These are the stories of Vesmir who was once a Barian Emperor, before becoming an agent of Erebus.

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Prologue: BeginningsEdit

A cry rang out across the golden planet of Baria as a child was born, Malheur the king stood from his wife's bedside holding the child and touching his forhead inserting energy to him. "Let it be known that today is the birth of Prince Vesmir" he proclaimed. Vesmir was raised by Malheur and told the ancient ways of Baria rising to providence in the community. Then fate took a turn as another child was born to a noble family, a child gifted from the start, He was named Mizael, and Malheur raised him like his own son. Over the years as his father paid more attention to Mizael, Vesmir grew resentful as his only friend was a boy named Peyagrom. Mizael was playing with Vesmir and Peyagrom in the field near the river practicing their sorcery, when Vesmir threw a mystical orb too far into the grass. Mizael went to get it and as he reached for it, another hand reached for it at same time. Mizael looked up seeing a young girl with black hair who looked shy. Mizael introduced himself and brought her to the others. She said her name was Merag. Peyagrom was shocked to see his sister out and about for she had been confined to her house to learn control of her power but softened up when he saw the instant chemistry she shared with his good friend Mizael. 

Vesmir and Mizael continued to live together in the castle both trained by the greatest Barian sorcerers, however Mizael was given more attention only increasing Vesmir's jealousy. Finally the day the new prince would be named. Vesmir felt confident knowing he would be chosen, when Malheur announced Mizael would instead be the new king, Vesmir felt his world crumble away and the happiness was replaced him hatred.

A few months later a darkness descended upon Baria as a shuttle came down from space landing in the town square. The shuttle door lowered, and out walked a large man. He had metal armor, an intimidating mask, a large black cape, shoulderplates and kneeplates hardened with steel, and a black lightsaber hilt. He looked around at the many Barians who stood before him. Vesmir was instantly intrigued about this visitor and stepped forward asking who he was. The man turned to him and said "I come from a world far from yours. I was once Sith. I am now much more. I control, and see everything. And what I've seen here... is far too threatening to my control. As for your question, my name is Gravatus. Dark Master Gravatus ..." Vesmir's eyes widened as Peyagrom and Durbe readied their weapons. "You Barians think yourselves secluded.. but what if you were to unleash your power elsewhere? We couldn't have that. You have become too powerful. Now, you must be exterminated." The other Barians panicked and began to flee as Gazahn sprung into action with his steel arrows. Gravatus raised his hand and stopped him in his tracks pulling him forward and igniting his lightsaber, In a flash he impaled Gazahn through the chest and threw his body away as more panicked. Vesmir raised his staff to defend his people when a thought crossed his mind and he slipped away watching the carnage ensue as Peyagrom was slain as well. "No! This is impossible!" Vesmir exclaimed. "How can one man have such power!?" Gravatus slowly walked through the wreckage of the center building and found the Barian King sitting in his throne defenseless.

"We are incapable of defending ourselves from you... please, leave us be." The King offered. Gravatus remained silent, but lifted the King up in the air. Vesmir was the only Barian nearby to help.

"Vesmir! Help him!" Mizael pleaded, but Vesmir stood back and just watched as Gravatus shoved his lightsaber into the king's stomach. Gravatus took the Barian Crown from the king's head and tossed it up into the air with all his force power, sending it into space. Vesmir stepped forward after watching his own father be slain as Mizael lead Merag away along with fleeing Barians. Gravatus turned to Vesmir readying to end his pitiful existance when Vesmir did something unexpected, he bowed before him. "You... almighty destroyer of worlds. Please! Take me! As your servant! I will serve you willingly and loyally.. I respect power! Please!" Vesmir pleaded.

"Do not beg, weakling. If you please, you will join my ranks. But know this... my group is not forgiving. You will not have friends. Only allies. And you will be forced into a dominant society. Be warned, there is no turning back." Gravatus responded. "But first.. we must destroy this world." Gravatus charged his blue energy but this time sent it directly into the ground. Vesmir stepped back watching as Gravatus used his lightsaber to deliver a current of energy directly into the ground that would eventually touch the core and destroy the entire planet. He left his lightsaber there in an automatic stance as it plummeted power into the planet. "I will fetch Mizael and Merag. They too can join us! Together.. we will be unstoppable." Vesmir suggested. He mounted a small speeder vehicle and headed toward the Space-launch. Vesmir flew across the planet sensing its vibrations and collapsing core and arrived at the Spacelaunch just in time to overhear Merag profess her love to Mizael. Vesmir rolled his eyes at their banter and then entered. 

"My friends! Do not leave! I have befriended this great warrior.. we can thrive in his environment. Such.. power. Such potential for dominance! This is our chance, Mizael." Vesmir suggested. "Vesmir, that is not the way... we must endure this and escape. We must flee this planet at once!" Mizael responded. Vesmir scoffed. "You really are cowardly, aren't you? The both of you!" Vesmir insulted.

"You may insult me but do not insult her.. she's stronger than you'll ever be, Vesmir." Mizael's face grew serious. "Ha! Petty insults, Mizael, for a petty warrior. You know what, I don't want you with me anyway.. if you're so weak you just run away from everything, you don't deserve to live! You should die here with this WEAK planet and its WEAK king! YOU SHOULD ROT HERE AND BUR-" Vesmir began yelling,

"Vesmir enough!" Mizael raised his voice. At that moment something in his mind snapped and Vesmir felt his bottled up jealousy become untapped rage. "You dare interrupt me... ME!? The TRUE king of Baria? I am more powerful than you'll ever be. And I'll prove it!" Vesmir said as he grabbed his warstaff. The planet began shaking as the core was being penetrated by Gravatus' energy. "Merag, go! I will join you on another pod after I handle this." Mizael prepared to face his challenge. "No! I won't go without you!" Merag pleaded.

"It's not your choice, Merag. I will always protect you." Mizael pressed the console to close the door to the pod and launch it away before she could get out of it. Vesmir felt sick to his stomach at this pitiful display.

