Goldvanius (Alt), otherwise known as "Beta Gold" or "Goldvanius Mark II" is Gold's main on SWTOR's Public Test Server.


  • Using twenty or so Goldvanius clones to fund this character, he has about 50 million credits and a lot more mounts than the actual character on the Live Servers.
  • This Goldvanius owns a Tatooine Homestead (something far too expensive for someone without unlimited money)


Some modifications have been made to Goldvanius' original gear to display an alternative style for Mark II.

First, a secondary white dye was applied to his Phantom Chestguard. While unified, this changes his entire outfit. His bulky armored belt was replaced with a simple sash, and he know wields a unique lightsaber.

GoldvaniusTwo4 Cropped

In fictionEdit

It is currently unclear what role (if any) this alt will play in the fictional universe. It is likely this will be how he appears to others spiritually after his death. Sort of a specter or a phantom, he haunts who he pleases, both allies and enemies from his past. He has some force abilities that can be channeled through his spirit form, but he is very limited.

GoldvaniusTwo5 Cropped

Goldvanius is seen wielding his new weapon

GoldvaniusTwo20 Cropped
Another possibility is that Goldvanius faked his death, and after years of exile he returns with this gear and a calmer, eerie personality. 

One thing is for certain, when Goldvanius returns it will be for an urgent reason. Perhaps a new enemy or a new plot dangers the League of Shadows, forcing him to return. These events will take place after the Shadow Saga, and should not be expected any time soon.


GoldvaniusTwo15 Cropped
He wields a unique lightsaber with an abnormally long hilt. Inside the lightsaber is a white crystal, which he took from Dark Master Gravatus at some point in the Shadow fiction.

It is likely that after returning from the "dead", Goldvanius will have enhanced force sensitivity and more force abilities. Able to channel lightning and healing quicker and more powerfully.


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  2. If you're looking for the actual player page, visit Goldvanius (Character).

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