"I have to stay here and suffer through this miserable place." - Dark Lord Goldvanius

Aargonar is a fictional planet in the mid outer-rim. A hot, desert-like but decently-grasslanded planet, its population is moderately small, and it is normally left alone by the Republic and the Sith Empire. A planet in poverty, Aargonar is populated mostly by two of either types of inhabitants - farmers, or hunters. Occasionally some smugglers, bandits, pirates, or even Republic troopers make their way onto the hot muggy planet, but rarely. Its mountains are treacherous, its history unknown and undiscovered and most of its people don't want to be there. However, the low-profile, out-of-the-way planet does make for a perfect getaway for criminals and those who are on the run. Several cantinas and small stores are scattered around towns, and most locals live in houses that ware a short distance away from the towns to avoid getting caught up in the madness.


Aargonar appears in the first several chapters of Shadow Origins: Goldvanius, being the title character's home planet.


  • It never rains on Aargonar (Unless altered by magic)
  • Dentface visits Aargonar briefly

Notable InhabitantsEdit

  1. Goldvanius, known to most of the town as "Avix"
  2. Arkal, "The Mystic"
  3. Jaglok (Briefly)


  • Toramas
  • Gambera

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