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Chapter One: Days on BariaEdit

A boy went to get water from the sink for his sick mother, when he heard a baby crying. He returned to find his mother holding a tiny baby with black hair and blue eyes. "Peyagrom come meet your new baby sister" The woman said motioning with her hand. Peyagrom walked up and saw the little girl and smiled. A few days later, the baby named Merag was crying louder then before and did something unexpected. She glowed blue and levitated some items nearby

"We knew this was a possibility" the father told his wife.

"She has been born strong with the force" the mother replied. "Only time will tell".

Merag swtor9

When she was 6 years old she went to school and when one of the kids picked on her she held up her palms in self defense but then they glowed blue and sent out a blast of force energy that sent him flying into the wall. Merag gasped and looked at her hands trembling and she ran. She returned home where her mother embraced her as she cried

"Mommy, I just held out my hands to stop him from pushing me and he got sent back 30 feet!".

The mother just hugged her daughter before shushing her gently

"It's ok, your father and I wondered when we would have this conversation" she replied.

"What do you mean?" Merag asked sniffling.

"You were born with a strong conection to the force, unlike most Barians. There have only been two others discovered that are like this." The mother explained. The father came home and heard about what had happened.

"Your powers are connected to your emotions, Merag." the father explained.

"If i have all these powers, aren't I a danger to everyone?" Merag asked.

"Not if you can control it." The mother said.

Merag looked back down at her hands and focused as they glowed a bright blue closing her eyes she levitated a bookcase three feet into the air. The father and mother smiled watching this, but then Merag began to shake and tremble and accidently threw the bookcase into the wall smashing it.

"Merag calm down!" The father pleaded.

Merag sat with her eyes closed and shook

"No, I can't do this!" she said getting scared as more things began flying around.

Suddenly a levitated vase smashed against the mother's head knocking her down.

"Mira!!!!" the father shouted as Merag finally saw what she had done.

"No Please, God no!" she screamed and backed away.

The father clutched his unconsious wife and called for Peyagrrom, who had just entered after hearing Merag's screams. Merag retreated to a corner clutching herself

"I'm SO Sorry" she said crying. The father just turned to her and held his hand out

"It's gonna be ok" Peyagrrom went to fetch a bucket of water and gave it to his father.

The father cleaned Mira's wound as she awakened slowly.

"I'm fine dear.." she said gently

"It's not her fault". the father helped her to her room and shut the door.

Peyagrrom went over to his crying sister, but she backed away

"NO Don't come near me!" she shouted beginning to hold her hands up in defense as they glowed blue. Peyagrom went up to his sister and clutched her hands as the glowing went away.

"It's ok, I'm here for you" he said warmly.

Merag looked and saw the energy disapate from her hands as she held her brother's. Peyagrom pulled her to him and hugged her tightly as she rest her head on his shoulder trembling. The father then called them both in. Merag nervously approached Mira's bed clutching her hands tightly.

"Little Merag, it's not your fault" Mira said smiling.

Peyagrrom held one arm around her shoulder. Merag then hugged Mira tightly. Peyagrom and the father also hugged the two girls.

"We can get you trainers who can help you control your power" the father offered. Merag nodded. 

The Next day a man named Gazahn arrived and offered to train Merag. Teaching her to control her abilities and the two became good friends.

A Few years later, there was a knock at the door and Peyagrom opened it, where Mizael stood.

"Hey buddy, want to come outside and train,Vesmir's waiting for us at the field?" he said.

"Sure, hold on" Peyagrom went over to where Merag was in her room sitting in the corner meditating. "Merag want to come play outside?" he asked.

Merag just sat there "Well if you change your mind, we will be in the field outside the castle" Peyagrom replied and left.

"who were you talking to?" Mizael asked as they went down the road

"My sister, Merag". "I didn't know you had a sister." Mizael said.

"She never leaves the house, feeling shes a danger to everyone" Peyagrom replied.

Mizael looked confused "why is she a danger?",

"She has strong conenctions to the force and can lead to destructive results" Peyagrom said.

The two friends then went on their way to the field. Merag stayed in her room most of the time meditating learning to control her vast power, but she kept thinking of the world, and her brother, then she got up and exited her room as her father sat on the couch

"Where are you going young lady?" He asked not looking up.

Merag stopped and turned to him

"I want to go play with my brother and his friends" She asked.

The father just looked at her and her pleading eyes

"have you completed today's meditation length?" he asked. Merag nodded and held out her palm as blue energy appeared then disappeared. The father smiled

"Alright go out and have fun, but promise me no explosions please" he said grinning some.

"Merag laughed and nodded "I'll try my best"

with that she exited the house for the first time in years. 

Merag skipped around Balia, taking in the sights and the smells, looking to the east she saw the great golden mountains and to the west the grand castle of their belevolent ruler King Malheur. Merag ran across the bridge to the fields in the tall grass. Suddenly a energy orb flew past her and landed nearby. Merag reached for it when another hand also reached for it and touched hers. Merag gasped and looked up as a boy was there he smiled warmly

"Hey there" Merag took her hand back and backed away slowly

"Hi" she said softly and shyly.

"I'm Mizael, whats your name?" He asked the girl.

Merag just stood there not speaking, when a familiar voice shouted

"Come on Mizael wheres the ball".

Merag got up and walked toward the voice coming into view.

"Merag? You came out!" Peyagrom replied with joy

. "Oh she is your sister" Mizael said looking at her.

"Yep, This is Merag" he said motioning to her.

Vesmir came up as well

"Greetings little lady, im sure you have heard of me, Prince Vesmir!" He said boasting some

. Peyagrom and Mizael just rolled their eyes as Merag just bowed in respect.

"honor to meet you my prince". She then turned to Mizael

"Sorry about earlier , im just shy and you startled me".

Mizael nodded. "It's fine".

Merag then removed her hands from behind and was holding the ball in the air.

"can I play?" she asked grinning.

The others nodded as she telekenitcally threw the ball away. Mizael turned to Peyagrom

"She doesn't look dangerous". Peyagrom laughed some,

"Just don't screw with her emotions". Mizael just chuckled.

The four friend splayed with the ball throwing it telekenitcally around. When Mizel caught the ball, Merag laughed and tackled him down. Mizael landed with a thud on ground speechless as Merag lied on top of him,

"Sorry" she said blushing.

"It's ok "he laughed as she got up.

Vesmir then called to them.

"Hey guys check this out"

Vesmir pointed his hands to  a giant rock and clenched them as the rock crumbled to pieces.

"Awesome, what kind of technique is that?" Mizael asked.

"I dont know but i hope to master it in time"

Vesmir replied confidently.

Mizael then stepped up and his eyes glowed as yellow energy came from it and grabbed the rock pieces and he put them back together somewhat.

"That's pretty cool" Merag said as Vesmir rolled his eyes some.

"Hey guys check this" Peyagrom said. He rubbed his hands together and out came blue fire which he controlled in the air and around till he sucked it back in.

"Whoah that is pretty badass" Merag said clapping.

They finally turned to Merag. "How about you?" Mizael asked.

Merag just stood there a little scared. "I don't think that's such a great idea"' She said backing away slowly. Peyagrom then went up to her and said

"Don't worry if something goes wrong i'm here"

Merag just looked at her brother and then told everyone to step back. She breathed in and out and held her hands apart as blue energy appeared and she thrust them forward as a shockwave of energy flew out knocking away grass rocks and trees for a 3 mile radius. Merag gasped as did the others and then  they clapped.

"Wow, She does have great power" Mizael said to Peyagrrom.

Vesmir even clapped but little slowly then the rest

"I guess that was impressive" He said.

Merag just stood there and laughed some she pointed the other direction and shot another wave out.

"Merag, i think you can do more then shockwaves" Peyagrom said.

Merag looked at him and then back to her hands as she clenched her fists, instantly blue energy came out and shot forward like a energy beam that blew up a giant rock. Merag gasped and laughed as the others just watched applauding.

"See, you have control" Peyagrrom replied smiling.

It was getting late as Vesmir bid the rest goodbye he went back to his castle, Mizael, Peyagrrom and Merag began walking back home.

"You are welcome to stay at our house for the night, Mizael" Peyagrrom said.

"That's generous but You dont have to" Mizael said sheepishly.

"Don't you have your own house?" Merag asked.

Mizael kept walking and rubbed back of his head. "Not anymore, my parents died when I was little and the king took me in so i lived with Vesmir up in the castle." Mizael replied.

Merag was saddened "I'm sorry I didn't know" she said softly.

"That Vesmir guy he kind of seems like a asshole" Merag said speaking her mind.

Peyagrom and Mizael looked at eachother and laughed.

