lightning redirected into Ultron shocking him and making him stagger as he roared. Superman shot his eyebeams screaming angrily as they melted part of Ultron’s armor as he was sent back again. Ultron staggered and regained himself a she chuckled and gestured to everyone watching.

“Look it all, thousands of people screaming petrified in the fear that you have created”

Ultron said as the two heroes stared around at the frightened faces as people backed away some fled.

“You’re a monster and we will stop you”

Superman said and chrged at Ultron who met him as the two traded blows but Ultron shot him back with a pulse ray in his hand as Supermanw as sent into a building he shot his eye beams out and knocked Ultron back to the streets as Iron Man punched him from behind and grabbed his arms as Ultron did a flip and threw him back, Iron man recovered and posed as he shot both of his repulsor beams as Superman kept using his eye beams as the combined power began melting Ultron's metal frame as he screeched and groaned in pain but then began laughing as they finished their attack.

“That the best you got? A Little heat?” Ultron snickered.

“No this is bub” a voice said from behind as Ultron turned to face Logan pissed off as hell as he delivered the best claw punch he couold that sent Ultron flying back as Superman and Iron Man both threw fists into the damaged Ultron sending him into the rubble of the compelx as the claws broke into his melted armor plates.

“I see” Ultron said as he faced his former pawn.

“You will pay for making me kill my friend” Logan shouted as he charged forward but Ultron simply caught him by the throat as he lifted him up.

“Me, I may have warped your mind but You were the one who did the action” Ultron said chuckling.

“What the Hell” Vector shouted staring at the monitor at Wolverine killing Spider-Man.

“NO, He was not supposed to die, Ultron was not to kill any of them” He shouted angrily and flipped a examination table as Slade Wilson and Magneto watched.

“Good riddance I would say” Slade replied.

“No, I needed him alive still” Vector said angrily.

“Why he’s just a kid” Slade said confused.

“Because, He is Not JUST a kid” Vector whirled around facing Slade.

“he is much more then that” Slade just stood there speechless.

Vector returned to the monitor and picked up a comlink as he called Ultron who held Wolverine by the throat

“Ultron” Vector said as Ultron cokced his head to hear the voice. “You were not to kill any of the Heroes” Vector’s voice said.

“I don’t care, these Heroes are pathetic organic beings and I live to tear them down and finish the job” Ultron said as he disconnected the transmission and slammed Wolverine into the street still holding his throat and picked him back up and hurled him into the two other heroes getting up.

“Erik, Ultron has outlived his usefulness go put an end to him” Vector said turning to Magneto as Magneto nodded

“yes Sir, But the heroes won’t accept my help” Magneto said.

“Oh I’m sure they will” Vector said calmly but was still fuming as he feared all his plans were about to blow up in smoke.

Over in the Triskleion Nick Fury was watching the ongoing battle

"Enough is Enough I've had it with this motherfucking Ultron tearing apart my motherfucking city" he stomred out and into his office to get some equipment and came back out holding a giant cannon

"Everybody watch, I'm about to blow up a fucking robot" Fury shouted and ran out the door as Waller Lucius Maria all just stared at him.

Batman and Bruce Banner stayed with the dead Spider-Man as he lied on the grass holding his mask in his clenched hand.

“come on buddy wake up” Banner said shaking his limp body.

“It’s no use, He’s dead” Batman said as he stood up looking out at the damaged cityscape.

Ultron shot forth a barrage of lightning at Iron Man but Wolverine took it into his claws and redirected it through the other clawed hand and shot it back into Ultron making him stutter and stagger as Superman flew in delivering a punch knocking him down. Wolverine leaped into action and struck his damaged armor with his claws and finally made a opening as he plunged his other claws into it shorting out some of Ultron’s circuits as he grabbed Wolverine and hurled him away as he staggered but Superman punched him backwards. Wolverine got back up as Iron Man grabbed his hand and threw him at Ultron as the two flew through buildings causing more damage as they landed ripping up the roads. Wolverine hammered Ultron with strikes as Ultron blocked most and kicked him off shooting his eye beams into him.

“Had enough bub” Wolverine said getting back up as he blocked another blast of eye beams and sent them into Ultron knocking him back.

“You have nothing with all of your power, You are weak”

Ultron said as he charged his mouth beam but as it fired it exploded in his mouth from the damages and made him fly into the air with an explosion. Superman picked up Wolverine as they flew up along with Iron Man as Iron Man shot out all of his arsenal at the off guard Ultron making him fall as Superman hurled Wolverine into him and sent them flying back into the park cutting up grass and landing in metal debris of the helicarrier. Superman and Iron Man flew landing next to Wolverine as he stood in front of where Ultron crashed.

“It’s over bub”

Logan said huffing as his suit was ripped. Ultron burst his hand out of the metal and ripped it open as he stood up now more damaged then ever his face was cracked his right eye was not glowing anymore his mouth was damaged part of his shoulder plate was missing and his chestplate was scratched and semi missing.

“All your powers, and you can’t save the people you try to protect” Ultron said more distorted as ever.

“It will not end with my destruction, the seeds have been planted and You have no idea what is coming for you Heroes”

Ultron continued as Wolverine just screamed and charged forward cutting into his armor and delivering punches and kicks making him fall back as he blocked most but was hurled through the debris by Superman. Ultron staggered as he was thrown off balance  by a exploding bataraagng by Batman who ran up as Iron Man shot another blast from his hand cannons and a uppercut by Wolverine that sliced into his jaw.

“You don’t get off that easy”

Logan screamed fighting back tears as he continued to barrage the android with everything he had. Hulk burst through the debris behind Ultron and grabbed his head slamming him into the ground and into more metal and then at the feet of the heroes.

“It does not end until you all are dead at my feet”

Ultron said and released pulse energy from his body knocking them all back. he approached the down heroes chuckling when a beam of energy shot into his chest knocking him back as he growled and looked up to see a figure flying in

"Take This Motherfucker"

Nick Fury shouted as he flew in on a jetpack as he held a giant cannon and charged it again striking at Ultron who shot his dark beam as the beams collided but Fury was tricky and swooped down to avoid the blast of the collision and fired a missile from his gun as Ultron swatted it away into the debris to the left as he shot a barrage of lightning that Fury dodged as Ultron shot his dark beam again which Fury ducked and rolled and then released his jetpack as he landed on the ground the jetpack flew into Ultron as he was distracted piercing him as he groaned.

"And what was that supposed to do?" Ultron said smacking it onto the ground as the thing then exploded knocking him down as he groaned.

"That" Fury smirked but was thrown down by a debris piece Ultron hurled.

"This has been fun but I really would like to move things along" Ultron said

As he stood up and charged dark energy into his hands when he felt his arms move on their own and point right at his joints as he scanned the area and turned what was left of his head to the source.

“Magneto, so you have come to do the master’s job”

Ultron said as he shot his eye beam at Magneto who blocked with a metal piece he lifted from the ground and hurled it at Ultron slicing off his left arm as it fell below in front of Iron Man.


Magneto said as he began to twist Ultron’s metal skeleton around and ripped parts out making him fall to his knees as Wolverine got up clutching his chest as he saw Magneto attacking Ultron

“What are you doing here bub” Logan asked as he stepped forward and sliced apart some of Ultron’s, metal back

“Is  that anyway to show gratitude my dear boy”

Magneto said smirking as he continued to rip out metal causing Ultron to stutter and flicker as he screamed in agony.

“Yea yea less talking more pulling apart”

Logan said as he dug his claws around Ultron’s spinal circuits shorting out his legs so he could only lie against a metal piece. Iron Man got up as well and grabbed the broken off arm and stood up throwing it at Ultron as Magneto controlled it to pierce his chest as Ultron lurched gasping as his eyes flickered knowing he had been beaten. Iron Man then jabbed and surged energy into the arm in his armor as Ultron shorted out and his eye plates burst and his broken mouthplate shorted out and he fell to the ground finally powered down still with that evil grin.

“Light’s out you sick fuck” Iron Man said walking up to the now deactivated android. Magneto continued hovering there as the heroes turned to him

“I assume this was a onetime deal right?” Logan said to the master of magnetism.

“You assume correct, dear boy” Magneto replied nodding his helmet and flew off.

“Should we go after him?” Batman asked.

Iron Man watched him go as he turned to see Spider-Man’s body lying at the foot of a metal slab resembling a gravestone.

“Peter??? Noo” Tony said running pver and cradling his fallen friend as the others ran over except for Logan who looked down at the defeated Ultron with his permanent grin now a faded black and kicked him hard as his torso broke off from the damage Magneto did.

“Good ridiance” Logan muttered and walked over to where his friends were gathered. Tony used his working scanners to scan Peter and he gapsed softly

“his heart is beating but very faintly, there is a chance to save him” Tony said as everyone perked up crowding around.

“How?” Superman asked using his x-ray vision to look at his body inspecting the damage.

“a transplant of blood, Your blood Logan” Tony said turning to the newely arrived Wolverine.

“Me?” Logan asked.

“yes, I can whip up a serum using your healing blood “Tony said. Logan just nodded

“You guys go do that, we will stay to finish cleaning up the debris and maye help rebuild what we did” Superman said still looking sad. Fury got up as well shook off his pain and went over to the others.

"Hey thanks Sir" Tony said turning to Fury

"Yeah, I missed being out in the field" Fury chuckled as he picked up Ultron's damaged body.

 Tony used what was working in his damaged suit to encase Peter’s body in a energy sphere and carried him toward the Triskleion as Logan followed hitching a ride too as another sphere held Ultron’s dismembered armored body as Fury was holding on.

 "You damn better not drop me Stark" He shouted.

 "No promises" Tony chuckled as he flew over the damaged city.

Down below Vector paced angrily with Slade watching when the door opened and Magneto walked in.

“It is done sir” Magneto said removing his helmet.

“And what of the boy?” Vector asked turning to him sitting down as he clasped his hands below his breathing mask.

“I overheard he is barely alive and Stark is working on saving him” Magneto said.

Vector did a breathing in and out heavily that the villains assumed was a sigh of relief. “Excellent, the plan goes on” He said turning in his chair to stare at the energy gauge as it was nearly full.

“Soon…..” Vector muttered. 

Chapter Eighteen: Fractured Edit

"This has gone on long enough" a reported shouted as he stood in front of a destroyed building where people were trying to get out of rubble

"Our city is in turmoil many buildings and destroyed and where are our so called heroes? or fearless government" the reported said as others agreed while trying to help people as destroyed buildings crumbled.

"You sir, what did you see exactly" the reporter went to a random man comforting his children and wife.

"I saw the one called Superman throw a metal man through our building and went flying in casuing it to collapse" the man said

"So your saying a hero did this" the reporter asked.

"it surely seemed that way" the man replied.

"Yeah, I saw it too but it was the two metal men fighting that did my apartment in" another man said coming up.

"This city would be better off without them" a woman shouted

"freaks and monsters" another shouted.

"There you have it the city says the so called heroes should hit the road" the reporter said to the camera

Amanda Waller turned off the monitor. "This is getting out of hand" As Nick Fury came in and sat next to her.

"the damages are worse then ever" Fury said looking out the window at the cityscape damaged.

Waller turned to another monitor where two scientists were locking up the remains of Ultron in a secure vault as two stood guard.

"Vector's plan seems to be working" Fury remarked. Waller looked at him questioningly.

"When he faked being captured he told me that the people will turn against us if enough chaos is created, and he has done just that, Ultron was his ultimate goal not to destroy the city, but to turn the people against us"

"he said that?" Waller asked.

"Yeah and it worked" Fury said still staring out at the city.

Inside the infiramry Tony in his medical suit was busy working on the body of Peter Parker. "Ok Logan" Tony said as he turned around where Logan was strapped to a chair with tubes coming out of him.

"Whatever it takes to bring him back" Logan said nodding as did Tony.

Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Bruce Banner watched from outside "I'm going up to talk with Fury" Wayne said as he stormed off.

"I can't help but think about what Ultron said" Clark said as Banner turned to him.

"We have caused so much pain and damage even while trying to save people from the bigger threats" Clark lamented.

"Don;t say that" Banner said. "We saved millions"

"By sacrificing hundreds" Clark shouted punching the wall causing a small hole.

"What do you mean?" Banner asked.

"Look at our fight when Ultron controlled me, our battle smashed apart a chunk of the city causing lots to die, we had no idea as i was controlled and you were Hulk" Clark said.

"what's that supposed to mean, are you saying Hulk is separate from me?" Banner asked.

"I don';t know but think back to the time you met the heroes" Clark said.

Banner thought back.

Hulk was stomping around the streets breaking apart cars and hurling them into buildings as people ran for cover and screamed

"Whoah Whoah big guy calm down" a voice said as Hulk turned around growling to see Spider-Man.

Banner's flashback ended as Clark watched him. "You are right, when i first met Spider-Man, I was a monster rampaging but then he showed me what it was to be a hero" Banner said smiling. Clark smiled too

"I didn't get the luxury of meeting Spider-Man during the Doom Crisis" Clark said staring back in at his three friends in the medbay.

"Peter is something" Banner said staring back.

"You guys have made a mess of things ever since you arrived" Fury shouted at Bruce Wayne as he stood by Amanda Waller.

"Excuse me? But Without Us and Clark you guys wouldn't have stood a chance against Vector and his army" Waller shouted.

