vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv- I dont know any of that fancy coding stuff for a card but its from the heart so there :P 

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Arrnt force

Mizael swtor again5 (2)

Mizal Swtor140


Happy Birthday Master Goldvanius , I wish I could give you something great as you do so much for me but I cant :/ sorry this is late But no one was nice enough to make you a card :P, but Hope you had a good birthday and consider me prediecting the Dewback  was your gift XD 

Darth Mizael of Barian Legacy


Sup bitch? Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay! So. Liek. WOWZA. Lol. You're a really, REALLY good friend. (idk whether or  not you want to be but y'know what? SUCK IT UP, BIOTCH.) You're Therapistvane to the maaaaax and I don't even want to admit EVER how much I've messaged you with shit I need help with xD Point is you da bomb and I hope your birthday is splendimaliforous JUST LIKE YOU *throws poisoned confetti* I'm out yo 

Boogilicous DefinitionEdit


Ever since about May, we've started talking a lot to each other. (you didn't like me beforehand). We've grown close since then, and I can honestly say that you're my best bud on le Interwebs. From SWTORing to talking about our cooky girlfriends to making fun of Bill's smell, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Happy birthday bro, hope it's a good one.

Dewbacks 5eva,


(colors so festive)

Happy Birthday Gold :) --------------> 


It's so sad that you finally passed on Gold ;_; I will forever remember you as a pervert, and a fiend. Excuse me, person, and a friend. What? Since when aren't you dead? I thought me and Bill hired that assassin to take care of- NEVERMIND :3

Happy birfday Gold, may you never live to see another :D

Or you know, tomorrow..... Which ever comes first

Ze Squirtster


Happy birthday you messed up piece of kink! :D

Your present is... the entire 4th season of Avatar: The Last Airbender... I know you will enjoy. >:D


And before you ask: "This is going to be cheesy isnt it" well your correct because it sounded alot less cheesier in my head. May all your kinkiest wishes come true you pervert disgrace to humanity awesome person...

and if POTCO was still up id go looting or something.

i will make sure disney pays.

-Basil Bridgebain. The Big Cheese AKA The Bumkpin at Home.

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