"Ahh, how heroic Mizael. But all for nothing. You will both die if you won't join the true power... you cannot defeat this warrior." Vesmir said charging his hands with energy. "Maybe not... but I can defeat you!" Mizael proclaimed as he grabbed his blade and charged at Vesmir. Vesmir shot out a chain of energy from his hands which Mizael ducked and blocked with his blade as Vesmir drew his. Vesmir slashed at him which he blocked and pushed backward. Mizael swung again but Vesmir sent a shockwave at him, sending him back. Mizael got thrown back and barely blocked a crushing blow by Vesmir whose eyes were filled with nothing but hatred. Vesmir knocked his blade away and stepped on his arm pinning him and aiming his staff at his throat. "I never liked you at all" he sneered, the whole planet shook and Vesmir stumbled, Mizael sprung into action, grabbed his blade, and severed Vesmir's leg. Vesmir gasped and screamed in pain falling backwards clutching his leg stub. Mizael rose and walked away

"Nooo! You have not defeated me! You will never escape with your life, Mizael.." Vesmir said as he began using his unique ability to cause objects to explode in a burst of telekinetic destruction. He targeted the launch pods, one by one destroying any hope Mizael had of escaping.

"Vesmir! Stop!" Mizael pointed his blade straight at Vesmir's face.

"You will never stop me.. and you won't kill me. I know you well, Mizael.. you cannot kill." Vesmir smiled. "You're right.. I can't kill you. But you're wrong about another thing.. I can stop you!" Mizael grabbed Vesmir by his robe and threw him aside, disrupting his ability before quickly entering a pod and triggering the emergency launch that would land on any random planet. Vesmir screamed in pain and defeat as Mizael left the planet. Vesmir crawled as the spaceport collapsed around him. Gravatus stood behind him and spoke. "We must leave now". Vesmir whirled around in anger.  "THEY ESCAPED! THE BOTH OF THEM-AARGH. STOP THEM!"

"They are no threat..." Gravatus said in his cold, steel voice. He raised his hand up and summoned some kind of energy to strike Mizael's pod. It didn't appear to do any damage.

"What is that supposed to do?" Vesmir asked questioningly wincing in pain.

"Do not question my methods, weakling. The memory of anyone onboard that pod will now be erased. Your friend will know nothing, he is no threat."

"And what about Merag?"

"The other pod? Already dealt with.. I saw a pod launch and wiped the memory of the life form I felt on board. They will both be useless worms to die out now." Gravatus said before lifting Vesmir up using telekinesis. He touched Vesmir's forehead with his finger, using some kind of magic to see his soul. "Ahhh, you have potential. Much potential." Gravatus said smoothly before Vesmir started to disappear. He panicked as he vanished from his location. He arrived on Gravatus' ship. A few moments later, Gravatus himself with his lightsaber intact arrived and steered the shuttle away from the doomed planet. "How did you do that"? Vesmir asked.

"Teleportation. I simply teleported your body onto the ship. You will need cybernetics for your lost limb... my men can do that." Gravatus said as the shuttle launched away. Vesmir was tended by repair droids and given a cybernetic leg as he rose stumbling trying to get used to this new feeling. He limped to where Gravatus was standing and watched as Baria his home imploded and disappeared from existance. 

Chapter Two: The Mission and VisionEdit

Gravatus took Vesmir to his base on the ice planet of Hoth and instantly gave him a mission. "You are to track down the shrine of the Sith Lord named Darth Malak and retrieve his lightsaber." Gravatus said.

"Yes, my lord." Vesmir said. Still getting used to his new cybernetic leg, Vesmir limped over to his master and looked at Malak's record. "Who is he?" Vesmir asked. "He was a very powerful Lord of the Sith and he was killed years ago by Darth Revan." Gravatus explained. Vesmir nodded and left on his stealth fighter to Dromund Kaas where he infiltrated the memorial of Darth Malak and used his stealthy skills to take the Sith Lord's lightsaber from its stand. Before leaving, Vesmir saw a replica of Darth Malak's chestguard and was intrigued, so he stole it and decided to wear it.

Gravatus awaited at the hangar when Vesmir docked and strode down the ramp wearing the fallen lord's chestpiece and cape. Vesmir handed Gravatus Malak's lightsaber. Gravatus just stared through his emotionless mask and nodded his head in approval. Vesmir smirked and nodded.

That night... he felt something and awoke with a start. As he woke up, he felt a distant presence. He couldn't tell what it was, but he knew it was something important.

Later that day,  Gravatus came to Vesmir. "Now, go to The Dark Heart of Voss and create your lightsaber." Gravatus finally spoke and turned away. Vesmir nodded and left for the mystical planet of Voss. 

Vesmir rode his speeder across the plains of Voss until he reached the Nightmare Lands. There, a pack of crystfangs attacked him, but he was able to defeat them easily. He strode into the Dark Heart confidently and reached the place where he constructed his saber hilt. "Now all thats left is a crystal worthy of my greatness!" He smirked and looked around, suddenly feeling a cold wind. He heard a voice.

"Greatness? If only!" the voice said.

Vesmir's eyes widened as he recognized the voice, whirling around he came face to face with his father. "You are dead.. I watched you die!" Vesmir shouted coldly.  

"Yes.. you watched me die and did nothing to help your own father, Your own PEOPLE!" Malheur raised his voice replying. "They deserved it father..." Vesmir replied, looking down before continuing.. "You deserved it.." Vesmir said. Malheur just stared silently at his disgraceful son. "YOU Abandonded me, chose that worthless Mizael Instead of YOUR OWN SON!!!!" Vesmir roared in anger.

"You were blinded by your jealousy.. How could you be my successor if you hate your own people?" Malheur replied, stepping forward. "I loved you my son..." He said, more calmly.

Vesmir just growled "You pretended to Love me, and cast me aside when something better came along!" Vesmir shouted, fighting back tears.

"You could never be king, my son...." Malheur said softly. Vesmir just stared blankly into space and then turned to his father. "So that's it..." He scoffed and continued "You knew from the beginning that I wasn't destined to be the ruler, It was always Mizael...." Vesmir replied scoffing.

Malheur tried to plead with his son, but Vesmir raised his hand and threw him back with a burst of energy. "You, father, were not fit to be king!" Vesmir said chillingly and charged his hands with black energy. Malheur rose calmly and then glowed "You are misguided, blinded by your arrogance." He said raising an energy shield. Vesmir shot forward black energy that struck his shield. Malheur held on and sent a shockwave at Vesmir knocking him back.

"I will be the true Barian King, father.." Vesmir said sending bolts of lightning at him.

"How can you be a king of a dead world" Malheur said getting sent back.

"I will rebuild our glorious heritage and rule it as I see fit!" Vesmir said advancing sending more energy blasts that backed his father into a wall "But first, I will destroy you once and for all, father." Vesmir said sadisticly with a cackle. Malheur rose and charged energy and out came a legion of Barian Ghosts.

