"The Sith as they are now are stagnant; they are nothing compared to the Dark Lords of old. Many have died prematurely, be it at the hands of their mortal enemies or their own apprentices. So much knowledge lost… The young just couldn't keep their lightsabers in their robes. I intend to uncover it all, and substitute what I cannot find with my own creations."

—Darth Rogue

Darth Rogue is the leader of the mysterious Masked Sith. Feared by many and defeated by few, Rogue is one of the most famous Sith to the known galaxy. Not only is he highly skilled in lightsaber combat and knowledgeable in the Force, but he's also had the longest rule of any known Sith Lord, having discovered the key to biological immortality. This has allowed him to live for millennia, watching the galaxy and planning out the Sith's dominance.

Darth Rogue
Rogue 2
Darth Rogue

Primary weapon



Masked Sith




Planning out the victory of the dark side and being a general nuisance to the Jedi

Skin color

Light pink (original), white (dark side), black, purple, dark blue (tattoos)

Eye color

Green (original), yellow (dark side)


Unknown, presumably Korriban



Biography Edit

Little is truly known about Rogue's past, except that he was taken in by the Sith long before Vitiate's empire, learning the ways of the dark siders. He showed incredible skill with a lightsaber and great knowledge of the Force, dedicating large portions of his time to studying the dark side. He was seen as an excellent multitasker by his fellow Sith, being able to set off on the path to mastery of the Force and dueling, yet also having time to flirt with his future wife and meet the demands of his superiors. His colleagues grew jealous of his achievements, often attempting to kill him or force him offworld by threatening his female companion; these fellow students were swiftly and mercilessly killed by the man who would be known as Rogue. Within a few years, his successes quickly drew the attention of the Sith Lord Darth Revenant, who took the boy on as his apprentice.

Apprenticeship to Revenant gave Rogue access to a whole new world of knowledge, which he was able to quickly learn. Revenant was entirely certain that he had finally found his protegé, obviously impressed by the young Sith's fast learning, cunning, and general skill. He would later encourage Rogue to marry, noticing his ability to keep control of his emotions while using them to benefit himself. Within the next couple of decades, Rogue would later discover a key to immortality, though it only protected him from aging; he could still fall in battle. He later taught this to his wife and master, then resumed his daily life of training, understanding the Force, and making time for his loved ones. Eventually, he started a small Sith gang in the academy, the "Masked Sith", recognizable by their unique masks.

Centuries after becoming ageless, Rogue—certain that he had learned all he needed—departed the academy to delve into deeper study of the Force, taking his wife and followers with him. Within years, the Masked Sith had considerably increased in membership, becoming more of an organization than a simple gang. Establishing contacts throughout the galaxy and keeping his identity a secret, Rogue gathered countless resources and Sith artifacts, becoming a metaphorical walking textbook of Force knowledge and lightsaber techniques. Using his powers to hide his presence from the dominant Jedi, Rogue was free to walk among the galaxy's population, quietly increasing his influence and observing the activities of the Republic.

The Sith EmpireEdit

"The Sith Empire is weak. Broken. It will require my guidance to make the Sith great once more."

—Darth Rogue

It must have been millennia since Rogue's birth when the Sith Empire was reestablished by Darth Vitiate. Rogue had learned of its existence from his contacts, using the information to adapt his plans. Probing the Republic for weaknesses, he indirectly influenced the Sith into forcing the Mandalorians to attack the known galaxy; this would give rise to the Jedi known as "Revan", who also fell to the dark side and began his own Sith organization. Rogue was most impressed by Revan, having a sense of understanding for the young Jedi Knight's thirst for knowledge and tactical genius. Still, Revan's rule did not last, and he would eventually return to the light side to stop his apprentice—Malak—from conquering the galaxy.

Rogue, foreseeing the return of the Sith Empire, quickly disappeared from the face of the known galaxy, but continued to gather information on the Republic, and his plans were accelerated when the Empire assaulted the Republic three hundred years after Revan's legacy. Rogue lent help to the Sith, allowing his well-trained warriors to directly influence Imperial victories, and later took part in the Sacking of Coruscant. His views and methods, while often similar to typical Sith beliefs, were different from the norm, resulting in the other members of the Empire finding a great distaste for him.

It was some time after the crippling of the Republic that Rogue devised a scheme for his plans; he felt that Vitiate's empire was not effective enough, finding its cruelty amusing but bound to cause the destruction of the Sith. Using the Force to mask his appearance, Rogue began to plan out an elaborate scheme that would allow him to seize control of the Empire. Now disguised and ready, the Sith Lord began to set his plan in motion. Unfortunately for him, several members of the Empire's Dark Council, growing fearful of Rogue, used their combined power in an attempt to separate him from the Force. Unexpectedly, Rogue was able to resist, and his connection was only temporarily weakened. Quickly formulating another plan, Rogue faked his death.

