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Chapter One: Call Me Durby Edit

A man in a red and blue suit swung through the tall skyscrapers of New York City shooting from his fingers a thin white rope that connected with a building as he swung around it using the rope to balance himself as he swung by a billboard showing a dismal bleak city against a red hued sky reading

"Come See Sunny Gotham!"

The man chuckled at that gag as Gotham was well known as a corrupt city, the man swung up to the top of a tall skyscraper and landed in a hunched pose and then stood up as he had a web design across his whole body suit and a spider emblem, He was Spoder-Man! but under the bug eyed mask his name was Peter Parker he didn't know how he got his amazing powers only that he woke up earlier with them, and tried to get a handle on things finally deciding to use them to fight evil he designed his suit and went off to fight crime. He always did wonder if there was anyone else with superpowers. Suddenly a alarm sounded alerting Spoder-Man or Spidey to a bank robbery he swung down and looked around but gasped as he got blasted by a bolt of electricity sending him hard against a taxi. Spidey got back up groaning and looked in the bank at a green cloaked figure with a silver mask and electricity coming off his gloved hands, his eyes widened

"Who the heck are you?" Durby asked bracing himself. The hooded man turned toward the bright color web slinger and simply said

"Call Me Durby"

as he raised his hand to shoot out another bolt of electricity.

Main Title song: Burn plays ending with title of UNISON

Spoder-Man stands titling his head,he fades out and then Wolverine stands one clawed glove open and growling, he fades out and appears Iron Man gauntlet out and shoots the screen as camera then spins around an arial view of the city.Spoder-Man swings through city as images of Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Rogue and Spider-Girl appear behind him one after another. cut to Iron Man flying through and zooming into the sky as Spider-Man and Girl do some web tricks in the skyline , cut to another shot as a pan up of Doctor Octopus , Lady Deathstrike , Abomination , Black Ninja, Electro and ending with Doctor Durby as the camera zooms in on his eye where a mysterious red eyed figure is there, cut to the same figure casting some sort of spell on the City.

Doctor Durby flies up and shoots lightning from his hand as Spider-Man ducks out of view and Wolverine deflects it with his claws and Iron Man shoots his repulsor beam. Cut to Venom jumping into view roaring and then his shape morphs around into a shaded out figure with evil glowing eyes as the camera pans up his head. Have All Six Heroes jump off a building down below and face off against Durby, Venom , Abomination and many others as they all do battle with each other through different scenes, cut to Spider-Man back on the building and looks up at the sky, several scenes of what is to come show, Spider-man and Spider-Girl back to back with Durby's figure looming behind them along with a black colored Spider-Man, Wolverine standing back to back with Lady Deathstrike and finally cut back to Spider-Man jumping down and standing in the middle of a line up of Rogue at end, then Iron Man , then him then Wolverine then Spider-Girl and Hulk in the back.

End of Main Title


A man Victor Durby was a scientist and he stood before his supervisors and colleagues

"And so my formula could grant humans abilities of any kind if given the proper treatments"

Victor explained his latest idea. Victor had always been a brilliant scientist but he had somewhat of a god complex thinking himself as above everyone else and everyone knew it

"That is ridiculous" one said while others laughed. Victor gritted his teeth and clenched his fists as more laughed

"You have been pushing this crackpot theory for so long we are sick of it" the head one said

"Effectice immediately You are terminated from this university" another said.

Victor gathered his things and walked out in shame as he muttered

"You will all pay for this".

The skies grew dark and cloudy as an unnatural glow began to appear across the sky, Victor walked into Central Park and looked up into the sky as the storm had spread across it and lightning flashed striking various parts of the city, Across the nation a similar storm appeared in Metropolis and spread towards New York. Victor watched this bizzare occurance but did not see a lightning bolt strike him as energy waves rippled across the City. Victor screamed in pain as the lightning entered him rearranging his molecules and he could feel his mask fusing to his skin, Victor continued to scream as he was electrocuted and finally fell down unconscious as the storm dissipated. Victor opened his eyes and a flood of bright light enveloped him he was in a hospital room with doctors and nurses around him

"Doctor he's awake!" a nurse said.

"Hello sir how are you feeling?" the doctor asked Victor.

"wha..what happened?" Victor asked.

"We could ask you the same thing sir" the doctor said.

"Your gloves and your emitting a lot of energy" the doctor continued.

"what about the storm?" Victor asked raspy.

"it passed 4 hours ago we had some blackouts of parts of the city but nothing major." the doctor said

Victor felt a sharp pain as the nurse stuck a needle in his arm. Victor accidentally let out a flick of lightning from his hand that struck the needle shattering it. The nurse gasped and stepped back.

"What?" Victor pondered as he raised his hand and surged some lightning into the air.

"What is this?" doctor asked. Durby was mesmerized as he sent more lightning surges.

"I.. I have power..." Durby said simply. He sat up as the doctor tried to get him

"Sir please your not well" he said. Durby turned his metal face to the nervous doctor.

"Not well? I've never felt better!"

Durby said and shot a bolt of lightning into the doctor sending him through the glass window and into the hallway as he fell down in a puddle of blood. the nurse screamed and ran out, Durby stood and clenched his hands then shot more lightning from them and into the wall blasting it apart.

"I finally am a god!!!" Durby cackled as he jumped out of the hospital and ran away.

He ran into his laboratory and found a jacket that he put on along with a hood.

"Victor died in that lightning storm and Doctor Durby Was born from the ashes"

He laughed evilly and stepped out of the building in his new look and stormed to the university and shot ligtning from his hands blasting the doors down. Doctor Durby strided in electrocuting guards who tried to get in his way. He blasted the door to the conference room open and stood before the scard people who laughed and riducled him.

"hello gents Remember me?" Durby smirked

"That voice, Victor?" the head one said panicking.

"Who's the crackpot now" he said sinisterly and shot them all with his lightning until they were lying crispy on the ground dead. Durby blasted apart more of the university and then stormed into the city finding a bank and blasted into it. As he stepped out he saw a blue and red suit figure standing in his way.

"Who the heck are you?" The man said. Durby just stared and shot some lightning at the man.

" Call me Durby!" the man backflipped as the bolt struck and exploded the taxi he had been hurled into.

"Geez" the man said and jumped in shooting a rope thing from his hand that hit Durby';s face

"Gahh what is this?" he growled and grabbed it surging electricty through it right back into the man's glove. the man screamed as he was electrocuted and fell to the street. Durby apporached him and grabbed his neck

"And what are you supposed to be?" Durby asked. the man just opened his eyes and delivered a powerful upper kick into Durby sending him backwards.

'Call me Spider-Man!" Spiderman shot forth some more ropes and caught Durby and swung him into a car denting it.

Durby grunted and stood back up shooting more lightning bolts at Spiderman who once again back flipped dodging them as they struck the car and street. "Nice tricks let me show you some of mine" Spiderman said and shot a stream of rope in the form of a web around Durby. Durby just grunted and zapped it off and shot another blast that nailed Durby in his chest sending him down on the street.

"Like that then try this!" Durby shouted and grabbed the street and surged energy into it as the electricty ripped through the street. Durby's eyes grew and he jumped into the air in time. Durby anticipated it so he shot a curved bolt into Durby sending him into the wall of the building. Durby fell to the ground but got up quickly as Durby ran up and tried to kick him. Spidey acrobatted to safety and delivered a punch that socked Durby. Spidey threw some more each connecting him the doctor until the last one he had caught and surged energy into Spidey and then kicked him hard in the gut sending him flying back. Durby shot a barrage of lightning at Spidey. Spidey was thrown into the building again and got back up and threw a web at Durby who zapped it off in mid air but Spidey then launched himself and kicked him hard in the face. Durby grunted and flew backwards. Spidey summersaulted and grabbed his arm bending it and kneeing hard in his gut as he punched him again and again. Durby groaned and grunted as each hit impacted him making him stagger back. Spidey then did a sweep kick sending Durby to the ground. Spidey shot as much web from him on Durby webbing him to the ground. Durby just chuckled and sent a energy blast from his body that sent Spidey back and freed him. When the smoke cleared Durby was gone along with the money he was stealing.

Spidey looked up the name Durby and went to the old lab he had and found out it was cleared out

"What's a Superhero without a Super villain" Spidey said as he swung to the roof and looked out over the city

"I feel this is Only the Beginning..."

A Man sat at his monitor watching the battle of Spider-Man and Doctor Durby on his screen when he got a call and a blurry image of a woman appeared

"It seems like it was a success" she said.

The man sat back and held a arm on his cheek

"It wasn't supposed to be this way" He said scratching his beard.

"We must contain this" the woman said.

"I agree, Our first priority is to round up these 'superhumans' and discover what they can do" The man said as the phone monitor turned off and he stood placing his arms behind his back as he looked out his One eye.

To Be Continued...

Chapter Two: Venom! Edit

Doctor Durby watched the footage of Spider-Man beating him up again and again

"I finally become a god and i have to deal with some twerp in red and blue underpants"

Durby said and punched his desk causing some electrical surges.Durby paced his new lair with the equipment from his old laboratory. He had managed to clear it out and find this new place before Spidey could catch him but he was still fuming from his defeat at the webslinger's hands.

"What i need is something to combat him and destroy him"

Durby said pondering. he looked on the computer at any reference to spider powers.

"hmm no record except this.." he said as he looked at a file marked SHIELD.

"project SPIDEY" Durby looked in the files no record of who Spider-Man is its classified however there was a failure of a black substance. Durby said continuing to read.

"the black substance tried to eat it's host.. How interesting"

Durby smirked behind his metal mask that was now fused to him from an freak lightning storm that granted him godlike power. Durby went to work and created a robot spider. he spent some money on a normal vehicle and drove to outside the entrance to the Triskelion SHIELD's headqaurters.

Main Title song: Burn plays ending with title of UNISON

Spider-Man stands titling his head,he fades out and then Wolverine stands one clawed glove open and growling, he fades out and appears Iron Man gauntlet out and shoots the screen as camera then spins around an arial view of the city.Spider-Man swings through city as images of Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Rogue and Spider-Girl appear behind him one after another. cut to Iron Man flying through and zooming into the sky , cut to another shot as a pan up of Doctor Octopus , Lady Deathstrike , Abomination , Black Ninja and ending with Doctor Durby as the cmaera zooms in on his eye where a mysterious red eyed figure is there, cut to the same figure casting some sort of spell on the City.

Doctor Durby flies up and shoots lightning from his hand as Spider-Man ducks out of view and Wolverine deflects it with his claws and Iron Man shoots his repulsor beam. Cut to Venom jumping into view roaring and then his shape morphs around into a shaded out figure with evil glowing eyes as the camera pans up his head. Have All Six Heroes jump off a building down below and face off against Durby, Venom , Abomination and many others as they all do battle with each other through different scenes, cut to Spider-Man back on the building and looks up at the sky, several scenes of what is to come show, Spider-man and Spider-Girl back to back with Durby's figure looming behind them along with a black colored Spider-Man, Wolverine standing back to back with Lady Deathstrike and finally cut back to Spider-Man jumping down and standing in the middle of a line up of Rogue at end, then Iron Man , then him then Wolverine then Spider-Girl and Hulk in the back.

End of Main Title

SHIELD was the defense agency for all of the world apparently. Durby looked up at floating craft Helicarriers circling the area. Durby used remote to send his spiderbot into the river and controlled it to swim onto the island of the Triskelion. the robot infiltrated the labs and looked around for the strange black substance but could not find it. Durby then thought where would they keep a failed dangerous experiment. He then directed the robot to tunnel below into the vaults knocking out some guards with sleep darts in its robot mandibles. he looked around the vaults at some robotic tentacles , armor suits labeled Stark Industries and more, finally he saw a glasstube filled with black stuff labeled: Project: V. Durby instructed the robot to open it as alarms sounded the robot took the tube and stored it and scurried away as guards came down and started to shoot it. the robot ducked and dodged the bullets and shot more sleep darts knocking out some and shot a cable through the hole it created and swung up.

"Director Fury we have a containment breach something has stolen project V" a woman shouted on the radio.

"Damn Motherfuckers SECURE EVERYTHING FULL LOCKDOWN" he shouted as alarms sounded and gates and doors closed shut but the robot was already outside and back in the water as it reached Durby and he drove away.

"This is a national secrutiy if Project V was stolen I want squads out there Now" Nick Fury shouted orders to SHIELD operatives. Durby had gone back to the lair as the robot produced the tube of Project V.

"Now what is this stuff" he said putting it under a microscope

"Amazing a half realized symbiote, However it needs two things electricity and a DNA sample.

"Since I want it to kill Spider-Man I might as well give it his DNA"

Durby chuckled and set off. Durby went to Central Park and blasted lightning around at trees setting them on fire and terrorizing citizens. suddenly a web shot down and nailed him in his face and a kick sent him down. Durby got up and saw Spidey standing fists clenched.

"Right on Time" Durby smirked and shot a barrage of lightning at him. Spidey dodged and punched Durby hard in the face and delivered a kick to his gut. Durby reeled back as he let Spidey beat him up. making sure to keep up the facade by trying to block him. Spidey then sent him down and pinned him with webs

"You are going to jail now Durby" Spidey delcared.

"Not this time"

Durby smirked and freed a hand and grabbed Spidey's leg and surged him with electricity. Spidey screamed in pain and fell down singed. Durby stuck him with a needle and took some of his blood, but that awoke Spidey who kicked him away. Durby chuckled and threw down smoke bombs and escaped as Spidey looked around coughing. Durby retreated back to his lair and created a mold of a humanoid and poured the symbiote so it filled the mold he then injected Spider-Man's blood DNA into it and finally he shot lightning into the symbiote as it crackled and bubbled and morphed around. the symbiote writhed and began to take shape as the electricty surged into it and the DNA took hold. Finally in the mold was a humanoid creature with white eyes

"Yesss it worked"

Durby shouted suddenly the humanoid began changing growing teeth and its white eyes became more crooked and evil its hands grew claws and on its chest silverish web designs and a crooked spider emblem finally from the toothed mouth sprang a scary tongue as the thing got up and stood hunched a bit taller then Durby. Durby just watched in awe at his creation

"You shall be called: Venom!" he said.

Venom looked at him flicking his tongue and screeched

"Sounds Good" it then spoke. Durby was astounded

"You can talk?" Venom looked around and flicked his tongue

"Of course I can" he hissed.

"I have given you life I ask you now to kill Spider-Man" Durby said. Venom glowered and screeched

"Spider-man Shall Die" Venom shouted and shot a black web from his hand and swung out as Durby laughed evilly behind him.

Spider-Man had been swinging around trying to find Doctor Durby when a web got him froim behind and dragged him away, a sharp kick to his back sent him reeling onto the ground. Spidey got up quickly but something grabbed his head and hurled him through a wall into a rooftop nearby. Spidey regained himself as a giant black figure punched him across his head sending him back. Spidey got up quickly as the figure punched the ground where he was.

"who are you?" Spidey asked clutching his arm.

The figure morphed into his real form

"Call me Venom!" Venom said flicking his tongue

"And all i want is your corpse"

He said and slashed his claws across Spidey's chest leaving wounds. Spidey shot web at his face but Venom responded by shooting a better web that sent Spidey back some. Spidey regained himself as Venom lunged forward grabbing him and shooting a web on the roof and swung off then dropped Spidey and swung around and impacted him with both feet into Spidey sending him into the building. Venom pinned him down and leaned ready to bite his head off when Spidey delivered a kick into his jaw and shoved him off. Spidey got up and sent blow after blow at Venom till he grabbed his fists and cracked some of his wrists and then hurled him into the wall. Spidey groaned and got back up narrowly dodging a strike from Venom. Spidey tackled Venom outside as the two shot webs and swung locked in battle. Durby's robot perched on a city as Durby watched from his lair on its videoscreen at the fight going on between the two webslingers. Spidey swung at Venom who blocked and delivered a bigger punch as the two jumped around buildings and smashed into stuff till Venom grabbed his foot and bent him then threw him through a glass building right down into Times Square. crowds scattered as Venom jumped down creating a crater as he stood over Spider-man and pounded him into the ground nonstop.

"Now comes the fun part"

Venom hissed and shot some black web over spider-man cutting off his air. TV cameras were watching and so was Nick Fury

"Shit that's Project V what happened to it??" he said in disbelief at the titan of black goo.

"Squads move in motherfuckers"

Fury shouted orders into a radio. Venom laughed and held Spider-Man choking him in his grip when spotlights hit him. Venom grimaced in pain as it blinded him temporarily men in SWAT outfits pointed unnatural guns at Venom who looked around releasing Spider-Man who finally removed the webbing so he could breathe.

"What's going on?" Spidey asked as he backflipped away.

"We have this under control Sir" a solider said telling Spider-Man to get away.

Venom raored and tried to pounce Spidey when the SHIELD team opened fire shooting him with sonic blasters. the noise ripped into the symbiote casuing Venom to scream in agony and fall to the ground. Durby watched shocked and pounded his fist on the table in anger. Venom screamed more and fell down as the symbiote writhed and screeched. After three minutes Venom was just a mess of black goo.

"We got it Sir" a solider called Fury on the radio. Suddenly the symbiote began to move and form some as they prepared to fire again it disappeared into a drain. "

Find it NOW" the captain shouted as teams went underground. the symbiote had been taken by the spiderbot and already on its way to Durby. Spidey went to talk to the captain

"What was that?".

"Classified need to know" he replied suddenly

"Classified? the whole city saw it!" Spidey protested.

"It's under control sir" the man repeated. Spidey just growled in frustration and swung away. Back in Durby's lair the robot delivered the symbiote as Durby placed it in a glass tank

"So needs improvements but promising indeed" Durby said hands behind his back.

"It has just begun" Durby said looking out his window at the City skyline.

Later in his office Fury turned on the monitor as the woman appeared again.

"Spider-man is asking too many questions" she said.

"Ah let the kid decide for himself" Fury responded.

"If he becomes a problem, take care of it" the woman said and turned off her monitor.

Fury turned around and looked out at the city from his window.

To be Continued

Chapter Three: The Wolverine Edit

Prievously on UNISON: Victor Durby is granted electrical powers during an unnatural lightning storm becoming Doctor Durby who sets out to rob banks to get money only to be stopped by Peter Parker a teenager with spider-like powers taking on the name Spider-Man, To deal with Spider-Man, Durby steals a flawed experiment from SHIELD called Project V and given a DNA sample from Spidey creating the creature known as Venom!. Spidey and Venom fight until it is taken down by SHIELD and escapes thanks to Durby.

Deep in New Jersey's underbelies in an illegal fighting ring of a shady bar. a Man was beating up another man for money.

"BOOO" the crowd jeered as the man beat the other man

"Logan's a cheater" one shouted. the man who did the beating Logan just growled and collected his money and walked out as more threw beer bottles and other stuff at him, he just winced and kept walking, once out of sight the wounds on him healed instantly. He had the ability of regeneration but it's unknown how he got it. Logan went into the alley and mounted his motorcycle and drove off. He began thinking about how this all happened.

" The day of the lightning storm Logan had gotten into debt with the mob and was trying to leave town when the mob assassin caught up to him a mercenary named Deadpool. Logan had training in handtohand combat and some sword skill learned from Japan. Deadpool had cornered Logan at the Brooklyn Bridge and the two engaged in combat but Deadpool was much faster and better trained as he beat down Logan pushing him to the edge of the bridge and finally driving his swords right into Logan and kicked him off into the river below.

Main Title song: Burn plays ending with title of UNISON

Spider-Man stands titling his head,he fades out and then Wolverine stands one clawed glove open and growling, he fades out and appears Iron Man gauntlet out and shoots the screen as camera then spins around an arial view of the city.Spider-Man swings through city as images of Wolverine , Iron Man , Hulk , Rogue and Spider-Girl appear behind him one after another. cut to Iron Man flying through and zooming into the sky as Spider-Man and Girl do some web tricks in the skyline , cut to another shot as a pan up of Doctor Octopus , Lady Deathstrike , Abomination , Black Ninja, Electro and ending with Doctor Durby as the camera zooms in on his eye where a mysterious red eyed figure is there, cut to the same figure casting some sort of spell on the City.

Doctor Durby flies up and shoots lightning from his hand as Spider-Man ducks out of view and Wolverine deflects it with his claws and Iron Man shoots his repulsor beam. Cut to Venom jumping into view roaring and then his shape morphs around into a shaded out figure with evil glowing eyes as the camera pans up his head. Have All Six Heroes jump off a building down below and face off against Durby, Venom , Abomination and many others as they all do battle with each other through different scenes, cut to Spider-Man back on the building and looks up at the sky, several scenes of what is to come show, Spider-man and Spider-Girl back to back with Durby's figure looming behind them along with a black colored Spider-Man, Wolverine facing off against Lady Deathstrike and Deadpool and finally cut back to Spider-Man jumping down and standing in the middle of a line up of Rogue at end, then Iron Man , then him then Wolverine then Spider-Girl and Hulk in the back.

End of Main Title

That should have been the end of him but as he sunk the lightning storm that granted Durby his powers had started and released the waves of energy across the City, they touched Logan and he instantly began healing his wounds and pulled the swords from him he kept one but the other sunk. He then woke up onshore of New Jersey. He encountered some thugs who slashed his chest with their knife when it healed instantly. Logan growled and picked up the thug effortlessly and threw him hard into a car. the other thug ran away as Logan realized what he did and ran away. He accidentally ran out into traffic and got slammed by a truck, he woke up a minute later completely unscathed as onlookers were shocked and terrified. Logan then decided to go into fighting business to earn money."

Logan drove on his motorcycle through the streets of Jersey when SHIELD agents arrived.

"get out of the way bubs" Logan said.

"Logan Howlett you are requested by our supervisor to come see him" the captain said.

"Yea like that will happen" Logan smirked and revved his motorcycle and drove quickly around as they opened fire. the bullets hit him but he felt brief pain as he drove away.

"All Units after him" the captain said as helicopters went into pursuit. SHIELD trucks were also in pursuit as they chased Logan. a beeping on his computer alerted Doctor Durby to a disturbance

"What's this?" he asked looking at the monitors at Logan on the run

"Is he another?" Durby questioned.

He had set up monitoring stations to alert him if anyone else was affected by the lightning storm.

"SHIELD is after him, he must be dangerous" Durby smirked and put on his cape and went out. Logan continued to outrun the pursuit teams driving up to the Brooklyn Bridge as they had it quarantined. "This is your last chance Give up" the solider shouted from atop the bridge Logan looked up "Yea like guns will do shit!" he shouted, Logan revved his cycle and began driving up there. "Fire" the soldier shouted and some special guns opened fire and knocked Logan off his motorcycle. Logan gasped as he felt the impact and landed on the ground skidding hard. He got up covered in scars and bruises as they healed instantly, and drew out one of Deadpool's swords that slain him and held it up ready for a fight as they loaded the weapons. Suddnely a lightning barrage came down and struck all the agents knocking them down and destorying the equipment. Logan flinched and looked up as a hovering man in a hood and cape was shooting lightning from his hands and descended in front of Logan.

"And who are you supposed to be" Logan said readying.

"I am Doctor Durby" Durby said turning off his energy.

"What do you want" Logan said readying his sword.

"I don't wish to fight but you were also touched by the storm" Durby said trying to sound nice.

"Storm?" Logan questioned still holding his sword up.

"Let's talk back at my lab" Durby said as he noticed the soliders waking up. Logan agreed after some hesitation and Durby flew them away.

"Sir We lost him" the solider said into the radio.

"You worthless motherfuckers what happened" the voice of Nick Fury said over the radio

"He took him" the solider said.

"Dooom" Fury growled.

Durby led Logan to his lair and set him down on an examination table beginning to run scans,

"Now this won't hurt a bit" he smirked and acitvated titanium straps.

"Hey bub what are you doing" Logan shouted straining against the straps.

"I needed a test subject for some expiriemnation and you fit the bill" Durby explained lowering a devide with thousands of needles.

"You see with your healing factor I believe you can survive a fatal process, namely my idea: bonding metal to your skeleton." Durby continued.

"You're crazy bub" Logan screamed trying to break free.