"If you wish to, try. First, you must get past your forsaken people." Malheur replied proudly. Vesmir just smirked and sprung into action holding his newly built hilt focused his energies through it and struck down each one with glee. Vesmir zapped and impaled several and as they fell to him their energies swirled into his lightsaber forming a blade. Finally, Vesmir had beaten the legion and his blade was black with red energies as he stood before his father. "Don't do this son, I still love you" Malheur replied calmly.

"Meaningless words from a foolish old man!" Vesmir retorted before impaling him with his saber and pinning him to the wall. He spoke directly to his face, "After you are gone, I will personally send Mizael to hell where he belongs!" Vesmir cackled evily and focused his energies in his clawed hand and began ripping apart the fallen king's flesh. Malheur groaned in pain as he was ripped apart

"Pleasee look inside yourself and see your true self.." He said wearily. Vesmir stopped for a moment and looked at his dying father

Vesmir swtor10

"This Is the Real Me!"

"This IS The real Me" he proclaimed proudly as his eyes became purplish before he used his power to rip Malheur's body apart and let it fall to the ground. Vesmir stood over his father's dismembered corpse as blood drippeed from his hands and splattered on his cloak and face. He then focused his energies and disinergrated the corpse as its power flowed into his lightsaber giving it become a blood red color. "Well, that was fun." he cackled evily and advanced out but not before using his powers to make the temple collapse.

Vesmir returned to Gravatus, full of pride and malice. "My Master, I have had a most joyful time creating my lightsaber!" he said smirking, Gravatus just looked at him and the blood splattered around him. He nodded and said "I will have more work for you soon"

Chapter Three: Inflitration Edit

"You are to train under the Imperial Academy until you reach the title of Lord"

Vesmir just stood there twitching "Train under those worthless fools?" He said scoffing.

"Then when you have finished, kill Darth Ravage of the Dark Council" Gravatus continued.

"What's so special about him?" Vesmir asked stepping forward.

"He manufactures weapons for the sith" Gravatus explained.

"I guess that sounds useful" Vesmir retorted.

"Now Go" Gravatus commanded. Vesmir left and took off his armor until he wore a casual shirt and pants and boarded a shuttle for Korriban beginning his infiltration mission. 

Vesmir landed dressed in acolyte's robes "I feel like a peasent in these filfthy things" he growled thinking to himself.  

"Well Well another Slaaave" a ugly looking man said walking up to him. 

"Ok i hate this guy" Vesmir said to himself trying to fake a smile. 

"State your name: Slaave" the man snapped again as Vesmir did his best not to stab this guy. 

"Name is Vector" Vesmir thought trying to figure a fake name. 

"Veector?, Doesn't matter your all Slaaaves to me" the man said and turned away. Vesmir was apooraching menacingly ready to murder this foolish man but remembered the mission and calmed himself and followed the man. 

"My name is Overseer Harkun, Slaaaaave" Harkun said. "You will address me as Overseer, or Overseer Harkun, Never just Harkun, Understand Slaaaaaave" Harkun said quickly turning to the young aoclyte. 

Vesmir gritted his teeth at the thought of this fool ordering him around like he was nothing but manages to get the words " Unnnderstoood" out trying not to sound of scorn. 

"Very good, Now come and I shall take you to your mentor, Slaaaaaaaave" Harkun said as he lead Vesmir too the Academy, Passing a man with brown hair and a beard with a purple sash, both did not notice eachother. Harkun lead the acolyte through the halls passing sith and acolytes as Vesmir took in the scenery and did admit it looked impressive and could feel the dark arts all around, he did feel like he was back on, huh where was he before this, He searched his mind but could not figure it out so he shrugged it off and continued following the foolish oversser. 

"Master Dorman, Another Slaaaaaaaaave to see you" Harkun said as they arrived at a corridor. Vesmir peeked inside and saw a man with a skulllike mask wearing robes with red streaks down them. 

"Greetings, acolyte...." Dorman said standing up and approaching him. "Overseer Harkun, always a delight..." Dorman spoke in a odd way very slowly.  

"Yess well, here ya go" Harkun said shoving Vesmir into the room and hurrying away from the slave. 

Vesmir growled and picked up his spear he didnt care if he was discovered , that man did not deserve to live. he was about to lunge when Dorman grabbed it from him and held him back. 

"Anger, is not the way to use your power" Dorman said in his odd slow speaking voice. Vesmir just turned to him fuming and stood down. "I will teach you to use your mind, rather then your strength and emotion". 

"My emotion is what fuels me, makes me powerful" Vesmir snapped at his mentor. 

"Raw power is not enough, and will never be enough boy" Dorman said rather calmly. 

"boy??, Listen you slow speaking twit, You have no idea what I can do to you" Vesmir began raging. 

Dorman's calm demeanor suddenly sprung alive as he grabbed the arrogant acolyte by the collar and held him still. 

"You arrogant little swine" he said as Vesmir was shocked at his outburst, he didnt know he could do a outburst. 

Dorman regained himself and let go of Vesmir and returned to his calm demeanor and turned away and grabbed his staff and didnt turn to him. 

"Attack.. me" Dorman said suddnely. Vesmir was waiting for that and grabbed his spear and rushed at the sith who easily deflected and tripped the acolyte down. Vesmir growled as he got back up and did a flurry of swings that were easily blocked and sent back at him by the elder. 

"Disciplne Your Mind" Dorman said still calmly but voice rising some. Vesmir did not want to hear any of it and launched a blast of lightning from his hand, Dorman easily caught it in his hand and threw it back knocking Vesmir on his ass. 

"Sloppy, trying to attack me with a skill you have Not yet begun to learn" Dorman said looking down shaking his head.  

"I used it, therefore i learned it" Vesmir snapped with a smirk. Dorman then chuckled?, Vesmir couldnt tell due to his odd mannerisms. 

"You attacked me with a spark, a feeble gesture by your recklessness" Dorman replied and his hand glowed as he shot a full barrage of lightning that struck Vesmir causing him intense pain as he flew backwards.  

Vesmir was fuming now, and almost unleashed his hidden ability of disintegration but restrained himself. He stood up and stared defiantly at Dorman, as he did he flicked his hand a bit and made a bookshelf behind Dorman start to fall forward, Dorman sensed this and quickly flew forward as it collapsed. Dorman turned to Vesmir and nodded.  

"I suppose that is the beginning of an improvement" Dorman said and turned and lifted the bookshelf back up. Vesmir just glared at him, This was going to be a long mission".   

Vesmir collapsed on his bed after 5 hours and grabbed a pot from the bottom as his eyes glowed he disintegrated it completely. Then a knock came at the door as he got up and opened it. There was Dorman standing.   

"Your next lesson.. begins.. Now" he said in his usual demeanor.   