"Oh yes, my fault for sending a superhuman who is almost invincible into a city racked with turmoil and a villain who can control people's very bodies" Fury snorted.

Waller just glared but knew he had a point "Well, Who had a giant flying battleship and satellite cannon hidden away?" Waller retorted.

"That was for situations that the heroes could Not handle" Fury said quickly.

"You mean like a metal robot who can warp the very minds of people?" Bruce replied.

"Yes exactly, wait" Fury said realizing his mistake.

"That robot took control of both because you had it and didn't have faith in us?" Bruce replied angrily.

"Yeah well with the threat you all pose, you can't blame me for wanting to be prepared" Fury said.

"You have a point, I realize that now" Banner said as Clark followed him in.

"what are you doing here, how is Parker?" Fury asked.

"He is being prepped for transfusion, but i thought back to when i was a rampaging monster or fighting the Expiriements and my brawls did cause major damages to the city scaring people" Banner said.

"over in Metropolis it took people a while to get used to me" Clark said. "And still some fear me"

"people are afraid of those with power" Waller said.

"That's all you want, is Power" Clark snapped at her all of a sudden.

"What?" Waller seemed speechless.

"Why else would you create a almost godlike being to use in your pocket" Clark said.

"to keep the people of Metropolis safe" Waller said.

"No, that's not it at all, to use as a weapon against Them" Bruce said holding up a laptop with a hacked file of ARGUS about Superman and Project Justice.

"Project Justice?" Fury asked as he had never heard of it.

"a Team of Heroes to kill Fury's Heroes if they went rogue" Bruce said flipping through the files on the laptop.

Banner and Clark turned to Waller who stood there speechless "Where did you get that?" she asked angirly.

"I just found out when you guys were bickering" Bruce said.

"You were going to use superhumans to attack me?" Fury was furious.

"Yes, but not like that, had your Heroes gone rogue my Justice League would be able to take them down to ensure peace" Waller said.

"Ensure peace sure cause a team of even more powerful superhumans displays that" Fury said beginning to laugh.

"Well, after the Carnage Incident, the people needed protection from what you all were capable of so I chose the lesser of two evils" Waller explained.

"No, you wanted your own team cause you were jealous of Fury" Bruce said being the detective he was.

"What?" Waller was shocked and furious "What kind of accusation is that"

"jealous of Me?" Fury said equally shocked and then broke into a manic laugh.

Down below in the med bay Logan got up as he felt weakened as new wounds and cuts opened up as his healing factor was divided

"did it work?" Logan asked Tony who was removing his helmet and suit.

"Yes, it will take time for the blood to settle and take root in his body, but I think he will be all right" Tony said.

"Good" Logan said putting his hand on Peter's shoulder staring sadly down.

"How did you two get to be this close?" Tony asked.

Logan chuckled "it didn't start out that way, I was a troubled person back then after i was hit by Project LightStorm I felt lost after losing the love of my life, and i did not want to be bothered by some guy in a red and blue unitard" Logan said.

"hey come on, we made a good team" Spider-Man said as Logan was walking away.

"Sorry but I don;t do team work" Logan said harshly and mounted his motorcycle and drove off as Peter watched sadly.

"But when Hulk was on a rampage and Peter was overwhelmed by him and Venom, I saw the heart of this kid and helped hikm fight them off and wittnessed Peter's true power of unity. as he tamed the wild Hulk and we gained a lasting ally and friend that day" Logan said.

"Wow, Peter is basically the reason we all came together" Tony said looking down at the sleeping body of his friend.

"You could say that" Logan said.

"Wow" Tony said. Logan nodded.

"Yeah, and then when me and him truly became brothers in arms was when Doom sent my thought to be dead girlfriend after me as lady Deathstryke, he helped me through it proving himself a true friend" Logan said wiping some tears.

"The great Wolverine crying" Tony laughed some as Logan shook his head trying to make it look like an accident and laughed to.

Back upstairs the five people were still fuming but were calming down.

"So what do we do now, Vector's plan worked so where is he?" Banner asked.

"We don't know, We have tried to find his base but to no such luck" Fury said folding his arms angrily.

"He does a good job of covering his tracks" Waller also added.

"Maybe there is a way we can track him if I look around Ultron's remains to his files" Tony said walking in.

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked.

"He used my schematics to build Ultron so he has my video system" Tony said.

"That's too risky what if you activate Ultron by accident" Clark said.

"Ill be with him to ensure that does not happen" Bruce said nodding to Tony

"Alright Let's go" Tony said as he and Bruce headed downstairs.

"In the meantime let's get down to see how Parker is doing" Fury said.

Bruce carried his laptop down as Tony opened the vault where Ultron's top torso was held in place as his lower one was a few inches below, He plugged his suit cable in to the port on Ultron's damaged face as he acessed the files but most were damaged.

"How will you keep him from activating?" Tony asked as Bruce pushed buttons on his laptop

"I'm uploading a virus to keep his contro, systems offline so he can not activate" Bruce said smirking as Tony nodded

"Like a man after my own heart" both chuckled.

"I keep getting the feeling that Vector's plan did not stop at Ultron" Clark said to Banner, Waller and Fury and Logan as they gathered around Peter.

"Think about it, Why would he gather those villains just to create a new one and be done with it" Banner said.

"You are right, Slade doesnt join up unless he is getting some kills in" Waller said.

"So what's his real intention?" Fury asked.

Down below as Vector watched news footage of the growing anger of the people against the heroes and SHIELD. when Octavius was at a computer when he got an alert.

"Um sir, I think they are hacking into Ultron's database" he said as Vector got up and hurried over.

"Took them long enough" Vector chuckled.

"You wanted them to?" Octavius asked still not fully understanding his bosses intentions

"No, but it allows us to now accelerate our plans, How is the project coming?" He asked Octavius.

"it's nearly done, should be ready by tomorrow" he replied.

"Good, let me know and I will put the final touch to it" Vector said as Octavius walked into a hangar where a secret project was going on. Vector turned back to the computer and began to upload a file.

Back in the vault Tony grinned as he broke through the firewall and found a file pin pointing the area below the Empire State Building.

"Got it" Tony said as Bruce kept relaying the virus when it surged and broke his laptop "What was that?"

"Ultron is fighting back" Tony said panicking as he worked to contain the activation code.

Vector just chuckled as he was relaying false signals to make it look like Ultron was waking up

"This is too easy" he laughed.

Tony was panicking as Ultron seemed to be coming back online till he loaded his gauntlet and shot him in the head and the robot turned off. Vector lost the connection but laughed knowing he succeeded as he headed out to the hangar.

Tony breathed a sigh of relief as did Bruce. "That was clos, but we got the location" bruce said.

"Wait before we go I have something for you" Tony said getting really close to Bruce who felt uncomfrtable

"if it is what i think it is I will not heistate to dropkick you hard" Bruce retaliated.

"No no it's this" Tony said pulling out a remote as a vault door opened and inside was an improved Batman suit as Bruce's eyes widenend.

"it's like the one you used against Superman but more sleek and useable" Tony explained as Bruce put it on and it roared to life.

"wow" bruce was pleased and astonished at how well it fit him "Thainsk man" Bruce said grinning.

"Now let's go kick Vector's ass and end this" Tony said as the two raced upstairs after closing the vualt as Ultron's broken dimmed grin watched them go.

"He's waking up!" Logan exclaimed as Peter coughed and stirred sitting up and shaking his head as he took in the light and saw his friends standing around him

"Guys....." he said trying to smile when he saw Logan loking happy and releived.

"You.. you came back" Peter said as he stared at his friend.

"I am sorry for this, " Logan said sadly but Peter stopped him

"You never gave up on me" Logan said smiling as he and Peter hugged.

"it's great to have you back Parker" Fury said as everyone was happy.

"What happened to Ultron?" Peter asked wincing remebering the brutal robot.

"he is gone, for good this time" Tony said walking in and hugged him "great to have you back kid" he said.

"And we have Vector's location now" Bruce said walking in with the new batsuit as everyone stared at him in awe.

"where?" Peter asked instantly building with rage at the mention of the terrorist.

"Under the Empire State Building" Tony replied.

Peter looked down at his clenched hand as his mask was still in it. "Then let;s take down that monster once and for all" he declared as everyone nodded.

"You just woke up though" Logan said

"I know but I got a lot of built up rage" Peter said gritting his teeth and looking at his mask.

"Let us go and you stay here and rest" Tony said scanning him.

"Ugh fine, beat him down for me" Peter said grinning.

"You know it, Let's go guys and end this" Bruce said as the five ran out. Logan and Banner got in a SHIELD hummer, as Batman drove his Tumbler out as Superman and Iron Man flew out the gate as they drove down the bridge into the city past crowds of angry people booing at them as they noticed and knew that even if they stopped Vector, Nothing would be the same ever again.

Down below Vector stared at the six robots before him as Octavius finished.

"it's done" he said beaming with pride. Vector stepped up and plugged a device into each of the robots as they were coated with liquid metal and took the form of something else.

"Excellent" Vector said as Deadpool, Deathstroke, Wintersolider and Magneto and Abomination stood behind him.

"gents today we begin the beginning of the New World Order" Vector said turning to his troops. he stepped away to reveal what he did to the six robots as before them stood...

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Batman, Superman and Iron Man. The troops just stared in shock as Vector laughed evily.

To be Continued

Chapter Nineteen: Mayhem in the City Part 1 Edit

"This.. This is your plan????" Slade Wilson in his Deathstroke uniform without the mask was fuming. "Replace the Heroes with robots???"

Vector just turned to him and chuckled. "No, of course not"

"Then what is your plan?" Magneto asked confused.

"These Herobots are going to cause mayhem and destruction creating a perimeter around our location while you guys fight off the real heroes" Vector explained to them.

"That's your master plan?" Slade said still confused but a little happy that he gets to hurt the heroes.

"As for you guys, you are not to kill any of the heroes, But beat them down as much as you want" Vector said with a smirk somewhat shown in the corners of his breathing mask.

The others grinned at the thought of finally kicking the crap out of those worthless heroes.

"Why can;t we kill any of them, Do you want them to stay alive to foil your plans?" Deadpool said folding his arms.

"Patientce my friends, they will Die once our plan is complete they will be useless and then we will kill them" Vector said coldly as the others were still skeptical but nodded.

Vector turned to Octavius and told him to turn the androids on, the six roared to life and flew out the hangar into the city except for the spider-man robot who Vector ordered to stay here.

The Herobots split up as they flew across the city with people looking up and some cheering while others booed

"Get out of here you jerks" some shouted when the Ironbot turned to them and shot out from his gauntlets repulsor beams that ripped into the buildings making debris fall as people scattered scared

"Hey what is your problem?" one guy said shotuing angrily at what had just happened. Irobot just shot out a barage of missiles that impacted the streets, people and buildings as everyone screamed or cried out in terror.

Over to the North the Superbot shot out laser eyes into buildings as he flew around making them slide off their foundations and collapse on the streets.

"We were right, They have turned against us" many shouted as tv news cameras covered footage of these attacks.

Hulkbot ran through buildings grabbing cars and trucks and hurling them around crushing people and demolishing buildings. Fires began to rage across the city as Batbot flew around dropping grenades across rooftops and streets.

The real heroes were enroute to the Empire State Building when they saw smoke and fire as people were running screaming

"What are they running from?" Logan asked looking at it all when a building in front of them fell down blocking the streets. Hulk went out to go help them but the people were scared and ran away

"get away from us you monsters" they said as the heroes looked baffled.

Over in the Triskelion, Fury was watching the news "And what the fuck is this?" he asked seeing his Heroes smash apart the city.

"What's going on?" Tony Stark said over a comlink in his suit as Fury's eyes widened.

"Apparently you guys are tearing apart the city" Fury replied calmly.

"What??" Tony was speechless as he looked at the TV as He was flying around blasting apart people and buildings, he felt sick to his stomach.

"Vector..." Tony growled.

"Then this is his big plan" Fury said understanding. "Ultron sowed the doubt in people's minds while he has clones of you guys attacking framing you all" Fury said smacking his fists against the desk.

"We will stop this" Tony said over com as he was flying toward the desturction. "Everyone split up take out a doppleganger" Tony said to his fellow heroes.

"I can hear explosions from here..." Peter Parker said walking in holding his chest.

"Vector has launched his final stage of his plan" Amanda Waller said coming in as an explosion was heard from the distance.

"Which is what?" Peter asked wincing as a stabbing pain in his heart was felt.

"He has launched robotic versions of your friends to completely turn everyone against us" Fury explained as Peter felt sick as hell.

"it can't be..." He said speechless.

Downtown in Times Square the people ran for cover as another building collpased due to Superbot. when Batman's Tumbler roared down the streets and shot missiles at it repeateldy to make it become ashes and spare everyone around.

"Citizens we are here to help you" Superman said hovering down but everyone threw cans and trash at him booing and screaming

"It;s your fault, Monsters Get out of here"

Superman was speechless as he used his x-ray vision and saw the android superman flying around blasting things with his laser eyes.

"What the hell?" He said aghast as He flew at the doppelganger when he got shot down by a pulse cannon making him collide with the street creating a crater.

"Now Now Can't have that eh mates" the voice of Deadpool shouted as he stood on a building holding a large cannon.

"Deadpool!" Logan shouted bringing his claws out as he ran into the building intending to beat him.