"Perhaps but let's see"

Durby simply stated and began the process. The needles inserted into Logan's skin as he flinched and they began to inject a silverly liquid as he grunted and screamed thrashing around. Durby watched in anticipation

"It's called Adamantium a seemingly indestructible metal but Your how I will test that"

Durby smirked and continued the process as Logan screamed in pain. Finally after 4 minutes the machines receeded, and Logan lied healing his wounds. Durby inspected him when suddnely his hand shot up and out sprung three metal blades that slashed into his armor. Durby recoiled in pain as Logan stood up looking pissed.

"What, What did you do to me?" Logan asked seeing the metal blades from his knuckles.

"You have been reborn"

Durby said grunting and shot a lightning blast at him. Logan deflected it with his claws and ran forward. Durby jumped out of the way and hit a button as the tube holding Venom opened and out he spilled fully reformed from his disruption and shot a web at Logan hurling him into a wall. Logan got up and grabbed the web and pulled Venom to him and stabbed his claws right into him. Venom just hissed and reformed his shape and punched Logan hard. Logan flew against a wall as Venom tackled him right through it. they landed in the streets below as Logan slashed at Venom

"Is that the best you can do little wolverine?"

Venom taunted and spat some goo on him. Logan recoiled in pain as it was acidic but quickly healed as Venom delivered a kick to his gut. Logan staggered backward but flipped and kicked at Venom who just caught his leg and threw him over. Logan landed hard on his front as Venom grabbed his head and slammed him down over and over.

"Looks pretty indestructible to me sir" Venom hissed as Durby descended

"Indeed" Durby said thinking.

"Too bad" Venom hissed and continued to pummel him when a kick sent him flying.

"I see you got a makeover, oh wait no your ugly as always" a voice said.

Venom stood up and stared at Spider-Man who stood between him and Logan who had woken up and watched.


Venom hissed and charged punching the ground as Spider-Man and Logan jumped out of the way. Venom delivered a sweeping kick that knocked Logan back but Spidey webbed away but got zapped by Durby

"Spider-man you annoying pest"

Durby said and sent another blast that nailed him. Spidey fell to the ground as Venom grabbed his leg and slammed him down over and over. Logan drew his claws and jumped on venom;s back and stabbed into him while also headlocking. Venom growled and roared as he tried to shake Logan off but Durby just used his lightning to shoot him off. Logan flew off but dug his blades into the ground to stop him. Spidey also kicked Venom hard in his jaw and threw him over as Logan got up and slashed him in two. Venom's form collapsed but reformed quickly and shot webs at both of them and snapped it so they both got flung into eachother. Venom chuckled

"Logan you can't escape from me" Durby said landing next to Venom.

"I don't care, I won't be some laboratory expiriement"

Logan shouted and drew his claws and pounced on Durby sending him back.Durby shot lightning into him but Wolverine stuck out his claw and absorbed the lightning and straining he lifted his other arm and pointed it at Venom who had Spidey in a death grip as the lightning ripped into him it made Venom surge and scream out in pain and released Spidey. Spidey then kicked the electrocuted Venom right into Durby as Logan jumped out of the way and got thrown back from the electrical blasts. the two collided and fell into a ditch Durby got up and faced both of the heroes

"Another time then"

he said and took Venom and threw down a smoke bomb and disappeared. Spidey and Logan stood next to each other

"That sure was something" Spidey said to Logan

"Thanks for the help bub" Logan said and began to walk away.

"Hey wait we made a great team" Spider-Man said. Logan turned and looked at him

"I guess we did, but I'm not a team player" Logan said.

"Well maybe we could be a team" Spidey said holding out his hand Logan just looked at him

"No" He said plainly and left.

Spider-Man watched him go and then webbed away. Logan mounted some persons motorcycle and rode off as Spider-Man watched and then webbed out into the night.

To Be Continued

Chapter Four: DURBY! Edit

Prievously on UNISON: A unnatural lightning storm has given humans abilities Doctor Durby is one of them who creates a creature to serve him known as Venom, the storm also gave a teenager powers of a spider becoming Spider-Man, another human Logan is given a healing ability as Durby inserts him with an indestructible metal as he becomes the Wolverine.

Wolverine was driving on his motorcycle down the Brooklyn Bridge when a figure jumped down on his abckseat

'Hey Logan" the man said as Logan enarly crashed cause of being startled

"Hey bub don't sneak up on people" Logan said driving off ramp into Jersey and stopped in front of a bar.

Doctor Durby tapped some stuff on his computer researching a special chemical that could be created with the right ingredients that he happened to have.

"This will be interesting All i need is a test subject."

Durby said and called on Venom who reformed himself flicking his tongue as Durby looked on his computer at known fighters he eventually found one

"Bruce Banner, says here he was a boxing champion for three years but was banned when he got large bursts of rage" Durby read and then smirked

"bring him to me"

he told Venom who growled and became a mass and entered the sewers. Bruce was down on his luck as he walked around a dark alley when several thugs came out

"Alright sir give us your money" one said.

Bruce got his fists up but was drunk from a night at his favorite bar, one thug rushed him as he grabbed the guy and threw him to the ground as another grabbed him around the neck and shoved him into the wall, suddenly the thugs were kicked down as a red and blue figure came down and beat them up

"Who's there?" Bruce said but blacking out from his drunkness

"Sir you need to be more careful" the man said

"good ol Spider-Man is here to help.. wait YOU?"

Spider-Man shouted turning around as a black substance attacked and formed into a humanoid shape with teeth and a tongue as the two things fought, Bruce fell unconscious. Spidey punched out Venom's jaw but he reformed it and he punched Spider-Man into a dumpster and then shut it.

"Little shit" Venom hissed and then grabbed Bruce and went away.

Banner awoke as he was strapped to a metal chair with a machine in front of him

"Ah good you are awake" a hooded man said activating the machine

"Who are you?"

"Don't worry I'm a doctor" the man said chuckling some

"You don;t look like a doctor" Banner said.

"I'm not That kind of doctor" the man said as he walked into the light showing his metal face as Banner silently gasped.

"I have something for you Mister Banner" the doctor said as he turned on the machine.

"What is this?" Banner asked as a green energy light shone and started moving over to him.

"It's called Gamma Technology and I want to know how it works" the doctor chuckled.

The beam crossed over Banner's face as he shook and stuttered as he groaned and his skin began changing and getting bigger as his eyes went a bright green as his ski began to become green and roared loudly as the doctor watched backed away as he grinned behind his mask. Banner continued to change as he grew larger and taller and thrashed his hands as he gripped onto the ground and ripped parts of it as the metal chair breaks as he falls to his knees and hands and rises up towering above the doctor who stared in awe.

"Beautiful" The doctor said as Banner looked around growling and looked right at the doctor and went into a blind rage as he tried to charge him. doctor snapped out of it and shot lightning from his hands but the bolts just absorbed on his skin as he tried to grab him. The Doctor dropped and rolled to a safe location as Banner smashed through the wall and fell out the building and landed on his feet in the streets as people around gasped and panicked. Banner looked around seeing a blurred image of his surroundings when a truck horn interrupted him as he turned to see a semi truck barreling toward him without thinking and just acting on instinct as he raised his fist and slammed it onto the hood of the truck making the whole vehicle fly up in the air as it collapsed behind Banner as he just realized what he did as more people ran away.

"Hey Buddy" a voice said as Banner whirled around to see a red and blue man with a spider like emblem on his chest was there.

Banner just roared and growled as he stared at this guy still in a blind rage he did not want to deal with this little bug man. Banner just shot forth his fist as he punched the man down the street into a car denting it.

"Sheesh what did I do?" the man asked groaning as he got up but shot a web from his hand as he swung up as Banner charged and tried to grab him. Spider-Man as he was known as the local hero dodged his attack and shot a web onto his hand to cover it as Banner growled and ripped it off him as Spidey quickly let go. Banner grabbed a car and hurled it at Spidey who dodged in mid air and webbed it throwing it onto the roof of a building as he swung around the area as Banner kept throwing things at him as he dodged and jumped down as Banner picked up the semi trailer and spun it around and around finally hurling it down toward Spidey who acted quickly shooting webbing to each of his sides as he constructed a new web to catch the trailer before it hurt people as Spidey breathed a sigh of relief the trailer exploded as Banner burst right through and slammed into Spidey sending him flying through the buildings behind him as Banner chuckled some.

Over in a bar nearby the news was showing Banner's rampage as a man noticed Spider-Man swinging back and delivering kicks to the monster as he swung and missed as SPidey kept dodging and spinning webs to try to estrict the monster as the man watching put out his cigar and walked out the door.

Doctor Durby who had created this mess was watching from the hole in his building chuckling

"Time for Phase Two" He said as he went over to a containment field and pulled out a humanoid clone of Banner as he strapped it in to a new chair he made and hit him with the same machine but amplifed. the clone underwent the same transformation but became bigger more demonic like as he grew spines on his back and horns on his elbows as he hunched some

"My beautiful Abomination" Durby said with pride as he watched this unfold. Abomination turned to him growling and chukcling.

"What can I do for you father" Abomination said

"Go forth and show the world your power" Durby said laughing as Abomination also laughed and jumped out the building making a new hole as Durby just sighed


Abomination slammed into the roof of a building as he looked out across the cityscape

"My playground" he said as he jumped down into the streets as more people panciked. as he picked one up and crushed it in his fist.

"Insignificant Insects" he said as he slammed his fists into a building casuing it to crash down upon another. He jumped into the air and landed on another building where he saw fires nearby as he looked over to see Banner fighting Spidey.

"HULK" he shouted grinning and jumped in that direction.

SPidey was jumping weaving and doing al he could to try to calm this creature who would not let up as it ju7st seemed to make him more powerful. Banner was getting angry as he couldnt hit this Spider-Man as he grabbed a pole and swung it managing to hit him as he fell down groaning Banner chuckled and grabbed a car slamming it down on the man as hard as he could he approached the fallen man as he reared ready to strike when a scream rang out as another man jumped into the air bringing out metal blades from his hands as he dug them into Hulk's back as Hulk roared in pain and reached back grabbing the man and throwing him off him. Spidey got up aching as he swung backwards to where the man landed.

"Logan?" Spidey asked.

"hey kid looks like you could use a hand" Logan chuckld smirking as Spidey smirked as well. the two stood up as they faced this giant green rage monster.

"Let's go" Spidey said and ran forward as he shot a web at Hulk who just caught it and threw it and Spidey away. Logan growled and ran forward as well. Hulk was ready as he shoved his fist down and tripped Logan who fell as Hulk slammed his fist into his back sending him down

"What the f.." Logan began saying as Hulk grabbed him by the legs and threw him away into a building nearby.

Hulk just roared but his attention was soon occupied as he looked up as Abomination jumped down landing near him as he chuckled

"Hulk..." Abomination said staring at his enemy.

Hulk just stared in shock at something like him but roared as he started moving forward as did Abomination until they both were running full speed and collided with each other as they flew backwards through cars and a building as they rolled to a stop with Abomination getting up first. Hulk got up but was slammed down by a car as Abomination grabbed his leg and threw him over and into another building. Logan had gotten up as he looked across the streets as he saw Hulk and Abomination trade blows and throw eachother into things

"And now there's that guy" Logan said grunting as he got up and ran toward the fight as Spidey also regained consiousness and swung toward the fight.

"You are Not the true HUlk I am" Abomination said as he grabbed Hulks fists and pushed ahainst him as Hulk roared trying to push back and kicked him in the gut and then grabbed his back and hurled him face first into a bus as he then smashed the bus over and over until it covered his enemy.

"Alright bub I'm ready for you this time"

Logan said standing defaint against HUlk who just sucked in his gut and let out a long lasting roar that ceated shockwaves as Logan was thrown back and they destroyed windows and anything glass. Logan regained himself in the shockwaves a she plunged his blades into the ground to keep him anchored. Spidey was not so lucky as he tried to web himself to the building but it began collpasing under the power of the waves. Spidey tried to web as many people to safety but couldnt get all of them as he turned back as Hulk finally breathed heavily as it took a lot out of him.

"Weak" Abomination said as he rose from the wreckage and punched at Hulk who quickly dogded and grabbed his fist pulling him here as Abomiantion slammed his giant toe into Hulk's face making him stagger as he then headbutted grabbing him and tome naging him away. Hulk landed face first skidding across the roads as Abomin ation apporached grinning when Hulk flung upward tackling the creature and punching him repeadetly into the ground as he grew angrier. Abomnination just caught his fists and kneed him straight in the gut and threw him back and charged slamming his fists into Hulk as he fell down Abomination grabbed a metal pole and was about to impale Hulk

"Now die" he shouted.

Logan watched this as he and Spider-man exchanged looks

"Should we even stop them?" Logan asked.

"Yes civilians are in danger" Spidey said. Logan nodded as he charged forward jumping off a damaged bus as Spidey shot webs at the pole and ynaked it from Abomination's hands as he looekd over startled as Logan jumped up and slashed his claws across his face making him groan and stagger off HUlk who wearily got up and grabbed a car and hurled it into Abomination sending him flying backwards. Logan landed on his feet as Hulk came ip behind growling as Logan turned ad the two just looked at eachother.

"Listen bub I.." Logan began but was stopped when Hulk slammed him hard on the ground with his fists.

"SHut Up" Hulk said speaking for the first time. Spidey just landed behind as Hulk was about to slam him he just held out his hand and somehow caught the fist as both were surprised.

"Listen, I don't know what happened to you but it's ok" Spidey said taking off his mask to speak to him as Peter Parker.

Hulk lowered his fist and just stared at Peter.

"What little spider man want with Hulk" Hulk said in his not so good speech.

"I want to help you, let you become a part of something great" Peter said stepping closer as Hulk backed up.

Over where Abomination landed he got up but was struck in the back by Logan as he chuckled

"Stay down bub" Logan said but Abomination shot his foot out and nailed Logan hard sending him sliding as the monster got backup roaring and charged trying to smash him as Logan dodged and weaved but when he tripped and Abomination prepared to smash him he struck his fist claws out and stabbed his fist. Abomination roared in pain and tried to step on him as Logan slid back dodging. Abomination was angry and grabbed him by the leg and head as he held him high above him and began pulling

"I'll rip you in two little man"

Abomination shouted as Logan groaned felling his insides stretching. But as his skeleton was metal it could not be broken as Logan jabbed his claws into his wrists and Abomination roared throwing him down and then proceeded to pound him over and over into the road. finally Logan just spit out a tooth and looked up at him grinning as Abomination stared in shock as all his wounds healed instantly in front of him

"My turn" Logan said and kicked upward and jabbed his claw into Abomination's groin area as he raored in agony staggering back as Logan pulled it out. Logan flipped his legs up wrapping around the monster's head and flipping him over and down and grabbed several metal obejcts and impaled them into Abomination's back and sides as he screamed in pain.

Hulk and Peter just stood there as anyone left watched the little man and huge monster just talk.

"You can help Hulk?" Hulk asked to Peter who nodded and smiled. But their attention was drawn as they heard Abomination's screams

"Let's start by finishing that thing" Peter said putting on his mask as Hulk nodded and followed him.

Abomination had gotten back up and grabbed Logan's face and shoved him onto a bent truck as he pinned him down there with the point jabbing into Logan's spine as he groaned. Abomination held one of his arms out so he couldnt get stabbed and one foot on his gut pressing him harder into the point.

"No escape this time" Abomination laughed evilly when a web shot into his face blinding him as he roared. Hulk charged and jumped up grabbing Abomination as the two flew backwards this time with Hulk overpowering him and slamming him repeatedly with fists and car pieces as Abomination tried to fight back but couldnt see. Spidey helped Logan up who groaned and cracked his neck shaking it off. Hulk didnt let up and pounded Abomination over and over until he finally grew tired as Hulk began to change back into Banner as he lost his urge to fight while Spidey and Logan were watching in awe.

"he's just a normal guy" Logan said as Abomination finally pulled off his webbing and looked down upon the man.

"Puny Banner" Abomination chuckled and shoved his foot down intending to squash the man when Logan ran forward and caught his foot stabbing it with his claws as Abomination screamed in pain and fell backwards as Spidey shot a web to trip him and continued to web him up in a cocoon as Abomination tried to get free. Banner stood up groggily as he looked around and then to Logan and Peter who stood next to him helping him up

"Thanks guys How can i repay you" Banner said weakly.

"Just buy me a beer" Logan chukled as did Banner.

When they turned around to see Abomination he was gone the webbing was singed.

"Dooom" Peter said examining the singed webbing.

"Looks like this was his work as well" Logan said as Banner looked confused.

"Who's Durby?" He asked.

"Doctor Durby he was a scientist but when the Lightning Storm hit it granted him powers of lightning manipulation." Peter explained.

"Doctor? Does he have a metal face?" Banner asked.

"yeah why?" Logan asked.

"he did this to me he created the Hulk" Banner said as the revelation sunk in.

"Durby is getting more dangerous everyday" Peter said as he looked up at the skyscrapers trying to determine which one is Durby's lair.

The three Heroes returned to their apartment as Banner looked around and sat down

"Nice place here" Banner said as he looked out the window.

"Yeah, It's home" Peter said and then turned to Logan

"Are you going to join me now?" Peter asked.

Logan looked at him and sighed

"Guess so kid" He then chuckled as did Peter

"Join what?" Banner asked listening in.

"Our Team" Spidey said grinning.

"What kind of team?" Banner asked curious.

"Fury!" a woman shouted over the monitor as Nick Fury was there just staring at the specatacle of Hulk's rampage.

"Yes what is it ma'm" Fury asked not in the mood to deal with more shit.

"You were right that kid is something else, talking down a raging monster and convicing him to join him" the woman said.

"I agree but that's not why your calling is it" Fury said catching her drift.

"Nope, You are to make a superhuman weapon as well" the woman said.

Fury was shocked. 'Are you mad why the hell would I do that, we already screwed up with the storm that caused all this to happen" Fury explained.

"I don't care make it happen with Durby getting more bold we need all the weapons we can get" the woman said.

Fury just switched off the monitor and headed down to the laboratory where a girl was strapped to a examination table and about to be injected by a black substance as Fury held up the file with the girl's name MARIE.

To Be Continued.

Chapter Five: The Witch, The Rogue and the Ninja Edit

Prievously on UNISON: A unnatural lightning storm has given humans abilities: Doctor Durby who uses his powers to create more superhumans one was a boxer known as Bruce Banner who he inserted a special chemical turning him into a giant green monster known as Hulk. Seeing the failure of this Durby tried again and gave more chemicals and a mind agent to another human creating an even stronger monster" Abomination.


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean was an island with lush jungle and a palace atop a small cliff by the sea a teenage girl stood on it's balcony with long dark brown hair brown eyes and a red cape she stared out across the sea wishing to go to the mainland. someone came up behind her it was another teenage girl her younger sister

"Lorna please don't startle me" the girl laughed turning to her sister.

"Sorry Wanda but dad wants us to come to dinner" Lorna said.

Wanda sighed and smiled at her younger sibling as they went in.

During dinner Wanda had pleaded with her dad to let her go see the outside world but he had said no explaining it was a dangerous place. Wanda went back outside into the garden where it exited i to the jungle she loved going into the jungle as she looked around at the trees she wandered to the edge of the cliff where the jungle stopped and a plain was below but it was not empty it was active with several pieces of equipment and a large plane. Wanda was curious as she went down remaining hidden by the tall grass as she saw a logo on the plane with the initials S H I E L D. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind by a man in military gear

"Tresspasser eh" the man said as Wanda was dragged into the main operations tent where a eye patched man was there

"And who is this?" the man said looking at Wanda who tried to fight back.

"Let go of me creep" she hissed and kicked him right in the groin as he let her go and fell down. Wanda stared at the eye patch guy

"WHo are you and what are you doing on my father's island" Wanda snapped.

"Your father? This island is supposed to be uninhaibited" the man said surprised.

"My father is ruler of the island of Genosha" Wanda said as the man she kicked was starting to get up.

"Hang on dear" the eye patch man said as he clicked a phone and called someone a large woman appeared on screen

"What is it Fury?" the woman shouted angrily as she was being interrupted.

"Genosha is apparently inhabited by several people" Durby said.

"I care not proceed with the plan" the woman snapped as Fury was shocked but growled and the phone was hung up.

"Alright my dear Why don't we go meet with your father" Fury said to Wanda who just stood there holding the other man's collar in her fist as he was clearly beat up.

"Why?" Wanda asked letting the man fall to the ground. Fury led her out the tent and looked toward the cliff.

"So we can work out an agreement"Fury lied as he secretly hit a remote on his belt as everyone began panicking as a drone flew overhead

"Get down" Fury shouted as the drone opened fire scattering everyone

'What's going on?" Wanda asked scared as she dropped to the ground as the drone flew and shot missiles at the jungles above

"Enemy air strike must have cloaked the drone to surprise us" Fury lied as Wanda looked up as the jungle was on fire and gasped in terror.

"Prepare to counterattack" Fury shouted orders as Wanda began running toward the jungle as Fury just sighed and a energy machine was activated and shot out shockwaves across the whole island as everyone ducked underground in a bunker. Wanda was hit with the shockwaves as she screamed as energy entered her and she fell to the ground before losing consiousness she saw her island devastaed as she could only think of her family who might have escaped as she fell unconsious.

"What's a couple of fine ladies doing out this late" A voice said making Wanda and Marie turn to see three guys standing there.

"back off " Wanda shouted rasing her hand making energy fly out at them as all three dodged as Bruce Banner got angry and turned into the Hulk scaring the girls

"Yeah you don't want to mess with him" Logan said drawing his claws out but his attnetion was drawn when the Ninja got up and eyed him

"Now theres this bub" Logan said as he ran at the black clothed man as he did a flurry of swipes with his claws the Ninja dodged and blocked his arms spinning him around and throwing into the wall.

"This isnt Your fight Heroes" The Ninja said as Logan got up kicking him in the face

"it is now bub" Logan said and chagred.

Hulk was distracted by the army coming in and openin fire on the area as he took the blows and ran at them

"No One hurts Hulk's friends" Hulk shouted smashing a tank and picking another up hurling it into a helicopter.

Peter turned back to the ladies to see them gone. He felt something behind him as one wrapped her arm around his neck and held him to her body as the other hand hovered inches from his face as she lifted his mask off.

"I wouldnt move hon" the girl smirked keeping him held. Peter struggled as the othr one stood in front of him shocked looking at his face instantly getting weak kneed.

"My power is life absorbtion" the girl headlocking him said as she lowered her hand to his bare face stopping inches from it.

"Come on Wanda I hve him get him" the girl said, but Wanda was blushing as Peter was quite handsome. But she sanpped out of it and waved her hands creating energy in them as she held it up to Peter.

"I hate to ruin that face of yours" Wanda said as she prepared to strike when Peter quick as a flash shot his hand up webbing her eyes making her stagger back as he grabbed the girl's hand and twsited it out and did a kick into her gut as she let go wincing.

"Ow you cur, what is this shit" Wanda shouted trying to pul the webbing off her eyes staggering. Peter did a flip around and threw the other girl backwards as she landed on her ass.

"it's webbing my own power" Peter said as he shot another web trapping the girl now sitting.

"Wanda is it?" Peter asked turning to Wanda who used her energy to rip the webbingoff as she grolwed and sneered

"You are going to pay for that" she hissed and shot her hands forth but Peter caught them in his own before she could create energy as both looked et eachother Wanda glowered and delivered a kick into his groin making him stagger back releasing her as she swung her hands at him sparking energy that struck him knocking him back right into range of the other girl who wrapped her legs around his head scisoring him.

"Boys think they are so tough" the girl smirked and chuckled struggling stil las the webbing contained her body and arms.

"here Marie" Wanda said as she charged her energy ready to break her web trap when Peter shot his web at her hand yanking it down as it shot into Marie's leg making her scream and release him as he rolled forward kicking Wanda down onto her face and folding her arms behind her as he webbed them standing over panting clutching his neck

"You have quite a grip Marie" Peter remarked as both girls growled and struggled in their web traps.