"It's midnight, I'm going to sleep" Vesmir snapped outraged that he cant sleep.   

"A sith is ready to go at any time" Dorman replied as he grabbed Vesmir by the collar and dragged him out, And lead him to his ship as they took off for a planet. They arrived at the planet of Athiss. it was near dawn as Dorman lead Vesmir to the entrance of a tomb as a    

" This is the final resting place of the Sith Lord, Vodal Kressh, once a powerful figure who rebelled against the Emperor himself.". Vesmir took interest in that as they continued he could smell the dead bodies of slaughtered people and he felt at home.   

"What happened here?" Vesmir asked as he looked around at the dead bodies.   

"A incursion team was sent by Darth Malgus before he went all power mad, and wiped out a cult following Lord Vodal, so we should meet no resistance" Dorman explained. They continued walking as they passed skeletons of dog beasts and more people, toppled statues and collumns as they made their way through and up stairs and back outside where more dead bodies and clusters of trees were nearly dying out as well. Vesmir noticed the arcituecture was similar to Korriban as they went up a dusty ramp and procedded past fallen and broken artifacts. They reached a massive skeleton of a beast dog.   

"We have arrrived". Dorman said.   

Vesmir looked carefully around at the entrance behind the dead beast. and up at the sky as it began to be daylight.   

"You will navigate this tomb by yourself, Without any light of any kind" Dorman explained. Vesmir gasped and turned angrily.   


"Use your mind, With the force you don't need to see with your eyes" Dorman explained raising his voice somewhat. "You don't think with your mind you use your rage, Why did you fail every task i gave you earlier?".   

"Because You're a worthless foool" Vesmir snapped.    

"Bacause I have expanded my mind to the farthest reaches I can fathom" Dorman snapped back. Vesmir and the master just stood there glaring at each other for a good 2 minutes until Vesmir groaned and nodded   

"Finee, I will expandd my mindd" Vesmir said in a mocking tone as he turned to the dark tomb entrance.   

"I will be waiting here, and if you try to sneak past me or cheat, I will know, because unlike you I have expanded my mind to the point of consciousness" Dorman said turning away and sitting in a meditative position a good distance from the entrance. Vesmir rolled his eyes and advanced inside.    

"This is a load of shit" Vesmir thought as he stuck out his hands to feel for the walls and begun to navigate, until he hit his foot on a rock, he groaned and continued. Passing by dead winged beasts. He turned and nearly tripped on a altar of skulls he couldn't see them but he could feel and felt the decaying bone on them he smirked some and got back up heading the other way.As he rounded a corner he saw faint light, was someone else here?.   

"Hello, who's there" Vesmir shouted but all he heard was an acoustic echo. He shrugged and continued focusing on the faint light. He rushed for the light but discovered the hard way it was between a large statue's feet as he smacked right into the legs, growling more he grabbed the light and tried to lift it but it would not budge so he sighed and continued going right noticing the statutes were around it like they were protecting it. He continued tripping down some stairs that came out of nowhere landing flat on his face starting to lose his patience he got up and stalked forward grunting and wincing as his shoulders hit some rocky pointy things and tripped after finding stairs going up. He walked forward slowly but felt it took too long so he picked up speed he did stop when he sensed stairs as he went down. He did notice dead sith bodies across the floors as he went finally going down a fleet of stairs and sensed there was a structure in front of him, and smacked right into it, Finally he lost his temper.   

"How Long does this damn thing go on"    

He shouted hearing more echos. He saw another faint light and rushed for it stubbing his feet quite a bit on rocks growling each time. Finally he reached an open room and saw more lanterns he could tell it was a burial chamber as he climbed up stairs and stared at the altar he turned to go heading back as he tried to remember when he came from he turned and smacked right into a wall. Vesmir had it, he let out a massive scream and shot a blast of energy from his hand and demolished the statue. Not realizing it was supporting a column that collapsed knocking down statuses on the side in a domino effect. Soon the entire tomb was ruptured and shook. Vesmir sighed and began running for his life as he panicked he felt a sensation and could see the path without light, He was opening his mind and using the force. He dodged columns, walls and rocks from all sides even doing flips and rolls as he ran for his life until he finally reached a dead end and turned to see the way blocked.   

"Well That's just frigging great"    

He shouted angrily.He looked around in the dark using the force to sense for anything he could use to break free or a secret passage. He maybe spent 40 minutes trying and could find nothing.   

"Ill just use my disintegration to get free"    

Vesmir said as he pressed his hands against the wall and focused and the thing collapsed into particles and he stepped through as the entrance collapsed behind him. He saw a glowing object in the hands of a statue, he reached out to grab it sensing its power it was a spear with a glowing reddish pink crystal and two prongs jutting on each side of it. When he picked it up the tomb shook and behind him the wall smashed and out came a lumbering beast with horns on it which swatted him away making him slam into the rock wall groaning he got up as the beat roared   

"Ughh I don't have time or patience for this"    

He shouted and grabbed the spear and jabbed it into the beast to discover its skin was very hard. The beast responded by sending him flying again. Vesmir got up and used his new sense to dodge a blow as the beast crashed into the wall cracking it, Suddenly he got an idea and did a force leap and landed on the beast's back as he jabbed the spear into its back causing it to groan but not seriously hurt and was able to use it like a mount and made it crash through the walls finally exiting the destroyed tomb where Dorman was waiting and looked at him.   

"I see you made a new friend" Dorman said looking at the ancient beast.   

Vesmir chuckled and took out the spear and hopped down from the beast as he then used a force push to hurl the creature off the ledge and it landed in the mini valley below ontop of several pointed staues killing it.    

"Not so tough skin after all" vesmir chuckled.    

"I see you finally learned to expand your mind otherwise you would have been stuck in there forever." Dorman said in a impressed voice. Vesmir bowed and presented his find.                  

"What is that you found?" Dorman asked curiously.                   

"I found it in a hidden room, and then when i picked it up the beast attacked" Vesmir explained.                   

Dorman chuckled "Then you found the hidden secret of the tomb, There were rumors of a hidden object in there but no one could find it or dared to try, You have done what many have failed to do".                  

Vesmir was astonished, "Did you intend for this to happen?" Dorman just turned away and lead the way back to the ship. They arrived back at the Academy as Vesmir presented the spear to the Dark Council and from the corner of his eye he noticed Darth Ravage his target. He turned his attention back to Darth Marr.                  

