This is a Batvane fan-story! Refusing to read it will earn you 5 lashes, the pleasure of being roasted next to a pig, being run over by a vehicle with tank and car qualities, being thrown off a train, and frequent ARRRRRNTing! Viewer discretion is advised.

Writer's NoteEdit

I've officially stopped woring on this. It's old, sloppy, and people don't really care about POTCO fiction anymore. I'll continue writing my SWTOR fiction, but this is probably done for good now. Maybe I'll finish it some day.


A Captain's Journey is the first released installment of the Goldvane Trilogy, a Pirates of the Caribbean Online Fan Fiction. Chronologically, it is the second book, however, the 1st and 3rd installments have not yet been released, as A Captain's Journey is not finished yet.

Though it is a POTCO Fan-Fic, it is possible that a SWTOR reference might make its way into the story.

Character ListEdit

Author's descriptionEdit

The main character is Richard Goldvane. He is a pirate captain, who is trying to find rare treasures, stop the EITC from terminating pirates, and at the same time, avoid his enemies, which seems to be the most difficult part for him.

He has a crew of pirates including Stormwalker, a strong, buff, first mate who believes he can control storms, Jack Can, a skilled midget, and Bloody Billy, a wimpy sailor who has basically no life, hencforth joining a pirate ship. He also befriends pirates such as Lawrence Daggerpaine, a pirate leader and general who has been kept away from his guild for a long while, Jack Pistol, Lawrence's right hand man and the best sharpshooter around, Basil Bridgebain, a buff cheese-eating pirate who has a long lived friendship and rivalry with Richard, and many other characters thoughout the story.

Another group is the EITC, lead by the Pearl Empire, controlled by "Scarface"/Lord Johnny Cothern, a man who believes that fear is the most powerful thing in the world. He plans to exterminate all pirates.

Cothern has followers such as Billy Hullbatten, Admiral/General George Duckfish, and the entire EITC, Royal Navy, Black Guard, and Pearl Empire.

The next group is Jolly Roger and his Skeleton Army. They, for some reason, have been attempting to capture or kill Richard Goldvane. Jolly Roger leads with an iron fist, and leads invasions everywhere possible.


Leading CharactersEdit

  • Richard Goldvane - A pirate captain captain with a thirst for adventure and treasure. Captain of the Green Runner and its crew. Richard begins this journey looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead, but things change when he makes many enemies.
  • Stormwalker - First mate of the Green Runner who believes he has supernatural powers. Tends to brag often and show off.
  • Jolly Roger - Evil skeleton leader of the undead army. Jolly Roger chases Richard through this entire journey, seeking an item he possesses. Roger even goes to hiring bounty hunters to track him down and capture him. ( Character property of Pirates of the Caribbean Online )
  • El Fantasma - Evil half-ghost half-zombie who possesses an army of ghouls and evil souls. Fantasma declares war on Jolly Roger, and as their two undead armies clash, the undead war is created, and the armies wreak havoc on the Caribbean.
  • Johnny "Scarface" Cothern - Head agent of the Caribbean district of the Caribbean. Creator of the "Black Guard" initial system of eliminating piracy throughout the Caribbean, rogue or code-following.

The Crew of the Green RunnerEdit

Jolly Roger's ArmyEdit

  • Samuel T. Skull
  • "Nah" The Skeleton

EITC Agents, and those affiliatedEdit

  • King George Jonathan Augustus Breasly II of England
  • Billy Hullbatten
  • Admiral General George James Duckfish
  • Ian Ramjaw
  • Edward "The Terrible" Goldvane
  • Segeant Piggles
  • Matthew Blastshot
  • Lieutenant Loan

The Angler Family and those affiliatedEdit

  • The Angler Lord
  • Charles "Menace"
  • Dr. Skull
  • Achaelos
  • Jamie Lopus
  • Slappy and Sloppy dummies
  • "Short Crab man"
  • "Hammer Man"

El Fantasma's ArmyEdit

  • Saukry
  • Viperious
  • Trankus

Pirate Lords and those affiliatedEdit

  • Jack Swordmenace
  • Jim Logan
  • Jack Pistol
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • Jarod
  • Capt. Skull X
  • Parax/Hermit
  • Basil Bridgebain
  • Roger Squidfish
  • Joshua Grant
  • Roger Wildeagle
  • Ezekiel Squidfish
  • Robert McRoberts


The chapters of the storyline. There are certain sets which follow certain subjects.

Chapter 1: Pirate Captain Richard GoldvaneEdit

A war frigate with strong, green sails with an emblem shaped as a Hawk shot through the ocean. Ahead, was a vessel of the English Royal Navy. "Prepare to broadside starboard!!" Yelled the captain, Richard Goldvane. He wore a black tricorne hat with a red feather soothed into it, as well as a black longcoat with strange cufflinks in the sleeves. He also wore a bright green sack vest, and some other ragged clothing. His belt included a masterwork sabre, a small dagger, and a strange wooden device used for stealing knives out of people's pockets. "Raise the flag!" Said Captain Goldvane. Meanwhile, aboard the navy ship. "Sir! They are no longer flying british colours!" A navy lieutenant said. "What are they flying, then!?" The navy captain asked. "Sir............ they are pirates" The lieutenant said. "Prepare all cannons!!!" The navy captain said, but it was too late, the green-sailed ship fired a broadside along with some explosives and a strange illegal cannonball that summoned a lightning bolt to strike the navy vessel. The explosive caused a barrel of gunpower to explode, and eventually the fire lead to the main powder magazine. The majority of the navy ship exploded. "Haha! Take that, ye scoundrels! Hahaha!" Said a large buff pirate. "Stormwalker!" Goldvane said to the buff man. "Aye, captain"? Asked the buff Stormwalker. He was a large pirate with blazing muscles, and wore a light brown vest with brown pants, short brown hair, and riggedy boots. "Go aboard the wrecking ship and get as much cargo as you can!" Richard said. "Aye, captain. Prepare to board!" Stormwalker said. Tons of pirates swung over to the crashing vessel using the swing ropes. A few naval officers attempted to fight off the attacking crew, but they just knocked the sailors out. Richard was the type of pirate that follow the Pirates Code, a set of rules, or "Guidelines" for those who do piracy. They do not slaughter random townsfolk nor sink ships for pleasure, they just seek some shiny currency so they can make a living, they just do it... a bit of a different way. The pirate code instructs no pirate to cause any harm to the innocent unless you have to to. Richard's whole family followed this code and respected the pirate way. However, there are also rogue pirates, who care not for others, and not only murder but torture others for mere pleasure. Their ways of making livings involve kidnapping, cannons and guns of mass destruction, in which they use to slaughter uncountable innocent people, and even betrayal amoung themselves. The East India Trading Company ( EITC ) does not see any differences in the two, and decide to instruct the royal navy to send soldiers to destroy all pirates. The EITC has high authority in England, and also has many of their members in the Royal Navy secretly, some even generals and admirals. This gives the EITC an iron fist control over the entire English Navy, and they're leader, "Scarface", or Johnny Cothern intends to use the soldiers and create his own army of black guards. This army is already starting to build up, and in this book we shall refer to those men as "EITC Soldiers". Stormwalker raided the ship, without killing a single man. "They have boats, they can escape, come back aboard when you have the cargo!" Richard said. Stormwalker grabbed as much canvas, pine, and oak as possible as to repair the Runner. Jimmy Wallace, a skinny, white-shirted fellow was running around grabbing gold out of the knocked-out soldiers' pockets, and one soldier woke up and tore a rip in his shirt."I just looted this shirt from an admiral! Ugh! Now I need a new one!" Jimmy said. The pirates returned to their vessel and prepared to change course, "Next stop be Padres Del Fuego, mates! We shall gather supplies there for our future voyages. I plan to voyage somehow to Atlantis in our near future, so be prepared for a long trip!" Richard said. What Richard didn't know was that alot would happen before traveling to an underwater city.

Chapter 2: An Old FriendEdit

The EITC's guilds have been completed. They plan to rule the Caribbean Ocean. They threaten the Caribbean and all Pirates, including Richard.

After a long day of plundering, Richard and his first mate, Stormwalker, were buying supplies on Padres Del Fuego, a volcanic island which held a town in which pirates were welcomed. They went to buy clothing for a few pirates. There was a pirate whose shirt had been ripped, and he demanded a new one. Pirates like Richard's crew only pillaged when it was necessary. Crews who followed the less lenient guidelines tended to last longer, assuming a more casual role unless fighting was needed. After their successful attack on a naval ship, they had enough wealth to buy a few items, which often ended up less messy than simply running into a shop with swords drawn, demanding supplies. Richard and Stormwalker entered the clothing shop, to find an all so familiar face inside. A man with a decent muscle build was standing in the center of the store, selecting new buttons for his dark black longcoat. His East India Trading Company admiral's hat stood tall, catching a shine from the candle lights above. "Ah! My old friend, Goldvane!" The man said.

"Hullbatten" Richard said as he slowed his step and fiddled with his sleeve. "How have you been?"

"Pretty well, actually. I introduce to you Black Guard Agent, Bill Hullbatten!" Bill replied. Stormwalker smirked and shook his head. Richard pulled cotton out of his sleeve. "Black Guard Agent? Really?" Richard asked. Stormwalker rolled his eyes.

"Yes, in fact, appointed by General Duckfish himself!" Hullbatten noted as he showed them his EITC certificate. Stormwalker's expression changed. "Wait, you actually....." Stormwalker said, and then paused.


Stormwalker randomly charged at Billy with his sword drawn. Hullbatten dodged his attack with ease and unsheathed his sword. A duel began, and the two went rather nuts, ripping coats, smashing ables, and nearly hitting the tailor woman.

Storm jumped up onto a box, put Billy lunged to attack him. Storm jumped off of the box and onto the bottom of the stair way, causing Hullbatten to slam right into the box, knocking other boxes all over the shop.

The tailor took cover to avoid being hit. Stormwalker and Hullbatten dueled on the stairs, and though Hullbatten seemed to have the upper hand in swordplay, Stormwalker had the higher ground. Storm grabbed random coat racks and swung them at Hullbatten, ultimately being easily dodged and broken. Richard tried to talk to them but it was no use. 

"I see you still wish to act as a pirate insect! You fool. If you're going to join piracy, do it the right way." Hullbatten said not long before charing up the stairs and pushing Stormwalker near the door.

"Out of my store NOW!' the tailor woman said. Hullbatten and Stormwalker made their way out of the shop.

Richard then helped the tailor rearrange the shop, before buying the shirt and a few other items. When Richard exited the shop, he found Billy and Stormwalker continuing their duel. Hullbatten ultimately defeated Stormwalker, forcing him to a wall. "Storm, surrender and let's go" Richard said. Stormwalker, enraged, sheathed his sword and began walked away.

"Richard.... since you are a pirate, and I'm an agent... either you are in order for arrest, or you can serve the Black Guard on Kingshead as a worker. Billy said. Richard's eyes lit up.

"Let me talk this out with my first mate" He said. Stormwalker and Richard walked around a corner and had a private talk. "Look, he'll want me to go alone. I need you to first, go to the bar and alert the crew. Give them the coordinates. The ship is too slow to get there in time, so go alone on a small boat and follow Hullbatten's ship." Richard said. After some more discussing, Stormwalker headed for the bar. 

"Alright, I'll take your offer. To Kingshead." Richard suggested. Hullbatten nodded his head, and directed him to his schooner.

Richard and Billy reached Kingshead about half an hour later. It wasn't far from Padres Del Fuego. They walked up through the docking area and met an Officer in the Marching Grounds.

"This is Richard Goldvane. He has agreed to serve as a slave  in exchange for his life being spared." Hullbatten said to Ian Ramjaw. "Ah, good. We always need new pig handlers. Richard didn't like this idea, but waited for his plan to be put into action. There were eight guards in the area. Richard examined them. All carrying iron blades. It would be difficult to deal with alone. Stormwalker was his only hope.

A gunshot was heard. "AEHH!!" yelped a guard as he fell to the ground.

"What was that!!?!?" Asked Ian.

"BLEEHH!!" yelped another dead soldier.

"There! A pirate, sir!" Billy said to Ian. "AHH!!" yelped yet another dead soldier. 

"After him!" Yelled Ian. A forth guard was shot down. Richard took his chance and stabbed a guard, killing him. "Wait, they're in league together!" Yelled Ramjaw.

"Pirate Insects!!!!!!!" Hullbatten yelled, enraged.  He lunged to attack Richard, but then missed, slamming right into a hay stack. Covered in hay, he jumped out. "Go ahead, sign your own death warrant!" He added as he he chased Richard, who climbed over the doors of kingshead, then jumping on top of the main gate. They then engaged in a duel.

Storm took out the remaining guards with his bayonet. Ramjaw, however, was able to sneak up on him. Stormwalker unsheathed his sabre and lunged. Ramjaw, however, parried easily. Ian did a quick swipe with his cutlass, disarming Storm from his sword.

"Surrender, Pirate!" The naval officer angrily said. Stormwalker then pulled out his bayonet, and impaled it into Ramjaw's stomach. "Not today." Stormwalker added as he pushed the body aside.

Meanwhile, Richard and Hullbatten struggled to duel on the top gate of Kingshead. Richard pulled out one of his signature sharp cufflinks and threw it at Hullbatten's lip. "AHH!!" yelled billy. Richard then swung his sword at his opponent. Hullbatten ducked, however his tall EITC Bicorne was hit and knocked into the water on the other side of the gate. They harshly dueled for five more minutes. Hullbatten was then able to knock Richard's sword out of his hand!  Hullbatten was about to swing, when Richard pulled out an extra blade and cut Billy's hand off! "Arggh!!!" he yelled, with a very angry looking face on. Then, Richard knocked him out into the Ocean. A few seconds later, Richard realized the Green Runner had arrived to rescue them. Stormwalker signaled them with a flag. The Runner and their crew then threw various grenades into the ocean where Hullbatten had landed. However, one of the cannons was accidentally pushed sideways a bit, and hit the side of the ship. A burning plank hit onto Jimmy Wallaces face, and he caught on fire. "AHH!" he screamed. He went looking for a bucket of water. He mistaked a barrel of gunpowder for the water barrel. An explosion was heard. A few moments later, nothing remained of Jimmy Wallace. "So much for that shirt" Stormwalker said.

Chapter 3: Jolly RogerEdit

Richard has put a small dent in the EITC, but needs to continue his business. He would prefer to seek treasure, but he also is considering attempting to stop the EITC.

Samuel Skull was part of the crew of the Green Runner for two years. He served as a Cannoneer. However, he was never promoted. He later learned out that Richard Goldvane, his captain, was the man who had killed Billy Hullbatten. Sam had been a partner along with Hullbatten for quite some time in the past. He was devastated that his friend was killed, and decided to seek vengeance on his captain. He would wait for the best moment to attack him, so he sharpened his blade and prepared to come up with a master plan. One foggy night, an erie ship found its way near the Runner. Its sails were torn, yet it made great time. Fog, and storm clouds followed the wretched vessel. It had a dark green hull, and seemed to be filled with seaweed and other things.

Cannons fired. Many members of the crew were just now waking up due to the cannons. "Return fire,all hands! Salvage the cargo and move it away from the port side!" Richard ordered. Aboard the wretched ship, "The Harkaway", a tall man stood. Except... he wasn't a man, he was an undead skeleton! In fact, the whole crew was! He wore a purple outfit, complete with a bicorne, a coat, and some other strange voodoo items like masks and cards. His left leg was a horseleg, and his right hand was a half-pistol half-sword type of device. "Fire all cannons!" He said in a sort of high-pitch, yet grinding voice. The undead vessel fired strange blue ammo, that appeared as a "Flying Ghost". It also shot the illegal ammo that summoned a lightningbolt to strike the ship.

Samuel Skull seemed to like this chance to defeat Richard. He walked up to the top deck were Richard was. "You killed my mentor and treat your crew like a disgrace you fool! You'll pay for that..." He said.

"Who exactly did I kill, then?" Richard asked.

"Bill Hullbatten" Samuel Skull said. "He was a traitor, and an agent in the EITC. And for the record, I killed him in self defense!" Richard said. Skull charged at Richard. Richard attempted to avoid him, and climbed up to the crows nest. Skull did the unexpected... he grabbed a cannon, and pulled it to where he was standing. He then shot a Chain Shot at the mast Richard was on, knocking it down.

"Drat!" Richard said as the mast began to fall. Richard then jumped to the other crows nest on the other mast. "Haha!" Richard bragged.

"ArGhHhEe!" said Sam in frustration. Sam then climbed the mast up to the crows nest as well, attempting to start a duel. Richard threw a needle blade blade. Skull ducked, however, a lock of his hair got caught and it was then pinned to the mast. 

"Aha!" Richard starting singing in a taunting voice to Samuel. Skull became so angry that he used a dagger and cut off the lock of hair that had been stuck to the mast, and lunged at Richard.  Richard begam running one way and another, trying to get away from Sam, but truthfully, there wasn't anywhere to run on a Crow's Nest. Then, Sam knocked Richard's Tricome hat off and down on the raging battle blazing on the deck. Richard then madly pulled his last two cufflink needle blades out and impaled them both into Skull's hand. Skull dropped his blade, and in the moment of victory, Richard impaled his sword into Skull's chest.

"Damn you to the abyss" Samuel said.

"The feelings are mutual." Richard said while using a rope to swing down on the deck, as he put his hat back on.

Jolly Roger then appeared on the Crow's Nest where Sam lay dying. "Hmm, a betrayal, you could be usefull, even though half a man's brain and will is lost when I curse you, half of a will against Richard Goldvane should do!" Jolly said. "Being undead has its benefits, care to try it out?" Jolly added.

"I.... uh... ahaye... i thin.. ahh." Was all Sam could cough up. "Ill take that as a yes." Jolly said, as he cursed Sam into an Undead Skeleton with his bear breath. Jolly returned to his ship, the Harkaway, as pirates were attacking and overwhleming him. Samuel's body mysteriously vanished from the Runner's crows' nest. Richard retreated. The Runner pulled away and escaped the battle.

"Phew.. thought we were goners" Richard said. "It's a miracle we escaped. We were able to disable their ruddr for a short time" Stormwalker said.

Richard and his crew decided they needed help. Jolly Roger had attacked Richard for some unknown reason, and the EITC was now after them as well.

Richard decided to visit his old friend, Jeremiah Watts. Richard's brother, Edward Goldvane had a son. His name was Will Goldvane. When Edward disappeared, Jeremiah Watts cared for and raised him.

The Runner arrived on a small peaceful island where Richard met with his friend. 

"Let us fish!" Jeremiah suggested.

"Eh..." Richard said "I have some important matters to discuss, perhaps we can fish another time?"

"Nonsense!" A man charmed in. "Fishing would be perfect!"

"Who is that?" Richard said. "He reaks highly of the smell of... fish..."

"This is my friend, Joe Sussy." Jeremiah explained.

"I know a great spot!" Joe suggested. Before Richard knew it, they were out on a fishing boat.

As they were fishing, blackish green fog rolled in. In the midst of the fog, there it was again. The Harkaway.

"How did they find me?!" Richard demanded.

"This island is not on many maps... it is supposed to be peaceful! We cannot have Jolly Roger here.." Jeremiah said. 

Jolly Roger teleported and appeared on their very boat. His aappearance was ghastly, and Richard was horrified. "Joe Sussy! Jolly Roger said. Sussy began shaking. "I see you have my prize.." Roger said with a grin smile as he turned and scowled at Richard.

"You!" Watts exclaimed. "You lead this horror here!" Jeremiah grabbed a dagger and pointed it at Sussy.

"I was forced! He wants Goldvane! Goldvane has something, uh.. some sort of a---" Joe began talking but Jolly Roger choked him with his one skeletal boney hand. He held the man in the air by his neck. He then threw him to the ground before he could die.

"See?" Joe gasped for breath and began to stand up slowly. Jolly Roger pointed what substituted as his right hand at Joe. A contraption that included a small blade and a pistol, but it seemed there was more to it. In the blink of an eye, a ray of lightning launched itself out of the contraption and went directly for Joe. Before he could move, talk, or even fall to the ground, Roger shot another ray of lightning, and another, until it was almost constantly blasting out of the small pistol contraption. Lightning shot into and out of every part of Joe's body. A blast even hit Jeremiah, which caused him to drop his knife and fall to the ground. Richard grabbed him and pulled him to the other end of the boat. Eventually there was too much of an overload of lightning electrocuting Joe, and his fried body was launched fifty yards away, splashing into the endless ocean.

Roger then turned to Richard.

"Uh... hello there! Thanks for the show! We'll be going now!" Richard attempted to flee but Roger grabbed him and pulled him back.

"You have something... and you are so oblivious to it!" Roger said. "I have been searching for this item for a long time now, I have invaded countless islands looking for it."

Richard didn't care to negotiate, so he grabbed the bucket of fish lures and splashed them in Jolly's face. Richard let loose the dinghy, throwed Jeremiah in and jumped in himself. He rowed as fast as he possibly could, and somehow Roger was unable to teleport to the dinghy. Perhaps Joe had allowed him access with a totem?

Richard reached the small island and had his eyes on the Runner the whole time. He was ready to get away.

Jeremiah woke up.

"Richard, you seem to have alot on your hands. I am willing to help out." Jeremiah said.

"What's going on?" Asked 20-year old William Goldvane.

"William, meet your uncle. Richard." Watts said.

"Ello" Richard said with a nob.

"Hello... you're Edward's brother?" William asked. Richard's face darkened

"Sadly, yes. I am. But I am in no way affiliated with him. At least not now." Richard replied.

"Good. He was a horrible man... I don't wish to speak of what he did." William said.

"I understand. Perhaps you and Jeremiah can join me on the Runner? It's not safe here now that Roger knows where you live." Richard said.

"I would prefer not to go on any adventures anytime soon. I am going to get a job on Tortuga." William said.

"I will come. I am always willing to help" Watts said.

"And I shall catch a ship to Tortuga" William said. 

"You sure you dont want to become a pirate and join the crew?" Richard asked.

"Sorry, uncle.. I just dont think i'm ready." William replied.

"I understand.. if you ever need help just find me." Richard said.

"I'll be sure to do that." Will replied.

After William left, Richard and Jeremiah discussed plans as they walked torward the Green Runner. "We shall need some cannon ammo. The French Island, Isla De'atble De' Porc, or... something like that, has cheap ammo of good quality. We shall head there!" Richard said.

Chapter 4: The Staff CollectorEdit

Jolly Roger hired a man named The Menace to track down Richard.

In Jolly Roger's cabin....

"I collect Voodoo Staffs that have powerful crystals powering them. There are only four, i have two." Said The Menace aboard The Harkaway.

"I believe you have one, Skull face." The Menace added. "Yes.... and I... am Jolly Roger, Leader of the Skeleton Army, not Skull Face!" Jolly yelled. "Ill let you have your staff.. but only if you bring Richard Goldvane to me ALIVE! it will take days to get to him... and days to bring him here.... but i dont care... so go get him!" Jolly said. "I shall do what you ask...." The Menace said.

Richard was sailing on The Green Runner to the French island, because their ammo prices were cheaper than the usual market. They also had some trades to do their, but suddenly a storm with blazing thunder and eye-percing lightning in the deepest dark night struck their ship, and they couldn't figure out which way to go. "Should we drop canvas, sir?" asked Stormwalker. "No! The french island is closer. If we head back, it will actually take longer." Said Richard

The storm got worse and worse, and then Bloody Billy came from below decks. He wore a blue jacket, a puffy sleeved green shirt, brown sack-pants, boots with holes in 'em, and, he had stylish Green hair. He was always the winey, mumbling, sad, type of person. "I hate storms" he mumered. "Not me! once.. when i was shot waaaayyy up in the air, i was able to walk on the storm-clouds." Stormwalker said.

They finally spotted the French Island. "There it is! Alright, I need three other crew members to come with me!" Richard said. Stormwalker was staring at the stormclouds asking them why they were being so harsh to their ship. The only reply was a 'Gouhhhm' sound from thunder. "Ill come. I hate being on boats when storms are near." Said Bloody Billy. "Storm come over here. The island looks.... different." Richard said. "Ok." Storm replied. "Look there." Richard pointed. "The tower. It usually has a french flag. Instead it has...." Before Richard could figure out what was there instead of the French flag, Stormwalker figured it out. "Two dead bodies!" Storm said. "I guess ill come too. I wanna figure out what happened. The people on this island are nice." Storm added. "Alright i need one more crew member!" Richard said. Then a crew member named Somjo agreed to go. They took a small boat and went to the island. The waves were strong and a Lightning-bolt even almost struck the small boat! They then reached the dock. It looked different. Storm started walking up the dock without really looking where he was going. He then walked right into a box and fell on it. "Arah." he said. "EAAH!" he said soon before cowering away from the box and running as fast as he could to to Richard who was only five feet away. "I FELL ON A DEAD BODY!" He gasped. "Um.. thats... nice to know..." Richard said. They continued to walk. "At least there's no chance we will tip over into the water. I hate boats." Bloody Billy complained. There were dead bodies everywhere. "It looks like the cleanup crew must have been fired. heh." Billy said. "Yeah.. or just got scared of boats and storms like you." Richard said. "Hey! Im only scared mainly because this was the type of weather that produced a tornado on my home island!" Billy said back. "You were only seven then. You can handle a storm. Besides i'm sure Stormwalker and his ' mighty storm communication ' can make a tornado vanish into thin air!" Richard said. "Grow up Billy. Are you just a kid in a giant grouchy man suit with fat feet and blubby cheeks?" Said Stormwalker. 'That's... IT!" Billy said right before jumping ontop and tackling Storm. "Rahh! arghe! MAAHOUUIIE!" they said as they fought. ' BANG! ' they stopped fighting. Somjo had fired a gun to get them to stop. "You guys better come on. We ARE in a hurry. I'm sure Jolly Roger is still chasing us. I mean, he's been after me ever for awhile, and I still don't know why." Said Richard. They reached land. It looked like a ghost town. "Where is everybody?" asked Storm. "Probably one of the dead people" Said Billy. "No... there's more people that live here than that" said Storm. They went up to the old gunsmith shop. It looked like some of the explosives had exploded. And the smoke seemed fresh. The sign read "Gunpowder Sam's Weaponry". "This only happened today. About two hours ago." Stormalker said "Gunpowder Sam! Sam? SAM!! where are you....?" Said Richard. Then they were approached by something red and glowy. "Sam!! there you are. Are you... ok?" asked Richard. "MAAHH!" said the weird looking glowing Gunpowder Sam. Sam then dissapeared. "Thats.... odd." said Stormwalker. Then another red figure appeared.. but closer.. and reder. Richard then realised what it was. "Are you a spirit?" asked the glowy red thing. "Guys... i think i know what that is..." Before Richard could finish, Storm yelled "RAGE GHOST!!!!!" Stormwalker said as he ran away. "Come on, guys it's just a glowy red dot." Somjo then said while shooting it with his pistol "I smell FEAR!" Said the ghost as it approached Somjo. Somjo wasn't scared, he reloaded his pistol again and shot it. it did nothing. ".. Wha... how?" said somjo. The ghost then got in Somjo's face and did Somber Demise. He quickly fell to the ground and died. "USE YOUR BITTER END!" Richard said to Stormwalker. "I don't use that sword, it's not good with dueling!" Stormwalker said. "It can freeze the ghost!" Richard said. "Oh.. ok!" He replied. Storm then approached the Rage Ghost and froze it. Richard then quickly pulled out his Blunderbuss and shot it. It fell to the ground, and the glow went away. Several lightningbolts hit it, and then.. it died. Then, it magically cooked up a loot sack. They quickly ran to see what it was. It was two Blue Red Party Hats! Richard and storm each grabbed one and tried it on. "Why dont i get one!?" asked Billy. "Sorry" Richard and Stormwalker said. "I WANT ONE!!!" said Billy. "look i promise i'll get you one as soon as i get another one." Richard promised "Fine!" Billy said. "This type of hat... isn't for me." Richard then threw his Party hat into the ocean. "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Billy said. "oops. Sorry, I forgot you wanted one, Billy" said Richard.

"BARHH!" Billy said. Then five lightning bolts struck in one place in front of them. Then a shadowy figure appeared. It was male. He had a black coat, and a few red and gold colors throughout his outfit. His hair was unseeable through his hood. "Well hello there" the figure said. "Good guy or bad guy Richard?" Asked Storm. "Uh.. i think... bad guy!" Richard said. As soon as he said that, Stormwalker froze the figure. A couple seconds later, a Lightning Bolt struck the ice and melted it. "Haha!" the figure said. "Allow me to introduce myself.. I... am the Menace!" Said the man. "The who?" Asked Bloody Billy. "The Menace!" The Menace said. "The who?" Asked Bloody Billly.