"yeah he kind of is" they all laughed. 

They arrived home where father was waiting.

"Right on time for dinner" he said. "Ah nice to see you again Mizael" He smiled warmly.

"Nice to be back here sir" Mizael replied.

The four ate dinner and finally got ready for bed. Merag knocked on Mizael's door and entered.

"Hey" she said.

"Hey there what's up?" Mizael replied friendly.

"It was nice to meet you today" she said blushing.

"It was very nice to meet you as well". Merag nodded and turned to leave,

"That was a powrful tackle you gave me in the field" Mizael said laughing.

Merag turned to him chuckling "It just felt the urge, sorry if I hurt ya" she said.

"I'm wondering, what else ya got" Mizael replied chuckling some.

Merag turned to him and had a challengeing look on her face.

"Is that a challenge?" she laughed. Mizael crossed his arms

"And what if it is" he said smirking.

"Then I will deal with you tomororw "she winked and laughed saying goodnight and left for her room.  Peyagrrom stepped from corner and laughed smiling that his isolated sister had found a friend and went to bed. 

The next day, The three friends went down to the basement.

"Alright you two, I want a nice clean fight no biting and unessecary stuff AND No powers!" Peyagrrom said laughing.

Mizael and Merag stared eachother down as she wore a muscle shirt and pants as he wore a t shirt and pants.

"You ready for me boy?" Merag replied flirting.

"I don't know if I want to hurt a girl" Mizael laughed smirking.

Merag instantly grabbed his hand pulled him to her and shoved her other arm into his gut and flipped him down.

"Don't worry Im sure you won't" She smirked looking down at him.

Mizael lied there just staring up at her laughing

"Alright I wasn't ready that time"

Mizael got up and grabbed a practice blade as she did too and the two sparred , trading blows of their sabers and sending eachother back. Merag swung low as he blocked, and he then swung at her which she parried, He then grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm outward as he kicked her in the gut, Merag dodged in time freeing her hand and spinning her blade at him which he blocked narrowly. The two swung their blades at eachother and pushed against. 

"IS this all ya got" She laughed. Mizael struggled laughing as she pushed her blade against his.

Mizael pushed the blades off and did a sweeping slash, which she blocked and caught his head under her arm and flipped him onto his back pointing her saber at him smirking "Yield"

"Alright your not bad" Mizael laughed looking into her eyes.

Merag just smirked and recoiled her blade. "Better then you" she teased.

Peyagrom just laughed and watched. 

Over the years, the four friends trained their various powers and sparred with each other learning under Gazahn who helped the teens. As they all grew more powerful. Merag learned to control her ability until she had complete mastery. As Mizael and Vesmir also mastered their abilities of energy manipulation and what Vesmir called disinergration . Merag also learned she had limited telepathy and could hear thoughts and sense others. Mizael was mostly trained by the king along with Vesmir but he and Merag always had the time to hang out and  grew close . When the time for the annoucment of who would be the next king came way, the town was excited. Vesmir stood by his friends proudly. King Malheur then annoucned the name, as everyone was shocked as Mizael was announced. Vesmir was speechless and the seeds of hidden jealousy grew within him. Merag hugged him in celebration and they all comforted Vesmir who began to grow distant from them. 

5 years later Merag awoke with a start in her bed gasping and panicking. Mizael and Peyagrom raced to her as she explained she saw a evil black figure clad in armor come down and kill them all.

"Must have been a nightmare" Peyagrom said hugging his sister.

Over the years: Merag became a messenger for Baria, making sure everyone's communications got there in time as Mizael became the descion maker, and her brother became a warrior trained in blasters. One day a shuttle arrived at Balia's town square and out stepped a Black figure clad in armor. Merag gasped as she recognized him as the figure she was in her vision long ago. Mizael pushed her behind him protecting as Peyagrom readied his weapons.

Vesmir stepped forward ans asked "Who are you?"

"I come from a world far from yours. I was once Sith. I am now much more. I control, and see everything. And what I've seen here... is far too threatening to my control. You Barians think yourselves secluded.. but what if you were to unleash your power elsewhere? We couldn't have that. You have become too powerful. Now, you must be exterminated." The man replied.

Peyagrrom whipped out his blaster cannon and Vesmir his staff.

"Wait.. I'm sure peace is possible. We do not mean to hurt anybod-" Merag started,

but was interrupted,

"Peace! Ha! Even the Sith see the lie that is 'peace'... and to answer your question, warrior... my name isGravatus. Dark Master Gravatus. And I am here to end your existence."

The mystery attacker moved both of his hands toward the crowd, and instantly he picked dozens of them up into the air using telekinesis and threw them back fifty yards. Peyagrrom charged at him with his blasters, and before he could strike, Gravatus threw him back twenty yards in a matter of two seconds.

"Take cover!!!! We're under attack!!" yelled Mizael.

Gravatus used his massive power to bring down the centre building they were all standing in, causing mass chaos and destruction.

"Fight back!"  Gazahn suggested.

Gazahn used a crossbow to attempt and attack Gravatus, but even his steel arrows did nothing against the Dark Lord's armor. Peyagrrom attacked again, this time using his power to coat his blade in fire. he swung his blade at Gravatus, who simply used his massive manipulation over telekinesis to stop him in his place. He then grabbed his lightsaber hilt and launched the white-colored beam into his chest, instantly delivering a killing blow.

"Nooooooo!" Gazahn exclaimed as he charged at the attacker with some blades.

Gravatus turned toward him, and held out his hand. Bright blue energy began forming in his hand that soon blasted at Durby like a cannon, which instantly disintegrated him. 

"No! This is impossible!" Vesmir exclaimed.

"How can one man have such power!?"

Gravatus slowly walked through the wreckage of the center building and found the Barian King sitting in his throne defenseless.

"We are incapable of defending ourselves from you... please, leave us be." The King offered. Gravatus remained silent, but lifted the King up in the air. Vesmir was the only Barian nearby to help.

"Vesmir! Help him!" Mizael pleaded,

but Vesmir stood back and just watched as Gravatus shoved his lightsaber into the king's stomach before taking his supernatural crown and tossing it into the sky, likely to end up in space and never be seen again. The Barians were horrified. Mizael knew what he had to do. He went to Merag.

"Merag... come with me!"

he grabbed her by her arm and dragged her outside where they hopped onto a large, rid-able Orobird. The Orobird took off into the air, taking them away from the center building. "Where are we going?" Merag asked

"The only place we have left to go.. the spacelaunch. We must evacuate the planet." Mizael replied.

"No! We can't abandon Baria." "Merag, it's too late... this massive evil has come to eradicate us.. evacuation is our only option now." Mizael and Merag arrived at the space-launch, a building with several pods that launched themselves into space in the event of an emergency.

"Quick, ready the pod." Mizael said. Merag used the console to set the destination to a peaceful planet known as Tython. It would take the machine a few minutes to activate. Merag turned to Mizael and put her hands on his shoulders.

"Mizael, I want you to know... I love you."

"Merag, I'm not sure about yours... but in my mind, you are my sister. I will always care for you. I will be here for you always. So, I love you too... but not in the way you are suggesting. Our world is dying... we have no time for distractions. Think of me as your brother." Mizael responded.

"My brother just died, Miz... I need something more." She said as her face saddened and tears began to drop on her face.

"Merag, we must be strong. We will endure this. But I need you to focus on reality and don't fantasize about something that's not there... I'll always be here to protect you, to guard you and to help you. That's more important than any kind of romance we could give each other." Mizael's eyes widened as he stared at Merag waiting for an answer.

"Okay..." she couldn't look him in the eye.

The pod was ready, and they were about to board when Vesmir arrived.

"My friends! Do not leave! I have befriended this great warrior.. we can thrive in his environment. Such.. power. Such potential for dominance! This is our chance, Mizael." Vesmir suggested.

"Vesmir, that is not the way... we must endure this and escape. We must flee this planet at once!" Mizael responded. Vesmir scoffed. "You really are cowardly, aren't you? The both of you!" Vesmir insulted.

"You may insult me but do not insult her.. she's stronger than you'll ever be, Vesmir."

Mizael's face grew serious. "Ha! Petty insults, Mizael, for a petty warrior. You know what, I don't want you with me anyway.. if you're so weak you just run away from everything, you don't deserve to live! You should die here with this WEAK planet and its WEAK king! YOU SHOULD ROT HERE AND BUR-" Vesmir began yelling,

"Vesmir enough!" Mizael raised his voice. "You dare interrupt me... ME!? The TRUE king of Baria? I am more powerful than you'll ever be. And I'll prove it!" Vesmir said as he grabbed his warstaff. The planet began shaking as the core was being penetrated by Gravatus' energy.

