Goldlock35 (Cropped)

Cado Zelona, aka "The Lock" is a fictional character based off of Gold's alt character, "Goldlock".

This page will be for a simple explanation. For the full origin story, I'll soon write "Shadow Origins: The Lock"

I'll be adding more to this at some point.


Goldlock was born about 34 years before the creation of the League of Shadows.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Other WeaponsEdit

adding later


Just a few screens I've gathered from Goldlock's moutain-climbing, pvp and operations. I don't have nearly as many screenshots for him as I do Vanius, but I thought I'd at least put a small gallery on here.

Dromund Kaas Mountain-climbingEdit

Balmorra Mountain-ClimbingEdit

Rakata Prime Mountain-ClimbingEdit

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