Superman got back up but was plowed into by Abomination who hurled him into Hulk as the two flew backwards into the Times Square monitor destroying it and half of the building.

Batman drove his Tumbler down the street when a rocket was fired and flew into the vehicle and destroyed it as Batman was thrown from the cockpit and slid across the road denting his armor as he looked up to see Deathstroke/Slade standing there.

"Looks like the end for you eh" He said chuckling as Batman got up and hurled a exploding batarang at him which he dodged and rolled to a safe place behind a truck as the bataraang exploded another car. Slade drew his sword as he did a kick to the truck and made it roll forward as Batman caught it with the strength of his suit but Slade rounded the truck and swung his sword at Batman who slid backwards and punched him in the face as Slade's head titled to the side but regained itself he did a flurry of strikes as Batman drew single blades from his gauntlet and blocked with them.

"Nice upgrade Stark" Bruce lamented as he swung blocking and slashing Slade's suit who recoiled surprised but simply drew a second sword and swung wildly while running.

Wolverine waited in the elevator as it went up when he heard a bump above as a sword cut open a hole big enough for a person and a gas grenade was thrown in as Logan covered his mouth and jumped put the hole to be grabbed by Deadpool and hurled into the side and was about to slide below when he jabbed his claws into the side and did a spin kick into Deadpool knocking him backwards but caught himself by stabbing his sword into the elevator frame. Both got up and swung at each other blocking blows as Logan did a headbutt grabbing him by the waist and pushing him backward as Deadpool dropped his sword and grabbed Logan's waist and flipped him reversing it as the two struggled and Deadpool kneed Logan in the gut and pushed him away.

"Nice try mate" Deadpool said as he picked up his sword but was tackled by Logan as the two fell across the elvator hole with Logan punching him hard.

"I got lot's of tricks bub" he growled.

Vector and Octavius boarded a elevator as well and took it up and up the Empire State Building.

"I need you to guard me"Vector said to his cohort. as Octavius nodded while his tentacles moved on their own.

They finally reached the top as Vector stepped up to look out across the skyline on fire around the periminter as he wanted. He looked to the south and saw the damage line from the satellite cannon and to the north in the park he saw some of the wreckage of the helicarrier

"everything I have done has led to this moment" He said more to himself then to Octavius standing watching through his sunglasses at the destruction.

Down below Superman flew out of the rubble and collided with Abomination punching him back into HUlk who grabbed him by the arm and swung him around into Superman's fist that made him fly backwards ripping up the street. Hulk pounced as he landed both feet on Abomination's chest as he pounded his fists into his face as the later just groaned. Superman flew up searching for the imposter robot when he was blasted and turned around to see Iron Man there chagring his unibeam.

"Stark?" He asked as the beam shot out which was met with Superman;s laser eyes.

"Yea but not me controlling it its Erik" Tony siad over com as his suit was being manipulated by Magneto who hovered nearby smirking under his helmet.

"You challenge me with metal?" he said scoffing as he twisted his arms as Iron Man's suit did the same and flew forward punching Superman knocking him back.

"Sorry pal" Tony said to Superman who just responded by punching back.

"Okkk... if that's how ya feel" Tony said a little angry as he shot out his rockets from shoulders that impacted Superman doing nothing but a blast from his unibeam knocked him down below into a rooftop.

Peter was watching the city burn from his window in the Triskleion as he felt helpless to do anything due to his recent recovery from near death. as Maria Hill entered crrying a tray with medicine and water.

"What should I do?" Peter asked her as she looked up from her chore at him

"what do you mean?" she asked smiling a little. Peter just looked back slightly

"About this situation, The people hate us now and this attack is the linchpin" Peter lamented. "even if we stop them Vector wins"

"Well, I dont know but dont let their opinions determine your actions, You all have done much for this city This is all Vector playing with you guys" Maria replied putting her hand on his shoulder and left closing the door as Peter just looked back out at the city in flames.

Logan did a barrel roll into Deadpool as their elevator kept going up knocking him to the side as he swung his claws but missed and cut into the frame as Deadpool grabbed his arm and shoved his elbow into his joint making him scream and headbutt his face. Deadpool stumbled bu t regained himself pulling out twin blades and blocking Logan's claw strikes. Finally the elevator reached the top level as the two tumbled out onto the floor where people were standing and got out of the way. Deadpool and Logan held eachother in holds as they slammed against walls cracking them when Deadpool hurled Logan over and knocking down a tray cart. Logan got up and shoved the cart at Deadpool knocking him down and kicked it off as Logan jumped and jabbed his claws into his chest holding them in

"Die now bub" He gritted his teeth as he felt a sharp pain in his back as Deadpool had plunged his daggers into him. both men stood up with their respective blades in eachother and they flew backwards into a dining room crashing a table as both let go. Logan got up but was jabbed by a fork in his eye screaming he pulled it out along with his eye

"Oh come on" Logan said sighing as he turned to see Deadpool wahck him away with a chair.

"hahahahahaha nice look mate" Deadpool laughed as he pointed. Logan growled and snorted and his eye began reconstructing as he threw the fork with the eye at Deadpool as he recoiled in disgust

"Yuck man what the hell?" he said turning to him when he got jabbed by a spoon in his arm as Logan slammed his elbow into his mask and ripped off his mask and kneed him in the jaw and threw him back. Deadpool fell down shaking his head as he got back up but screamed like a girl when Logan jabbed a fork into his groin area

"Laughing now bub?" Logan grolwed chukcling some as deadpool staggered backwards high pitch speaking

"That's not funnny" he said crying as he removed the fork and screamed in pain. Logan tipped a table onto its side and rolled it into Deadpool sending him toward the window. Deadpool got free as the table crashed out the window as he turned to see Logan throw something else that he ducked as they borke the glass. Deadpool rolled to a distance at a bar and picked up some flaming shishkabab and hurled them one by one at Logan who gasped and ducked matrix style as they flew by him as he dodged. Deadpool grabbed a tray of food and hurled it next that hit Logtan square in the face covering him with food. Deadpool laughed and jumpoed forward as Logan dodged kicking him in the already hurting groin and rolling switching places as Deadpool fell to the ground in pain. he got up as a large pot of sause was dumped onto his head trapping him as he staggered and was grossed out

"Aghhh I hate sause" he shouted staggering as Logan then pushed him towardt he elevator.

"Yeah ready for my next trick?" he said as he ran forward as Deadpool tried to get the pot off his head. Logan did a dropkick into him knocking him down as he slid forward ripping open the elevator doors as it was the shaft and grabbing a cable quickly r=wrapping it around Deadpool's neck as he choked, Logan then snapped the elevator cables holding it up as it fell below pulling Deadpool with it as he choke screamed finally removing the pot in time to see Logan staring smirking as he panicked grabbing for his blades he gasped as they were gone, he looked at Logan who stood there holding them winking

"Seeya wade" he said as Deadpool was pulled down the shaft at falling speed when the line went straight and a snap noi8se was heard as Deadpoo's body hung their limp. Logan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the crowd of scared people

"there a second eelvator?" he asked as one scaredly pointed down the hall as Logan nodded

"Thanks bub" he said patting him on the shoulder and tiredly walked down to the second elevator as the man just fell down passing out.

Hulk's fists were caught as Abomination threw him off and ripping up a street that he whacked Hulk into a building. Abominaton charged forward tackling him as the building collapsed.

The Herobots continued to destroy the city around them with Hulkbot picking up buildings and making them topple as Superbot hurled himself into the toppling building splitting it into two making both pieces crash down below crushing buildings and people.

Superman flew around buildings as Iron man controlled by Magneto followed blasting missiles and beams out that missed Superman causing damage to everything.

"Enough of this sorry Tony"

Superman said stopping and turning and blasting him full with his laser beams. Iron Man nodded and used a rocket boost to get out of the way as the beams went right by and impacted Magneto who was shocked and got knocked to the building below unconsious. Tony turned to Superman and both nodded

"Was that your plan?" Tony asked. as Superman didn't say anything and flew off to find his android double.

Tony flew down to the unconsious Magneto and carried him away back to the Triskelion.

Superman flew full speed as the Superbot was picking up a building and slammed into him as the two flew through the city to the urban area Superman then hurled him into the sky above the city and blasted his laser eyes, Superbot responded by shooting his eye beams as the two collided creating a large explosion. Superman flew up and punched the android into the dark clouds as he followed.

Vector stood arms behind his back watching the two supermans battle in the sky as it was illuminated by the fires of the burning city as he stared across it

"It will all be over soon" He muttered.

To Be Continued

Chapter Twenty: Mayhem in the City Part 2 Edit

Deathstroke/Slade ran at Batman as he dodged and threw a batarrang at him which he whacked away with his katana. Batman rocketed forward with his suit and grabbed Slade by the head and threw him backwards as Slade dug hi sword into the arm as Batman let go and slid staggering. Slade recovered and picked him up using his strength and hurled him into a passing truck making it crash into a building.

"ya can't win kid"

Slade said as he approached the crash when the truck flew out as Slade barely dodged. Batman got up flying forward and tackling Slade carrying them up a building slicing into it as they headed for the roof.

Wolverine was in the elevator again after dealing with Deadpool when he felt the whole thing get yanked out as it was moving and hurled through walls and down below into a gym. Logan pried open the doors as he cralwed out groaning when he was picked up by one arm and thrown into the celeing and landed through it a few inches away as he felt a kick sending him flying down the hallway. He got up to see the Wintersolider staring t him through his mask.

"Oh you now?" Logan said grunting getting back up relocating his shoulder. The solider said nothing.

"What you can;t talk Well can ya scream?" Logan said and charged forward swinging with his claw as Solider caught his hand bending it some as Logan winced while his metal arm uppercutted Logan away making him flip in the air and land hard on his back.

Logan got back up groaning as the Solider walked forward, he grabbed a fire extinguisher shooting the foam out as the Solider covered his eyes, Logan slammed it hard across his face but he just titled back and grabbed it with one hand and kicked Logan backwards. He then smacked him with it sending him flying into the wall. Logan got back up as Solider charged, Logan managed to grab the man by his waist and hurl him into the celing light singing him as he fell down. Logan stabbed him into the back with his claws as the Solider stood up with him and shoved him into the wall hard and then grabbed his leg and hurled him effortlessly off him down the hallway. Solider charged forward tackling him into the gym as the two rolled away, Solider grabbed some weights and used as a bat to slam into Logan who blocked with his claws but was thrown back by the other side of the weights.

Peter heard commotion nearby as he walked into the lab where Iron Man/Tony Stark was holding the unconsious Magneto

"Tony why did you bring him here?" Peter asked.

"We captured him we can learn where Vector is" Tony replied as he carried him down the hall with Peter following.

"How is it going out there?" Peter asked.

"everyone is a different battle as Vector sent his asssassins to hold us off so we would not interfere with the androids but Superman is currently battling his clone"

Tony replied opening a glass door as he threw Magneto onto a plastic table and bound him with leather straps as he hooked him up with plastic electrodes.

"Plastic prison?" Peter asked laughing some looking at everything.

"Yep, had a feeling we would need it for him" Tony replied chuckling as he went to work.

Superman colided with his android counterpart as the two traded blows knocking eachother back

"You thought taking me up here would spare them?"

Superbot laughed robotically as he grabbed him by his neck choking him as he threw him down below and plowed into him punching him over and over as the two fell down a building into the ground as Superbot grabbed him again and threw him out the building into the streets around a group of people who screamed and fled. Superbot walked out of the fire and grabbed him by the throat again

"Look at them they fear you and despite you, and you sill try to protect them?"

Superbot said and punched him hard into the street Superman got up and blocked another blow but was thrown back by his eye beams. Superman groaned as he felt weak as he realized that Superbot's beams were laced with kryptonite.

"They may hate us But we will always fight the good fight, That's what makes us heroes"

Superman said weakly as Superbot pounded him again and shot him with his kryptonite beams, as Superman fell to his knees and arms.

"pathetic words for such a fool" Superbot said and slammed his arms into his back knocking him down.

Peter had his arms crossed as he watched along with Nick Fury and Amanda Waller how Tony was interrogating Magneto who was being shocked by electrodes.

"Where is Vector?" Tony asked charging him with repulsor energy. Magneto stuttered and groaned but didnt speak.

"Give me five minutes alone and Ill make him talk" Waller said.

"No Me ill get the motherfucker to talk" Fury said.

"No I will do it" A voice said from behind as everyone looked over and Peter gasped as a beatuful woman walked down the hall her red cape flowing as she hasd a firece look on her

"Wanda?" Peter asked shocked his old friend and love was here.

"Hello Peter" she smiled as the two embraced and kissed eachother.

"How did you know to come here?" Fury asked knowing she should have been on an island,

"This attack on the city can be seen everywhere on TVs even on Genosha, Let me talk to my father" Wanda said as she looked in at the restrined sleeping Magneto. Peter squeezed her hand and let her go in

"Are you sure?" Peter asked. Wanda nodded as she entered the room and walked over to her father placing her hand on his forehead and surging some energy as he awoke.

"Whatt,, Youu.. Wann daa?" Magneto said looking into the face of his dear daughter

"I'm here father" Wanda said holding his restrained hand

"Ho.. ow is Genosha" he asked Wanda nodded

"it is well the people are well" she replied as Magneto smiled some but then he remembered

"Please leave this place, I dont want you here for what is to come" he asked her as she looked confused

"What do you mean?" Wanda asked.

