This page is a revised version of Arkham Assylum. This version relates to the story Arkham Assylum: The Death of the Kink. Visit the original page for Bill's content.

The Arkham Assylum (Formerly spelled Asylum) is a mental institution and a prison located on a rock island directly next to Gamer's Hell (formerly known as the U.G. Society), near Japan. Its purpose was originally to aid the insane gamers who traveled to the vacation resort, however, second manager Billy Puckett redesigned the establishment in order for it to serve as a prison for violent criminals, or anyone who displeased him.

Differences between this page and Bill's Edit

While taking heavy inspiration from Bill's Batman parody page, The Death of the Kink will have many differences from the original content. New characters will be added, some removed, and some changed. The story will be co-written by Par and myself and it will exist within the same fictional universe as The Cheesemonger's Wrath - When Bears Attack. - Gold

List of Staff Members Edit

Name: Alias: Position: Additional Info
Billy Puckett Bheel Second (Current) Manager Puckett bought out the Asylum when the riots began in Gamer's Hell. He promptly added an s to the title and reformed the institution into a modern prison. He was situated in a mental home himself before faking sanity to acquire a release. He immediately moved to the U.G. Society after his release until he bought the Asylum.
Jay Underwood Judgmental Jay Judge Underwood, a personal friend of Puckett's, signed on for a "custom position" when Billy took control of the Assylum. Anyone brought in has to see "Jay the Judgmental" before being put into the Assylum or released. According to the math of Sebastian W. Jarvis, Underwood deems approximately 97.4 percent of the people he sees "guilty."
Victor Dickerson "Vick Dick" Chief of Security A veteran employee of the As(s)ylum, Dickerson is known for his stern demeanor and zero-tolerance attitude. The prisoners took to calling him "Vick Dick" and often poke fun at him. He usually retaliates by worsening the prisoners' environment.
Johnny S. Sexton Juan the Doc Doctor and head of the Medical Department Johnny Sanchez Sexton was brought in as the doctor shortly after Puckett made the Assylum into what it is. He monitors the health of the inmates and deals with any injuries inflicted onsite. Loyal to Puckett, Sexton will even perform torturous operations on prisoners if the Manager orders such a thing done.
Christopher Carpenter Cook Chris Chef Christopher signed on about a month after Billy took management. He generally has a calm, easy-to-get-along-with attitude, although it's common knowledge that he enjoys toying with aggravated inmates. His meals have gotten mostly positive reviews and, due to his cooking, the prisoners eat better than some residents of Gamer's Hell.
Sebastian W. Jarvis "Charlie" Data Keeper and Assistant Manager A mathematical genius, Sebastian spends his time keeping track of everything that goes on inside the Assylum. From spending hours talking with the doctor or the psychiatrist to reviewing hours of security footage to study prisoners, he pretty much knows everything. That's without even mentioning his encyclopedia-like knowledge and super memory.
Norman Bullion "Goldy" Psychiatrist/Therapist Formerly serving as the resident "advice-giver" of the U.G. Society, Norman used his psychological studies to acquire a position at the Assylum. He works quite consistently and speaks to many of the inmates. He doesn't exactly want to be there, except he has no way off and he'd much rather be on the Batvane's good side.
Unknown "The Batvane" Overseer Nameless, silent, and determined, the Batvane is a character of unknown identity who spends the nights roaming about Gamer's Hell dressed as a bat with forks for claws. Wielding a rare supernatural weapon known only as "The Cheese Pistol" and enveloped in a suit immune to most gunfire, he'd be quite a problem if he was trying to murder others... except his victims are always found alive. Eventually, Puckett made a deal with the Batvane. The deal allows Batvane to transport violent criminals directly into the Assylum without any questions asked. Even the staff members don't know his name - the only thing they know is that he's there to help... for now.

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