"You havent seen anything yet" Wanda smirked and charged her hands as they broke the webbing and she stood up quikcly wrapping her arms around Peter pulling him onto her back as she flipepd forward sending him flying into a car. Peter got up as Wanda shot energy out which he deflected with the car door and threw it near them trying to scare them

"I dont want to hurt you ladies" Peter said trying to reasssure them he was good

"Too bad cause we want to hurt you" Marie said as Wanda finally broke her out of the webbing and she sprung at Peter tackling him pinning him to the ground as she thrust her hands forward trying to touch his face as he caught them and the two grappled. Wanda raised her hand ready to shoot energy into Peter when she saw in the corner of her eye a tank hurling toward her as she threw herself to the ground dodging it. Hulk rushed forward standing above her as she stared into him gasping.

"Hulk not hit pretty girl" He said as Wanda looked confused but took this chance to shoot energy into the tank lifting it and slamming it onto Hulk.


Hulk then shouted roarding as Wanda's eyes widenered in terror as she felt herself being picked up and thrown away smashing into a building. Wanda groaned as she got u slowly in pain as HUlk ran towards her. She panicked and used energy to collpase the building she was in as she ran out as the bulding trapped Hulk in as he roared.

Logan traded blows with the Ninja as both seemed evenly matched as the Ninja drew his twin daggers blocking his claw blades as both fought back and forth.

Peter and Marie were still struggling grappling as he held her wrists trying to stop her from touching his face as he rolled her off and managed to pin her as she thrashed below snapping

"Get off me"

she shouted and managed to kick him in the groin off as he let go she grabbed his legs and spun him around into the same car as she jumped and pinned him smiling into his face

"pucker up pretty boy"

she said giggling as she lent in. Peter panicked as he managed to shoot webs out either way and then attach them to her waist as he threw her off she gasped and she slingshot away. Wanda was staggering back as she saw Marie fly over here and land on the street in front of moving cars who veered dodging her

'MARIE" Wanda shouted int error as she ran over and used her energy to lift cars away that were coming making them crash into eachother as she grabbed Marie lifting her up as a truck came rushing in honking loudly as Wanda was frozen in fear. Peter at that moment swung into the girls's way and held out his hands as the truck smashed into him making him scream as hs was skidded backwards trying to stop the truck finally did so inches from the girls as he collapsed exsaughsted. Wanda just stood there as Peter had saved them.

"You saved us?" Wanda asked speechless as Peter panted and turned to them

"Big mistake" Wanda smirked as she dropped Marie's knocked out body down and rushed forward grabbing Peter's hands in hers linking their fingers as she pushed him into the dented truck front pinning him as her hands glowed chanrging with energy as they seeped into his hands as he groaned in pain

"P..pleasee stop" Peter moaned exagsted to fight back as the energy went up his arms casing intense pain.

"Nah, your cute but I'm too much of a bitch" Wanda said gripping his fingers tightly smiling evilly keeping him against the truck. Behind them Marie was waking up as the building Hulk was in collapsed as out came HUlk staggering.

"MM i could use his power" Marie said smirking as she saw Wanda had Peter under control. she went over to te wounded Hulk as she readied to touch him when she stopped as Hulk was shrinking back into his human for falling on his knees and hands panting and shirtless. Marie jsut stood there her hands twitching as she watched him beginning to feel pity and he was cute. Marie lent down looking at him as she reached out to him when he instantlyshot his hand out grabbing her throat as he went bck into the Hulk and lifitng her effortlessly as he growled but then began to moan as his energy was being sapped by his contact with her bare neck and her hands now holding his wrist. Hulk fell back to his knees as he was losing strnegth as Marie was turning as well becoming big and green like him but keeping her hair and tattered clothes

"Now this is gonna be fun" she grinned and pried his hand off her and then threw him into the truck where Wanda and Peter were as both fell to the ground still holding onto eachother. Marie rushed forward and punched Hulk in the face as she ripped a peice of the truck off and slammed it into him knocking him back. Marie jumped up and landed next to the Hulk as he groaned weakly as she picked him up by hi legs and swung him around and around and finally let him go sending him flying down the street as she ran after him.

Wanda was groaning as she lost focus as Peter finally regained himsefl and freed his hands from hers as he gripped her wrists instead trying to pin her as she struggled

"Geez lady whats your probelm" Peter shouted at her as he tried to keep her down.

Wanda growled and struggled bucking him finally rolling him off her as she sat her butt on his face securing a schoolgirl pin

"Men and no good shitheads" Wanda snapped as she chuckled keeping him under her. Peter thrashed and coughed as he was losing air under this beuatuflu girl but shot a web into her hair and yanked hard as she screamed falling off him as he got up tackling her as the two rolled off the street into the grass of the drainage site

"We are the good guys though, Are you working for Durby?" Peter asked as the two struggled with eachother as they got up knocking themselves back down.

"No, but every man i met was a no good asshole shitbrain, What makes you so different" Wanda screamed as she wrestled with Peter in the grass finally kneeing him off her as she flipped him over and pounced on his back wrapping her arms and legs around him scissroing him as she groaned as did Peter who struggled and gasped as he felt her choking him.

"Well, I'm sorry you had abad experiences but not all men are bad" Peter said between gasps as Wanda kept her headlock on him adding a leg scissors to cause more pain.

Wanda angrily squeezed him as hard as she could. Peter just lied there with her on him choking him as he then bucked and shot his web at a rock swining it around and hitting her in the back as she winced looseneing her grip as he rolled her off him and stood up standing looking at her panting

"Let me have a chance to show you" peter said panting but Wanda just jumped up and swung her fists at him

"You hit me with a rock and Want to show me how your a good guy/" She snapped angrily as he blocked her blows but was knocked back with a kick to the gut as she spun around and did a roundhouse kick he staggered back but webbed her foot to the ground as she groaned and grunted trying to free it.

"yes Let me prove it" he said trying to get her attention. Wanda growled and swung wildly as Peter caught her hands and pulled her in and planted a kiss on her lips as she gasped and grumbled at first but slowly sighed as the feeling washed over her. Peter kissed her for a good 10 seconds as he then let her go and looked at her as she stood there shocked and blushing wildly.

"Not everyone is bad" Peter said softly as he released her foot from the web.

Hulk was being thrown around by Marie who kept sapping his strength as she pounded him kicked him and threw him into the building. Hulk finally had enough ad gotu p tackling her as the two flew backwards landing as she kicked him off she pounced and the two grabbed eachother's shoulders struggling roaring at eachother when finally Marie began to weaken as Hulk began to morph back to human as she did. The two just stood there holding eachother's shoulders as they looked at eachother then laughing at the turn of events

"Maybe your not such a bad guy after all" Marie said giggiling as Bruce laughed

"Your not a bad girl at all" he responded as the two let go of eachother and headed out.

Peter and Wanda stood in front of eachother as both blushed and Wanda made no move to retaliate

"I'm sorry" She said putting her hand on his wounds as he winced.

"Its fine, I strangely had fun tusseling with you" he grinned chuckling as Wanda also chuckled.

"I mean i did kick your ass" Wanda giggled playfully punching his shoulder

"Did Not" peter retorted laughing

"Guess we need a rematch then" Wanda smirked as Peter nodded in agreement.

The two headed out of the drainage place as they met up with Marie and Bruce as Marie apologized to Peter for hurting him Peter laughed as he said no worries when a lightning barrage struck them all knocking them t othe ground

"Bravo bravo" Doctor Durby said clapping as he descned looking over them.

"Dooom" Peter growled as he quickly put on his mask that was lying on the ground next to him.

"SPider-Mann" he said gritting his teeth beneath the mask as he shot him with lightning. Wanda gasped and intercepted catching the energy in her hands as she redirected it into him which he absorbed

"I see you learned a new trick Scarlet Witch" Durby chuckled.

Wanda glowered as she charged energy and shot it out at him as he blocked with bolts of lightning. Peter shot his web up at the building and swung at him dodging some strikes of lighting as he tried to get close but Durby put up a lighting wall and shot him bckwads. Marie and Banner turned to eachother nodding as they grasped hands and he transfered power into her as both became Hulk and SheHulk both jumped up at Durby who turned his attention and shot them both with lighting as they got thrown into the rooftops of buildings. Wanda rushed to where Peter landed but a lighting rope swung around her and lifted her up shocking her as she screamed

"Now Now, is that Love you feel?" Durby asked angrily.

"N..oooo, Mutual Atraction"

Wanda spat and made the energy around her travel into Durby as he groaned as she shot him with energy spikes that sent him down to the ground but recovered quickly as Peter gpt up and shot webs at him sending him falling down. Peter charged forward as he punched Durby hard and did a kick int ohis gut and spuna web swinging him into the building. Durby got up as Hulk smashed behind him punching him hard right into SheHulk who caught him by the head and slamemd him down on the road. Hulk approached as Durby did a swing of his feet and shot out a lighting spiral that sent SheHulk away as Hulk grabbed his feet and shived them into the ground so he couldnt move as Peter webbed his arms to his sides.

"Oh SHit" Durby panicked as Hulk began using his now bobbling body as a punching bag as he let blow after blow on Durby while chukcling.

"Hahaha Nice idea Hulk"

Peter said as Wanda stood next to him clutching her chest as he turned and helped her to the ground checking her wounds. SheHulk was gone as Marie was back and she went over laughing as Hulk used Durby as a punching bag that could go nowhere but back and froth as he cried out in pain. Logan finally returned dragging the unconsious body of Black Ninja behind him as he stopped and laughed at the spectacle before him. Peter held Wanda as she lay on the ground as he checked her wound as she looked up at him smiling some

"You are a good man" Peter smiled back

"Scarlet Witch, That's a nice name" Peter chuckled as Wanda giggled too.

Durby had had enough and summoned as much power as he could and shot a wave of lighting pout sending the three away as he rocketed olut of the groun growling

"Until Next time then Heroes" Durby spat as he used lighting ropes to grab Black Ninja and disappeared in a spirla of lighting as it disappted.

"Aw I was having fun too" Banner laughed as Marie laughed and hugged him. Peter and Wanda looked at eachother also laughing.

Suddenly floodlights shone on them as a group of tanks and vehicles surrounded them


"I know that voice" Wanda said as Marie nodded

"Who is it?" Peter asked.

"The man who kept us locked up" Marie said gritting her teeth.

A man with an eye patch walked into view of the heroes he was a black man wearing a black coat and vest

"Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD" the man replied stepping forward.

"You are the director of SHIELD?" Logan asked.

" I am" Fury responded.

"You tried to cover up Venom" Peter shouted angirly.

"Yes my organization is meant to keep the peace and you guys wrecking the city is certainly Not keeping peace" Fury responded.

"We are Trying to help this city" Peter shouted stepping forward as people's guns cocked.

"You have two of my own and I would like them back" Fury said folding his arms.

"No, Wanda and Marie are our friends now They can be heroes" Peter said as Both girls looked shocked even after the trouble they caused he still wants them.

"Heroes... eh, well you Heroes are unbalanced left unchecked whats to stop you from terorrizing this city LOok at the damaged you have already done when Banner there escaped and had a grudge match with the other guy" Fury said raising his eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, sometimes I cant contro being HUlk" Banner said.

"Exactly, You all are dangerous and If it were up to me I would lock you all away" Fury said sternly.

"Who do you work for?" Logan asked.

"None of your goddamned mind" Fury spat. as Logan growled.

"Please Sir Mister Fury, Let me watch them I will help them understand their powers and use them for good" Peter pleaded as the othrs looked at him.

Fury thought for a moment "Fine, But anymore messups and I will take them all by force and if they fight back so be it" he said raising his hand to make everyone stand down

"You may have won this round Parker but your words cant save you next time" Fury hissed at Peter as he turned and headed away with his army. Peter stood his ground and the n breathed heavily as he staggered

"Wow he is something" Peter said as Wanda and Logan held him still.

"Did you really mean that?" Marie asked.

"Yes, Everyone we are Heroes, we can use our powers to help this city and do good" Peter said as the others looked to eachother

Chapter Six : Spider-Girl? Part 1 Edit

Prievously on UNISON: a Unnatural Lightning storm has given humans abilities as Doctor Durby creates more villains Some have joined the local hero Spider-Man including: Wolverine a metal induced human with healing abilities, Hulk a rage filled green giant who can transform into a human at will, and Scarlet Witch a girl who could control objects and shoot energy from

Doctor Durby was fuming staring at the image of Spider-Man his sworn enemy and foiler of his plans, and since He has messed with three of his plans.

"If Only i knew who he was maybe I could exploit a weakness" Durby muttered. he the looked into databases all over of anything about Spider-Man.

"Bah looks like I will need to get it from the place of secrets itself.."

Durby muttered and walked over to the glass tube where he pushed a button and out spilled the black ooze forming into Venom.

"You are to go to SHIELD and dig up files on SPIDER-MAN" Durby explained.

"Blahh why cant i just kill him" Venom hissed.

Durby got angry " because its clear YOU CANT handle him" he shouted surging lightning into Venom who howled in pain.

"Now get going you" Durby ordered as Venom slinked away.

Peter woke up in the dead of night as he had dreams of his past. He had a sister same face but prettier, dark brown hair and a slender figure, He and her were unseparable for most of their childhood, until a fateful day changed everything.

"Come on Peter give it back!" Jessica said as she chased her brother around the house for taking her book

Peter laughed as he swerved from her as she fell on her face and ran onto the couch taunting her

"Can't catch me Jess" Peter laughed as Jessica picked herself up on her hands and knees and glared at him.

Peter was 12 and Jessica was 10 their parents were out at a movie and the babysitter was napping when Peter snuck into Jessica's room and took her book that she took from him earlier and the chase was on.

"It's my book first Jess" Peter said as jess and him had a glare down.

"Yea but I was reading it" She retorted clenching her small hands into fists.

"Well I want it back" Peter said folding his arms.

Jess just thought about what she could do, should she tell the babysitter, wait for mom and dad to get home, bullrush him or play innocent then strike. Jess had decided.

"Alright Pete you can have it back" Jess said beginning to go back up to her room. Peter was confused

"Just like that?, you ususally put up a fight"

Peter said remembering the times he and her had play fights mostly it was him winning but she managed to get some in too.

Jess smirked behind her as his guard was let down and she spun around and ran into him tackling him onto the couch. Peter grunted as she slammed into him. Jess grabbed for her book when Peter released it behind him and grabbed her wrists as the two siblings grappled grunting and glaring at eachother. Peter rocked and rolled her off him but she held onto him and brought him with her as they landed on the floor wrestling but with Jess on top, they struggled when she slid forward and sat on his face while keeping his hands pinned below. Peter struggled as she had him in a secure SchoolGirlPin. Peter struggled for a bit more trying to buck her off but he was getting tired as she scooted onto his chest still holding his hands down with hers and the two looked at eachother and broke into smiles and laughs.

"You got me" Peter laughed laying under her as she got off him and sat down helping him up

"I sure did Pete" she giggled and the two hugged eachother, as a car door sound made them look towards the door. They ran to it to greet their parents as the door opened only to find two police officers

"Where are mom and dad?" Peter asked holding Jessica's hand tightly as she also watched behind him.

The police officer removed his hat and knelt down so he was at the kids's level and had a sad look on him.

"I'm so sorry to have to tell you this, But your parents are gone" he said.

Peter's eyes widened as Jessica broke into tears clutching her brother tightly as he comforted her also trying to hold back tears.

"H..How, what happened" Peter asked as he was getting choked up.

"a mugger shot both of them trying to steal their stuff" the officer said trying to tell it for a child to hear.

"No, It can't be" Peter said as the look of happiness was gone from him and he and Jessica held onto eachother tightly.

The officer went to address the babysitter who was also saddened as Peter and Jessica sat on the couch together as they both cried as Peter wrapped his arms around her pulling her close

"it's going to be ok Jess" he said trying to remain strong for his sister.

Jess cried hard and buried her head in his shoulder as he hugged her.

Peter shook his head and shed a tear as he went back to bed.

Venom slinked through the sewers until he reached the door to the Triskelion's system and slipped through undetected by blending his construct into the water. He slipped through the pipes and exited into the resovior underneath the Triskelion and crawled out

Venom returned to Durby and presented his findings in the form of a flashdrive.

"Excellent" Durby said and plugged it into his mainframe the title OPERATION:SPIDER appeared on the screen as he accessed it where a complete file of Spider-Man was his for the taking.

"Peter Parker...." Durby said and remembered one time a kid named that came to his lectures and listened some.

"My sworn enemy Peter Parker,let see., parents died when he was 12 by a carjacker who shot them. and He has a sister??" Durby said intrigued.

Venom also perked up "Sissssster?"

"Sissster, So he had a twin Sisster" Durby began to plot.

"This sister could be the key to his defeat" Durby continued beginning to pace and plot. He went back to the files and checked her out

"Jessica Parker, lives in Gotham eh. Let's go HAHAHAHAH" Durby said as Venom just stared t him flicking his tounge.

It's been quiet today, No villains, no robberies, no nothing" Peter said pacing the apartment balcony as the door was open, Logan was reading the newspaper and Bruce and Marie were at a table

"I so bet I can beat you" Marie said

"Please, I'm the Incredible Hulk" Bruce said facing her.

"Yea when you Hulk out" Marie said quoting her finger gloves"

"I have human strength too" Bruce said smirking.

"Alright tough guy bring it"

Marie said smirking placing her elbow on the table and her gloved hand outsretched. As Bruce did the same the two pushed aganst eachother's hands back and forth as Logan just looked over his paper at them and shrugged going back to it. After three minutes of pushing Marie pinned his hand to the table and let out a cheer.

"told ya" she said grinning.

Bruce was shocked but his male ego got better of him.

"alright I admit but" Bruce said and then went green and became the Hulk as he carefully pushed his hand onto the table as Marie just stared arms folded scoffing.

"Okk" she said scoff chuckling as she put her arm down ready to grab his.

"One Two Go" Hulk said quickly as Marie quick as lightning removed her glove from her arm and grabbed his instantly draining his power and sent him falling to the ground unconscious, Logan then let out a chuckle from behind his newspaper.

"You knew that had to be coming" She said blowing a kiss to him and stepped over his body and joined Logan on the couch as she peeked over his paper, as his eyes darted to the side to stare at her as she slunk back a little nervous.

Durby flew his helicopter over the gloomy city of Gotham, known for its high crime rate. Not realizing that ARGUS had sensors in place to monitor air traffic. Amanda Waller the director watched the monitor from Metropolis as Durby's copter flew

"Ma'm it's the one who's causing trouble at Manhattan" a agent said.

"Victor Durby, what is he here for" Waller asked. as People went to work.

"Get me a list of names of everyone who lives in his trajectory" Waller said.

Durby flew his copter over a large mansion on a cliff and into a suburban neighborhood as he landed on a helipad, and pulled his cloak and coat over him more and began walking to Jessica's address. as he put on his best face to not look like a serial killer and pulled off his mask. He knocked on her door as it opened and a teenage girl was standing there. She had long brown hair brown eyes slender body wearing a short skirt and red t-shirt

"can I help you?, to Leave" She said menacingly. Durby was instantly interested.

"yes I am a friend of Peter's..." Durby said trying to sound nice. Jessica's eyes widened as she slowly nonchallantly began closing the door

"What about him?" She asked daring to know.

"Ah me and him went to the University in Manhattan together, he told me he had a sister, and I had to wonder if she was as brilliant as he was" Durby continued sounded friendly.

Jessica as unsure about this strange man, As she had not heard from Peter in so long.

"May I come in?" Durby asked smiling to her. Jessica instantly felt uncomfortable

"Sure hang on let me get better dressed"

Jessica replied adding a smile and shut the door locking it, she walked fast and grabbed her cellphone dialing Peter's number but all she got was a number that didn't exist anymore.

"Damn it Pete" She growled and dialed 911, At that point ARGUS intercepted the call and heard her

Waller got on the phone with someone else

"We need you to go this address and be ready to deal with anything you find" She explained to the person on the other side.

Durby tapped his foot impatiently when a grappling hook wrapped around him and pulled him into the street, Durby grunted as he surged lightning and broke it as he got up a grenade knocked him back. A black clad caped figure jumped down with white eyes that made Durby speechless. The figure threw several blade things from his body as Durby dodged and shot a bolt of lightning at the figure who jumped out of the way and shot a cable around Durby's arm and pulled him around as he delivered a kick to his back. Durby lurched forward as some more blows by the figure knocked him down.

"Time to go to jail" The figure said in a deep voice.

Durby growled and spun back up surging lightning in all directions as the figure was hit and thrown back as Durby began to throw punches that the figure blocked and returned his own as Durby was pummeled backwards until he managed to grab the guy and lift him up and hurl him down the street as he began to shoot lightning into him.

"I don't know what you are but You are human" Durby said and began ripping the lightning into his armor.

Jessica had been watching from down the street with a bag on her shoulders as she hid in terror. The figure grunted to get something from his belt as the lightning coursed throughout and finally threw forward a gas grenade that exploded in Durby's face sending him back as the figure jumped him and threw him into the building wall. Durby got back up and shot ripples of lightning as the figure jumped and evaded each of them and threw more spinning blades that jabbed into Durby's chest and arm as he winced in pain.

"I have had enough of you" Durby shouted and spun around in a circle throwing out lightning waves destroying cars and street lamps but it also sent the figure flying into a car denting it as Durby used the energy to make a tree fall on him burrying him. Durby clasped his hands in victory and turned to see Jessica watching from the corner. She panicked and darted off as Durby gave chase

"I wantes to do this the easy way lady but You force my hand" He shouted as she ran into a alley. Jessica turned and put up her fists ready to defend herself as Durby approached

"Oh you have got to be kidding me" Durby said laughing at the sight. Jessica rolled onto the ground and delivered a dropkick to his groin as Durby just gapsed and fell forward in pain

"AUGHHHOOU" He said falling to his knees.

As she stretched her legs around his neck and did a handstand scissors as she choked him. But Durby grabbed her leg and electrocuted her as she released and slumped down knocked out.

"I got to admit You have guts Kid" Durby said rubbing his neck and picking up the unconscious girl and headed into the night.

The figure stood before Waller on a rooftop as she exited her helicopter

"The man had some kind of electrical powers, as for his target was a girl named Jessica Parker, he kidnapped her" the man said to Waller.

"Parker, Oh shit" Waller said in about four seconds as she remembered something. She turned to leave when she stopped

"You did a fine job tonight I will be needing you eventually" She said as she turned to look at him when he was gone and she was all alone.

"man that is annoying" she muttered and boarded the copter as she flew away from the building with large white letters: WAYNE ENTERPRISES on it's front.

Wanda Maximoff stood on the apartment's balcony looking out over the city glowing as the door opened behind her and out stepped Peter in his costume as he paused seeing her out here beautiful in the moonlight with her black long hair and she turned to look at him and flashed a smile

"Hey Pete" She said blushing.

Peter walked over to her

"Mind if i join you?" Peter said flustered as Wanda nodded. He set himself on the railing a few inches from her as both were shy for they liked each other but couldn't admit it.

"So how have you liked it with us so far?

Durby returned to his lair with Jessica and dropped her on an examination table, as she woke up and panicked looking around at a laboratory and Durby hovering over her.

"You son of a bitch, When i get out of here I will"

She started screaming as Durby rubbed his hand together and placed it on her shoulder shocking her which made her shut up.

"Now that is better" Durby said happy the screaming was over. "Now then Jessie, I want to know what makes you tick, Something terrible must have happened to you and Peter to cause a rift that you move to different cities" Durby began analyzing what he had learned.

Jessica just grunted and struggled in her binds, "Why should I tell you anything" She snapped.

"Oh you won't have to say a word"

Durby began laughing as he lowered a device onto her head that surged energy into her as she screamed. and images flashed across her eyes and was shown on the main monitor as Durby and Venom watched. The images of the police officers coming to their door and giving them the news their parents were gone. The flashbacks switched as Peter and Jessica were at their parents funeral on a rainy day as they held hands.

"I can;t believe they are gone" Jessica said crying. Peter clenched her hand and pulled her to him patting her back.

"Don't worry Jess, we are going to be taken care of by my aunt and uncle" Peter reassured her.

"Uncle Ben and Aunt May?" Jess asked between sniffles

"yea, They are great folks" Peter said to his sister as she wiped her eyes and smiled some.

