Installments Edit


  • Bill (2222/24601) - Main Writer and illustrator of all books
  • Captaingoldvane2 - Additional Writer - Wrath of Darkness ( both parts ), Co Writer - The Fabrics of Destiny
  • Bobby Moon - Main Assistant Writer - Original Saga
  • Albert Spark- Assistant Writer - Wrath of Darkness ( both parts )
  • Edgar Wildrat - Plot Developer - Darkness' Revenge

Sypnosis of all BooksEdit

The Darkness' Revenge: Near the beginning of time, the Darkness thrived, and filled the world with disaster. However, it was put in check by the Light, its arch nemesis. Now the mysterious Shadow Being strikes down the Light's Spirit and plunges the world into shadow. It's up to the Followers of the Light to revive the Spirit and defeat the Darkness once again.

The Darkness' Revenge 2: The Bob Strikes Back: The Shadow Being/Bobby Moon, in a attempt to avenge the Darkness, sends the Caribbean server of Cortevos along with its players to an alternate dimension with the intention of eliminating the Followers of Light. The only route back is a portal opened by a sacred ritual, which requires six long lost Light powered blades. It's a race against time as an ancient doomsday device slowly but devastatingly begins to destroy the Universe.

The Darkness' Revenge 3: Wrath of Darkness - Part One: The Society of Darkness under the command of Bobby Moon, resurrected, and the newly introduced Albertus Sparkington, launch an unexpected attack against the world and realms, destroying most of the leaders, sabotaging defenses and devouring Society of Light bases. The Society of Light bands together along with the remaining world leaders to defeat the Darkness once and for all and restore the World to balance.

The Fabrics of Destiny: The Balance is reached, and Order is established in the Earth and The Realm. However, a newfound group of Dark Follows seize this chance to resurrect an ancient force, in an attempt to completely demolish the Earth and any realms associated. It is up to the Order of Unity to prevent this from happening, and with their Light abilities limited - will they even stand a chance?

Pictures Edit

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