"Merag, go! I will join you on another pod after I handle this." Mizael prepared to face his challenge. "No! I won't go without you!" Merag pleaded.

"It's not your choice, Merag. I will always protect you." Mizael pressed the console to close the door to the pod and launch it away before she could get out of it. The pod flew up as Merag looked down as Mizael and Vesmir began fighting, suddenly a wave of energy came over the pod and her eyes went blank and she fell to groud of the pod.

Chapter Two: The Jedi Edit

Merag sat alone in her pod as she hurtled from the destroyed Baria, her home gone, her friends gone, she was all alone and speeding toward an unknown planet but strangely couldn't remember anything. Merag looked out the cockpit and saw the blue green world of Tython.

"It does look pretty from space" She thought.

The pod crash landed in a crater near a giant palace, and she got out coughing unaware that she was levitating rocks and trees around her, having lost her memories she couldnt remember how to control her power. Several jedi noticed her and held up their sabers in defense,

"Everyone calm down" a voice shouted.

Merag looked around putting her hands up in self defense as they charged with blue energy. A jedi approached her trying to calm her down

"It's ok my friend, you are safe here".

Merag slowly lowered her defense and disapated the energy. She looked up at the man seeing he had blue hair and a beard.

"My name is Korryn" he replied to her taking her by shoulders "I will help you". Merag smiled and followed him, as the other jedi just watched cautiously.

Korryn led Merag to an apartment in the Jedi Temple. That night she tossed and turned in her bed and unknowingly sent a shockwave from her body that destroyed the wall of the tower, waking everyone up. The students were terrified of her, while Korryn kept her calm and Merag wondered how she could do the things she could.

Chapter Three: Old Friends FoundEdit

Merag docked her ship on Ord Mantell's spaceport and mounted a speeder, heading for the volcano base, she knocked out several guards using the force and continued upward till she had a clear view. She pulled out her macrobinoculars and scanned the enemy, she saw a horned man in a jacket tied up and being punched hard. The horned man who was an known smuggler named Durbe, He was on a mission too, to take down the crime syndicate leader, but was captured and tortured. Merag watched as the poor man was beaten and decided to act drawing her lightsaber she jumped down using the force to throw the people away as she landed. Durbe looked up confused as Merag used her lightsaber to cut his binds. Durbe sprung into action as he whipped out his pistol and shot down several men at once.

"Thanks for the rescue" He said punching another guy.

"My Pleasure" Merag said blocking lasers with her saber and throwing a barrel at the guy with force. Durbe grabbed a incoming attacker and flipped him over into another person, as Merag dropkicked another person who attacked her.

"Not bad didn't know jedi could do that sort of stuff" Durbe replied impressed as he shot another guy down.

Merag grabbed an attacker's arm and twisted it as she then threw the guy down.

"I learned it from somewhere" She said shaking her head slightly.

An explosion rang out as the syndicate leader came down a huge buff guy with a massive cannon. "What's all this!" he bellowed seeing Merag and Durbe fighting off his people.

"In the name of the Republic, I have come to ask you to surrender"

Merag said approaching him putting on her diplomatic voice. The guy just laughed loudly and hard. He got in her face and just slapped her hard. Merag staggered back clutching her face gasping. Durbe gasped as well and twirled his pistol shooting at the guy

"Hey mate, dont you know its rude to hit a lady" he said throwing a grenade.

Merag drew her lightsaber as Durbe got behind her twirling his blaster and chaos ensued. The leader took a blaster cannon and shot at the two republics, as they dodged. Durbe threw grenades and shot people down as he ducked behind stuff avoiding blasts. Merag spun into action swinging her saber incapcitating people, She lifted her hands in air and several guys levitated and got thrown against the wall. Durbe kept dodging and blasting at people while delivering kicks and punches to them. Merag turned to the leader and dodged his cannon blasts and rolled right in front of him grabbing his wrist and kneeing him in the face making him stagger back, He got back up and slammed the cannon against Merag's neck  making her fall to the ground in pain leaving a scar.

"HAHAHAHA Weak little girl"

He said and aimed his cannon at her face but screamed in pain as Durbe had gotten behind him and stabbed his back, He growled and punched him hard in the gut, making him slump. the leader then shoved him down and held his foot on his neck pushing and laughing.

Merag got to her knees and watched in horror, she grew determined and then lifted the man into the air, her eyes flashed with anger and she moved her hand slowly into  a fist, as she clenched her hand the man began to choke as blood poured out his mouth and nose and the wound Durbe had given him. Durbe looked up watching in awe, Merag got to her feet still crushing the life out of him with hate in her eyes, Finally her eyes softened and she lost her grip and fell back to her knees, The man fell to the ground unmoving and not breathing. Merag gasped and looked at her hands and clutched her face tears welling in her blue eyes. Durby clutched his stomach and limped over to her and put an arm around,

"It's ok, You did what you had to" he said softly.

Merag just sniffled and looked pale. "I.. I killed someone" she said wiping her face.

Durbe picked her up and led her to the nearby town. They sat down at a cantina as Merag just sat there her hands on her head and looking down.

"I'm guessing this was your first killing" Durbe said slurping from his drink. Merag just nodded saying nothing. 

Durbe just watched her sadly "Well, I owe you for saving my tail back there" He said. 

Merag looked up at him a little "It's fine, you don't owe me anything" she said softly

Durbe put his drink down and stood up " Oh but I do, and Ol Durbe always keeps his word" He said lifting his hand in a vow and grinning. 

Merag wiped her face and smiled as well, "Alright, Partners?" She said extending her hand. 

"Partners" Durbe replied shaking her hand. 

They boarded Durbe's old smuggler ship and left Ord Mantell behind them and out into a new world of adventure. 

As they got to know each other Merag and Durbe became good friends going on various missions together, One mission caused the destruction of Durbe's smuggler ship, they escaped and landed on Tatooine at a Republic Outpost.

"WHYYYY Whyyy Ol Bessie" Durbe cried hysterically as Merag just watched kind of shocked.

"We can take my ship" Merag offered smiling, Durby sniffed and wiped his face and nodded as they boarded her Consular ship.

They left Tatooine and were in the orbit when an Imperial ship came out of hyperspace near them. 

"Look!" Merag said pointing to the ship. 

Durby just growled and flipped his guns reloading them 

"Looks like we got ourselves a fight" He said

The two Republics hid and waited as they could hear the ship docking at their ship.

"Hello anyone here?" a man called out. as a sith man and a robotic man came into view

Merag waited till she could hear him nearby and used the force to make the lights turn out and then lunged at him tackling and wrapping her arms around his neck. The man gasped and struggled with her on the ground as she squeezes him. Merag was then thrown off him with an invisible force.

The robotic man watched when he grunted as Durby stabbed his dagger into the arm of the guy.

"Hello Mate ,We got Imperials" Durby  said swinging his blade again.

The sith man got up and ignited his lightsaber illuminating the room to see his attacker was the jedi lady.

"Imperials are not welcome here Leave now or I will have to get rough" Merag said sternly.

He just chuckled "Oh whats a little girl like you gonna do to Lord Mizael" he replied. Merag sprung out and kicked him hard in his balls causing him to stumble back "owwww" Mizael said groaning,

Merag smirked "Aw did i hurt you?" 

"Bitch!" Mizael shouted.

He then sent a barrage of lightning at her which she deflected with her double bladed blue saber. The robotic man aimed his guns and shot at Durby shouting

"No one takes Nasch by surprise"

Durby dodged and punched at him. Nasch growled and swung his robot leg hitting Durby straight in the chest. He groaned and stumbled back as Nasch fired again. Mizael and the girl traded blows of their sabers and force push backs.

"Get off my ship little sith" the girl cried out kicking him away and slashing.

Mizael fell back but blocked her blow with his saber "Listen lady I came here cause I need to know something" Mizael replied flipping to his feet and uppercutting at her.

She caught his fist and twisted it behind him as she stabbed her saber at him which he quickly blocked with his own.

"Name is Merag" she snapped.

Merag swung her blade against his and a combo force push knocked both sabers away, Mizael growled and swung his hands at her which she caught crushing his fingers in hers pushing against. Nasch traded blows with the smuggler using his robotic hand causing the horned man to stagger and groan.

"Damn Mate take it easy on ol Durby" He said groaning.

Mizael and Merag hand grappled as she pulled him close and kneed him in the balls a few times and then pushed him away screeching and jumped on him calling her saber as he called his.