As he was still wearing his Masked Sith apparel by the time the Dark Council turned on him, Rogue's plan could still be carried out. Rogue placed a follower in charge of his organization and allowed the Sith to capture him, creating a new identity and being taken to Korriban to work as a slave. The discovery of his Force-sensitivity resulted in him being sent to an academy, where he was "taught" in the ways of the dark side. As part of his training, Rogue was assigned to Overseer Harkun, who expressed a strong distaste for the Sith due to him not being an Imperial. Harkun would repeatedly harass and mock Rogue for the remainder of his training, often comparing him to a class favorite, the Sith Pureblood Ffon Althe.

Harkun's bias often interfered in Rogue's progress, taking the undercover Sith Lord's accomplishments and crediting Ffon for them instead. The Overseer took his discrimination to the point that he even sent two other students on Rogue, offering them their freedom in exchange for killing their fellow acolyte. Rogue regarded the two as unskilled and incompetent, quickly dispatching the two in seconds. However, his successes did not go unrecognized; Lord Zash herself was thoroughly impressed, though Rogue saw it as more of an opportunity to toy with her, convincing her that one of his achievements required a ritual in which he had to consume the hearts of tuk'ata hounds. Shortly after the encounter, Rogue befriended another student whom Harkun tormented constantly: Goldvanius.

While irritated by Harkun's behavior, Rogue did find the discrimination amusing when the Overseer sent Ffon on the next task ahead of him; this involved the awakening of a sentient beast—known as a "Dashade"—which could only be released by a specific phrase, and would easily kill Ffon without being properly subdued. Zash herself was annoyed by Harkun, giving Rogue the text required to release the creature and sending him on his way.

Knowing their task, Rogue and Goldvanius entered Naga Sadow's tomb—the location of the Dashade and the map the acolytes were sent to retrieve—fought through the army of droids left behind by the Sith Lord and released the Dashade, which immediately attacked him. The Dashade—whose name was Khem Val and was capable of devouring the souls of Force-sensitives—proved to be a formidable opponent, but it was quickly defeated by the more powerful Rogue. As a result of the victory, Khem Val pledged allegiance to Rogue and Goldvanius and became a companion of theirs. Victorious, the two advanced to the end of the tomb and retrieved the map before heading back to the academy.

Back at the academy, the three found Harkun and Ffon arguing about the latter's inability to acquire the map, once again amusing the Sith Lord. Furious, Harkun took the map from Rogue and gave it to his favorite, who almost claimed credit. However, Zash's sudden arrival terrified Ffon into submission, resulting in the Sith Pureblood admitting that Rogue was the one who accomplished the task. In retaliation for Harkun's bias, Zash executed Ffon and took Rogue as her apprentice, much to the Overseer's annoyance and Rogue's entertainment.

Search for artifactsEdit

Declaring Rogue to be her new apprentice, Zash asked the undercover Sith Lord and his fellow student to meet her on Dromund Kaas, where the Imperial capital was. While preparing for the departure from Korriban, three Sith approached the trio and brought a message from a "Darth Skotia": he was not to come to Dromund Kaas. When Rogue refused to heed the warning, the apprentices resorted to hostility, threatening to kill him. The Sith Lord allowed Khem Val to step in so as to intimidate the Sith into submission, but they pridefully refused to back down; as a result, the three killed them effortlessly—though Rogue took the opportunity to torture the most talkative of the trio to death with Force lightning. Agreeing that they made a good team, the two Sith joined forces.

Soon after the incident, Rogue arrived at Dromund Kaas, where he encountered Darth Skotia in the flesh. The cyborg attempted to intimidate Rogue, though the unfazed Sith simply retorted with sarcasm and black humor, displaying his lack of fear of Skotia. Continuing his search for Zash, Rogue helped out several Imperial officers with local issues, eventually learning from one where Zash was. Meeting up with his so-called master, Rogue warned Zash about Skotia, whom the female Sith was actually planning to talk about. Placing her trust in her apprentice, Zash told Rogue of her plan to assassinate Skotia, sending him off to find information on killing the cyborg.

Rogue took to exploring the Sith capital for Skotia's former followers, eventually coming across a technological genius. Conveniently, the scientist had come up with a device that could overload Skotia's cybernetic implants and successfully kill him. Confiscating the device and sending the former slave on his way, Rogue went to Skotia's bunker, slaughtering anybody who caught him and making his way to the Sith Lord. During the infiltration, he managed to obtain a relic held sacred by Skotia's Trandoshan bodyguards, later using it to turn them on their master in his office. Skotia effortlessly killed the Trandoshans, but Rogue used the distraction to overload his cybernetics, killing him.

Zash later congratulated Rogue on the successful assassination, though the rivalry between her and Skotia made her a primary suspect. Despite the suspicion, Zash was able to refute the claims with witnesses confirming that she was at a party at the time of the murder. In the midst of the issue, the Dark Council of the Sith Empire agreed to promote Zash to the title of Darth, knowing that she was responsible and being impressed by her cunning. Now free to roam as she pleased, Zash told Rogue of several artifacts that she needed urgently before sending him off.