Magneto stuttered as Vector;s words came back to him.

"The New Order begins when the sun rises" Magneto said talking as if in a trance.

"New order?" Wanda asked even more confused.

"This world will be reborn" Magneto said still in a trance as Wanda slapped him hard.

"Father, please can;t you see Vector's schemes have turned you into something your not?" Wanda asked as He looked at her

"It's too late for me my child, But not for you leave this place and save yourself" he said pleading as he stared into her eyes.

"How can you ask of me to leave my beloved city" Wanda snapped angrily.

"THIS IS not your city, Genosha is your home" Magneto spoke up angrily.

father and daughter just stared at eachother for a good long time when something happened

"Hello Parker" Vector's voice rang out around the entire Triskelion.

"Vector, what are you doing where are you" Tony shouted trying to pinpoint the location of the soundwaves.

"I am at the top of the tallest building watching your city burn to the ground in preparation for the new world order" Vector explained.

"Now before you try to nuke me Fury, Peter Parker is the only one to come here if I see anyone else I will detonate a device hidden under the city and blow this city to hell" Vector laughed after he said it.

"I have to go" Peter said. The others turned to him.

"You don't have to go we can send squads of troops below to disable the device" Fury explained getting a phone ready to call it in.

"No I will go, I have to face him" Peter said slipping on his costume.

"Are you sure son?" Waller asked.

"Yes I have been afraid of Vector since we first met and his controlling power But I must face my fears and I can not just sit here as my city burns" Peter declared turning to all of them. The others looked at each other and then nodded

"Alright kid, Go on"

Fury said smiling the best he could. Peter smiled and nodded as Wanda stood in his path the two looked at eachother long and hard and both grabbed eachother holding tightly and kissing

"Punch him for me" she smirked as she kissed him

"You got it Wanda" he said as they reluctantly let go of eachother as she watched him run out the door of the Triskelion and pulled down his mask so there would be no skin showing as he shot a web into the nearest building and swung toward the building.

Abomination grappled with Hulk as the two pushed against each other in the streets when Superman was thrown into Hulk as Superbot followed shooting him again but Hulk shielded him taking the beams himself. Superman then recovered and shot out his energy blasts from his hands at Superbot knocking him back as Hulk jumped up and threw him into the damaged building, he flew out punching Hulk down below as he went down. Abomination sucked in a breath as he shot out a beam of combusion that exploded into Hulk as he fell and flew backwards more.

Iron Man flew out of the Triskelion a few minutes after Spider-Man and headed for the battle he shot out his beams at Abomination as he held Superman by the neck. Superman grabbed and threw him away as Superbot blasted him knocking him to the ground. Iron Man tackled the android into a already damaged building as he traded blows and surged energy into the robot trying to short his circuits. Superbot just shot his eye beams melting some of Iron Man's armor as he let go and the android grabbed and hurled him into the street below. Iron Man recovered and did a uppercut rocket punch sending the robot into the damaged building and blasted it so he was buried in rubble.

Logan caught the weight bar and threw it and Solider over him onto hid face. he then grabbed him around in a headlock as Solider struggled and bucked around as he rolled onto his back and elbowed him hard with his metal arm into his face as he got free and grabbed him by the neck picking him up and slamming him into the floor and then stomped making him fall below into a couple's bedroom where two ladies were in the middle of having kinky times. Logan got up as Solider jumped down but was knocked back by a lamp that Logan took as he tackled him out the window below as the naked women in mid kiss holding onto each other just stared at the spectacle they just saw and went back to their lesbian love. Solider got up as Logan swung at him wildly ke caught his arms twisting them as he wrapped his metsl arm around his neck and flipped him fast over his shoulder onto the ground. Logan did a double;e kick into Solider knocking him back as he lunged digging his claws into his chest as he heard him grunting but then he simply slammed his metal arm into his jaw breaking it and making him fly backwards.

Batman and Slade clashed their blades against eachother's as they jumped along rooftops. Slade did a flurry of strikes as Batman blocked each one and shot out several missiles from his gauntlet that knocked Slade back. Batman threw out several smoke grenades that impacted the area around Slade concealing Batman as Slade rushed forward striking air.

"Come on out Bats"

Slade said walking around swords at the ready as he looked out the one eye he had left as his second eye was now a monitor. Batman then snuck up behind him grabbing him around the neck with his metal arms as the mercenary thrashed around

"We both know there is one way this ends kid"

Slade growled as he reached behind grabbing the bat helmet and ripping it off him as he then jabbed it into the chest plate cracking it as he then jabbed his sword into it narrowly missing Bruce's body but staggered back releasing him.

"Either I die or You do"

Slade shouted and kicked him hard knocking him away. Batman got up as Slade rushed him and threw out his gauntlets and shot forward knocking him back.

Spider-Man crouched on the side of a building as he looked up at the Empire State Building towering above him as fires burned around casting a hellish glow on the once majestic skyscraper. He shot his web up at it and swung down above the fires through smoke as he landed on the side of the skyscraper as he shot tow webs and slingshotted up it. He reached the side parapet as a tentacle grabbed him and threw him into the side of the building as he turned around to see Octavius Doc Ock standing there holding onto building with two tenacles.

"I had a feeling you would be here Ock" Spidey said as he shot a web at him which he cut with one tenatcle's blade as Spider-Man launched forward tackling him puhcing him in the face as the two battled once more.

Superman punched out Abomination sending him down to the street as Hulk grabbed a semitruck and slammed it down onto him. Superbot flew out of the rubble his suit and cape damaged as he flew at Hulk when Superman grabbed his cape and spun him around sending him up into the sky.

"Guys we need to take these battles to higher ground" Superman said to Hulk and Iron Man as Abomination got up but was shot back down by Iron Man's unibeam.

"Oh no you don't"

Superbot said returning to the ground as he shot his eye beams into a building making it fall towards a crowd of terrified people.

Iron Man rocketed up grabbing the falling building along with Hulk who jumped up grabbing people as best as he could some pushing and screaming to be let go as Hulk jumped down letting them go as most fled but some were in awe until he roared as Superbot flew down. Hulk shielded them as his laser beams cut into his skin. Superman flew up and punched out the Superbot sending him away as Iron Man let the building fall sparing the people.

"You call yourselves Heroes, but look at it all They fear you You have lost their trust"

Superbot said as Iron Man shuddered remember those same words coming from Ultron the maniacal android.

"No we are Heroes"

Iron Man said and shot all his weapons at the evil robot as it collided with its eye beams. Superman looked down using his vision to see more people in danger as Hulk was punching Abomination trading blows. Superman turned to see Iron Man and Superbot locked in a beam battle as both gave it their all.

"You must realize They will never trust you again, They fear and hate you"

Superbot said keeping the beams from his eyes at same charge as Iron Man's repoulosrs and unibeam.

Superman then flew forward and shot the Superbot in the back as both beams exploded him and he fell to the top of the building where Batman and Slade were battling as they both were in a blade lock but jumped out of the way when Superbot's wreckage crashed down falling through the building's structures as the two jumped off onto the next rooftop as the building they were on crumbled trapping Superbot.

"I heard it before" Superman said grinning as Iron Man sighed relief and looked around trying to scan where the other robots are.

Spider-Man swung up the side of the State Building as Dock Ock held on with two tentacles and used the other two to fight him as Spidey swung out and kicked him into the floor as he grabbed him intending to knock him out but Ock grabbed him with one tentacle and hurled him outside. Spidey recovered and swung back in but was hit with a table Ock threw at him he webbed the table and swung it back nailing Ock making him fall down as Spidey shot two webs and catapulted both feet into Ock sending him up the floors smashing through finally knocking him out. Spidey swung back outside crawling the side to get to the top when he reached it Ock was waiting and swung his tentacle as Spidey ducked but the other smashed the piece he was holding onto as he began to fall Spidey swuickly webbed his face and used him as leverage to swing up and dropkicked Ock down as he grabbed him by the neck

"You made it Parker" a voice said as Spidey looked up to see Vector standing there in his black suit and breathing mask.

"Vector...." Spidey said growling as he faced his most dangerous enemy.

To Be Conintued...

Chapter Twentyone: Mayhem in The City Part 3 Edit

Spider-Man held the unconscious body of Doctor Octavius in his fist as he threw him down and turned to Vector standing there with the city in flames behind him.

“Peter Parker, the boy who lived…. Come to die?” Vector said laughing some.

“It’s over Vector” Peter said clenching his fists.

“And do you feel you can stop me?” Vector asked quizingly as his arms were behind his back like he knew Spider-Man posed no threat.

Peter just stared ahead and charged him and swung his fists as Vector dodged and weaved them grabbing on arm and bending it while throwing him around and away. Peter caught himself and did a roll to Vector who blocked his blows when he did a backflip and kicked into Vector’s chest as he caught his foot but did not expect him to spin and kick him across his face making hi stagger

“I see you learned some new tricks”

Vector said but then what really surprised him was how Spidey did a barrel kick knocking him back as he jabbed his fists into joints in Vector’s body making him go limp places as he was shocked.

“I see you learned my trick, But can you handle it?” Vector said clutching his chest as he tried to dodge more attacks and block some more.

“Guess we will find out"

Peter said fiercely fighting back as he kept the assault making Vector stagger and try to block. Vector threw his fist out but Peter caught it and grabbed him and judo flipped him over onto the ground as he grunted from the impact. Spidey jumped at him but Vector rolled to a safe distance as he flipped back up blocking a kick from Spidey and punching him back. Peter fell backwards as Vector took control of the fight beginning to overpower him.

Batman and Slade were locked in battle trading blade blows as they jumped around the new rooftop with the burning city around them.

"You will watch your city BURrrrrn"

Slade shouted as he jabbed a dagger from his pocket into Batman's armor plate that was already damaged as he staggered. But Batman just threw a grenade into Slade knocking him back.

"I don't intend to" Batman said gritting his teeth as his suit was beginning to fail. Slade got up and bullrushed him knocking him backwards as he pounded his gloved fists into the suit cracking it more as Batman tried to throw him off finally clicking the ejector button as he shot backwards out of the suit and the armor beeped as Slade tried to get out of the wya and the suit exploded.

"I'm sending orders to ARGUS to bring in the troops to try and evacuate the city" Amanda Waller said to Nick Fury who just turned to her.

"And why didnt we decidet his when the city was first being attacked" he screamed.

"because I thought your heroes would be enough obviously they are not as I still have reports of the androids causing damage" Waller snapped.

"Sir look at this" Maria Hill said turning on a satellite imagery of the city, showing the damage is contained around the Empire State Building

"Now what the fuck is the purpose of that?" Fury asked confused.

"it seems to be a barricade around the center of the city" Maria said crossing her arms.

"But why, I understnd using copy robots to make it look like the heroes are evil but why just around that area?"

"Um guys look" Maria said sounding scared. The two turned to the imagery as the fires were being arranged to form a symbol

"Okk now what the fuck is THAT" Waller asked staring incredulously.

"checking databases No known symbols like that" Maria said.

Logan clutched his jaw as he got to his feet in time for Wintersoldier to slam his metal arm across his back sending him back down

"You won;t stop all that is too come" Solider finally spoke.

Logan coughed blood as he got to his hands and knees chuckling

"So you can speak" he said. Solider just slammed his foot up knocking Logan backwards onto his back as he dropped his foot on his neck pressing so he choked.

"Vector told me what was to come, And I will make sure it happens" Solider said.

"Anddd,, whatt diddd hee sayy" Logan coughed trying to remove the man's foot from his neck.

"The End"

Solider said simply as he pressed harder. Logan growled and jabbed his claws into the foot as Solider shouted in pain and released him. Logan got up and tackled him as the two tumbled backwards as he began slicing across his mask and chest as Solider heaved him off but the mask being removed as Logan stared into the eyes of this enemy. He had a pale face and black eyeliner

"Why you wearing makeup"

Logan laughed some as Solider grimaced and kicked his leg up into Logan's gut as he grabbed him by his arm in a choke and threw him over and onto the ground hard as he bent his leg back and jabbed his foot into it as a snapping sound was heard. Logan screamed in pain as he felt his leg break in two his adamantium snapped. Solider just smirked as he held him by the other leg and dragged him towards the edge as he hurled him off into the fires below

"rest in peices Logan" he said watching him fall below disappearing.

Superman flew down trying to help people as Abomiantion grabbed him from behind and threw him into a damaged building as he turned to the people and grinned evilly and crushed them underfoot

"You love these people, even though they fear you?" He said throatlly.

Superman got up watching in horror as the people were killed filling his heart with rage as he charged forward grabbing Abomination and the two flew through buildings as they reached the park where the Flatiron Building was as he pounded him into the grass as he jabbed a tree into him intending to kill him.

Hulk was busy helping Iron Man rescue people who still booed and ran in fear

"Why have you brought this terror upon us?" a woman holding a baby said.

"it's your fault" Another man shouted. Iron Man and Hulk looked at eachother.

"You guys are supposed to be heroes" a child said and that tore Tony's heart apart.

"Yeah, You guys are supposed to be heroes" a familair voice said as the two whirled around in terror to see the one and only Ultron standing there damaged.

"You. Your gone, ripped apart" Tony said scared as he stared into those evil red eyes

"You think a shutdown code could keep me down?" Ultron chuckled in his sick robtoic voice. HUlk was scared too but quickly returned to anger as he rushed forward. Ultron just shot out his eye beams at the rampaging Hulk sending him backwards.