The flashbacks morphed and fast forward as Jessica gritted her teeth and struggled as the machine ripped them from her.

Peter and Jessica got out of the school bus and ran inside to their aunt and uncle's house.

"I hate school" Peter said throwing his bag down in anger.

"Whats wrong kiddo?" Ben asked sitting down by his nephew.

"They all teased me and mocked me calling me a nerd" Peter said angrily.

"Then let them, don't care what others think, cause I know you will do great things someday Peter" Ben said putting his arm around him.

Peter brightened up as Aunt May called out that she had cookies as Jessica was helping make them having heard it all.

"Don't worry Pete, You are the best big brother ever, You will be great" Jessica said grinning widely as Peter smiled and joined her at the table with a plate of cookies.

Jessica continued to grunt as these images flashed across her as Durby watched from his chair intently trying to figure out what he could use to break Peter.

Fast forward to a graduation ceremony as Peter was up at the stage receiving a diploma from Doctor Curt Conners, As the audience cheered. Jessica was in the line as well clapping and laid eyes on a man who gave her a smile as she blushed some turning away but stealing glances that she barely heard her name being called to the stage as she hurried there.

Peter walked off the stage where Ben May were waiting and patted his back and hugged him. and was embraced by his girlfriend a beautiful blond lady who kissed him on the lips.

"Congratsulations Peter" she said laughing as she hugged him.

Peter laughed too and hugged her back "Thanks Gwen" He looked up as Jessica walked up from the stage as well and hugged him

"I knew you could do it Pete" Jessica said as Peter returned her hug.

"We knew you Both could do it" Ben said clearly proud of his niece and nephews and May took pictures.

"Hey I'm having a party on Saturday do you guys want to come?" Gwen Stacy asked the Parkers. Jessica and Peter looked at their guardians as they both laughed and nodded.

"You aren't ready yet Jessica" May said

Jessica's smile turned into a frown as she turned to face her guardians

"what do you mean I'm two years younger then Peter" she said disappointed.

"And we are saying this for your own good" Ben put in as Jessica began to get more angry.

"Oh come on Please" Jessica pleaded putting on her best girl face but it didn't faze the grownups.

"Our decision is final" Ben said being as firm as he could. Jessica just glowered with rising anger and stormed off.

Peter just stood by with Gwen and kissed Peter quickly on the lips and ran off waving them goodbye.

Jessica was walking angrily away when she turned around to see A man talking to Peter with a nametag: V. Durby, she shrugged and kept walking.

"WHAT" Durby shouted standing up as his popcorn was thrown to the floor as Venom was startled and fell down as well.

"How could I have been there, I don't even remember meeting that welp" Durby screamed

" said you knew him at the University" Jessica said weakly as she still struggled.

"Yea I was LYING" Durby shouted at her but then settled down and continued watching as Venom went back into place.

Saturday at the Stacy party. Jessica was talking to people when the man she saw at the graduation ceremony walked behind her and cooed into her ear a hello as she jumped and whirled around instantly taking in the sight of this man as she began to blush.

"Hey, Name is Flash Thompson" the man said to her," I have seen you at school but never really got the chance tot alk to you what with football season and all" he said as Jessica just listened "Want to have some fun?" he said to Jessica who just blushed and giggled.

"What kind of fun...: She asked interested.

Flash took her by the hand and led her upstairs into a bedroom as they shut the door and began to kiss roughly which led to the bed as they began removing their clothes kissing still. Three minutes later they were nearly nude and still kissing and fucking until the door opened and there was standing Peter who was red ad a beet.

"Get your clothes on and let's go"

Peter demanded as Jessica quickly did so as Flash tried to protest but she pushed him away. Jessica hurried as Peter dragged her down the stairs.

"Ow Ow ow Come on let Go" She said angrily trying to wrench her hand away.

"You were not allowed to go to this party and you disobeyed our parents And worse You just did That??"

Peter shouted at her as Gwen came up asking what was wrong and then saw Jessica's sloppily put on clothes and Flash slowly coming down the stairs equally sloppy as she glared.

"I'm sorry Gwen ill see you on Monday"

Peter said as he dragged Jessica out and to his car and drove back home where May and Ben were angrily waiting.

"You blatantly disobeyed our orders" Ben said raising his voice at Jessica who had never seen him like this before but was angry as well. as Peter headed upstairs.

"Yea well I needed a life" she said also raising her voice. As the others just stared at her unsure of what she just said.

"We have done our best to raise you and I know we are not your parents"

"Then stop pretending to be"

Jessica shouted angrily and stormed up to her room slamming the door. as Ben and May looked at eachother.

Durby whistled in amusement as he watched

"quite a rebel" He said to her and turned back to the monitor as Jessica groaned and twisted.

Later Peter knocked on Jessica's door as she said loud enough to Go away. Peter entered anyway as she lied on her bed not facing him and listening to headphones.

"How could you do that?" Peter asked her sitting on the edige of her bed. She didnt answer.

"DID you even know what you were thinking?" Peter asked again. Jessica still did not answer.

Peter leaned forward placing his hand on her back as she whirled around grabbing it and pushing him back

"You are not the boss of me I will do what i want" Jessica snapped staring him into his eyes.

"I'm just saying you made a bad judgement" Peter stammered as Jessica's brown eyes flashed.

"You do not get to critize me Peter" Jessica said inching closer to him as she clenched her hands. Peter stood strong staring her right in the eye.

"What does That mean?" Peter snapped back holding his ground.

Jessica began to smirk "I know you disobey Aunt May and Ben too" she retorted.

Peter looked flustered, "You know nothing" He protested.

Jessica began to overpower him in their contest as she threw stuff into his face verbally finally Peter had enough.

"Shut up bitch" Peter blurted out and instantly regretted it.

Jessica stared at him furious and lunged at him wrapping her arms around his neck and throwing to the ground as she landed on him. Peter retaliated by grabbing her struggling and gaspsing as she strnagled him as they rolled along the ground not have had a fight since they were kids. Peter managed to roll her onto her back as he mounted her stomach and pried her arms off him and held down pantng forgetting how strong she was.

"I always beat you up when we were kids"

Jessica smirked as she easily flipped him over onto his face as she grabbed his hands pulling them high up as she sat on his upper back in a painful hold. Peter winced and screamed some but not too loud as to wake up Ben and May. Jessica pulled his arms linking her fingers into his and twisted them some as he let out some whimpers as she smiled enjoying beating him up.

"Never call me a Durby"

She snapped and finally released his hands, as Peter whimpered and then got up bucking her off as she fell onto the ground with a oof and gasped as he crawled to his knees and held onto her bed trying to get himself up.

"Oh noo you did not"

she threatened and instantly jumped on his back wrapping her arms around his neck with one hand on the top of his head, as her legs snaked around his waist and squeezed him tightly. Peter instantly groaned and he felt the vice grip her legs had. He continued to crawl and flopped on the bed as she held on constricting him as he was losing air and in terrible pain from her crushing grip. He collapsed in agony on the bed trying to get up but she was sucking the energy from him laughing evilly

"Oh God, I cant remember the last time I had such fun making you cry baby brother"

She said as she was turning into something Peter never saw before. She finally released her grip but still sat on his back with her legs on either side of him as he lied there barely moving.

"P..please Jess."

Peter whimpered before his powerful sister. She just looked down on him beginning to feel remorse but then snapped back to her new vixen side, and reached down wrapping her fingers on each side of his jaw and chin and mercilessly began to yank hard as Peter instantly groaned and screamed in agony. This alerted May and Ben as they walked in to see Jessica kneeling on Peter pulling his head back by clutching his chin and clearly smiling.

"Jessica Put him down" Ben ordered.

Jessica snapped back to reality and looked over to see her guardians here and then looked down at her helpless brother and released him feeling instant remorse. Peter was barely awake as he was in so much pain as Jessica rolled him gently over so he looked up at her. She then turned back to her shocked guardians and stood up as she threw herself onto her bed as Peter still lied there as Ben and May helped him up. Jessica sobbed at night. The Next morning Jessica walked down the stairs to find Peter May and Ben eating breakfeast as they looked over to greet her but frowned when they saw she had a suitcase.

"I'm leaving" Jessica said firmly. Peter winced as he got up apporaching her.

"Peter I'm sorry for last night, I lost it" She said tearfully as he just hugged her.

"Please don't go, you still have a home here" he told her as she hugged him back gently as to not hurt his back anymore.

"I need to find myself" Jessica said as she bid farewell to her guardians as they protested.

"Young lady you march right back up,and unpack" Ben said firmly.

Jessica replied with a No and began walking away.

"Jessica If you leave this house, You will be grounded" Ben raised his voice.

Jessica pasued and then walked right out of the house "I'm not 13 anymore You can't ground me" She then walked out as Ben May and Peter watched. Peter ran out but wincing still bruised from his beating by her last night.

"Jess..." Peter said sadly staring after his sister who never turned to him.

"Goodbye Pete" she said tearfully and boarded a bus that stopped and headed off as Peter stood sadly.

The machine stuttered and flashed as Jessica screamed in pain as it began to break. Durby quikcly went over and removed it so it would not give her brain damage.

"That was quite something little Jess" Durby said down to her placing his hands on her shoulders as she shuddered and spit into his face which he wiped away without flinching.

"What the hell are you going to do with me?" She responded angrily.

"I am going to give you something" He said. Jessica was cautius.

"What kind of thing?" she asked her curiousty always got the better of her just like back then when she wrongfully had sex with Flash.

Durby pointed her table to the monitor as it showed Spider-Man swinging around and webbing up criminals.

"That is your brother" Durby said simply as Jessica stared in shock and awe

"How can that be" Jessica asked not struggling anymore.

"Four weeks ago a energy storm appeared across the nation granting certain people abilities becoming superhumans, I was one of them for I am a god among people. Your brother was also granted powers of a spider, though why I have no idea" Durby explained

"You are a god?" Jessica snickered some as Durby angrily zapped her with lightning

"I AM, and I will prove it by creating a miracle" He said going for a device with a needle and carrying it over to Jessica.

"What are you going to do" Jessica panicked as he lowered the needle to her arm.

"I am granting you a gift"

he said sinisterly as he jabbed the needle into her as she creamed and injected with a substance. Finally he removed it as she struggled and grunted and her body changed she felt stronger breaking her bonds as she shot out a web from her finger as she stared in awe

"You.. gave me powers?" Jessica said to Durby in awe as she jumped into the air and stuck to the wall.

"Yes, I gave you your brother's powers with a little extra flair so you are stronger then him" Durby explained.

"Why, I can go see him now?" Jessica asked.

"yes you can to Kill him my dear" Durby said suddenly as Jessica froze in fear at that word.

"what, I'm not killing him, I need to say i'm sorry" Jessica began as Durby then pushed a button his wrist and she instantly snapped to attention.

"yes you will as you are now under my control, I also injected something special to allow you to listen and follow my orders" Durby said pleased with his process.

Jessica just stood there not saying anything. As Durby presented her a outfit similar to Peter's but feminine. Her mid drift showed she wore fingerless gloves. a skirt with a web design and boots.

"You shall be known as Spider-Girl!" Durby exclaimed in triumph as Spider-Girl nodded putting on her mask that showed her eyes and nose and mouth with a hole behind for her hair to go in in a ponytail. as she webbed the ceiling and swung out as Durby laughed behind her.

Peter finally got a distress call as a robbery was in progress and put on his costume he turned to Wanda who's hand he was holding as he stutered

"I gott to goo"

Peter said nervously as Wanda let him go smiling as Peter jumped off the bacony and swung into the city.

To Be Continued...

Chpater Seven: Spider-Girl? Part 2 Edit

Prievously on UNISON: Doctor Durby discovers Spider-Man/Peter Parker has a sister Jessica he abducts her and gives her the abilities of Spider-Man but under his control as he sends her to kill her brother.

Spider-Girl known as Jessica swung through the city looking for her target: Spider-Man, Not knowing that it is her brother she had not seen in 4 years now under control of Doctor Durby. She landed on the ground and focused as her super suit absorbed into her giving her a typical teenage girl look. She blended into the crowd when a robber snuck up on her and stole her purse. She pursued him and cornered him in a dark alley.

"You looking to die lady?" the theif said pulling a knife.

Jessica just walked up to him grabbed his wrist and snapped it then spun around so she got a lethal chokehold on the theif and snapped his neck dropping him to the ground and walking off.

Spider-Man was swinging through the city when he saw a explosion at a bank happen. He went down and faced off against three thieves. the thieves pulled guns

"Oh please"

Spidey said but he webbed them out of their hands and webbed one to the traffic light pole, as another tried to punch him as he easily sidestepped and punched the guy away, the third jumped him but a acrobatic flip threw him off. After two seconds all three theives were webbed and arrested. Jessica watched from the crowd and saw Spidey web away as she secretly followed. Spidey flipped up onto a building as Jessica secretly did too thinking of how to get him She could either jump him, or stage a trap, She decided to do the second option. She jumped to a neighboring building and stood on the edge imiating a suicide.

"My life is over"

She shouted loudly, Spidey heard and looked over at the pretty girl standing on the edge of a building. Spidey webbed over and approached her. "easy there um" Spidey asked. the girl turned with brown eyes and dark brow hair in a ponytail and she mumbled


He approached and took her hand

"Come on Audrey this is not the answer"

he said leading her slowly from the edge. She then fell into his arms and hugged him.

"Oh thank you sir soo much, wait you're Spider-Man arent you" she said hugging him and slowly tightening her grip.

Spidey hugged her back and flustered

"well yeah i guess i am," as he spoke he noticed he was losing air some then he realized she was slowly strangling him he pushed against her "Hey what are you doing?"

he asked struggling with the mysterious Audrey as they moved backwards. As she held him in her grip chuckling some he shot his hands sideways and shot web strands that latched onto the walls of the bulding and with all his might pulled breaking her grip as he kicked her in the face and backflipped from her. Jessica grunted and did a flip of her own and landed smirking at him as her suit formed on her. Spidey gasped as he saw her. she had a similar spider mask but a hole in back for her pony tail to come down, she had the same colors her waist was exposed as she had a skirt and long sleeves ending in fingerless gloves.

"And who are you?" Spidey asked as he got ready to fight this new villain.

"Spider-Girl" Jessica said and shot a web strand at him,

he met it with one of his own and did a flip shooting another strand that hit her pulling towards him, she anticipated this and when they met she kicked him into the gut and delivered a punch to his head sending him back while grabbing the web he attacked her with and pulling him then delivering another kick into him. Spidey staggered from the beating he was already receiving when she spun on her foot and did a roundhouse kick, He ducked and caught her foot and flipped her backwards. She landed on her back as Spidey pounced grabbing her wrists and pinning her down.

Durby watched the two fight on his monitor and turned up the energy meter to increase her strength. Jessica struggled as Spidey held her down and felt a increase of strength she pushed Spidey up with her hands and shot her foot right into his crotch. Spidey screamed in pain and fell backwards in pain. Jessica got up and grabbed his legs and shot a web at the nearby building and jumped off dragging him with her. Jessica then dropped him similar to what Venom did once. Spidey knew what was coming so he braced himself and webbed in time expecting her to swing around and kick him into the building, but she did something unexpected as she swung above him and jumped on his back wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist as the two fell together down onto a fire escape. the two struggled and rolled off onto the ground of the alley as she kept her constricting grip.

"You can't beat me hon" Jessica said.

Spidey was in pain as the life was being squeezed from him when he finally shot a web at the wall and pulled himself around smashing her against it. Jessica grunted and slid off as Spidey webbed her to the ground

"Alright what is your deal?" Spidey said coughing.

Jessica struggled in the web and smirked and broke it and tackled him. the two fell backwards as she sat on his face so he couldn't breathe

"I'm here to kill you" She said smirking. Spidey grunted and struggled and delivered his feet into her back sending her into a wall. He got up and grabbed her arms bending them behind her and pinning her to the wall

" Who sent you?" He growled.

Jessica struggled and put her feet on the wall and did a back flip as she moved his arms behind him and shoved him into the wall.

"Who do you think dumbass"

Jessica taunted and then picked him up by his hands and hurled him down the alley. SPidey landed with a oomph at the far wall as Spider-Girl cartwheeled toward him. he slide on the ground and kicked her feet from under as she did a hand stand and kicked his face. he regained himself blocking a fist from her and pushing it outwards. The two punched back and forth battling again and again till he kicked her in the gut webbed her and threw her into the wall. he jumped onto the wall as she pursued and ran across rooftops. Spider-Man ran and jumped across rooftops as Spider-Girl pursued intending to kill him for Doctor Durby.

"Should have known Durby was behind this" he said out loud knowing he was listening.

Spider-Girl shot a web at his foot and then threw him down with it, She pounced as he got up and kicked him in the back. he fell forward but regained himself as she jumped and webbed her face as he spun in mid air and landed up right. She gasped as the web impacted her face and she fell to the ground. When she got up Spider-Man was gone and she could swear she heard Durby pound his fist on his desk.

Logan was lying back watching TV smoking a cigarette as Bruce and Rogue/Marie sat meditating with Wanda as she flicked energy around her hands controlling her powers

"You need to focus yourself so as to keep your powers under control" Bruce said.

"yea yea I know" Marie said.

"And most importantly to keep calm" Bruce replied.

Suddenly the window burst as Spider-Man tumbled in startling everyone as Bruce reacted by turning into his alter ego the Hulk and smashed the wall next to him. until he realized and calmed down and returned to Bruce. Marie just sat there rubble in her hair as she brushed it out and looked at Bruce

"keep calm huh" Bruce just shrugged and held his neck in embarrasement. Logan jolted up at this and rushed to Spider-Man;s aid as he pulled off his mask.

"What happened?" Logan asked helping him to the couch as Wanda did too.

"I fought a girl who had my powers and suit" Peter said.

"A Spider-Girl?" Bruce asked.

"That's something" Marie said slipping on her gloves and going over to them.

"She works for Durby" Peter said.

"How did you lose her?" Bruce asked.

"I webbed her face and disappeared" Peter said catching his breath.

"What should we do?" Wanda asked.

"Let's go carve her up and send the remains to Durby" Logan said igniting his claws.

"We should take this fight to Durby and beat the shit out of him" Bruce said his eyes going green.

"Whoah calm down there buddy" Marie said grabbing his arm with her gloves and calming him down.

Bruce smiled and calmed down his eyes returning to normal.

"Either way she is a threat and we deal with threats" Wanda said smacking her fist on her hand.

"And we shall deal with her... But not today I am tired lets go to bed" Peter then suddnely said and fell asleep on the couch.

The others just stood there speechless and then shrugged and went off to their respective rooms.

Jessica swung through the streets looking for her quarry when she began to fall asleep and fell, she spun herself a web hammoc between a alley up high an fell asleep.

"JESSICA!!!!" a loud angry voice shouted in her earphone.

"gahhhh" She gasped as she awoke with a start and saw it was morning with pigeons flapping around

"Ugh i have bed hair" Jessica said fixing her hair

"I DON'T CARE DESTROY SPIDER-MAN" Durby shouted again that made her wince from the volume.


Jessica screamed back and put on her mask and shot a web at a building and swung away. The Heroes had also woken up and scattered across the city to search for Spider-Girl.

The Heroes got up as they left their apartment when Peter turned to Wanda

"I'm not ready to go out there yet Peter" She said sadly as he reassured her

"I understand watch the place until we get back he said and then headed off leaving the Scarlet Witch standing there and smirking

"Finally" she said as she hopped on the couch and turned on the tv watching her favorite shows no one liked.

Spidey swung through buildings and around cars. Bruce walked around normally with Marie. Logan drove his motorcycle around.

"So I was wondering when we are free maybe we could catch a movie or something.." Bruce said shyly to Marie.

Marie blushed some and brushed her hair back

"Are you asking me on a date oh mighty Hulk?" Marie teased and looked at him.

Bruce's heart beat intensified as he blushed and began turning green Marie laughed some as he began to change. Bruce noticed and grinned sheepishly and reverted it as the two kept walking.

"So what do you say?" Bruce asked. Marie smiled but then frowned

"I can't have a relationship"

she said starting to walk faster. Bruce hurried to keep in line with her as she held her shoulders up.

"Why not, I mean I have anger issues" Bruce said. Marie furiously turned and pulled off her glove

"Yea well you can't do this" and she in rage grabbed a random guy walking and sucked his energy and he fell down dead. Marie gasped


she exclaimed hoping no one saw that, luckily no one did.

Bruce just grabbed the dead guy and dragged into alley putting his body in a dumpster.

"Ughyhh" Marie growled and kept walking strangley not affected by death. Bruce hurried after her still shocked at what she did and her calmness.

Wolverine drove his motorcycle past a seedy bar, dismounted and walked in. Instantly everyone stared at him as he had his claws out.

"Fuck" Logan said and sheathed them. he walked up to the barkeep.

"All I want is a beer" he said. The bartender just pulled out a shotgun

"We don't serve your kind" he said aiming the gun.

"Come on bub its too early in the morning" Logan said. Several burly men stood up and apporached

"Get out of our bar freak" one said. Logan just sighed and continued drinking his beer

"Seriously guys" He said calmly but getting annoyed.

One grabbed a foot stool and smashed it over Logan's head, he did not flinch and just cracked his neck and turned to the guy.

"Ok then" he said and did a quick jump kick into the guy sending him into three other guys.

The bartender blasted his shotgun at Logan who whipped out his claws and sliced the barrel as it exploded in the keep's face. He dodged a jump attack from a thug and grabbed another throwing him out the window into a car. Logan made short work of the thugs, payed his money, drank the rest of his beer, and walked out. Spidey was still swinging when a web ball was hurled into him, knocking him off his web rope and began falling, before he could shoot another one, he was impacted by a blue and red figure who kicked her legs into his gut and sent him right into a wall. he got up but Jessica was faster and caught him between her legs and smashed him against the wall more. He slipped from her grip and blocked her fist as the two stood on the wall and traded blows, he caught her arm under his and flipped her over face planting into the wall and kept himself on her back holding down.

"Alright lady That's enough"

Spidey said holding her head against the wall and restricting her movement as she grunted and struggled snarling

"It's not enough until your dead at my feet"

She said and with a burst of strength she slipped her arms around his neck and held tightly cutting off his air as she used this to push herself and him off and they fell together onto a rooftop damaging a ventalation system. She released him and held him by the waist and shoved him against wall after all and hurld him away right into the ventalaltion system. Spidey got up but she tackled and pinned him down while grabbing a metal bar and smashing it on him but he caught it and kicked her hard in the face knocking her back.

"Guys i got her" Spidey said in his comlink as he then grabbed her and tackled them outside and pinned her.

The two rolled around trying to gain the advantage but then she scooted forward planting her butt on his face and held his hands down on the ground in a move Peter was familiar with as she schoolgirlpinned him She laughed and pressed her weight on him trying to make my pass out smirking, When A giant green monster had grabbed her head and hurled her off onto the ground, Hulk had arrived

"Son of a.."

Jessica said as Hulk stepped off and grabbed her tiny leg and held her over the roofside and above the street.

"Cute Lady" Hulk said.

Marie had also arrived and stepped on his foot in irritation at his remark, "

Owww" Hulk said wincing.

"whoops" Marie smirked and walked over to Jessica still being dangled

. "Alright we can do this the easy way or the hard way" she said slipping off her gloves. Jessica just stared at the other girl

"Fuck off Bitch" she said definatnly.

Marie grew red with anger and grabbed Jessica's arm and yanked her from Hulk's grip and slammed her down on the rooftop. Jessica moaned in pain as Marie reached down ready to kill the insolent bitch

"Whoah Marie stop" Spidey said aching from his fight with Jessica Marie was still fuming bu backed off. Jessica saw this and quickly got up shooting a web that latched onto Marie and spun her into HUlk so she touched him. Hulk groaned and shook as he fell down hurting. Marie was horrifed

"NO" she shouted as Jessica back kicked Spidey and summer salted off the roof and down below.

Marie knelt by Hulk as he lied there passed out.

"Wait he's not dead" she said putting on her gloves again. Spidey recovered and limped over

"You're right" he said. Marie then felt pissed off and began to change green.