During his journey, Rogue first went to the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas, where he discovered the spirit of the Sith Kallig, who recognized the Sith Lord as a relative. However, he mistook Rogue for a descendant when he was in fact his ancestor, but nonetheless agreed to aid him. Rogue proceeded to explore the temple, acquiring multiple relics taken to it by his relatives thousands of years ago. Taking the artifacts, he returned to Zash and once again subtly played with her mind before heading to Balmorra for his next objective.

Searching for the next artifact on Balmorra, Rogue learned from Major Bessiker—who was in charge of Imperial activities in the sector—that the vault the object was sealed in was filled with toxic waste that would easily kill even him. In addition, the vault was swarming with Colicoids, which were sentient insectoids genetically modified to be immune to and feed on the toxic waste. Rogue, Bessiker, and the latter's assistant all concluded that the first step to getting through the waste was to get to the lab in which the mutant Colicoids were created.

Rogue swiftly and effortlessly cut through the Colicoids, making his way to the deserted lab and learning from the terminal of how the insectoid monsters became immune to the toxic waste. He brought the data back to Bessiker and his assistant, but was informed shortly after that the only scientist capable of replicating the immunity—Iannos Tyrek—had defected to the Republic months prior. According to Imperial intelligence, Tyrek was in a Republic lab elsewhere on Balmorra, resulting in Rogue heading to its coordinates to retrieve the scientist.

Storming the lab, the group confronted Tyrek, who refused to go willingly. Still, the Sith Lord's charm was able to work on Tyrek, resulting in him agreeing to go in exchange for his own personal freedom from the Empire. Instructing the Imperial team that followed him that the scientist be taken unharmed, Rogue and his allies wiped out any Republic soldiers who intervened, then returned to the Imperial lab. However, he learned that the serum that would make him immune to the waste would take time to make; taking advantage of this, Bessiker asked Rogue to free his son—Hiran, a Sith in training—from a Republic prison on the planet. Having nothing else to do, Rogue complied. During the rescue, Rogue was most annoyed by Hiran's attitude, prompting the Sith Lord to electrocute him before letting him go.

Back at the Imperial lab, Rogue learned from Tyrek that the serum was complete, and allowed the defector to return to the Republic via shuttle, much to the scientist's confusion and gratitude; unbeknownst to everyone else, the Sith had future plans for Tyrek. Rogue was then able to utilize the serum to get into the vault and acquire the Sith holocron that awaited him. With the artifact in his possession, Rogue was free to leave Balmorra, receiving a parting gift from Bessiker as he departed the planet.

Rogue moved onto the location of his next objective: Nar Shaddaa. On his way to the urbanized moon, Rogue learned from Zash of the de facto "ruler" of Nar Shaddaa, former Sith Lord Paladius, who manipulated the inhabitants into serving him in order to solidify his dominance. According to Zash, Paladius had turned his followers into his own personal cult with the poorest residents of Nar Shaddaa, exploiting their desperation for a way out. However, as it turned out, Zash had convinced two cultists—Destris Veran and Rylee Dray—that if they aided her and Rogue, they would be given control of the cult.

On Nar Shaddaa, Rogue found Destris and Rylee, albeit under less desirable circumstances; Paladius found out about the uprising the cultists were planning and thus ordered their deaths, but those who were sent to kill the two were slaughtered by Rogue. With them out of the way, the Sith Lord learned from Destris and Rylee that a great deal of support for Paladius came from the time he crushed an oppressive gang. By the time Rogue arrived, the most feared gang on Nar Shaddaa was known as the Krayts, named after the legendary Krayt Dragons on Tatooine. Catching on, Rogue knew that the first step to winning the poor's support was to wipe out the Krayts, which would result in the population seeing him as a hero. In order to solidify public support, Rylee told Rogue that he could also cure the Rot, an epidemic. Conveniently, a plague already existed, but was being kept in a warehouse by Paladius's most loyal followers.

When the Krayts were wiped out and the Rot cured, the next objective was to demonstrate a great amount of power in front of Nar Shaddaa's residents; Rogue requested a series of explosions beneath the ground and a detonator procured. While his followers acquired the items, Rogue was attacked by Gar-Nok, Paladius's right-hand man, but once again displayed his power by blasting the Weequay out of a window.

Soon after, Rogue learned that Paladius was planning a holographic broadcast at Meridian Hall in order to rally support. Seeing his opportunity, the Sith requested that the explosives be set up throughout the underground pipes in the city, speaking to the Duros Gord Madel for the items.

Meanwhile, Paladius made his announcement at Meridian Hall, raising his public support with a speech. While he did so, Rogue arrived in the middle of the presentation and—giving off a signal to his followers—set off the explosives; all who were present believed he was shaking the very moon. Others who remained loyal to Paladius attempted to attack Rogue, only to be blasted into the alleyways miles below. The rest, on the other hand, pledged allegiance to him.