"You can;t be here" Tony said backing becoming a shield for the people who watched terrified but backed away when he got close.

"You see I told you, The City doesnt need you anymore"

Ultron said in his permanent evil grin. Tony just shot forth his unibeam and impacted Ultron's chest as he staggered grunting.

"Looks like your off your game"

Tony said putting his plate down and rocketing forward punching him hard in the face as he recolied and kneed him in the gut and then uppercutted his jaw cracking it. Ultron staggered as Iron Man didnt let up and kept delivering blow after blow finally picking him up and hurled him into a truck smashing it.

"Your not real, your that Superman bot cloaked to look like Ultron" Tony said shooting forth his beams melting part of "Ultron's" armor as he groaned.

"I'm very real, real enough to finish you"

Ultron said getting uop and shot forward grabbing him by his neck and hurling him into the ground and stimping down but Tony rocketed to safety and came back slamming his arm across his face making him fall to his arms and knees.

"Your a carbon copy of what I dread" Tony said as he placed his hands on Ultron's back and surged energy into it as Ultron groaned in pain.

"Ultron could conduct energy" Tony said and slammed his kneeplate into Ultron's jaw breaking it and finally grabbed him by the waist and hurled him into the sky as Tony shot both his repulosrs and unibeam into the robot destroying him as he fell to the street in an explosion. Tony walked up as he saw the robot's image melt revealing him as the Superbot as it titled its head to him

"Yoouu.... Will Losee This..." It said creepily.

Tony just cocked his beam and shot it point blank blasting a hole in its head as its eyes dimmed and sparked.

"We already lost" Tony said solemly as he stared down at the destroyed robot and then up at the people around as they looked on in fear anger despair and some awe. Tony looked away as he rocketed upward.

Peter ducked a blow from Vector as he returned one to his rib cage making him stagger now using his own chi blocking technique against him Vector then grabbed his arms and lifted him into the air and threw him away. Spidey landed on the roof skidding ripping some of his suit showing skin. He got back up as Vector did a dropkick into him. Spidey shot webs out and slingshotted taking his head between his legs and flipping him to the ground grabbing his arm and putting him in an armbar.

“My sister taught me that one”

Peter said bending his arm painfully. Vector grunted as he reached his other arm over and bent one of his legs as Spidey let go and he got free grabbing him by the head in a headlock and throwing him to the ground as he picked him up on his knees keeping the grip.

“Watch as your city burns”

Vector hissed through hi breathing mask as Spidey groaned and struggled manageing to kick his feet into his groin as he groaned releasing and Spidey grabbed his arm and threw him over landing hard on the ground. Spidey grabbed his legs and bent them backwards as he held his arms as wel in a painful hold.


Vector said as he easily got out of it by using Peter’s weight to roll him off and then did a flurry of chii blocking moves into him disabling him.

“But mistaken”

Vector said chuckling as he got up wincing as he readjusted his arm. Peter stumbled to his feet but was taken down by a roundhouse kick to the head by Vector. Peter fell to the ground in pain as he then felt the sensation of the control grip that plagued him for so long as Vector dragged him across the roof scraping his suit showing more skin.

“The more skin the more powerful it becomes”

Vector said as he then lifted Peter into the air and hurled him into the wall cracking it and dragged him across the roof to the satellite pole and hurled him into it then bringing him back releasing the grip. Peter groaned as he lay at Vector’s feet who looked down chuckling

“I told you I would destroy you when the time was right” Vector said squinting his eyes evilly.

Batman looked on at the destroyed bat armor as he saw Slade rise from the fires his costume singed and half burnt off as the half of his mask was gone showing his one good eye

"I'm impressed, You are the fight I've been waiting for"

Slade said admiring Batman's persistence. He picked up the flaming wreckage and hurled it at him. Batman rolled away as it flew over the edge. He got back up as Slade charged bullrushing him sending him down to the edge as he dug his blade into his arm and knelt on him staring down.

"it ends now"

Slade grinned as he raised his second sword and threw it down as Batman quickly grabbed a gas grenade and shoved it into his face making him scream an fall off as Batman rolled him off and down below onto another ledge below. Batman jumped down landing on him in a headscissors as he flipped them to the ground managing to get him in a armbar

"An armbar? Are you serious?" Slade said laughing as he easily lifted his arm with Batman holding on and slammed him against the side. Batman slumped off as Slade threw a dagger into his neck. Slade approiached when he whirled around as an explosion was heard as a building collapsed behind him. Batman took the chance to jab a bataraang into his knee joint as he screamed in pain falling down as Batman grabbed his head in a headlock and shoved him through the window into a office smashing a table. Slade recovered holding his leg as Batman walked in and kicked him hard in the face knocking him down. Slade goraned and stood up as batman jabbed his gauntlet blades into his back and with his other hand picked him up by his neck and hurled him over into 4 cubicles smashing them. Batman threw out several greandes making the area explode as he ran out into the hallway as the enitre office erupted in fire. He got up and panted checking his wounds when A arm punched through the wall grabbing him and pulling him in as he saw Slade now burned and scarred worse.

"Want to know where I got these scars/" Slade asked as Batman rolled his eyes

"No But I know where you got these"

he said as if he had heard it before and slashed his gauntlet blades across his face and detacthed them so they stuck in his face as he pushed off and ducked for cover as they exploded knocking him back.

Superman finally stepped back as Abomination lied there with several trees jabbed into him as he weakly groaned. Superman panted and looked around as he saw people staring in terror and some fled. He sighed sadly knowing this was the end of trust. But then a hand grabbed him by the face as Abomination rised pulling the trees out and then throwing him down the street into the Flatiron building. Superman recovered as Abomination hurled a semi into it which Superman flew avoiding as it exploded behind him Abomination slamme him hard with a tree he had pulled out and picked him up hurling him up the building slcing into the front of it as Superman recovered himself and hovered staring down

"You will watch this" Abomination laughed as he turned to the people gathered and sucked in a huge breath as he threw his head forward shooting out a combustion beam at the crowds as Superman's eyes widened and flew down as fast as he ever did and landed taking the full force of the beams and getting thrown backwards into a building. Abomination chuckled as he went forward ready to crush the people as he charged his beam again grinning sadistiacally when Superman flew into him shoving a truck box onto his head as the beam impacted and exploded sending Abomination back as Superman slid aross the street landing near the people. Abomination fell backwards landing with a thud into the Flatiron building's structure as smoke came from where his head was. Superman panted watching realizing it blew his head off as he turned to see people watching in awe and terror, But then some clapped as he had just saved their lives

"Thank you Superman" a child said walking up to him as he looked down and smiled kneeling down patting the child on her head.

"No, Thank you" He said choking back tears as others crowded around some cheering.

Peter was in agony as he tried to get up but was pushed back down by Vector’s control grip.

“I knew there was a reason why you were special” Vector said.

Peter just grimaced as he tried to move and managed to stare up at his hated foe “what.. do.. you mean by that shithead” he said.

Vector just chuckled. “Why do you think you were able to learn my technique without any training with the League of Shadows”.

“I..t just cme to me when Logan was being tormented by your sick toy Ultron” Peter winced.

“No, it just finally sunk in” Vector said arms behind his back but still Peter was in the control grip.

“You don’t even know what your true power is” Vector laughed as he kept the grip walking to look out at the burning city.

“My t..rue power??” Peter asked weakly.

“Yes, how else were you able to tame three wild souls to join you in your crusade” Vector explained.

“How were you able to survive faintly a direct blow from Wolverine, and how your DNA was used to create one of the worst villains ever” He kept talking. As Peter knew he meant Carnage.

“What are you trying to say?” Peter asked tilting his head to look over at Vector who had his back to him.

“Did you ever wonder why?” Vector said simply as Peter just thought about it. And Vector laughed.

“You want to know why I am here?, what my goal is?” Vector said. Peter grunted as in a yes.

“I am here to awaken my father the great En Saba Nur, or known to the history as Apocalypse” Vector said grandly.

Peter’s eyes widened as one time he read a history book on Egypt and it mentioned a great pharaoh warlord feared by all.

“You are his son…” Peter asked getting to his knees and hands as he felt the grip was weakened.

“Yes I am” Vector said “He taught me my power” referring to the controlling grip.

“But that was over 3000 years ago?” Peter exclaimed as he got to his feet ready to fight again as Vector was distracted.

“Yes, I wear this mask because of it” Vector replied as he turned to see Peter rushing forward intending to jab him , Vector dodged and grabbed his arm bending behind and throwing him away into the ground face first and replaced him in the controlling grip.

“2000 years ago I went to the great Ra’s Al Ghul after my father was sealed away. He told me that the tomb would open this month and only if enough energy from the fighting spirit was collected Then would the doors to the afterlife open and Apocalypse would rise again” Vector monologued

“Ra’s gave me this special mask that injects my skin with the power of his ageless device called the Lazarus Pit it makes me not age as he also gave me a cryochamber that I would sleep in until last year when I awoke and began my mission” Vector continued.

“So all of the events releasing the Expiriments, the Assassins, Ultron and now this assault, all to gather the fighting spirit of all of us to revive your father?” Peter asked as everything began making sense.

“Yes, and I am close to achieving this goal Only one more thing I need”Vector said staring right at him. “You, brother…” Vector said.

Peter just gasped and froze still as those words left his mouth.

To be Continued.

Chapter Twentytwo: The Child of Saba Part 1 Edit

“Brother???” Peter Parker said as the revelation Vector gave him sunk in.

“yes, You are the long lost child of En Saba Nur” Vector explained staring right at him.

 “Sr-Eith-Nur, Man Spider or Spider-Man” Vector chuckled. As Peter looked on in disbelief.

“How can this even be?” Peter asked regaining himself.

“When our father was laid to rest, you took it on yourself to rule Egypt until such a time I left you to pursue bringing dad back” Vector explained.

“What about Jessica and my parents?” Peter asked incredulously.

“They are your adoptive family where We are your biological family” Vector explained

“Then how would Carnage have been born from my DNA?” Peter asked beginning to fight back the control grip as he got angrier.

“Because Carnage is our old enemy” Vector explained. “he was the sorcerer who served father for years and finally killed him and then killed you but I returned to wreak terrible vengeance and slaughtered him and his followers not knowing he had implanted seeds of his susbstance into your body as you reincarnated into Peter Parker he followed you and remained dormant until Project LightStorm awakened not only your dormant powers but him as well” Vector explained as Peter began to understand it but still breaking free from his grp

“Enough of your lies!”

He shouted and swung wildly at Vector who was busy explaining he was off guard as Peter punched him in the face and elbowed him hard grabbing his mask and trying to rip it off as he hurled him over his shoulder. Vector gaspsed as he felt the mask almost slipping off but managed to grab his head and flip him over and into a headlock shoving him into the wall.

“It’s true, Every word of it” Vector screamed at him as he kept him from fighting. “You even had spider like powers when you were born, I was taught my powers You were born with them” Vector explained keeping his grip on him shoving him away.

“How is This even Possible” Peter screamed as he tried to attack but was brought back down by a flurry of moves by Vector.

“But you avenged father by defeating Carnage” Vector said, “Now you can fufill your destiny with me to revive our father” Peter was astonished as he struggled in the grip that held him so many times as his mind raced. Could he really be telling the truth?...

Batman staggered as he looked around at the office on fire no sign of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke.

"I know you're there Slade" Batman said on guard when the floor erupted as Slade burst through grabbing him in a headlock and shoving him through the walls towards the windows as Slade chuckled

"You were right, Now you die"

Slade said squeezing his head as Batman felt like it would pop off as he dangled above the raging inferno of destroyed buildings. Slade's face was almost completely burned off as he held him when Batman shoved his head into him and grabbed the window panels and swung out as Slade let go and he swung back delivering a dropkick. Slade fell down in pain as Batman jumped him and threw him down the hallway.

Superman was happier then he had been in a long time since Vector's schemes had turned the city against him and his friends but now surrpunded by this crowd of people cheering and prasing him he couldnt help himself from shedding tears but n explosion in the distance snapped him back to reality as he looked across the destroyed park to the devastated area where many battles were taking place. He turned to the crowd

"I must go now, I promise I will stop this and bring peace again but you all need to get out of the city" He said as everyone calpped and nodded smiling as he flew up and toward the raging inferno as he wiped away tears. He returned to Times Square where people were trying to run for cover as buildings crumbled and fires raged. Iron Man flew down carrying a group of people as Superman helped as they ran away

"What is the point they hate us" Iron Man said shooting a stream of extinguisher over the fires nearby dousing them

"I killed Abomination" Superman said someplace as Hulk also heard and turned around as Iron Man just stared at him.

"You Killed Him?" Tony asked shocked. Superman nodded

"And in front of a crowd of people who were about to be killed by him" Superman said.

"He's really gone?" Hulk asked as he felt a mix of emotions now that his long time nemesis and rival was gone.

"And the people cheered there are still those who trust us" Superman said feeling hopeful again.

"Where?" Tony asked dousing more fires.

"Over in the...... non damaged area...." Superman began but then began thinking how odd that was.

"non damaged area?" Tony asked equally confused. Hulk also looked around.

