Dangan, or "Bane" is one of Bill's characters in SWTOR.

Bane again2


Bane, otherwise known as "Dangan" was born strong in the force. He became a proud Sith Warrior who served the Empire for a few years.

Being deemed too uncontrollable for the Empire, he was exiled to Hoth where he was later captured and kept prisoner by a group of organized criminals. Eventually he was found by Lord Mizael and accepted into The League of Shadows.

After serving The League for a good while, Mizael offered to make him a part of the revived Barians.

Bane story8


Dangan was born to a slave family in a camp on Dromund Kaas but not soon after his parents discovered he had strong ties to the force, When the slaveowner threatened his family one night, Dangan struck back, channeling the force into his hands and choking the man and killing him. Feeling ashamed, he ran away as his parents looked on in fear. He ran through the night right into a pack of vinecats and gundarks, he used the force to slam them and rip them apart till they were bloodied masses, when he was discovered by a traveling Sith Lord who saw the power of the child and took him to Kaas City.

The Sith trained Dangan, teaching him how to control his abilities. However, it didn't end well and almost led to the destruction of an Imperial base when Dangan lost his temper. Dangan was moved off world to continue his training in a less crowded environment. Dangan was used as a weapon against Republic enemies.

After becoming extremely powerful with the force, he named himself Bane. However, after gaining all of this power he could not learn to control it. One day he snapped at Imperial troopers, killing them instantly. The Empire deemed his power too strong and reckless to be left free. He was exiled to Hoth and left there to rot. Feeling ashamed of himself, he contacted the local scientists. A woman by the name of Zirias Pollard agreed to construct a chemical-injecting mask which would lower his force sensitivity and keep his powers "at bay" - he would be much weaker, but also much less dangerous. Due to this weakness, however, he was later captured by pirates and held captive in a small camp. He wasn't freed until the League of Shadows sent a squad there. Mizael noticed Dangan being held prisoner, and sensing his connection with the force he freed him. He proceeded to join the League.

Returning to Dromund Kaas, Bane was attacked by a rancor who had escaped custody, which he defeated and tamed now riding this great beast as his "chariot".

Later after proving himself in battle, Mizael approached him and offered him a place in his group of re-imagined Barians. 


  • Level: 60
  • SIth Warrior
  • SIth Juggernaut
  • Lightsaber, Force,
Bane 55


Bane mostly uses the his force abilities, often producing massive shoves or pushes against enemies or charging his lightsaber with rage. Some foes have even been known to flee at the sight of him. He can focus the force through his hands to punch through objects easily, having a natural connection with the destructive telekinetic force. He has been known to try and control the ground in battles too, even causing earthquakes in extreme cases. 

As a sith he weilds a lightsaber with a blood red crystal, but for a while he used a vibroblade to smash his enemies eventually going back to a lightsaber

Bane swtor17

Bane erupts several volcanoes

Bane again4

Bane beginning to collapse a cave


Bane story6

Dangan is a large buff monster wearing a mask. He sports a large flap-jacket with an army vest and military boots. He uses a blood-red crystal in his lightsaber. Later he dons a Vibroblade saying he does not need a lightsaber, just a big stick.


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