"Um Marie" Spidey said staring at her.

"What?" she asked and looked down she was a She-Hulk

"What the hell" she said in a deep voice and glared around.

Suddenly Jessica was thrown back up and landed beaten up in heap by Spidey's feet, as Wolverine claws out strided up the stairs

"Don't ask" he said simply nd then took one look at sheHulk.

"Ok what happened here" he said raising an eyebrow.

'Well Marie.." Spidey began.

"Never Mind" Wolverine said suddnely.

Jessica was waking up as Spidey webbed her up and SheHulk sat on her

"Can i fuck her up now?" Marie shouted in Hulk voice. Jessica grunted and squirmed. SPidey pulled off her mask and saw her face clearly for the first time and his heart nearly stopped

"Yoou, it can't be.." he said shocked and confused.

"What?" Logan said.

"She's She's my sister..." Spidey said simply.


Marie shouted as she finally returned back to her human form as HUlk was Bruce again but still passed out.They had knocked Jessica out and brought her still tied up to their apartment as Wanda quickly turned off the tv and pretended like she was meditating.

"Welcome back guys" she said smiling sweetly.

"You never told us you had a sister" Logan said arms crossed.

"I had forgotten her, since I woke up with my powers I can't remember anything really but I did recognize her" Peter said.

"Durby must have found her and turned her into a brainwashed assassin to kill you" Marie said as she tended to Bruce.

"Is there any evil he won't sink to?" Logan said growling.

Peter just stared ahead as Wanda got up and put her arm around him comfrting him.

Peter snapped back to reality, as Logan and Marie were arguing and he decided to go see if Jessica was awake now. He opened the door and her body in the suit was still there tied up and strapped to the bed under the covers.

"Jess.." Peter said touching her forehead under the sheet and realized it was a pillow. He gasped, as Jessica snuck up behind him and wrapped the ropes around his neck tightly pulling him to her as she gritted her teeth strangling him and throwing themselves onto the bed as she at on his back and pulled the rope tightly against his skin as Peter groaned and tried to scream out but couldn't.

"Time to die now Durby"

Jessica said with evil eyes and smile as she quickly twirled the rope around his neck so it was fastened and grabbed his chin with her hands and yanked back hard as she knelt on his back pressing her knees into him hard. laughing evilly as she tortured him intending to suffocate and snap his neck clean off. Peter was in intense pain as she kept yanking on his chin trying t rock himself to knock her off it worked as she fell off but didn't lose her hold and pulled him with her as they landed on the ground with a loud thud as she wrapped her legs around his waist tightly squeezing and kept her hands on his chin pulling back as the rope continued to suffocate him, luckily the thud was heard by Logan who burst in as Jessica was startled. She released him and instantly jumped at Logan webbing his claws to his sides and scissoring his neck with her legs and reaching over grabbing Peter by his rope and yanking again keeping both men in deadly holds laughing. Marie heard the grunting and banging in there and got up and opened the door seeing Jessica legs suffocating Logan and arms strangling Peter. Jessica spun her head to look up at Marie who still had some of Hulk's strength and had herself the door itself and slammed it hard on her head knocking her off with a grunt. Logan escaped and Peter quickly pushed her limp hands away and pried and snapped off the rope while breathing heavily.

"She is lethal" Logan remarked admirabily.

"She isnt just controlled by Durby, she is angry at me for something that happened a long time ago" Peter said

"what hapepend?" Marie asked helping Peter to his feet.

"We had a falling out and it ended unpleasent and we went our separate ways until now" Peter said getting up.

"So what do we do now?" Logan asked looking at Jessica's body as it was starting to wake up.

"I Don't Know" Peter said sadly as he knelt down to her placing his hand on her cheek. Her eyes opened slowly and looked at him instantly beginning to attack when he held her down struggling to pin her as she snarled Then he looked carefully at her hairline it was covering something, a insertion

"Logan do you know to do surgery" Peter smirked as Logan looked at what he was reffering too

"I sure do bub" He grinned taking out one of his claws, as Jessica's face went cold.

Logan jabbed his claw into her insertion and managed to disable a mechanical device. As Jessica surged and gasped twitching and thrashing as electrical surges went through her body.He removed the device as she fell limp.

"She ok?" Logan asked.

Peter cradled his sister's body as her eyes fluttered open and staring right into her brother's eyes

"P..P..Peter....?" she whispered touching his cheek.

"It's me Jess your safe" Peter said hugging her. Jessica just returned the hug.

Later she sat on the couch still in her spider outfit as she looked at it

"How did I get this thing and you are Spider-Man? and where Am I?" she asked questions.

"You are in New York, Yes I am Spider-Man and you were taken from your home by a madman named Doctor Durby i assume to use you against me to kill me" Peter explained to her.

"me kill you? I would never your my big brother and we may have had a falling out, but i never would wish harm upon you" Jessica said holding her hands on his shoulders staring right at him.

"I know, you were controlled by Durby, you had no control" Peter explained.

Jessica just sat there uncertain about all of this when she looked to Bruce, Marie and Logan.

"And who are you guys?" She asked.

Logan folded his arms , Marie smiled some and Bruce just stared.

"This is Logan Howlet, Bruce Banner and Marie we don't know her last name" Peter said chuckling.

Marie rolled her eyes "yea even I don;t know mine that's what you get for being raised by SHIELD scisnetists" she snapped.

Jessica just stared.

"I am Bruce Banner but also known as Hulk" Bruce said.

"Hulk?, whats a Hulk" Jessica asked.

Logan groaned "Here we go"

Bruce concentrated and grew in height and became green as Jessica backed into the couch scared but fascinated

"Wow" she said staring at him in awe and some terror.

"Yes me Hulk" he said.

Marie placed a hand on him and asked him to return back as he did so. Jessica then looked at Marie as she had gloves.

"You must really like gloves" she asked. Marie just scowled.

"I need them for my powers, I touch a human I absorb their life force, a superhuman their powers and knock em out" She explained.

"Oh wow, that must stink for close encounters huh" Jessica said eyeing both Bruce and Marie who flusttered and stole glances at eachother nervously.

Jessica turned to Wanda who stood there arms behind her back in her red and black outfit

"Name is Wanda the Scarlet Witch" Wanda replied shaking Jessica's hand

"Wow I love your outfit" Jessica said as Wanda laughed "Thank you haha"

Marie scowled "Whats wrong with MY outfit?"

"N..Nothing just interesting" Jessica tried to sound nice but Marie just scowled more.

Finally Jessica turned to Logan who still had his arms folded. "And who is mister grumpy ass" Jessica snickered.

"I am the goddamn Wolverine" Logan hissed taking out his claws as Jessica gasped and stared in awe.

"Wow, this is cool" Jessica said, then turned back to Peter.

"And you, a superhero as well, Like you always said you wanted to be to avenge mom and dad" Jessica said hugging her brother. Peter nodded and hugged her back.

"But first I think I want a piece of this Durby guy" Jessica said clenching her fists and pulling back from the hug.

Peter and Logan grinned at the thought, but then frowned

"We have no idea where he is or how to find him" Peter said.

Jessica thought for a minute and then came up with an idea "I got a plan" as she explained it to them.

The Next Day Spider-Man and Spider Girl were fighting once again across rooftops as she whaled on him again and again, finally he lied knocked out at her feet as she picked up a comminucater she hid and called Durby

"JESSICA WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, DID YOU FINISH SPIDER-MAN?" Durby's voice shouted through the radio.

"I have him knocked out I think you should kill him yourself" Jessica explained.

"A interesting idea, very well give me your coordinates and I will come" Durby said.

Jessica knelt down to Peter and the two winked.

15 minutes later Durby himself arrived at the rooftop to see Spider-Man's body draped across Spider-Girl's shoulder her hands pulling on his head.

"Excelent work Jessica" Durby said stepping forward as she released him laying limp on the ground.

"hello Peter" Durby said kneeling down to inspect him as he removed his mask.

Peter slowly opened his eyes to see the face of Durby

"Are you ready for the finale?" he said sinisterly.

"Yep" Peter said and delivered both feet into his gut hard and backflipped away. Durby was caught offguard and fell backwards.

"You shit, Jessica kill him" he shouted but then saw Peter standing next to Jessica smirking.

"You traitor!"

Durby shouted and shot lightning at them. both Spiders flipped out of the way and shot webs at his hands so he couldnt shoot. Durby growled and electrocuted the webs as Jessica dropkicked him, Peter caught Durby from behind in a headlock and threw him over his shoulder onto his face. then he picked him up holding up for a pissed off Jessica.

"This is for stealing me from my home" Jessica screamed punching him hard in his mask cracking it.

"This is for trying to make me kill my brother"

She screamed again and roundhouse kicked him in his groin as Peter held him still so he would take each blow. Durby grunted and groaned at each blow.

"And this is for screwing up my hair" She screamed loudest and did a spin kick into his jaw sending it back and a punch hard in his chest as peter released him so he would fall down.

"Nice" Peter said at his sister's might.

Durby got to his knees "Little brat" and shot her full of lightning shocking her and sending her backwards that her leg was bent wrong way as she screamed in pain .Peter growled and did a web trick that sent him into the wall and began to hammer him with punches.

"You steal my sister, make her try to kill me" Peter screamed in anger and kept pounding him. Durby growled and finally grabbed his fists and electrocuted him kicking him away and shooting a barrage of lightning into his body with pure mailce

"Yes I did, and Now I will let you watch him die bitch" Durby said to Jessica who was getting up as he continued his assualt on Peter who screamed in agony.

Jessica was horrified as she watched her brother scream in agony. as her leg was hurt from his earlier blow as she crawled trying to reach him.

Durby grinned in pleasure as the lightning ripped across Peter's body and ripped some of his suit. "Time to DIE" he said evilly.

Jessica crawled and held up a hand and shot a web strain that hooked onto Durby's leg and she pulled with all her might and sent him down to the ground as she shot another web to pull Peter out of the way. Jessica jumped onto Peter and rolled her and him away from Durby as she got up limping. Durby roared and stood up and shot lightning at her. Jessica shot her webs out impacting the lightning as it surged into her making her go to her knees.

"Nice trick but no" Durby said and shot her full of lightning as she screamed in agony. Peter was still in pain but looked up to see Jessica getting it now. He then felt a renewed sense of strnagth and got up and bullrushed Durby sending him backwards as he did a flurry of kicks and punches at him sending him towards the edge of the roof.

"It's over Durby" he said and finally used his feet to break his hands and then web them.

Durby grunted as he was at the edge of the roof peering over his shoulder far below as Spidey held him in a nelson hold and applied pressure.

"What are you going to do, kill me??" Durby taunted. Spidey just gritted his teeth and hurled him off the roof

Durby screamed as he realized he had done it, but then Peter shot webs and pulled him back up over him and then kicked him hard in the jaw sending him spiraling into the ground.

"No, I'm no killer" Peter said as Jessica had gotten up but badly hurt and hugged him. Spidey felt a sense of accomplishment as he had finally beaten Durby, and at long last he was going to jail.

Later Durby was strapped into a glass conductor tube as he was wheeled into a special cell for him when he tried to wriggle he was shocked by his own power all he could do was muffled scream endlessly as the vault door was shut.

Peter and Jessica watched from the window and turned around heading out when a man stopped them he wore a eye patch and a grey suit a big black man too.

"Hello Peter and Jessica Parker, My name is Nick Fury" the man said shaking their hands.

"I have been watching you and your cohorts activities for some time including sparky's in there" Fury said as he walked with them to his office.

"What do you want?" Jessica asked.

"Nothing, just we were hoping you would stay here" Fury said. Peter and Jessica looked at eachother.

"I guess I can stay here" Jessica said clutching Peter's arm.

"We would also like to run some tests on your DNA see what else Durby did to you" Fury said.

"Umm sure?" Jessica responded hesitantly as Fury led the siblings to his lab.

Peter pulled Fury aside after Jessica had gone in

"I know who you are Nick, and I know what you are about you hurt her in some way I will end you" Peter threatened.

"heh you have some balls to threaten me motherfucker" Fury responded harshly and pulled away from Peter

"Don't worry I won't touch her" he said and went in as Peter stood there fists clenched.

To Be Continued....

Chapter Eight: The Man of Iron Edit

An unnatural lightning storm has given unique abilities to humans across the USA, one named Doctor Durby becoming a mad scientist and a local teen named Peter Parker becoming Spider-man, Durby to rule the city keeps creating more and more villains, but some join Spider-man as the Defenders of manhattan, Spider-Girl, Peter's long lost sister joins them after being brainwashed by Durby to kill them.

A helicopter with the label STARK INDUSTRIES on its hull landed on the roof of the Triskelion the SHIELD headquarters as a man holding a briefcase came out walking greeted by Nick Fury who shook his hand

Jessica was in SHIELD facility undergoing tests by Nick Fury's scientists as Peter watched from outside along with Logan and Wanda.

"She will be fine" Logan said putting his hand on his shoulder as Peter nodded.

Wanda also kissed his cheek and held his hand as both smiled as Peter turned back to the room window.

After a few hours Jessica walked out as Peter embraced her.

"Peter, my darling brother I am so sorry" she said hugging him tightly.

"Shhhh" Peter responded just not letting go.

"I was a fool back then and i had many chances to reconcile with Aunt May and Uncle Ben" She started sobbing while she clutched her long lost brother.

"You didn't mean it and they knew it" Peter reassured her as they kept the hug neither letting go.

"Are.. Are they still alive?" Jessica asked hopeful that she could make amends.

Now Peter wore a sad face "Aunt May passed away a few years ago" he said sadly.

Jessica felt like her heart had stopped "N..Nooo" she said softly and cried.

"Uncle Ben is alive though he is in a retirement home" Peter said trying to give her hope.

Jessica sniffled and looked up at him and smiled some

"let's go see him" Peter said wiping away her tears. as she nodded.

They headed out but were stopped by guards. "We can;t let you leave without Director Fury's orders" one said.

"Out of the way we are leaving" Peter declared as he began to push through when they shoved him back.

"Stand down or we will retaliate" the other said cocking their guns. Peter looked to Jessica who smirked as the two siblings shot webs from their hands and grabbed the guard's legs and tripped them onto their backs and landed both feet on each one and ran out. The guards just groaned not knowing what had hit them.

Peter and Jessica ran to the Triskelion's gates as they both webbed the nearest building and jumped out and swung away. Fury watched from his window and just grunted.

"godamn kids" He muttered.

Logan and Wanda walked along the streets

"I know the best place to get burgers" Logan said as Wanda nodded happily as she followed him. Back at the hospital the gang decided to go sperate ways for the day as Peter and his sister would g ovisit their relatives Logan would take Wanda out on a day on the town.

"Wow your right" Wanda said cheweing a big burger.

"My what a appetite huh" Logan said admiringly.

"So how did you and Peter meet" Wanda asked between bites.

"well I had been effected by the lightstorm storm that swept across the whole east coast I was near dead due to problems i created when i woke i could rapdily heal SHIELD Durby captured me and made me into what i am now but then Peter helped me see i was more but not at first it wasnt un til we teamed up to help HUlk that i saw this kid had guts and heart." Logan said.

"Wow, he really is a nice guy" Wanda said dreamily.

"I know you like him" Logan nudged her chuckling as she stuttered

'waht,, Me.. NOo" she laughed some half heartedly. "Why did he say anything?" she suddenly asked,

Logan scowled. "Girl do i look like the dating service, if you like him go on and tell him" Logan said sternly as Wanda just sat there thinking.

"And you Where are you from?" Logan suddnely asked snapping her out of her thinking.

"me, well.. ii cant remember where i came from" Wanda sad sadly looking down at her plate.

Logan didnt buy it for a second but he had no reason to argue with someone about their past.

"hey do you think we can go shopping?" Wanda asked. as Logsn cougehd some of his burger.

"I really dont do shopping" Logan said but coukdnt ignore her pleading red brown eyes as he groaned and nodded.

"YAY" Wanda said grabbing his arm and pulling him out the door as he left money omn the table for the food.

Wanda dragged him right to the mall as she went to shoe stores clothes stores makeup and other girl stuff as he stood out there arms folded fuming but holding it in

'She..s just a kid... " he muttered remidnig himself not to kill her.

Wanda went to store after store buying stuff after stuff as Logan fumed more follwing her angrily but held in his anger for her sake as if she never went to a mall before.

"Have you ever been to a mall before?" Logan asked her grinding his teeth as he walked behind the skipping happily Wanda who waved her shopping bags around.

"No haha I was cooped up in a SHIELD cell" Wanda said without skipping a beat. Logan just growled as he was now carrying most of her stuff.

After about 3 hours (Yep THREE Hours) They exited the mall with Logan holding like 20 things on his back the great wolverine reduced to a packmule

"That was Fun. OOOH Let's hit the other mall" Wanda said squeeling with glee.

NO, We are going home now" Logan snapped suddenly as she turned to him beginning to give him the teary eyes when he just stood up

'Don't give me that bullshit" he snapped as she just frowned and pouted"Fineeee" she said as they then headed back to the apartment.

Jessica stood nervously in front of the retirement home as Peter stood next to her holding her hand

"It's gonna be ok Jess" he reasured her as she nodded

"But Last time I saw her i left them" Jessica said sadly wiping away tears.

"I'm here for you now" Peter said squeezing her hand as the two went in. They entered the room where Aunt May was sitting in a rocking chair watching the tv and sweing when she looked up to see Peter standing there

"Ohh Peter How are you" She said smiling happily as Peter went over and hugged her.

"Hi Aunt May, I am fine I brought something for you" he said gestuing to the door as Jessica nervously walked in holding her hands in front of her and looking right at May.

May gasped softly and held a hand to her mouth "Jessica is that you?" She asked.

Jessica nodded and slowly walked toward the two

"You look all grown up and beautiful" May said smiling as Jessica then broke into tears and rushed over hugging her tightly as she responded

"I' missed you soo much May and I am soo sorry" she said crying as May cried happily

"I was never angry with you and neither was Ben, We were sad but now you have come home" May said between sobs as the two held each other not letting go as peter stood by slowly crying too.

Down in the Triskelion the man and Nick Fury walked into a meeting

"Allow me to introduce Mister Stark" Fury said as the man nodded.

"name's Tony" Tony said as he shook hands with everyone and then met a girl

"Hello gorgeous" he said winking as the girl Maria Hill just scoffed and rolled her eyes

"Ok then . I am here to show off my new toys I've been developing" Tony said walking back from the uninterested Maria.

"Like what exactly Mister Stark?" a man named Gonzales said.

"Excellent question old man there" Tony said as the man glowered. He then put his suitcase on the ground and hit a button as it unfolded and out came slowly a armored suit as everyone stared in awe and murmered.

"I call it Project IRON MAN" Tony said as he put on the suit as it lacthed onto him and he showed it off by hovering as people applauded.

"These are for what exactly?" Fury asked not impressed.

"Well, I was hoping to be able to upgrade it here in SHIELD and then i dont know" Tony said from the suit. Fury got an idea

"How about you use it to defeat the Superhumans running around" Fury said. As he turned to a monitor showing the Six people:







"Spider-Girl?" Tony asked smirking thinking what he would like to do with her.

"Shes not really a girl, shes about Peter's age of 20" Fury said.

"Even better" Tony said patting Fury on the back as he looked over to him then turned back

"They were created here by our ProjectLightStorm failure" a scientest named Erkisine said.

Fury nodded "Yeah, when the reactor overloaded it sent out a storm cloud" the professor continued but Tony interrupted him "yea I know i saw it, so it granted these guys abilities?" Tony said turning to the montior.

"Most of them" Fury said .

"Spider-Man, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch, Hulk and SPider-Girl were granted abilities by the local scientist Victor Durby" Fury continued. ":And Rogue is our own creation of taking a girl and giving her powers" he said lamenting.

"You took a girl and gave her powers?" Tony asked alittle angry "Whats the difference between you and Durby then".

"We are trying to protect the City, Durby is trying to rule it" FVury retorered

"That;s a pretty good explanation" Tony muttered. "So you want to use my suit to what kill them?" Tony asked.

'No capture them" Fury said as Tony nodded.

"Well, I guess it could be fun, Sure ill do it where are they?"" Tony asked.

"They are here" Fury said pointing a map at an apartment.

Tony nodded "Alright Ill go do it" HE then rocketed out of the building as Fury smirked

Down Below in earshot Durby locked u heard everything

"Sounds fun indeed" he chuckled. he then motioned to the guard "hey come here sir"

"That was Sooo much fun" Wanda said busting down the door of the apartment as Logan satggered in holding all her stuff she bought. but both froze mouths opened as they saw the spectacle before them. Banner and Marie hugging and kissing in Hulk forms naked as they then shouted and roared as they were startled.

"What the hell" Logan asked coming in as both went back to normal letting go of eachother.

"We were.. Um well" Banner stuttered as Marie quickly pulled her clothes on

"yeahh.. it wasnt..." she also stuttered

"I dont even want to know" Logan said putting his hand up as Wanda snapped out of it

"Marie it was soo much fun shopping You got to try it sometime Logan is a great shopper" she grinend as Logan scowled.

Marie laughed "reakly, I got to try it osmetime then heh" she chuckled as Logan said sternmy.

"NO No more shopping says for me this one was bad enough SERIOUSLY HOW MANY DAMN SHOES DO YOU NEED" Logan shouted as all his bottled up anger was released. The girls giggled as Banner put on his pants chuckling some too.

Wanda went up stairs with Marie as Logan sat on his couch tired as Banner sat next to him now clothed.

"Girls..." Logan said sighing

"yeahh..." Bruce said smiling happily as Logan looked over at him and rolled his eyes. Suddenly there was a knock at the door then seconds later a metal fist broke in and pulled the door off as the two men looked over startled.

"I knocked" Tony said standing there in his armor suit

"Whoah and who the fuck are you?" Logan asked speechless but too tired to deal with shit.

"I am Iron Man!" Tony said rather proudly and striked a pose as the other two just looked at each other weirded out.

"what was that noise?"

Wanda shouted as she went down the hall and paused when she saw the metal man standing there where the door was broken on the ground as Marie stopped behind her and gasped.

"Well hello lovely ladies" Tony said making acurtsey to them as they both were creeped out.

"Dude you blew down our door what is your problem" Banner asked trying to keep his anger in.

"Oh well, I am here to destroy youuu" Tony said sarcastically in a robot killing voice and then laughed.

"Durby send you?" Logan asked baring his claws.

"who?, Ohh noo someone else" Tony said and then shot his arms out and shot beams from them that im[acted both men sending them down as the girls gasped. Wanda instantly reacted by charging energ nto her hands and shooting them out into his suit as it just absorbed the power.

"Wow what a power up" Tony said chuckling as he looked at the girl.

"Nice going" Marie said scared as Tony shot his beam from his chest at them as Wanda quickly used her energy to rip a piece of wall off and shield them as they were blown back by the impact. Marie accidently had touched Wanda draining some of her power nad knocking her out as Marie's hands glowed and she controlled the energy but couldnt do it properly o she made stuff blow up by accident. Banner had become the Hulk and burst out of the rubble and charged Tony who responded by flying up out of the way but not fast enough as HUlk grabbed his keg and spun him around throwing him out the apartment balcony and jumped after him sending both down below into another building roof. Logan got up too as he coughed and groaned seeing a debris jabbing him as eh sighed and pulled it out healing the wound and grabbed a communcator and called Peter who didnt respond

"Damn it boy" Logan said slamming it down. Marie walked out still shooting energy around her as Logan ducked and dodged

"HEy kid watchit" He said and realized it was Marie meaning Wanda was knocked out. he grabbed some pillows and threw them at Marie making her fall down as he went to get Wanda who lay there unconsious but bleeding from debrsi cuts He picked her up and carried her to the couch as Marie got up

"Go help Hulk and find Peter" Logan said to her as Marie nodded and pointed her hands at the ground trying to fly

"Oh come on she cant use these as rocket boosts?" she asked groaning as she did it again and again finally she shot forward right through the floors above and out the building.

Logan sighed and put pressure on Wanda's wounds as he agve her first aie

"Come on kid wake up" he pleaded.