"The MENACE!!" The Menace said evilly "The WHO?"

Asked Billy "THE MENACE! ARE YOU DEAF?" The menace growled {C "Oh... OH! Boo hoo!!!" Billy said as he ran back to the dock. "Well... this is odd." Richard sighed. Richard then threw his ' Sharp Cufflink Move ' at the Menace. "Um... what am I suppose to say? 'oww'? Heheheh." The menace said. The cufflink had only hit one of his medal shoulder-plates. "I'm guessing thats not your real name, and it's just the name you use?" Richard ask. "You are correct. And, I'm sorry, Goldvane, but I'm here to capture you." said the Menace as he used his Staff of Storms to strike a lightning bolt into Richard, knocking him back three yards on the ground. and also destroying his blunderbuss. Then, The Menace summoned two Lightning Bolts to destroy their small boat. "Yarg!" Stormwaker said as he pulled out his sword. "Foolish Pirate." The menace said........ The Menace then took out his sword. It had a Blood Red snake painting on the blade. And the rest of the blade was golden. They dueled. The Menace quickly knocked Storm's Bitter End sword of his hands, and grabbed it. He then broke it. The Menace then swung his sword at Storm, Storm ducked.... but the swing hit his Tricome Hat, ripped it, and knocked it on the ground. "My hat!!" Storm said. "Ahh you like this hat eh?" The Menace said. The Menace then summoned a Lightning bolt to burn the hat into peices. "NNOOOO!!" Storm cried. Richard, who was watching the battle wounded, smiled, knowing he was now the only person in the crew with a Tricorne hat. "WAIT!" storm shouted. "I have.... an EXTRA!" Storm pulled out an extra tricorne hat and put it on. Richard frowned. Richard then threw another Cufflink at the Menace's lip. "Ah!" The Menace cried in pain. Storm then swung his sword at the Menaces Face. The Menace fell down. Richard was healed.

" Lets go!" Said Storm. "Wait!" said a voice. It was Bloody Billy! They all went up the hill and into the forest. They found a small area with a down tree, a few bushes, ( So the Menace couldn't find them easy ) and a couple large stones. They made Camp. "So... do you think The Menace will find us?" asked Storm. "Not likely." Said Richard. " It will take at least a day for him to find us in these woods. Their pretty big. Plus its dark AND the storm makes it harder." He said. Billy was quiet. They fell asleep for five hours. They were woken up by loud thunder. They were awake and ready to take on the menace! "We can't go back to the Runner" Richard said. "Good. I hate boats." groaned Billy. "You hate everything!" Storm growled. "Not everything! I don't hate Hershey bars!" He said. "What's that?" Asked Richard. "Oh I looked in that loot bag that yall got hats in and found it. It tastes GREAT!" He said. They continued walking through the woods and then found the back-way to the main tower where the French Lord Porc usually stays. They walked onto the tower."No guards?" Asked Richard. "Look! the guards are dead!" Said Billy. They continued to walk accross the back bridge. Then they approached Porcs table. But instead of Porc being there, it was someone else. "The Menace!" Said Stormwalker.

"How nice of you to.. pay me a visit." Said the Menace. "You.. filthy worm!" Richard said in disgust. "Thank you for your compliments." The menace growled "How nice of say.............. that. how about this." Richard started "Ill give you a merciful death quickly, and painful." He said as he unsheathed his sword. The Menace did the same. Then Stormwalker unsheathed his sword. The menace then pulled out his Staff of Storms. He summoned a warrior made of bear lightning itself. It looked horrid. "Im OUTTA HERE!!" Said Bloody Billy. Richard dueled The Menace on the bridge. Storm followed Billy back to the jungle but the Lightning Warrior followed. He struck Storm with a lightning bolt "ARAH!" He said. The lightning warrior then unsheathed a sword and they dueled. But the Lightning warrior kept attracking too much lightning from the sky. The warrior hid under a tree, but Stormwalker followed and attacked. They continued dueling. Meanwhile, Richard was taking on The Menace. Richard used his sword to cut the Staff Of Storms ( Which was still in The Menace's other hand ) in half. "You shall pay for that, mr. Goldvane!" Yelled The Menace. The Menace then pulled out a different Staff. This one appeared to be the Inflamed Staff. It summoned a advanced Flamming Skull which then struck Richard. Richard was pushed back, and he lost confidence that he would live. Especially when he accidently dropped his sword down and off the bridge. Meanwhile, Stormwalker had the offensive against the Lightning Warrior. The Warrior then attracked so much lightning, that it knocked the tree he was under and the lim fell to the right... it fell where Richard was battling the Menace. Also a small lim hit the warrior! ' Oww... ' he said. Stormwalker then destroyed the warrior as he exploded, launching electric lims everywhere. Meanwhile, on the bridge.... a lim had hit The Menace, and knocked him back, giving Richard a chance to survive. Richard then got up and pulled out his voodoo staff, which he rarely used. He started a flamming skull but didn't release it. He kept it charging.. The Menace got up and started a super flamming skull, and as soon as he BARELY released his crushing fire blow.. Richard released his, which shot onto the Menace's about-to-launch-a-fire-explosion-staff, as the combining flame explosion blew the menace all the way into the ocean. The Meance was able to walk back up onto the shore wounded... he then fell asleep on the beach. Storm and billy traveled back to the dock. but Billy saw something floating in the water.... it was the party hat that Richard threw into the ocean! The crew then saw a small boat over by the gunsmith shop. "Darn. We could have just escaped then!" Richard said as he came back from getting his sword from below the bridge. They used the boat and went back to the Green Runner. The sun came out and the rain stopped. And then a wonderful Rainbow appeared. But then Bloody Billy sounded like he had a complaint. "I love rainbows!" Billy said, surprising the entire crew. Easter Eggs, hidden clues, and facts.

  • The lightning bolt that almost hit their boat was because of the Meance
  • The Menace survived
  • Gunpowder Sam is still a Rage Ghost
  • The Hershey bar was a zap from the furture. The sky magicaly produced a Hershey bar from the future when Hersey bars first came out. No Hershy bar copyright intended xD.
  • The two skeletons that were dead on the tower were actually the guards that were dead.
  • Menace fixed his Staff of Storms
  • Jolly Roger-not so happy
  • Menace-Not so happy either
  • Menace-In Trouble
  • Richard-happy
  • Bloody Billy-Complaining. WANTS HERSHEY BARS!
  • Hershy Bar-Eaten
  • Somjo-dead
  • Rage Ghost-Not so happy
  • Gunpowder Sam(Ghost)-Moaaaannnn!
  • Nah( The Skeleton)-Coming soon.

Chapter 5:MemoriesEdit

Coming soon

Chapter 6: An Evil DummyEdit

This chapter is under slight reconstruction!

There was once a island consumed by chaos.... pirates, and villainy. Many pirates, including Captain Richard Goldvane, are ported there this very moment. The name of the island, was Tortuga. Richard, however, isn't in a bar drinking, playing cards at a parlor, game, plundering ships, or any normal pirating hobby. Instead, he's searching for someone.... someone his nephew hates... Luke the Terrible.. ' Richard, i must tell you. This boy.. is still loyal to Edward! ' Said Richards nephew, Will Goldvane. ' Well lets turn 'em to da good side, then, Will! Im sure he hates Edward the Terrible. I cant believe he calls his last name ' The Terrible '. I mean who wants The Terrible as their last name? ' Said Richard. He was acompanied by his nephew, Will Goldvane, his friend, Jeremiah Watts, and three other swashbucklers. They went into the deeper part of town searching for this ' Luke the Terrible ' when suddenly a green lightning bolt struck one of their men, killing him. ' Eahh! ' he said as he died. then a Witchdocter jumped out of the bushes. He was bald, with a skull mask on. He had two Mini-Staffs and was shooting green lightning bolts at the crew from them. ' Run ! ' Said Richard. But it was too late. He shot two lightning bolts and killed the other two crew members. ' Not to fear, my friends! ' said a voice. ' Yaahh! ' said the voice. It was a small man holding a Dummy. He pointed the dummy at the Witchdocter. ' EEAHH!! ' The man said. he fainted. ' Wow. That's a pretty powerful dummy ' said Richard. ' It is a magic dummy. It brings good to all. I sensed your presence... and knew the Dummy was meant for you. ' The man said ' For me? Are you serious? I cant afford such a thing! ' Richard replied. ' Oh no.. there is no cost. Like i said, ..... it was meant for you.. ' The man said. ' Alright.. then, i guess. ' Richard said while taking the dummy. The man pulled out a Voodoo Staff. He then used it to teleport away.

"What's that? That noise." Said Will Goldvane. ' EITC Soldiers! ' Richard screamed. 50 EITC Soldiers came from behind bushes and trees, terrorizing the small part of town. ' Where did they come from? ' Asked Jermiah Watts ' They must be coming from Theives Den. ' Will Goldvane replied. They all dodged gunshots and ran. They went for the closest building, Junes shack. ' Quick, inside! ' Richard said while opening the door to the small shack. ' Get away from my house!! ' Yelled a grumpy lady, June. ' Nevermind! ' Richard said while closing the door. They then kept running untill they reached the tattoo shop. They went inside. ' Out! ' Said a male tattoo artist. ' No thanks. ' Said Jeremiah Watts as he pulled out his pistol and shot the man. ' EUUAH!! ' The man said while dying. They locked the door and took cover from the attacking soldiers. The gunfire stopped. ' Just forget it! There's other pirates to slay. ' Said the head EITC Soldier. ' Others to slay? Their going to invade Tortuga! ' Said Will Goldvane. ' That's not good. We should help defend against the EITC. ' Said Jeremiah Watts. ' No! We need to find Edward the Terrible. ' Said Richard, but Will and Jeremiah outnumbered him with their opinions. They returned to ' Joey's Slowies. Slowly cooked meat with rum and soda. ' Tavern. ' Ok, here's the plan. Jeremiah, Will, Jack Can and half of the crew will stay and fight the EITC, and, Stormwalker, Bloody Billy, and I, shall go searching for Edward. ' Richard ordered. No one said anything, but all nodded. Richard, Storm, and Billy went searching for Edward around the towns. ' I hate searching. Why did i have to come on this part of the trip.? ' Asked Bloody Billy. ' Because your're the only one who wouldn't shoot us if we asked you to come. ' Stormwalker replied. ' I WOULD shoot you, but i dont have a gun. ' Bloody Billy said. ' That's why we dont give you a gun ' Richard said to him. ' I hate not having a gun. ' Bloody Billy replied. ' Is there anything you don't hate? ' Asked Stormwalker. ' Yes. I dont hate Hershey Bars. ' Billy replied. ' Other than Hershey bars? ' Stormwalker added. ' Nope. I hate everything other than that. ' Billy strangly replied. ' Then why dont you just say that you hate everything? ' Storm asked. ' Because i hate hating everything. ' Bloody Billy replied. They kept searching around town untill they came back to the area with the tattoo shop. A lady was feeding her cat on the pathway. ' So... whats up? ' Stormwalker asked strangely to the lady. Richard shouted to him ' Dude! Theres no time for monkey business, Come on! ' He said. Stormwalker walked up to the lady and said ' Hi. I'm Stormwalker. I can walk stormclouds, and even talk to storms. ' He said. ' Hi, im Sarah Waltstones. This is BlueEyes. ' Sarah said while pointing to her cat. ' Cool. Wanna go out for a drink ? ' Storm asked. ' Sure. ' She replied. Storm reached out to shake her hands, but then.. WOOF! Richard slapped his face. Richard then pulled him around the path. ' I hope we meet again! ' Storm shouted to Sarah while being pulled. ' I hate meeting again.. ' Bloody Billy complained. POW! A gunshot withered over their heads. ' Charge!! ' Said EITC Soldiers. The Soldiers stormed the town from the bushes. There was nowhere for the crew to go other than a dinghy back to the ship. ' To the dinghy! ' Richard said. They ran for the dinghy. POW! WHOOSH! more gunshots were fired. ' ARRAH! ' Yelped Stormwalker. A bullet had hit his lower leg. Bloody Billy picked him up. Strangely, Billy was strong. ' Bring him to the dingy! Richard yelled. He was already at the dinghy. Billy ran as fast as he could to the dinghy. They passed sarah. ' I hope we meet..... again.. ' Storm said. Billy reached the dinghy and put storm inside. Billy jumped in with Richard. ' Go go go! ' Richard said to Billy, who was being made row. Richard started rowing, but then he noticed his paddles were made of foam. ' Better than nothing. ' He said. Gunshots could be heard all over the town, the EITC Raid had begun. They reached the Runner and climbed aboard. Storm was taken to the medical room. A large noise was heard. Cannon fire wizzed past their ship. The Runner was under attack by a fleet of EITC Warships. Richard remembered the Dummy. He pulled it out and pointed it at the fleet. ................ It did nothing.

Quotation Change Ends Here

"Peice of junk!" Richard said while throwing the Dummy below decks. The Runner started sailing away, but was getting blown to bits. Even with rear cannons, the Runner was no match for the fleet. But then... the Fleet crashed into itself and sunk. It was like the water had a mind of its own. Richard walked from the steering wheel down to the main deck. But something was odd... the Dummy was sitting on the deck, and not below decks. Richard picked up the Dummy. "Very...... strange." He said. He put the dummy below decks. It was then a peaceful day and night. They all went to sleep. Richard woke up in his private cabin. He yawned, looked around, and got up. He opened the window. It was still night. He then closed the window. He heard noises. It was footsteps. They got louder and louder. Richard had his musket ready. But then.. a different noise accured.... a knocking on the door. " Hello? Are you awake? I hate not being awake.... " Said a voice that sounded like Bloody Billys. Richard opened the door. It WAS Bloody Billy. "What do you want?" Richard asked. "There are noises. Crashing, banging. And i saw a lightning bolt hit a crew member. Can i sleep on your extra bed?" Asked Bloody Billy. "Ah.. no. Just show me the things you saw." Richard said. " Uh....." Billy shivered. "Ok... i guess i w...w..will" Billy said. Billy took Richard down below decks and went to a large area of hammacks which each had a sleeping Pirate in them... except for one. Instead, this hammack was emty... and burnt. There WAS a pirate on the ground next to the hammack. He had a black hole in the middle of his body, and electricity surrounding him. "This is..... i..i..It." Billy said. "He's Dead. No way he could be alive." Richard said."I wanna.. go somewhere else.." Bloody Billy said. " YAAWWN. Your such a baby, Billy." said Stormwalker, who was waking up due to Richard and Billy. "Storm, you and your little girlfriend on Tortuga is the only thing babyish!" Billy replied, angry. Stormwalkers face turned red. "Ok, Billy let's just go up to the deck, shall we?" Richard said, knowing Stormwalker shouldn't use his energy, for he's hurt, also pulling Billy upstairs and onto the main deck. But, Richard then went up into the air. He was floating. "Wha... ahh!!!! AHH!!! What's happening?!?!? I demand you to get me down!" Richard yelled. He was then thrown into the ocean. "Richard!!" Bloody Billy cried as he sent a small boat down for Richard to jump in. Richard got into the boat. "Cold.. cold...cold...!" He said, shivering. A figure walked up from below decks. It was very short. It was the dummy! "A walking dummy!!" Bloody Billy said. "Hello there." The dummy said in a solid voice. He waved his small wooden hands. Lighting and elictricity appeared in them. He was about to shoot what looked like the same lightning that killed the man, which Bily had saw happening. Billy was so scared he jumped off the ship, into Richards boat. He landed on something soft. It made a REEOO sound. It was a hound-dog. Richard unsheathed his sword and cut the roaps that held the boat to the ship. "Row row row!!" He said. They rowed. "I forgot to tell you but.. we have a new addition to the crew : Bruce the hound!" Richard said. "Ruff!" The hound said. They rowed as fast as they could until they reached land. It was sunrise by then. They went ashore. It was just a plain old island. They walked around a little. Untill a figure appeared. It was The Menace!! He walked out of the woods. "Barggh! You!... YOU!!" The Menace said angry. "How did you end up on this excuse for a peice of dirt?" The Menace said. Bloody Billy had just realized who it was. "AHH!" He said while running back to the boat, where the Hound was still laying. "Some dummy used voodoo magic and sent me into the ocean. Lucky for me, Billy saved me, and we ran away from the Dummy here. Apparently, this Dummy has probably been hired by someone to capture us" Richard replied. "What... that ' Skull Face' replaced me with a dummy!!?" The Menace yelled. "Replaced you? You were HIRED to attack us?" Richard said. "And who's ' Skull Face '?" Asked Richard. "Skull face? Oh.. the man who hired me - Jolly Roger." The Menace replied. "Hmm... i attacked him the other day. He wants something of me... im not sure what." Richard said. "Im not sure either... but i am sure of one thing... and that's that I WILL have my revenge... here... and now..." The Menace said as he unsheathed a sword. It wasn't his old fancy one. it had dirt on it, and looked very old. The Menace must have found it in the dirt somewhere on the island. Richard unsheathed his sword. "Ya really want to do this... AGAIN,.. mate?" Richard asked. "I do... and im sure of it.. Yaa!" The Menace said as he attacked Richard. Richard parried, but the Menace wasn't giving up. He wanted his revenge. Cling Clang! Slash! Woof! They dueled for ten minutes in the same place. Untill the Menace knocked Richard's Sword out of his hand. He then used his ' Sharp Cufflink Movie ' on the Menace's shoulder. "Arrh!!" He said while stepping back five steps. Richard then noticed he didn't have any shoulder-plates. Richard then grabbed his sword, and slashed at The Menace's knees. "AHH!" He said while falling down. Richard then turned back toward the ocean, due to seeing the sun first come out. But there were sails on the horizon... it was the Runner. "Ill make sure to have you killed, mate. Unless you wanna help me against Ole Jolly. Assuming that he's the one who took away your ' prized ' staffs, shoulder-plates, and your sword." Richard said. "Alright.. i guess." The Menace replied. But the Runner wasn't sailing like it usually was..... instead.... it was firing cannons at the island! Massive destruction accured. Billy came running back from the boat, which was getting shot at. "The boat! It's our only hope!" Richard said. Bruce the hound came running from the boat following Billy. Richard ran for the boat. Billy realized what Richard was trying to do - escape. Billy went with Richard and Bruce the Hound followed. The Menace, knowing this was his only chance at escaping, also followed. But the boat was hit by a massive Long Range Firebrand Cannonball, which completly destroyed the boat. "We dont use that expensive ammo." Richard said "Apprently that dummy can produce cannonballs." The Menace said. "Rurr" Bruce the Hound agreed. The Menace then pulled out a gun from his pocket. He shot it. "I'm surprised they let you have that gun. It even has more than ' one shot '." Richard said. "Fool. This isn't a gun. It's a flagger. They will let you buy these for free at the market." The Menace said. "What's a flagger?" Richard asked. "Just watch..." The Menace replied. "I hate just watching." Bloody Billy said. The bullet had strangely hit the ships deck. it turned into a large cloud of smoke.. which then turned into a flag which read 'I surrender.' "Lame..." Richard said. The Runner quit firing. A boat was launched... and some magic Voodoo spell made it get there in three seconds. Three figures were in it. The Dummy, Stormwalker with toilet paper on his leg, and some other scallywag. "Stormwalker! Help!" Richard said. Stormwalker didn't move. His eyes were read, as were the other sailors eyes. "Their under my control. I have... hypnotized them. They obey my every command. They dont know who they are, or do they care." The Dummy said. "Apparently... this dummy has advanced voodoo capabilities... like i used to have." The Menace said. "What do you mean? You couldn't possibly be as powerful as I am." The Dummy said. For the first time, the dummy actually looked emotional... like he was concerned by what The Menace had said. "Let's just say... I use to be... ' powerful '." The Menace said. "He's not that powerful. I've seen him ' in action ' and he's nothing." Richard said. "No, Richard you haven't seen me... ' in action '. I was MUCH more powerful before we met." Menace replied. "Ah.. you know each other. Well i'm Slappy The Dummy." Slappy the Dummy said. "And your coming with me...." The Dummy said.

He used his voodoo staff to put Richard into the boat. Bruce the Hound and Bloody Billy jumped in with him, not wanting to take a chance at possibly staying with The Menace for the night. The Menace soon jumped in the boat, knowing this was probably his only chance at getting off the Island. The Dummy then cast another spell on the boat, making it go back to the Runner in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, on Tortuga, the EITC Raid had begun. EITC Soldiers invaded from behind bushes, shops, rocks, anywhere you could emagine. Many pirates, including Will Goldvane, Jack Can and Jerimiah Watts were fighting off the EITC Attack, but the EITC didn't come from the waters, like the Skeletons did. Instead, they were already on the Island. Plus, EITC Ships sent boats of soldiers and fired cannons at the Island. Many Pirates were use to the skeletons attacking, and put up barricades, which only helped a little. Most pirates defended places they knew of. Like a bar they had been to, their house, or a Ship Repair site which had a Shipwright that was their friend. The EITC was coming from all around the Island, and the Pirates were pretty much trapped. "All retreat to the Center of town!" Pirate leaders yelled. And eventually all Pirates listened to their leaders and retreated to a large group. Jack Can went to hide in a building. But, it was an EITC Office! Inside, was an EITC Assassin. "Pirate migit scum!" He yelled unsheathing two daggers. Jack Can did the same. They dueled. But then, a Pirate can inside with a pistol, and shot the EITC Blue coat.

Meanwhile, on the Green Runner...

"Look. Jolly Roger wanted me alive, right? Well.. unless you undo the spell on my Crew, ill jump overboard. And, ill kill myself. And you will be fired for killing me." Richard said. "Fine..., Goldvane. You may have a few tricks up your sleeve, but your no match for me." The Dummy said while undoing the hypnotization. Stormwalker fell to the ground, due to pain in his leg. "Look, Storm. Your gonna have to steer the Runner, and follow this Dummy." Richard whispered in Storm's ear. "Ok. Ill try." Storm replied. The dummy then waved his hands at the ship. Nothing happened, but The Menace looked like he knew something was up. The Dummy took Richards weapons, and tossed them below decks. He pulled out what looked like a tiny plastic ship out of his pocket. He threw it overboard. It turned into a Light Sloop, with two figures on it. It was the Witchdoctor that attacked them on Tortuga! And next to him was the man who gave Richard the Dummy! The Dummy jumped onto the Boat and used voodoo magic to bring Richard on it. "You! You set me up! That witchdocter WORKS for you! You made it look like the dummy cursed him, yet he was pretending!!" Richard said to the man who gave him the Dummy. "You think IM good? You should see my MASTER!" The man said. "Who's your master?" Richard asked. "Not telling.." The man said. "My payment, Jamie?" The Witchdocter asked to the man who gave Richard the Dummy, who's name was now known as Jamie. Jamie then pulled out a sword, and stabbed the Witchdoctor, killing him. "Jamie lopus... is a vile man." The Dummy said. "He created me.... at his masters request." The Dummy added. "I didn't CREATE him, i cursed him. If I would have created him, i wouldn't have given him girly hair!" Jamie Lopus said. "NEVER speak of my girly hair!!!" The Dummy said, with elictricity coming out of his hands. "Ok ok ok.. man." Jamie said. The boat casted off. The Menace tried to jump overboard to attack and/or save them, but he was forced back by a voodoo spell. "I knew it. He put a spell on the ship. We cant leave the ship, and the ship cant move." The Menace said. "How did you get here, you worm?" Stormwalker asked. "Me and ' Richie Rich ' had a duel, and then decided to team up against Jolly Roger." The Menace said. "Hand me Richard's Voodoo Staff" The Menace said. "No way! Youll kill us all!" Stormwalker said while getting up. "Trust me!! Im working on a way to save Richard, and save us!!" The Menace said. "Never!" Storm said while unsheathing his sword. "Look, dude, I dont want to fight you." The Menace said while taking three steps back. "Why? Because I BEAT you last time?" Storm said. "No.. because im on your side!" The Menace said. "OR... maybe its because you dont have a sword!" Storm said while attacking the Menace, however The Menace dodged. The crew cheered. Half rooted for The Menace, when the other half rooted for Stormwalker. The Menace didn't have a sword, and knew he couldn't defeat Stormwalker without one, so he went to the one place he knew would have one - Richard's Private Cabin. He ran for the cabin, and Storm quickly followed. The Menace pulled out his flagger, and shot the doornob off. He then went inside and picked up a sword. It was a Golden Royal Broadsword, which read ' Goldvane ' on the blade. "Richard's Family Sword!" Stormwalker said while entering the room. The Menace attacked Stormwalker. Stormwalker parried, but The Menace had a heavy sword, and Stormwalker ran below decks. He grabbed another sword just like his sabre from a Pirate who was sleeping. Stormwalker ran back to the Cabin, only to find The Menace stealing objects. He attacked The Menace. They dueled, wrecking Richard's Cabin. "If I win, you let me have Richard's staff, and give up your rank as first mate so you cant boss me around. If YOU win, you can kill me. Deal?" The Menace asked. "Deal!" Stormwalker said. They continued dueling. However, The Menace pulled a box of Richard's cufflinks off a table, and threw them at Stormwalker. "Ha! I always wanted to do that." The Menace said. Stormwalker, in pain, fell to the ground, and dropped his swords. The Menace pulled Storm out of the cabin and took Richard's Staff. He used it not to kill the crew, but to undo The Dummy's spell. "Woo! Yeah!! WOOHOO!!" The Crew cheered. "Yehaw!" Ben Can said. "Did anyone know Stormwalker is no longer the first mate?" The Menace said, clealy trying to embarrass Stormwalker. The Crew gasped. "We need a new first mate!" Said a crew member. "No! Let's try it without one!" Said another member. But it was clear all crew members wanted a new first mate, other than this man. So as pirates, they threw that man overboard.

They had a vote. "Lets see... Stormwalker came in... second. And... the winner is..... THE MENACE!" Said a crew member. Some cheered, some booed, when others just gasped. It was clear they were happy that The Menace saved them. A raft made of tree wood came from the island. The Man came aboard. "Charles!" The man said to The Menace. "Good to see you, Fred Wancels!" The Menace said. "So that's your real name." Storm said. "Yes... Charles. I didn't really like the name, so my nic-name is The Menace" Charles/The Menace said.

Stormwalker was steering the ship. "Let's save Richard!" Storm said. "Yeah!!!" the crew agreed. "How can you captain the ship?" The Menace asked. "Becuase, as first mate, I took control of the ship as captain while the Captain is away. I signed this downstairs before we dueled." Storm said. "Barrghh!!" The Menace said. They set sail to follow the Dummy's ship, which was almost out of sight. "Full speed!" Stormwalker ordered. They started catching up to the dummy.

Meanwhile, on the Dummy's ship.

A patch of Voodoo Clouds appeared on the deck on The Dummy's ship. It was Jolly Roger. "Now that you have Richard, bring him to the Harkaway. NOW, Wooden Face!!" Jolly roared. "I do not take insults nicely, Skeleton. Do remember that you want Richard allive, and I can always keep him for myself, or give him over to the EITC." The Dummy said. "Yes.. but YOU remember, that i offered ANY payment. ANY PAYMENT!!" Jolly bellowed. "We shall discuss payment later." The Dummy replied, moving his hand through the message, destroying it.

Back on the Green Runner, shouting accured. "Ship ahead! Ship ahead!!" Shouted Ben Can, in the crows nest. A MASSIVE warship came from the horizon. It looked like it had 27 cannons on just ONE SIDE of the lower decks, with 7 on the deck on each side, equalling 68 all together. It had blue and yellow sails, with a flag that read F.B. It didn't look damaged at all, like it had been preparing for battle for a decade. Tons of barrels of Exlosives were lined around the decks, and the hull was brown and blue with a yellow trim. But the cannons weren't loaded, being manned, or even out of their cockpits. Instead, they were just lying there.

Even though they weren't in battle-mode, the crew of the Green Runner shivered with fear, knowing they would probably lose to this massive warship. Tons of soldiers in blue, gold, and green coats manned this mighty warship, with a man with a Bi-corner hat and a tourist long coat was at the helm, also commanding other crew members to do their jobs on the deck. Many noticed the Runner. The ships got fairly close when they both stopped. Stormwalker, The Menace, and three other pirates went in a small boat to board the ship.

