Kaito is a young Barian Jedi turned Sith Apprentice and the only child of Mizael and Merag.

Kaito new saber3

History Edit

After the Pureblood Revolution, Merag became pregnant and gave birth to a new Barian. Kaito followed in his mother's old ways and became a Jedi, but secretly craved the dark side as his father. Eventually, Kaito was brought before Dark Lord Goldvanius, who tasked him to, like Merag, corrupt his morals and become one with the Dark Side. Goldvanius gave him his slash across his face for failing one of the missions but through hard work he earned his place in the League of Shadows.

Stats Edit

  • Jedi Guardian
  • Lv 50

Abilities/Powers Edit

Unlike his parents he does not have natural Barian powers but does have a strong connection to the force, his weapon is a blackish silver lightsaber hilt with a silver blue crystal , he has training of both Jedi and Sith. he did inherit some of his mother's powers of projection and sense.

Gallery Edit

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