Outside Hulk grabbed Iron Man's back and threw him down on the ground as he stomped hard on it making Tony groan and shot upward but Hulk caught his hands and pulled them outward roaring but Tony's chest glowed and shot out a beam that sent Hulk back. Hulk staggered as Iron Man got free and metal fist pounched him hard as Hulk swung missing as Iron man flew around and did a rocket kick into him sending him flying forwards as Hulk ripped up rooftop and then hurled it into him sending him sliding back.

Marie was struggling trying to fly using Wanda's powers but they weren't meant to do so as she looked down at Hulk throwing Iron Man around and then being blasted back by his beams as she flew down as best she could and plowed into Iron Man grabbing his chestplate with her energy hands melting it some trying to break in but his chest unibeam activated and shot her out right into Hulk as he pushed her out of the way and ran at Iron Man as he ducked a punch and flipped dodging a kick but then Marie shot out energy into a metal thing making it come off and hurled it onto Iron Man's head as he staggered clutching it

"Hey hey whats this" he said chuckling some as it felt right out of a cartoon

"HULK SMASH METAL MAN NOW" Hulk shouted as he slammed his palms against the metal bucket making it vibrate hard ringing Tony's ears and head making his eyes spin as he groaned and pain falling to his knees.

"Whohhhhh" Tony remarked impressed at the teamwork between the two but spun around shooting missiles everywhere impacting HUlk sending him back as Marie tried to put upa shield but was thrown back too. He shot upward as he turned upsdie down and threw off the can only to see Wolverine jumping at him digging his claws into his armor trying to get his body

"Listen bub, I dont know what we did to piss you off But chill" Logan said growling as he held on to the wildly flying Iron Man.

Jessica and Peter were walking out of the retirrment home having spent a good 3 and ahalf hours with Aunt May as he checked his phone to see a message from Logan

"Huh No message but missed call" Peter remarked.

"Maybe he buttdialed" jessica joked as Peter laughed.

"No, Logan is more serious then that somethings going on" he said as he shot webs at the buildings and swung as Jessica did same.

Marie went over to Hulk who was gettng up as she used her energy to lift him upright

"YOUR GETTING BETTER GIRL" Hulk said as Marie grinned

'I am arent I" She said confidently but then sent out a beam at the wall of a old man's house as he looked out shocked


Marie said feeling embarrassed. They turned their attention to Iron Man who was flying all around the area as Logan held on but finally got shaken off as he fell down onto another roof.


Hulk shouted as he rushed forward leaping the building and grabbing Iron man in mid flight as he threw him down hard into the roof and landed on him sending him floors down. Iron Man got up as Hulk grabbed his head and swung him away but he managed to correct himself up sliding with his rockets as he then shot out a beam from his hand as Hulk swatted his arm deflecting the blast as Iron man just watched speechless

"That's New" he remarked as Hulk charged and tackled him out the building int another one. Hulk grabbed him in a bearhug roaring as he placed his armored hand on his shoulder surging the repulsor energy into him making Hulk growl and groan as he then used his other to punch his face three times as it jut made Hulk tilt his head ans then deliver his own punch sending him flying backwards. Tony got back up as he swung at Hulk who caught his arm and bent it abnormally causing Tony to scream in pain as he shot his rocket boots into him sending him staggering as he staggered himself to correct his arm

'OWWW It's not supposed to bend like that"

he said readjusting his arm and looking up only to get a punch from Hulk sending him into the wall ad slumping as he quickly ducked a blow from Hulk and shot forth both hands sending his beams into the raging monster sending him back. He rocketed forward trying to punch him when his fist was met by Hulk's causing a large vibration as Tony just stared at the pissed off Hulk

"Oh no"

He said meekly as Hulk uppercut him through the floors above and out the building into the air as he hovered recovering as Hulk crawl smashed his way out roaring.

"Ok big guy Don't make me do this" he said shakily as Hulk kept coming

"I warned you"

he said and shot his hands and chest downward shooting his beams and unibeam at the Hulk sending him flying down the building's center and exploding each floor as he fell till the building collapsed.

"Oh Shit I hope there was no one in there"

he said then looked to the side as at a sign saying READY FOR DEMOLITION

"Phew" Tony said as he looked down through the smoke as Hulk was getting up. He then looked over at the rooftop where Logan and Marie were as he flew over there but was then stopped in mid air as he looked down to see two webs holding him still as he looked behind at the two Spider people holding him like reins

"Ah finally the SPiders are here" Tony said shooting a laser at the webs cutting them as he turned to these new opponenets.

"Why are you attacking us?" Peter asked as he swung up below on the rooftop along with Jessica.

"Nothing personal mate Fury hired me and I like messing with people" Tony said as he realized his mistake.

"Fury??" Logan shouted hearing it and getting up.

"hey wheres Wanda?" Peter asked not seeing her around

"She accidently touched me and knocked out shes in the house sleeping" Marie said as she held up her hands eith Wanda's energy.

Peter turned back to Tony who hovered there damaged from his battle with Hulk

"Your friends were quite challenging not had this much fun in a long time" Tony remarked

Peter was furuous "You trying to kill us is fun?" he snapped.

"I'm not trying to kill you, just capture you" Tony retorted.

"Yeah well that won;t happen either" Peter said as he shot webs at Tony who shot them in two as Jessica did some flips between buildings and swung up kicking Tony as she then swung around dodging his blasts as Peter did the same moves as Tony was flustered as these were moving targets

"Oh fine" Tony said sighing and sjut shot out a barage of missiles everywhere hoping to hit the heroes.

The two spiders swung around doging as the missiels impacted buildings casuing people to look out at the commotion as they saw these battles.

Peter then grabbed Jessica's hand as they spun around together and shot out webs that Tony broke but couldnt stop their double kick plow that knocked him back as they then grabbed the webs they were swunging on and attatched them to his armor as they spun new ones as the two webs holding him acted like a slingshot sending him flying downwards toward the streets. Iron Man panciked and quickly rocketed as hard as he could breaking the suit some as he finally recovered but the building behind him smashed open as Hulk ran out and grabbed his head and threw him into the sky as Peter and Jessica shot out as many webs at they could webbing his arms to his suit and legs around as Logan and Marie watched as Marie stood up and twisted her hands in a motion and shot out energy into metal plates making them come up and wrap around Iron Man's webbed body as Hulk landed next to her shaking the building. Iron man was powerless as the two spider people did more web swinging and spinning creating a giant spider web with Iron Man was hanging there like a bug trapped when the two spiders landed on the web looking at him

"Had enough now?" Jessica asked hands on her hips.

Tony struggled as he looked around to try and get free or find something but couldnt and he chuckled at the ingentiy of these people

"Nope, I surrender" Tony said. Suddenly he felt energy go around his metal prison and suit as it was lifted off piece by piece as everyone watched turning to Marie who was just as shocked as they all looked up at Wanda who was hovering on a metal plate like a surfboard and looking pissed as she angrily ripped the suit right off Tony and then dropping it to where the rest had gathered, finally she used the energy to hold him in a metal prison and droppd him before the heroes as she also landed next to them.

"Wow what control" Peter said admiring how far she came.

"Oh so that';s how you can fly with your powers" Marie said sadly as Wanda looked to her

"Your idea was cool too ill have to try it sometime" she smiled as they then looked at Tony

"Man you guys are cool, I dont know what Fury wants with people like you but You don't seem like threats, well maybe jolly green there " Tony said to Hulk who had become Banner again but still glowered.

"That doesnt excuse you for trashing our home and us" Logan said growling claws out ready to kill this man.

"Hey hey I have money I'm Tony Stark" Tony said.

"YOU are Tony Stark? Head of Stark Industries?" Peter asked as everyone looked around confused.

"Stark Industries one of the best scientist companys ever apart from Wayne Enterprises" Peter explained.

"Wayne...." Tony remarked angrily. "He thinks he's so cool with his money and supermodels" The others just looked at him "Right"

"You are a billionare" Peter exclaimed fanboying.

'Why thank you" Tony said chuckling as the others just rolled their eyes

"So what we going to do with him" Logan asked.

"lets ransom him to people get money" banner said.

'No we need to show we are good guys lets just return him to Fury" Peter said as the others nodded

"Fineee" Banner said as Marie patted his back.

The heroes stood on a large metal object as both Wanda and Marie used their powers to lift it and move it as they held the trapped Tony and his suit peices in the middile as they reached the Triskelion. where armed guards were waiting along with Nick Fury.

"Fury you are full of shit" Logan said as Wanda landed them and Logan ran up to him.

"And How am I full of shit?" Fury said unfazed by his comment

"Sending someone to capture us?" Banner said walking up as Peter and Jessica held the captured Tony and Wanda and Marie had the armor pieces.

"Look at the area this happened its damaged, You guys if left unchecked could destroy us" Fury said.

"HE DID all that" Logan said pointing at Tony who just sat there grinning sheepish and Banner spoke up

"Hulk did too"

"Fine maybe I overeacted but I do appreciate you all bringing Mister Stark back unharmed" Fury said almost complimenting them as Wanda released him and he stood up walking over to Fury.

"Um can I have my suit back?" Tony asked as Jessica kicked it over to him.

"Now get off my property" Fury said turning away and heading inside along with his guards. Tony began walking but turned to them

"If you guys ever need a Seventh, let me Know" he flashed a smile as the others just stood glowering but Peter smirked back.

"Maybe" he said as they then turned away and headed back home.

Tony entered the building as alarms were sounded

"Durby Escaped" someone shouted

"Motherfucker Find Him" Fury shouted orders Tony didnt hear anyone coming up to him and shock him unconsious and took his suit as Durby laughed

"Thanks for the new toy" he said and ran out unseen by the commotion...

To Be Continued....

Chapter Nine: The Six Unite Edit

An unnatural lightning storm has given humans abilities: Doctor Durby who creates more superhumans or enhanching already superhumans, some joined the local hero Spider-Man as the defenders of Manhattan as another hero could join them Durby had escaped from jail and plots his revenge.

Doctor Durby entered his lair with his new toy on Tony Stark's Iron Man suit as he walked over to containment fields and opeend them as a black goo substance spilled out and formed into a humanoid form

Chapter Ten: Enter The Octopus Edit

Chapter Eleven: The Black Spider Part 1 Edit

Spider-Man screamed and struggled strapped to the examination table as he looked around but squinted due to the bright light above him as Doctor Durby came into view

"Welcome Mister Parker" Durby said chuckling.

"Screw You" Peter replied.

Durby just shot the man with his lightning from his fingers as Peter screamed in pain.

"Now be nice" Durby warned as he walked over to a containment tube with a black goo substance in it.

"You know what this is don;t you heh" Durby said clicking a keypad

'No cause I can;t move my head you dumbass" Peter remarked.

Doctor Octopus used his metal tentacles to pick up the table he was on and mde him look in the direction Durby was as Peter froze.

"The symbiote" Peter said whimpering.

"yes, a substance that your dear friends at SHIELD were working on, It was known as Project:V E N O M." Durby replied turning to the warrior.

Peter just watched as his mind raced "SHIELD created this?"" he finally said.

"Yes, Once we are done here maybe you can go ask Director Fury" Durby replied chukcling sarcastically.

Peter struggled again trying to break his binds as he glared angrily at Durby.

Over in the apartment Jessica Parker was pacing worriedly

"He's late, he's never late" Jessica said panicking.

"Bullshit, lady he is always late" Logan said reading the newspaper on the couch.

"But never this late" Jessica replied angsty.

The door opened and Jessica nearly had a heart attack as she whirled around but then her heart sunk as it wasnt Peter but their friends Bruce Banner and Wanda Maximoff.

"Damn it I thought you guys were Peter" Jessica snapped angrily.

Banner just looked at her "gee nice to see you too" he said scoffing as Jessica pulled her hair back behind her in a worried gesture.

"Why you worrying?" Wanda asked as she removed her jacket but kept her long sleeve gloves

"Peter is not back yet and he is 30 minutes late" Jessica said.

Wanda's eyes widened

"Where is he?" She asked becoming concerned for she liked him.

"That boy is almost always late" Logan again said from across the room as Jessica growled and pointed her hand at him as a web shot out of it grabbing his paper and ripping it from his hands as he just sat there unfazed.

"Seriously?" Logan said turning to the angry young adult.

"Just chill Jessica" Banner said putting hands on her shoulders leading her to the couch where Logan ddint move as she scrunched in grunting.

"I'm sure Peter will be along soon" He said smiling. Jessica tried to smile back but still frowned. Wanda was also nervous

Down in Durby's Lair Peter was groaning and struggling as Durby electroctued him for doing so

"You will sit still or i will make it even more unpleasant" Durby warned as he stopped shooting lightning.

Peter just grumbled as he sat there.

"Good now we can begin" Durby said.

"You didnt say what you are going to do to me" Peter said. Durby just turned to him

"I am going to make your life hell" He said sinisterly.

"Oh yea how is that" Peter spat.

Durby grabbed his jaw with one hand and made him look into his mask where only his blue eyes showed through.

"You are going to kill your friends and sister" Durby said then snapped him backwards as he walked to the containment pod where Venom slept.

"Doctor prepare the specimen" Durby said from behind as Octavius ripped open Peter's suit arm to show his skin as Peter struggled trying to break free as OCtavius's tentacles held him still by clamping down on his arms and legs. Durby approached with a injector filled with the black substance

"You will be host to the symbiote, It will be your eyes and ears it will be your master now" Durby said as he lowered the needle to his skin as Peter did one final jolt and struggle as he managed to hit his tracer in his belt against the table and screamed in pain when Durby jabbed the needle into him and injected it.

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Peter screamed in agony as Durby watched obviously enjoying it.

At that instant in the apartment Tony Stark was in his workshop below the main living room as he was working on his armored suit when his remote beeped and he looked over and picked it up seeing the spider-man mask as an icon in a certain location in Manhattan he jumped up and rushed upstairs

"Guys Peter is in trouble" Tony shouted bursting through the door as the others were sitting around and startled stading up

"I Knew it" Jessica shouted as she quickly ran into her room as she threw on her Spider-Girl outfit as the others did same. Logan got his spandex on as Wanda donned her red cape and bracers as she ran downstairs becoming the Scarlet Witch, Marie put her bodysuit on with fingerless gloves and ran downstairs. Banner focused and grew into his Hulk persona, Tony went down and put on his armor suit and became Iron Man. All five rushed out the door and headed for the location Peter was at.

Durby stepped back as Peter lurched and screamed as the serum took hold slowly he struggled and groaned as he stuttered and tossed and turned.

"It wont be long now" Durby said with glee watching the young spider-man in pain.

Outside the Heroes headed for the location as Iron Man checked his datapad in his faceplate as the signal was coming from a building in the distance as they flew toward it.

"I think that's Doctor Durby's lair" Iron Man said

"We have been trying to find it for so long and Peter seems to have done it" Logan said as he drove his motorcycle down the streets along sidewalks avoiding traffic.

"Come on we need to save Petey" Wanda said but sucked it back in as they all just said in unison


Wanda blushed as she tried to say something else when Iron Man's tracker beeped louder

"We are getting closer"Tony said.

Jessica swinging next to Marie and Wanda riding a metal peice being levitated by her energy powers

"We will get him back" She said to Wanda who nodded.

Inside the lair Peter groaned and screamed struggling and thrashing as the symbiote worked it sway around him in his skin beginning to consume his suit as he screamed more finally after a minute the symbiote consumed his suit completely even altering the emblem as Durby looked on laughing evilly

"YOU Have been reborn" he screamed as he shot lightning out for dramatic effect.

Suddenly the room got blasted in as the Six Heroes landed on the opposite side of the room standing in poses

"It's Over Durby" Logan shouted baring his claws.

"hello there, welcome to my humble home" Durby said

the others just looked at each other confused but snapped back to attention

"Where is he?" Jessica shouted.

"Where is who?" Durby asked acting confused.

"You damn well know who shithead" Wanda snapped getting impatient

"OH Mister Parker Yessss He's over there"

Durby said pointing to a examination table that was back to them so they could not see.

"he needed a little molding of course, what kid doesn't But i think he could be my own son" Durby said obviously trying to get to the point in anticipation

"Say hello PP" Durby chuckled as he made the table spin around as the Heroes's faces were aghast with fear

"Nooo" Jessica said defeated as the others expressions spoke louder then words.

Peter was gone replacing him was a black suited figure with glowing whie eyes and a mouth in a permanent toothy grin as he slipped out of the straps due to the symbiotes power and just began luaghing softly at first but grew louder and louder.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH" Logan shouted furiously as he grabbed a metal pole laying next to him and hurled it at Durby who ducked and began laughing as well. Tony was furious and shot both of his repulsor beams from his hands at Durby who deflected with lightning bolts from his hands while laughing and grunting. Tony shot forward shooting more repulsors that were met by Durby's lightning.

BlackSpider or SPIDER as he was known as stood up eyeing his former friends grinning evilly

"Get him sonny boy"

Durby squealed in delight as he shot lightning at Tony who deflected and shot his chest beam that knocked Durby down. BlackSpider nodded and shot out black webs as the Heroes spang into action, Wanda charged her energy from her hands and grabbed some of the webs he shot and made the energy travel through them as BlackSpider released the webs in time as the energy shot out either side of him impacting the wall as Iron Man had gotten back up after Durby had knocked him down and charged forward shooting his repulsor beams. The suit gained a mind of its own and shot webs backward pulling BlackSpider backwards out of range and then shot webs into Iron Man's repulosr gauntlets and hurled him into the wall by swinging him knocking Tony out. BlackSpider chuckled as Marie jumped from behind trying to grab his skin but the suit was smart and easily threw her off but dodged a strike from Logan

"Peter, I know your there"

He shouted slashing against the suit which easily reformed as Hulk went after Durby who dodged his attatcks and shot lightning out which just angered him as he backed away trying to dodge. but was thrown back by a punch. Durby did a backflip and shot as much lightning as he could as HUlk weakened falling to his hands and knees as Durby inched closer not letting up when he was close enough HUlk's hand shot out ahd grabbed his face

"Ohh shit" Durby remarked as Hulk slammed him into the ground into the wall and then hurled him to the other side of the lair.

SPIDER made symbiote construct blades that blocked Logan;s claw strikes as the two fought back and forth blocking and delivering blows. Wanda got up helping Marie as Jessica recovered she slingshotted at BlackSpider tackling him as the two flew backwards as she delivered as many punches into the suit which easily reformed and caught her hands slamming its foot into her sending her flying off as Wanda shot it full of energy trying to expand it long enough for Peter to gt free but that didnt work as the suit reformed just as quickly as her powers did. jessica grabbe his throat webbing it closed trying to choke the demon whle also pleading

"PETER PLEASE, I know your there Its me Jess" She screamd in his face but his eyes glowed as energy beams shot from them into her knocking her down as the suit expanded the webs choking him until they came off.

"Well that's new" Marie remarked as the SPIDER shot his eye beams out again as Wanda countered with her own energy beams as the two collided causing shockwaves that knocked HUlk into machinery ans Durby got up dodging a blow from Logan as he shot more lightning into Hulk's head as he roared.

"Kill them my boy" Durby shouted to the symbiote spider as it nodded and hissed as a small evil tongue came out

"He's becoming Venom...." Logan remarked as he looked over to a containment field to see the real Venom in cryo.

"SHit" Marie said as she turned to Wanda who still was concentrating on the beam battle

"Sorry Wanda" Marie said and touched her bare skin on her cheek as Wanda gronaed and staggered some enough for the beams to explode knocking everyone back.

"You idiot, Im concentrating" Wanda snapped at Marie as the smoke cleared and the girls looked to where the smoke was as they screamed as BlackSpider was jumping at them baring its teeth when Jessica swung into view and kicked him hard in the gut sending him flying into the wall andslumping.

"Nice save" Marie remarked as they got up as Jessica stood in front of the downed spider

"Peter, I dont want to hurt you But i will defend my friends and myself" Jessica stood proud and ready.

The black spider sprung up shooting webs out to lift him like tentacles as he jumped her sending his feet into her gut swinging her into the celeing above as they crashed and he grabbed her leg dragging her across the roof and down below into the ground as he swung down Marie and Wanda combined their powers as they shot energy constructs to trap him as he moved it tightened as he screeched.

Durby blasted Hulk down but was grabbed from behind by Logan who jabbed his claws into his arm and neck but he sent out a lightning wave sending him back as he turned to see his creation in jail.

"NOOO" he shouted and shot lightning at the girls making them fall and release. Jessica was up and leaped up punching into symbiote spider as he delivered his own punch and grabbed her wrist twsting it but she shot out webs around and webbed them together as the two fell down to the gound fighting for vontrol. Jessica held his throat and shoved him into the ground as he bucked and rolled her off him getting his own pin and punching her face over and over hissing as Wanda got back up and shot energy that wrapped around SPIDER and hurled him off her into the ground as Marie also held him still with the energy as Jessica coughed and groaned standing up looking at her brother thrashing wildly.

"Pete... Pleasee" she began tearing up. when the symbiote reacted and shot pout tentacles grabbing the three women and hurling them different directions as the suit broke free of the constructs and turned to the three girls and pounced in for the kill....

To be Continued

Chapter Twelve: The Black Spider Part 2 Edit

BlackSpider pounced at Marie who readied herself to fight back when HUlk rammed into him sending him flying through the wall with a grunt. Hulk turned to marie and helped her up as from the hole in the wall web tentacles shot out and grabbed each one and pulled them through as they landed with a thud in what seemed to be a indoor desert as the BlackSpider was up surrounded by the four Heroes as each one looked at the demon in front of them

"New plan, Everyone get him hurt him bad maybe that will make my brother come out"

Jerssica shouted as the symbiote hissed flicking its tongue becoming more Venom like. Jessica shot her webs out that were met by his more stronger webs that impacted hers and shot into her hands trying to block them as Wanda shot energy bolts from her hands as did Marie, the symbiote ducked and dodged as Jessica broke the grip and did a cartwheel kicking a rock at it making him stagger as Marie used the energy to lift a rock of her own and hurl it at the symbiote as it was reeling it shot a web and swung out of the way only for HUlk to grab it's leg and slam it into the ground and threw it around into the wall. the SPIDER got back up as Hulk rammed it but it expanded covering Hulk trying to suffocate him as Wanda shot energy into it but it quickly flipped off and the energy hit Hulk as he fell back as Wanda gasped. The SPIDER and Jessica continued to fight back and forth as they both shot webs out swinging around but SPIDER had a trick she didn't and shot her down with its eye beams. Wanda shot herself forward by using Marie's trick of rocket propulson using her energy as she shot forward and tackles the symbiote as the two rolled on the ground but the symbiote easily got up first and pinned her down licking its teeth as it hissed in her face and was about to bite into her when Marie jumped onto its back and wrapped her arms and legs around it to restrain as her touch surged energy into the symbiote so peter's skin could be shown as she grabbed onto it and sucked the neergy from him into her as she grew stronger with his spider strnegth but then what happened next was worse the symbiote began laughing

"Youuuu foool, Thankkk you" it hissed and then easily threw her off and hard into the ground.

"You knokcee him out NOW I can take FUllll controlll" The symbiote laughed evilly as Marie realized what she did as Wanda lied under still pinned and Jessica was closing in shooting her webs into it and liftin him off her friends and hurled it into the wall hard and again.

"Itss pointless to get your beloved Peeterrr back noowww HAHhahahhahahahahahha"

It laughed an ungodly sound as it ran at Jessica while shooting webs to keep Wanda's arms and legs pinned as Marie was knocked unconscious by some suffocation of the webs. Tony regained hmself as he saw a large hole in the wall and then to his left as Logan and Durby were figthing. Durby threw out lightning bolts but Logan deflected them each way with his claws and did a kick to his face making him stagger, Durby grunted as he shot more which Logan caught into his claws groaning as it went through his body and out the other claws into Iron Man's gauntlet as he got charged and shot a powerful beam from his chest sending Durby flying into his computers. Iron Man stood up and headed for the hole when Durby got up shot a lightning rope onto his armor and swung him back into Logan toppling the two

"Im not done with guys yet"

Durby chuckled as small lightning daggers came fro his hands as he swung wildly and spun around at them as Logan blocked them and Iron Man shot his repulsors whih he defelcted with lighnting.