The were greeted by a soldier in a blue coat who said "I am Sergeant Major, Jeffrey Blasthawk, of the Francis Brigade. This is Corporal, Charles Swordeagle." Jeffrey Blasthawk said. "Um.. so you must be the legendary Francis Brigade. We are the crew of the Green Runner, captained by Richard Goldvane" Stormwalker said, while walking up the ladder onto the ship. "Richard Goldvane? We have met. We made an alliance between our guilds." The Captain/leader of the ship said. "Where is Goldvane right now? Oh and, uh... by the way,... I am Francis Bluehawk, Brigadier General of the Brigade, also known as the Guildmaster" Francis Bluehawk said. "Richard is trapped on that small boat, over there. He has been captured by an evil Dummy and is planning to hand him over to Jolly Roger." Storm said. He noticed a giant contraption which read ' Skeleton Transformation Chamber '. "Um.. what is that?" Storm asked, pointing to it. "Ah, that is the machine we use to transform Skeletons back to their original human form. And if Richard is trapped, we better go save him!" Francis said. "Wait so... youll help us?" Storm asked. "Of course! We can fight ole Jolly any day." Francis said. Storm nodded and jumped back into the boat, and went back to the Runner. The Menace, Stormwalker and the other crew members got back onto the Runner.

Both ships set sail to follow the Dummy's ship, which had been slowed down because of a reef. Luckilly, the Runner and the Brigade's Flagship saw a path to avoid the reefs. Fog appeared, and the Harkaway was now slightly visible. The Dummy's ship got their in two seconds, now that it knew where the ship was

"Ah.. Richie Rich. I have alot of plans for you.. and you may not know it, but you have something i want." Jolly said. But, Jolly then saw the two ships. "Prepare for battle! Explosives mixed with Fury combination enabled!!" Jolly ordered. "And ah.. put the Pirate in the brig." Jolly said. Which Richard WAS put into the brig.

The Crew of the Green Runner watched as the massive Brigade Warship prepared for battle, and prepared their cannons. It was truly a sight.

The Harkaway also prepared for battle, and had many new powers and ammo. Which the Harkway did need an extra trick or two, because it was outnumbered. But still.. Jolly Roger looked very sure he would win this battle in a few heatbeats. The Harkaway got right into the middle of the two ships, and began firing. "FIRE!!" Jolly ordered. "Fire!!!" Storm yelled "FIRE ALL!!" The Menace roared. "Fire!" Francis Bluehawk ordered. Massive cannon fire caused insane sound and chaos.

Richard pulled out a sharp cufflink, and used it as a key to escape the brig. "Stupid skeletons." He said to himself. "Prepare to board!" Stormwalker and Francis both said. TONS of Brigade soldiers armed with muskets and swords boared the Harkaway, and many pirates also boarded the Harkaway, including The Menace. He unsheathed the Goldvane Family Blade, and clashed at skeletons. "Dont board, or they will take over!" Jolly ordererd. Nah came from below decks, commanding Greencloths in skeleton form. Jeffrey Blasthawk, who boarded the Harkaway noticed Greencloths had recently been cursed, and so he sliced his sword out of his hand, tied him in a rope, and brought him over to the Francis Brigade ship, and then put him in the chamber. He came out as a human, but was so tired he fell asleep. Blasthawk then boarded the Harkaway again. Put this time, he dueled Nah. Nah was fast and quickly knocked Blasthawks blade of his hand. "Nid nou neally nink nou nould nefeat nhe nighty Nah?(Translate - Did you really think you could defeat the might Nah?)" Nah said. But then, Ben Can threw two daggers into Nah's head, knocking him out. "Yeehaw!!" Ben Can jumped and said.

The Menace walked to the helm area. "You! You ruined everything!!" The Menace said to Jolly Roger, who then made a skeleton steer. "Ruined what? Your life? I'm Jolly Roger, don't expect mercy from the Leader of the Skeleton Army." Jolly replied. "You may be a leader of an army... but only an army of bones!!" The Menace said while attacking Jolly Roger. He clashed at Jolly, and then stabbed him. Nothing happened. "Soul storm!" Jolly summoned Soul Storm, knocking The Menace back. He then unsheathed his sword. They dueled. Jolly summoned a dark thunderbolt, knocking The Menace's sword down to the main deck. The Menace tackled/jumped onto Jolly knocking him down, but Jolly slashed at him, knocking him over to the helm. "Any last words, Dark face?" Jolly asked. But a cufflink, and two daggers hit Jolly's head. "ARAHH!" He yelped. Ben Can had threw the daggers, and Richard had threw the cufflink. Richard also had found his family blade.

"Err.. youve been a dent in my face ever since you got.... the.. item i want." Jolly said. "Im proud to be a dent in the biggest loser on earth's face, though." Richard said and smiled. "Ahh!!" Jolly said while attacking Richard. They dueled. Richard ran to the main deck, Jolly followed. Richard went to the bow of the ship and climbed on the bowpsrit. But Jolly wasn't giving up. He also climbed on the bowpsrit. They both stood up, and dueled. But Jolly summoned a Dark Thunderbolt to knock Richard's blade propeling it around the deck, then swiping a Skeletons head off. But Richard then broke off a statue of a skeleton meant to represent Jolly from the bowsprit, and threw it at Jolly, knocking him onto the bow upper deck. He fell on his back. The Menace then came with Richards family sword and stabbed Jolly. Jolly pulled the sword out, threw it overboard and got up. He then got up and cursed The Menace to be undead with his bear breath! "Charles, no!!" The Menace's friend, Fred cried out, watching from the Runner. Richard ran to the main deck. "Time to go?" He asked. "Aye!" Ben Can replied. They both swung over to the Runner. "The Brigade can handle this, let's go!" Richard said to Stormwaker. "Um welcome back but ARE WE REALLY GONNA LEAVE ALL THOSE PIRATES ON THE SHIP?" Storm replied. "Listen, and follow orders, you bilge rat, the Brigade can take care of the pirates and im not exactly in the mood!" Richard said, while taking the wheel. He ordered the men to set the sails and sail off. He broaded to starboard, and retreated. "I'll get you, Goldvane!!!" Jolly Bellowed, killing a Brigade soldier.

The Runner sailed for hours and found a resting spot. "Well.. time to search for Edward and Luke." Richard said. "So... to Tortuga?" Storm asked. "No.. we shall rest first, and then try to find Edward. I have a felling i know where me might be at.." Richard said. "But... the crew. Are we just gonna leave them at Tortuga?" Stormwalker asked. "Hmm... i guess we will go and pick them up." Richard replied...

Chapter 7: Edward The TerribleEdit

"There was once a man who was filled with greed, and rage. He betrayed his family, and left them. He then even had two sons, and even abandoned one. He even scared his brother, and took away everything from him. Some even say he killed his parents, but that rumor was eliminated because of Richard Goldvane, who knew the truth. He destroyed a piano with his bear hands, and even destroyed a book with nothing but a match and a small stick. He became a vicous Pirate, and caused destruction throughout Pirate land and Naval land. He then joined the EITC, and murdered his abandoned son's best friend, due to his abandoned son becoming a Pirate. Some say his brother scared him on the arm, and he wont stop untill he has his revenge on his family member. This is the story... of Edward The Terrible..." Said a gruffy voice, who was talking to a shelterd group of Pirates in a small underground safe. The crew shivered. "It's not so bad. At least we have light and a fair amount of room." Said Jack Can. "Yeah, but your a midget. You can fit anywhere." Will Goldvane replied. "Oh yeah.. forgot about that." Jack Can replied. {C The trap door opened. Will Goldvane pulled out his pistol, only to find his uncle, Richard Goldvane, holding the door open. "What are you waiting for, get up!" Richard said. The crew got out. "So.. you must be.. the captain" Said the gruffy voice. "Yes. You must be.. a new recruit." Richard replied. "Yep Just told them the story of Edward da terrible. I'm George Wargelsworth." Said the Gruffy voice of George. "Captain Richard Goldvane, at your service. Welcome to the crew. We need a new lookout. Crows nest." Richard said. "I always dreamed of being a lookout.. oh the excitment. WOOHOO... EHYEAYHH!...Um... sorry about that." said George. The entire town was on fire, and the crew was scared. {C But, then.. a figure appeared. "Hey.. that's Luke! Come back here!" Will said, while running after Luke the Terrible. "You'll never catch me, Goldvane! Haha!" Luke said, while running. Will continued to chase Luke untill they reached the meat area. Will unsheathed his sabre. He pointed it at Luke. "Don't make me.." Will said. Luke unsheathed his cutlass. Will and luke engaged, and a duel took place. With the entire town on fire, an occasional tree limb would fall. A limb hit Will's head, and he went unconscious. Jack Can then came down the path into the meat area. "Guys! I found hi.." Jack Can tried to say. A dart had hit his leg, causing him to fall down. He got up, and unsheathed his sword. "Get him!" The man who had the dart said to Luke. Luke unsheathed his sword, and dueled Jack. "Yehaw!!" Jack Can said as he picked up a limb, and threw it at Luke, causing Jack to have the upper hand. Jack Can then slashed at Luke, and knocked his sword out of his hand. But then, the man with the dart-shooter shot Jack Can with a dart again. This time, in the head. Jack Can went unconscious. The man then took Will and Jack to a dinghy. Luke followed "Look! There!" Said Jeremiah Watts, while pointing to the boat. He was in a small search party wich included him, Richard, and George. The rest of the crew heard Jeremiah, and came also. They all got into about 6 boats, and went to the Runner. "Follow that boat!" Richard demanded. And that's what they did. They sailed for about 5 hours, following the boat. The boat than docked at an Island. It was very stormy in the area.

The Runner also docked there. "Welcome to Isla Cruciowios" A sign read. Richard, Jeremiah, Stormwalker, Billy, and a man named Wallo Wango went to shore. "We need some new recruits. Me, Storm, and Billy will handle that." Richard said. Wallo Wango and Jeremiah went searching, and Richard, Storm, and Billy went to recruit. They went into a bar to recruit. They set up a small stand in a corner, with a side that read "Who wants to join the crew of the Green Runner?". Billy and Storm stayed at the stand, and Richard went around the bar to recruit. He walked up to a man who looked familiar. "Um.. is that a... dirty.. roughed up.. Francis Brigade hat?" Richard asked the man. "Ah, yes. Hey.. your Richard Goldvane, aren't ye?" Asked the man. "Yeah. How did ya know?" Richard asked. "I fought with your crew once. Not long ago, actually. As a soldier. Nah the Skeleton almost killed me." The man said. "What's your name?" Richard asked the man. "Jeffrey Blasthawk. Would still be in the Brigade, but... well. Francis lost a big battle against Captain Leon and Johnny Cothern the other week and uh... lost alot of money. Couldn't aford to pay everybody and.. well let's say i wasn't doing all my jobs and battle calls... actually none, really. I got into a bar fight with John Goldtimbers, and im kinda busy dealing with him." The man, Jeffrey Blasthawk, said. "Well, would ye like to join me crew?" Richard asked. "Sure, but on one condition. If we find John... I get to shoot 'em." Jeffrey said. "Agreed. Welcome aboard!" Richard said. "Oh and uh.. i got a buddy here who also left the brigade, due to it cumbling. After Johnny Cothern sent a large attack on the Brigade and killed his brother, he is with me. His name is Charles Swordeagle. He's over there." Jeffrey said. "I'll recruit him. But i must ask one question : Who is Johnny Cothern?" Asked Richard. "Oh... you might know 'em by his other name, : Scarface. He's an EITC Lord. He's got alot of history. You should check 'em out sometime in the uh.. EITC History books." Jeffrey replied. "He made the H. Book? Wow. He must be pretty amazing." Richard replied. "He sure is." Jeffrey said. Richard went over and recruited Charles. Charles joined in a heartbeat. "I left the stinky Brigade, after they let my brother die without ANY medical attention!!" Charles said. "Ill be happy to join, as long as can be a CANNONEER." Charles said. "Sure. We need a new one, anyway." Richard replied. "WooHOO! Woohoo! WoohooHooHoOHOO!" Charles said. "It's an honor. Can you promise me... one thing?" Charles said again. "Um... what?" Richard asked. "That if we find the Admiral who wouldn't give my brother medical attention... I can avenge him!" Charles said. "Uh... sure." Richard replied. Richard went back to the stand, hoping to see progress. One bearded dirty man had been recruited, and was named offcial rum tester of the ship. But Storm wasn't there. It was just Billy. Jeffrey and Charles came over behind the stand and waited. "Um.. where's Storm?" Asked Richard. "Dunno. Said he would be in the rum section. Went off with some girl." Billy replied. Richard then saw Storm on a table with rum and some chicken. But he was with a girl Richard had seen before........ he was with Sarah Waltstones! Richard approached the table. "Um... didn't i say NO MONKEY BUSINESS!?" Richard asked. "This isn't monkey business." Storm replied. "It's participating!" He said again. "He was just telling me about his superpowers." Sarah replied. "What superpowers?" Asked Richard. "You know... the talk to storms, control storms, walk on storms, etc..." Storm replied. "Oh yeah those FAKE ones! I remember those. Well, Sarah, he's making that u.." Richard said, but was interrupted by Storm saying "They are REAL!!! I use them everyday!". It was clear Storm wanted Sarah to believe that. "Sarah is now official second mate!" Storm said. "WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!" Richard demanded. "No no NO! I hereby undo that as captain of my own crew!!" Richard replied. "Fine.." Storm said. "But she's still coming with us" He said. Gunshots could be heard. Luke the Terrible and tons of Pirates and bandits invaded the bar. A man knocked Richard down, and had his sword at his throat... but then WOOSH. Charles had stabbed the Bandit. John Goldtimbers came in. "Johnny john johnoooh!!" Jeffrey said. "Blasthawk!" Goldtimbers said. Jeffrey pulled out his pistol, and shot him. But Goldtimbers got up. Jeffrey thought he missed, but then realized that he shot his arm. "Next time... you... Blasthawk!" Goldtimbers said, while running away. The crew of the Runner fought their way out, except for Sarah, who was being carried by Stormwalker. "Put me down!" She said. "It's for your own good." Storm replied. Storm carried her out, and the Crew fought many Pirates and bandits. Gunshots were all around. "Oh storms of storms... please carry Sarah to the Runner." Stormwalker asked the Storms.... nothing happened. Jeremiah and Wallo Wango came over with Jack and Will. The crew escaped the bar, but still had to fight. Charles grabbed a sword from a dead pirate, and now had twin cutlasses. "Bring it.. ON!!" He said to two big buffed up pirates. they both got on different sides of each other, and had their swords ready. They charged. Charles sat there for a second... and then backed up two seconds before the Pirates.....................hit each other! He then stabbed them both. "That's what you get!" Charles said. Stormwalker put Sarah down. She slapped him. "You forgot.. BLUEEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled in rage. "Uh.. oh. Um.... oh yeah.... BlueEyes... your.... cat.... um... yeah... I remember.... her." Stormwalker said. It was clear he was in for it now... "It's a HE!!!!!" She said. "Oh eh... um... yeah... did i say her? I'm terribly sorry. I uh..." Storm tried to say.. but then..... "You can't talk to storms, your just a bragger!" Sarah said. Storm hesitated for a second... and then he fought his way back into the tavern. He searched for BlueEyes, untill he say a bandit stealing him. The bandit ran out the back door. "Come back here!!" Stormwalker said, while chasing the bandit. The bandit came over to the front of the tavern to join the rest of the Pirates, but then POW! Storm had shot him. He grabbed BlueEyes and went over to Sarah. "Thank you.................... but...... YOU COULD HAVE HIT BLUE!" Sarah screamed. "Don't worry... ive only shot 20 cats in this entire 2 months!" Storm said. "UGH!" She said. Richard approached Storm and said : "All that for a cat that belongs to some person that you'll never see again... bummer." Richard said. "She will be coming aboard!" Storm said. "It's bad luck to have a lady onboard, mate." Jeremiah said. But then... there was a HUGE problem. Billy sat in the boat... and he had sat on Bruce the hound! Bruce jumped up, and out of the boat. Sarah sat BlueEyes down. Bruce barked. "Meow!!" BlueEyes screamed while running away. Bruce chased him. "Get that crazy dog away from my beutiful Blue!" She said. Storm pulled out his pistol to shoot the hound................................................. "No!!!" Billy said. Billy tackled Stormwalker. He dropped his gun. They fought. Storm then unsheathed his twin Sabres. Billy grabbed a cutlass from a bandit. They dueled. Billy then dropped the cutlass, and grabbed a Broadsword from another dead bandit. They continued dueling. Luke then jumped out of his hiding spot, which was behind a barrel, and started dueling. Will, now free, grabbed a sabre, and lunged at Luke. Luke parried with his cutlass, and they dueled, smashing barrels, tables, boards, anything there. Sarah grabbed a sabre and started dueling pirates. "It's ok, there... little lady. I'll go easy on ya." Said a pirate. The pirate did a small attack on sarah, which she then parried, knocked the man's blade out of his hand, and then cut off his hand! "ARrGghhh! That's one skilled lady..." He said. She then kicked him in the face, knocking him over. She did similar attacks on other pirates, who underestimated her. Billy and Stormwalker continued dueling. Luke and Will also continued dueling. It was a huge epic battle raging throughout the town. Richard was finally using his Voodoo Staff again, and Flamming Skulling many bandits and Pirates. Jeffrey and Charles worked together on pirates, and team attacked them. Luke then knocked Wills blade out of his hand. "Ive been waiting for this..." He said. He got ready to deliver the killing blow, but then Jeremiah tackled him, knocking his blade out of his hand. They fist-fought. Will then grabbed his sabre, and pointed it at Luke. He stopped attacking Jeremiah, and then sat next to a barrel. "Any last words, Luke?" Will said. "I.. uh.... I surrender!" Luke said. "Tell us... where is Edward?" Asked Jeremiah. "Why would i tell you, bilge rat?" Luke insulted. "Where is.. EDWARD!?" Jeremiah asked again. Luke said nothing. Richard then walked over. "I would tell 'em, Luke. You do NOT want to see Jeremiah angry.." Richard said. "I'll never tell you where my father is! NEVER!" Luke said. "Unless you wanna be shark food, i would tell us NOW!!" Richard said. Richard clearly wasn't happy. As Luke opened his mouth to tell them, BlueEyes jumped on Richards face, scratching him. "Arggh.. arghh RAGGH!" Richard said. Bruce the hound, chasing BlueEyes, then jumped on him too, knocking him down. "Richard!" Jeremiah said, while going to help him.

Luke then punched Will in the face, and grabbed his sword. He then ran for the town. The dog and cat continued running. Richard got up. Richard made and angry face. He went over to Billy and Storm, who were still dueling. "You ok, Will?" Jeremiah asked Will. "Yeah.." Will said while getting up. "Stop. Stop!" Richard tried to get Storm and Billy to stop fighting. "Stop. Stop! STOP. STOP!" Richard couldn't stop them. He pulled out his voodoo staff, and did Wither. "Agghh!" Storm cried, while walking back. Billy fell to the ground. "Guys.... explain why YOUR dog, ( Richard pointed to Billy ), and YOUR CAT ( Richard pointed to Storm ) just RUINED our chances!!" Richard asked. "It's not my dog.. it.." Billy tried to say, but then.."It's SARAHS cat! I was only saving him! Storm said. "How dare you!?" Billy yelled. "Well, my state of things is MUCH more important than yours, with hating everything and whatnot!" Storm said. "UGH! Your lucky i don't have Richard kick you OUT!" Billy said. "I could kick YOU out, i'm the first mate!" Storm said. "No, Charles The Menace is!" Billy said. "That bilge rat is DEAD!" Storm yelled in rage. "NO he's not, he's a skeleton!" Billy said. "Dead people ARE Skeletons!" Storm said. "He's an UNDEAD Skeleton! For Jolly Roger!" Billy said. "ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Richard said. "Ill kick you BOTH out if this keeps up." Richard added. But then the pirates retreated. The strange thing was, they all went to one docked Ship. Then Will realized it was a crew, and not a regular band of bandits and pirates on the streets. The ship attacked the Runner, and fired at the island. "To the Runner!!!" Richard said. They got in their boats and headed there. Stormwalker grabbed Sarah, Sarah grabbed BlueEyes. They got into their boats and headed for the Runner. Two boats were sunk by the enemy ship's cannons. Will then spotted Luke climbing aboard the enemy ship. They arrived at the Runner. "Let's prove this ships name, RUN!!!" Richard demanded. So they retreated. But the enemy ship was on their tail. "Reer cannons at the ready!" Richard demanded. The enemy ship fired bow cannons. It was an epic chase. "Aww, come on! I'm not in the mood for ANOTHER ship battle!" Richard said. "But... Luke is on that vessel!" Will added. "True. I guess we could... BOARD!" Richard said, but it was too late, the enemy was already boarding the Runner. "What!? But.. we are a fast ship! Oh, well." Richard said. The enemy turned for a broadside, and then Richard saw the reer, and the name. The reer had a sign that read "Queen Anne's Revenge.". Richard then knew... this was the ship of the notorious Edward "Blackbeard" Teach.

Richard was glad he didn't board. So he attacked some attacking Pirates! The battle raged. Luke boarded, and killed a Pirate. "Where is.. Edward?" Will asked Luke. Luke smirked. "He was taken captive by Blackbeard. He needed a new second mate, and he hired me, not knowing I am his son. But you will be the next one to die at the hand of THIS sword." Luke said. "I don't think so, brother." Will unsheathed his sword. They dueled, with cannonballs almost hitting them. They dueled and moved to shelter. They ran into Richard's private cabin. A note layed on the ground which read "Sorry for wrecking your cabin. It was mostly The Menace ~ Stormwalker" They wrecked it even more. "Ah.. the family blade. Didn't know you still had it. Uncle Richard is lucky.." Luke said. "What?" Stormwalker asked. He was below decks dueling other Pirates. "I didn't know you were brothers. Wait... if your his brother.. then Richard and Edward are brothers! Richard and Edward The Terrible are brothers!" Storm said. Luke and Will dueled. Meanwhile, on the Queen Anne's Revenge, Edward The Terrible, or Edward Goldvane, escaped the brig. He swung over to the Runner. He grabbed a sword from a barrel."Brother..." He said. "Edward...." Richard said. "Take the wheel, Billy!" Richard said. "Does everything have to end in a ship battle?" Richard asked. "For me, no." Edward replied. The official Rum Tester threw rum in Edwards face. "GargRRGGHHH!" Edward screamed. The Rum tester went below decks. "We both have scarred each other. Is it time to see who makes the next move?" Edward asked. "Aye, Eddy. Now that your... EITC. I would have eliminated you earlier if I knew you didn't die at the battle at Black River." Richard replied. "I survived that skrimish. And don't call me 'Eddy'!!" Edward said. "Why? Because it reminds you of when we were normal brothers? Makes you regret your horrible decisions?" Richard asked. "I will NEVER regret my actions!!" Edward said evilly as he unsheathed his sword. "Oh... now your getting upset. Upset like a baby. Upset like you would always get when I beat you to the kitchen table and grabbed your favorite plate for dinner." Richard said while smiling. "Urraughh!" Edward said while swinging his sword at Richard. Richard dodged. Richard threw a cufflink. It hit Edwards cheeks. He pulled it out. "No..... No! It cannot be!! Why!?!?!?!?!?? Why you!?!?!?!??" Edward screamed in horror while looking at the sharp needle-ish cufflink. "What.... is it?" Richard asked. "Eh.... nothing." Edward said. "What are you doing just standing there? You could have just shot me with your repeater!" Edward said. "I think theres still hope for you. I don't want to kill you. I know I know, I said I would have, but... I think your still a good man. Please, come back to being a Pirate. Come back..... to being my brother." Richard said. Edward thought about this for a moment. Untill Luke and Will's duel came on-deck. They fought very hard. "At last! The fight is fueled!" Edward said. Richard gasped. "Your trying to destroy the Goldvane family!" Richard said. "Aye" Edward replied. "I agree! Let's destroy it!" Richard said. "Yes! I disliked our father! He was a bad man! Wait... are you agreeing with me?" Edward said. "Yes. Look behind you for the key of my decision." Richard said. Edward turned around. There was nothing but Blackbeards ship and crew. Richard then pulled out his pistol, loaded it, and aimed for Edward's head. Edward turned around quickly at the sound of Richard loading it. He tried slashing at Richard, but it was too late, Richard fired. The bullet had hit his eye. "Aharhhhh!" He said in pain. the pirates attacking the Runner saw this, and grabbed Edward. "It will be execution for YOU!" The Pirate said while grabbing Edward and bringing him back to Blackbeards ship. A pirate approached Richard. "Sorry. We thought you were with Edward, being his brother and all that. I'll tell the captain you mean no harm to us, after what I just saw." The Pirate said. "Thanks. Oh and... see how much your first mate is... well... sad?" Richard asked. "Yeah. So?" The pirate asked. "That's because he's Edwards son." Richard added. The Pirate grabbed Luke, who had lost against Will, and pulled him over to the other ship. After about half a minute, the enemy ship quit firing, and so did the Runner. The Pirates then swung back over to the Queen Anne's Revenge. The Revenge then sailed away. The crew recovered. "Ah... another goal finished." Richard said. "Where next?" Storm asked. "Yeah. I'm ready for another adventure!" Will said. "I think we owe The Menace a favor. Perhaps we should.." Richard started. "NO! Your not thinking of.. saving him, are you?" Stormwalker said. "Of course not! I was kidding." Richard said. "I hate kidding." Said.. you know who.... BLOODY BILLY! A slight catch up

The main characters of the Crew:

  • Richard - You know who he is.
  • Stormwalker - First mate. Wants to control storms. Likes Sarah
  • Bloody Billy. - You probably know, he hates everything but Hershey Bars.
  • Sarah Waltstones. - A lady who is yet to learn the adventures of sailing.
  • Jeffrey Blasthawk. - Former Francis Brigade soldier. Friend of Richard.
  • Charles Swordeagle. Pretty much same as Jeffrey. Though, a little less piratey and a little more nice.
  • George Wargelsworth - Old man who told the story fo Edward the Terrible.
  • Will Goldvane. - Nephew of Richard.
  • Jack Can - Midget.
  • Ben Can. - Jack's brother.
  • Jeremiah Watts. - Man in his early 60s who has been friends with all many Goldvanes. He took care of Will until he decided to join Richard to stop the EITC, Edward and Luke, and Jolly Roger.

Chapter 8: The Terrible ReturnEdit

The Crew of the Runner are now resting from many adventures at sea. They have faced EITC Soldiers, traitors, Voodoo Staff Collecters, dummies, Undead, and even Richards brother and Will's father, Edward.

"Alright, crew. We have a few options on what to do next." Richard said. "One: Continue our original quest and defeat EITC Soldiers and officials. Two: We go on a quest for the hidden treasures of Atlantis. Three: We plunder. Let's have a vote." Richard added. The crew voted and the answer was to go after the hidden treasure that lies in Atlantis. They started sailing to an Island where they thought they could get some information. But then, sails appeared. "Jack Can! Get to the crowsnest! See who is on that ship!" Richard ordered. "Why do I have to do it?" Jack Can asked. But then, Stormwalker barged into the conversation. "Because it's your JOB!!" Stormwalker said.

"Why can't Bloody Billy do it?" Jack asked. "Because.." But before Stormwalker could finish,.... "Because I hate doing it!" Bloody Billy interrupted. "Well.................. I hate doing it too!" Jack Can said. "I hate it more!" Bloody Billy added. "Nope. I hate it much more than you. You are busy hating other things, eating Hershey bars, and getting fat!" Jack Can insulted. "I'm not fat! You are! Your a midget, and your still fat!!" Bloody Billy said. "Well, your still the size of a whale! That's why you need to go into the ocean and hang out with people of your own size." Jack Can said. "I'm not the size of a whale!!" Bloody Billy said. "You know.. your right! Your bigger then a whale! So go hang out with a whale even though you are bigger then them. At least they are 1 percent of your size!" Jack Can said. Bloody Billy tackled Jack. Then, Ben Can tackled Bloody Billy. "Guys, stop! We can see the ship now anyway!" Stormwalker said. The didn't stop fighting. "If you continue.... you will be booted!!!" Stormwalker said. They stopped fighting, but all went below decks. Jack and Ben going down to the hammacks, and Bloody Billy going to the food supply. "Richard. You should know.... that the ship out there is flying a flag. I can't make it out." Stormwalker said. "So.. what's your point? Richard asked. "My point is it's not a cursed or Pirate ship, because it wouldn't have white sails and a flag." Storm added. "Will you go ahead and go to the crowsnest and see?" Richard asked. "Uh.. fine." Stormwalker said. He started climbing up. "Stormwalker! I need help finding BlueEyes!" Sarah said. Stormwalker climbed down as fast as he could and went to where Sarah was standing. She wore two long sleeve shirts, a vest, and two coats. She also had three pairs of pants on. "You cold?" Storm asked. "What a silly thing to ask! Of course I'm cold! Could you not see that I'm taking EXTREME messures?" Sarah said and asked. "Uh... let's find BlueEyes." Stormwalker said. "What a great idea!" Sarah said. They went below decks in search of the cat. "Uh.... fine. I'll get Jeremiah. Jeremiah! Go to the crowsnest!" Richard said. "Ok, captain!" Jeremiah replied.