Durby got back up and continued to trade blows with Nasch who was getting overwhlemd as his suit was losing energy. Mizael staggered groaning as Merag had him in a headlock with one hand while her other held her saber against his. He bucked her against the wall till she slipped off swinging her saber on his knocking it from him and kicked his knee in making him fall forward. Mizael faceplanted as Merag got on his back and held her saber to his throat

"aww look who got beat by a girl " she smirked as her free hand held his arm down.

Merag gasped as she felt someone grab her and throw her off.

"Not yet lady" Nasch shouted

Mizael flipped to his feet as Durby got back up and fired at him.

Merag struggled against Nasch elbowing him hard in the chest with her lightsaber hilt and slipped from his grasp, grabbing his head and flipping him over onto the ground. Nasch was dazed but got up dodging a swing from her saber. Mizael sliced Durby's gun apart and knocked him against the wall force choking untill he fell unconscious and turned back to Merag as she was about to impale Nasch. Mizael used the force to grab her and throw her against the wall, she struggled and screeched trying to get free as his eyes glowed yellow.

"Dont make me end you Merag" Mizael said growling.

Nasch got up watching pointing his guns at her. Merag thrashed and her eyes began to glow blue as Mizael felt something tug at his mind realizing it was her sending mind blasts into him. Nasch also fell from the strain of her pshycic blasts. Merag smirked and walked toward them still glowing and shooting psychic blasts. Mizael clutched his head and then used the force to hurl everything backwards interupting her ability. Merag slumped aaginst the wall as Durby was sent into another wall, even Nasch got thrown away. All four got up and stared at another. Merag sat there, head shaking

"Fine do away with us I dont care" she said a little sadly.

Durby went to help her up "Mates please dont kill her just take me I'm only her bodyguard" He replied.

"My friends none of you are going to die" Mizael said plainly.

"You both have tremendous skill we want you to join us" He continued.

Merag and Durby just looked at eachother.

"Really? why?" Merag asked.

Mizael stepped forward "I came here because i had a vision of you for some reason. I came to find out why" He said staring right at her. Merag was shocked

"Me? why me?" she asked.

"Thats what i will find out but only if you will accept my offer." Said Mizael

"What offer is that?" Durby asked.

Nasch and Mizael glanced at eachother,

"We are a special group of people known as Barians" Mizael replied.

Merag and Durby looked at eachother as Nasch stood eyes glowing orange. Merag and Durby were confused but Mizael explained and they then nodded. Mizael stretched his hand at Durby and declared

"I  reincarnate you as a Barian"

Dube was taken back by green energy and stumbled some absorbing it

"whoahhh" He said

His head shook as his eyes glowed green. Durby felt something and created a energy shield around them. "Ohh cool you didnt say we get cool powers" Durby exlclaimed laughing. Nasch went up to Durby. 

"Sorry for almost killing ya mate" Nasch said clapping a robot hand on his shoulder. 

"No harm no foul" Durby said wincing at the force of the robotic hand

Mizael walked up to Merag as the two locked eyes and held out his hand which she took.

"I reincarnate as a Barian" He said and energy flowed from him to her.

But then stopped when she glowed blue already the two energies collided and exploded as Merag got a flash of images similar to what Mizael saw at the cave.

"I remember...." She replied still holding his hand. Her eyes were blue and looked at him "Miz..." she said softly. "it can't be" she thought.

Mizael was at first confused but replied "What is it?".

Merag let go of him and looked away

"Im already a Barian" She said plainly.

Nasch and Durby stopped playing with their abilites and turned to them as she said that.

Mizael gasped "How can this be?"

Merag just looked at him "I dont know" she said

"We dont have all the pieces yet, only that we are all Barians now" Mizael said to all of them. The four people looked at eachother and nodded, Mizael and Nasch boarded their ship and led Durby's smuggler ship to a stormy planet

"That's the Imperial capitol" Durby exlaimed

"Dromund Kaas" Merag muttered softly

The two ships flew around past the Imperial Blockade till they reached an empty space as a lone Imperial cruiser appeared out of nowhere and they docked. 

The two ships opened up and they stepped out, Merag looked around as it was very dark and saw something that made her shiver, a dark clad figure with a demon mask standing there waiting for them. Mizael stepped up and bowed as did Nasch. 

"My Master" Mizael replied.

The figure said nothing just stood there. Durby put a hand on Merag's shoulder comforting her and assuring her it would be ok. 

"These are my new recruits who I have bestowed the Barian power upon" Mizael said motioning to the two Republics. They just nodded and bowed respectfully. 

The figure said nothing and just nodded. "Doesn't talk much does he" Durby leaned in whispering to Merag. The man could hear though and cocked his hooded head toward them. Durby just coughed as Merag looked down. 

"We take up the title of the Barian Legacy as we seem to be the last ones of the race"  Mizael declared proudly.

The figure stepped forward looking even more intimidating and then spoke in a robotic demon voice


Chapter Four: The Dick MasterEdit

Merag was training on a quiet day when she felt a strange presence. She felt watched, and wandered around the halls of the League of Shadows' training facility. She heard a voice in her head,

"Come to my Throne Room. I must speak with you, Merag." it said.  

Merag figured this was Goldvanius' throne room, so she headed there immediately. She'd never bean to the Master's throne room, but she'd heard it mentioned several times. She arrived at the entrance and met a metal door with a few panels on the side of it. Before she could press anything, the door opened by itself. She walked in and found herself in a dark room with large red computer consoles to each of her sides. In front of her was a pathway leading to a small platform, railing on each side. She couldn't see ahead of her other than two red lights next to what seemed to be a throne in the center of the platform. She couldn't see much above her, but she thought she made out some probes and a torturing device. Frightened, she slowly stepped foward. 

"Yes, Lord Goldvanius?" She asked, sensing his superior presence. The Dark Lord's voice startled her as she had never heard him speak before.

"You will call me master." He said plainly as his voice came from what seemed like complete darkness. "Nothing more, nothing less." 

"Yes, Master." She said.

"Now bow... bow before your superior, weakling." He commanded. She hesitated, a bit offended by this comment. However, scared of what he might do to her should she disobey him, she bowed anyway. 

"is that..." The Master hesitated, his voice growing a bit sarcastic as he moved on with his sentence, "disrespect I feel?"

"No, Master." Merag responded immediately. Goldvanius laughed.


"What is it?" Merag asked, confused by Goldvanius' amusement.

"I can sense your fear, young girl. You fear what you cannot comprehend... and as of now, I am but a mystery to you." Goldvanius explained.

"Yes, Master... I am afraid." Merag replied as Goldvanius chuckled again.

"Goooood" he spoke enthusiastically, "for you would be a fool if otherwise."

"Why did you call me here?" Merag asked.

"I brought you here so that I could... question you." He said as he apparently pressed a panel on his throne. This caused several red lights to shine from the platform and the walls nearby. Merag could make out Goldvanius a bit now. He wore a sleek black robe with red jewels encrusted into it. His gloves had armor plates, and his mask appeared like a demon devising his plan to slaughter the innocent. Merag felt nothing but pure evil in this room, but she cooperated.

"Okay..." she said slowly.

"Now... shall we begin?" Goldvanius asked. He seemed to answer his own question when he gestured for her to come closer. She did, and was questioned shortly after. "You were a Jedi, yes?"

"Yes, Master."

"And who was your master?"

"His name is Master Korryn, he specializes in lightsaber training. I'm quite efficie--"

"Do not boast to me, child." Goldvanius interrupted her sternly, raising his voice a bit. "And would you happen to know of a man named Willenskraft?" Merag could feel tension in the room as Goldvanius asked her this question.

"What relevance would that have?" Merag questioned.

"Do not question me!" Goldvanius shouted. "Did you?"

"Yes..." Merag responded, anticipating something to go wrong. Goldvanius' head bent downward as he stared at the ground. "he brought me into the Jedi order..."

"And when was the last time you saw him?"

"Just the day Mizael brought me here... he's a very active Jedi. He does all sorts of good things for the Republic." She stated.

"Of course..." Goldvanius began, distaste accompanying his voice as he shook his head. "Of course he survived... why didn't I feel it?" 

"What?" Merag asked, but she received no answer. A memory came to her - Willenskraft returned to the Jedi Temple one night bruised and battle-damaged. She'd never before seen him like that. She began to realize she'd gotten herself in too deep.

"I can see your mind, Merag." Goldvanius stated abruptly.

"Pardon me?" Merag questioned.

"I can read it like a map..." he began, "and it has some nice secrets." he curved his head to the side as he journeyed into her brain.

Merag was disturbed by this, but calmed herself by remembering "eh, at least he can't see me naked."