BlackSpider swung his fists at Jessica who dodged and ducked and did a kick to hit gut as the symbiote swatted his hand across her face sending her back sliding. It tackled and pinned her down hissing when Hulk got up grabbed his head from behind and hurled him off into the wall. Wanda used her energy to break free from the webs and shot beams at the flying symbiote making it explode.

"Damn it I hope I dont hurt Peter" Wanda said gsping but the symbiote was unharmed as it swung down and plowed Hulk down as it shot a web at Wanda and Jessica and swung them int oeachother as it laughed

"Itsss o nice of youu to think about himm BUT PETER PARKER IS DEAD" he screamed and slashed his construct across Wanda;s throat making it bleed out as she fell to her knees gasping.

"WANDA NOO" Jessica shouted as she hurled her fists into the evil demon making it fly backwards. Marie got up and went to her as she held her throat as blood spilled on the ground and her dress as she coughed up more.

"WE need to get you out of here" Marie said trying to pick Wanda up but she shook her head a sbest she could

"I will stay, I cant live if Peter is like this" she said looking right into Marie's eyes as Jessica paused hearing this and looked down slightly finally snapping back to the problem as BlackSPider slammed her down

"Trueee Loveee HHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" he cackled as he webbed Marie and threw her away

"I coulld kill youu now but I will make him watch" the symbiote hissed in her face as it licked some of her blood.

Inside the symbiote Peter had woken and was fighting furiously as he screamed in agony as he saw Wanda dying.

"YOU BASTARD ILL KILL YOU" Peter screamed but the symbiote's mind laughed

"YOUUU wont escape YOUU are Minee" is hissed while laughing.

Hulk got up and rammed into the BlackSpider sending it into the wall but then shifted form to reappear as if its back was against the wall and lunged stabbing its construct into Hulk's chest as he growled and roared grabbing the symbiote;s arms and trying ti pull them out

"Iiiff you doo that You hurt dear Ppeeeterr"

it said chuckling as Hulk realized what he was doing and the Spider just got free and threw Hulk away. Jessica plowed into him delivering more punches as Blackspider caught them and the two struggled for control as she headbutted him as hard as she could hitting Peter's skull and shouted


The symbiote growled as it wrapped its tentacle around her mouth trying t suffocate her when Marie shot Wanda's energy out and it severed the web as Jessica did a massive kick punch combo sending him flying back Inside Peter thrashed and struggled finally breaking the webs holding him as his hands glowed with energy

"Wanda's power is with me in my mind"

he smirked as he shot it at the webs around him as they acted like tenatcles as he jumped around and swung shooting energy at the webacles as he jumped around.

"This is my mind You have no power here" peter declared as he then grew Wolverine claws and slashed apart more webacles as he jumped around trying to get rid of them as more and more apepared trying to attack him.

"My friends; powers are here with me"

Peter declared as he then shot repulsor beams from his feet and flew around shooting more webalces, one wrapped around his foot and dragged him down slamming him but he slashed it off as he flew up blasting apart more.

"YOUUU cantt escappee mEEEEE"

The symbiote screamed as it appeared in its humanoid venom like form growling and hissing. Peter just flew at it as it shot its energy beams from its eyes as he countered with Wanda;s energy beams.

Outside The symbiote kept fighting but was losing focus as Peter kept fighting inside as Jessica hammered it with punches and kicks and web swings as Marie also joined in shooting energy into objects and making them work for her smacking him and throwing stuff at him as he reeled back swung away but HUlk was ready and grabbed him throwing him into the ground and stomped on him as Marie held him with energy traps.

Inside Peter swung his claws at the symbiote as it blocked with its symbiote constructs ans slashed across his chest as Peter groaned he grabbed its shoulder surging energy into it and doing a massive kick to its gut and using Hulk's strength he slammed his fists into its spine cracking it. The symbiote screeched as it did a kick to his head and a roundhouse kick making him fly back as he leaped into the air and mentally conjured rocks as he used the energykinesis to lift them and hurl at the symbiote who stretched out now like a octopus creature as it shot its tentacles out and jumped around reforming into a humanoid but with tentacles coming from its back Peter dodged and grabbed some boulders and hurled them at it. He the began thinking as buildings shot out from the ground and he swung around them dodging energy beams and tentacles from the symbiote as he shot his own energy as the buildings crumbled and the symbiote shot forward tackling him sending him into the wall and beginning to strangle him. but Peter dug his claws into its form and it in two and kicked it away.

The symbiote was weakening as it battled outside and inside but was still strong enough to break free from the heroes's traps as it grabbed Marie and Jessica sending them into each other and struck tentacles at Hulk who caught most but was taken down by the strength as it tried to suffocate him. Durby was thrown back by a blast from Iron Man's unibeam as Logan tackled him driving his claws into his skin and pinning him to the wall where he looked over as he saw the battle going on He then slashed his claws across Durby's mask cracking it and knocking him down.

"Come on"

he shouted as they ran for the battle zone as Iron Man flew forward picking up Logan and spinning him around so he flew into the symbiote and slashed it apart with his claws. the symbiote screeched as Iron Man shot forward blasting the parts Logan scratched off with his beams as Logan jumped down so Iron Man plowed into it sending both flying into the wall as Iron Man shot it point blank range at a sound frequency.

The symbiote screeched in pain as it wrapped its arms around Peter hurling him away and pouncing as Peter did a back flip dodging its strikes and sending a energy disc he conjured at it slicing apart some tentacles as the thing groaned. he landed on his feet but a tentacle grabbed him from behind whipping him all across the mind prison and into the air where the symbiote shot its energy beams into him sending him flying. Peter skidded to a stop as the symbiote snaked around him with its tentacles and pinned hi to the ground sloowly squeezing him

"ITSSS OVERRrr" It screamed and prepared to kill him when the entire room shook and vibrated as the symbiote grew weaker and screamed in agony

"Youu hate sounds" Peter said slicing out of its hold and mentally conjuring bells and assorted sound devices as he rang the bells while running around dodging the symbiote's tentacles strikes as the noises echoed across the room and the symbiote clutched its head in agony as it fizzled and surged in pain.

"Noises are unpleasant aren't they" Peter laughed finally having the upperhand as he continued to ring bells activate horns and in a humorous way cellphone rings as the symbiote fell to its knees slowly its tentacles fell apart and slithered as it grew smaller and screaming in pain.

Outside Iron man kept shooting his repulsors into the suit as the sound waves rippled across making it writhe and squirm and scream out. Finally inside Peter charged his hands with Wanda's powers ad Wolverine's claws as the energy coated the claws as he flew forward using Iron Man's repulsor boots and spun around and around as he impacted the symbiote and caused a massive explosion as it screamed in pain and erupted. Outside Iron Man stopped attacking and watched as the symbiote lurched and screamed as Peter pushed his way through and finally ripped it in two screaming in triumph as it fell down trying to keep control but Peter ripped it apart as he fell down on his hands and knees panting as he looked up at his friends who were relieved.

"YOU did it" Logan said grinning as he helped him up but then they both frowned as Peter rushed over to where Jessica and Marie were tending the dying Wanda

"Wanda, I'm here" He said rushing to her side and falling down on his knees by her as she coughed

"Shes lost to much blood we need to get her out of here" Jessica said as Peter nodded. But when they turned around they froze the symbiote had reformed all on its own

"IMMM nott finishedd with youu yet Peeterr" It hissed as the two faced eachother.

"You get her out of here This is my fight"

Peter said staring at the creature before him as they all rushed toward the exit as Durby was stirring and watching but was knocked back by Hulk's punch.

"THis endsss Nowww"

the creature hissed and shot webs forward swinging at him. Peter did same as he webbed forward as the two clashed trading blows as Peter dodged a kick and did one of his own which it caught throwing him back as it webbed and slingshotted into him sending the two flying out the window and into the city as Peter did a backflip sending the demon off him as it fell it swung a web and spun around as Peter rammed it delivering punch after punch as it caught the last one and threw him back as it swung around a flagpole and kicked into him sending him flying through a glass building. Peter skidded to a halt as he got up groaning now bleeding from the wounds as the symbiote swung in and grabbed pieces of glass hurling at him. Peter webbed them away and shot forward but was met with a tentacle swat fro the symbiote as he fell back again.

"Youuu cant winn"

It hissed and ran forward as Peter did a handstand and shot his legs into the creature sending it flying up as he slingshotted up plowing it him as the two flew onto the roof rolling away from each other. Peter grabbed a crate nearby and hurled it onto his head as he grabbed his throat and shoved him into the ground and prepared to stomp when Peter webbed a box behind him and made it collide knocking the creature back. Peter got up as it swung box pieces at him but was knocked back by his webs and swung across the rooftop and thrown out into the glowing city. The symbiote ran off the roof and caught him in mid air tackling him into another building. helicopters were flying by and one news copter saw the battle going on as the two spider-men swung around buildings colliding with eachother trading blows and each getting thrown back away.

Wanda was rushed to the emergency room over at the Triskelion as medics began working

"Shes lost too much blood

I don't hear breathing" they said as they worked. The others watched the TV with Nick Fury as they saw the battle of the Spider-Men on it.

"Do i even need to ask what the hell is going on?" Fury said turning to the heroes who looked flustered.

"We have Durby;s location you need to go arrest him at once" Tony said

"Really?" Fury asked feeling himself grinning "Lead the way" as the Heroes nodded as Marie stayed behind watching over Wanda's operation.

Peter was in pain as he got up from another of the Black Spider's blows as he caught his fists and punched him back and tackled him throwing him into a wall as the symbiote shoved a table in front of them and swung into him sending him flying backwards. the symbiote ran at him as Peter shot a web into its feet and made it fall down as he jumped on and punched him over and over

"YOU ARE NOT REAL" he shouted as he kept delivering blow after blow as he held the suit in his fist and kept punching it again and again.

"Imm reall enough to finish you" it shouted as it launched forward taking them both out of the building and back into Durby's lair as they landed in the battle arena as both shot webs that countered eachother and swung at eachother trading more blows finally grabbing hands and pushing against eachother

"I think we are destined to doo this forever"

the symbiote said as the two grappled.

"You will be destroyed forever" Peter shouted

"I will create terrible Carnage across the city" the symbiote hissed as it pushed harder.

"NO,, You will NOT" Peter shouted as he gained the strength and hurled the creature away into a lamp shocking it as it fell down slumping. Peter battle ridden stumbled over to his enermy as it lay there finally getting up

"Youu cant destroy meee I ammm YOu" He hissed taking a more humanoid Peter like form as Peter growled and rtan forward tackling it through the hole and into Durby's laboratory as he punched it again and again making eveyr blow count as the symbiote grew weaker he the shot a web at a device on the table and brought it over and used it to punch into the symbiote as it released soundwaves.

'YOU" punch

"ARE" punch harder

"NOT" punch even harder and ripping some suit.


he shouted and held both hands focusing all his strnegth as he slammed them down into the suit as it screamed in pain as the soundwaves ripped through it and finally lost form and slumped into a goo form as Peter panted keeling in the symbiote ooze holding some of it in his fists as it dripped to the ground. the doors opened and Jessica came in and threw herself at Peter hugging him as he knelt there saying nothing just breathing in and out his costume ripped and torn wounds and cuts all over as he let Jessica hug him tightly as he then broek down into sobs. Fury and the others arrived as they realized the lab had been cleaned out Durby was gone and all that was there was Peter and Jessica and the symbiote puddle they were in.

"He got away" Fury shouted kicking a table over in anger as all the rest were relived and also nagry that the madman had escaped again.

Logan and Jessica helped Peter up who said nothing just was frozen solid looking ahead as they took him to the Triskelion as Marie greeted them

"What hapened>?: she asked.

"Peter won, Durby escaped same old same old" Banner said but didnt chuckle knowing even in victory they lost.

Peter sat down staring at the wall still in a trance of sorts as Jessica left him alone and went to see how Wanda was doing."we cant repair throat damage her larynx was cut in two she is going to die Im sorry" a doctor said a sthe others were sad

"Peter's weak hearing this will destroy him" Jessica said softly crying.

"No, she will live" Logan said

"Marie you can save her" he said turning to her as she was shocked

"me? I can take life not give it" Marie said.

"take some of mine while also holding onto her you not only can absorb powers you can transfer them" Logan said nodding as Marie looked uncertain.

"Ok" she said and stood between Logan and Wanda as she touched Logan first andt hen quickly tocuhed Wanda as she felt the power go through her as all three groaned, Logan felt weak as everyone stared in awe as Wanda's throat sealed up and she took a breath and gasped coughing lurching forward as Marie let go exhaghsted as Banner caught her and hugged her as she returned it.

"You are alive" Jessica said happily taking Wanda;s hand as she looked around

"Waht happened?" Wanda asked seeing herself in a hospital bed

"BlackSpider slit your throat nearly killing you but Logan and Marie brought you back" Tony explained as Banner held Marie who was tired. as Logan winced some but stood tall.

"Good to see you back kid" he smiled at her.

Wanda smiled but then frowned "What happend to Peter?" she asked.

The others looked to eachother and frowned.

"He beat the symbiote but is left in some kind of shock he wont respond to anything." Jessica said sadly.

"Let me go to him" Wanda said getting up feeling fully normal again.

"Man what did you give me" Wanda asked laughing some.

"My blood and healing factor which will wear off in a few hours so if you want to do something life threating and not die heres your chace" Logan chuckled as Wanda 's mind raced as she ran down the hall to where Peter's romm was she breathed in and out and ipened it to see Peter sitting alone in the dark staring at the wall.

"Petey...?" Wanda asked steppin in Peter didnt respond as she went forward closing the door behind her.

"Petey its Me Wanda, Im alive" she said walking over to him, he didnt move as she looked around at his face as it stared right ahead.

"Petey Please come back"

she pleaded taking his hands and squeezing them. Peter didnt respond. Wanda then leaned and kissed him deeply on the lips finally after a few seconds his eyes snapped back to normal and looked to see Wanda's beautiful face in his her lips to his as he began to kiss her back. she gasped softly as she let go of him as he tared right at her smiling

"Hello Wanda" He smiled and tearing up as she did too

"Ohh I love you Petey" she cried out happily kissing him again as he returned it

'I love you too" Peter replied kissing her back as he leant back in his chair as she straddled his lap and kept kissing holding his face in her hands.

Outside the others smiled knowing he was back to normal

"Still, we have no idea what kind of psyhcological damage this has done on him" Logan said arms folded.

"And that symbiote will it be back?" Tony asked.

"I'm sure of it"

Banner said holding Marie to him. Inside the room Peter moved to the bed as he removed his clothes as Wanda did the same all while kissing eachother and finally fell on the bed together as the rest was history.

In another building Durby walked in laughing but groaning as he clutched his face

"Now im reayy going to need to wear a mask"

he muttered as Doctor Octopus come into view holding the contantment pod for Venom And the Spider symbiote

"Our plan didn't work quite how I wanted it but Peter's mind is damaged now and when the time is right He will fall"

Durby said chuckling as Octopus put the containment pods in a vault behind them and closed it. Inside the symbiote stirred and laughing as its white eyes and mouth showed through from the glass taking a evil grin as the black substance slowly developed a reddish hue as if it was blood...

Unison carnage1


Chapter Thirteen: The Green Goblin Edit

Spider-Man punched Venom in his jaw and did a roundhouse kick sending him into a wall as they were in an alley as venom shot a black web strand from his hand at Spidey who ducked and grabbed it swinging him into the air and shot webs out and slingshotted up kicking his feet into him sending him up the wall and onto the roof as he groaned in pain.

"Why do you do this Venom"

Spidey grabbed him and spun him around and recoiled in horror as it wasn't Venom it was his...

"Hahahahahhaah. Surprised old buddy?"

the BlackSpider said as it did a double kick into Spidey's jaw sending him backwards. Spidey recovered as the BlackSpider shot black webs at him as he met them with his own web but couldnt see the symbiote ram into him and did another kick to him as he then flipped behind webbing his feet to the ground grabbing his neck and flipping him off and away into the roof as he shot webs pinning him.

"You are me Are the same" BlackSpider said laughing in his face

"We are NOT the same" SPidey shouted and broke free and grabbed the dopplegangar throwing him backwards as he did a roundhouse kick to the gut and then several pucnhes to his face as the symbiote fell down and Spidey grabbed him by the throat lifting him up when the BlackSpider's face twisted into a evil looking version with teeth

"We are You just dont know it yet HAHAHHAHAHAHHA" The Symbiote ssaid and laughed but was cut off when Spidey shot him in the face with his fist making him fall down groaning.

"I know you are finished" Spidey said beating the symbiote down

"You don't know it yet but there will be Carnage across your beloved city And There is nothing you can do about it HA HA HA HA HA" The symbiote shouted.

Peter awoke with a start as he gasped and panted

"Are you ok Petey?" Wanda Maximoff said from beside him as she also sat up unclothed just like him. He turned to her panting but smiling stroking her face.

"yeah, i guess I wont be able to get over what Durby did to me" peter said unsure of himself as Wanda rubbed his chest and kisses his neck

"Yes you will and I will be here for you"

She said smiling as both went back to bed holding hands. But Peter wondered if he would ever recover. Just yesterday Doctor Durby injected him with the symbiote and turned him into something twisted as it controlled him eventually he freed himself but had a one on one battle with the symbiote and nearly lost but was able to overcome it, But throughout the fight the symbiote taunted him claiming he was a part of him and he nearly believed it but it was Wanda who took him back to the light. He looked over to her sleeping and leaned over holding her tight as went back to sleep.

Chapter Fourteen: Deadpool Edit

A man was running for his life as police were trailing him downa alley as he reached the end he was trapped but decided to pull out his gun and fired it aimlessly at the Police killing two as they ducked and traded gunfire he managed to get away as they were tending to their fallen as the man ran down and up a fire escape he had been in debt with the local Yakuza the Japanese Mafia as he reaches the roof a figure stood in his way

"Move it creep" the man shouted aiming his gun, the figure did nothing but stand there

"Mister Fyers" the figure said in a weird voice "The angel of death has come for you"

Fyers just looked at the figure as he turned around and suddenly there he was right in front of hi he grabbed his throat an lifted him.

"Who are you?" He asked scared as he shot bullets from his gun into the figure's head but they just healed up and the man looked at him finally coming into the light to see he had a red mask with black eye plates

"I'm your biggest nightmare" The man said. He threw the man down to the ground and drew his sword and plunged it into his chest as the man lurched.

"I AM DEADDDDPOOOOOOL" the man said as he struck a pose as blood dripped from his sword

"The Undefeateddd" he shouted as he stabbed the guy again.

"The Awesomeee" he shouted as he jabbed the sword into the guy's head and cut it clear off picking it up as he skipped around.

"The Deadpoool" he said to the now disembodied head patting it like a little kitten.

"And I still have a mission to do so tell me headless man Where can I find Logan Howlet" he said to the non talking man

"Not talking eh well Oh welll" he said switching his evil voice to a creepy chill voice and just hurled the head off and down below as he dropped the headless body on the police car below startling the men as he jumped off the rooftop and landed in the middile of the group of cops as he sliced his sword through all but one of them.

"Do you know where I can find Logan Howlet?" Deadpool asked by holding the sword to the remaing guy who looked around at the splattered bloody corpses of his team

"I.. dont.. knoww" he said scared. Deadpool sighed and swiftly decapitated him.

Chapter Fifthteen: The Omnidroid Edit

Chapter Sixteen: I'm Electro! Edit

"I have done it" Doctor Durby exclaimed as he stepped away from the expriementation tube

'I have created one of my best expriments yet" He shouted to no one in particular He then turned to the tube and opened it

Chapter Seventeen: Claw Wars Edit

Five Months Ago

Logan Howlet stretched as he got out of bed as the sun shone through his window as he felt an arm slip around him and turned to see Yuriko Oyama waking up next to him, the two had been engaged for two years and were planning on getting married by May.

"Time for another day of hard boring labor" Logan said sighing as Yuriko got up smiling

"It wont be long before we have enough money to get out of the city" Yuriko said putting her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek and biting his ear some.

"I know Yuri but, We are still in deep with the mob"

Chapter Eighteen: Family Part 1 Edit

Wanda Maximoff looked out at the beautiful cityscape as the sun went down as the city lights flickered on illuminating the area as she sighed happily when someone walked up nearly startling her

"I thought I would find you here" Peter Parker said smiling as he walked up to the railing as Wanda knelt on it and smiled at him

"I just love it here it's so tranquil"

she said looking back out as the lights glowed and illumintaed her face and brown eyes as Peter just stared at her beauty. She noticed him staring and smirked some

"Something over here?" she teased as Peter snapped back to attnetion chukcling as she moved close to him putting her arms around his neck and kissing him.

"Nothing wrong what soever" Peter smiled and kissed her back.

"Where is Jessica?" Wanda asked referencing his sister Spider-Girl.

"She is staying with Aunt May at the home" Peter explained.

"It must be nice to have a sister" Wanda said beginning to look sad.

"You don;t have one?" Peter asked.

"I did a sister and a brother" Wanda explained.

"I just cant help but think back to the last time i saw my family on Genosha before SHIELD's drone destroyed it and killed them" Wanda said sadly as Peter comforted her.

"What happened?" Peter asked. Wanda shook her head as she remembered that fateful day.

"I had wanted to see the world outside of our island and my father told me no I got mad and said some mean things I would take them all back if I could" Wanda said tearing up as she bured her face in Peter's chest and held him tightly but her emotions also triggered her powers as she began emitting pinkish energy that singed Peter making him stagger

"Ow careful " Peter said as Wanda relaized what was happeneing and calmed down and the energy vanished.

"I..I'm sorry" she said looking at him

"It's ok, I'm sorry that happened but im sure if they were alive and they could see the woman and hero you have become they would be proud" Peter said smiling as Wanda smiled to and they kissed again.

Across town Logan was at a bar as he drunk and smoked a cigar while watching the news showing a weird cold storm in Gotham City. He finished his drink as Bruce Banner walked in

"Hey Logan buddy" Bruce said waving. Logan just sighed.

"What are you doing here?" Logan asked.

"I used to be a boxer around here before i got angry" Bruce chuckled as Logan also found himself chuckling.

"How are you and Marie?" Logan asked before he left.

Bruce chuckled and blushed some "She is good right now shes at SHIELD getting a checkup on her abilities done but yeah we are good good good" Bruce said starting to babble. Logan smirked and headed out. as Bruce sat down for a drink.

Logan went outside beginnin to smoke another cigar when a streak ran by that nearly knocked Logan down as his eyes widened. The streak darted across the city toward the Heroes Apartment as it went in so fast and quick no one saw it but Tony Stark knew something was here an began devising a plan. The streak quickly watched as Wanda and Peter made out on the balcony and jutted down causing wind to stir distracting the two lowers

"Some breeze" Peter said as he held onto Wanda as they regained themselves.

"Yeah" Wanda said suspiciously as she looked back at Peter "I'm gonna head to bed goodnight Pete" she said smiling and walked inside. Peter bid her good night and looked back out but this time he swore he saw something down below on a rooftop a man in bluish sliver who was watching him as he saw the man he jumped off the balcony and shot webs at nearest building to swing to where the man was but by the time he got there the figure was gone. Peter looked around for any traces of the man but nothing was found until he lookd up and saw the figure on a building 8 miles away. Peter shot a web and swung that way but once again when he got there the figure was gone.

"This is not just some hallucinaton or something from the symbiote"

Peter asked himself referring to the time he was injected with Durby's symbiote and became the Black Spider Afterwards he had several halucinations and nightmares of the evil demon but he had overcome them in a battle with the evil electric villain Electro.

The next day Peter sat down with Tony

"So are you having hallucinations about the Symbiote?" Tony asked checking Peter's levels of emotion and brainwaves.

"No But i am seeing a man in blue and silver and when I get to him he is gone moved on elsewhere" peter said.

Tony's eyes lit up as he thought of something

"You know, last night a strong wind came through here and i swore i could see a blur" Tony explained.

"A wind also almost knocked me and Wanda down" {Peter said realizing its not just a coincidence.