"I must say you impress us acolyte, not since the time of Vodal has anyone been able to discover his hidden weapon, until now, we grant you the title of Lord"                   

Marr replied as Vesmir bowed, but secretly hating to bow before fools. In the crowd two sith were watching one clad in black and red next to him one with a cape and black and gold robes, with brown hair and beard as he studied Vesmir he felt something off as did the black and red clad sith next to him.                  

Afterwards Vesmir headed down to where Harkun was.                   

"Well I must say congratulations slaaaaaaaaaaaaave" he snipped.                  

"Guess things dont change" Vesmir said eyeing him evilly.                   

"Just because you found a dusty artifact doesn't make you any better then the other slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaves around here" Harkun snapped chuckling, as Vesmir's temper began to boil.                                                       

"Listen you pompus swine, I ama Lord and you will respect me if you want to keep your life" Vesmir snapped whirling around.                                                       

Harkun laughed out loud mockingly and Vesmir shot a blast of energy at the foolish man sending him into the wall,                                                       

"YOU DARE ATTACK ME SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE" Harkun shouted gasping and spitting as he spoke. He then shouted for a guard, vesmir advanced and grabbed his desk and flipped it over spilling all papers and stuff on the floor as he grabbed for Harkun's collar and bitch slapped him four times then hurled him into the wall again, guards came in and restrained Vesmir dragging him away.                                                       

"Ill make it so you never work in the Empire again Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave"                                                       

Harkun shouted after him as he picked his desk and chair back up. As Vesmir left he flashed his eyes making Harkun's chair disinergrate as he sat down and landed on his ass. And shouted curses.                                                       

Vesmir was led to a chamber and sat down before a black and red clad sith, Vesmir instantly could tell he was not an ordinary Sith.                                                       

"Attacking a fellow Imperial is a very serious offense" The Sith said as he spoke in a deep voice that actually sent chills down Vesmir's spine, the only one who has been able to do that was his master Gravatus...                                                                                                              

Vesmir silently slipped into the Dark Council's meeting room and waited. Darth Ravage then entered flanked by two sith bodyguards and looked around and said

"Come out here please" He focused the force and lifted a chair and threw it away exposing Vesmir.

"What are you doing here?" Ravage asked.

"Im sorry sir I needed to see you" Vesmir replied innocently.

"What  for?" Ravage asked suspiciously.

Vesmir stepped forward and his innocent look turned into a look of sadistic malice "Your corpse" He said with terrifying glee. Vesmir focused his energies and materialized his armor and used telekinesis to cause two pillars to fall down. Ravage swiftly ignited his lightsaber and sliced one pillar and dodged the second one. Vesmir laughed and teleported between the two sith guards impaling them with his clawed gauntlets ripping their hearts out, and then swiftly spinning his saber decapitating them. Ravage just stepped back shocked but sent a force blast into him sending him against the wall. Vesmir got up and chuckled and teleported close to him striking with his saber which Ravage easily blocked.

"Why do you  do this?" Ravage asked trading blows but mostly dodging the relentless strikes by the crazy sith.

"I desire power and Yours will do quite nicely" Vesmir replied sadistically and created a swirl of energy that surrounded Ravage causing him great pain. "Wh.. What is this?" Ravage asked in pain stumbling back as his flesh was ripped apart slowly.

"My own special technique, Disintergration" Vesmir replied sinisterly.

Ravage fell to his knees as his armor was ripped apart and evaporated till he looked up as Vesmir stood in front of him cackling.

"Don't worry, this will only hurt a Lot" He replied with a cackle and used his disintergration to rip his limbs off and then impaled him with his lightsaber while also sinking his clawed gauntlets into the dead carcas. Ravage lied in a heap of mangled body and blood as Vesmir cleaned his claws off, and took his lightsaber.

"I guess it was worth my while" he replied chuckling and left the chambers teleporting.

Vesmir returned to Gravatus with Ravage's lightsaber and presented it to him

"Excellent" Gravatus replied examining the lightsaber and the blood on Vesmir's armor.

"Now for the next stage" he said pointing to a screen where a shadow agent came to the body of Ravage and took his guise while teleporting the bodies away.

"You replaced him with an agent?" Vesmir asked admiring the plan. "Yes.. Now we have secret control of the weapons" Gravatus replied proudly.

Vesmir nodded and left to his chambers. 

Chapter Four: Edit

Vesmir traveled around the ice planet of Hoth practicing his skills against native creatures called Wampas, mercilessly slaying them and gutting them laughing. He returned to Gravatus' ice fortress riding his dark tauntaun. Vesmir approached his master, who held out a file.

"Your next target is on the city planet of Corellia, he is one of our allies who is thinking about betraying me, we can't have that"

Gravatus said and turned to him "take care of it".

Vesmir chuckled evily and nodded and headed out. Before he exited, Gravatus said one more thing

"Also you will find this may be one of your most difficult missions yet" Gravatus said.

Vesmir barely heard him and headed to his ship taking off. Vesmir landed on a damaged building and set out to the coordinates an Imperial camp. The target was in a meeting and then told everyone to leave. when he turned around Vesmir was standing face to face.

"Who are you?" the man said bravely.

"Lord Gravatus sends his regards" Vesmir smirked.

The Man's brave expression turned to pure horror. Vesmir smirked evily and grabbed his face sinking his claws in casuing him to bleed and gouged out his eyes. The man tried to scream but could not. After several minutes, Vesmir stepped out of the tent, blood splattered on his face and hands, and saw everyone looking at him shocked. Vesmir just looked around and smirked

"Now wait a minute"

He sprung into action igniting his saber, stabbing two imperials, and then raked his claws into another ripping out his guts. Vesmir spun in the air and decapitated several more and then ripped his claws into another splitting them in two. After several seconds, Vesmir stood among a mascare of dismembered bodies and pools of blood laughing and sheathing his lightsaber and stepping away from the carnage, but not before using his disinergration to explode a section of tram tracks collpasing on the crime scene. Vesmir teleported to the top of another building, when he heard a familiar voice, his smile disappeared.

"No" He said

as he scanned the rooftops below him till he found a group of four, instantly recognizing two of them. Vesmir got filled with anger and teleported to the building right above them. He then shouted to them hiding behind a generator.

"So you have cum hahahahahaha" He said. The four looked around when a black red mist with lightning appeared in front of them and sent a shockwave out knocking them down. Vesmir laughed as they got up and the mist disappated as he stood there looking at them

"Nasch, Durby, Merag and heh Mizael" Vesmir said evily.

"Do we know you?" he tallest one asked staring him down.

"How can you forget an old friend" Vesmir spoke again trying to sound more nicer.

"Who are you" the girl said placing her hand upon her lightsaber.