"You strive for peace.... balance... your mind has been poisoned by your Jedi masters." He said in a deep, angry voice. "You lust for Mizael... your memories of him incomplete."

"I..." Merag began, but was interrupted,

"But you know... he saved you." Goldvanius continued, "even my servant once knew the dull, nonsense that is 'compassion'..." he finished, disgust in his voice.

"Yes... Mizael saved me." Merag stated.

"A pity..."

"What?" She grew afraid as he tilted his head up from his thinking position and stared right at her.

"You are a worthless insect, crawling around in search for something that doesn't exist." He said coldly. "if anything, the only purpose your existence will serve is that your death will be a lesson to Mizael."

"Wait.. what?" Merag panicked, "please! spare me!" she begged as he stood up, walking toward her for what seemed like a very slow few seconds.

"Hahahahaha, look at the worm beg for mercy... look at it pathetically holding on so desperately to life, even despite the fact that it serves no purpose in that life." He opened the door behind her with the force, approaching her as if a reaper coming to take her life. She backed out slowly, exiting the Throne Room as Goldvanius grabbed a communicator from his pocket. "Nasch.. eliminate the one known as Merag." he said. Nasch didn't respond for a moment, but then spoke in his robotic voice.

"Right away, sir." - Merag ran from Goldvanius, running through the halls of the League's base. She came to a halt when she found Nasch standing in front of her, his robotic eyes staring endlessly into her. He cuffed her immediately with force-repelling binds, shoving her toward the Incinerator Room. 

"Please no! Help!!" She cried for help where none was existent. She was taken to a room filled with nasty killing devices. Nasch had prepared for her to be put into a metal box - she was put onto a platform where she'd be lowered down into the Incinerator where flames would burn through her flesh in a matter of seconds. 

"I don't want to do this..." Nasch said, "but I have my orders." he stated emotionlessly.

"Wait!" She cried out. "If you really are Peyagrom... then you know... I'm your sister." She desperately sought the cybernetic Bounty-hunter's help.

"I must obey The Master." Nasch said, loyal to his ruler as he began lowering her into the room. However, Mizael stormed into the room and stopped the execution. 

"What are you doing!?" He interrogated.

"The Master has sent this one to be disposed of."  Nasch replied.

"Mizael! Help me!" she pleaded. Mizael used the machine to bring her back up, freeing her of her bonds and hugging her. He turned to Nasch when Goldvanius suddenly entered the room.

"What is this?" he asked Mizael.

"Sir, why are you killing her?" Mizael asked.

"She is unworthy to serve the League of Shadows." Goldvanius responded.


"Her mind is rotted with desires for peace, love, and happiness.. the dreadful distractions and illusions. She is hopeless!" Goldvanius said.

"Give her a chance, Master." Mizael said. "Let her prove herself to you! Display her strength!"

"One cannot display something that is nonexistent." Goldvanius stated. "Off she goes." he motioned to Nasch who proceeded to try and cuff her again, but Mizael objected.

"Master! At least let her try! Where's the harm in that?" He asked. "If she fails.... then you can punish her. But let her try." Mizael said. Goldvanius pondered this for a moment.

"Very well... she will be sent on a task to prove her loyalty to the Sith." 

"Thank you, master." Mizael replied, relieved.

"A task that if failed, will result in not only her death, but torture beforehand as well..." Goldvanius declared. "of her body, spirit, .... and her heart. And only then, at the end of her suffering, at the end of her pitiful existence and wretched illusions of peace will she truly grasp reality, understand this cruel, unforgiving life and wonder why she ever thought there could be abundant happiness." His voice grew cold, "Only then will she understand how dark the galaxy is... only then... will she realize she's bean living the lie that is 'peace' her entire life! Only at the end... will she understand."

"Or... she'll complete the task and train to be part of our ranks." Mizael said optimistically. Goldvanius laughed mischievously.

"Keep telling yourself that..." Goldvanius taunted.

"So... what must I do?" Merag asked.

"You will travel to the Jedi Temple. You will deceive your former allies and gain their full trust, before murdering your former master Korryn in cold blood... then, and only then, will I accept you into the League." Goldvanius said. "And don't even think about fooling me because if you don't kill him I will know and I will make your life HELL!" Goldvanius threatened. Merag gulped, ready to face her challenge.

Merag turned to Mizael as the two walked out. Nasch just clutched his head, "Even if she is your sister, You were willing to perform my task?" Goldvanius asked him. "yes sir" Nasch replied. Goldvanius chuckled and left.

How can i do this betray my old friend?" Merag asked as she and Mizael walked toward the hangar.

"I had to do something similar before, wasn't an old friend but still compromised my own morals, and it was hard" Mizael looked down at the ground some.

"But once I learned to control my emotions, I have no quams anymore" Mizael said his face becoming stoic.

Merag just watched shocked but could even feel the depths of his meanings "I Understand, I will try to do so as well" She said

Merag wrapped her arms around Mizael and gave him a comforting hug which he returned, "Thanks Miz" she said smiling and got up bowed and left for her mission. Mizael smiled till she was gone and his face grew stoic again almost like it was hidden behind a mask.

Chapter Five: Compromising Morals Edit

The LOS Dreadnought hovered in orbit of Dromund Kaas as Merag approached her starship Nasch and Durbe who had come as well en route on their own missions, wished her luck as she boarded her Jedi Starship, Nash hugged her and apologized for what happened earlier. "I am sorry my sister" he said solemnly. Merag just let him hug her and then turned to board the ship. She looked behind and saw Goldvanius watching her from above through his overseeing window, even though he wore a mask she could sense he was smirking evily. Merag shrugged it off and hardened her face. She flew her starship out of the hangar of the LOS Dreadnought and entered Hyperspace en-route to Tython.

Merag arrived on Tython at the jedi temple and was instantly greeted by her old comrades and Master Korryn

"Welcome home young Merag" he said smiling friendly to his old apprentice.

Merag put on a fake smile but inside she felt scared and full of despair. "It's good to see you again master" She managed to bring out the words.

Korynn sensed something was troubling her "What is it my dear?" he asked putting a hand on her shoulder.

Merag perked up suddenly and responded rather quickly " Oh, its nothing just so glad to see you again master..." she said.

The other students gathered around her and welcomed her as Korryn led her into the temple, Merag passed Grand Master Satele Shan who nodded at her with a smile, Merag nodded back and continued. Korryn led her to her old room and said.

"It's still yours"

Merag looked around and nodded as Korryn left closing the door. Merag's happy face then turned to one of anguish. Suddenly she herd a beep from her comlink and activated it, It was Mizael's face on the screen

"How are you Merag" Mizael asked friendly.

Merag just closed her eyes and her face bore anguish that Mizael could instantly see "Don't worry Merag, My first mission to kill was hard too, But once i hardened my heart, it became easy..." Mizael said.

Merag's eyes flashed, "How can this be right, killing people who have bean nice to you? Korryn took me in after I crashed her with my dick when we got separated Miz, he was like my family." Merag spoke fast. "And for what just to gain the approval of your dick of a master??" she shouted.

Mizael just looked at her as she vented to him, finally when she was done he spoke.

"It is your destiny..."

Merag's eyes grew wide at him saying that and something stirred in her heart. A mixture of different feelings. Merag just looked at Mizael and then nodded. "My Destiny....."

"Yes, Though I don't know exactly what that means, There is something we can not deny and that is my master's wishes" Mizael said simply. "if you complete your mission Goldvanius.. er Master Goldvanius will allow you to be with us... To be with me...." Mizael said.

Merag just stared at him as he said that, "I understand Mizael, to be with you and Durby, and my brother Nasch, I must complete this mission". She said

Mizael nodded and offered her a small smile and then switched off the comlink. Merag clutched it and put on a serious face. "In order to be with my brother and the one I trust... I must destroy the ties to my fake past, I am a Barian..." Merag threw the comlink into the wall smashing it and exited the room with her lightsaber.

Mizael went to his master who sat in the dark on his evil throne on the Dreadnought's bridge,

"She is going to do it master" Mizael said bowing to Goldvanius, Goldvaniuse just nodded not turning around "You gave her the message?". Mizael nodded and replied that he did.

"There is something special about her that I believe will be revealed when she compromises her morals" Goldvanius replied,

"Plus I love corrupting young innocent minds" he added giving a slight chuckle. Mizael just nodded and left with mixed feelings about this.

Merag went down putting on a happy friendly face while she had dinner with all her friends and master. Secretly she stored a knife in her cloak.Afterward when everyone went to bed Merag crept through the halls and made her way to Korryn room. She infiltrated it and crept up to his bed where he lie sleeping She reached into her cloak and pulled out the knife and raised it ready to strike. Korryn instantly reacted and threw her back with a force push.

