The Barian Legacy is a title for a group of Imperials and Republics working together for a common purpose. Once inhabitants of Baria, most of them now serve The League of Shadows (Fictional).



When Dark Master Gravatus attacked Baria, only three Barians survived. Mizael, who crash landed on Korriban was taken as Dark Lord Goldvanius' apprentice. Merag, however, crashed on Tython and trained to become a Jedi. Both of them had their memories wiped by Gravatus, and only Vesmir, who chose to join Erebus --Gravatus's organization,-- remained aware of his Barian ancestry.  

Years later, some of Mizael's memories were reawakened and he located Merag. Also, two of their allies, Nasch (SWTOR) and Durbe (SWTOR) were recruited, forming a sort of "clan" among them. Later, they also brought Dangan (Bane) into their ranks and Mizael and Merag's son Kaito

Members Edit


The relationships of the emperors are as followed:

  • Mizael is married to Merag
  • Durbe was adopted by Nasch
  • Dangan is Mizael's apprentice
  • Vesmir is rivals with Mizael
  • Kaito is the son of Mizael and Merag

Unique Abilities Edit

  1. Energetic Manipulation - The ability to control energy with your mind and use it physically or spiritually. This is used by Mizael who can create it using his eyes and hands.
  2. Telepathy - Merag uses this power, inheriting it from her Barian bloodline
  3. Disintegration - The ability to focus and shatter an object to pieces. This skill is used by Vesmir, being his natural Barian gift.
  4. Molecularization- A very rare skill only held by he/she who wears the Barian Crown, this power allows the holder to manipuate and see through the molecular level, using it to his/her advantage. This ability is very powerful, and takes a massive amount of energy to use. 


In-Game StatsEdit

  • Mizael - Lv 60 Sith Sorcerer
  • Nasch - Lv 60 Mercenary
  • Merag - Lv 60 Jedi Shadow
  • Durbe - Lv 58 Scoundrel
  • Dangan - Lv 59 Sith Juggernaut
  • Kaito - Lv 35 Jedi


  • Lord Vesmir - Lv 60 Sith Assassin
  • Dark Master Gravatus - lv 60 Sith Juggernaut
  • Wintersoldier- Lv 60 Erebus Agent Sniper 
  • Zaheer - Lv 34 Erebus Operative 
  • Order of Erebus - Gravatus' Organization

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