"I am Lord Vesmir true king of Baria!" Vesmir said rather proudly.

Mizael and Merag both gasped and widened their eyes at mention of Baria.

"Baria?" the robotic one asked, Vesmir just laughed and looked at each of them. "You don't remember do you?"

By the looks on their faces Vesmir knew it was true. "Hahahahahahaha, here i thought you guys were a threat, turns out you are not" Vesmir continued and then sent a shockwave from his hands that knocked them back.

The Four were ready and Mizael redirected the blast at Vesmir who gasped and dodged in time. "Well Then" Vesmir said.

Nasch shot a blast of fire from his gauntlets at Vesmir, Who dodged again and pulled out his double-bladed lightsaber. Merag shot forward drawing her lightsaber and striked it against Vesmir's who traded blows with her while flipping in the air dodging a barrage of bullets from Durbe's pistol. Vesmir did a backflip into Durbe sending him flying backwards into Nasch, regaining himself he blocked a blow from Merag and pushed her off while deflecting a lightning bolt from Mizael. Vesmir laughed and shot a dark blast at Mizael knocking him backwards, Merag got back up and did a sweeping slash at Vesmir who smirked and blocked pinning her saber to the ground and using his free hand grabbed her throat. Nasch shot out five missiles from his gauntlet, Vesmir holding Merag's neck with one hand spun his saber deflecting the missiles into Mizael and Durbe. Durbe dodged and did a barrel roll into Vesmir knocking him back releasing Merag. Mizael used the force to deflect the missiles back to Vesmir, Vesmir growled and sent a shockwave that knocked Merag and Durbe back, he spun in the air and used his lightsaber to slice apart the missiles with their parts fly into the ground in front of Merag and Durbe causing an explosion that knocked them back.

Vesmir landed back on the roof in a pose with fire burning around him and he just smirked. Mizael helped Merag back up as Nasch and Durbe were back on their feet.

"Is this all you got?" Vesmir said cooly.

Mizael glared and sent out a barrage of lightning, Merag responded by sending a force blast that interlocked with Mizael's lightning into a massive electrical force beam that exploded where Vesmir stood. Smoke was all over from the attack.

"We got him" Mizael said breathing a sigh of relief.

Suddenly a laugh rang out and Vesmir appeared behind them and impaled Nasch's suit, severing some life support tubes and weapons. Nasch gasped and fell to his knees as Vesmir raised his saber ready to behead him. Durbe reacted the quickest and threw a flash grenade at Vesmir's face sending him back screaming. Nasch fell to the ground unconsious as his suit was failing. Mizael shot a force push at Vesmir as he was reeling from the grenade sending him back more. Durbe threw some grenades at Vesmir's feet knocking him down again. Mizael and Durbe went after Vesmir while Merag tended to her brother. Vesmir growled and regained himself in time to dodge another grenade which he sent flying backwards exploding behind him. Mizael shot some lightning blasts at him which he just dodged or deflected with his saber. Vesmir then flipped in the air shooting out some dark energy bolts that Mizael defelcted with his lightsaber but was sent back from a force push. Mizael regained himself as Vesmir attacked. Durbe intercepted with another flash grenade, but Vesmir was ready and caught it and threw it into Mizael who clutched his face. Durbe just gaped as Vesmir threw his lightsaber in a spinning strike.Durbe threw a smoke grenade down to provide cover and escaped the blow as Mizael got back up and shot at Vesmir, Vesmir's saber returned and he blocked the attack and sent one of his own.

"Time for ol' Durbe to be a hero" Durbe said sneaking up on Vesmir as he traded energy blows with Mizael

Vesmir let his guard down and managed to get knocked backwards towards Durbe who drew his dagger. Vesmir felt the dagger coming out and spun himself slicing the dagger with his clawed gauntlet and did a kick to Durbe's head knocking him down. Vesmir landed next to him on his feet and stabbed his blade into Durbe's arm, He screamed in pain as Vesmir smirked and laughed. Mizael flew forward and did a circular energy blast at Vesmir who got thrown backwards. Mizael kneeled down to check on his injured friend.

"Don't mind me Just get him" Durbe said before slumping to unconsciousness.

Mizael got up and stared down Vesmir as he just laughed but then got thrown back by a force push by Merag who joined Mizael's side.

"How is Nasch?" Mizael asked as Vesmir got back up growling. Merag readied her lightsaber at him and said quickly. "I managed to redirect the suit to stabilize him but not for long"

Vesmir just stared the two love barians down. "Mizael and Merag together again heh, just like That day so long ago, I'm curious do you still feel the same way Miz?" Vesmir said and then laughed.

Mizael just looked at him and shot a blast of lightning. Vesmir held up his hand and absorbed the blast chuckling. He spun it around his hands and then disinergrated the energy into little balls of it and sent them flying back at the two. Mizael and merag barely had any time to react and just dropped to the floor as the energy balls exploded around and near them. They got up as Vesmir teleported between them kicking Mizael in the face and slashing his claws across Merag's chest which she winced in pain. Merag regained and swung her saber out but Vesmir had already teleported away. Mizael dodged Merag's strike since he had been knocked back.

"Back to Back" Mizael said as he put his back to Merag and readied himself.

Vesmir teleported in front of Merag who responded with a force push, Vesmir was too quick and teleported out of the way appearing in front of Mizael who blocked a saber strike with his and pushed off. Vesmir struck again and in mid strike teleported back to Merag as the strike slashed her face. Merag winced and thrust her saber out at him but he just teleported again. Mizael was ready this time and shot a barrage of lightning at Vesmir as he appeared. Vesmir gaspsed and screamed in pain ad the lightning entered his body sending him backwards. Merag spun from Mizael and sent a force blast at the reeling Vesmir who narrowly teleported out of the way. Merag spun back and as Vesmir reappeared in front she kicked him in his groin. Vesmir gasped in pain and bent over, Merag grabbed his neck and arm and did a spin flip sending him away as Mizael shot a lightning barrage into him again. Vesmir went down clutching his chest in pain and growling angrily.

"You can't defeat me.... I am more powerful then any of you" he shouted and thrust his hands out creating a shockwave that knocked the two down.

Vesmir teleported onto Merag with his feet holding her arms down and grabbed her neck with his claws causing her to bleed. "First i'll destroy the girl you love" Vesmir said sadistically. Merag screamed and struggled trying to free herself. Mizael got up quickly and did a barrel roll into Vesmir knocking him back. Mizael helped Merag up and they ran forward. Vesmir had gotten up and roared in anger as the battle was taking its toll on him. Mizael linked hands with Merag and the two's eyes glowed their respective colors and they spun in the air shooting a spiral energy lightning blast into Vesmir who flew towards the edge of the building. Merag charged forward and struck Vesmir with a force blast that sent him back. Vesmir got up and quickly did a spinning lightning strike at Mizael knocking him back as he let go of Merag who roared and eyes still glowing shot Vesmir with a force blast.

