The "Lair of Shadows" is a name given to a large Imperial base located on Makeb. It serves as The League of Shadows' headquarters and base of operations.
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Goldvanius, Reklawc, and Khem Val inside the base

The former Imperial base was ransacked and nearly destroyed during a conflict on Makeb, however the League of Shadows discovered it and reconstructed it into a large temple-like headquarters. Thought destroyed by the rest of the Empire, only members of the League know of its existence. It is located on an abandoned Mesa, surrounded by very little civilization.

History Edit

Once an Imperial outpost used for warring against the Republic, the base was valuable due to its position - resting on a Mesa located far below the average height and in between two Mesas housing Republic bases, it served as a strategic position. The closest Republic-inhabited Mesa was about 600 meters from it, and the Imperials used this to bomb the structures of said Mesas and take them down. However, the Republic retaliated, sending a legion of troops to annihilate the base. It would not be used until five years later, when the League's explorer, Dentface, discovered it.

Once the League found the base, it had to be renovated. Its size increased doubly, its appearance changed to that of a temple, and its halls filled with new technology. The Mesa stretched out for about 562 meters, and the temple was located in the center of it. Also, landing platforms and balconies were added all around the Mesa, utilizing its anonymity for quick and easy travel.

Rooms Edit

Quite a large base, the lair has many different halls and rooms.

Throne Room Edit

Of course, Darth Goldvanius made sure to have a throne room installed in the base. Similar to the one on his ship, it is complete with red lights and torches.

Training Rooms Edit


Goldvanius and his bodyguard, Khem Val, in a training room.

The base has seven training rooms - two for lightsaber combat, two for blaster/tech combat, two for Force training and one for dueling. The lightsaber training rooms are equipped with practice dummies, lightsaber construction machines, a wide variety of crystals and hilts, as well as obstacles and different simulations. The blaster/tech training rooms have more simulations and obstacles, but are also complete with weapons and gear nearby.

Communications Rooms Edit


Goldvanius and a communicator droid in the Communications room.

Included in the list of improvements made to the base are two communication centers, located on the north and south sides of the structure respectively. These rooms can be used to call orbital support, keep in touch with allies and store massive amounts of digital data.

The Hall of SorceryEdit

The Hall of Sorcery is located near the middle of the base. It is used for duels between Force-users, often ones refusing to use lightsabers. The room was given protective panels and reflective shields as to avoid damage from Force Lightning or other powerful Force spells. 

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