The Sith Terror is the third Sith class on SWTOR. It has the unique role of Support and focuses on debuffing enemies and strengthening allies. The Republic variant is Jedi Adept. Notable Sith Terrors include all of the Dread Masters.

Main Hand: Hand Blast

Offhand: Trinket (boosts effectiveness of attacks)

Power Pool: Fear - Starts at 50 and is increased by using debuffs, buffs, and attacks.

Adanced ClassesEdit

Sith Dread - The Support/DPS subclass. Focuses heavily on instilling fear on the enemy, stunning them, and using their terror to buff your allies.

Sith Occultist - The Heal/DPS subclass. Mainly focuses on healing allies or dealing damage to the enemy. Weak debuff/buff.

more to be added

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