Ice fortress7


Gravatus standing within the view of the Heart of Sombra

The Heart of Sombra, meaning "The Heart of Darkness" is a giant iced-over mountain located on Hoth. It was a pirate facility for many years, operating as a base and a hideout for an organized group of smugglers, pirates, and bandits. After the pirates were obliterated by the Republic, it was abandonded and left to ruin. Before the time of The Shadow Chronicles, it was found and adopted by Dark Master Gravatus. It is also the place where Lord Vesmir betrayed Gravatus. 

This massive frozen fortress is a towering ice spire surrounded by a crystalic maze on one side. It sits on top of an ice platform accessible only by a single bridge that leads directly to the front entrance.

Currently, it is believed vacant, making it a perfect base of operations for Gravatus and his secret organization, Erebus. 


Not only is this hidden base nearly unfindable and surrounded by an immense snowstorm that never seems to cease, but what surrounds the entire area makes it practically impenetrable. 

  1. The location alone defends this fort, being located in the outskirts of the majority of Hoth's population, it's hard to get to.
  2. On foot, it can only be accessed by one bridge, making a sneak attack impossible.
  3. The condition of the planet makes most vehicles insufficient, but this spire in particular has been home to many crashed and wrecked shuttles, speeders, and other craft. Most say the particular area is just prone to extreme blizzards, but others believe there is a supernatural force keeping the storm going.
  4. With only one bridge and only one entrance, any attackers would be forced to use the front gate, which is guarded by stealth troopers with massive weapons and special techniques.
  5. Gravatus projects a field of sensitive energy that tells most animals (tauntauns, wampas, varactyls, etc) to stay away, therefore making animal mounts void.
  6. Telekinetic Force barriers surround the actual base, keeping intruders from entering from the sides.
  7. Force-resistant sorcery surrounds the location, preventing a Jedi or Sith intruder from trying to tamper with the defenses.


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