"Lets get a arial view" Tony said as he and Superman flew up and looked around only to see that the fires and destruction were in a ring of sorts from the beginning of Central Park bordering Hell's Kitchen to the west and ending at the beginning of Madison Park and ending at the Triskelion's entrance.

"Its a contained attack" Tony said scannng everything as he saw helicopters in the skies and battleships coming down the river

"ARGUS vehciles" Superman said using his vision. Tony nodded and called Waller.

"What is it?" Waller said as she watched next to Fury as the ships and copters arrived.

"What are your troops doing here?" Tony asked.

"To evacuate the city" She said. Tony and Superman looked at eachother.

"I assume you realized that this attack is contained but for what reason we don;t know get as many people from the battlezone as we evacuate those closest to it" Waller said.

"Understood" Tony said as he turned off the radio.

"Let's save them" Superman as both nodded and flew down going past the Empire State Building.

“So this only ends if I sacrifice myself and revive Apocalypse?” Peter asked struggling in the grip.


Vector said. Peter titled his head to look out across his city in flames and damaged people screaming and booing the trust of the people replaced by anger and despair. He then noticed the helicopters and battlships arriving

"Ah Waller's calvary has arrived to try and save their doomed lives" Vectour said chuckling as he pulled out a comlink "Wipe them out" he said turning to Peter as he chuckled. At that instant the Hulkbot, Wolvebot, Ironbot and Batbot as well as a dozen Ultronites all stopped their destorying and headed for the new arrivals.

"No one can save them now" Vector said laughing evilly as Peter watched helpessly.

"We are picking up enemy targets coming on us" A captain said as he looked at the radar

"They are coming" Waller said nervously as Fury folded his arms and headed out.

"Where are you going?" Waller asked.

"To stop them" Fury said grinning.

Wintersolider peeked over the side as he heard a helicopter overhead as he turned his head up The helicopter opened fire shooting bullets at him as he dodged and ducked for cover He pulled out peices of a weapon and started connecting them building something. he finished and held a bazooka as he stepped out when the helicopter stopped firing and shot it down as the copter flew over and crashed into a neighboring building demolsishing its top. Solider walked forward intending to shoot another as he didnt notice behind someone crawling up over the ledge. He felt a sharp stabbing pain as he whirled around to see Wolverine/Logan stabbing him with both his claws as he dropped the gun and slammed his metal arm into his face cracking his jaw more making him stagger as he kicked him away. Logan fell down as Solider walked menacingly toward him

"I thought you were dead, Guess you don't learn"

he said and picked him up by the throat with the arm and hurled him across the roof to the otherside, Logan got back up as the Solider ran forward and he charged him as well but did a barrel roll and managed to trip him sending him sprawling. Logan quickly grabbed a metal chain laying nearby and wrapped it around his head and shoved it into the wall Solider kicked him hard in the gut enough to send him sliding. Solider pulled the chain off Logan rushd forward swinging his blades as Solider strafed and delivered a knee to his gut as Logan reeld over he bent his leg up kicking him in the head making him stagger as he flipped back up and did a flurr of swipes that Solider could nit block and fell to his knees as Logan tried again but Solider headbutted his gut and threw him backwards he then laughed

"You really never learn" he said.

"yeah actually I do" Logan said turning around holding the bazooka as Solider froze in fear. Logan fired upward as it flew over Solider's head as he chuckled

"You missed.."

He said laughing. But Logan's smirk made him turn around as the rocket impacted the small tower behind him as it began to fall, Solider turned to Logan who jumped off the ledge below as the tower fell onto Wintersolider and exploded the area, Logan groaned as he landed below dislocating his shoulder as he got up dodging falling debris as he laughed in relief as he entered the building limping and coughing as he headed for the elevator when Wintersolider crashed through the celeing tackling him right through the floors down down finally landing as a searing metal arm grabbed his skin burning it and lifted him up as Solider had a burnt face and torn clothes

"A good try but futile"

he said as he hurled him down the hallway towards the window. Logan got up as he ducked a blow from him as he slashed across his chest but his arm was grabbed and twisted around as Solider shoved his foot into his back snapping his arm as he screamed in pain. Logan swung with his working arm but missed as Solider grabbed it wit his metal arm searing his skin and twisted it around too. He then picked up the broken Wolverine over his head and held out his knee

"Now I break you" he said as he slammed his back hard onto his knee as a sickening cracking sound was heard but not from Logan but from Solider himself as the metal spine collided with his knee and he dropped to the floor with Logan landing ontop he scissored his neck with his legs and dug his claws into his shoulder where his metal arm was as he screamed in pain

"Sorry I don;t break bub" Logan said as he kept his claws in the shoulder and grabbed the metal arm with his hand and with a strain he ripped the arm clear off as SOlider screamed in agony as he rolled onto his side aching in pain.

"I break others" Logan said grinning and picked him up by his collar and then smacked him away with his own arm. Solider fell down sliding as Logan slammed his metal arm down upon his face as he cried out in pain. Logan stepped over him as he held the metal arm out like a sword and plunged it right into the man's chest as he gasped and coughed up blood falling limp as he stared up at Logan's fierce face

"He will rise again, and thereee is nothghh you cann doo about it...."

Wintersolider said before collpasing dead as Logan let go of the arm and stood up as best he could panting

"we will see about that" he said confused by the words he spoke. He then went to the window and looked out toward the Empire State Building

"Vector..." he said and staggered down the stairs.

Hulkbot smashed the battleships's bridge as Ironbot blasted apart the decks of each making them either sink or crash into the shoreline.

"Waller we are being torn apart" the captain shouted over radio as he screamed in pain as Wolvebot decaptated him.

Ironbot hovered near the damaged battlships when he was blown apart by a blast as out of the smok stepped Nick Fury holding the energy gun Phill Coulson tried to use against Ultron before dying.

"i'm tired of these mothercucking robots in my motherfucking city"

Fury screamed as he shot his cannon at the Hulkbot blasting off its arm as it roared and chaged him. Fury dodged as he shot off it's leg as it fell down but managed to whack him back with a punch. Fury got up as the Wolvebot apporahced grolwing. But then it was shorted out by a ion blast as Fury turned around to see Amanda Waller standing there with a cannon as she blasted the Hulkbot.

"Couldnt let you have all the fun" Waller said grinning as she helped him up. They whirled around as a swarm of Ultronite robots apprached.

"Lets kick some ass" he said charging the cannon as both directors rushed forward blasting left and right Ultronites as they were destroyed or shut down. Waller dodged a energy beam from one as she smacked the cannon across three Ultronites breaking them and then stepping on a fallen one and blasted it with her gun. Fury did a spin pulling out his revolver as he shot Ultronites attacking from behind and front as he ducked as two collided with eachother and he slammed his guns into them but was grabbed from behind by one being choked it was blasted apart by Waller who ducked a blow from one and smashed its skull with her gun and shot down another one.

"I havent had this much fun in years" Waller shouted as she blew apart more and more

Fury equally kept blowing apart Ultronites and doing combo moves along with firing "Bitch, I have been in almost every war or this century This is nothing" he shouted ovr the screaming of the robots.

"pssh oh sure, military training will prepare you for evil robot hordes" Waller said blasting more and kicking on down.

"You got that right bitch" Fury shouted as his cannon was out and he grabbed a metal railing and slammed it across several Ultronites as he did a kung fu move and took down five more. He then jabbed the raling into a Ultronite riding it to the ground rolling forward and grabbing a mounted gatling gun as he stood up and began to unleash hell on the Ultronites. Waller was still slamming her cannon against them and ducking beams and blows as she got back to back with Fury as he was blowing things away

"Could you get a bigger gun?" She asked shooting approaching robots.

"Less talking more hauling metal ass" he shouted as he blew apart more finally he was out and just used the gatling gun as a club smashing apart robots as Waller fended off more with some metal poles showing her kung fu skills. Finally the Ultronites were defeated as the two directors panted standing there amongst the piles of metal bodies.

"That should buy them enough time" Fury said nodding to Waller who wiped sweat from her forehead

"yea hopefully" she replied as one began to stir without even looking she plunged her pole into its head shutting it down

Batman and Slade rolled across the floor trading blows as they hammered eachother with their fists when Slade finally picked him up and shoved him into the walls as Batman ducked a strike and did a flurry of jabs trying to use his chi blocking he learned from the League of Shadows but they did nothing to Slade who laughed and slammed his elbow into Batman's spine as a cracking sound was heard making him collapse.

"You think a weak version of Vector's skills can take me down?" he roared with laughter as he picked him up by his cape and spun him around and flung him out the window into the sky. Batman was disoriented but managed to shoot a cable to swing as he reached into his belt and picked out a hand full of grenades as he hurled them into the area Slade was at who just gasped as the area expoloded and caused the enitre top of the building to collapse as Batman swung down to the streets groaning in pain as he ran down the streets to where Hulk and Iron Man were.

"Bruce" Tony said seeing his friend approach and ran to high five him

"Stark" Bruce said panting as he was worn out from his battle with Slade. Hulk was carrying a group of people and shoved them in the direction of the battlships as he ran back to get more.

"Slade is neutralized" Batman said as he began to help people.

"You killed him?" Tony asked shocked that the no killing Batman would do it

"I doubt it i just threw grenades in and collpased the building he was in, Im sure he will be back" Batman said.

"My suit?" Tony asked seeing that he as in his torn normal batsuit.

"yea it kind of blew up" Batman said. Tony sighed as he helped more people.

"So where is the rest" Bruce asked.

"I dont know where Wolverine and Spider-man are, Superman is in another section trying to evacuate people as evacuation ships and copters have arrived by ARGUS" Tony explained.

Wanda watched from the monitor as Magneto was still retstrained as she turned to him

"Come on Father, End this" She pleaded.

Magneto shook his head "It's Too late, The End is soon" he said as Wanda rolled her eyes and zapped him with a energy induced stethoscope as he groaned in pain.

Down below in the lair the energy machine was glowing surging and its gauge was near the top as far above on the Empire State Building Vector stood breathing in and out

"It wont be long before the machine will have enough and our father will rise again" He explained turning to Peter who lied there in pain from his control grip.

"Your father, NOT MINE" Peter shouted angrily as vector responded by telekinetically throwing him across the roof skidding and ripping his suit.

"You are his son as well, and my brother and it is Our destiny to revive him together" Vector explained.

" No I'm Not and I would never help you asshole" Peter said defiantly trying to stand up as Vector threw him around again.

"You and your friends already have, your fighting spirits have supplied almost all of the energy required. But it was I orchestrating these events to exert your spirits to fuel the machine" Vector said happily as his plans were coming to fruition.

"It is inevitable, Nothing will stop it" Vector said growling at his brother's defiance.

"Yes I will" peter screamed gaining as much strnegth as he could muster and finally broke free from his grip and charged him punching and kicking him as Vector was astonished and tried to block but was thrown back. Peter didnt let up and did a flurry of pucnhed into his face as he held his arms down with his feet and grabbed his mask trying to rip it off

"You see, No one has ever broken my grip willingly, That proves you are the son of En Saba Nur" Vector exclaimed as he felt agony as the mask was slowly being removed.

"I will die before I ever help free a monster" Peter shouted straining as he tried to remove the mask with Vector screaming in pain

"You will die..."

Vector said suddenly and then flipped him off him with his legs and got up bending Peter's arms around making him web themselves so he was in a web straight jacket as he then dropkicked him toward the ledge. vector apporahced and then jabbed his fist into his throat area as Peter gasped and struttered falling to the floor at Vector;s feet.

"It is only a matter of time"

Vector said coldly as Peter looked over the ledge feeling helpess again as he watched his city burn down and all he could hear was Vector;s sick laughter.....

To Be Continued

Chapter Twentythree: The Child of Saba Part 2 Edit

The ARGUS battlships were either sinking or crashed into the shore except for one which was being captained by Amanda Walller and Nick Fury. helicopters landed on the tops of several damaged buildings as people were being evacuated.

"I called in some favors and jets are being loaded with water bombs that we will drop on the fires" Fury said as Waller nodded.

"It will make no difference" Vector said laughing as he watched from the top of the Empire State Building as Peter Parker was at his feet in pain.

"No matter what you do the Heroes will stop you" Peter groaned as he got the strngth to do a sweep kick and managed to trip Vector down as he scissored his head and shot two webs making a slingshot

"But maybe I will right now" peter said as he let it go and made Vector fly forward off the building screaming, But Peter wasnt free yet as he felt the control grip pull him off as well as he fell with Vector down below onto the side roof 10 meters down. Both men got up and did a combo of moves on eachother battling back and forth as Vector slammed him into the wall Peter cralwd up the wall and got behind him and shoved his face in as he once again tried to remove the mask but Vector used his grip to throw him off and headbutted backwards. peter staggered as Vector did a roundhouse kick knocking him back and then held his hands out making him stay agains the wall.

"You can't escape your destiny, Sr-Eith-Nur" Vector said as Peter screamed in anger at the thought of him even being a son of Apocalypse.

Vector heard a roaring up above as he looked to see jets fly around spraying water down onto the city's fires trying to douse them.

'It's pointless to resit the end is coming and nothing can stop it" Vector hissed getting angry when he lurched in pain as he felt a stabbing sensation as he turned to see Logan the Wolverine there with his claws in his back and he then hurled him away towards the edge.

"We can try" Logan said as he helped Peter up and gave him his new mask. "Together" He said grinning as Peter's face wa sbadly hurt from his fight as the two turned to Vector who recovered adjusting his coat and mask.