Jeremiah went to the crowsnest. He stayed for about five minutes. He then came back down. "It's the EITC Mercuree!" Jeremiah said. "You mean that famous EITC schooner that is rumored to hold 100 pounds of Gold doublooms?" Richard asked. "Exactly. Probably has alot of gold. Captain, should we go after it? It is heading away from us." Jeremiah asked. "Yes, follow that ship!!" Richard replied.

The Runner followed the Mercuree for an hour. They followed the ship untill it reached it's course. It dropped anchor next to two EITC Tyrants. But, then, the crew noticed a bigger threat: The EITC Neptune! A feirce Ship of the Line was also parked next to the tyrants. The Tyrants looked empty. "Send boats and take over the Tyrants! Then... well,.... we will go from there." Richard said. The Runner sent boats of Pirates to take over the first Tyrant. The first boat of Pirates boarded the ship. It had many pirates on it, including Jack Can, Jeffrey Blasthawk, and Charles Swordeagle. "Woohoo! Wohoohoo WohooHooHoo!!" Charles said. "What did you find?" Jeffrey asked. "Gold! Three chests of gold!" Charles said. The Crew put the gold in the boat and continued searching. "Who goes there!?" An EITC Guard asked. "Uh...." Charles started. "Your pirates! All hands on deck, Pirates!!!" The Guard started screaming. Charles pulled out his pistol and shot the EITC Soldier. Three more came out of a small cabin. "Yahh!" One said as he attacked Jack Can with a Cutlass. Jack Can quickly parried with two daggers. Another guard attacked Charles with a cutlass, which was also parried by Charles. Then, the last guard, pulled out two pistols, and fired at Jeffrey. Jeffrey dodged, and went for cover. Then, as the guard was about to shoot, Jeffrey threw a barrel of gunpowder at the guard. Right as it was a foot away from him in the air, the guard shot his pistols. A huge explosion destroyed the guard, and the huge wave of air knocked Jeffrey overboard.

"Jeffrey!" Charles yelled while dueling a guard. He then stabbed the guard in the foot, causing him to drop his sword. Charles then delivered the killing blow on the Soldier. Charles then back-stabbed the guard that Jack was fighting, and then jumped overboard to save Jeffrey. He kept swimming, looking for Jeffrey. Meanwhile, on the Tyrant, ten more EITC Guards came from below decks. They carried cutlasses and sabres. One, with a golden hat, carried a broadsword. It appeared to be the captain. Charles came up with Jeffrey, who was unconscious. Charles grabbed Jeffrey’s pistol, along with his own. He loaded both. He fired and killed two guards. 7 guards and the captain were left. Jack Can threw two daggers, killing two more guards. Now there were 5 guards and the Captain. Many Pirates held off four of the Guards. The other guard attacked Jack Can with a sabre. Jack dodged. Jack then threw a dagger at the guard’s hand. “The pain! Oh, the pain!” The Guard said. Jack then used another dagger to cut off the hand. “OH THE PAIN! THE PAIN!! WHY ME?!” The Guard yelled. Jack Can then delivered the killing blow. “Because you attacked me, EITC Soldier.” Jack Can said. The Captain used his broadsword, and swiped a Pirate in half. He then stabbed another. Then, the captain sheathed his sword, and brought out his pistols. The man then shot two more pirates. It was just Jack, Charles, and Jeffrey, who was unconscious. The Captain wore a Admirals Hat, the normal EITC Uniforms, and had grey hair with a slight beard.The EITC Captain aimed for both Jack and Charles with his two pistols. As he was about to shoot, George Wargelsworth, the old man who had told the story of Edward The Terrible, came aboard. “Leave my crew alone!!” He said. The man took his pistol away from Charles, and pointed it at George. “No!!” Charles said as he loaded his pistols. But it was too late, the Captain fired the pistols. Jack dodged, but George was caught off-guard. George fell overboard. “George!” Jack Can screamed. “You filthy bilge rat!” Charles said as he dropped his pistols. He then unsheathed his sword. Enraged, he lunged forward and stabbed the EITC Captain, killing him. Jeffrey woke up and saw the dead soldiers. He looked at Charles. “Uh…. Woohoo?” Jeffrey asked. Charles pointed to George. “No.. not this time..” Charles said sadly. “Oh… he died? But.. Who?” Jeffrey asked. Charles pointed to the Captain. “Oh..” Jeffrey said.

More Pirates boarded the Tyrant. The ship was now taken over. They sailed it until it was right next to the Runner. The beginning of a fleet. {C "Alright. We lost many Pirates. We are going to use this Tyrant, along with the Runner, and crush that other Tyrant." The plan was set.

"Sir, the other Tyrant is gon-" But before an EITC Lieutenant could finish, he was interrupted. - "Sir! The other Tyrant is now sailing with.... a Pirate ship!" An EITC Soldier yelled. The captain looked stunned. He wore a black tricorne with the regular EITC Uniforms. He had red hair and a spanish Eye-patch.

The two ships then prepared to sink the other Tyrant. "Sir, orders! We don't want to end up like Beckett!" A soldier said. "Uh... I, uh... have a stomach cramp! Lieutenant, take charge!" The Captain said. {C "Uh.. eh um...... uh... abandon ship!!" The Lieutenant ordered. "But sir... are you... sure?" A man asked.

"Yeah... um... that's an uh... a um... uh... that's an uh... order! Yes, that's an order!" The Lieutenant ordered.

The Captain jumped overboard. One minute later, the rest of the crew went crazy, some loading cannons, and some jumping overboard.

The two ships fired explosives and round shot. An occasional firebrand would be seen. The Tyrant was just sitting there firing a couple cannons and getting blown up. The ship exploded and sunk into peices. "Alright. Good. Now we are going to board the Mercuree." Richard said.

Two guards stood staring at the Crew as they boarded. "Remember, the captain said if this happens, RUN" A guard said. "No, he specifically said we ATTACK" The other guard said. They kept arguing as the crew took tons of loads of gold into their boats and took it to the Runner. They made several trips, and the guards just argued. "Run!! They are pirates! I know the captain would rather not risk us two fine soldiers!" Guard one said. "No, he would want the pirates dead! I know him!" The second guard said. After an hour, the entire Mercuree ship was gold-free. Richard and Stormwalker decided to take a look around the ship. The busted into the Captains Cabin.

"Hmm. What's this? Jeffrey Redscurf's Diary??" Richard said as he picked up Jeffrey Redscurf's diary. Jeffrey Blasthawk overheard part of this. "Did someone call?" Jeffrey asked. "Oh, no. Just someone with the same name as you has a diary in here." Richard replied. "Not just someone. The captain of this ship!" Stormwalker said while looking at a spare supply of Captain's hats on the floor. "Oh. Well, just wondering." Jeffrey replied as he walked away and grabbed a jar of gold from the cabin. "Why didn't we see that?" Stormwalker asked. "Dunno." Richard replied. They searched the room.

Footsteps could be heard. "Who is on the ship? Surrender!" A Navy Sergeant came up and asked Richard."Uh.. who are you?" Stormwalker asked "I.. am Sergeant Piggles! The most rewarded, notorious, badged-earned, longest serving Sergeant in the entire British Empire!" Sergeant Piggles said. "Oh. Nice to know. Now, lock yourself in the brig, please." Richard asked. "Unless you wanna get tied up." Stormwalker added. The man ran away. Two minutes later, the sound of a brig locking could be heard.

"Storm, look! EITC Codes! All that is not in the EITC secret codes are the words '-Lord Scarface of the EITC.'." Richard said.

"Wow. We need to turn these in. We need to show them to someone who can figure them out." Stormwalker replied.

"Wait, every EITC Cabin has the meanings of each symbol on some paperwork! I saw them in a cabin on a Sentinel i boarded the other day. Didn't keep them, though". Richard said.

"Well.... let's look!" Stormwalker replied. They searched the room. "Look. EITC Code symbol meanings! It's written on the box. But it's empty!" Richard said. The box was empty. "Great.... now what?" Stormwalker asked. "Well... I say we find the crews of those Tyrants and the Mercuree. They must have fled into the jungle. It's raining, so we should be able to follow footprints in the mud." Richard said.The Mercuree sailed back to the Runner and the crew went back on the Runner to arrange the search.The Mercuree was now empty, other than the man in the brig and the two guards, who were fed fresh meals. "This is the best food i have had in a decade." Muttered a guard. "Alright, here is a list of the people going to the jungle/forest search: Me, Stormwalker, Jeffrey, Charles, Jeremiah, and Willam, and four other people who.. I forgot their names. Savvy?" Richard said. "Savvy for me!" Stormwalker said. "Aye!!" Many crew members said. "Wait! I want to go!" Ben Can said. "I haven't gotten to go on these adventure quests. My brother Jack gets to do, and we are almost equal in skill. He's only a little better." Ben Can added. "Uh... ok, then. Ben is added to the list!" Richard said. "Good luck, brother." Jack Can said. The crew equaled half of the crew on the Runner, and half on thr Tyrant, and none on the Mercuree, for it had little cannons.

The crew set off in a boat, which had the Crew members: Richard, Storm, Ben, Jeremiah, Will, Charles, Jeffrey, and four regular swashbucklers. The boat reached land.

"Jeffrey and Charles, mind the boat." Richard said. "Uh.. why us?" Charles asked. "Somebody has to do it. Besides, your probably tired from the fighting you did on that Tyrant. You guys were heros." Richard replied.

Richard, Storm, Jeremiah, Will, Ben, and the four pirates started exploring the beach. "I was right! Footprints! They go into the Jungle. Let's go!" Richard said. They followed the prints fast. Just so you know I only brought a pistol, cufflinks, and a sword this time." Richard said.

"Why didn't you bring your Voodoo Staff?" Stormwalker asked. "I uh.. forgot." Richard replied.

The Crew continued. A noise could be heard. "What.... is.. that?" Ben Can asked. "Not sure..." Stormwalker replied. "REEA!" Some monster screeched from behind the bushed. Then... all of the sudden, a huge King Flytrap's neck and head appeared. "Ahhh!!!" A pirate yelled as the monster grabbed him, pulled him into the bushes and ate him. Richard pulled out his pistol. Stormwalker unsheathed his sword. Ben Can and Will Goldvane each unsheathed twin daggers, and Jeremiah pulled out a small hammer. Then, the head came back, but it wasn't alone, two more came out with it. Three King Flytraps. Richard fired his pistol. The Flytrap screeched in pain, and then lunged forward to eat Richard. Richard prepared himself for death, when all of the sudden, Ben Can threw two daggers. The Flytrap, enraged, lunged for Ben Can. Then, Stormwalker swiped the monster's head off.

The next two Flytraps lunged for the crew. The three regular pirates pull out pistols The all shot, and only one hit a monster. One monster lunged for Will. Ben Can used two more dagges and stabbed it's neck. It looked more furious than the first. It appeared to be more agressive. Richard then shot it. Stormwalker then tried to make a lightning bolt strike it, but it didn't work. The Flytrap tried for Richard. Jeremiah threw his hammer, which cut off it's head. The crew alll teamed up on the next flytrap, and it eventually went back into the bushes. "Let's keep moving." Richard said. "No, it's almost dead! It is going to come back unless we kill it!" Stormwalker said. "Well, I guess your right." Richard said. They went into the bushes. The Flytrap was surrounded by tons of dead, or eaten, EITC Soldiers. "Well, it looks like those crews lost alot of men." Jeremiah said. "Yeah... yehaw! We won't have to face as many! Yeehaw!" Ben Can said.

"Aye, but that shows that these flytraps are powerful." Stormwalker said. The Flytrap recovered, and attacked. It lunged for Will. Will tried to run, but it caught his leg. "Ahh! Help!" Will cried as his leg was almost ripped off. When all of the sudden.... WHOOSH! Richard slashed the head off. "Whew." Stormwalker sighed in relief. "William, are you ok?" Jeremiah asked. "I don't know. That plant was very strong." William said in a weak voice. "You two pirates! Take William back to the boat. There should be some healing tonics in the boat." Richard ordered. The two pirates carried Will and soon were out of sight, heading to the beach. "Let's continue." Richard said. So, Storm, Jeremiah, Ben, and the two scruffy pirates followed orders, and they continued. They followed the footprints utill the rain got heavier. "This should slow them down!" Stormwalker said. "Yeah, and us too! Let's hurry. They don't know were following them. I can tell by the prints that we are getting closer." Richard replied. They kept going. They passed seven types of trees, over thirty types of plants, and very weird snake-type things, untill the footprints lead them to the group of EITC Soldiers. "Sir, it's not here." A soldier said. "It is here. I didn't lead this expedition for nothing. General Duckfish want's the sword, and i'm sure in for great promotion from captain to commodore once we find it. The map says it should be here." Said what appeared to be the captain. "I count ten Soldiers, not including the captain" Storm said. "We can take that." Ben replied. "I don't know. That's alot of soldiers." Jeremiah said. "Me and Richard have defeated harder ennemies" Storm said. "Now!" Richard said. The crew jumped out of the bushes, and attacked the soldiers. In a few seconds five had died. "Who goes there?" The captain asked. "Captain Richard Goldvane, here, mate!" Richard said. "I sunk one of your ships out there. I also took over two of 'em." Richard added. "Goldvane. The name is familiar. I am Captain Jeffrey Rescurf." The Captain, Jeffrey, said. "Ah. I saw your diary." Stormwalker said. "You filthy pirates! You took the Mercuree!" Redscurf said. "Aye, we did." Richard said. "Lieutenant Goldvane, kill these pirates!" Redscurf said. "Lieutenant Goldvane?" Richard asked. "Yes sir." The Lieutenant said. And then Richard saw a face that was all too familiar....... Edward. "Oh, i'll kill that one first. The brother one." Edward said. A clash of thunder seemed to sound more evil as it errupted after he said that. "I have something to say to you, Edward!" Jeremiah said. "Soldiers, attack the other pirates. I'll deal with this Jeremiah one." The four soldiers attacked the scruffy pirate, Richard, Storm, and Ben. Edward had his full EITC uniform on. He also had an eye-patch over his right eye. "I thought Blackbeard took you captive." Jeremiah said. "He did. But I escaped, savvy?" Edward said. Jeremiah unsheathed his sword. "Do you really wanna challenge me, old man?" Edward said as he unsheathed his sword. "I will anyday." Jeremiah said as he lunged forward to attack Edward. Edward parried, and then took the offensive. Jeremiah was doing well for his age, but he was still not doing well. Jeremiah then pulled his sword back, and prepared for a crushing blow, but then.. Edward quickly took the open shot, and delivered a killing stab. Jeremiah dropped his sword, and fell to the ground. Edward pulled his sword out of Jeremiah's body. "Richard and Storm each killed their guard. The scruffy pirate and Ben were still dueling. Richard saw Jeremiah. "Jeremiah! Not happening... oh.... not happening." Richard said as he walked in circles moaning the same words. Storm slapped him. "Blueba! Thanks!" Richard said. He went over to edward. "Brother bear.." Edward said. "Brother Eddy..." Richard replied. "Don't! Ah, stop! Stop calling me that!" Edward said. "Ok, Eddy boy." Richard replied and smiled. "Arggh!" Edward said as he attack Richard. Richard parried, and took a step back. "Why do you hate that name, huh? I know. It reminds you of mum. How she use to... call you that. It makes you sorry for what you did. You don't belong away from your family. You need to think. Your a bad man, Edward, but you can still be part of the Goldvane family. Will is over at a boat, hurt! And now Jeremiah is dead, because of you. If you don't apologize and come back, you will never be able to, and you'll regret your entire life!" Richard said. Edward paused. "ARHHHH!!!!!" He said, enraged, as he swiflty attacked Richard with multiple master attacks. Richard parried all of them, with struggle. They continued dueling. Storm and Redscurf were just watching their teammates in battle. Ben killed his guard, and the scruffy pirate was killed. Ben dueled the scruffy pirate's soldier. "You stink, yeehaw!" Ben said.

"Ive never seen a duel this intense!" Stormwalker said. Storm was right, it was a very intense duel between brothers. Ben Can stood next to Stormwalker and watched the battle. "Wait.. my men are.. gone!" Redscurf said. "You'll pay for this, pirates! I must find this sword and get a promotion. I lost 75 percent of my soldiers to plants, I can't find the sword, and now all my men but one are dead!" Captain Redscurf said with rage. He pulled out his pistols. "You'll pay!!" Redscurf shouted as he shot them both at Ben Can. Ben can dodged one, but the other hit him straight in the chest. "Ben!" Stormwalker said as he went to help Ben. The captain began reloading. "Take care.... of Jack. Kill... the... captain. Yee...haw." Ben said. "I will!" Storm said. He turned around and slashed the pistols out of the captain's hands. He then pointed his sword at the captain. The captain stepped back and unsheathed his own sword. He attacked Storm, and the battle ensued. They blocked, attacked, blocked, and attacked. Richard and Edward fought like wild tigers, Storm and the captain fought like fancy fencers. But then, 10 more EITC soldiers entered the area. "Arrest them!" Redscurf ordered. They followed orders and attacked storm and Richard. Richard threw a cufflink, and Storm threw a dagger. "We could use Ben!" Storm said. "Where is ben?" Richard asked. "Dead." Stormwalker said. "Dang. so is Jeremiah". Richard replied. "Let's hide in the bushes and then come back with a plan!" Storm said. "Good idea!" Richard said as they ran into the pushes. "Let them run! Dig this up!" Redscurf said. The soldiers took the shovels that the previous crew had brought. Edward was very tired from the dueling. He sat down on a stump. The soldiers dug up a sheath. "Here it is! But.. where's the sword?" Redscurf asked. "There's a note here, sir." A soldier picked up a note and handed it to the captain. Hello, East India Company. I am sorry to inform you that you expedition is a little late. I have the sword now. Yes, I know you had the map, But I made a copy of it before you stole it. I got here first. Don't worry, your expedition won't be for nothing. Ive left 100 Gold here, since I know how much you want that promotion, Redscurf. Also, the sheath should sell for a good 50 gold. Fair winds. Signed, - El Fantasma. The note shocked Redscurf. "Nooo!!!!" He said in anger. Richard and storm were sneaking to the footprint path. Richard went to pick up Jeremiah's sword. He picked it up and put it in one of his spair sheaths. He went for Ben's. However, a rock had gotten on the sword. When he picked it up, the rock fell on a stick, and the stick broke, making a noise. "Kill them!" Redscurf said. The soldiers pulled out their muskets, Redscurf unsheahed his sword, and so did Edward. Richard and storm took off. "Yee...haw." Ben Can said as his final words. The soldiers chased Richard and Storm. Flytraps attacked them every few minutes. Only a couple soldiers were eaten. They all continued running untill they reached the beach. Load noises could be heard. "Is that thunder?" Storm asked. "No! It's cannon fire!" Richard said. And there it was. The Queen Anne's Revenge. "Oh great, those guys again." Storm said. "Probably looking for Edward!" Richard replied. Now that the EITC soldiers lost two men, Richard attacked. Charles and Jeffrey helped. Four soldiers were killed, with six more. They killed another four. Then, they killed the other two. Edward and Redscurf were about to attack, when a boat came ashore. It was Blackbeard and his zombie crew. "Oh... no." Edward said.

Black beard unsheathed his pistol. "Your no match for us with the Neptune!" Edward said. Blackbeard fired. "No.. fair." Edward said as he fell to the ground, dead. Richard almost attacked Blackbeard, but decided not to.

"My business here is done." Blackbeard said. ( Visit "Edward The Terrible" to learn more about Blackbeard's rivalry with Edward. ) Blackbeard then went back into his boat, and they rowed back to the Queen Anne's Revenge, which then held fire on the Neptune. Within ten minutes the Queen Anne's Revenge fled the area. "Spare me!" Jeffrey Redscurf said. "We'll take 'em back to the Mercuree and put him with Piggles." Richard said. And they put him in the boat, and took off to the Mercuree. They dropped Redscurf in the brig, and then went to the Runner. "Let's flea before the Neptune attacks!" Richard said. "Where is... Ben?" Jack asked. "Uh.. he.. uh.. didn't quite make it." Storm said. Jack went below decks. 'Will, you better?" Richard asked. "Yeah, mostly, still can't walk. Hey, where's Jeremiah?" Will asked. "Well, William, he uh.. isn't alive, right now." Richard said. "No! Who killed him?" Will asked. "Uh.... Edward." Richard replied. "The worm! I'll... i'll... i'll.." William started. "Will, he's already dead. Blackbeard killed him." Richard replied. "Oh. And.. what of Luke?" Will asked. "No idea." Richard replied. The Neptune was out of sight. "Alright crew, attention! I think the EITC is after some kind of sword. We have EITC codes! Which means, we can use them to acces EITC information. We will get someone to modify them for us and figure this out. We are sailing torward Port Royal to modify them. Understood?" Richard said. "Aye!!" The crew said. The Runner, followed by the Mercuree and the Tyrant, sailed torward Port Royal...

Chapter 9: A New Quest BeginsEdit

It was a windy day at sea. A normal day. A fair-sized ship sailed fast through the windy conditions. It sailed untill it reached a small island, which had a warship docked at it. The Warship's rear namtag read "The Harkaway". The fairly sized ship docked next to the Harkaway, and boarded Jolly Roger's massive warship. One man walked aboard. He wore a purple top-hat, a purple coat, a green shirt, black jeans, and fancy silver boots. He stood tall, and seemed calm. "At last, my newest Bountyhunter has arrived!" Jolly Roger said. "You must be the leader of the Skeleton Army." The man said. "Aye. And... what was your name again?" Jolly asked. "Well, Skull. Dr. Skull, actually." Dr. Skull said. "I like the name. Anyway,... eh.. what are your..... skills?" Jolly asked. "I am a very powerful Witchdoctor. I carry a powerful voodoo staff, and magical abillities." Dr. Skull said. "Good. Because one Bountyhunter, actually quite similar, failed. A dummy succeeded, but I was ambushed." Jolly said. "A dummy, eh? And what do you mean... similar?" Dr. Skull asked. "Yes, a Dummy. And this first bounty hunter collected Voodoo Staffs. I marooned him after he failed. He then actually sided with the target and ambushed me. The dummy helped quite alot with the capture." Jolly said. "And... where is this.. first bountyhunter now?" Dr. Skull asked. "I turned him as a skeleton. He is over there." Jolly said and pointed to The Menace in skeleton form. Dr. Skull had a look. "I'll bring you this.. Goldvane if you give me a very... strange type of payment." Dr. Skull said. "What is the payment you want?" Jolly asked. "That skeleton. I want him human. Also, i'll take his weapons." Skull said. "Ah... alright. He has two voodoo staffs, and a sword." Jolly replied as he handed the weapons, and began transforming The Menace into a human. "You may take the payment now, but bring me Goldvane. "What is... going on?" The Menace asked. "Come." Skull said as he lifted The Menace with his Voodoo Staff, along with The Menace's weapons. He then put them on his ship. He begun to go back. "Remember, you have one week! DON'T fail!!!" Jolly yelled. "You can trust me, Undead Leader" Dr. Skull said as he boarded his ship. The ship appeard to be empty. It was only Dr. Skull and the Menace. "Uh... Skull!" The Menace said. "What is it, Charles?" Dr. Skull asked. "What happened?" The Menace asked. "Jolly Roger hired me, turned you human, gave you to me, and gave me one week to go after Richard Goldvane. Understand?" Dr. Skull said. "Yes. But you can't trust Jolly! We must destroy him!" The Menace said. "I have no intentions on attacking Jolly Roger for your capture." Dr. Skull said. "What!? I must get my revenge!" The Menace said. "I plan on punishing the tool of your defeat, a Dummy by the name of Slappy." Skull said. "What!? He marooned me before he even knew of that dum dum dummy!" The Menace said. "The maroon was because you failed, and when you fail, you are punished!! If it weren't for the dummy, you would have never been turned into a skeleton, which costed me my entire payment!!!" Dr. Skull yelled. "Fine. Let's return home. But just because you won't help me, doesn't mean I won't get my revenge." The Menace said. Dr. Skull sighed. "If only you still had your powers..." He said. "Well, at least I have my sword back." The Meance said. "Your sword isn't strong, like your first one was. Now, are you going to help we track down this Goldvane?" Dr. Skull replied. "No, i will focus on getting my revenge on Jolly Roger." The Menace said. "Well.. i'll start on the hunt tomorrow, for now, I need to punish that dummy." Dr. Skull said.

The ship sailed away into the horizon, as Dr. Skull prepared to punish Slappy The Dummy.

Meanwhile, on the Green Runner, Richard and his crew are sailing torward Port Royal. Followed by a taken-over Tyrant, and the EITC Mercuree ( Also taken-over ), the small fleet sailed peacefully.

"You alright, Will?" Richard Goldvane asked Will Goldvane. "Yeah. Just.. wasn't ready for Jeremiah to go." Will said. "Well, he was getting old anyway. He wouldn't want to die any other way. He hated Edward." Richard replied. "So.. what is our next big adventure?" Will asked. "Well, we are gonna figure out these EITC Codes. There is a business in Port Royal that identifies these codes. Hopefully, their still in business." Richard said. "I thought we were after Atlantis." Will said. "Well.. we are. Were just going after these codes first." Richard replied. "Ok, then." Will replied. "By the way, is your leg any better?" Richard asked. "Yeah, it's just about fully healed. The tonics were the real trick." Will replied.

"Captain! We are approaching Port Royal!" Jack Can, who was in the crowsnest, said. "Good! Keep an eye out for Navy and EITC Ships." Richard said.

"Captain! You said it. Navy and EITC Ships are guarding the island! I count 2 EITC and 2 Navy." Jack Can said.

"Alright, listen up! I want everyone on the mercuree to go to the Tyrant. The Tyrant will then have enough of a crew to last a battle. We'll send in the Tyrant to sink a couple, and then we'll handle the rest." Richard ordered. The Mercuree was soon empty, and the Tyrant had a fair-sized crew. The Tyrant prepared for battle. The two EITC Ships were an Ogre and a Barracude. The Navy ships were a Monarch and a Man-O-War.

The Tyrant went bewteen the two Navy Ships, and fired all the cannons it could. Wallo Wango was on the Tyrant, and fired an Explosive at the Monarch. Combining the Explosive hitting a barrel of gunpowder, and the other cannons that were fired, the Monarch sunk. The Man-O-War was now taking heavy fire. The Tyrant had very strong wood, so it did well. In a few minutes the Man-O-War was sunk, but the Tyrant was damaged. The two EITC Ships took fire on the Tyrant. Two esplovies were fired at the Barracuda, and it then started falling apart. The Tyrant focused all fire on the Barracuda. The Barracuda had no chance, and sunk. However, the Orge fired explosives. The Tyrant was heavily damaged. The Tyrant was overwhelmed, and sunk. Wallo Wango jumped overboard, along with a few other pirates. The Runner readied their cannons. "Get explosives ready!!" Richard said. The crew moved as fast as they could. The Ogre sailed torward them. It appeared to be heading for the Runner's port side. "Prepare port side guns!" Richard ordered. The Ogre got in range, and fired. "Fire!!" Richard said. The two ships fought feircly, but combining the explosives and the damage that the Tyrant did to the Ogre, it just couldn't hold together, and sunk. The crew cheered, and sailed torward the island.

They docked. "Alright, i'm taking Stormwallker, Billy, and Jack." Richard said.