Realizing the inevitability of his downfall, Paladius contacted Rogue via hologram, offering to give him the Sith artifact in exchange for the Sith Lord departing Nar Shaddaa. Rogue and his supporters saw this as an opportunity, and went to Paladius's headquarters for the artifact, pretending to accept the deal. However, Paladius double-crossed them, using his own power to weaken Rogue's connection to the Force before trying to kill him; in retaliation, Rogue demonstrated his prowess in lightsaber combat, dueling Paladius and regaining his Force abilities. Paladius, brought to his knees, begged Rogue to spare him in exchange for his undying loyalty, but the undercover Sith Lord, using Paladius as an example for all who try to betray him, fried him beyond recognition with Force lightning. Putting Destris and Rylee in charge of the cult—but keeping them under his own control—Rogue took the artifact he sought and returned to his ship.

While resting, Rogue was contacted by one of his Masked Sith spies, who had looked into Zash's history and made a deduction; she appeared to be making preparations for a ritual and even took on two new apprentices, suggesting that she was plotting to replace Rogue. Rogue would later meet up with Kallig's ghost, who suggested that Rogue fetch the spirit's mask to protect himself against whatever ritual Zash may be planning for him. Rogue understood that while he was a powerful Sith, he was still weakened by the Dark Council, and there was still a possibility that he was not prepared for the ritual, as he did not know what kind of ritual it would be; thus, he heeded the warnings from Kallig and his contact and set off to fetch the mask.

Back on Korriban, Rogue located the Sith in possession of the mask, Lord Khreusis. His mind set, the Sith Lord broke into Khreusis's fort to retrieve the mask, but was ultimately caught. Though he was able to convince Khreusis to give up the mask, Rogue concluded that he would tell Darth Thanaton—a Sith who answered only to the Sith's Dark Council—about his activities, prompting him to execute the Sith.

Rising to prominence (again)Edit

"Why is your former first mate wearing a bra?"

—Darth Rogue

Soon after retrieving Kallig's mask, Rogue was contacted by Zash about the next artifact he needed; it was in the possession of a band of pirates on Tatooine. According to Zash, Rogue's best bet was to find Andronikos Revel, who originally led the pirates. Revel was betrayed by his first mate Sylas Wilkes, who took the artifact and Revel's favorite blasters, prompting the former pirate leader to begin a hunt for the traitors.

On Tatooine, Rogue questioned multiple individuals for hints as to where Andronikos was, including a local shipmaster and several bartenders. He was able to get the information he needed, using intimidation and Force lightning on those who refused to answer his questions. When he figured out where Andronikos was, he tracked him down and found him renting a room on a cantina's upper floor and questioned him about the artifact. He learned from the pirate that the mutineer crew was driven insane by the artifact and still had it in their possession; as a result, Rogue offered to aid Andronikos get his revenge on his crew in exchange for helping him acquire the artifact.

As part of the plan to track down Sylas, Rogue was sent to speak with Casey Rix, Revel's former girlfriend. Casey, equally hateful towards Sylas as Andronikos was, contacted the mutineer and convinced him to stay at his headquarters, claiming that she had "reconsidered his offer". She then provided Rogue with the location of Sylas's base and sent him back to Andronikos with codes required to break in; the pirate, eager for his revenge headed off with Rogue.

Storming the headquarters, Rogue and Andronikos slaughtered Sylas's men and found the former first mate. The former first mate tried to kill the two, but failed miserably and was subject to torturous amounts of Force lightning for the location of the artifact. Soon enough, Sylas gave them a location before being executed by Andronikos. The two headed off and—following hints left behind by datapads—found the artifact and Andronikos's blasters.

To show his thanks, Andronikos joined forces with Rogue, becoming a part of the crew on the Sith Lord's ship. The two briefly exchanged conversation with Zash to learn of the next objective, which turned out to be Alderaan; the final artifact was somewhere on the planet.

On Alderaan, Rogue met with Elana Thul, Zash's contact. There, he learned that the artifact was in possession of House Organa, and the key to the vault containing it was in possession of Nomar Organa, a Jedi dedicated to his order. In order to subdue Nomar, Rogue broke into the library of House Alde—a family closely allied with House Organa—and learned that two decades ago, Nomar was engaged to Rehanna of House Rist, but broke it off in order to pursue his Jedi studies. Understanding his love for Rehanna to be Nomar's weakness, Rogue tracked her down and convinced her to meet up with him, where he rekindled their relationship. As anticipated, Nomar gave Rogue the key to House Organa's vault—the Elysium—and declared that he would leave the Jedi Order.

However, what Rogue had not planned was that Nomar was also trying to dupe him, and encountered him once again outside the Elysium. Rogue, unable to convince Nomar otherwise, set Khem Val on his Padawans before killing the Jedi himself. With them out of the way, Rogue was free to claim the holocron and leave the planet.

However, he was unable to find Zash, instead being contacted by Thanaton himself. The Sith warned Rogue that Zash's path was self-destructive and suggested that he build up his own power base and legacy instead of going down with her. After the holographic conversation ended, Kallig appeared again to Rogue. The spirit had found the location of his old lightsaber and sent him to Nar Shaddaa to reclaim it. There, he learned from another contact, Mila Escalus—that the lightsaber was lost to a gambler—Gyl Rosen—whose home was assaulted by the Sith Lord. When Rosen tried to force him into his service, Rogue subjected him to torturous quantities of Force lightning, scaring the gambler's mercenaries off. After forcing Rosen to give up the case containing the lightsaber and clear Mila of her debts, Rogue executed the criminal. In exchange for her life and as thanks for clearing her debt, Mila opened the case—which required her family's DNA imprints.