She slumped against the wall as he got up "Merag? what are you doing here" he asked. Merag just got up as the knife had landed far away out of sight from both.

"Sorry master but i was sleep walking and ended up here" she said trying to sound convincing.

Korryn just looked at her uncertain "well why not go back to your room" he said.

Merag held out her hand and sent him against the wall with a force push. "What are you doing Merag??" Korryn asked.

Merag just looked at him with a stoic face showing no emotion, "It is my Destiny.." She said simply and drew her lightsaber but only one side of it and leaped at him swinging it in a circular manner. Korryn reacted swiftly dodging her attack and calling his own saber. Merag's attack sliced into the wall but she backed up igniting the second half that tried to stab him, Korryn blocked her second attack with his saber and backed up, Merag pulled her saber from the wall and spun at him as he blocked her attack, Merag deactivated the second side and did a spinning sweep at him which he blocked but knocked him back. Korryn blocked another blow from her and kicked her back into the wall. Merag growled and got back up swinging her blade meeting his as they saber locked

"Why are you doing this Merag?" Korryn asked pushing his saber against hers. "Was I not the one who rescued you and gave you a home?" He asked using a hand to force push her away. Merag skid on the ground but got back up quickly.

"I must erase my fake past to ensure my future" She said coldly. Merag then detached her double bladed saber into two separate ones igniting both and swung wildly at her old master. Korryn blocked her saber each time "Your fake past?" He asked as she continued to strike. She made a error and he managed to disarm her sending her back.

"I am not Merag the lost child jedi" She said coldly and getting back up, "I am Merag of Baria!" Her eyes glowed blue and sent out a shockwave that blasted Korryn through the wall into the hallway. Several jedi woke up at ths noise and exited their rooms and witnessed it, Merag stepped through the hole now having retrieved her sabers and locked them back into one. "When I appeared to you all I had lost my memories, And as I have yet to regain all of them one thing is clear, I must erase my past to move on.." Her eyes teared up a bit and ignited her saber and her eyes flashed blue as a blue aura appeared around her.

Goldvanius sat in his throne and sighed feeling murder elsewhere and laughed to himself.

Merag walked out of the temple as it was damaged and on fire several bodies of jedi younglings and masters. She took one look and sighed closing her eyes and then moved on without looking back boarding her ship she left the atmosphere as the temple burned. She arrived back on the Dreadnought where Mizael, Durbe and Nasch were waiting.

"Welcome back Merag" Nasch said embracing his sister, Mizael walked up to her and just studied her face which was torn with sadness, accomplishment and fear. She walked past them and to where Goldvanius stodd arms behind his back and she bowed to him, "It is done my lord..." She replied.

Goldvanius chuckled and pointed to the screen which showed the jedi temple damged but the fires had been put out as the jedi Council and Republic Troopers were cleaning up finally they found Korryn's corpse.

"well done young one" Goldvanius replied and walked away "You have earned your place with us" he said and exited the hangar. The three comrades walked up to her as she rose to her feet and broke down in Nasch and Mizael's arms as they both held her. "There is only the future for me"

Elsewhere a dark figure sat in a icy fortress and chuckled to himself "So It has begun".

Chapter Six: Encountering an Old "Friend" Edit

Merag dodged an explosion as missiles fired out from what appeared to be nowhere, Her comrade Durbe did a barrel roll and got to his knees and fired his pistol at incoming soldiers sending them down. "Merag duck!" He shouted and launched a grenade at a hovering droid destroying it making it crash onto a group of soldiers. Merag nodded and drew her lightsaber igniting both sides and deflected laser bolts from the remaining soldiers. She extended her hand and sent a force wave that toppled several incoming assault droids off the platform of the spherical object they were running from. Merag and Durbe ran toward the landing platform as more assault droids approached, Durbe sent a barrage of grenades at their legs making them fall as Merag did a force leap and sent a force wave into them. The droids were thrown back against walls. More approached and Durbe flipped his gun and shot bolts at them till they crashed in defeat "haha I'm on fire today" Durbe said swinging the pistol in his hand and accidently hit the club part of it on his horned head "Doh" he said rubbing the spot he hit. Merag just rolled her eyes and sighed and deflected more blasts from turrets on the platform. The Duo began running and made it to the landing platform and got on a speeder and sped away.

They landed at a hanging platform with the dull lighted city behind them and ran into the spaceport boarding Durbe's ship. Durbe breathed a sigh of relief and pulled a data chip from his pocket

"Lot of hassle trying to get this here thing eh" He said examining it.

Merag just lied on the couch exaghsted. Durbe smirked some and crept up on her about to prank her, when without moving and opening her eyes Merag just lifted her hand sending him into the wall.

"Don't Even Think About it Durby" she said firmly.

Durbe laughed and got up going into the cockpit steering back to Dromund Kaas.

Their ship arrived at the orbit of the stormy Dromund Kaas, capitol of the Empire. Durbe piloted his ship away from where a fleet of Imperial Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers lied in wait. They flew to a empty space out of sight of the Imperial Blockade and Durbe flipped a switch on his dashboard and it sent a signal out. A Modified Dreadnought with a blackish grey coloring to it came out of stealth mode and the hangar opened as they flew in and the ship recloacked.

Durbe and Merag left the ship and went into the hangar where Mizael and Nasch were waiting. "Welcome back sister <-- This has been removed as the Dark Lord deemed it bullshit -->, Merag." Nasch said, gving Merag a hug.

"I am well, brother<--bullshit, Nasch." She said. Durby and Mizael just bowed to eachother and bumped fists.

"Well if you all excuse me I must go report to the Dark Overlord" Durbe said laughing some and walked out. Merag turned to Mizael and both smiled as Nasch watched and went between them "Come on you two lets go have a drink" He said leading them into the lobby.

Durbe went to Master Goldvanius' chambers as he sat on his dark red throne.

"Ah Durby" Goldvanius said simply.

Durbe just gulped "It's actually um Durbe" He said getting nervous.

"You are Durby" He replied with a chuckle.

"That's not my name It's pronounced Dur Bay" he said.

"Silence, you pathetic excuse for a sausage." Goldvanius said rising suddenly "You are what I call you and nothing less."

Durbe just bowed " Now did you complete the t*ask?" Goldvanius asked stepping down the stairs to where Durbe kneeled

"Yes sir I did mate" Durbe replied getting the datachip out and handing it to Goldvanius

"I am not your mate" Goldvanius said simply and coldly turning away from him. He waved his hand and said "Now begone with you Durby". Durbe just bowed and rushed out of there.

Durbe ran into the lobby where his comrades were. Mizael and Merag were sparring with lightsabers in a open area while Nasch was messing with his gauntlet.

"Need some help there mate?" he asked. Nasch sighed and held out his gauntlet. Durbe chuckled and went to work.

Mizael and Merag continued to spar with their blades till Merag did a sweep of her feet to his and managed to knock him down. Mizael instinctevly shot out a barrage of lightning which she was able to quickly block but got sent back from the force. Mizael got back up and smirked. Merag also got out of the wall and glared, She spun in the air and did a sweeping slash which Mizael barely blocked and was sent back. Merag didn't let up and did a swift combo that disarmed him and grabbed his arm wrenching it behind him and holding her lightsaber to his throat. Mizael gasped as she had him and she chuckled and deactivated it after 10 seconds, and released his arm. "Not bad" Mizael said rubbing his arm. Merag just smirked "I did better then you" Mizael knew that was her way of challenging him as they often sparred in different combat. Mizael was about to attack her when Goldvanius' voice was heard in his mind "GAHHH I hate it when he does that " Mizael growled. "I am being summoned before Him" Mizael said and bowed quikcly to Merag who bowed back and ran out.

15 minutes later Mizael returned. Durbe was still working on Nasch's suit and Merag was meditiating in a chair nearby.  "So guys we have a mission together" Mizael said proudly.

"We do?" Durbe asked finishing on Nasch's suit. "There ya go mate now you can shoot flames more effieciently" He told Nasch.

Nasch pointed his gauntlets at the training dummy and fired a large blast of fire from it and burned the dummy completely. "Nice" he said and stood up.

"So we finally get a mission together, seems we only get separate missions" Nasch replied.

"Yea, we must investigate something on Corellia, Goldvanius has given me the coordinates" Mizael said. Merag stopped meditiating and walked over to the rest of them "Corellia?" she asked.

"It is a city planet in the coreworlds" Mizael replied to her. "I have been there before" Durbe said, "had some tough fights there".

"What will we find when we go there?" Merag asked.

"That is what we are to find out" Mizael said "So what do you guys think."