The four pirates went ashore. "Keep an eye out for Royal Guards" Stormwalker said. "Aye, this port is infested with 'em." Richard agreed. "I hate Royal Guards!" Bloody Billy complained. "Let's climb up that rock bridge. It should be a good way to avoid the most Guard-invested part of town" Richard said. The crew swam a little to the bridge, and climbed up. "You! This area is off limits!" A Royal Guard said. The crew got up. "Uh... why?" Stormwalker asked. "We are taking down a building!" The Royal Guard replied. "One building? Just one makes an entire area off limits?" Stormwalker asked. "Well, this entire island is off limits to pirates." The guard replied. "How do you know we are pir--" Billy tried to say, but Stormwalker covered his mouth. "Pirates!!!" The guard yelled. Three more guards quickly came with swords drawn. They attacked. Stormwalker parried an attack, and then grabbed the guard who attacked him, and threw him below the bridge into the water. Richard stabbed a guard. Jack Can dodged an attack, making a guard go into the water. It was only the first guard left. They tied him up, and continued. "Bad news!" Richard said. "What is it" Stormwalker asked. "Looks like the building they are taking down, is the building we were headed to." Richard Said. "Well that stinks, let's just go back" Billy said. "Hold on" Stormwalker said. He approached a building. A sign read "Area off limites. Building being taken down due to anti EITC owners.". "Great. I told him when he set up not to make shop on Port Royal! I mean why make a business that identifies EITC codes on Port Royal, just why!" Richard said. The building barely had anything left on it. A small wall with two windows was the only part of it that wasn't torn down. "What's that?" Billy asked. Storm listened...... "Guards! Marching!" He said. "Go go go!" Richard said. The crew ran right, torward the 'tall stairs' area. "Go that way!" Storm said as he pointed to a small forrest path. The crew went in the path. A gypsy was brewing potions. They hid behind her wagen. The Navy Guards kept marching untill they reached the bottom of the tall stairs. A man in a navy blue coat, a yellow shirt, black pants, black boots, and a tall navy blue hat, that matched his coat, came down the stairs. He was escorted by four elite Navy guards, and one officer. He had a a large grey beard, that went below his neck, and a black metal eye-patch. He reached the bottom. A guard that seemed to be leading the small marching group stepped forward. "Genral Duckfish, sir!" The guard said. "Yes, Sergeant?" General Duckfish, and/or the bearded man said. "We have news! Two ships were spotted in the far bay area. One was a green and gold War Frigate, and the other was... the Mercuree ( Mer-cree )" The sergeant said. "Ah... I believe I saw a green and golden War Frigate at the small battle off of that unexplored jungle island." Duckfish responded. "We took the Murcuree back, but the other ship escaped, and fled the area." The Sergeant said. "Good. Who was onboard?" Duckfish asked. "Jeffrey Redscurf, and Sergeant Piggles." The Sergeant responded "Redscurf? Bring him here, now! He may have the sword." Duckfish ordered. "Sir, there's one other problem." The sergeant said. "And what is that, Sergeant?" Duckfish asked. "Joe Bane. We don't know what to do with him." The sergeant said. "Lord Scarface has ordered his execution TODAY. I thought you knew. I sent a soldier to inform you." Duckfish replied. "Well.. he never arrived. We will bring Redscurf and piggles to you, and execute Bane right away, sir!" The Sergeant replied, as he ran torwards the docks. Duckfish decided to follow

"Did you hear that?" Richard asked. "What?" Storm asked. "The Runner was forced to flee." Richard said. "And Joe is gonna be dead" Billy said. "Joe is the guy who had the codes, right?" Storm asked. "Aye..." Richard replied. "What now?" Bloody Billy asked. "Not sure. Jack, any ideas?" Richard asked. "No." Jack replied. Jack didn't seem to happy after Ben had died. "Let's go to the dock area" Richard said. "But..." Billy tried to say. "No buts! We should be able to get on an EITC ship and get the codes for the secret EITC language on that note we found. Then, we'll use a dinghy and head to the Runner" Richard said. "How about me and Jack get the dinghy, and you and Storm get the codes?" Billy asked. "Sure!" Richard said.

Jack Can approached a small beach area and prepared a dinghy. "Sorry about Ben." Billy said. "Eh.. it's ok. Sorry for calling you a whale." Jack Can replied. "It's no problem." Billy said. The boat was prepared. They pushed it into the water. Meanwhile, Richard and Stormwalker were sneaking around on the dock. "How are we gonna do this?" Richard asked. "Your the captain.." Stormwalker replied. "Wow, thanks, your very helpful" Richard replied. They got onto the dock. "Whoa!" Storm said as he pulled Richard behind a barrel. It was Duckfish and some navy guards. Redscurf and Piggles were talking to him. It looked like Redscurf was showing Duckfish the strange note he dug up. Richard and Storm took their chance, and sneaked by. There were two EITC vessels in the bay now, and the Runner could be seen from in a distance away. Richard and Stormwalker climbed aboard and EITC vessel. The crew didn't noticed. They unsheathed their swords, and attacked the guards. The crew wasn't very big, they thought. But then, ten EITC soldiers came from below decks. "To the cabin!" Richard yelled. They broke into the cabin, shut the doors, and then put a couple shelfs and other things against the door. "Find the codes!" Richard said. They searched around for the codes. "Here!" Richard said. Soldiers started shooting the door, and it was about to be opened. Richard had the box of codes in his hands. "We need something to use to break out of this window. "Hey Richard, look at this dummy." Storm said. "I hate dummies. Though, this person does look familiar. Let's leave it" Richard said. "It says it floats. It's our best chance." Storm said. But before Richard could answer, The guards and soldiers broke in. "Go!" Richard said. Stormwalker used the dummy to break the back windows. They both jumped out. Richard got the box of codes and put them on the floating dummy. "Good thing I closed the box." Richard said. Storm popped out of the water, and held on to the dummy. Yelling could be heard from the ship. Billy and Jack arrived with the dinghy, Richard put the codes in the boat, and then jumped in. Stormwalker jumped in..... holding the dummy. "Why are you saving that?" Richard asked. "Are you thinking what i'm thinking?" Stormwalker asked. "Yeah.." Richard said. Richard jumped out of the boat, and climbed up the latter into the ship. He pushed another boat down, and slashed at a soldier. He jumped down into that boat. He then jumped to the boat that Jack, Billy, and Storm were in. Storm then threw the dummy into the other boat. They all started rowing. The EITC vessel started firing cannons. The other vessel approached the area. It fired at both boats. The boat that the dummy was in was hit, and peices of wood went everywhere. A burning wooden arm landed on their boat. Words on the arm read "Edward Teach Blackbeard". "That's why he looks familiar.." Richard said.

They rowed and rowed and luckily avoided cannon fire, but their situation did not look good. The Runner was not very close, and the EITC ships wouldn't keep missing. "We need to get the ship!" Stormwalker said. "Well duh..." Billy replied.

Meanwhile, on the Runner...

"I hear cannonfire!" William said. "Should we do something?" Charles asked. "Maybe...." Jeffrey said.

"Who is in charge?" A skinny pirate asked. There weren't many pirates onboard, as alot had been killed lately.

"I think Will" Charles said. "But I don't know how to steer" William said. But then, he saw the boat the others were in. He grabbed the wheel, and turned the ship torward the boat. "Should Jeffrey be steering? He's the one who drove us away from the EITC ships." Charles asked. "Im gonna give it a shot.." Will said.

William drove the ship the best he could. "Orders, sir!" Jeffrey said. "Uh.... prepare some cannons!" William said. "Which cannons, sir?" Jeffrey asked. "I don't know! Your the cheif gunner, use your knowledge, you bilge rat!" Will said. "Sorry... got.. carried away." William added. "It's ok, sir!" Jeffrey said as he loaded a bow cannon. "Sir, could you hard to port?" Charles asked as he loaded a Starboard cannon. "Sure..." Will said as he harded to Starboard. "Uh... sir you went Starboard." Jeffrey said. "Oh. Thought you ment use the cannons on the port side." Will said as he then harded to port. "The Runner is coming!" Stormwalker said.

The Runner pulled up next to the boat. The crew got on. The boat was then destroyed by cannonfire. "Prepare all guns!" Richard said. "You heard 'em!" Stormwalker said. "Fire! Port side guns!" Richard said. The Runner's cannons caused severe damage to one of the EITC Ships, and many of the EITC's cannons were disabled. They started turning toward the open ocean, but the EITC ships prepared to sandwich them, in otherwords, sink them like Beckett. The EITC Warships then fired bow cannons. "We are gonna toward to the port side! So, Port side cannons again!" Richard said. The Runner fired oncemore. All of the cannons aimed for one EITC Vessel. It caused damage, but the ship just kept going. "Aim for the upper bow deck!" Richard ordered. "Why, sir?" Jeffrey asked. "Because there's.. something up there.. just do it!" Richard ordered. The crew fired cannons to the spot Richard had ordered. the ship exploded into peices.

"The power of explosives..." Richard said. "Orders?" Stormwalker asked. "We should run away. I didn't gather explosives and put them next to a gunpowder barrel on that one, so... let's go!" Richard said.

The runner sailed as fast as it could. It was smaller than the EITC Vessel, so it was clearly going to outrun it.

However, the EITC Warship fired more front cannons. This time, many more. The ships were out of the bay area and sailing into open sea. The EITC ship stopped, as its job was to protect the port, and no go after ships that fled.

Meanwhile, on the port. - "I'll get that frigate! Launch my ship!" Duckfish said. "Sir, your ship isn't here. You came here in a war sloop" A navy guard said. "I know! Launch the War Sloop!! Make sail for Scar Fort" Duckfish replied. "But sir, why go that far?" Another guard asked. "Because I need to speak with Scarface, or Cothern." Duckfish said. "Sir! a survivor from the explosion says the codes from the cabin have been stolen!" A navy sergeant said. "Arggh! Hurry up and get my.. war sloop ready! Once I get my Ship of the Line from Scar fort, I will sink this frigate." Duckfish said.

Meanwhile, in a small room. Dr. Skull was there, awaiting a man. The man he was waiting for walked into the room. It appeared to be a large underground safe. The man was Jamie Lopus ( Owner of Slappy the Dummy ) "Yes, master?" He asked. "Destroy you dummy, Slappy." Dr. Skull said. "But master! Then i'll only have one! And we wont make nearly as much with Sloppy. We need Sloppy AND Slappy!" Jamie said. "NOW!" Dr. Skull said. "Uh.. fine, yes sir." Jamie said as he walked into another room. However, his second dummy, Sloppy, heard this. "Slappy. I have to take your soul out." Sloppy the Dummy said to Slappy the dummy. "I have a soul" Slappy asked. "Yeah, now hurry." Sloppy said as he grabbed a magical dagger. He stabbed it into Slappy's head, taking his soul and putting it into the dagger. Sloppy then hid. "I hate to do this, ole buddy." Jamie said. He grabbed a voodoo staff, and did a huge Flamming Skull on Slappy. The Dummy blew into bits. Jamie walked away and sat next to Dr. Skull. "I enjoy seeing that Dummy be destroyed, but I would rather see it happen to Jolly Roger!" The Menace said. "Now, we go and capture Goldvane" Dr. Skull said.

Meanwhile, on the Green Runner, Richard and Stormwalker had studied the codes for three hours. They finally learned the EITC codes. Now, let's figure out what the note says." Richard said. "Aye." Stormwalker said.

The note read "Hello, Redscurf. I know General Duckfish sent you after the Sword of Freedom, but I am telling you that this is no ordinary Duckfish mission. This is a serious matter! If you do not find this sword on this expedition, you will be demoted to sergeant! And end up like Piggles. The sword is very powerful, and is on of the three swords that unlocks the gates to the city of Atlantis! Don't fail me and Duckfish, Redscurf. ~Lord Johnny Cothern 'Scarface' of the EITC."

"Wow." Richard said. "Yeah. We were going after Atlantis, right?" Stormwalker asked. "Yeah, but it seems we'll need this sword first. And the other three swords." Richard said. "Captain, ship approaching!" Jack Can said. It was Dr. Skull's sloop. It pulled up next to the Runner, and Dr. Skul climbed aboard. "Are you, Captain Richard Goldvane?" Dr. Skull asked. "Aye, that's me. Why?" Richard asked. "You are wanted by Jolly Roger." Dr. Skull said. "Ugh not again." Richard said. "What's that in your hand?" Dr. Skull seemed interested. Richard handed him the note. He read it. "You! What do you know of the Sword of Freedom?" Dr. Skull asked. "Not much. I know that Jeffrey Redscurf found the sheath and that it's in the hands of some dude named like.. El something." Richard said. "You, come with me. I will take you to our home. We never go there, but this is a serious matter. It is under the ocean. Don't worry, you'll breath. It's near the Gate To Atlantis." Dr. Skull said.

Stay tuned for chapter 10: The Gates to Atlantis, where the epic quest for the Sword of Freedom begins.

Chapter 10: The Gates To AtlantisEdit

It was a cloudy day. The wind was calm, except for a occasional gust. The Green Runner sailed slowly, and gentily. Captain Richard Goldvane stood in front of a tall man in a purple tophat, and coat. "What do you know of the Sword of Freedom?" He asked. "Um.. not much. I know it's in the hands of this guy named El.. something" Richard replied. "Come. I'll take you to our home. It's near the gates to Atlantis." Dr. Skull replied. "Wait, I thought Jolly Roger sent you." Richard said. "If you know of the sword, you will come with me, no questions asked." Dr. Skull replied. "What if I don't wanna come? I was going to recruit cremembers." Richard said. "Trust me, crewmembers won't help you here. Now, come!" Dr. Skull said. "Do we got to go underwater and see whales?" Bloody Billy asked. "No! I'm not going!" Jack Can said. "Why!?" Billy asked. "Because! I don't like underwater places. They stink and smell like Bloody Billies." Jack Can said. Billy tackled Jack Can. They fist-fought. "Guys stop!" Stormwalker said. Jack Can and Bloody Billy were lifted into thin air. "Am I that powerful?" Stormwalker asked. "No! That voodoo dude is doing it!" Sarah Waltstones said. Dr. Skull dropped them both.

"You must come, Goldvane. My father has been searching for this for a long time. We need someone who has information." Dr. Skull said.

"What's the benefit?" Richard asked. "The benefit for you, will be that you will not be taken to Jolly Roger." Dr. Skull replied.

"Well, in that case, sure." Richard said. Dr. Skull unsheathed his sword. It had purple jewels all over it. He used it along with his Voodoo Staff to shoot a purple wave of voodoo powers into the air. He held them both up. The ocean didn't seem as calm. The Runner stopped, as if it had hit a reef. Then, all of the sudden, a huge wave formed, and pushed the Runner underwater, completely.

Richard woke up in a strange underwater village. The Runner was laying down on it's side in the sand.

"Whoa!" Richard said, sounding concerned, as he approached his ship. He touched the hull. He then realized he was underwater. "How am I breathing?" He asked himself. "I don't know." Stormwalker said, as he stood on one of the masts. "Storm! Where are we" Richard asked. "I don't know. I woke up about twenty minutes ago." Stormwalker said. "Where are the rest of the crew?" Richard asked. "They're being held around the corner. They took everyone but you, and I managed to awake and hide before they came. The even took Sarah" Stormwalker replied. Dr. Skull came out of a small tunnel with no roof. "It seems you have finally woken up." He said. "What have you done to my ship?!" Richard yelled. "Nothing, it will be fine" Skull replied. "You liar! No ship can survive on some sand at the bottom of the ocean!" Richard said. "Wrong you are, Goldvane. You see there is a bubble of air protecting this entire village from water. You are safe for now. Come this way, you may bring your friend since he managed to hide from my workers." Skull said. Richard gladly followed Dr. Skull into the tunnel with no roof. Stormwalker followed. Then, two figures approached them. Richard knew one of them. It was The Menace!

The other figure was talking to The Menace. "This is Achaelos, and I believe you know the other person here" Skull said. "You!" Stormwalker said as he unsheathed his sword, and pointed it at The Menace. Dr, Skull unsheathed his sword, and pointed it at Stormwalker. "Let me fight this man." Stormwalker said to Skull. "You shall not challenge my brother!" Dr. Skull said. "Brother?" Richard said.

"Aye, we are all three brothers. Me, Achaelos, and Charles." Dr. Skull said. "Our father is the ruler of this land." Achaelos said. The Menace walked up to Stormwalker. "You challenge me?" He asked. Richard reached for his sword to help Stormwalker, but he then noticed his weapons had been taken away. "Behind you! It's Jolly Roger!" Richard said The Menace turned, just long enough for Richard to grab his blade out of his sheath.

"Goldvane!!" The Menace said as he unsheathed his second sword. "Charles, Goldvane knows of the sword." Dr. Skull said.

"What? You told him?" The Menace asked. "No! He already knew." Skull replied. "Can we just go?" Achaelos asked. "Soon, Ach." Skull said. Then, Sarah walked down the cave, followed by Bloody Billy. "Sarah!" Stormwalker said. "This is no time for happy feelings, I can't find Blueeyes!" She said. "How did you get here?" Stormwalker asked. "I got out of my bonds while the guards were gone, and started saving other people, but then the guards started coming. I saved Billy though." She said. "My guards weren't there?" Dr. Skull said. "Nope, they left for about ten mintues." Bloody Billy said. "Excuse me for a second." Dr. Skull said as he walked out of the cave. "Arghh!" Could be heard from outside of the tunnel. "Please have merc....y!" Could also be heard. Dr. Skull returned. "There, all done." He said as he returned. Billy had his sword, and once he saw that Richard and Storm has blades in their hand, he drew it. "Now now, you three pirates could not possibly defeat us." Achaelos said.

"Why not, stranger dude?" Bloody Billy asked. "Because we have swords that could crush you!" He said as his unsheathed his sword. Now all swords in the tunnel were drawn. "Ohh!" Sarah said as she backed away. Storm lunged at The Menace. The Menace blocked, pushed Storm's blade to the wall, and slashed at Storm. However, Stormwalker blocked. Billy attacked Dr. Skull. He quickly parried. There wasn't much room. Storm dueled The Menace and Dr. Skull dueled Billy. Achaelos lunged forward. He attacked Richard. Richard parried, but Achaelos seemed like a good duelist. Richard threw a cufflink ( Yes, they didn't know to take those away along with his sword ). "What is that?" Achaelos said. Richard lunged forward, and started to gain the offensive. Billy got knocked down. "I surrender!" Billy said as he got up. "Not!" Billy added as he lunged forward. Stormwalker and The Menace fought like Richard and Edward The Terrible. Achaelos unleashed a huge blow of green seaweed from his sword. It burnt Richard like hot metal. "Arrgh!" He said in pain, as he dropped his sword. Billy was knocked down again by Skull. The Menace and Stormwalker didn't stop. Dr. Skull pointed his sword in the air, and closed his eyes. Huge bubbles of water wrapped around Richard and Billy, pulling them in. They could not breathe. Stormwalker saw this, and stopped. As did the Menace. Dr. Skull popped the bubbles with his sword. "Surrender or your friends shall be trapped as you and that blue-coated-weakling were, but for a much longer period of time." Dr. Skull said.

"Never kill a lady!" Sarah said. "Agreed" Richard said, as he agreed to Dr. Skull. Sarah, Billy, Storm and Richard were forced to follow, unarmed. "So why am I here, exactly?" Richard asked. "Our father wants as many people with information on the sword as possible."Dr. Skull replied. They reached the end of the tunnel. There was a rock door with a keyhole on it. There seemed to be a sleeping man with a hammer on the ground, but it barely looked human. It looked like one of Davy Jones's men, but more fishlike. "I'll do it." Dr. Skull said. "No, i'll do it. You did it last time." Achaelos said. "I really think I should do it, Ach" Dr. Skull said. "No! I will!" Achaelos said.

"If only I could do it for you. Then you wouldn't argue." The Menace said. "Do remember you don't have your sword, we have ours, so you can't do it." Achaelos said. Richard whispered into Storm's ear. Storm whispered into Sarah's ear. "So, why don't you have a special sword?" She asked The Menace. Storm stood in front of Richard, hiding anything he did. He picked up the hammer from the sleeping man. Dr. Skull and Achaelos both unsheathed their swords, and both went for the keyhole. They both hit at the same time, causing neither to have enough room. They both struggled to get it in. Richard grabbed Achaelos's sword, and aimed the hammer at it. "Hah!" He said. He walked away from everyone to get enough room. "Alright, you will free my entire crew, and let them come with me, or I will destroy this sword. "Don't!" The Menace, Dr. Skull, and Achaelos said at the same time. "I guess we can free your crew." Dr. Skull said. "And we want our weapons. All of 'em." Richard added. "Alright." Dr. Skull said. Ten minutes later, the entire crew of the Green Runner was in the tunnel, talking about random things. There were about 30 pirates in all. Dr. Skull used his sword to open the lock. The door opened. It was a beutiful scene. Strange but pretty underwater things were everywhere, and many workers. There was a throne in the center, very high, stacked on alot of rock stairs. Behind the throne was a small door. In the throne was a very big thing, it was a man, but it barely looked human. It was probably half Anglerfish and half human. He walked out of his throne. "This is our father." The Menace said. "Whoa... that's your dad?" Richard asked. "Who's your mother?" Stormwalker asked. "I don't know, our father said it was some random Octopus." Achaelos said. "My sons, who have you brought into my throne room?" The fish man asked. "Richard Goldvane and his crew. He knows information on the sword." Dr. Skull replied. "Good. We need more... information-filled people to help us find the Sword of Freedom." The fish man said. "So, how are they human if their mother is an octopus and you are..." Richard started. "Well, my friend, you will find out, soon. Yes, very soon. In fact, id say you will find out in the next few seconds." The fish man said as he pointed his finger at Richard. Inside Richard's thoughts :

My head got dissy. I fell to the ground. It turned into what seemed a dream in my head. I saw three figures. It was Charles The Menace, Dr. Skull, and Achaelos. But they were strange. They were very fishlike. Even more than that strange, fat, ugly fish man father of theirs. Their father then gave them each a sword. "You may each choose an abillity, and give it to each other." Their father said. Dr. Skull chose Voodoo, which made them all capable of very powerful voodoo spells. Achaelos chose Wisdom, which made them all wise, and gave them the wisdom to use that voodoo. And finally, The Menace chose Freedom. The freedom to leave this village, and also to become completly human. Hereby creating the Sword of Voodoo, the Sword of Wisdom, and the Sword of Freedom. Their father then waved his hands, and made a huge gate, cealing a huge city. I could tell it was beuitiful, but I could not tell what it was, as the dream got foggy when I looked at it. In the middle of the gate was a keyhole, similar to the one Dr. Skull used. It had one sword in it. It didn't look like Skull's or Achaelos's, instead it had red jewels on it, and the rest was silver. Then, their father made another gate. This one was golden. It had three keyholes. I awoke. "As I told you, it would come to you very soon." Their father said.

"Richard, you ok?" Stormwalker asked. "Yeah..." Richard replied. "So, fish man, what do you need me for?" Richard asked. "I am not named 'Fish Man'!!! I am the Angler Lord, ruler of Atlantis!" The Angler Lord said.

"Oh. That still doesn't answer my question." Richard said. "You are here so we may discuss the Sword of Freedom!" The Angler Lord said. "Ah. Well, i'm rather tired. May we have a... eh.. a cabin? To sleep in? You know, the comfy.. warm.. place where you stay at when your away from home?" Richard asked.

"Fine, but we will discuss the Sword now." The Angler Lord said. Chairs were brought for the crew. However, several had to sit on the ground. "Hey, a crab!" Jack Can said. The crab then clawed him. "Haha, Jack. That's a mean crab there." Jeffrey Blasthawk said. "Ben always liked crabs..." Jack said, sadly. "The Sword of Freedom is a magical sword, that is one of the three that unlocks the gates to Atlantis. The Menace lost it to a admiral of France who had forty soldiers with guns pointed at him." The Angler Lord said. "Do you have to tell them?" The Menace asked. "Yes! I do, Charles." The Angler Lord said. "As I was saying, a french admiral stole it, and then sailed to France. However, the spanish stopped his ship, and sunk it. However, him and his crew found land, but not before the Spanish followed. They came into a jungle island with giant flytraps. There was a huge battle between the crews. In the middle of the battle, the french admiral buried the sword. He even made a map to it's exact location. The admiral died in the battle, but he gave the map to his first mate. The french eventually won, and used the spanish ship to set sail. But then, their ship was sunk by El Fantasma, and then he stole the map. Then, the EITC attacked El Fantasma's lair, and stole it, but Fantasma had made a copy of it. That's all I know, we believe you know more." The Angler Lord said. "Uh... in fact I do. We were there when the EITC arrived with the map. The sword had been taken, and a note was left by El Fantasma." Richard said. "So Fantasma has it." The Angler lord said. "So.. can we leave?" Stormwalker asked. "No! We require you to steal the sword from Fantasma. When you do, eventually one of my sons will find you, and you shall return here with the sword and hand it over to me." The Angler Lord said. "Sure, but what's the benefit?" Richard asked. "Your ship will be repaired, and you will be free to leave." He said. "Repaired?!??" Richard said as he glared at Dr. Skull.

"Yes, repaired. Now, I will get your cabin ready as soon as you.... agree." The Angler Lord said. "I agree, I guess." Richard said. "Good, now uh... Skull! Prepare their cabin. Use the, uh... 'bigger' one, eh?" The Angler Lord said. "Yes, father" Dr. Skull said. They prepared a huge rock cabin with lanterns all around it for Richard and his crew. They went inside and settled into their hammacks. Richard held a meeting. "Alright, crew, since we all have our weapons, we will fight our way out. Hopefully we will force these people into repairing our ship, and letting us go." Richard said. "But they're so powerful!" The skinny pirate said. "And scary!" Sarah said. "Don't worry, Sarah, i'll protect you." Stormwalker said. "Guys, if we don't, we'll be forced to work for them, and do their deeds. This is our one chance to escape." Richard said. The crew eventually agreed on teaming up on the Angler Lord and his men. "So, when do we attack?" Stormwalker asked. "Tomorrow once everybody wakes up. We'll get some rest, and then we'll strike when they least expect it." Richard said.

"Agreed. Lets get some sleep." Stormwalker said. The crew slept for about ten hours, when two members woke up, each woke up another, who each woke up another, etc etc... untill everyone was awake.

"Arlight, let's go." Richard said.

The crew snuck around the city. They killed a few workers on their way. They finally found Dr. Skull, who escorted them to the throne room. "We really need to tell your father something that we forgot about the sword." Stormwalker said. "Alright, but he may not be awake yet." Dr. Skull said. Skull used his sword as a key again and entered. There were about 20 workers in the room. The man with the hammer was walking around. He had four arms. His right arms were a human, and a crab arm. His left were a squid arm, and an electirc eel. Another man had tiny crab legs, walked real slow, and appeared as a midget. Achaelos was in a corner cleaning his sword. The Menace was stabbing small Jolly Roger dummies with his two swords. "It seems our father is still asleep, or either not ready to come out. Just tell me the information." Dr. Skull said. "Well, you see, I was thinking, well, that maybe.... NOW! Attack!" Richard said as he unsheathed his sword. The crew attacked. Dr. Skull was stuned for a moment, but then he realized what was happening, and unsheathed the Sword of Voodoo.

He used it to kill a few pirates. Richard dueled a worker. The worker lost the battle, but put a scratch on Richard. Charles and Jeffrey each had a Blunderbuss, and each others backs. The Menace was killing tons of pirates with his two swords, and Achaelos with his Sword of Wisdom. Dr. Skull did his bubble attack on several pirates, but many were popped. Sarah grabbed a pistol, and fought. The man with a hammer approached Richard. "Nobody touches my hammer!" He said as he swung it at Richard, along with a dagger. Richard was barely pulling through. Stormwalker finally dueled the Menace. They fought like crazy. It was almost like fast-motion. Jack Can dueled the crab-legged worker. The battle was intense. Achaelos used his seaweed attack on pirates. Will Goldvane killed a worker. "Hah, you look weak and young, you'll be the next to die!" Achaelos said to Will Goldvane. "Nah, I think YOU will, you ugly weak swordsman!" Will said. They dueled.