"What if this man is super fast and cant be seen normally cause he is moving too quickly" Tony said as he pulled up the footage of last night from the apartment's cameras. finally there it was a streak and inside was a humanoid shape

"There its a speedster" Peter said he then actiaved comlink and sent a signal to all his teamates. Wanda hurred down stairs as Logan finally returned from the bar staggering

"What is it bub" Logan asked hungover from last night.

"We may have a new Durby Expiriment loose a speedster" Peter explained.

"A speedster?" Wanda asked.

"A human who can move at speed of light unseen and super fast" Tony explained.

"So how do we catch a speedster?" Logan asked confused.

"With this it's a anti gravitational field i have been deveopling it can trap someone so they cant move on ground" Tony said.

"Impressive" Wanda said looking at the device. Peter smirked

"This guy will have nowhere to run".

The Four Heroes went out Tony flew across the skyline using his scanners to detect speed energy. Peter and Wanda drove downtown in their van.

"So I was thinking maybe a nice dinner at Kwons Cusine?" Peter said to Wanda as she sat in the passenger's seat.

"Pete, I think we need to focus on this for right now" Wanda said gently yo him as he realized he needed to get focused

"You are right" Peter said returning his attention to the road as Wanda secretly blushed.

The day went by and no one found anything

"My sensors don't lie he might be gone" Tony said as they returned to the house.

"Well let's hope Durby had a second opinion" Wanda said. Peter was unsure as he went into his room shutting the door.

"Do you really think it was a speedster or more symbiote images" Wanda silently asked Tony who shrugged.

"I dont know Wanda" Tony replied.

Peter lied down in his bed as he turned to face the window and there it was on the neigboring building the man in blue and silver.

"You're not getting away this time" Peter declared and as fast as possible jumped out the window and swung over where the man ddint try and run he stood there vibrating himself so his face could not be seen as he also had glowing blue eyes.

"Who are you?" Peter shouted as the man said nothing.

"Are you one of Durbys?" He shouted again.

'Who?" the man replied in an amplified voice.

Peter shot webs out of his hands at the man who quickly vibrated out of them and ran forward delivering a punch to Spidey who got sent backwards. the man ran up to him still vibrating and looking down

"You need to stay away from Wanda Maximoff" the man said. Peter gasped as how could this man know her

"Why should I?" Peter asked swinging at him but the man was to fast and caught it spun him around and threw him backwards he ran in front and caugth him by the collar and shoved him down to the ground.

"You can't catch me" the man said as he released and ran away disappearing.

Peter got up groaning at the odd beating he received as he swung back up to the house where Wanda and Tony came in

"We heard noise what is it?" Wanda asked.

"The speedster he was out there we fought and he kind of kicked my ass" Peter said panting.

"He was? did he say anything?" Tony asked. Peter just stopped and looked right at Wanda's concerned face.

"Just I can't catch him" Peter lied.

"Guys I found him" Logan's voice said as he called from across the city.

Logan stood in front of the blue man who was stil lvibrating

"Logan is it? I hear your reflexes are good Let's see how good" the man said chuckling. Logan also chuckled and brought out his claws as the man ran forward. Logan sensed and swung outward but to the man it was as slow as possible so he ducked and kicked Logan in the gut while running and delivered several punches to his back as in normal speed Logan was thrown into the wall hard. he got up as the man reappeared and slammed his fists into his spine as Logan groaned in pain and tried to swing but missed as the man quickly reversed and made him stab himself. Logan growled and tried to fight back but the man was super quick and dodged each of his blows while delviering super fast ones that made Logan fly around and land hard on his face.

"Son of a bitch" Logan said getting up as the man chuckled and ran around and around super fast causing a dust cloud around Logan as he tried to swing at the blur but kept missing.

"Not impressed" the man said finally stopping as the duct cloud he created picked Logan up spinning him around and making him fall down.

Suddenly the man gasped as he was energized and stuttered as he felt tasered as he looked behind and saw Iron Man there in his suit with his gauntlet pointed toward him

"How about now" Logan chuckled as the speedster fell down unconscious. Wanda in her Scarlet Witch outfit apprached him and turned him over and gasped in shock and terror.

"What is it Wanda?" Peter asked. as Wanda knelt down clutching the man

"What are you doing?" Logan asked getting up.

"It's my brother..." Wanda said choking back tears as everyone gasped out loud.

"Your brother?"

Peter exclaimed as they arrived back at the apartment as Wanda carried the speedster in her arms as Tony put a distrupter on his head so if he would wake he would e going no where. Wanda dropped him on her bed as she just gasped putting her hand over her moyth and used her other hand to examine his face

"It really is him, Pietro" Wanda said fighting back tears.

"You said your island was destroyed and anyone on it was killed" Logan said arms crossed.

"I thought it was but if my brother survived maybe the rest did" Wanda said.

"I'm going to get answers" Tony said as he entered his Iron Man suit. "If he wakes up just use the anti gravitaional generator downstairs" He said then rocketed dout the apartment and toward the Triskelion.

Wanda sat down next to her brother just staring at him as Peter decided to leave to give her space. Peter and Logan went downstairs as the front door opened and in staggered Bruce Banner drunk to high heaven

"How did he not Hulk out?" Peter asked staring in awe.

"It's onllyyyy I dontt knowww" Bruce said laughing some as he fell flat on his face on the couch as Logan just shook his head.

"I'm going to go head to the cemetary" Peter said as Logan nodded and he walked out shutting the door. Logan turned back to Banner who was chuckling on the couch face down.

"I told you to watch yourself" Logan said sighing and sitting down to read the newspaper.

Tony arrived at the Triskelion just as Marie walked out fresh and happy

"hey Tony, what brings you here?" she asked.

"Hey sweet cheeks, I am here on business" Tony said.

"heyy watch who you are calling sweet cheeks" Marie teased as she flexed her hand reminding Tony how she could steal someone's life energy as she winked and strutted off seductively Tony could not help but look and then returned to attention and went inside leaving his suit outside.

"Stark? What brings you by?" Nick Fury said as he looked up from his desk.

"Genosha, Five Months Ago" Tony said simply as Fury froze and stared right at him with his one eye.

"What about it?" Fury asked suspiously.

"DID anything happen there?" Tony asked sitting down in the chair in front of Fury's desk.

Fury sighed "Yes, We did find something there... Wanda Maximoff" Fury said as Tony sat up intrigued.

"She claimed she had family and we could have talked to them about our project but instead we made a different call, we turned on our device and erupted the whole island but with that Wanda was given powers as you know" Fury explained as Tony listened intently.

"What were you testing?" Tony asked as secretly his program was running scans on SHIELD's files from the Suit outside.

"It was an expirimental energy device that if worked could grant humans immunity to anything" Fury said as he stood up and folded his arms behind his back and looked out the viewport.

"And instead it granted Wanda superhuman abilities" Tony made the connection.

"In a matter of speaking yes" Fury said.

"What hapepned afterward?" Tony continued to stall.

"We took her with us and never went back we don;t know what happened to the island" Fury said. Then he turned and looked right at Tony "I'm sure your scan will show you it" Fury smirked as he knew Tony was running a scan. Tony just grinned sheepishly.

"Guilty" Tony said and stood up.

"You know you didn't need to try and trick me Stark" Fury said sitting back down.

"I just loved to hear your voice" Tony said.

"Uh huh, Get The fuck out of here" Fury snapped chuckling some as Tony waved and left quickly.

When Tony left Fury looked grim and hit an encryption code on his phone

"Open Secure Line 0405

"What is it?" A woman's voice said over the phone

"Stark knows" Fury said.

Tony rushed out as he entered his suit and unplugged beginning to fly away when a rocket shot out from the Triskelion and hit Tony who fell down hard right at the gate.

"Guys We have been betrayed" Tony said in his comlink to the rest of the heroes but a ion blast hit him shorting out his suit as he fell on the ground unable to move "Damn it" Tony said as he opened the suit and crawled out. To be surrounded by SHIELD agents

"Mister Stark Don't move" A man said walking up with a odd expression on his face.

"Hey guys I'm one of you what is the deal" Tony said putting his hands up.

"I'm Agent Coulson, Please come with us" Coulson said with an odd smile.

"Why?" Tony asked as he let them handcuff him.

"I'm under orders" Coulson said as he led Stark back to the Triskelion.

Things were not looking good...

To Be Continued

Chapter Nineteen: Family Turmoil Part 2 Edit

Back at the apartment Wanda held her brother's hand as she stared at him as he finally gasped awake.

"Wh what..." He tried to move super fast but couldnt as Wanda held him down

"W..wanda??" He asked seeing his sister beside him.

"Pietro You are alive" Wanda said placing her hands on his face.

"Soo are you.." Pietro said staring right at his sister and tearing up as the two hugged.

"Did dad and Lorna survive?" Wanda asked impatientily.

"Yes both did" Pietro said still hugging her.

"Ohh thank god, Where are they?" Wanda asked pulling back from Pietro to look at him as tears streamed her face.

"They are here in the city" Pietro said.

Wanda gasped "They are?"

Pietro nodded "yes and we are here to destory the one who is responisble for our turmoil SHIELD"

Wanda was now shocked.

"Why do you want to destroy SHIELD?" Wanda asked.

"For ruining our lives, taking you away from us..." Pietro said holding his sister by her shoulders.

"But destroying a whole organization?" Wanda asked unsure how to respond to such an act.

"Come I will take you to father" Pietro said as he tried to run fast but still couldnt. "What the hell is this?"

"They are neutralizing your powers, wait How did you get powers?" Wanda asked.

"That explosion that supposedly killed us, it enhanced us we each got certain abilities" Pietro said.

"You got superspeed and what did Lorna and dad get?" Wanda asked beginning to be scared.

"You will see" Pietro smirked as he grabbed Wanda's wrist and opened the door "Now let's go"

"She;s not going anywhere" Logan said igniting his claws as he stood in the doorway having heard all of this.

"Hey man she's my sister and I'm taking her" Pietro said as he stared down this tough guy but was really scared as shit.

"Yea like that's happening bub" Logan said as Wanda sighed knowing what was about to go down.

"K man" Pietro said a sas fast as he could he grabbed a metal bat Wanda had against the wall and slammed it hard into Logan's skull as he fell against the wall groaning.

"Son of a bitch" Logan said as Pietro swung again nailing him in the gut and then the arm as he groaned and then struck his claws cutting the bat in half.

"Ok bub I was going to be nice but now you just pissed me off" Logan growled and jabbed at Pietro who maneuvered as be st he could. Wanda was thrown against the wall grunting as she just watched her brother try and dodge Logan who was pissed off.

"Logan, Pietro Stop it" she screamed as Logan kept swinging and doing attacks at Pietro who grabbed as many things as he could and tried to fight back but was overpowered.

Wanda then held out her hands did a wave of them and shot energy from them that made Pietro and Logan stand still as they grunted and struggled

"ENOUGH" Wanda shouted looking angrily. The two froze in their tracks as her energy held them in place.

"You would choose him over your own family?" Pietro asked as he saw his sister's powers for the first time.

Wanda looks uncertain as if she had inner turmoil as her powers began to get out of control and accidently shut off Pietro's neutralizer, as her powers also began crushing Logan's insides a she groaned and his knees buckled.

"W..wanda, control your self" Logan said groaning as Wanda finally realized what she was doing and released as Pietro now could run he ran over to her picked her up and ran out. Logan fell to the his hands and knees coughing as his healing factor recovered.

Pietro ran full speed carrying Wanda who had to shut her eyes but opened them breifly to see everything blur by and finally he stopped in an abaonded factory as he sat her down. Wanda looked around and then stood up but was wobbily from the speed trip.

"It's called whiplash you will get over it" Pietro said.

"My dear Wanda I have missed you" a voice said as Wanda gasped and turned around as she was face to facd with her father who wore a black suit with a purple cape and a helmet on his head

"Dad.." Wanda said and collpased in his arms as he hugged her tightly.

"Wandy" another voice said as a girl a little younger then Wanda came running up in a green cape and suit as she hugged Wanda

"Lorna" Wanda said overjoyed to see her little sister all grown up.

"Ive missed you all" Wanda said hugging everyone and crying some.

"I have dreamed of this day since we lost you" her father said.

"Erik we have work to do" another voice said from the shadows as Wanda froze in fear

"I know that Durby" Wanda said and whirled around to see the one and only Doctor Durby standing there who also gasped as he saw Wanda

"You?" He said speechless

"YOU" Wanda shouted and chagred her hands with energy to shoot out at Durby but Erik moved into her way

"Stop it Wanda he is our ally" Erik replied. Wanda was furious

"Don't you know who this is, its Doctor Durby a mad scientist who has caused me and my friends turmoil for months" Wanda was shotuing now as her powers began to amplify.

"I know you hate me, I am not fond of you either" Durby said stepping up but Wanda's charge of energy told him to stay there for the moment.

"He helped us get into the city Wanda" Lorna replied also in awe at her sister's power.

"To destory SHIELD?" Wanda spat as she did not let her powers down.

"Yes, Don't you realize what they have done to us, They made us this way" Erik replied trying to calm his daughter.

"You guys are beautiful creations but SHIELD is a corrupt government You know this for a fact Wanda" Durby said but was knocked back some by a surge of her power.

"Don;t you dare even try to call me by my first name you shithead" Wanda growled as her eyes glowed red as well.

"It deserves to be destroyed" Durby continued getting back up.

"And what will this benefit you Durby?" Wanda snapped.

"Nothing what so ever I find it my best interest to help all superhumans" Durby said.

"Help them? You experiment on them, You control them" Wanda shouted getting angrier.

"I don;t expiriement on superhumans..." Durby said offended by this accusation.

"You experimented on my Peter, On Logan, On ME" Wanda shouted as her face was even growing red. as energy waves began pushing Pietro Lorna and Erik back as they realized what was happeneing.

"Your Peter?" Erik asked suspisiously.

"Peter was In my way, He does not see the truth" Durby began snapping back.

"The truth? That you are a lunatic? We all see that" Wanda retorted.

"The Truth that We should rule the humans, We are exceptional" Durby responded with emotion in his voice that Wanda was not expecting.

Chapter Twenty: Venom's Day Edit

"Today we Rise up and take this city for ourselves and if anyone gets in our way we will make them suffer" Doctor Durby shouted to his band of Experiments. Venom his first a creature of symbiote ooze , Abomination a larger version of Hulk, Black Ninja a Ninja trained in the best marital arts of the world, Doctor Octopus the scientist with four metal arms on his back, Electro the electricity experiment, Lady Deathstryke Logan's old girlfriend turned into a assassin with metal nail claws.

"Today we make ourselves known, The World will know of us and what we can do" Durby shouted as the

Chapter Twentyone: Glorious Durby Edit

Prievously on UNISON: Doctor Durby has launched an assualt on the city with his army of Expiriments and Venom Symbiotes but when all of them merge together the ultiamate evil is unleashed: Carnage.

The Six Durbies stared in shock as before them stood no longer Venom but a reddish smaller creature with evil white eyes and a sickening grin that makes your heart stop

"We meet again Heroes" the red creature said looking into the souls of each of the Heroes

"Met before?, We never saw you before.." Logan shouted

"HA AHHAHAHAHAAHAHA, That's right I was different then But you know don't ya Pete" the monster cackled and turned to Spider-Man who just stared at him through his mask

"That laugh, It cant be" Peter said shaken to his core.

"I told you It wasn't over" the creature said grinning evilly.

"He.. is the symbiote that fused with my DNA" Peter exclaimed as everyone was even more shocked.

The montser held out his hand as he snapped his spikey fingers "Bingo kiddo"

"Enough Talk, DESTROY RED MONSTER" Hulk shouted as he took in a deep breath and shot out a sonic scream that malde the creature gasp and clut h his head in pain whil screaming in agony.

"Guy's loud noises distrupt it " Peter shouted as he shot webs at two cars and smased them together creating soundwaves that hit Carnage sending him backwards. Spider-Girl/Jessica did the same causing more soundwaves, Wolverine jabbed his claws into the metal of a truck causing a pirieving sound

"ARGHHHHHHH" Carnage screamed as he backed away and shot a web up into the building and tried to get away when Iron Man shot his repulsor rays into them cutting the webs as he fell to the ground screaming.

"You're not so tough" Logan shouted as he ran forward ready to slice the creature in two. When the creature stood up and cackled.

"You think, I'm this weak?"

He said grinning and his eyes glowed as he shot out energy beams from them, Logan held up his claws to block the blast as he skidded back from the push, the monster shot webs out covering his mouth and threw him away as the beams sent him down the road.

Peter charged forward shooting webs which he side stepped and shot his own as Jessica kicked him down from behind. Iron Man shot his unibeam chest laser as the creature collided with it with his eye beams as he held Peter and Jessica by strangling red web constructs..

"I told you there would be carnage across your beloved city, Hey that's not a bad name: CARNAGE!" Carnage said laughing at his own brilliance as he hurled away the two spiders and threw back Iron Man.

Carnage shot webs out at the metal gate and ripped it right out as he advanced on the Triskelion where an army of SHIELD agents were ready for him

"Stand Down weird red demon thing" Nick Fury shouted through a bullhorn.

"No General Fury, You will stand down" Carnage said laughing as he switched his form into a puddle as it grew and grew becoming a wave that engulfed the agents as Fury ran out of the way as he heard the screams of his agents dying as Carnage reformed grinning

"Just you and me, Directtttor" He said arms behind his back chuckling,

"Alright motherfucker you want to do this"

Fury said removing his coat and cracking his neck. Carnage just chuckled as he shot out web after web as Fury pulled out his twin pistols and shot down each web as Carnage winced and jumped into the air and shot a web at the sign behind him and yanked so it would wall as Fury rolled forward dodging it and throwing a grenade into the symbiote as he fell down with a opmmph.Carnage got up as Fury rushed forward delivering his knee into his jaw as he fell back but was picked up and punched hard in the face and gut as Fury spun kicked him backwards. Carnage got up as he swung his own fists at the director but they were blocked as Fury did more boxing punches to his head and kneed him in the gur and did a smack across his face as he shot his foot forward sendin him back down.

"I was expecting more from you and your ugly ass face" Fury said not breaking a sweat as Carnage got up laughing. and changed his face to show the BlackSpider persona

"How's this?" he said chuckling as Fury just stared at him incredulously

"Is this some crack about me being black?" Fury asked angrily. BlackSpider shrugged

"Yeah.." he said.

"Motherfucker" Fury shouted and delivered more blows but this time BlackSpider countered them more as he delivered his own blows that Fury blocked but was staggering back.

"Ohh look at that I guess clothes do make the man" BlackSpider chuckled as he shot his foot forward but it was caught by Fury who twisted it and jabbed his arm into his throat as he gagged and clutched it as Fury grabbed his head and threw him over making him fall on the ground as Fury grabbed his leg and snapped it as BlackSpider screamed then laughed.

"Foooled ya" He said and quickly flipped up and did a flurry of punches at Fury who blocked most as BlackSPider swung his foot up but it was caught by Fury but he chuckled and quickly swung his other leg into the back of Fury knocking him down as BlackSpider grabbed him in a headlock and picked him up slamming him down hard as he broke his arm and dropped him to the ground grabbed his head pulling back and delivering swift punches into his face till it was mangled and then dropped his head chuckling.

"That was fun, let's do it again sometime" BlackSpider said as he reformed into Carnage laughed and walked in as he slit the throats of several guards. as Fury tried to get up but groaned in pain as he heard machine gun fire from inside and screams. a shadow loomed over him as he looked up to see a black woman standing over him and offered a hand up as he took it

"You look like hell" she said observing

Fury coughed blood and growled some

"You look like shit" Fury snapped as the woman looked at him

"Yea come on smart-ass, We need to group up" the woman said as she helped him out toward the city.

The Heroes came back to their apartment battle wounded and tired

"What are we going to do now, he's too powerful" Logan said as Peter just walked forward and looked out the window of his building.

"It's my fault, He was created from my DNA" Peter muttered.

"No Peter, It was Durby he did it his symbiote his plan" Jessica said walking up to her brother hugging him.

"Actually it's our fault" a voice said making everyone turn to see Nick Fury there his arm across his chest bleeding as his face was bruised and bleeding some.

"Fury what are you doing here?" Tony asked.

"The whole city is under siege and you wonder why I am here at your doorstep?" Fury asked chuckling some.

"What did you mean by your fault" Logan asked getting the point.

"the symbiote was a SHIELD project called V E N O M, It was designed to cure any sickness by lathcing onto a person but it became symbiotic controlling the host causing them to be violent so we deemed it unstable and locked it up" Fury explained.

"Until Durby took it and gave it lift on its own" Tony said crossing his arms.

"Yeah but I don;t know how this Carnage came to be" Fury said wincing as he sat down on the table.

"I do" Peter finally spoke turning around taking his mask off.

Everyone turned to him waiting for the answer. "And how is it possible kid?" Fury asked.

"Five months ago Durby injected me with the symbiote and it took over my body but something else happened it didnt just control it took on a mind of its own and became something more , finally with my friends's help i got freed but the symbiote took its own body as we fought it taunted me saying we are the same and that my actions will bring chaos upon the city" peter said as everyone stared at him. Jessica just held his shoulders and comfrted him.

"He was right, because of me Carnage is loose and now terrorzing my city" Peter said as Jessica held him to her.

"No, It's not" another voice said as the woman who saved Fury earlier stepped in

"and you are?" Marie asked.

"Amanda Waller" the woman introduced herself

"Director of ARGUS" Tony said finishing for her.

"You know me?" Waller said surprised.

"Want to know me?" Tony said his eyebrows popping and putting that smirk as she sarcastically laughed.

"Yeah No Step away Mister Stark" Waller warned pulling out a loaded gun. Tony got the message

"So what are you implying about how it's not my fault?" Peter asked as he put his hand on Jessica's back.

"Your Attention Pleaseeee" the voice of Carnage/Doctor Durby spoke as everyone whirled around getting ready or a fight when they realized it came from the TV, They all looked to it as the face of the red demon appeared.

"You all have been monstrously deceived" Carnage/ Durby spoke. The Heroes looked at each other exchanging glances of worry.

"Your fearless government has been keeping a major secret from you all in an attempt to control your little worlds" Carnage/Durby continued. Waller and Fury looked at eachother

"But I am here to say that the people of this nation deserve to know the truth...." Carnage said as his face morphed into Doctor Durby's but Carnage's laugh rang out

To Be Continue...

Chapter Twentytwo: Durby Wars Part 1 Edit

"Your Attention Please!!!!!!!!!" Carnage the red symbiote demon shouted over a jumbo tron of Times Square as crowds of citizens gasped as the horrifying face of his demon appeared all across the City on every TV cellphone and laptop as they signal spread across the Nation as more people watched in terror and awe. Inside the Heroes's apartment the six superheroes were watching the screens along with Nick Fury and Amanda Waller.

In Gotham City a monitor on a low flying blimp showed Carnage's face as atop a building a pointed ear figure stood watching his silhouette against it.

Chapter Twentythree: Durby Wars Part 2 Edit

Chapter Twentyfour: Experiment Wars Part 3 Edit

Previously on UNSION: An Unnatural Lightning Storm created by SHIELD on accident spread across the East Coast and gave certain humans abilities one particular one was Doctor Victor Von Durby a scientist wit a god complex gained electrical abilities that he used to become the fiendish Doctor Durby as he began a war against Manhattan with an army of Experiments: usually genetically created or existing superhumans enhanced abilities. Another was touched by the storm as well Peter Parker gaining the powers of a spider taking the name Spider-Man he waged war with Durby and his army while gaining his own allies eventually making them the Heroes Six. Durby's latest plan to assault the city itself ended with his first experiment Venom to absorb all the symbiotes he created and gave birth to a new evil known as Carnage.Carnage turned all the Experiments into evil symbiote versions and enacted Durby's plan to the next extent broadcasting the battle across the nation making everyone aware of the existence SHIELD tried to cover and a thermal bomb set to detonate a 3 mile radius....

Spider-Man his suit with tears and scratches as his mask was nearly gone stood before an army of Spiderlike symbiotes as he huffed and puffed already tired from fighting all day.

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