Happy birthday to Cher! :D all of y'all bastards better sign this..


if you don't, I will hunt you down. :) 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are awesome and I love you. I guess I can't really say "you're the best girlfriend I've had" since you're the ONLY one I've had... but spending time with you really brightens my day, and I hope you're on more. Have an awesometacular day!

Bill, The first faget to signEdit

Hey Cher

Have a happy birthday and hope everything turns out ok for you in real you dont really deserve to go through that you're a special girl and can still deliver a good butt kicking xD , so yeah Hope it was good and many more too come

Hermit, the second faget to signEdit


srsly, you're the sistah i never had

and one of the few people who can make even a psychopath warm and give a shit about and it's been liek… w0t, 3 and a half years since we met

fleeb iga quishkeef my fellow crazy

-xenomorph headbite-

k i'm gonna stop because the nostalgia is raping me in the ass


Boog, signing faget number threeEdit

Hey Cher! I just want to wish you a happy birthday and may it be as great of a birthday as you are a great friend! Keep on kicking Gold's butt. :P p.s. I'm an off and on again alcoholic. And i have a little friend in my pants named, Pedro.

^Kicking my butt? keep dreaming, Boogie Baby..... keep dreamin' ~Gold"

Alex, the fourth faget to signEdit

Howdy Girlie! Happy Birthday sorry im late :P Its been a year and some change since i first met you and gold on SWTOR now. Time flies by fast. Im happy to have met such a wonderful person Tina. I have in fact been a douche at times, and havent exactly talked to you as much as i should in recent months, but you are still a great friend of mine! I hope you had a wonderful birthday :D

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