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Zarjaz is a male Zabrak born on Iridonia. He grew up in a simple life while his father, Jazzar was a high-ranking official in the Imperial Navy. When Zarjaz was 5 years old, his family traveled to the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas. This was because his father had to meet with his superior generals about a Jedi that was wanted by the Dark Council, Magnus. On the return trip, however, Magnus and a squad of republic troopers attacked Jazzar's small cruiser and boarded it. Jazzar knew how important Magnus was and how he needed to be killed, so he set the ship to self destruct. Magnus led his troopers back onto their ship, rescuing Zarjaz along the way because he knew the 5-year-old was innocent. Jazzar's ship exploded just when Magnus jumped into hyperspace and returned to Tython.

Chapter 1: TrainingEdit

Once they landed on Tython, Magnus brought young Zarjaz to the Jedi Council. He noticed Zarjaz was force sensitive, and asked to train him as his own padawan. The council accepted his request, and Zarjaz began his training. Zarjaz trained with Magnus until he was 19, learning much about the force and lightsaber combat. He chose to wield two cyan lightsabers, to reflect his loyalty to the jedi and focus on the force. Zarjaz's first mission with Magnus took him to the planet of Balmorra, where they aided rebels in the fight for freedom.

- to be continued

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