Rogue was once again contacted by Zash, who asked her to return to the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas for an ancient Sith ritual. Prepared to execute her, Rogue went to the Dark Temple with Khem Val and Goldvanius; the three discovered that Zash was highly deformed and rapidly aging, utilizing periodic rituals to keep her young appearance. Zash quickly made her move, attempting to use the ritual to possess Rogue's body, but he was able to resist for some time and weaken her with his and Goldvanius's own power. Determined as ever, Zash used what remained of her power to stun Goldvanius and commence the ritual, but Khem Val interrupted it, trapping her spirit in his body instead. However, due to the ritual being obstructed, Khem Val's will was not completely overwritten, leaving him and Zash constantly locked in a struggle for control. In addition, Khem Val's bond with Rogue kept her subjected to the Sith Lord's will.

With the issue resolved, Zash's apprentices showed up and pledged allegiance to Rogue and Goldvanius, declaring that they would lead the Sith to glory. Thanaton, on the other hand, having learned of Rogue's "promotion" to Lord of the Sith and Zash's death, requested that Rogue meet him outside the temple of Darth Andru, into which he sent him. Though Rogue sensed a plot of Thanaton's to kill him, he entered the tomb regardless as to keep his plans secret. The spirit of Andru emerged and nearly killed Rogue, only for Kallig to save him at the last moment.

Once more, Kallig had an objective for Rogue, sending him to the tomb of Lord Ergast in order to learn the ancient Force walk power from the ghost. Ergast complied with Rogue's wishes and taught him the ability, though the spirit was subsequently bound to his will. Rogue later used this on Andru and confronted Thanaton for his treachery; though he nearly killed Thanaton, the Darth used another power he had learned to subdue and he himself was almost able to kill Rogue. The undercover Sith Lord was not dead, however, as the bound ghosts managed to keep him alive while Zash's former apprentices smuggled him back to his ship.

Once more, Rogue and Goldvanius were thrown into another adventure when they and their followers agreed that Rogue would need the power of more Force ghosts to overcome Thanaton's mysterious rituals. The group managed to learn of the locations of another spirit in the galaxy, on Taris. Rogue quickly went to Taris and found a Jedi academy there, attempting to manipulate a Padawan—a Togruta named Ashara Zavros—into helping him get to the ghost. Giving the Padawan a holocron in exchange for her help, Rogue was brought to the Jedi enclave, only to learn that the young Jedi had reported him to her superiors. Rogue attempted to reason with the Jedi Masters at first, but they elected instead to attack him; the Jedi were no match for him, and were killed by the Sith Lord's superior dueling and Force ability. Once again manipulating Ashara, Rogue and Goldvanius gained access to the spirit and bound it to his will, executing the Sith trooper Elios Maliss in the process for trying to betray him.

Now in control of three ghosts, Rogue returned to his ship and recruited Ashara into his crew, seeing her arrogance and lust for knowledge as a way for him to corrupt her to the dark side. However, his busy schedule led to him putting her under the supervision of Goldvanius—who was in turn under that of Darth Marlia—making her his apprentice.

As he left Taris, Rogue was contacted by Zash's former apprentices, who stole a key to Thanaton's private meditation chamber; the Dark Council ambassador was out for revenge and in hot pursuit of Rogue's new students. Setting up a rendezvous point, Rogue agreed to meet up with his followers in an attempt to save them, but he arrived too late. The Sith who killed them, Lord Cineratus, then attempted to kill Rogue as well, but was easily disarmed and painfully executed via Force lightning. Fortunately, Cineratus had the key on his corpse, granting Rogue access to Thanaton's chambers. Not wishing to face Thanaton too early, Rogue assigned Zash to investigate for more ghosts before heading to Korriban to recruit more apprentices.

Regaining power Edit

On Korriban, the Sith learned of a new batch of Force-sensitive slaves under Harkun's watch, and decided to oversee the group. Placing his faith in a Kaleesh named Xalek, the Sith Lord returned to his ship when Zash and Ashara confirmed that the next ghost was on Hoth. Soon after, he took command of an Imperial Reclamation Service division led by an officer named Talos Drellik, using the team to locate the next Sith temple he sought. There, he bound the spirit of Horak-Mul and recruited Drellik into his crew and left Hoth, ready to seek out and kill Thanaton.

Once more, however, Thanaton barely managed to survive the encounter; when Rogue attempted to utilize the ghosts' power to eliminate the Sith, they went out of his control and expressed their plans to drive him insane while Thanaton escaped. Still, Rogue's followers helped the writhing Sith back to his ship and was informed by Zash that Thanaton had taken the data on a cure for his incoming madness. This prompted Rogue to break into Thanaton's private library to steal the data; it suggested he go to Belsavis first to repair his body, which was rapidly decaying. He left his crew to research the data and procedure of healing his body and once more checked up on Harkun's students, still satisfied with Xalek and placing a bet with the Overseer on who would succeed.