Richard cut off the workers squid arm, but it kept going with the hammer. He then got the crab arm, but that wasn't even enough! Stormwalker and The Menace kept going. Storm knocked one of The Menace's swords out of his hands, but he seemed to do almost as good as he did with two. Stormwalker threw a Jolly Roger dummy, which distracted The Menace. The Menace then threw it back, and knocked Storm's blade out of his hand. "Haha, finally!!" He said as be prepare for the killing blow. But then, Sarah fired her pistol, and knocked The Menace's blade out of his hand. They fist-fought. "Go Storm!" Sarah said. Achaelos did his seaweed attack on Will. Richard slashed at the hammer man, and eventually knocked him down. He then raced to help William. He then dueled Achaelos. Jack Can and the small worker threw daggers, but none hit, because they bothed dodged good. Richard pulled out his Voodoo Staff, and whirled out a wither attack on Achaelos. "Eagghh!" He said in pain. Dr. Skull then pointed his sword at richard. He shot out a purple voodoo beam, that Richard knew would probably be his end. However, he barely blocked the attack with his Voodoo Staff. However, the power was too much on his staff, and it broke in half, but the voodoo beam vanished. Jack Can then threw two daggers, which impaled into the small man's chest. Jack Can celebrated a bit, and went to help William. Jeffrey shot a worker, and then attacked another with the end of his blunderbuss. Charles threw two grenades, which killed several workers. "Woohoo! Wohoohoohoowohoooo!!" He said. Richard grabbed the top half of his Staff, and unsheathed his Sword again, and used them both against Dr. Skull. Dr. Skull prepared to do a bubble attack, and then shot it. However, he ducked, which caused the bubble to hit Achaelos. Dr. Skull quickly popped the bubble. He grabbed a pistol. "Richard Goldvane, remember this as the day you were killed by Achaelos" Achaelos said. POW! Gunfire was heard. It was Jack Can's pistol. Achaelos fell to the ground. "Brother!" Dr. Skull said as he bent down and tried to help Achaelos. Achaelos, with his last breath, then fired his gun at Stormwalker it hit his leg. The Menace then noticed the dead body of Achaelos on the ground. He gasped. Dr. Skull then picked up the Sword of Wisdom. But then, it flew out of his hands, into the hands of none other than The Angler Lord. Everyone stopped fighting.

"Now now, this throne room is very important! You have ruined it!" He said "Father may I kill Goldvane, please?" The Menace asked. "No! We need him, as a..... extra, pawn, in our game, eh?" The Angler Lord said. "We gave you a place to stay, and this is what you do?" Dr. Skull asked Richard. "We just wanted to escape! You wrecked my ship!" Richard replied. "All it requires is a voodoo spell! A simple one!" Skull said. "Then why is part of your father's bargaining power 'Repairing your ship'?" Richard said. "Enough arguing! Richard, I'll let you escape after you return the sword to me." The Angler Lord said. "Father! he killed Achaelos! You have to... kill him or something!" Charles the Menace said. "Why? We need an extra hand. And Achaelos... wasn't really helping much.. eh" The Angler replied. "Wasn't helping much? I don't see how.." Dr. Skull joined in. "So Goldvane, are you ready to start your mission, meaning I repair your ship, and you then launch and do your mission?" The Angler lord said. "I guess we better get it done." Richard said. "Alright, but first I must show you something" The Angler Lord said. He waved his hands. Some rocks formed a door, that then opened. They went inside. It was a huge area, filled with nothing. But in the middle was a large golden gate. The one rich had saw in his vision. It had three keyholes. "These are the gates to Atlantis" The Angler Lord said. Richard saw the gate behind it that had a keyhole filled with a sword. "What's that?" He asked. "That is the second gate. Unlocked by the Sword of Triton." The Angler lord said. "Ok, father, time for them to go to bed. I want them out. Early." Dr. Skull said.

They slept there for a night, so the Green Runner could be repaired. The next morning arived. Richard and his crew got up, which took half an hour, and they walked through the town. They approached the Runner. "Whoa!" Stormwalker said. "Yeehaw! The Awesome Runner that has a midget on it!" Jack Can said. Dr. Skull approached them. "Now, get onboard" He said. The crew did as he asked. "Note that if it weren't for my father's ignorance you would be a dead man at this moment!" Dr. Skull said. "I'll tell 'em ye said that, ey?" Richard replied. Dr. Skull then used his sword to do some magic voodoo spell, and the ship went up and up. "Remember, I can undo this at any time, so do not fail us!" Dr. Skull said. The Runner exited the bubble. The crew fainted. Richard woke up to, finally, some sunlight. The Runner was as good as new, and sailing peacefully. Richard got up, woke some other pirates up, including Stormwalker, and took the wheel. An hour later, the entire crew had woken. up. They started sailing. "So where are we headed, Richard?" Will asked. "Well, probably somewhere to recruit cremembers." Richard said. "You should know where your going" Will replied. But before Richard could answer, he saw sails on the horizon. Sails of the HMS Neptune, flagship of General Duckfish. Onboard his ship, alot of talking was heard.

"You'll never defeat them, they are soon to be invited to the brethren. If they are invited, they must be fair pirates, and even if they're 'ok' pirates, they can defeat you" Said a pirate prisoner. "Edgar Wildrat, keep your mouth shut, or you will be Edgar Deadrat." General Duckfish said to the pirate. Somehow, another pirate had gotten out of his bonds, and instead of attacking the guards, he played a violin.

"Lawrence, I think you should stop, Duckfish is not very happy." Edgar said. "Please stop that annoying music, Daggerpaine!." Duchfish said. "Oh I can't wait to capture them!" Jeffrey Redscurf said.

"We shall soon." Duckfish said. "Captain! Captain!" The crew of the Runner yelled. Richard just starred at the ship. "Duckfish." He muttered. The Neptune approached them more. "Should we prepare the cannons" Stormwalker asked. "No. I want a talk with ole George." Richard said. The ship parked next to the runner. Dosens of EITC Soldiers, followed by about 50 Navy guards, cadets, veterans, and soldiers, boarded the Runner, along with Duckfish, a few officers, and Jeffrey Redscurf.

"You! You killed ben!" Jack Can said as he charged Redscurf, but two EITC soldiers pulled him back. "Midgets...." He muttered. "Richard Goldvane. I hereby arrest you and declare you a prisoner on my ship, the HMS Neptune!" General Duckfish said. "Duckfish. I have alot to say to you. Starting with, you killed my uncle!" Richard said. "Ugh, your uncle killed my brother! Duckfish said. "Your brother killed my grandfather and his brother!" Richard said. "Your Grandfather's brother killed my uncle!" Duckfish said. "I don't go that far back!!" Richard said. "Too bad, your the prisoner of General George Goliuth Duckfish now!!" Duckfish said. "General? You should be admiral if you work at sea!" Richard said. Duckfish paused................................ "I'm also an admiral, but I prefer the title general!" Duckfish said. Richard tackled Duckfish. They fought and fought.

"Mr. Piggles, make sure this midget goes into the same cage as the violin player and Edgar annoyingrat!" Jeffrey Redscurf said. But then, a plank hit him. "Ow!" He said. It appeared several pirates were throwing things. "Tom Cresthawk, Roger Squidfish, stop that at once!" Jeffrey Redscurf said.

Several guards then stopped the prisoner pirates. Duckfish and Richard were still fighting. Richard did a huge punch, which gave him enough time to pull out his voodoo staff, but he then remembered it was broken in half. Duckfish unsheathed a sword, and cut the top off, eliminating any chance of it having any power. "Hah! You are the lamest Goldvane ever!" Duckfish said. "You are weak, for a duckfish. Most duckfish's are ok at dueling, however, you are lame." Richard said. Duckfish then cuffed Richard, took his weapons, and went down to the middle deck. "Cuff everyone, and then put them in the brig." He said.

Stay tu

Chapter 11: CapturedEdit

It was 15 days at sea, as Richard and his crew stayed in the brig of the HMS Neptune. His ship, the Green Runner, was being towed by the Neptune, making the already slow warship, even slower.

The brig was very big, and it was as long as a row of 10 cannons. The brig was a bunch of connected cages and cells. They could see just about anything that happened on their level.

There were many other pirates there that Richard didn't know.

"So, think we will be able to escape?" Stormwalker asked. "No, Duckfish has tons of soldiers. Though, these other pirates would help, and we need new crewmembers." Richard replied. "Should we recruit them then? Jack Can, Billy, and a few others have been talking with them." Stormwalker said.

"I guess it's the best choice" Richard replied. He approached the violin player. He somehow convinced Duckfish to let him play it in the brig, probably so Duckfish won't have to see it, or hear any of his soldiers play it near him. He played a sad song, probably becasue of their sad situation. It made Richard feel sad, even though he was already. He realized he probably wouldn't escape Duckfish this time. Half his crew had died in the recent battle, and now he was stuck on Duckfish's best ship. He wondered if these pirates were as good as Stormwalker, Jack Can, Jeffrey, and Charles, his best crewmembers. He watched as the man played. He seemed very good. He wore a black cavalier hat, a dirty admiral coat, stiff tall boots, and baggy pants. He didn't noticed Richard staring at him. "Hi there." Richard said. The man continued playing. "Ahoy." He said. "I'm Captain Richard Goldvane, but.. not really Captain anymore...." Richard said. "I think ive heard some of the brethren talking about you.." The man said. "Ah. Uhm... what's your name, mate?" Richard asked. "Lawrence Daggerpaine. I use to lead a great group of pirates called the Gen. of Peace. However, Duckfish captued me, and it has been months since I have seen or heard anything about my group." The man said.

"Ah, i'm sorry to hear that." Richard replied. The skinny pirate walked up to Richard. "Captain!" He said. "What is it?" Richard asked. "A man wishes to speak with you" The pirate replied. Richard followed the pirate untill he came up to a green haired pirate. "Hello!" He said. "I'm Edgar Wildrat. Nice to meet you, Mr. Goldvane" Wildrat added. He wore a grey ostrich hat, a grey coat, a fancy vest, blue common pants, and large boots. "Ahoy, you too! My crewmember said you wanted to see me." Richard replied. "Yes, I just wanted to let you know, that the Brethren court is short a pirate lord." Edgar said. "Ok...? Why are you telling me this?" Richard asked. "Well, because your on the list of possible replacements." Edgar replied. "Really?" Richard asked. "Yeah, I mean, Pirate Lord Basil Bridgebain convinced King Swordmenace to put you on the list." Edgar said. "Wow. Oh yeah, I remember Basil, he's the one who convinced me to steal a chest from a skeleton, that had a really nice green vest in it!" Richard said.

"Uh.. yeah, I guess. Anyways, just thought you might wanna know" Edgar said. A large buff man wearing a long sleeve shirt, blue pants, and flat boots approached them. "Did someone mention Basil Bridgebain?" He asked. "Yes, I did." Edgar said. "Wow, I didn't know he was known much." The man said. "Um, he's a pirate lord." Richard said. "Oh? Sorry, I didn't know, I have been in this brig for two years. They never hang me, or anything. Just left me here." He said. "What do you know of him?" Edgar asked. "He's my father's best friend. A real nice guy. He saved me life, twice." The man said. "Who are you, by the way?" Richard asked. "My name is Roger Squidfish" The man replied. Lawrence approached them. "Edgar have you told Mr. Goldvane of the possibility that he will become a Pirate Lord?" Lawrence asked. "Yep, I just did." Edgar replied. "Well, would you three like to join my crew? I'm sure you all have your own, but just temporaily" Richard asked. "Sure, I need a crew that I can trust, and if you know Basil, i'm in" Roger said. Lawrence and Edgar exchanged looks, and eventually agreed. Another man approached them. "Edgar, Lawrence, ahoy! Is this Richard Goldvane?" He asked. "Yep." Edgar replied. "Hello!" The man said. He wore a similar oufit to Lawrence, except without the coat. "Ahoy!" Richard said.

"I'm Lawrence's first mate, Jack Pistol" Jack said. "Nice to meet you." Richard replied. "Alright!!! Time for cleanup!" A navy officer ordered. two dozens of navy soldiers escorted the prisoners out. They were forced to clean and swab the deck. It would seem like all those pirates would do it very fast, but Duckfish's mass ship of the line was so huge, it required alot.

Richard spilt a bucket of water used to swab the deck. A Navy Officer walked by. He slipped on the water, and fell on the railing. His stomach hit the railing, so he cramped. This caused him to fall overboard. "Man overboard!" A soldier yelled. Richard whistled. The officer was rescued. "Alright, who did that!?" He said. Several pirates pointed to each other. Richard pointed to Stormwalker, but Stormwalker pointed to Jack Can. Jack Can pointed to Richard. The bad thing was, this was one of the top officers. "Alright, you will all be punished! No dinner tonight and no violin-playing!" The officer ordered. Lawrence glared at Richard, as if he knew Rich did it.

A man walked up to Richard. He wore a long brown coat, and an admiral hat. The rest of his clothes looked common. "Don't worry, I did it too. If you don't admit you did it though, everyone will be punished." The man said. "Uhm, alright." Richard said. Richard approached the Officer. "Um, I did it" Richard said. He felt good for saying that, but also scared. "Ah, you. You still all get no dinner! and no violins!" The Officer said. He approached the man in the admiral hat. He had a brown beard and looked pretty smart. "Thanks, um... mate." Richard said. "Name's Jack. Just Jack. No last name. Never knew me family, other than my sister." He said. "Ah, sorry about that." Richard said as he walked away. He was already overwhelmed. So many names and stories. He had already met two people named Jack. the pirates were put back into the brig.

Meanwhile, on the Harkaway.

Dr. Skull arrived in his small boat. He walked up to Jolly. "Where is Goldvane, Mr. Skull!?!?!" Jolly Roger asked. "Look. I know it has been a week, but I am using Goldvane as an agent to find the Sword of Freedom, one of the three swords that unlock the city of Atlanits!" Dr. Skull said. "Atlantis? Never heard of it". Jolly Roger said. Dr. Skull froze. "Atlantis is a golden city, filled with gold, voodoo relics, and voodo crystals!" Dr. Skull said. "So, HOW DOES THAT MAKE UP FOR YOU TAKING MORE THAN A WEEK!?!!?" Jolly said in anger. "Look, i'm going to pay you four voodoo relics, two voodoo crystals, and two cursed blades. Don't worry, i'll have him soon. He thinks he's gonna get to go free, but he's really not...". Skull said. "Well, those items do sound nice. I guess you may have.. i don't know, a month?" Jolly Roger said. "That is probably good. Goodbye." Dr. Skull said as he got back on his ship

Back on the HMS Neptune.

The crew now had to clean weapons.

Navy Guards watched, and made sure they didn't steal any.

But now, with Richard's crew, they could easliy steal some, since there is more pirates to watch, and they can hide each other's hands.

"Hey, since there are two Jack's, mind if we give ye a nic-name?" Stormwalker asked Jack.

"Yeah, we don't want any mistakes." Jack Pistol said.

"Sure. Like what?"

"Hmm... 'Scruffy Jack'?" Richard asked.

"Hmm... I guess...." Scruffy Jack said.

Scruffy Jack started to clean a blunderbuss. He went into the corner, and hid it into his coat.

When they were done, they all revealed the weapons they stole.

There were four swords, eight daggers, five belts of knives, which each contained 6 knives.

Finally, there was the Blunderbuss Scruffy Jack stole.

"That's a nice Dragon!" Jack Can said. "Aye, a 'Pirate Blunderbuss'!" Jack said. "Ah, that's the kind I used. It's probably mine, since they took our weapons." Richard said. "Why didn't you ever use it?" Stormwalker said. "I used my last shot on that Rage Ghost at the 'ghost' French Island." Richard said.

"Ah." Stormwalker replied. Jack Pistol then opened a board in the wall. It had 10 pistols in it. "Fit's me name, eh?" Jack Pistol said.

"Why didn't you use these to escape?" Stormwalker asked. "No ammo." Roger Squidfish said.

"We need a Jack Steel shot" Richard said.

A pirate then grabbed a large mop. He used it to pull over a small barrel of ammo. They put most of the weapons in Jack's hidden boards.

They got the ammo out, and put it into the board also.

They then closed the barrel, and pushed it back where it was. A officer walker by and saw the pirate with the mop. "Anyone who dares steal an item shall die!" The officer said as he fired a pistol at the pirate.

"How dare you!?" Said another pirate. The officer reloaded, and opened fire. The two dead pirates were put near the boards, to cover them up.

Up on the top deck...

A Naval officer, who looked very high-ranked, walked up to Duckfish. "Admiral General George Goliath Duckfish, WHERE are my crumpets!!?!?" he asked.

"Mr. Blastshot, behave yourself. Number one - Only my mother, King Breasly, Johnny Cothern, and me, are allowed to say my full name! And two, do not yell at me! Three, I don't care about crump--"

Duckfish said, but he was interrupted - "Actually, I CAN yell at you! The king respects me, and If I wanted, I could get you demoted to.." Blastshot started, but was interrupted - "Actually, you canNOT yell at me, I own this ship!!!!! I have no intentions in finding crumpets for you while i'm navigating!" Duckfish said. "How DARE you! I'm writing a forty page letter to the king himself, you shall be kicked out of the navy and hung by the neck!" Blastshot said.

"You don't have enough power to get me demoted, better yet, HUNG!" Duckfish said.

"Well, you're behaving as if a duck couldn't swallow a fish, and...." --

"Do not dare make fun of my name!!!!" - Duckfish said.

"I can do what I want, Duckfish!!! I am Matthew Blastshot, a very high-ranking officer in the navy!" Blastshot said.

"No you can't, I am the captain of this SHIP!" Duckfish said.

"Captain? I thought you were a general, oh wait, no you said admiral!" Blastshot said.

Meanwhile, in the brig. "What's that noise!?" Stormwalker said. "Duckfish is arguing with somebody. I can tell." Richard said.

Back on the deck....

"I will boot you right this instant!" Duckfish said.

"I will boot YOU!!!" Blastshot said. "You, technically, CANNOT boot the CAPTAIN of this ship!!!" Duckfish said.

"Your a lame excuse for a naval officer! Now, if you please, MY CRUMPETS!" Blastshot said. "Poor mr. Blastshot, his son has gone mad!" Duckfish said.

"How dare you!!?!?!?!?! All I want are my crumpets, and you gone, and I will be happy." Blastshot said.

"Neither are going to be happening, so have fun being unhappy!" Duckfish said.

Back in the brig...

"AUHIUHIGU! yaa!!!" was heard.

"Ugh, i'll handle this." Richard said. He pulled out a sharp cuffink, and used it as a key to get out of the brig. He walked onto the deck.


"You aren't getting crumpets!!!!" Richard said. "I'll deal with you later, Blastshot. How did you escape, Goldvane!?" Duckfish asked. "Uh.... your officer gave me the key.." Richard said. "Excuse me a second..." Duckfish said as he grabbed Richard, pulled him down below decks, and put him back into the brig. He then locked it with his own key. No guards or officers were there. Duckfish walked into the next room. An officer, and two guards were playing poker. "Excuse me, who was the commanding officer on duty here?" Duckfish asked. Both guards pointed to the officer. Duckfish pulled out a pistol. "What? No no! I didn't do it! No! I didn't do it! I didn't mean it, I.... I.... I.... didn't mean to do it, I... I didn't do--ahh!" The man said. "That's what you get." Duckfish said.

Duckfish walked back up to the top deck.

"Lieutenant Loan!" Duckfish said "Yessir?" The Lieutenant asked. "Have we reached The Stench Seas yet?" Duckfish said. "Yes in fact we have, and were just about to take the course to Scar Fort." Lieutenant Loan said. "No, we are changing course's to England." Duckfish said. "But sir! We recieved specific orders to hang them at scar fort." Lieutenant Loan said. "By who?" Duckfish said. "Head Admiral of the English Royal Navy, Admiral Yurlean. And I always obey Admiral Yurlean, no matter what." Loan said. "You'll be obeying me, and me only, ey?" Duckfish said as he pulled out a pistol, loaded it, and pointed it at Loan's chest.

"I shall.... obey you, and you... only.... mr.. du--duckfish" Loan said. "Good, because if not you would be a dead man!" Duckfish said as he put his pistol back in it's pouch. "Make sail for England!" Duckfish ordered.

Meanwhile, in a small cave.

Jamie Lopus approached Sloppy the Dummy.

"Hello Sloppy. Um, any word about Slappy?" Lopus asked Sloppy. Jamie had told Sloppy that Slappy went missing, but Sloppy knew the truth. Luckilly, Sloppy saved Slappy, putting his soul into a dagger.

"I know what happened to him. It's not your fault. It's Dr. Skull's!" Sloppy said. "How did you find out!?" Lopus asked. "I heard you and Skull talking. I saved his soul in a dagger!" Sloppy said. "Sloppy, i'm sorry, but I must obey my master. You shall hand over his sould now!" Lopus said. "No! Why must you serve him? Why can't we betray him!?" Sloppy asked. "He's my master. He is teaching me." Lopus said. "Please let me save Slappy!" Sloppy said. "Fine. I didn't want to kill him. But he did something to the Menace, and Dr. Skull ordered him destroyed." Lopus said. "Well, can't we just kill Skull and save Slappy?" Sloppy asked. "I'm not intending to kill my own master. Besides, we probably couldn't defeat him." Lopus said. "True. But, maybe we could. If we saved Slappy first, he could help us, and we could hire a few witchdoctors." Sloppy said. "Good idea. We'll work on that. I have been very unhappy with Skull lately." Lopus said. "Alright, let's figure out a way to free Slappy!" Sloppy said.

Meanwhile, back on the Neptune.

It was 10 days later.

The pirates were once again forced to swab the deck. "Sir, we are approaching England!" Lieutenant Loan said. "Enland!?" Edgar Wildrat said. "What's wrong with England?" Richard asked. "My father will.... willl.... nevermind..." Edgar said. They dropped anchor at England. Duckfish brought many Naval officers and soldiers with him as he escorrted Richard to a large building. "Lord Johnny Cothern wants to see you." He said. They went inside. There was a large hallway with EITC decorations everywhere. They went into a large room. Samuel Redbeard and Cad Bane were arguing with Captain Leon and Benjamin Macmorgan. Behind them was a skinny man in a chair. He stood up. "Gentlemen. We have worked together to kill one of the Pirate Lords. We have worked together to destroy the Francis Brigade! We have worked together to put Tortuga in ruins! Why can we not work together to find the Sword of Freedom!?" The skinny man asked. The four men paused. "Jeffrey Redscurf lost it!" Captain Leon said. "It's not Redscurf's fault, Fantasma stole it!" Cad Bane said. "But Redscurf could have gotten there quicker!" Benjamin Macmorgan said. "Stop it! You will all be demoted if you continue!" The man said. "Excuse us, we are here!" Duckfish said. "Ah, Duckfish. You four lords, I need a private meeting!" The man said. "This is Richard Goldvane." Duckfish said. "Ah, Mr. Goldvane. I am lord Johnny Cothern, otherwise known as Scarface. Cothern said. His scars looked horrid. "Um... hello." Richard said. He then noticed it was just him and Scarface. "I believe you know the location of the Gates of Atlantis." Scarface said. "Well....... sorta. I could get you there." Richard said. "Good. Also, I wanted to let you know. Duckfish is working for me, and me only. He keeps the navy working for me. The reason I wanted to tell you this, is because Cad Bane and Redbeard don't know of this. I need them killed. They vote against me, Leon, and Benjamin all the time. Ben and Leon know of our little secret alliance." Cothern said. "So you want Redbeard and Bane killed since they aren't corrupt like you are?" Richard asked. "If you do that, and help me recover the Sword of Freedom, your crew will go free, as well as your beloved ship, the Green Runner, and you." Scarface said. "Tempting. Hmm... not quite sure." Richard said. "Perhaps I shall bring in someone to... help you decide?" Cothern said. He walked over to a door. He opened it, and signaled two guards to do something. He then returned. "It shall be a moment." He said.

Then, the door bursted open. In walked a man with no right hand. He turned toward Richard. "Insect" He said.

It was none other than Billy Hullbatten!

"Hullbatten! How did you survive!?" Richard asked. "I was able to get my head above the water and breath. I then swam behind a rock while your ship shot numerous ammuniton at me." Billy Hullbatten said. "Onto business." Cothern said. "If you don't help me, Hullbatten will take out his forever anger against pirates, on your crew." Cothern added. However, a rat then flew out of the air, and landed on Cothern's head. "Get it off!" he said as he picked up the rat and threw it. Billy Hullbatten then grabbed a pistol with his left hand and shot the rat. "SteelBlast bullets, goes through flesh and bone." Hullbatten said. "Ah, I see you have no swords, nor a sheath. Right-handed eh?" Richard asked. "Yes, and because of you I can no longer weild a sword." Hullbatten said. "Too bad, mate." Richard said. "Who threw a rat!?" Cothern asked. Two more rats then hit him. It appeared a black man with all dark black clothes, except a golden trim on his Admiral hat, was throwing rats. Behind him, was four other pirates. they ran. "Get them! Scarface orderd. Richard then punched Hullbatten, and ran behind them. "Thanks for the rescue!" Richard said to the rat-thrower. "No problem, I'm Chris Swordbones, but call me Hermit." The rat-thrower/Hermit said. "Ah, nice nic-name" Richard said as they continued running. Two Navy guards jumped in front of them and unsheathed swords. The four pirates with Hermit held them off as Hermit and Richard kept running. "Why are you doing this for.. me?" Richard asked. "Your needed at Shipwreck Cove, as soon as possible." Hermit said as they exited the building. The four pirates defeated the guards, but lost a man. "Aghh!" A pirate said as something made a huge hole through his chest. It was Hullbatten's gun.

The two pirates ran toward Hullbatten, but it was too late for one, as Billy opened fire once more. A hole was seen straight through the pirate, as his bullet was just nearly unstoppable.

A dozen guards then attacked the pirate, and he was toast.

Richard and Hermit made it out. However, many guards pointed muskets and bayonets at them. Lieutenant Loan approached them.

"Attempted an escape, I see, Goldvane." Loan said. "Alright, kill one of his crewmembers!" General Duckfish said as he approached the scene. The guards then slaughtered a pirate prisoner, all of which were now tied up next to a wall. They guards captured Hermit and tied him up with the rest of the pirates. Cothern and Hullbatten approached the scene. Cothern sighed. "Goldvane, I need the Sword of Freedom. I need to find Atlantis! What more can I do to make you accept?" Cothern asked. "You have threatened to kill my crew. Of course i'm not going to just let them die." Richard said. "Then why did you just follow that rat-thrower!?" Hullbatten asked. "A pirate must attempt to escape his unwanted fate anyway he can, savvy?" Richard said. "Well, since it is impossible for you to escape, currently, do you accept?" Cothern asked. "I accept, if you will free my crew and ship to help me." Richard said. "And Hullbatten, as an..... advisor" Cothern said. "Fine, whatever." Richard replied.

"Now, I have some business to attend. But, Goldvane. You don't seem too..... afriad of me." Cothern said. "I believe the stories of you are... exaggerated" Richard said.

"Alright, then you shall come with me, and learn of my true power. Also, Duckfish, you shall come too, i'll need you!" Cothern said. Richard was escorted by two guards to a carriage, and put in cuffs. Cothern and Duckfish jumped into the carriage also. One guard got up to drive, when the other went to guard the prisoners. They took off. An hour later, they arrived at the town of London. They arrived at King George Johnathan Breasly Augustus II's Palace. Many guards carefully held muskets at Richard. They walked into the palace. It was beuitiful, but not so great to Richard, as he was in cuffs. Richard was escorted by four guards to follow Cothern, until they reached a large staircase. It had golden lions on each side of the staircase, which each lead to a large row of silver railing. The stairs were bronze with golden and silver designs. They walked up the staircase. Richard tried to make out the designs on the stairs, but it was too hard, as he was forced to move quickly. All he could make out was a large snake, blowing fire out of it's mouth, battling a giant raven, which appeared to be shooting black forms of voodoo.. He read the words "Slag van Raven's Cove" next to the image. He figured it was in a different language than his normal English. they walked past the staircase, and in front of them was a large door. It had a large lion's head on it, and had some more greek letters. There were six guards guarding the door, but they made note of Duckfish, Cothern, and the other guards, of course, not being a concern. Duckfish opened the door, and they walked into a somewhat small room. In a large chair, sat a very large, fat, british man. Richard then realized this was the King of England himself! He was eating a rather large crumpet. So large, it was too big for him to eat, even for his size! He took a large bite, and chewed it up. The crumpet started to fall apart in his hands, and went all over him as he dropped it. He continued chewing. Several crums fell out of his mouth. Next to him stood Matthew Blasthsot, also eating many crumpets. "Freshly cooked" He said as he glared at Duckfish. Duckfish left the room. The guards closed the doors. The king didn't seem to notice. Cothern attempted to say something, but as he did, the king held up all five fingers. He then picked up the peices of crumpet on the ground, and even though they now were full of hair, dirt, and more, he put then all in his mouth. Cothern stood there, impatient. He sighed as the king swallowed. Cothern again attempted to say something, but the king then held up his hand again. He picked up another large crumpet, which fell apart the same way. 2 minutes later, the king was through with his crumpets. Cothern now, decided to speak.....................................

