Author: President Sebastian

Created: 2/9/2013

Mardi Gran

It all started on a fervent day in Tortuga, Abassa. A jumper name Genghis who was really irritated about POTCO putting out events like the "Potion Commotion" and the "Give away free weapons" that has occurred recently on POTCO. Genghis was really ticked off the events that potco brought out which are really not worth doing anymore. When the Mardi Grad came out he got even more ticked off. He was really waiting for a good update to come out which really never came since the ship customization update. He said to himself "Ugh... I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE EVENTS! I SIGNED THE REVIVE POTCO PETITION AND YET POTCO IGNORES US? I WANT A NEW UPDATE ON THIS GAME AND IT IS GETTING REALLY BORING NOW!"

When the bonfire started Genghis took action and gather'd up his jumper buddy's. He had his friends Napy, Ivan, and Mao to join in Genghis raid on the beaches of Tortuga were the Mardi Gras is taking place. When everyone in Abassa gather'd near the bonfire Genghis lifted up his sword, drank a swift foot potion while using a glitch including his friends and started to charge at the defenseless crowd of honest and good pirates. Genghis now looking like a barbaric jumper... chopped off some random guys head and stuck it on a pole above the fire were the pig was being roasted.

When the good jumpers like Arther, Magical Unibrow, and Chin heard that Genghis and his buddys are raiding the event they the good and honest jumpers band together and form a jumper coalition to put a end to barbaric raiders. The jumpers met on the pvp hellish and yet hill top ground of pvp land. Pvp land is were pirates go to pvp and battle just so they can kill each other without arguing. Arthur and Magical Unibrow made the first move. They did a glitch outside the pvp map to attack Mao and Napy first. Napy and Mao died which only left Genghis and his stupid but yet slightly weird friend Ivan left in the battle. Chin with his sword (Made in China by the way) used his sword in a ninja and jumper style. He chopped off Ivan's head clean which made Genghis forcing to surrender. Genghis was now exiled to the small island of Driftwood were he spent most of his jumper life there. He later died do to being eaten by a giant crab and being poisoned by some wasps.

The End