The Unseen Assassin

Goldium31 Portrait
Lord Tsoro is a fictional character based off of

Gold's alt in SWTOR, Goldium. A member of The League of Shadows and an apprentice to Dark Lord Goldvanius, Goldium is a very skilled and vicious warrior. 

Forged from the bones of dead force users and other powerful relics, serums and rituals, Lord Tsoro is an unnatural creature bred to show no mercy and do Goldvanius' dirty work.


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Factors in Birth Edit

Numerous methods were used to cause the creation of Tsoro.

  • His skeleton consists of the bones of fallen Force-users merged together to function as one.
  • Dark Reanimation was used to generate flesh around the bones. This magic was very difficult to conjure up; summoning the dead is no easy task. Goldvanius trained for months in the art of rituals and ancient spells, also using his own flesh-healing methods to additionally create tissue.
  • A vast portion of Kolto was used to bring volume to the body. This method was used to avoid reviving any consciousness of the fallen Force-users.

GOLDIUM Serum Edit

The GOLDIUM Serum was the key ingredient in creating Tsoro, combining

  1. Kolto
  2. Goldvanius' Blood - This made Tsoro into Goldvanius' only living relative, giving them a psychic connection. It also infused midichlorians (known at the time as simply Force Energy or Force Sensitivity) into Tsoro, equipping him with the Force.
  3. Gree Energy - Used to to synthesize power into the corpse, increasing the effectiveness of the Kolto, Dark Magic, and even thickening blood.
  4. Corellian Fuel - Used to give Tsoro the ability to use Stealth, becoming invisible to others. In order to take advantage of this and use the stealth technique, Tsoro had to be trained in the arts of Force Cloaking, which took some time. He cannot use stealth constantly due to the amount of energy it takes.

He does not have a brain, rather a concentration of the GOLDIUM serum located in his head. Also, he cannot be killed as easily as other Force-users due to his zombie-like nature.

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