With the help of an ancient Rakata machine, Rogue's body was healed, bringing him closer to his objective. Still, with his mental status degenerating, he sought out further help, learning from Moff Valion Pyron—who agreed that Rogue was the last hope of the Sith—of a superweapon known as the "Silencer". The weapon was nearing completion, but was still missing a vital part: a CN-12 chip, which was being manufactured on Nar Shaddaa. Using the cult dominating the moon, he was able to locate and acquire the chip from a group known as the Veil, which he mind-tricked into serving him.

Now with the CN-12 in his possession, Rogue contacted Pyron and informed him of the good news; the Moff also had news for Rogue, explaining that Thanaton had recently become a member of the Dark Council as a result of his predecessor's demise. Rogue was delighted to learn that everything was going as planned, knowing that when he kills Thanaton, he will officially take on his title. He then learned from Ashara that the next planet he needed to go to was Voss, where his mind would be cured.

On Voss, Rogue convinced the locals to let him into their order, granting him access to the cave in which he would be able to heal his mind. Despite the ghosts' attempts to drive him mad, Rogue was able to overcome them with the aid of a Gormak shamen known as Hadrik, who was hoping that the Sith Lord would transport him off the planet in exchange. Taking control of his mind again, Rogue prepared to leave the planet with Hadrik, but the Voss threatened to help the Imperial cause; Rogue was able to rectify the problem by mind-tricking the Voss into believing that the Gormak was not with him. This allowed him to smuggle Hadrik off Voss without ruining Imperial interests.

As Rogue left the planet, Harkun contacted him and informed him that his batch was on its final trial, and soon to be ready for review. Pleased, the Sith flew to Korriban, where he awaited the slaves' return. One of the slaves, Seferiss, showed up, having completed the trial first; however, Xalek ended up murdering the Twi'lek shortly afterward. Proud to call the ruthless Kaleesh his apprentice, Rogue mind-tricked Harkun into forgiving Xalek for his crime and left, knowing that Harkun would be executed if he reported the deception for having such a weak mind. Shortly after, much to his surprise, Goldvanius—who had come to Korriban on Marlia's orders—suddenly unleashed a blast of Force lightning on Harkun, killing him for the repressed memories he had of him.

Rogue was later contacted by Pyron that the Silencer was complete and ready to be tested; Pyron also had several more Moffs brought to oversee the weapon so as to win their allegiance over to Rogue's side. He decided to take Goldvanius with him, charming Marlia into giving him permission to "borrow" the young Sith.

Rogue and Goldvanius met up with the Moffs aboard the Doombringer—Pryron's flagship—excited to test out the Silencer. The ship jumped into hyperspace and arrived upon a battle between a Sith dreadnaught and several Republic ships, which were rapidly gaining the upper hand. Hoping to ensure more loyalty among members of the Empire, Rogue ordered the dreadnaught to escape before firing the Silencer, disintegrating the small fleet of Republic ships. The Moffs who witnessed the power of Rogue's new weapon agreed to join forces with the Sith Lord, and were thus rewarded when he ordered that they receive Silencers on their flagships as well.

While Rogue continued to build his power base, Thanaton soon learned of his survival and demanded a Kaggath—a clash between two Sith and their followers—in hopes of killing him once and for all. Determined to fulfill his goal, Rogue accepted the challenge, which Thanaton declared was to be arranged on Corellia. There, the Sith Lord took advantage of the fighting between the Empire and Republic, straining Thanaton's resources and interrogating Lord Skarr—who was in charge of Sith activities on the planet—into giving him the Dark Councilor's plans. This gave Rogue the upper hand, allowing him to track down Thanaton and duel him personally, but not before turning the last of the Councilor's apprentices onto his side.

When Rogue proved to be the better swordsman, Thanaton fled to the Dark Council and made his stance, claiming that the Sith Lord would corrupt the Empire and must be executed. Meanwhile, Rogue and Darth Mizael—a fellow Sith allied with him and Goldvanius—had tracked Thanaton to the Dark Council's chambers, demanding his blood be spilled. Interested in the survival of the two, the Council denied Thanaton's request and instead watched idly while the Sith dueled once more; to prove their strength even more, Rogue and Mizael dueled Thanaton separately and helped him regain stamina to bring him back into his prime—an action done solely to prove that they were better than Thanaton. Having proven their strength in front of the Dark Council, Rogue and Mizael disarmed Thanaton and tortured him with Force lightning until Darth Mortis—one of the Councilors—stepped in and granted him a mercy kill. Obvious to Rogue and unknown to the rest, his power had returned to its fullest.

As expected, the rest of the Sith present promoted Rogue, Mizael, and Goldvanius onto the Council, the former replacing Thanaton and the latter two being the first in centuries to create new positions in recognition of their superiority. Darth Marr—another Councilor—granted Rogue the title of Darth Occulus, though shortly after his ascendency, Rogue revealed his true identity. Though initially shocked at the revelation and deception, the majority of the Councilors did not dare go up against the Sith Lord, allowing him to retain his position. Still, Rogue used his power—as well as the benefits of the bound ghosts—to humiliate the Councilors who attempted to break his Force connection, demonstrating his strength in front of the others.

