Note: The content on this page is entirely fan-made. It is not meant to be taken literally; it does not exist in the game.

A Government is a group of 3-5 town members that operates similarly to the Mafia. It is not its own faction, however only Governing Town Members can operate within it. It must contain a Bureaucrat and any will automatically be a part of it.

Like the Mafia, the Government has its own members window.

Governing TowniesEdit

Here is a list of the town roles that qualify as a Governing Town Member. This qualification dictates which Town roles are eligible to be a part of a Government. 

Note: Just because a role is qualified to Govern does not mean it will be a part of the Government. Governments consist of 3-5 Town Members. An eligible role can exist in a match without being a part of the Government, but only if there are enough roles to create a Government without said role.

Government AbilitiesEdit

Every day, the Bureaucrat or Acting Leader (a title given to someone in the event of the Bureaucrat's death; they assume his/her position as head of the Government) can choose what the Government will do that night. The Government can meet a total of 6 times a game. 


Allows the Government to discuss, plan, and coordinate their moves. Unlike the Mafia, the Government cannot talk to each other unless they are called to meet.

Man-Hunt Edit

If the Bureaucrat calls for a Man-hunt, the Police Captain (or the Bureaucrat, if there is no Captain) will choose a target to hunt down. Hunted targets' roles and who they visited that night will be given to the Bureaucrat. Only 2 Man-hunts are allowed per game.


If the Government finds a Mafia or Neutral role during a Man-hunt, the Captain or Bureaucrat has the option to choose to Execute him at night. The person being executed will be unable to use their ability, and will die regardless of any attempted intervention from role-blocking, protecting, healing, transporting, etc... however, Man-hunts are not immune to framing or transporting. Therefore, if the Town executes someone falsely, the Captain will fall into depression and will no longer be able to speak or use his abilities for the rest of the game.

"You tried to jail your target, but the Government brought them in!"

"You tried to kill your target, but the Government brought them in!" etc etc


If the Bureaucrat chooses Employment, then the Employer can choose from a selection of Advertisers to bring in the following night. The second night does not use up a Government Meeting, and is automatically triggered when the Employer chooses someone to hire. 

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