"So you came to die with your friend" He said.

"No we came to kick your ass" Logan shouted as Peter shot a web out to distract Vector whle Logan charged in, it worked as Logan swung his blades at the man who dodged and ducked delivering his chi blocking to his ribcagse as Logan groaned

"Seems like my associates did a number on you already" Vector chuckled as he grabbed his arm bending it but was knocked back by a dropkick by Peter. Peter then did a spin kick that Vector ducked and jabbed his fist into his chest sending him back as Logan got back up and slashed across his chest, Vector winced and staggered as Logan headbutted him but Vector grabbed his head and flipped him right over as h wrapped his own arm around his neck but Peter jumped on him headlocking as all three men struggled.

helicopters descended on the burning Times Square where Iron Man, Superman and Hulk were busy trying to help people.

"get everyone to safety Vector still has a bomb here below the city" Iron Man shouted as people panicked.

"I've been running scans but there is nothing that is giving off heat for miles" Batman said.

"If he wanted to detonate it he would have by now" Superman said shooting his eye beams to stabilize a falling building.

"Unless , he is distracted..." Hulk said as he carried people to the helicopters.

"Pete" Tony said looking up through the fires as he saw the Empire State Building a shining beacon within a sea of flames.

Over in a wreckage a man limped out falling to his hands and knees as he began to crawl, it was Slade Wilson who was beaten up from his fight with Batman as he reached for his pocket where he pulled out a radio and flicked it on throatily shouting

"Ve..ctoor" He got no response as he threw it down and crawled into a abandoned jeep and drove off with it towards the State Building.

More planes flew over dropping water bombs across the city as the helicopters loaded with people flew to the Jersey side as everyone was watching the fires from there

"What is going on over there?" some asked as the skyline was on fire.

"There is a situation with a group of villains called the Assassins lead by a known terrorist" a solider said.

"Lies, It was those so called Heroes I saw them destroy our city with my own eyes" one evacuee said.

"Yeah I saw it too, They are to blame" another shouted angrily as others began joining in as some were confused as why the heroes would do this.

"Why would they do this?" a woman asked holding a child.

"They wouldn't its a set up" one other SHIELD captains said.

"How do you know?" another asked as more began to argue whether the Heroes were good or bad.

Vector held Logan in a headlock as Peter held him in a headlock as the three men staggered trying to choke eachother around the roof. Vector slammed his lebow into Peter's neck making him fall off clutching his throat as He did a kick to his head knocking him backwards. Logan stabbed into Vector's leg as he groaned and fell backwards as Logan did a spin of his body and rolled off him as both got back up. Logan swung fist his fist as Vector dodged grabbed it and bent it outward as he groaned he shot his leg up and hit him right in the head as he staggered letting go. Logan did a flip and slashed his claws across the man's chest and did a spin strike across his breathing mask as he staggered clutching it in pain.

"Hurts huh bub"

Logan said gritting his teeth as he did a dropkick into Vector sending him down. Vector staggered as he tried to use his control grip but Logan had no skin showing so he dodged another blow and got behind him doing a quick flury of jabs into his back making him fall to his knees and finally did a spinkick across his head knocking him down.

"You are no match for me bub"

Vector said readjusting his coat and then jabbed his foot into his ribcage kicking him. Logan groaned as he tried to get up when He caught another jab of his foot and made him trip backwards. Vector landed on the roof with a thud as Logan jumped him stabbing into his shoulders as he slowly dug his claw into the breathing mask as Vector wheezed and coughed in pain.

Logan got back up as he looked over to see Peter still laying there unconscious as he went over to try and wake him.

"come on Pete buddy wake up" he said.

"You have no idea what he truly is Logan" vector said getting up as well clutching his mask trying to readjust it.

"He's a hero and my best friend" Logan said turning to the enemy.

"No, he is more then that" Vector said chuckling as he readjusted his mask.

"Shut up fucker" Logan said as he ran at him which Vector expected and surprised him with a metal bar to the face sending him down. Vector chuckled and jabbed the bar right through Logan's shoulder as he screamed in pain.

"Pathetic" Vector said shaking his head.

"Leave him aloneee" Peter's voice made Vector turn as he saw his long lost brother standing up.

"Oh good your awake have you decided to do your job?" Vector said feninging happiness. Peter just staggered as he eyed his enemy.

"No, I will never help you" Peter delcared as Vector squinted his eyes at the defiant hero.

"So be it...." he said coldly.

The Heroes were still at work rescuing people when suddenly Batman flew down landing hard on his back as the others looked up to see the Batman robot along with a damaged Iron Man bot.

"Can't let you do that" The Batbot siad and threw down a grenade that exploded in a group of people as Batman looked on in horror. Iron Man flew up shooting at him but was met with beams colliding with his from the Ironbot.

"People don't deserve to live" he said evilly as he shot his rockets down at Hulk who grabbed some and threw them each direction as Superman blasted them apart and flew up punching out the Batbot.

Back in the Triskelion, Magneto was still locked up in his plastic prison as he looked to his wrist at the gauge of energy from the machine. Wanda stood by his side as she noticed him acting up.

"it's almost time"

He muttered as he was one of the only ones Vector had told him of his real plan. He reached out his senses as he felt for metal anywhere finally finding two screws in the door down the hall as he used his influence to make them come out and spin around drilling a hole in the plastic door as he shot them forward crashing it Wanda tried to stop him but she was easily taken down kncoked out by a metal plate smacking her on the head from above.

"I'm sorry my dear"

Magneto lamented stepping over Wanda's unconscious body as guards came to stop him with plastic weapons but Magento just stepped out and threw the screws into each guard's chests making them fall down dead.

"homosapiens" he said shaking his head and grabbing his helmet as he stepped over them and headed out.

"We have checked each plausible location but there is no sign of the bomb" a SHIELD swat said as he led a group round the tunnels below.

"Keep checking It's got to be there" Waller said over radio from her battleship as she led the remaining ones out of the city carrying thousand of people.

"We are over at East Tunnel out of the city and nothing" another swat said.

"I keep thinking he was bluffing" Fury said folding his arms as he was on a helicopter overseeing the evacuation near the damaged zone.

"But why did he bluff" Waller asked.

"To get Peter alone with him" a voice said over com as they heard it was Logan

"Logan? where are you?" Tony Stark said dodging a blast from his android copy.

"Up on the Empire State Building where Peter is engaging Vector" he said groaning as he as in pain.

"he's still here?, if he has a bomb then what is he doing here still?" Waller shouted.

"Stalling us" Logan said gritting his teeth.

"But for what?" Fury asked.

Down below in the lair the machine glowed brightly as it surged more and a echoing laugh was heard

Time was running out......

To Be Continued

Chapter Twentyfour: The Countdown Edit

PRIEVOUSLY ON UNISON: the ancient son of the great warlord En Saba Nur known as Vector has begun a plan to resurrect his father by using the fighting energy of people to do so he orchestrated a chain of events starting with releasing Doctor Doom's old Expiriements to cause a distraction while he went to get a mercenary named Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, He also got an assassin named Wintersolider and in a fiendish move he crippled SHIELD's defenses, stole schematics for Tony Stark's armor suits and gained Slade's brother wade Wilson known as Deadpool. With this technology he built an unstoppable robot named Ultron who caused major destruction and damage to the Heroes and their city planting seeds for the people to turn against them. His plan was realized when he sent android duplicates of the Heroes to destroy a contained area of the city as his soliders held off the Heroes, Finally he called Spider-Man to him and finally revealed the truth that Spider-Man was his brother and lost son of Apocalypse....

Logan had given the information that it was a trap as he lied there as Vector and Peter Parker traded blows with eachother both using the same chi blocking technique

"Your plan will fail" Peter shouted as he dodged a strike from Vector who countered with a uppercutt and a roundhouse kick.

"it will If you will not accept your destiny I will force it upon you"

Vector shouted as he grabbed his arm and spun him around into the wall as he ripped off his mask and began to use his control grip bending Peter's limbs every which way as he screamed in agony. Logan tried to get up to help him but was still impaled by the metal pipe as he gritted his teeth trying to remove it.

Down below Iron Man was in a beam lock down wit his android double as Hulk grabbed him from behind and hurled him far away through the city. Iron Man wanted to continue but decided to return to helping people escape the fires raging all over. HUlk just plowed through wreckage creating a pathway for people to run to the safe zone when the Ironbot flew back down and blasted some people down as HUlk roared and ripped off his arm and threw him through buildings as he chased after.

Magneto walked along the hallways using metal to block bullets and kill people by implaing them or making them slam against stuff as he grabbed a bazooka and blasted a hole from the Triskelion and exited taking in the damaged city as he hovered up but was knocked down by a pulse blast. He turned to see Maria Hill there holding a cannon as she charged it and shot again but Magneto just caught the electromagnetic waves smirking as he shot them back into her. Maria fell on her back as she was pinned by several metal poles into her arms and legs as she screamed in pain.

"rest in piece dear lady" he said evilly and impaled a metal pipe through her skull. he nodded and headed out flying towards the city.

Fury was in his helicopter when he received the information from Logan as he contacted Iron Man who was busy shooting apart debris to get people out of the damaged zone.

"We are looking good on evacuating" he aid.

"yea we are too but run into a problem two of the androids " Tony said over com.

"Well me and Waller took care of the other 2" Fury said over radio as he flew his helicopter near the Empire State Building.

Vector was holding Peter hard against the wall in his control grip when he looked up to see a helicopter flying by

"That won't save you" Vector chuckled as he pushed a lever on a control panel as a rocket launcher lifted from the roof and shot out several missiles at the helicopter.

"Motherfucker" Fury shouted as he swerved the chopper so the missiles missed. but turned around as he served around and activated the chain gun shooting them out of the sky as the exploions caused the copter to lurhc but regained itself

"That best you got motherfucker?" Fury shouted as he turned around as more missiles shot out of the launcher. "Damn it" he said as he swerved missing one and shot down another as the missiles followed him he flew down the side of the building into the maze of burning buildings below.

Slade Wilson was staggering clutching his chest as he made his way back to Vector's lair where he saw the brightly glowing machine crackle and surge more powerful then ever as he looked up to see the gauge near 100% he then looked down to see a note:


Slade looked again and saw it was at 93% so he just waited while looking at the monitor playing everything going on what most caught his attention was Batman and his android double fighting

"No one gets to kill you but me" Slade muttered as he watched.

Batman threw a batraang at the robot who dodged and fired a grenade at the real Batman who caught it with a cable and swung it around as the robot tackled him drawing blades and swiping at him. Batman regained as he blocked the blades with his bataraangs swinging back and kicking him in the gut. Batbot fell backwards as Batman plunged a bataraang at him but his arms were caught by the robot's legs who twisted them and hurled him backwards.

"You are weak after your battle with Deathstroke": the robot hissed as it got back up. Batman got back up too but was weary and injured as he shook off the pain.

"You only need to accept death as the end comes" Batbot said as he approached. Batman chuckled as he shot a grapple cable rignt through the robot's shoulder and pulled him here as the robot did his best to block he was put in headlock and shoved into a car but he easily overpowered him and hurled him off making him dislocate his shoulder as Batman screamed.

"Now it is the end" Batbot said staggering toward him.

"The end for you"

Batman said grinning as he ducked when the android looked down seeing a detonator bataraang as his eyes widened as it exploded taking off his very head which fell into Batman's palm as he crushed it as best he could.

Hulk threw the Iron Man android around the city as he pounded it over and over shoving it into trucks and buildings as it tried to fight back but was overpowered. Up in the sky Superman had engaged Magneto as he used lead pieces to hold him back. as Superman couldn't do anything against lead as he was whacked down into a building by a giant piece. Hulk hurled the Iron bot up into the sky as it collided with Magneto as he fell Superman got back up and grabbed him by the throat and threw him down into the fires below.He then turned and shot his eye beams at the Iron bot destroying it sending the wrekacge into the Empire State Building. Fury's copter flew by as it was being chased by missiles as Superman shot one missile down with his laser eyes. Hulk grabbed one of the missiles as well and hurled it into another and then punched out another as he groaned as it exploded on his fist but shook the pain off and grabbed another in mid air as he hurled it right into the tallest skyscraper as the building shook Vector lost his footing as Peter broke free of the grip as he delivered blows to his chest and joints as vector groaned staggering trying to fight back .

Batman returned to the Triskleion as he met with his friend Lucuis Fox who opened a hangar as it revealed his newest toy

"Now your just showing off" Batman chuckled as he boarded a helivchile with the title BAT on it and flew back towards the battlezone.

Vector's missile launcher was not alone as another one was activated and another on all four corners of the tall skycraper as they fired out missiles impacting the buildings and aiming for the Heroes and Fury.

"How many fucking guns does he have?" Fury shouted shooting down some and swerving more as Hulk grabbed two in his hands and spun them around right back into the building making it shake. making Vector and Peter stagger but helpd Logan dislodge the pipe in him and finally healed the wound as he did his best to cover up skin so he couldnt be controlled as he got up baring his claws and laucnhed at Vector tackling him.

"I'm not through with you yet bub" he growled as he pinned the madman down who stuggled but just laughed.

"yea but I'm done wit you" he said and Logan felt the control grip take hold and eas thrown off right into Peter knocking him down Vector lifted him and threw him across the rooftop scratching him and brusing him and finally he hurled him right off the side of the building as he fell toard the fres below screaming.