Soon after, the spirits bound to Rogue pleaded with him to release them, reminding him of the deal they made. However, the Sith refused, declaring that he would keep them bound as long as he wished as punishment for their attempt to drive him insane. Furious, the ghosts attempted to override Rogue's mind once more, but they were effortlessly suppressed. Victorious, Rogue went on to continue with his plans, meeting and befriending other Sith in the process. He and Goldvanius would go on countless adventures before the latter was invited into the Masked Sith.

Rise of PalpatineEdit

"Do you really think this is a good idea?"

—Rogue whilst towering over a Stormtrooper with a blaster pistol

Over the course of millennia, multiple Sith organizations rose and fell, eventually leading to a common belief that the last of the dark side users had died out. It was quite the opposite, however, as the Sith remained in hiding; for example, Rogue and the Masked Sith prospered in unknown space, flourishing from great wealth while Rogue's plans continued to go into effect.

Within time, the young Sith known as Darth Sidious came along, causing multiple conflicts with the Republic and eventually igniting the Clone Wars. Rogue, now a senator, sensed the Sith Lord's presence and confronted him, forming a temporary alliance despite Palpatine's strong beliefs in the Rule of Two. Rogue would go on to become a nuisance for the Jedi, subtly corrupting Anakin Skywalker through mental trauma and mind games whenever the two were in combat—ranging from making Skywalker a more aggressive fighter to killing off his loved ones in front of him. His Force disguise ability was used often for his plans during the Clone Wars, as he was able to appear as a harmless senator whilst taking on his true form in combat.

While Rogue and Palpatine waited for the war to take its toll, the former encountered his former master, Darth Revenant. The last time he saw the Sith Lord, he had been pulled into the mind bomb devised by Darth Bane, trapping him in a period of torment for centuries. Revenant, having somehow escaped, was completely warped by the mind bomb, becoming a phantom in nature and appearance; whatever was left of him was now a demonic, spirit-like creature. He had achieved great power, and had sought his former apprentice out to learn of his progress. Revenant was pleased to learn of what Rogue and Palpatine had been accomplishing, but it only took a few months for the wraith to question his place.

Whilst trapped in the mind bomb, Revenant had a long time to contemplate his actions and the dark side; by now, he had come to the conclusion that he had truly created a monster in Rogue. Realizing what he had done, Revenant turned on Rogue in the middle of a Republic assault, though Rogue was soon able to best his former master and mortally wounded him; Revenant retaliated by impaling himself and Rogue, who had made his way behind the former Sith Lord to deal the killing blow. While Rogue collapsed, Revenant openly wondered about his purpose in the universe and what would happen to him after death, expressing his curiosity to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Skywalker as he disappeared. Following the event, the Republic was convinced that Rogue had died, but he was secretly taken back into Masked Sith territory by his followers and healed. His fake death enabled him to continue his senator disguise without suspicion and remain incognito to the rest of the Republic for the remainder of the Clone Wars.

When the Great Jedi Purge came, Rogue understood that it was time; the dominance of the Sith had returned. He challenged Palpatine in a duel in the latter's office, once again showing to be an excellent duelist and Force user. The fight would move from the office to the roof of the Senate building itself, and eventually on multiple speeders. Rogue was rapidly gaining the upper hand, though he was unexpectedly hit by an airspeeder and flung into the streets below, barely managing to survive by using the Force to slow down his fall. It was then that he was forced to find another way to take over the Empire, using his followers to manipulate Imperial politics—and eventually, the Rebel Alliance—so that his plans would come to fruition.

Rogue would go on to see the defeat of Palpatine's empire, as well as the former emperor's multiple deaths and resurrections, before disappearing from the known galaxy once again. He continued to influence politics and harass the Jedi, manipulating the New Republic and multiple Sith orders in order to weaken the former and destroy the latter, eliminating competition.

Millennia later, Rogue would end up on Earth during the War on Soul Edge, where he became enticed by the power of the blade known as Soul Edge. During his hunt for the weapon, he would eventually learn of Revenant's own return; the former Sith Lord had come to destroy his old apprentice once and for all. Neither of their goals appear to have succeeded, leaving their fates unknown.

Personality and traits Edit

"A single sentence uttered by that man can make even the most stubborn of people question their lifelong beliefs."


As a Dark Lord of the Sith, Rogue was naturally ruthless and ambitious, striving to bring Sith dominance to the galaxy. He was cold, calculating, and even sadistic, torturing those who frustrated him or got in his way. Alongside his dark, borderline-sociopathic nature, Rogue possessed great intelligence, charisma, and powers of manipulation, making grand accomplishments and discoveries in the Force that had been lost for thousands of years, and was even capable of creating his own. He won the hearts of countless Force users who wished to quench their thirst for knowledge of the Force—knowledge that only he could provide. He convinced billions of people that the Sith ways would restore order, balance, and peace to the galaxy, and later used his persuasive abilities to gain support politically during his infiltration of the Senate. He also possessed a vengeful nature, dooming multiple Force ghosts to being fed off by him as payback for trying to drive him insane.