Mizael asked his friends.

They all nodded "Could be fun" Nasch said charging his gauntlets.

"Aye I'm in mate" Durbe said twirling his gun. Merag also nodded putting her saber on her belt.

"I'm with you guys too". Mizael laughed and grinned "Alright lets go guys".

The Barians boarded Mizael's Fury interceptor and headed off, Once in hyperspace, Nasch powered down in sleep mode, Durbe lied in his bunk. Merag couldn't sleep and got of bed and wandered into the cockpit where Mizael was half asleep.

She walked up to him and said "hey Miz". He woke up startled and when he saw it was her he smiled and greeted her

"Oh hey Merag" Merag smiled back and sat down in the chair next to him. Merag and Mizael just sat their unsure what to say. Merag finally broke the silence

"I'm getting a bad feeling about this mission" She said looking forward into the white vortex of hyperspace.

She brushed some of her hair back revealing a scar on her head "How did you get that" Mizael asked touching it gently.

"It was when I met Durbe actually," She began.

"I was on a mission to Ord Mentell to stop a crime syndicate, when I noticed a smuggler being held captive, I went down to free him when they spotted me, we both fought them off but a surprise blow struck me in the face, in return I used the force to strangle him to death and escaped with Durbe,"

"Was that the first time you killed?" Mizael asked. Merag nodded and looked at him with her big dark blue eyes.

"Well that is big, killing for the first time" he replied placing a hand on her shoulder. "You should embrace the dark side more".

Merag just looked at him "I already do as i was able to kill all those I knew" she said her voice choking some.

Mizael pulled her toward him keeping a arm on her shoulder. "What did happen anyway?" He asked.

Merag just looked forward as if in a trance. "I really don't know, I remember glowing blue and sending a shockwave out, but after that is a blur all I remember was walking away from the fiery ruins and coming back here.

"My only thought was...." Merag started but stopped herself. Mizael noticed and looked at her softly "what was your thought?"

Merag tried to scoot away from him and he let her. "Well... my thought was to.... Be with you.." She said fast and suddenly. Mizael just looked at her questioningly "What was that?"

Merag said it again but still a little to fast to understand. "I can't understand" Mizael laughed some. Merag just growled some and said plainly and bluntly "To be With You! dumbass" Merag then cupped her hands over her mouth as she said it "Ohh ummm" she said blushing like crazy.

Mizael just laughed and looked at her punching her shoulder lightly. "Really?" Merag nodded and punched his shoulder back a little harder enough to make him wince. "Aiee" Mizael said as he rubbed it and she grinned laughing some too.

They just looked into eachother's eyes as Merag knew he was the one she wanted to be with, But was unsure if he felt same way about her. Mizael took her hand gently and leaned in as she did too and their lips met pushing against eachother lightly.

Merag wrapped her arms around his neck and kept kissing him which he returned as she felt so happy. Mizael continued to kiss her feeling equally happy "Nasch is gonna kill me" Mizael muttered laughing to himself. The two continued their lip lock for 10 more seconds and finally pulled away from eachother. Mizael then got up and held Merag's hand and led her to his room closing the door as she smirked and giggled.

The next morning the Fury landed on Corellia as the four Barians stepped out seeing the damaged city.

"This is a interesting place" Durbe said first swinging his gun.

Mizael strode forward and looked around finally spying a tall skyscraper in distance with three smoke stacks on the side.

"There that be our target" He said. The others looked ahead at where he was referring to.

"So what will we find there?" Nasch asked. "We Will Find Out" Mizael replied.

The four comrades finally reached the top of the skyscraper, they all froze in fear when they heard a evil laugh ring out.

"So you have cum hahahahahaha" The voice said. The four looked around when a black red mist with lightning appeared in front of them and sent a shockwave out knocking them down. The laugh continued ad they got up and the mist disappated and a figure was standing, He had a hood with a tattered cloak, red claw like finger gauntlets and evil red eyes.

"Nasch, Durby, Merag and heh Mizael" The figure said evily.

"Do we know you?" Mizael asked staring the creepy man down.

"How can you forget an old friend" The man spoke again sounding more nicer.

"Who are you" Merag said placing her hand upon her lightsaber.

"I am Lord Vesmir true king of Baria!" Vesmir said rather proudly.

Mizael and Merag both gasped and widened their eyes at mention of Baria.

"Baria?" Nasch asked, Vesmir just laughed and looked at each of them. "You don't remember do you?"

By the looks on their faces Vesmir knew it was true. "Hahahahahahaha, here i thought you guys were a threat, turns out you are not" Vesmir continued and then sent a shockwave from his hands that knocked them back.

The Four were ready and Mizael redirected the blast at Vesmir who gasped and dodged in time. "Well Then" Vesmir said.

Nasch shot a blast of fire from his gauntlets at Vesmir, Who dodged again and pulled out his double-bladed lightsaber. Merag shot forward drawing her lightsaber and striked it against Vesmir's who traded blows with her while flipping in the air dodging a barrage of bullets from Durbe's pistol. Vesmir did a backflip into Durbe sending him flying backwards into Nasch, regaining himself he blocked a blow from Merag and pushed her off while deflecting a lightning bolt from Mizael. Vesmir laughed and shot a dark blast at Mizael knocking him backwards, Merag got back up and did a sweeping slash at Vesmir who smirked and blocked pinning her saber to the ground and using his free hand grabbed her throat. Nasch shot out five missiles from his gauntlet, Vesmir holding Merag's neck with one hand spun his saber deflecting the missiles into Mizael and Durbe. Durbe dodged and did a barrel roll into Vesmir knocking him back releasing Merag. Mizael used the force to deflect the missiles back to Vesmir, Vesmir growled and sent a shockwave that knocked Merag and Durbe back, he spun in the air and used his lightsaber to slice apart the missiles with their parts fly into the ground in front of Merag and Durbe causing an explosion that knocked them back.

Vesmir landed back on the roof in a pose with fire burning around him and he just smirked. Mizael helped Merag back up as Nasch and Durbe were back on their feet.

"Is this all you got?" Vesmir said cooly.

Mizael glared and sent out a barrage of lightning, Merag responded by sending a force blast that interlocked with Mizael's lightning into a massive electrical force beam that exploded where Vesmir stood. Smoke was all over from the attack.

"We got him" Mizael said breathing a sigh of relief.

Suddenly a laugh rang out and Vesmir appeared behind them and impaled Nasch's suit, severing some life support tubes and weapons. Nasch gasped and fell to his knees as Vesmir raised his saber ready to behead him. Durbe reacted the quickest and threw a flash grenade at Vesmir's face sending him back screaming. Nasch fell to the ground unconsious as his suit was failing. Mizael shot a force push at Vesmir as he was reeling from the grenade sending him back more. Durbe threw some grenades at Vesmir's feet knocking him down again. Mizael and Durbe went after Vesmir while Merag tended to her brother. Vesmir growled and regained himself in time to dodge another grenade which he sent flying backwards exploding behind him. Mizael shot some lightning blasts at him which he just dodged or deflected with his saber. Vesmir then flipped in the air shooting out some dark energy bolts that Mizael defelcted with his lightsaber but was sent back from a force push. Mizael regained himself as Vesmir attacked. Durbe intercepted with another flash grenade, but Vesmir was ready and caught it and threw it into Mizael who clutched his face. Durbe just gaped as Vesmir threw his lightsaber in a spinning strike.Durbe threw a smoke grenade down to provide cover and escaped the blow as Mizael got back up and shot at Vesmir, Vesmir's saber returned and he blocked the attack and sent one of his own.

"Time for ol' Durbe to be a hero" Durbe said sneaking up on Vesmir as he traded energy blows with Mizael

Vesmir let his guard down and managed to get knocked backwards towards Durbe who drew his dagger. Vesmir felt the dagger coming out and spun himself slicing the dagger with his clawed gauntlet and did a kick to Durbe's head knocking him down. Vesmir landed next to him on his feet and stabbed his blade into Durbe's arm, He screamed in pain as Vesmir smirked and laughed. Mizael flew forward and did a circular energy blast at Vesmir who got thrown backwards. Mizael kneeled down to check on his injured friend.

"Don't mind me Just get him" Durbe said before slumping to unconsciousness.

Mizael got up and stared down Vesmir as he just laughed but then got thrown back by a force push by Merag who joined Mizael's side.

"How is Nasch?" Mizael asked as Vesmir got back up growling. Merag readied her lightsaber at him and said quickly. "I managed to redirect the suit to stabilize him but not for long"

Vesmir just stared the two love barians down. "Mizael and Merag together again heh, just like That day so long ago, I'm curious do you still feel the same way Miz?" Vesmir said and then laughed.