"Quite a temper on you Meragu" Vesmir taunted regaining himself and shot a dark energy blast at her.

"Shut up bitch" Merag said defiantly as she hammered him with another blast.

Vesmir fell back but regained himself. Merag rolled on the floor and punched him in the groin and grabbed his head kneeing it hard and then flipping him down. Vesmir gasped in pain and flipped up kicking Merag in the gut with his robotic leg. Merag reeled back but punched the ground and sent the roof tiles flying up and knocking Vesmir back.

"Better control that temper of yours or you might cause something unfortunate to happen" he smirked. Merag didnt let up and detached her saber and swung madly at him which he blocked with his own saber.

"Oh Merag you have no idea what lies within you" Vesmir chuckled as he blocked her blows but was knocked down by a swift spin-kick by her. Vesmir growled and spun sweeping her feet and then shooting her chest with a dark energy blast that caused her to fly backwards. He laughed and got up and approached her.

Vesmir shot another dark energy blast into Merag's chest that was already wounded and sent her backwards to the ground unconscious. Mizael growled in anger and swung his lightsaber at Vesmir as he blocked with his own. Mizael struck at Vesmir as he blocked and parried, then he spun his saber and delivered a massive kick to Mizael's gut with his robotic leg. Mizael fell backwards as Vesmir approached.

"Like this?" Vesmir said pointing to his leg. "A parting gift from you"

Mizael just looked shocked. "what?"

Vesmir shot his hands out and electrocuted Mizael with his dark energy bolts. "You don't remember all that happened to you heh"

Mizael screamed in pain a the energy entered him, Normally he could absorb lightning but this was not normal lightning. "Like how your entire race was massacred" Vesmir continued not letting up and smiling wickedly.

Nasch had finally gotten up as Durbe was tending to him trying to fix his suit when he noticed Merag lying on the floor nearby and Mizael being assaulted by Vesmir. Nasch went over to his sister and she woke up wincing in pain.

"Or how the girl who loved you was lost" Vesmir continued o taunt and amplify his attack on Mizael who just screamed in agony.

"And how the day your brother betrayed you" Vesmir finished off with a sadistic grin. Mizael's eyes widened at this while still being electrocuted. and moved onto his face cutting it deeply with lightning and dark energy.

Merag also gasped and clutched her head as some images flashed of a dark clad figure killing innocent lives , then to her and Mizael standing next to some escape ships, and finally to her going up while watching two guys fight each other on the ground then she came back to the present. fueled by rage and passion her eyes glowed a brighter blue then before and she sent a massive telekinetic blast at Vesmir who was caught off guard and was sent backwards into the edge. Nasch also let loose a wall of fire that engulfed him, as Durbe threw more flash grenades at his face. Mizael lied there in pain but felt for his lightsaber lying near him and ignited it making a swift stroke and severed Vesmir's robotic leg off. Vesmir gasped as he began falling. "Sayonara Bitch" Mizael said weakily. Merag let loose another blast that knocked him off the edge screaming in agony as the smoke engulfed him and then it all went black.

Chapter Five: The New PowerEdit

Vesmir awoke with a start, clutching his neck and coughing, He was in the medical bay where Gravatus was watching he saw that his robotic leg was being repaired.

"What Happened??" Vesmir asked, coughing and feeling weak.

"What happened? You lost, that's what happened." Gravatus replied.

"But I at least completed my original task and murdered that traitor" Vesmir retorted. 

"Yes, While also slaughtering an entire base!" Gravatus roared."And then you lost to your old rival"

"I lost to Mizael" Vesmir said angrily before coughing hard.

"How can you be of any use to me if you cant even beat your old friends?" Gravatus said gravely.

"Don't blame me.. you're the one who decided to let them live!" Vesmir said

"I let them live because they were weak, and if you can't beat them then you are even weaker!" Gravatus responded.

"I can do better, But I need more power!!!" Vesmir said, rising slowly.

"You will have one opportunity to redeem yourself for your failure.. otherwise, you are useless. Go to the plnaet of Korriban and gather the essences and armor of the fallen Sith Lords." Gravatus responded.

Vesmir just stood there, "How does that give me power?" Vesmir asked, scoffing.

"You will need force-enhanced armor to more become powerful. You will prove your power to me by holding your own in a lightsaber duel against me " He said coldly.

Vesmir stopped and looked down, "Yes Master, I shall do it." He said before he donned his cloak and lightsaber and headed off. 

"This is so beneath me" Vesmir said sighing as he stealthed around the Valley of the Dark Lords looking for tombs.

"I should be killing Mizael, that little fool" He said angrily. He finally reached the tomb of Tulak Hord, He searched and found the casket, he removed the lid with telekensis and took the armor, but as he was leaving a battalion of Imperial Soldiers arrived. "Well, at least there is some fun." He said smirking and drawing his blade.
Vesmir Swtor1
Vesmir proudly left the tomb leaving a pile of bodies splattred across the tomb. "Weaklings.." he scoffed with delight and moved onto the next tomb, and then the next one collecting the armors of Marka Ragnos, Ajunta Pall and Naga Sadow. He traveled back to Hoth and presented the armor to Gravatus, who was pleased.

"Well done... now take some of the armor for yourself and prepare for the duel."

Vesmir looked hesitant, but grabbed some of the armor anyway and wore it. Gravatus looked him and nodded. 

"Good, now we can begin..." Gravatus said with a tone of excitement in his voice.

A few minutes later Vesmir lied defeated as Gravatus shook his head in disapproval.

"No wonder your father abandoned you" He finally said

Vesmir's eye twitched and He growled "Shut Up!" he shouted and shot from his hands a swirling energy that surrounded Gravatus who looked surprised.

Gravatus then just held up his glove and disappated the energy "But there is still much potentinal in you" he said. Vesmir huffed and stood there angrily.

"There sure is" he said confidently. Gravatus said mysteriously.

An explosion erupted in the Imperial Base of Balmorra as Vesmir watched the carnage ensue with evil glee from the distance. Imperial Soldiers tried to put the fires out

"What happened?" One asked.

"The base just exploded suddenly" Another replied.

"Any casalities?".

"Yes a whole squadron of Imperials and sith apprentices and a master." Another told the soldiers.

