Ricardo Goldvane,  is the second pirate on CaptainGoldvane's second account. 


Pirate StatsEdit

  • LvL 27
  • Famed and Legendary:
  1. The Heart of Padres Del Fuego
  2. Sacred Pistol
  3. Bloodfire Broadsword
  4. Executioner's Pistol
  5. Bejeweled Broadsword
  6. Bejewled Sabre
  7. Assassin's Cutlass
  8. Golden Charm
  9. Knives of the Hawk Idol
  • Brights:
  1. Bright Orange Bandana
  2. Lavender Bandana
  3. Navy Blue Reinforced Tank
  4. Bright Red Hooked Tank

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