The king again held up all five fingers, and picked up another crumpet. He paused before he ate it, and decided to have a large drink of whiskey before he would start to eat his third crumpet. The whiskey overwhelmed him, as he stood there, doing nothing after he halfway swallowed it. He opened his mouth, and much whiskey slithered out of his mouth along with a large amount of spit, which landed all over his clothes. Richard was disgusted, however Matthew just stood there, looking out a large, fancy, black window, eating his sixth crumpet. Richard noticed it was starting to get dark. He wondered if he would ever see his crew again. He wondered if he would end up in a jail for the rest of his life, or worse, be executed. He wondered if he would ever see the Runner again. The king then decided to take a bite out of his third crumpet. He struggled to make it not go everywhere. he then threw all the crums at matthew. He appeared to be satisfied with his first two, or maybe even more, considering he was already dirty when they arrived. Cothern attempted to speak, but the king, again, held up five fingers. He then grabbed a handful of strawberries, most of which were smushed in his hands, and ate them. He made noises like "Yum-um-um-um-um" everytime he bit down on the strawberries. The king swallowed, and paused. Cothern didn't dare open his mouth. The king hesitated, and then drank more whiskey. It overwhelmed him before he even swallowed it, so he spit it out all over Blastshot's butt. Blastshot just stood there, eating his tenth crumpet, staring outside at a robin. The king stared at Cothern. As Cothern attempted to speak, the king interrupted him, with saying "A-Mr. Cothern, I would be delighted if you would bring me a glass of water". Cothern froze in anger, as he saw a fresh glass of water behind the king, sitting ontop of the fireplace shelf. "There's one-" Cothern attempted, but the king interrupted him again with saying "That one has gotten old". Cothern ordered a guard to get the king a glass of water. What is the point of this? - Richard thought. "May I speak now?" Cothern asked. The King had to think about this for a moment. "Hmm..... I guess.." He said. Cothern looked very relieved as he said "Thank you, your highness". He continued. "I have come to inform you that Admiral Yurlean had ordered this prisoner to be brought here and to be seen by you before he would be hung here. However, he is high on the wanted list, and we thought he should be executed sooner. But Yurlean ordered my friend, General Duckfish, to bring him here. I knew you didn't care to see pirates before they were hung, so I think Yurlean is questioning your orders. He wants power, he wants control, and he is powerhungry. He needs to be removed." Cothern said. The king had to think about this. "Duckfish is.." Matthew Blastshot started, before he was interrupted by Cothern - "Oh, you shut it, the king is about to speak!" Cothern blurted out. The king decided to eat another crumpet. 20 crums and 10 bites later, the king was done. "Yurlean is a very trusted member, but you combined with Duckfish makes two good opinions. Perhaps... he should be moved to an elite, backup group of sharpshooters, the Elite Sharpshooters." The king said. "I think that is a good decision. And that would of course... make Duckfish the head admiral of the Royal Navy?" Cothern asked. "Yes it would..." The king said as a guard walked in with his glass of water. He reached his hand out and sat it down on the kings table. "Not there you'll get my papers wet!" The king said right before the man sat it down. He sat it at a different spot on the desk. "Five ice pieces!? You should know by now, I want SIX!" The king said. "We'll be going..." Cothern said as he escorted Richard away. They met up with Duckfish, who was outside of the room. After much walking, they exited the building. "Wait, didn't Yurlean want me executed at Scar Fort? Wasn't Duckfish the one who wanted me here in England?" Richard asked. "Yes, you have it correct, Goldvane. The whole point of this was to show you my power. I can get the top admiral of the Royal English Navy demoted just like that. Wont you just fear my massive control? Your fear of me will help you. It will save you, and your crew. Fear... is a powerful weapon." Cothern said. "Well, you have power, but you'll never have my fear.." Richard said. Cothern smirked, and put Richard back in the carriage. An hour later, they arrived back at the town near the docks. They all got out of the carriage into a small bar area. Cothern opened his mouth.. as he was about to speak, he heard a large noise. "What is that?" Duckfish asked. They all three turned around, only to see a huge, monster rat! It was larger than the three of them combined with two pigs! Duckfish screamed very loud. "I will not fear you, beast!!" Cothern said. The rat picked him up by his arms, and threw him into the window of the bar. His body went through the glass, and landed on a table, smashing it, and many sailors drinks. As they were about to let him have it, he opened his mouth and said "I am an EITC lord! And I will have you all executed!". They all backed away. "Ah, finally, people who fear me!" Cothern said as he got up, but barely. "My back! Arggh!" He said as he fell back down. "Get me medical attention or face the gallows!" Cothern said, while pointing to a random scruffy sailor. He walked out of the bar, but froze as he saw the rat. He fainted.

Duckfish attempted to attack the rat, but a band of pirates attacked him. Richard the saw their leader, a tall, middle-aged man in a complete crimson captain outfit. "Hello there, you must be Captain Goldvane!" He said. "Aye, who are you?" Richard said, still a little shocked at what was going on. "I am Captain Crimson, otherwise known as Jeremiah Stormwash!" The man said. "Weren't you that newspaper writer?" Richard asked. "Of the Caribbean Gazzette, aye, until I became a pirate lord, that is!" He said cheerfully. "Ah.. why are you here?" Richard asked. "To rescue you and Hermit, of course! Ugh, I knew Hermit would need backup" Stormwash said as he smirked, grapped a skeleton key, and broke Richard free of his bonds. C'mon boys, hop on the rat. Except for you two" Stormwash said, while pointing to the two pirates fighting duckfish. Richard, the pirates, and Captain Crimson jumped on the rat, and took off for the docks. When the arrived, Hermit looked very happy to see the rat. "Roto! Your back!" He said while looking at the rat. "Thanks for the welcome!" Crimson said as he shot a navy guard. The pirates attacked the soldiers, while Jeremiah and Richard started to free prisoners using skeleton keys for the cuffs, and knives for the rop. Roto grabbed a soldier, and swallowed him whole. He then grapped three soldiers by their legs, and threw them ontop of four other soldiers. Two guards shot the rat, but it kept going, and ate them. "Ive read about your adventures, Goldvane. You should write a book about them, mate! You have been through alot!" Captain Crimson said. "Really?" Richard asked. He thought on this. You know, he's right. I really should at least keep note of my past, I mean, ive, not to brag, but, seen alot, and been through alot. Richard thought. He kept thinking about this until he heard something very loud. He then noticed Crimson had freed his crew, and the other pirates. He then knew what the sound was, as he saw a large hole through a pirate. He suddenly felt in a hurry, and anxious to escape, as he knew if he didn't, Hullbatten would avenge his long lost right hand. "We gotta take out that gun!" Richard said. "You pirate insects!!" Hullbatten said. Many pirates attacked him with cutlasses, but he just shot through two at a time, with the bullet going through them both. He then saw the rat. "My word! What is that!?" He said in amazement, as he aimed for it. "No!!" Hermit said as he moved in front of the rat. "Are you obsessed with rats!?" He said, as he aimed. Captain Crimson then tackled Hermit, to move him out of the deadly killer's path. He fired without thinking, but then noticed the rat had moved out of the bullet path, and so, all it hit was a random navy solider, who fell into the water, never knowing what even hit him. A pirate then tackled Hullbatten from behind, and they started fighting. Hullbatten used his pistol as a club to knock him back. He then reloaded his pistol, and the pirate met his doom. The pirates and the rat were overwhelming the soldiers. "Take back the Runner!" Richard ordered. The former prisoners and Richard's crew then boarded the Runner, killed all the guards aboard, and prepared for sailing. Crimson pulled out a very nice cutlass, and did a rolling attack onto Hullbatten, who was knocked down. Hullbatten, however, was quick, and opened fire at Crimson before he could dodge, or attack. Richard then saw a hole straight through Crimson's heart. "Insect!" Hullbatten said. "T--t-tt-take it..." Crimson said as he threw his cutlass near where Richard was. He grabbed the cutlass, and saw the words "Seven Seas" engraved on the blade. "I need a new sword" Richard said. He approached Hullbatten as he stood up, and used his new cutlass to knock his pistol out of his hand. Richard then attempted a killing blow, but Billy dodged. He kept dodging all of Richards attacks. Richard then decided to go ahead and leave, he did not have time for that scum. He ran back to where the rat and the pirates had killed all of the soldiers, and went onto the docks. Hullbatten got his pistol, but it was too late, all the pirates had already gotten onto the Runner, and they were already escaping. "INSECTS!!!!" Hullbatten yelled.

Chapter 12: The Brethren MeetingEdit

In the dark night, the Green Runner sailed through the endless ocean. The wet season had ended, and it was time for hot, dry weather. Richard wasn't quite a fan of warm weather, and neither was his First Mate, Stormwalker, who mainly liked the stormy season.

Bloody Billy stood on the middle deck, next to a cannon which was covered in a blanket made of canvas.He looked out over the railing, and sat on the cannon, in which he turned sideways, to become a sort of seat. He took off his jacket, and placed it on the "business end" of the cannon. "I hate hot weather" he said. Stormwalker walked down from the top deck and onto the middle deck. "Billy, for once, I agree with you. I miss the storms..." Stormwalker said.

Richard was up on the top deck steering. The Runner was now crewed by all the pirates that were in the brig of the HMS Neptune, and also Pirate Lord Chris "Hermit" Swordbones and his small crew.

Scruffy Jack and Roger Squidfish were the new gunners. Jack Pistol was up in the crows nest, asleep.

Edgar Wildrat was moving cargo crates to their appropriate places, while Roger Squidfish organized the cargo into crates. The ship was operating good. Down on the middle deck, lanterns were everywhere, as well as boxes, and rum. Lawrence Daggerpaine was playing the violin, while Sarah Waltstones played the flute, and the rest used random things to make a drum sound. They played a lovely tune, followed by "My Jolly Sailor Bold," and "Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho!" Hermit approached Richard. "Captain Goldvane, I suggest we head to Shipwreck Cove," Hermit said. "Why?" Richard asked. "Well, there is a secret Brethren Court, just for the Caribbean. And you are a possible replacement for one of our Pirate Lords, who died. Also, we will need another, as Jeremiah Stormwash died back there in England as well," Hermit said. "Hmm. Well, you're very convincing. It can't hurt. but I do not know how to get there," Richard said. "No worries, I shall steer us there," he replied.

The crew started to sleep, as only a few were signed onto the night shift. Bloody Billy fell asleep on his cannon.

Hours later, the crew finally woke up. Hermit had gotten them to the Devil's Throat, but needed rest. Richard took the helm, and steered the ship into Shipwreck Cove, for the secret Caribbean Court meeting. Richard, Stormwalker, Hermit, who had forced himself to get up, Lawrence, Jack Pistol, and Jack Can stepped on the rocky docks, which were topped by hundreads of old ships.The first figure to greet them was Jarod, a midget. "Jarod, good to see ya!" Richard said. "Oi! Finally coming over here, Goldy?" Jar asked. "Yeah, well, this rat-thrower here said I'm 'needed' here" Richard said. Roto walked off of the Runner, bouncing barrels and planks everywhere. He stepped onto the dock, which caused all the ships to slightly move. "That rodent is NOT going back on my ship!" Richard said. "He's not a rodent, he's a Gigantarodent!" Hermit said. Jack Can and Jarod measured their hights, while the rest of the crew continued up the ships. "Rich!" A voice said. It appeared to be Basil Bridgebain. "Basil, I see you made it to become a pirate lord!" Richard said. "Aye, I did. Truely deserve it, I do, ive defeated many challenges in this Caribbean!" Basil said, while eating a chunk of cheese. He prepared to eat another, but Roto stole it. Basil gasped. "NO! Bad rat, my cheese!" Basil said. Roger Squidfish entered and saw Basil. "Roger, how's it been?" Basil asked. "Basil! So glad to see you, how's Ezekiel? Is he ok? Is he alive? Is he here? Is he.. he,... Is he.." Roger asked. "He's here and fine." Basil said. "Phew" Roger sighed in relief.

They all continued until they reached the meeting area. Many pirate lords including Jim Logan, Joshua Grants, Roger Wildeagle, Ezekiel Squidfish, and Robert McRoberts were present. King Jack Swordmenace stepped up. "Gentlemen. We have called this meeting.............. to discuss a certain matter........ that envolves.. the Sword of Freedom" He said. The crowd started chattering. "Silence!" Ezekiel Squidfish said, then hugged Roger. "First, we must elect a new Pirate Lord. Hermit whispered to Swordmenace. "My dear... Jeremiah Stormwash has been murdered! We shall need two.. new pirate lords..." Swordmenace said. The crowd gasped at the death of Stormwash. Richard grabbed the hilt of his Seven Seas Cutlass. "May God Bless his soul," Richard said. Muffled, and low voices said "Aye." "We already have some choices on the replacement for our first lost Pirate Lord." Swordmenace said, and then listed many pirates including Richard. "May I suggest.. Lawrence Daggerpaine and Jack Pistol, as possible replacements?" Richard asked. "Yes, you may," Swordmenace said. "Hey, you just met them! Why not me? We could both be Pirate Lords!" Stormwalker said to Richard. "Storm, I can make my own decisions. They are right for the job," he replied. Stormwalker looked very angry about this, and secretly plunged a dagger into a dead man's rear end in anger. Half an hour later, the elections were over.

Swordmenace stood tall and firm. "And the first winner is...... Captain Richard Goldvane!" Swordmenace said.

Richard looked shocked. "Congrats, man!" Jarod said. Basil threw cheese everywhere.

"And the second winner is . . .Lawrence Daggerpaine!" Swordmenace said. Lawrence played a very happy violin tune, while Bill Plunderbones threw flags everywhere that said. "Gen. Of Peace," and "Join The Light TODAY!"

A competitor of Richard prepared an ax to kill Richard, but Basil stuck a block of cheese in his face, and then other pirates threw him in a barrel of rum. The crowd continued celebrating. "Settle down! Now, there is another matter. The Sword of Freedom. The most powerful sword of the three that unlock the gates to Atlantis. Now, the reason it is the most powerful is its bargaining power. With it, we can turn the two brothers, Charles and Skull, back into fish people, which is something the Angler Lord will most likely not want. With this power, we can command the Angler Lord into giving us the other two swords, and unlocking the gates to Atlantis, giving us all the treasures hidden in the underwater city," Swordmenace said. The crowd seemed pleased with the thought of all the gold hidden there, being in their hands. Hermit walked up to speak. "We have information that the sword is in the hands of El Fantasma, or in english, "The Phantom." He is a very powerful half-ghost, half-zombie. We will need two Pirate Lords to go there, and retrieve the sword." Hermit said. Basil and Lawrence volunteered. "Now, Richard will help us find the location of Atlantis, while Basil, Lawrence, and some escorting pirates attempt to retrieve the sword," Hermit said. The plan was set, and the Pirates were ready.

Jarod and Jack Pistol volunteered to go with Lawrence and Basil. The pirates set off in a Streamlined war Sloop.

Meanwhile, back at the Cove, Richard got used to being a Pirate Lord. He changed into a fancy outfit with an Admiral Hat, Emerald Duelist Boots and Coat, as well as some black pants and a fancy shirt. He put most of his belongings in his new cabin. He now had three blades. His Goldvane Broadsword, his normal masterwork sabre, and his new Seven Seas Cutlass. He tried calculating where it was that he was transported to Atlantis from, but he just couldn't remember. "Arggh!!!!!!" Richard shouted in frustration. A knock was heard on his door. Richard opened it, to find Ezekiel Squidfish at the door. "Hello, Goldvane," he said. "Ahoy, Squidfish," Richard replied, still frustrated. "Why be you mad so much, Moldy Goldy?" Ezekiel said. "Hey!" Richard said. "You have mold on your gold." Ezekiel pointed to some gold laying on Richard's desk. "Uh... bu... I'm frustrated because I can't remember the location of Atlantis!" Richard said. "Remember.... you can't..... remember . . . remember . . .? All you need to do is find the Pool of Rememberance." Ezekiel said. "And where is that?" Richard asked "Up in the rocky mountains surrounding the Cove. We shall climb!" Ezekiel said.

20 Minutes later, Richard was climbing a large rock mountain, and had been for 10 minutes. He started the question whether he should have gotten himself into this.

30 minutes later...

"Squidfish, I . . . I can't ma- . . . I . . . I can't make it . . . I . . ." Richard admitted, coughing. "Bah! Making you climb more, in my Bucket List. Hah!" Ezekiel said. They continued for 10 minutes, until they reached the top. "Phew! Ah! We-" Richard gasped, "-finally made it! puhh!" Richard said while taking deep breaths. They walked for aeveral minutes before reaching a small town of shacks. They continued into a building, and purchased some water barrels. They drank, had a few crumpets, and continued hiking. Richard stopped in his tracks. "What be wrong, mate?" Ezekiel asked. "Uh . . . I just stepped in something, come here." Ezekiel walked up, but saw nothing on Richard's shoe. "There are two men watching us from the bushes." Richard whispered. Ezekiel saw them. "Come out, peepers!" Ezekiel said. A large, buff, and bald man walked out. Ezekiel picked up a twig. "Fear me, or else!" Ezekiel said. The man laughed hysterically. Ezekiel then threw the twig. It stuck to the man. "AHHH!" the man said as he was thrown into thin air, and then fell into a shack. A man then walked out of the bushes, followed by two walking dummies. "Lopus!" Richard said. "Goldvane . . ." replied Jamie Lopus. Richard unsheathed his Seven Seas Cutlass. The Dummies both launched lightning bolts at Richard, but Ezekiel pulled out a stick, which then formed into a voodoo staff, and blocked the attack. The Dummies continued fighting Ezekiel. Lopus unsheathed a sword. "If you want to fight, then fight we will, Goldvane!" Jamie said as he lunged at Richard. They engaged in a duel. Lopus swung his sword in a circle causing Richard's sword to go aside, when Lopus then went in for a stabbing attack. Richard sidestepped. They continued fighting, with Richard being pushed more and more towards the rocky cliff. Richard then did a headbutt. He then stepped back, and did a Rolling Attack, and gained the upper hand, but not before Lopus pulled out a doll, chained him, and hexed him with curses. Richard unsheathed a Dark Idol Dagger and threw it, swiping the doll in half. They continued their duel. "I was sent here by Dr. Skull to inform you of the fact that your time is running short to return to him," Lopus said. "So you do work for Skull! I don't even know how to return to him, anyway!" Richard said. "That's the second reason he sent me, but I have lost my interest in helping him now. I plan to overthrow his position as owner of the Sword of Voodoo," Lopus said. "Then what do you want from me?" Richard asked. "Partnership. We shall work together to defeat Skull." Lopus said. "Hmm . . ." Richard began. "Tell me the location of Atlantis, and I shall help you." "Alright, fine." Lopus replied while writing down the location of Atlantis on a piece of paper. He handed it to Richard. "Once we have the Sword of Freedom and the location, we shall launch an attack on Atlantis. I will help you then." Ezekiel had defeated the Dummies, and the teams made peace. "Now, to the elevator shaft!" Ezekiel said. "What!? There was an elevator!?" Richard said, infuriated, while getting onto the Elevator with Ezekiel. Several minutes later, they arrived at the bottom.

Meanwhile, the War Sloop was sailing, searching for El Fantasma's home.

"They say it can't be found easily, we need a sacred spyglass!" Jarod said.

"It ain't a sacred anything we need, it be luck!" Basil said. "Actually, I do need my Sacred Pistol. Even though we won't be fighting skeletons, it's still a strong pistol." Said Jack Pistol. "Are you obsessed with pistols?" Basil asked. "No! Are you obsessed with cheese?" Jack asked. Basil put down his large plate of cheese. "Not at all . . ." He said. "Phh," Jack muttered.

"Guys, we're never goung to find it! We need something... special," Jarod said. Lawrence was just sailing, not making a sound. "Special? We have a lot of special cheese!" Basil said, as he picked up the plate of cheese and kept eating it. "Cheese can't save us. Besides, even if we make it, the Ghosts will be hard to defeat. We need an advantage," Jarod said. "A pistol is always an advantage in any fight . . ." Jack said. "You're starting to sound like Bloody Billy, Jar," Lawrence said. "Sorry, I'm just unhappy as of late. I have no idea where my ship or crew is. I went on a small exploration trip into a tropical jungle with some mates. I was the only survivor. When I returned to the beach, my ship was gone. It was either a mutiny, or someone took my vessel!" Jarod said. "Should have had a pistol . . ." Jack muttered. "Do you put all your faith in pistols?" Basil said. "Do you put all your faith in cheese?" Jack asked. "Touché," Basil muttered.

"Law, do you know where we are going?" Jack asked. "Sort of . . ." the newly-elected Pirate Lord replied. Basil continued eating cheese. "Stop wasting all of our cheese! We could use that on the little amount of food that we have!" Jack said. "I love cheese . . ." Basil said, while eating a bunch more. Jack and Jarod sighed. Fog was rolling in, and the crew could not see much ahead. "Spooky . . . almost . . . ominous." Jarod said.

They all gazed at the fog. "This means were close, mates" Lawrence said. "How do you know, Law?" Jarod asked. "Jar, trust me, I have sailed many strange tides, mate, most certainly stranger than this." Lawrence said.

The passed by several sharp rocks, that looked like upside-down ice sickles. One had alot of spikes, in which each was stabbing into a skeleton. "Creepy...." Basil muttered. Jack loaded his pistol. "Not time for that yet, Jacky" Lawrence said. They passed the wreckage of a sunken Revenant. Then, they saw the wreckage of two more, along with many other wrecked Undead vessels. They even saw three defeated Death Omen's. Then, they saw ships that were still afloat, and alot of them. "What are those?" Jack asked. "El Fantasma's vessels." Law said. "Who is El Fantasma anyways, ive never heard much about him." Basil said. "El Fantasma is a very powerful half ghost half zombie. Extremely dangerous." Jarod said. "No one is sure of his real name, but El Fantasma means 'the phantom' in spanish" Lawrence said.

"He has been in a large war against Jolly Roger. They both have evil armies" Jack said. The warships looked like a mix of an Undead vessel and a Skull and Bones war brig. They had ragged, black, dark green, and grey sails.Their hulls were very rotted, yet sturdy and powerful. Most of the ships were war class vessels, and they were in an armada form. They were headed straight for the Victory Cobra. "Hide behind that wreck!" Jarod said. "Too late, they probably already see us. Drat!" Law said. Jarod pushed the wheel without Law's permission, and the ship rapidly turned and went behind the wreck of a Death Omen. Law grawled. They firled the sails and hoped not to be seen. "Their going to sink us!" Lawrence said. "I don't know, they were far away when we hid." Jarod said. The massive armada approached. "Goodbye, cruel cheese!" Basil said. .......................................

The armada passed them without even noticing the Cobra. The four watched as the ghostly warships passed by.

"Told ya it would work!" Jarod said.

"Heh..." Law hesitated. They continued through the foggy waters until they found a large rock with a bearded skull form on the front. They saw orange glows from the mouth of the skull.

"That's the entrance" Basil shouted.

"You sure?" Asked Jack.

"Of course, it's spooky and there's a lantern, it has to be where we're supposed to go!" Basil replied. The crew docked near the mouth, and climbed the beard to get to the mouth. They climbed a few rocks until they reached the mouth. They realized the glow was in fact not a lantern, but a ghost.

"Oops..." Basil said.

"Ahhh, mortals! More food!" The ghost shouted as he unsheathed a spiked cursed broadsword. He appeared to have a beard, and glowed an eerie orange color. Lawrence unsheathed a General's Broadsword while Jarod unsheathed a Bejeweled Cutlass. Basil unleashed his Barracuda Blade, and Jack Pistol pulled out an Executioner's Pistol.

"You're outnumbered, ghost!" Basil said.

"Outnumbered, yes. But outskilled? Never. No one has ever defeated Saukry!" The ghost spoke in a vew low, grinding voice. He was somehow standing and speaking as a virtual presence. Although he was dead --being a spirit and all-- he was able to physically operate similar to a human.

The pirates attacked, but Jack missed his shot. He yelled in frustration. Saukry struck Jarod with a lightning bolt, knocking him back several feet.

"No, not another Barracuda Blade!" Basil noticed..

"Ah, Saukry has never challenged another with his own blade type, this shall be interesting!" Saukry said. Law and Basil teamed the ghost, but he somehow parried all attacks. He did a rolling move between Basil and Law, knocked Jack's pistol out of his hand, and launched orange energy against Jack. "Ahh!" Jack said. He looked like there was a large light right in his eyes as he stepped back. Basil and Lawrence continued dueling the ghost, until Law used a hurricane slash move, knocking the Ghost down, but he got up too quickly for them to attack. He used a series of small slashes, followed by a sneaky back-stab against Law, and his leg was stabbed. "Arggh!" Said Law as he stepped back. It was now Barracuda vs Barracuda. Basil did the bladestorm move, but the Ghost dodged.They got into a hard, 'X' shape sword lock, until the Ghost used his spikes to snatch Basil's barracuda from his hand. "No!" Basil said. As the Ghost was about to deliver the killing blow, Basil threw chese, which landed straight in the ghost's face. The ghost growled, and struck Basil with two lightning bolts using the two Barracuda blades, which shot Basil back 12 feet, nearly pushed him off the cliff. Jack got back up. "I see you don't take kind to visitors, eh?" Jack said as he loaded his pistol. "Well guess what? I prefer warm welcomes!" Jack said as he fired a steel headshot at the ghost. "auggh!" Saukry said as he fell in pain.

He quickly got up, and charged at Jack. Jack swirled around the ghost, and the ghost accidentally ran straight off the cliff. He used the barracuda blades to grab ahold of the sails to the Cobra. "We better go" Jar said as he got up and retrieved his cutlass. They tended to Law's wound, and woke up basil, as they continued through the murky cave. They attempted to navigate through the many tunnels. "Which way do we go now?" Said Basil, who was holding their only lantern."Well, the leader is probably in the highest area, so we should try to go uphill." Jack said. There were three tunnel options. One was uphill, another was moderate, and the other was downhill. Jack went into the uphill tunnel first. He came out screaming. "Boulder!!" Jack said. A huge crushing boulder came from his tunnel. They barely dodged. "It's gonna be downhill, if he's so evil, he will be down in a deep tunnel!" Basil said. "Hmm, neither, he will simply use the most unexpected tunnel, the straight tunnel!" Jarod said. Jar and Basil went into their tunnels. "AHH! CHEESARONI, ZOMBIES!" Basil screamed very loudly. Law just stood there, thinking. Jarod came out of his tunnel. "Nothing but snakes." He said. Basil came out of his tunnel, followed by many crowned zombies. Jack fired at a zombie, knocking his arm off. Law knocked two zombies down, and then removed one of their heads, while Jarod dodged and cut zombies in half. Basil threw cheese, but wasn't doing much. Jack shot two more zombies. "Take that!" Jack said while grabbing one of the defeated zombie's swords, and throwing it at other zombies. Jarod parried every attack, and swiped at the zombie's legs.