"What could have done this?" A sith asked stepping from the shuttle seeing the destruction.

Vesmir just stood there and lifted his hand at the shuttle and clenched it as the shuttle then exploded making everyone around fly forwards.

"What is causing this?" Soliders scrambled to put the fires out.

Vesmir chuckled and slipped away but not before causing several rock formations to come tumbling down, crushing a camp. Vesmir teleported back to Gravatus who was watching the destruction on screen.
Vesmir Swtor2
"What was that?" He asked turning to him.

"Just a little bit of fun" Vesmir replied chuckling.

"That was entirely unnecessary you were to just kill an admiral, not destroy an entire base!" Gravatus shouted angrily.

"What's wrong with  a little bonus carnage" Vesmir replied still chuckling.

"I got the deed done anyway" Vesmir retorted.



Vesmir was sent on another assination mission to Belsavis to kill a sith, Unlike the last time he kept it simple and ambushed the sith in his tent and mericlessly cut him to bits laughing while he did it. Vesmir retreated when his mechanical leg gave out, sending him to the ground in pain.

"Oh For Fuck's sake" Vesmir growled trying to get back up.

He teleported away and landed in a forest clutching his leg in pain. He heard someone coming and turned on his stealth,He spied a man tending to another man who looked injured. The sith healed the man who walked away bowing. Vesmir disguised himself as a injured Imperial and approached the man.

"Please sir" Vesmir said in a innocent voice.

"I need assitance my cybernetic leg works no more".

The man just stared at him through his visor mask.

"Then go to a medical station" He replied simply.

Vesmir fought urge to murder this imputent fool but pleaded again

"I saw you heal that man, You can heal my leg".

The man who's name was Velocis then gestured for him to come. Velocis ripped off the cybernetic leg, as Vesmir screamed in agony

"YOU... What are you doing!" He shouted.

"I'm healing your leg"

Velocis replied and touched it and surged energy making it grow all the way back

"How did this happen anwaya" Velocis asked.

Vesmir lied "It happened in a recon mission a grenade caught me off guard and crushed my leg, i was fitted with a cybernetic one but now it has worn out".

After three minutes Velocis had finished healing

"There you go" He said,

Vesmir gasped and stood up finally with two feet like his days on Baria. Vesmir opted to kill the man but decided against it instead he gave him a special relic and bid him farewell. Vesmir retreated to the forest and then teleported to his ship and went back to Hoth.

Vesmir, Two weeks later walked around Gravatus' palace and then noticed something. It was a cracked-open door. He slipped inside and spied Gravatus' archive room.

"Now ,this is something!" He whispered and teleported to the computer.

He thought for a moment and then typed in BARIAN. Records of the planet Baria came up and Vesmir saw a list of names including: Malheur, Vesmir, Mizael, Merag, and Peyagrom. Vesmir then clicked Malheur's image and got information about his deceased father. He pushed the image of his crown and got nothing but some coordinates. "Hmmm, wonder what this means." Vesmir pondered before writing them down and exitied the archives. 

Vesmir approached Gravatus, who was sititng in his throne and bowed.

"I know I took it too far master, but  let me make it up to you by completing a mission" Vesmir asked. Gravatus just stared at him

"And what mission would that be". Vesmir showed him the coordinates he found and Gravatus just stared

"And what's there?" He asked suspiciously.

"The place of am powerful sith object" Vesmir lied.

Gravatus just stared and finally said "Alright go retrieve this artifact". Vesmir bowed and exited swiftly as Gravatus just crossed his arms pondering and tilted his head down. Vesmir took his stealth fighter to the coordinates of the planet Lwhekk, docking his ship in the outskirts of a jungle and stepped out looking around.

"Time to claim my birthright" he said and proceeded forward.

Meanwhile back at Gravatus' chambers, he still pondered the coordinates and then checked his archives

Unknown Regions

Planet Lwhekk: Population: unknown

Mostly Humid and Jungle

Significance: Landing of Malheur's Crown

Gravatus just stared realizing why Vesmir went there and was about to call him back using his teleportation, when he opted not to thinking it could be useful to him and sat back in his chair.

Vesmir travelled through the jungle fighting off creatures and huge bugs when he finally reached a crater. In the middle of the crater was a golden horned object. Vesmir chuckled with anticipation sliding into the crater and approaching the object. As he stepped forward the helmet glowed and out came a energy shield that surrounded itself. Vesmir gasped but then growled as he shot an energy blast at the shield. Nothing happened so he tried it again with more power.

"Obey me!" he shouted continuing his barage.

After several minutes of getting nowhere, Vesmir just walked up to it and placed his hand upon the shield, instantly the shield glowed and deactivated exposing the crown.

"Oh well then.." Vesmir said little annoyed.

Vesmir kneeled down and took the crown in his hands, it charged and glowed as energy seeped from his hands into it turning the golden crown into a crimson metal, Vesmir gasped still holding it as the sleek silver horns turned into black twisted ones. Vesmir giggled with excitement and slowly placed it upon his head. As he did he instantly felt a wave of energy overcome him and he stared into the sky: seeing distant things planets, stars, and moons. He looked at the ground and could see straight to the planet's core and inner circle. "This power... It's like nothing I've ever felt before." Vesmir said shaking with excitment.

"So This is what true power feels like" he said raising his hands and instantly created a massive black energy shockwave that set an entire cluster of jungle aflame and ruin.
Vesmir swtor12

"So This is what True Power feels like!"

Vesmir stood speechless and pointed his hand again at another cluster and did the same thing. Vesmir then turned to the forest sending waves of lightning from him destroying more jungle as frightened creatures ran for cover. He sensed where they were and lifted them into the air and ripped them apart with his energy laughing. Vesmir then turned his head to the ground

"Hmmm I Wonder" He said smirking and placed his clawed hands into the dirt as they glowed and he shot a energy deep into the planet's core and disrupted it.

The entire planet shook and rumbled as Vesmir laughed evily and teleported back to his ship and took off. As he flew he looked down below at the jungle planet decaying and collumns of fire and lava spouted from the ground as cracks appeared in the earth. Vesmir retreated to a safe location and watched as Lwhekk imploded in on itself disappearing from existance similar to how Baria was destroyed. Vesmir then teleported himself landing atop Dromund Kaas' mountain and gazed at Kaas City in the distance and smirked evily while charging his hands with dark purple energy

"With this power.... I can be more powerful then Lord Gravatus!!" Vesmir shouted as a despicable idea entered his twisted mind. "I will become the true Barian King!"

Vesmir Swtor5


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