Peter shouted as he watched in horror and grabbed the metal pipe and slammed it across vector's face dislodging his mask as he gasped and screamed in agony.

Logan fell but was caught smacking into a windshield as he looked in to see Batman at the pilot seat laughing some

"I don;t want to talk about it" Logan grumbled as he stood up as Batman held his BAT at a levitated altitude and ascended.

Fury flew his helicopter around dodging more missiles as everyone was converged at the Empire State Building a shining beacon against the red sky and sea of flames that was dosued some from the SHIELD planes flying overhead.

"Get us up there" Logan said tapping on the glass as the BAT flew upward with him trying to hold on.

Vector turned to Peter who slammed the pipe across his leg making him fall down trying to readjust his mask

"Peter.. please" he said pleading as peter didnt let up and jabbed his arm with the pipe causing him to scream. Peter took a monet to calm down but giving Vector the time he needed to counterattack byt kicking the pipe out of his hands and did a spinpunch kick into him sending him back.

"You really fell for that?" he asked laughing as he had regained the upperhand once more.

Fury flew his copter dodging more missiles but one blasted his rotors as he began s spirla down but maanged to point the copter uo enough so it would crash int the Empire State Building. he timed it and jumped out as Vector looked up to see the incoming copter and he ran out of the way as Peter also did gasping in pain. the helicopter crashed into the side of the building casuing the whole thing to shake sending Vector and Peter off balance as Fury landed on the roof in a epic pose as the flames were behind him.

"I owe you a punch in the teeth motherfucker" he shouted loading a bazooka at Vector who was stunned that Fury was able to do th things he just did.

"Do you remember the last time we encountered each other?" vector asked as Peter got back up watching the two.

"I sure do i whooped your ass" Fury shouted and shot his bazooka that Vector dodged in time as it exploded the ledge where peter was near who webbed to safety onto the side of the building. Vector got up as Fury tsmacked the cann0on across his face and pulled out his gun shooting at him as Vector did acrobatic tricks and dodges he swung his fists at Fury who blocked each one and did a spinkick into him knocking him back. Fury ddint let up and hammered him with a blur of punches as vector fell down again.

"mother fucker...." he said speechless at Fury's prowess

"That's my line you asshole"

Fury snapped as he shot his gun into his leg as he screamed in pain. Vector reached his arm out intending to control the black man when a web shot and caught it and bent it behind him as he turned to see Peter there pulling on his arm. Fury did a double punch into hims face and loosened the mask as he groaned in pain.

"This is for fucking up my city" Fury shouted doing a groin kick to Vector who just winced in pain.

"THIS is for sending a fucked up robot to take my shit" Fury shouted again grabbing the sides of his head and doing a knee kick into his throat as he lurhced groaning in pain.

"AND THIS is for screweing up my building you fucker" he screamed as he delivered a two pronged neck jab and a massive roundhouse kick sending Vector flying backwards as Peter let go of the web so he crashed to the ground choked up and speechless clutching hisn throat as he felt himself dying.

the missiles were still firing when Batman shot them down and aimed his rockets at the launchers destroying them as Logan jumpoed down slicing the rest apart.

"it's done" He said.

Down below the gauge reached 95% and Slade pulled the lever as a sarcophogas rose out of the ground in front of the machine and a sound of robotic screams were heard as an army of Ultronites came online and headed into the tunnel. Vector lying there defeated gasping for breath when he heard the beeping on his wrist watch and finally grinned beginning to laugh. Fury and Peter looked over at the fallen villian just laughing as they both stared at eachother and looked back

"What you laughing about motherfucker" fury asked confused but angry.

"It;s Timeeeee"

he said softly as down below in the structure of the building a bomb was ticking finally reaching the time set as it exploded the structure all across the Empire State Building similar devices exploded causing the whole building to crack and shake.

"There was a bomb..." Iron Man said watching as the great untouched building was exploding allover.

"Yea it was in the building itself" Superman said watching as the BAT flew around dodging debris as Logan ran off the eldeg of the exploding building and landed on the BAT.

"Son of a bitch..." he shouted as he held on for dear life as the vechile dodged falling debris and crashing buolding parts.

Up above the tower began to fall crashing below as Vector got up laughing as the enitre building shook and exploded parts of it

"It has BEGUNNN"

he shouted as he readjusted his leg to mask the pain and he ran right off the lurching building falling down below as Fury and Peter were shook and staggered as the tower pierced the building splitting it in two as Fury was on one side and Peter was on the other.

"GO stop him end this nightmare" Fury shouted as he was on the crumbling side.

"I'm not leaving you" Peter shouted beginning to web when Fury shot the web with his pistol as he nodded

"Just go I'll be alright Peter" Fury said finally addressing Peter by his first name as he nodded and jumped off the crumbling building as Fury disappeared below as it collapsed.

Peter shot a web at the nearest building and webbed to safety as he turned to see the great Empire State collpasing in on itself. A Spotlight shone on him as he looked up to see the BAT hovering and Logan waving as he jumped onto it and they descnded

"Fury what happened to him he was on that when it collapsed" Peter screamed.

"If i know Nick, he got out" Logan said reassuring his friend.

"Where did Vector go?" Batman asked.

"Guys look" Iron Man shouted as he flew around the collapsed building revealing a giant structure that was built to perfectly be hidden by the foundation of the once tall skyscraper.

"Vector;s lair it was here all along" Superman said using his x-ray vision but realized it was made entirely of lead.

"How did it stay together when the building collapsed?" batman asked.

"Magneto... he survived" Superman then said as he hovered next to the BAT as Hulk jumped up landing on the rooftop they were at.

"We going in there?" Hulk asked.

"Yep, our destiny is in there" Peter said almost trance like as he stared at the Egyptian pyramid structure as a mess of images flashed across his eyes and mind.

The others looked at him as they all landed in the rubble where a giant lead door was shut.

"Lets do this...." Iron Man said and charged his repulsors shooting at the door as Superman shot out his eye beams and energy from hands, Hulk shot out his sonic scream as the BAT fired its heat lasers.

Magneto was straining to hold together the base as he heard the explosions above and Slade was ducked for cover as the whole base shook.

"My friends the time has come" Vector said limping in badly damaged.

"Sir you made it..." Magneto said releasing the grip sensing that the explosions were over.

"You all have done well, but we are not done yet, the Heroes will arrive soon as i expected" Vector said as Slade was confused.

"So we finally made it? Now what?" Slade asked.

"We make Spider-Man open the door"

Vector said gesturing to the sarcophagus in front of the now rapidly glowing surging machine as its energy gauge was at 98%

The Heroes kept on their assault melting the door as best they could when finally Superman and Hulk p;lowed through and knocked it down.

"Let's go" Spider-man said in a dreamlike state as he and his friend entered ready to face their destiny..

Across the river people were standing watching as the sun was in the middle of the sky shining down on the ruins of their beloved city but everyone was staring at the giant pyramid structure that replaced where the Empire State Building was.

"What is that?" some shouted as others talked around staring at the devastation.

At the Triskleion, Lucius and Wanda were watching out the view port when Nick Fury staggered in badly wounded

"Sir.. You made it" Lucuis said helping him to his med chair. Fury then saw the new building.

"My father escaped" Wanda said slamming her fist into the table when Fury wasnt paying attention as they all looked at the monitor showing the new structure.

"What is that?" he asked gasping in pain.

"it appears to be a lead base designed to look Egyptian but is showing a very large amount of energy in it" Lucius explained.

"Vector's fortress how was it hidden from us this whole time?" Fury asked as medical team came to assit him.

"Because it's energy was masked by the unique structure of the Empire State Building that basically cloaked it. Wanda said her hands out feeling the energy.

"But how, Oh don;t tell me He built the freaking Empire State Building..." Fury said scoffing as the rest just looked at him

"No... I don't think so....." Lucius said as he looked in history records for the ESB and he just stared eyes widenered.

"It was built by a...Mister Rotcev" Lucius said shocked.

"V E C T O R" Fury said realizing that he ahd this planned since 1931 But he would be over a hundred years old...

Down below the six Heroes ran down the tunnel as they heard robotic screaming up ahead.

"We got company" Iron Man said scanning ahead.

"Thirty Ultrinite drones" Batman said taking out some bataraangs.

"Then let's tear them apart" Logan shouted baring his claws and charging forward.


Peter shouted as he ran forward webbing some and slamming them against each other. Hulk rushed forward grabbing several ripping them apart and hurling them into the tunnel walls. Batman threw out five bataraangs that exploded several as Superman flew by and shot eye beams into them as Logan rushed and sliced apart drones all over. Iron Man punched out several as he blocked blows from more and blasted apart some as he flew forward. Spider-man did a kick to one as he webbed another's eyes and swung them into another as Logan ran forward slicing apart more. Hulk charged forward grabbing a handful of drones and hurling them or crushing them as Batman hurled grenades as Iron Man shot them in mid air so they exploded a group of Ultronites. Superman punched out more and more as he breathed in and out and shot a gust of wind that blew them down the tunnel as Logan slashed them apart as they flew. Logan ran forward with Batman and Superman behind him as they finally reached the door busting it open but covered his eyes as the glowing energy machine blinded him.

"How good of you to join us, We just need one more"

Vector said arms behind his back as Slade stood to his right and Magneto stood to the left. Logan growled as Superman flew in as well followed by Batman as the three glared at each one.

"Time to die kid"

Slade said as Superman flew at him plowing into him. Vector ducked as Batman threw a bataraang at him as he launched forward and did a flying kick as Vector blocked and retaliated with his own combo. as Batman dodged and did a flurry of jabs into his chest and joints area making him stagger as he retailated with his own, Batman then headbuttee him as Vector grabbed his waist and threw him over, Batman landed on his feet and did a dropkick which Vector caught as he then grabbed his throat and shoved him into the ground but Batman managed to wrap his leg around Vector' head and rolled him off him. Superman pounded on SLade who did his best to fight back was thrown into the wall as he got zapped by his laser eyes. Logan was knocked down by Magneto's powers as Spider-Zman webbed his eyes and did a kick knocking him down. Outside Iron Man and Hulk held off the Ultronites blasting them and ripping them apart as they headed for the chamber.

Waller was returning on her battleship as she was contacted by Fury.

"Vector's plan has been long in the making since the 1930s" He said to her as she seemed speechless

"How can that be" She responded shocked.

Batman jumped up dropkicking Vector into a wall as he did a flurry of strikes but was blocked by him and thrown back by a crowbar, Superman grappled with Slade as he twisted his ams around and hurled him into the machinery shorting it out as alarms sounded. Vector smacked Batman's mask off with the crowbar but turned when he heard the alarms

"NOOO" He shouted as he went over when Spider-Man jumped into his way

"It's over Vector, Apocalypse will Never return" Peter declared as everyone in the room froze and turned to the standoff.

"Apocalypse?/" Tony asked coming in blasting apart an Ultronite dropping it to the floor.

"Who is Apocalypse?" Slade asked as he was being choked by Superman who also was distracted.

Waller and Fury also heard it due to Tony's suit radio.

"Apocalypse...." Fury muttered as Waller and Lucuis shrugged.

"Yes all your fighting has lead to this moment this glorious moment where I will revive my fallen father and bring about the New World Order..." Vector shouted triumphantly. Peter shot a web at him but was stopped when his arm bent around as Vector held him in his grip as he groaned in pain.

"The Time is NOW" Vector declared and used his control grip on SPider-man as he was distracted and made him touch the sarcophagus before them as the rest looked on.

"What.. are.. you doing..." Peter screamed in agony as the machine pulsed and shot out energy flashes all around as Slade broke free from Superman and kicked him away.

"This was your plan all along???" Slade asked angrily.

"You served me well Mr Wilson" Vector said when a energy beam shot out from the machine and impacted Slade as he screamed

"YOu betrayed meeee..." he shouted as he vanished his energy being drawn into the machine as it pulsed louder.

"I bow before thee O great one" Magneto said getting up as an energy beam hit him making him disappear. The rest of the herpoes just watched in shock and awe at the situation before them.

"Now Peter, fufill your destiny" Vector said turning to Peter who stood there almost in a trance like state

"yes....." Peter replied as he stepped forward. Logan and the others ran for him but a energy pulse wave shot them all backwards knocking them down. Logan got up first and staggered toward them but was held back by vector who laughed

'PETER!!!!!!!" Logan shouted as Peter turned to him his eyes glowing and the energy beam hit him making him disappear.

"Now I give you YOUR Sons" Vector declared as the energy beam struck him as well while he laughed until he disappeared his laugh still echoing.

The heroes all were getting up whyen the machine stopped glowing for a split second and finally roared louder then ever and shook the whole base as they stagered to stand up while watching this spectacle. Tony had also been relaying video to the Triskelion as Waller ,Wanda and Fury also watched this aghast. Finally a beam shot out from the machine breaking the dome and shooting into the sky for all to see. People shielded their eyes as they saw the purple energy beam ascend causing clouds to form around the ruined city.

From the enrrgy beam below in the base the Heroes watched in shock and awe as a figure was appearing through the colors of the energy finally stepping out cloaked in a cape of gold and a bluish white body decorated with a phaoroah's crown and robes he looked down at the heroes and declared

'THE EARTH IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

His shadow fell across them as they all prepared for the battle they knew was about to begin...


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