Rogue leading the Masked Sith.

However, Rogue was not entirely dark in nature, possessing a kinder, loving side, though he kept it reserved for those he viewed worthy. This warmer side to him was seen especially between him and his wife, whom he loved dearly. Likewise, he had a diverse sense of humor, ranging from occasional jokes to black comedy. Examples of the latter would include the time he faced a trio of mercenaries in his search for Lord Kallig's lightsaber, jokingly encouraging them to get closer, or how he made an innuendo when describing the premature deaths of Sith Masters at the hands of their apprentices. Unlike most Sith, he was also not power-hungry, instead believing that Sith dominance would preserve order and peace, but not trusting others to be able to carry it out the way he saw fit.

In addition, Rogue was less harsh and oppressive than typical Sith, having an unusual sense of understanding and generosity, which often earned him criticism from his fellow dark side users. He was also very calm most of the time, but his behavior was prone to changing, depending on the circumstances.

Still, he took advantage of his more positive side to manipulate others into seeing the dark side in a better light, bringing them onto his side and ensuring support.

Physically, Rogue had a variety of appearances, using the Force to alter how he looked in any way he saw fit. Naturally, he possessed light pink skin, green eyes, and medium-sized black hair, giving him a handsome appearance. However, his corruption by the dark side slowly altered his appearance as it did with other Sith, paling his skin and turning his eyes to a yellow color. Other appearances included a disguise of a young man in his mid-twenties during his rise to the Dark Council and an older man in his late fifties during his infiltration of the Senate, maintaining the image of a wise and innocent politician.

In his natural state, however, he was covered in dark blue, purple, and black tattoos, eliminating most of the physical shreds of his humanity. Still, he was able to "remove" the tattoos with the Force whenever he wished, but it was usually limited to when he was spending time with his wife.

He appeared as a human, but it was uncertain as to whether he actually was one; his hands appeared slightly larger than an average human's, and he possessed four fingers on each instead of five (though he was able to create the illusion of normal hands via the Force in his disguises). His story for it changes from time to time, ranging from him hailing from an extinct, near-human species to having a simple genetic defect. In addition, he stood at a towering height, which he often used to intimidate those who he couldn't charm.

Sometime in his early life, Rogue lost half of his right arm in combat, motivating him to master lightsaber combat to ensure he would not make the same mistake again. The robotic appendage used to replace it was lost multiple times during the Clone Wars, specifically during duels with Anakin Skywalker. These additional losses were deliberate, however, having been done to make Anakin more arrogant of his own skill, aiding Rogue and Palpatine's plans to lure him to the dark side. He would use his ability to cloak his robotic arm so as to keep others from discovering his true nature; the illusion was used prominently in his senator disguise and during his plot to get onto the Dark Council.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

"Give up, Rogue. We both know the odds are unfair."

—Unidentified clone commander

"That is correct, commander. You're going to need more men."

—Darth Rogue

Rogue was a master of the dark side of the Force, having delved into research for thousands of years. He was able to learn countless Force abilities within his early years, resulting in his tutelage under Darth Revenant and his eventual immortality. Though skilled in the Force and capable of lifting incredible amounts of physical objects, he preferred Force lightning and lightsaber techniques in combat, using the former to torment or interrogate his victims.

Another one of Rogue's most notable abilities was his power to change his physical appearance, allowing him to create countless identities in order to accomplish his goals.

Rogue also possessed an unnatural ability to read the behavior of others by simply looking at them; this was most useful in combat, as he was able to easily predict his enemies' moves and effectively defeat them.

In combat, Rogue was capable of transferring visions of the future—either true or fabricated—into his enemies. He often used this to demoralize them, opening them up to be killed or causing them to turn to his side to prevent these visions from becoming true. One notable occasion of this power being used was during a duel with Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, where Rogue bewildered all Jedi present with images of Skywalker's fall and the Jedi being slaughtered by unseen forces.

He was capable of many more abilities, including life draining, Force walking, and Force persuasion, but his other powers—which certainly exist—have yet to be seen.

Rogue was also an outstanding duelist, having memorized most forms of lightsaber combat and even creating his own primarily one-handed form in order to confuse opponents and gain the upper hand. A vicious fighter, Rogue fought with a fluid but aggressive style, quickly dominating his opponents regardless of the odds. He was highly capable against his foes, being able to take on multiple enemies at once with little effort. Examples of his prowess include a duel between him and the other members of the Dark Council, who challenged his right to his position when he revealed his true identity; though none of the Councilors were killed in the process, he was able to disorient, disarm, or wound them.

Rogue carried two lightsabers on his person at all times, wielding them to great efficiency when the need called. Though he preferred to use one blade, he showed great skill whilst having both out as well, and could connect them to each other in order to form a double bladed lightsaber, whose unique form of swordplay he employed mainly during Vitiate's reign.</td></tr></table>

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