We are the League of Shadows.

(Note: For the fictional page regarding the characters appearing in The Shadow Chronicles, see The League of Shadows (Fictional))

The League of Shadows is a group of Imperials on Star Wars: The Old Republic made up of Sith, Bounty Hunters and Agents. 

Darkness awaits all who lay in our path.

There is no refuge. We are darkness. We are death.


Dark Lord Goldvanius - lv 60 - Sith Sorcerer

Darth Mizael - lv 60 - Sith Sorcerer 

Darth Zarjaz - lv 60 - Sith Marauder

Darth Rogue - lv 60 - Sith Assassin

Lord Goldium - lv 60 - Sith Assassin

Darth Evasic - lv 55 - Sith Marauder

Darth Nnamdi- lv 55 - Sith Marauder

Lord Tarson - lv 55 - Sith Assassin

Reklawc - lv 60 - Mercenary

Dentface - lv 60 - Mercenary

Nasch - lv 60 - Mercenary 

Agent Of-chaos - lv 60 - Operative

Agent Thross - lv 60 - Operative

Agent Booglionorate - lv 41 - Operative

Stabord - lv 55 - Sith Juggeraut

Bane - lv 60 - Sith Juggernaut

Xaveraan - lv 22 - Sith Juggernaut

Parelia - lv 15 - Sith Juggernaut

Merag - lv 60 - Jedi Shadow 

Durbe - lv 60 - Scoundrel

The Boogie CageEdit

Sometimes the Boogie Baby gets out of hand. "Susan" can begin to whine, throw tantrums, or start crying very loudly. Because of this, a "Boogie Cage" was installed in one of the League's bases. This prison has also been used to hold the Smelly Billiam. 


Missions Edit

Bane: Jawa Massacre Edit

Manaan RaidEdit

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