Mizael just looked at him and shot a blast of lightning. Vesmir held up his hand and absorbed the blast chuckling. He spun it around his hands and then disinergrated the energy into little balls of it and sent them flying back at the two. Mizael and merag barely had any time to react and just dropped to the floor as the energy balls exploded around and near them. They got up as Vesmir teleported between them kicking Mizael in the face and slashing his claws across Merag's chest which she winced in pain. Merag regained and swung her saber out but Vesmir had already teleported away. Mizael dodged Merag's strike since he had been knocked back.

"Back to Back" Mizael said as he put his back to Merag and readied himself.

Vesmir teleported in front of Merag who responded with a force push, Vesmir was too quick and teleported out of the way appearing in front of Mizael who blocked a saber strike with his and pushed off. Vesmir struck again and in mid strike teleported back to Merag as the strike slashed her face. Merag winced and thrust her saber out at him but he just teleported again. Mizael was ready this time and shot a barrage of lightning at Vesmir as he appeared. Vesmir gaspsed and screamed in pain ad the lightning entered his body sending him backwards. Merag spun from Mizael and sent a force blast at the reeling Vesmir who narrowly teleported out of the way. Merag spun back and as Vesmir reappeared in front she kicked him in his groin. Vesmir gasped in pain and bent over, Merag grabbed his neck and arm and did a spin flip sending him away as Mizael shot a lightning barrage into him again. Vesmir went down clutching his chest in pain and growling angrily.

"You can't defeat me.... I am more powerful then any of you" he shouted and thrust his hands out creating a shockwave that knocked the two down.

Vesmir teleported onto Merag with his feet holding her arms down and grabbed her neck with his claws causing her to bleed. "First i'll destroy the girl you love" Vesmir said sadistically. Merag screamed and struggled trying to free herself. Mizael got up quickly and did a barrel roll into Vesmir knocking him back. Mizael helped Merag up and they ran forward. Vesmir had gotten up and roared in anger as the battle was taking its toll on him. Mizael linked hands with Merag and the two's eyes glowed their respective colors and they spun in the air shooting a spiral energy lightning blast into Vesmir who flew towards the edge of the building. Merag charged forward and struck Vesmir with a force blast that sent him back. Vesmir got up and quickly did a spinning lightning strike at Mizael knocking him back as he let go of Merag who roared and eyes still glowing shot Vesmir with a force blast.

"Quite a temper on you Meragu" Vesmir taunted regaining himself and shot a dark energy blast at her.

"Shut up bitch" Merag said defiantly as she hammered him with another blast.

Vesmir fell back but regained himself. Merag rolled on the floor and punched him in the groin and grabbed his head kneeing it hard and then flipping him down. Vesmir gasped in pain and flipped up kicking Merag in the gut with his robotic leg. Merag reeled back but punched the ground and sent the roof tiles flying up and knocking Vesmir back.

"Better control that temper of yours or you might cause something unfortunate to happen" he smirked. Merag didnt let up and detached her saber and swung madly at him which he blocked with his own saber.

"Oh Merag you have no idea what lies within you" Vesmir chuckled as he blocked her blows but was knocked down by a swift spin-kick by her. Vesmir growled and spun sweeping her feet and then shooting her chest with a dark energy blast that caused her to fly backwards. He laughed and got up and approached her.

Vesmir shot another dark energy blast into Merag's chest that was already wounded and sent her backwards to the ground unconscious. Mizael growled in anger and swung his lightsaber at Vesmir as he blocked with his own. Mizael struck at Vesmir as he blocked and parried, then he spun his saber and delivered a massive kick to Mizael's gut with his robotic leg. Mizael fell backwards as Vesmir approached.

"Like this?" Vesmir said pointing to his leg. "A parting gift from you"

Mizael just looked shocked. "what?"

Vesmir shot his hands out and electrocuted Mizael with his dark energy bolts. "You don't remember all that happened to you heh"

Mizael screamed in pain a the energy entered him, Normally he could absorb lightning but this was not normal lightning. "Like how your entire race was massacred" Vesmir continued not letting up and smiling wickedly.

Nasch had finally gotten up as Durbe was tending to him trying to fix his suit when he noticed Merag lying on the floor nearby and Mizael being assaulted by Vesmir. Nasch went over to his sister and she woke up wincing in pain.

"Or how the girl who loved you was lost" Vesmir continued o taunt and amplify his attack on Mizael who just screamed in agony.

"And how the day your brother betrayed you" Vesmir finished off with a sadistic grin. Mizael's eyes widened at this while still being electrocuted. and moved onto his face cutting it deeply with lightning and dark energy.

Merag also gasped and clutched her head as some images flashed of a dark clad figure killing innocent lives , then to her and Mizael standing next to some escape ships, and finally to her going up while watching two guys fight each other on the ground then she came back to the present. fueled by rage and passion her eyes glowed a brighter blue then before and she sent a massive telekinetic blast at Vesmir who was caught off guard and was sent backwards into the edge. Nasch also let loose a wall of fire that engulfed him, as Durbe threw more flash grenades at his face. Mizael lied there in pain but felt for his lightsaber lying near him and ignited it making a swift stroke and severed Vesmir's robotic leg off. Vesmir gasped as he began falling. "Good riddance." Mizael said weakily. Merag let loose another blast that knocked Vesmir off the edge down below into a smokestack as all they could hear was his screams and then nothing.

Merag powered down her eyes returning to normal and ran kneeling down placing Mizael's head on her lap as he just groaned in pain with half of his face badly burned and scarred. Merag leaned down placing her forehead to his and cried silently. Nasch limped to them as Durbe clutched his arm.

"it's Over" Merag said cradling Mizael.

Chapter Seven: Aftermath Edit

The battle worn Barians returned in their ship to the LOS dreadnought. Goldvanius set Mizael up and healed him internally with his powers, but his face could not be healed.

"I could mend the wound to your face..." Goldvanius began, "however, battle wounds shape men into shining examples of war. You have earned this illusion of honor."

"What... but-" Mizael began to protest.

"Silence." Vanius stated. "I sense it within you... you want to keep the wound. And while you'd convince me otherwise for the greater convenience of your... well-being," Goldvanius' voice shifted to distaste when speaking of someone's personal preference, "I know there's a part of you that strives to represent a warrior."

"Master, the pain..." Mizael seemed baffled by Vanius' words, but the Dark Lord continued without hesitation.

"Despite the fact that watching you with a blade is similar to an evening's entertainment of monkey-lizard dancing," Vanius remarked, "you are destined to be a warrior... only with the Force, not a lightsaber. You want this wound to display that... I can feel it. You want this... don't you?"

"As always, you are correct, my master." Mizael replied.

"Good... perhaps in due time you will realize the pointlessness of pride and the thin line it anchors next to arrogance." Mizael could almost see the smirk behind his master's mask. "But for now... as your true feelings are obvious to me, I won't interfere with your appearance... romantic attraction disgusts me anyhow. However, I might suggest you keep it covered when I am nearby... it is quite distasteful. I might end up making it worse if you don't..." the Dark Lord's words grew quieter and deeper as he slowly walked away. Merag sat by Mizael's bedside as he wore a bandage across the left of his face. Nasch and Durbe were there watching their friend in pain. Merag then spoke up,

"Guys, what Vesmir said reawakened something in me..." The two looked at her. "I think he killed our race." The two just looked at each other as this information sunk in. It was apparent to both of them - Vesmir was there when thousands of Barian souls suddenly cried out in terror.

"Well, he is gone now, so there is no need to worry." Nasch said, placing a hand on Merag's shoulder. Goldvanius called for Nasch and Durby to report their mission. They didn't go into detail about Vesmir, as if something had influenced their minds...

Merag held Mizael's hand as he finally reawakened and sat up, looking at her and grinning slightly. "What happened?" he asked. Merag told him of what happened as Mizael clutched his face bandage. Merag helped as he limped out of the room to a balcony overlooking Kaas City.

"Thank you for everything." Mizael said, turning to Merag. Merag blushed and then turned to him,

"You're welcome, Mizael." The two leaned in and kissed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. A quack-like laugh was heard as they saw Goldvanius' apprentice, Evasic, was watching them from a corner.

Later, Mizael knelt before Goldvanius, who presented him with a golden mask, a new robe, and cape as his former gear was tattered from the battle with Vesmir. The three Barians watched along with several other LOS members. Mizael turned and bowed to them, his mask making giving him an intimidating look. Merag just smiled, but in her mind she wondered if what Vesmir said was true. What ever could await her...

To be Continued in The Shadow Chronicles.



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