"These be more guidelines than actual rules." ~ Captain Hector Barbossa

Hey guys, this is just a little set of "house rules" I've made for our Salem nights. 



  1. Be prepared to type out things in our group chat when starting a match. This will include your name and role (if you've been using the same name a lot, you can probably just say your role, but if you're using a new name it's best to include that as well)
  2. If you are in the mafia, make sure you tell us who else is in the Mafia. This gives us an advantage and can help "Hydra" to take control. Also, be ready to tell us WHO the Mafia is killing (if they're going to kill one of us, we can try and prevent it via doctor/bodyguard/vet/etc...) and if it's one of us, please try and PERSUADE the mafia to kill someone else.
  3. Do NOT lie to our group about your role. Once Hydra takes control we can mess around trying to deceive one another, but do not lie about your role. You must be truthful and completely honest on this subject, otherwise you'll be kicked out of our group :P
  4. Do not kill someone else who's in our group until the game is nearly over. This is a vague term, but basically don't start killing until there's like 1-2 other people still alive in the match.
  5. Use common sense and try not to do anything stupid. Study the roles and their attributes, think about what you're doing before you do it, ASK us if you're unsure and most importantly don't slip up and forget one of our names and kill one of us. This has happened before, and it can be easy. Communicate and mind your surroundings.
  6. Listen to Par and Gold. We're the experts :3
  7. If you kill someone early on in the game simply because you're butthurt because they won another match instead of you or for any other personal matters, it's likely you'll be yelled at and removed from the group.
  8. Generally, it's a good idea to use a consistent name, or at least one we all know. It's easier for one of us to accidentally slip up and kill you if you use a name that we've never heard of before, especially if we have a large group and there's a lot of talking going on. Try to name yourself something we're all familiar with, and if not please make sure to clarify with all of us that you're using a weird name.


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