Lawrence did many sweeps and slashes, knocking heads off of zombies, killing them. Two zombies had double-bladed spears, and between them was a zombie with a larger crown. "That's the leader!" Basil said while eating cheese. These three zombies were the only ones left. Lawrence took on one spear zombie, and Jack shot the other, however, he didn't die. He knocked Jack's pistol of his hand, but Jack grabbed a dead zombie's cutlass, and with the help of Jarod, took on the zombie. Basil threw a block of cheese into one zombie's face, and Law defeated him. The leader unsheathed a cutlass, and attacked Law. The dueled very fancy-like, until Law knocked him down. "Surrender!" Law ordered. "Never, shall Deanathorndor surrender! I am the fierce brute zombie, prepare to die!" Said the zombie as he jumped up and dodged Law's attack. Jarod went down his cave, grabbed two snakes, and threw them at the only spear zombie still standing, which gave Jack and Jar enough time to defeat him. Then, they all team attacked the leader. Law stopped fighting, and looked around. The zombie knocked Jack down, and Jarod realized the zombie was using a cursed version of the Bruiser's cutlass, a very powerful cutlass with a strong hilt used to knock enemies down. Jar stabbed the zombie's leg, and his blade sunk in deeply, making a critical wound, but this enemy was a Zombie, he didn't take much damage. Jarod and the zombie continued their duel, while Lawrence just studied the area. Basil was watching with a plate of cheese. "Great show, zombie dude, but were in a hurry, so, could you uh.. die now, please?" Asked Basil. The zombie just growled. "You shall not defeat me, you puny band of four pirates!" Said the zombie. "You overconfidence shall kill you, mate" Jack said as he stabbed the zombie's back. "Arggh!!" The zombie said while turning around and facing Jack. Jarod the swiped of his legs, and then finished him off, piece by piece. "Urggh!" His skull grouned before crumbling into ashes. They all sighed in relief. They retrieved their weapons and prepare to search for another tunnel, except Law, who just stood there, still... thinking. "Um, you could have.. helped?" Jarod said to Law. "Shh!" Law said. He kept looking above himself. They three looked where he was looking, and realized there was a secret passage above them. "Think it's a trap, or the way"? Basil asked. "It's the way alright..." Jack said. "Aye, but how do we get up there?" Asked Lawrence. "So, that's what you were thinking about the whole time?" Jarod asked. "Of course it was" Lawrence said. "Ooh, I have an idea!" Basil said. Jack and Law sighed, knowing his idea probably wouldn't work, but Jarod seemed open for suggestions. "Well, if we can build some sort of, ladder, perhaps out of the zombie's remains, we could climb!" Basil suggested. "Actually not a bad idea" Jack said. Jarod and Lawrence seemed to agree, but there was one flaw. "Well, for that we would need time, which we do not have." Jarod said. Basil put down the lantern and came to check out the ramins of the zombies. "Hmm, your right." Basil said. "Time? El Fantasma doesn't know we are here, so we have plenty of time" Jack said.

"Yeah, but Saukry does, and with twin Barracuda Blades we won't stand a chance against him in these caves." said Lawrence. "I'll hold 'em off". Said Jack. "No, we'll need you, Jack!" Jarod said. "He's right, we will need you, you're the only one with a pistol!" Basil said. "And that's why I'm the only one who stands a chance against Saukry" Jack said. "Jack is right, mates. We shall go using Basil's idea and Jack can hold off Saukry. It's the best option." Lawrence said. "OR, we could sneak out before Saukry arrives and bring others here. Why did we only bring four pirates anyways?" Basil said. "After we have come this far? That is NOT and never will be in my plans!" Lawrence said. "We came with four to see how their defense systems were, and attempt to steal the sword if we can. We are great explorers, and we know how to survive through the most extreme. Plus they need alot of pirates back at the Cove to discuss the attack on Atlantis, and to hold off EITC and Jolly Roger forces." Jack said. "As captain, I order Jack shall do as he wishes, and we shall continue to attempt to steal the sword.Lawrence said. "I'll hold off Saukry. If I don't make it, it was an honor serving you, General Lawrence." Jack said. Law sighed. "You're a great pirate, Jackie. If you really do meet your maker, tell 'em I said hi, as if things continue the way they're going, i'll be going there soon as well, hah! Also, warn 'em of my... thirst. I hope he has something there to quench it" Lawrence said. "I'm sure they'll have rum in the afterlife, Law" Jack said. "No, not my thirst for rum, you monkey! My thirst for adventure! I don't want no boring afterlife!" Lawrence said. "Ah, haha. I'll try me best not to go there yet. Jack Pistol still has some fight left" Jack said. "And so does Lawrence Daggerpaine!" Lawrence said. "As well as Jarod Pillagebane!" Jarod said. "Jacky, in case you do get, uh, you know, take this cheese. I want the maker to taste it!" Basil said. "I will, Basil" Jack said as he shook hands with the others, grabbed some swords, loaded his pistol, and went back toward Saukry. 20 minutes later, the ladder was almost complete. "Hope Jacky is doing alright" Basil said.

Meanwhile, in the cave, Jack saw an orange glow approaching, and his small torch wasn't much to see with. He found his courage, took a deep breath, and prepared to face the challenge.

Back in the Cove, Richard was finally arriving back. He saw Stormwalker preparing to duel Jack Swordmenace.

"Finally, a worthy opponent! I have fought many, but none have defeated me in a duel!" Stormwalker said. Richard rolled his eyes. Only because I always save him Richard thought.

"Wonder, I don't usually challenge pirates to a fight, but those I do confront, always end up dead. To the death?" Swordmenace said. "Whoa, probably not." Stormwalker said. "Why not? Scared? Heh" Swordmenace asked. "No, I just think we have had enough pirate lords getting replaced, we don't need our king to die" Stormwalker said. "Oh, I don't think it is I who must worry about thy death, ey? It is you, who shall die, if we fight to the death, but, you seem to have alot of pride, and I'll let that live long, so, to disarm only, perhaps?" Jack Swordmenace asked. "Sure" Stormwalker said. They started the duel. At first, Stormwalker attempted to use a more brutal forced style, but Swordmenace was parrying that excellently. Stormwalker was using a cutlass, so he could mix styles easily, when with Swordmenace's broadsword, he would be forced to stay on the brute style, or so Stormwalke thought. Swordmenace began swinging his fancy-styled broadsword very fast and lightly, and a fast broadsword could easily defeat Stormwalker's cutlass. Swordmenace used a very fancy-like fencer style, but with a broadsword! It seemed impossible, yet inevitable seeing as Swordmenace was a large, buff, pirate, yet moved very fast and swiftly, giving him the strength to hold the broadsword without any problems, allowing him to swing it very fastly. Stormwalker attempted to trick Jack, but he eventually knocked the cutlass out of Stormwalker's hand, and into a barrel of slimy fish, recently washed out of the nets. "How unfortunate" Swordmeance siad. "Yeah, very." Stormwalker said. "Perhaps as you continue your journey through pirating, you will learn to defeat real enemies." Swordmenace said while walking away. Stormwalker roared in anger after he thought nobody was looking, and threw a dagger into the butt of a passed out man. Richard walked away without being seen. He saw Jack Can, Roger Squidfish, and Edgar Wildrat playing a rummy card game game. Bloody Billy was eating some italian meal, which seemed to be satisfying him. "Hah, jack to ace of diamonds straight!" Edgar said. "Just try gin rummy, you would lose, Edgar!" Roger said. "Nah, I like this better" Edgar said. Jack Can pulled out a three of a kind aces and smiled. "Ok let's try gin rummy" Edgar said. Richard continued watching how his crew was adapting to the new place. Richard was adapting as well, in his fancy great outfit. He decided to climb a tad bit to a small village in which he could see to try some moves with his sabre. He hadn't sword-fought in a while and needed practice. He climbed for 5 minutes until he arrived. He fought wooden dummies for awhile. He did a large sweep move, and knocked them all down.

Richard went back to the Cove to tell the others the information and the plan he had come up with. He was returning to his cabin to get his Goldvane Broadsword. He wanted to wear it during his speach, but as he was near his room, he noticed two pirate lords were looking as his room, and his door was open! "Hey, this is my cabin!" Richard said. "Hey dude, you got robbed!" Jim Logan said. Richard looked in, and his room was completely ransacked! Everything was scattered, and alot was broken. However, nothing was stolen. "I'll take the investigation from here" Richard said. What Pirate would break into a Pirate Lord's room, trash it, and take nothing? Richard thought. What were they looking for? It's obviously the valuables I keep on my ship and not in my cabin. But what's more valuable about that than my goldvane broadsword or the other odds and ends i moved in here? I have treasure in both. I just have like.... firearms, clothing, jewelry, and a few other things in my ship cabin. I moved most here. Richard kept thinking. Well, regardless of what they want, if they break into Richard Goldvane's room, they better be ready for a fight! Richard finished as be continued to his announcement.

Richard was up, standing on the highest chair. All the pirates seemed interested in what this rookie pirate lord had to say. "Gentlemen, and ladies" Richard started. "A witchdoctor named Jamie Lopus has given me the coordinates to the underwater city that holds the Gates to Atlantis. Our mission lead by Lawrence may suceed or not, but I have confidence in Law. He will either return with the sword, or with valuable information. Whether this is the true location to Atlantis or not, we must try it after we have the sword! Do you want to stop this Trading Company before it's Black Guard system? Do you want to stop El Fantasma? Do you want to stop Jolly Roger!? If so, we need the treasures of Atlantis! So, I declare we send an escort force to the Paso De La Muerte,and help Lawrence get the sword! I also declare after we get it, we shall send an expedition to the city near Atlantis as soon as possible! You pirate lords are too lazy to realize what's happening! Sure, you attended the meeting, but you aren't doing anything! Let us unite and retrieve this sword!" Richard said while holding out the piece of paper with the location of Atlantis. Some agreed, some didn't.

The pirates argued and debated. "Silence!!" Ezekiel screamed. "Ugh, when can I get away from these pirates?" Sarah asked. "Sarah, you finally came out of your cabin!" Stormwalker said. Sarah just walked away. "Ladies...." Stormwalker muttered. Swordmenace cleared his throat. "Goldvane shall send a war sloop to help Daggerpaine get the sword. After that, we shall attack Atlantis full force! That is, if we get the sword." Swordmenace said. 20 minutes after the meeting, a man was heard yelling. Richard came to see what happened. It appeared another pirate lord was dead! This time, it was Joshua Grants. The man screaming was still panicing. "Who are you, and what happened?" Richard asked. "I am his son! I found him dead! My father, dead!" The man started sobbing, and ran off into a wrecked ship. "Something strange is going on here............................" Richard said slowly.

Swordmenace and other lords came to investigate. "Someone here is a spy! Goldvane, head to The Paso De La Muerte. It is only a matter of time before this spy reveals our plan to whoever he is working for." Swordmenace said. "Aye. I will get a war sloop ready and grab some of my finest men." Richard said.

Stormwalker was sitting on an old mast, very sad looking. "What's wrong, Storm?" Richard asked. "I'm no good.........." Stormwalker said in a low voice. "What do you mean?" Richard asked. "I'm no good at swords. I have no chance in getting a wife either. I'm a fail. I have never been able to harnest the power of my parents, who sent me off after they learned I had no chance in controlling the storms!" Stormwalker said. "Whoa whoa, there, Stormy! Don't end up like Billy! Swordmenace is a very good duelist, I don't know if anyone here could beat him, besides that Ezekiel Squidfish, with his... twig attack" Richard said. "You were watching!?" Stormwalker said. "Uh.. yeah.." Richard said. "Ugh. I'm just a failure" Stormwalker said. "If you were you wouldn't be the first mate of Richard Goldvane's crew, Storm. I need you to help Lawrence, Basil, Jarod and Jack! They need us! Besides, don't dread on Sarah, she's..... not your type anyways" Richard said. "Well, they do need our help" Stormwalker said. "Also, the whole storm thingy... don't worry about it! I hear that the power of element blood usually leads to corruption of the human brain, anyways." Richard said. Stormwalker eventually agreed to come with Richard. Richard then grabbed Jack Can, Jeffrey Blasthawk, and Charles Swordeagle. He went to see which War Sloop had been chosen for him. It was a beutiful blue ship with cyan sails, an angry wolf symbol, and Full Sail Rigging. "Wait a second... this is my old ship, the Lightning Wolf!" Richard said. "We ditched this when we found the Runner!" Jack Can said. "Looks like they found and improved it!" Stormwalker said. "Aye, a stormchaser hull!" Richard said. They walked on board. "Love the designs!" Stormwalker said. A few random pirates joined in to help them get going. "Unfirl the sails! Set sail East, toward the uncharted waters in which we should find the Paso De La Muerte!" Richard said. The Lightning Wolf's beutiful sails set, and the ship was off.

Meanwhile, back in the cave....

Basil built the latter very fast, while Jarod seemed to have trouble. Law was planning alot of structure. "Lawrence, this isn't that minecraft board game with rocks, this is survival! Just build!" Basil said. Lawrence kept moving things, trying to make them look better. Eventually, the ladder was finished, and Basil and Jar went up, but could not see due to the fact that Law had the lantern. Law, however, was still trying to make it better. Basil pulled out a piece of parchment that showed Law beating Basil 240 to 35 points in the minecraft game. Basil began to slowly rip it. "Noo!" Lawrence said as he grabbed the lantern and climbed up. He grabbed the paper out of Basil's hand, and tucked it safely into his coat pocket."That's valuable information!" Lawrence said. The area was much more creepy than the last, if that is even possible. Bones where everywhere, plus skeletons of people who had been tortured in ways too disturbing to mention. The rocks were more dark, as if they had seen so much torture that they became mad and demented. Basil spotted a light from a certain area. They decided to go and follow it. As they went around a corner, they noticed it was daylight. There was a large hole in the wall, in which they could see outside to their boat from. "What is this?" Basil asked. "Not sure, but it's not the way, let's keep searching" Law said.

"Wait, guys, this is the eye!" Jarod said. "What?" Basil asked. "This is the eye of the skull design!" Jarod said. Basil looked at it again. "Hmm, your right, were right above where we started." Basil said. Meanwhile, below them. Jack had his torch in a sword sheath, and his pistol out, as he faced the dreaded Saukry. "You should have ran from Saukry while you still had the chance! Now, Saukry kill you!" Saukry said. Jack shot a steel shot at Saukry, knocking him down. "Now, Saukry dies!" Jack said. "No, never! Saukry shall never be defeated by someone of the likes of you!" Saukry said as he charged at Jack with one Barracuda blade at hand. Jack attempted to fire another shot but Sauky dodged. Jack then shot again, but he was out of bullets and had no time to reload. Saukry used the spikes on his sword to grab his pistol and throw it behind him. He then swiped at Jack's head, but he ducked and dodged Saukry lunged foward with another attack, but Jack bent down and grabbed his ghostly arms, and then stood up. They then got into a lock. Jack pinned him to the wall, and prepared to push a spike into Saukry's eyes, but Saukry then kicked Jack in the stomach, knocking him back and onto the ground. Jack, however, still had a grip on his arm and pulled the scourge down with him. Saukry stabbed spikes into Jack's left arm. Jack then dodged a large cleave attack, and kicked him in the stomach. "Payback!" Jack said as he unsheathed his sword, and attacked Saukry, who parried, and unsheathed his other Barracuda blade. "None shall defeat Saukry. I slaughter all!" Saukry said. "Ugh oh!" Jack said as he ran through the many tunnels. He went in a downhill tunnel, and found himself sliding. He said spikes below, so he grabbed a hold on the rock. Saukry slid down as well, but saw jack hold on, and used his spikes to grab the ground. Jack began running up, but not soon after Saukry. Jack continued running until he found himself in a long tunnel.

Saukry entered as well. Jack had nowhere to hide, or run. They engaged in a duel, but Saukry gained the upper-hand, have two blades that were much better than Jacks. Saukry prepared to hit him with two cursed lightning bolts, but Jack rolled and dodged. He then found a small area with a ladder on a small rock. He began to climb it. He saw a cloaked platform above, and threw his torch up to see what it was. It was a small weapon stash. He jumped left onto it. There were boxes and racks of dolls and staffs, as well as a few daggers and grenades. Saukry came as well, and Jack noticed it was a dead end. EEK Jack thought to himself. The torch began burning the racks and boxes of dolls and staffs. "Now you die, weak fool, who often gets lucky!" Saukry said. Jack grabbed a burning staff, and dueled the fierce warrior. He did several strange attacks, including one where he used his sword as a sheild, and went low to the ground with the staff and attempted to stab Saukry from above, but this ghost was a master at parrying! Saukry then grabbed the staff using his spikes, and threw it over the edge. The firey wall burnt most of the staffs, but the boxes of dolls still stood. Jack grabbed one and threw it at Saukry, causing Saukry to fall back a bit. Meanwhile, above them, Basil took a last look at the view, and then followed Jar and Law, until he saw a shine from the ground. He moved some rocks, to find it was flames. Basil thought for a second............. - Back at Jack, Saukry had boxes of burning dolls in his face, which allowed Jack to swipe his hand, and knock Basil's barracuda blade off the edge. They continued their duel, but Saukry gained the upper-hand. Jack dodged a high slash, and went for Saukry's feet, but Saukry dodged. Saukry then struck jack with a lightning bolt, knocking back into the corner. "You have put up a fair fight, but now your life... ends!" Saukry said, as his battle face turned to a wicked, evil grin, but Jack got up. Saukry did a low slash, which Jack jumped to dodge, then he did a high slash, which Jack ducked to dodge. Saukry then pushed him back down into the corner. He took a large breath of relief, and prepared for the killing blow, but then spikes stabbed into his back! "Argggh!!! No!!!" Saukry screamed in pain and anger. It was Basil! Basil removed his Barracuda Blade from Saukry's body, and pushed him over the edge. "Nobody... and I mean NOBODY steals... my... Barracuda!" Basil said. "Oh, uh, you ok Jacky?" Basil said, as he helped Jack up. "Yeah, how did you find me?" Jack asked. "I saw flames from up there, so I figured it had to be your torch, and thought that would mean you were in trouble." Basil said.

"Well... thanks" Jack said. "OI! Wouldn't want this in a flaming box, would ya?" Basil said as he grabbed a grenade out of one of the flaming boxes. "Actually, I think we can use this." Jack said. Basil then used a couple survivng staffs and his blade to push a hole through the rock above. "You first" Basil said. Jack jumped up and into the hole, followed quickly by Basil. Basil looked down, and saw Saukry climbing the ladder. "Sword theif!!" Basil yelled. Jack then threw the grenade onto the burning platform, which, three seconds later, was exploding and crumbling. Saukry now had to take.. the long way...

"Grrr you!!!! I will torture you all! You filthy human worms!!!" Saukry yelled in anger. Meanwhile, Lawrence and Jarod where searching for Basil, when they found a gateway with strange designs on it. They entered, and found themselves at a dead end. They both waited for Basil to say it wasn't that way, but then they remembered, he wasn't there. They both searched around for a way to enter. "This has to be something!" Lawrence said. "It is, there's some secret as to getting in. Jarod then looked on the wall to his right, He saw several rock designs. "These can be pushed" Jarod said. Jarod pushed one with an eagle, and spears shot at them. "Stop! These designs look like the ones on the gate." Lawrence said. Jarod then looked at the gate. "Ok, I've got it!" Jarod said. Law took cover. Jar pressed designs, and the rocks started to move. The path was now enterable. "Whoa, you did it! How? I must know, I just.. I I... have to know!" Lawrence said. "Pressed the designs in the order they were put on the gate." Jarod said. as he grabbed the lantern and walked in. "Why didn't I think of that!?" Law questioned.

Lawrence and Jarod slowly entered the small tunnel. Ahead of them, were two lanterns. In between then, was a staircase going up. The stairs were made of stone and had several cracks in them. A few steps were actually crumbling apart as well. "You first" Jarod said. "Nah, i'm good" Lawrence said, while handing Jarod the lantern. On the sides of the lanterns, were skeletons. One had daggers stabbed into his eyes. Jarod walked up the staircase shivering. Every step he took, he prepared himself for torture. He eventually reached the top. "It's safe!" Jarod said. Lawrence walked up at a faster speed. They continued through a path of wet splashes until they reached another gate. Two zombies guarded it, and there were two lanterns on the wall. "We have come to negotiate peace with the... tubowocks and El Fantasmo.. err.. ma" Jarod said. The guards didn't seem convinced. Lawrence unsheathed his sword and sliced the head off of one, but the other knocked him down with an axe. Jarod dodged an axe attack and stabbed the zombie in the gut, and then Law finished him off with his sword. They entered the next gate. They found themselves on a balcony above a large march of soldiers. They were a mix of ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and other very strange creatures. Their only option was to go left, and so they did. They found themselves in a small room. It was dark and wet. On the wall there were two swords. One was the Lost Blade of El Fantasma, and the other, was the sword of freedom! "There it is!" Jarod said. Lawrence gazed at the blade. "Wow, we finally see the beauty!" Lawrence said. "Law, this sword represents everything we pirates fight for. Freedom." Jarod said. "Aye" Lawrence said while shaking his head. Footsteps were heard, but before they could grab the sword and leave, a green ghost walked in. "Well, sir, we have... visitors" The ghost said in a rather higher-pitched and snake-like voice.

"Wonderful, Viperious." A dark, slow, spine-chilling voice said. In walked in a horrid figure. His eyes glowed bright yellow. His hat was a dirty, seaweeded, tricorne. He had a beard of seaweed and old, grey hair. His face seemed boney, but he had facial expressions unlike Undead Skeletons and Jolly Roger. He had a dark black, yet greenish longcoat. His chest seemed to glow green a bit, but his black silk vest covered most of it. His sleeves were worn and dangled over his hands. His right hand was complete bone when his left seemed flesh with long, mud-filled nails. His legs and feet were covered by seaweeded clothing and old, rotted boots. "Well hello there,... gentlemen" The figure said in the dark voice that was heard before. It was none other than El Fantasma himself, the 'Cursed Keeper of the Blades', as he was called. "It is always a delight to have......... guests......." Fantasma finished.

Chapter 13: The Sword of FreedomEdit

It was a foggy summer day. Visibility was extremely limited for the crew of the Lightning Wolf. Richard had a determined look on his face. He decided to wear his usual outfit, as he was beginning to dislike the pirate lord outfit he was given. Bloody Billy starred out at the sea. Richard looked to the port side of the ship as he said “This must the Paso De La Muerte” he said. Stormwalker didn’t seem to be affected by the eerie waters. Richard pulled out a bottle of purple liquid, which he dipped some of his assault cufflinks in. “What’s that?” Stormwalker asked. “Some ghost killer formula Ezekiel gave me” Richard said. Soon enough, rocks appeared, and the ship nearly crashed into one. They passed the wreck of a galleon. Bloody Billy’s eyes did not move from that wreck. They grew large and he seemed to be hypnotized by the wreckage. “Billy, what’s wrong?” asked Jack Can. “That wreck!” He said. He continued repeating the same sentence. “That wreck! That…… That.. Wreck!” He continued. “What about it, Billy?” Jack Can asked, while attempting to put his hand on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he could not reach Billy’s shoulder, so he put his hand on his back, strangely. “I know it! I.. I…” Billy started. Richard seemed concerned, but didn’t bother to look over. Stormwalker just watched, as he was halfway interested. “I was aboard that ship! This is where it wrecked! I remember.. The.. The.. The creature!” Billy said. “What are you talking about?” Asked Jack. “I sailed on that ship! It was a dark night after we were attacked by pirates. It was a cargo vessel named ‘The True Sail’. We stole an explosive ammo from the pirates’ ship, and fired it, and that gave us the chance to escape.” Billy said. “Why didn’t you tell us this before, Billy?” Jack Can asked. “I don’t know, it is as if the memory escaped me until now. I remember… the ship crashed into some rocks after we escaped the Pirates ship. We managed to look around the rock we had crashed into for awhile. Some of the crew went back to the wreck to salvage supplies before the ship sunk. But then, a terrible event took place. A gigantic fish swooped its head out of the ocean, launching missle-like waves in all directions. Some of the crew aboard the sinking ship got hit. The fish appeared as a Goliath Tigerfish, but ten times as large………” Bill said, as he then paused. “When it opened its mouth.. Its horrible mouth!….. I saw the most horrific thing I would ever see in my life…” Bill said.

“Which is?” Jack Can asked. Stormwalker stood up and walked up to the rear, where they were. Billy just froze.

“The monster that murdered my best friend….” He said slowly. “It opened its mouth. It had no teeth. Instead of teeth, it had eels coming out of all of its tooth sockets. That’s probably 20 large eels and 30 regular sized eels all connected to the mouth of a monster that could easily destroy this ship in one crushing blow, splitting its entire hull in half, and ripping every single soul out of every cabin and into its evil stomach. It laid its eerie eyes upon my crew, and I knew we were doomed. It made a large leap torward the wreckage, and then swooped its head around the vessel, as its eel teeth bit into crewmembers, leaving serious wounds. It then went in for a straight attack, as the eels slaughter 16 crewmembers in a matter of seconds! Apparently it was just toying with us, as when the crew fired two cannons at the beast, with only 1 burning its scales, it became angry. It roared like no other creature on earth could, as its eel teeth extended, and literally grabbed my crew members off of the sinking wreckage like a giant squids tentacles. The eels clammed together and dropped the men into the throat of that terrible beast, swallowing 8 men whole at a time. As it tasted my best friends, it seemed more and more hungry I just starred at the disaster from the high rock, with the wind blowing my hair in my face. The fish then dived itself into a large fraction of the hull, and the entire starboard rear was finished. Several of the men on the rocks went to help the crew, but I wasn‘t going anywhere near that nightmare, and I hid behind a hill of gravel, and watched the fish’s eel teeth slaughter my entire crew. The fish looked around the wreck, and I guess it decided there wasn’t anything else there to eat, as it then curved sideways and back into the water, disappearing.”

Bill ended his long story. “Wow…” Jack can said while removing his hand from Billy’s back, and grabbing the hilt of his dagger, as if he felt more protected as he held it. “After spending a night on that rock, it’s almost as if my brain changed. I began seeing everything as bad, and I just wanted to hate everything. When daylight came, I grabbed a dinghy that survived the attack and rowed my way through some water. I found a ship that picked me up. Eventually they agreed to take me to Tortuga in exchange for five shillings” Bill said. “I probably would have given them four” Stormwalker said. “They wanted six though” Billy said. “Ah, tough negotiators eh?” Jack Can agreed. “Crew! Attention! I believe we have made it..” Richard said, while pointing to La Calavera Del Destino. “Wow, that’s a strange thing to carve into a rock” Stormwalker said.

Meanwhile, in England. Johnny Cothern sat at his desk in his office, writing new declarations which would benefit him personally. In walked Admiral Duckfish. “Ah, George, have we located the coordinates of Atlantis yet?” Asked Cothern. “No, sir, we have not. The ships we sent to find Goldvane failed as we lost the ship around a large circle of rocks and a smooth amount of jungle.” Duckfish replied. “That is… unfortunate…” Cothern said as his expression grew annoyed. “We need that relic! We are possibly the only ones to even know of the power that lies hidden behind the Gates to Atlantis and all we need is the location!” Cothern replied. “Sir, I assure you we will find Atlantis. I have a man who claims to know the coordinates, and he has agreed to tell us if we are to pay him.” Duckfish said. “Well, I just launched a new program that should get us plenty of money to pay him, and..” Cothern started. “He does not wish to be paid in gold, sir. He requires… a body. Of the pirate lord who died in the recent battle” Duckfish said. “A body? How interesting. Well, I don’t think we need a dead body of Captain Crimson lying around. Inform him that I agree to his offer and bring him here as soon as possible!” Cothern demanded. “Yessir” Duckfish said as he exited the room.

Meanwhile in Shipwreck Cove, the pirate lords started to worry. One of the pirate lords had been murdered and no one seemed to have any idea who was. Night fell onto the secret location, and Jim Logan discussed a plan with Hermit. On the edge of a rocky cliff “I think we should trap the murderer!” Logan said. Logan was a young, upstart lord. He replaced his father after he died, and wasn’t the most experienced of them. However he knew the basics, and he was clearly onto something. The large Hermit thought on this. To help him think, he threw rats out of his pocket into the ocean. “We need bait!” He said clearly. Jim wasn’t one for long words, he was a simpler pirate lord. He suggested that they used cheese for bait. “That only works on rats. We need something the murderer is after. Like one of us!” Hermit thought. Logan thought up a suggestion. “How about we use Swordmenace as bait?” Logan thought. “Great idea, but what if the killer actually surprised us and was able to murder him? We don’t need the king dead.” Hermit said. “True. Let’s use you as bait then!” Logan suggested. Hermit didn’t seem to like this idea, but before he could speak, Swordmenace entered. “Hello there, mates. Heard you were plotting a solution to this mess so I thought I’d join. I brought someone else as well” Swordmenace said. Behind him stood yet another large and strong-bodied man. It was Skull X, Keeper of the Code. Skull wore a purple bandana with a vest and some dark black clothing. Hermit and Skull were very close friends, so they started talking about random things. “Have you seen my new gigantarodent?” Hermit asked. “No, I’ll be sure to look at it though.” Skull replied. They eventually agreed to the plan of Hermit being bait. But before they put Hermit in position, another man came up the hill. It was Will Goldvane, “Ahoy! I thought I’d help with the plan!” William said. “Sure, you can help. Hermit is going to be on ‘The Wild Boar’ ship, out on the bow part of the broken ship. We will then hide and wait for the killer!” Said Swordmenace.

hey headed out to the ship, and sat in their positions. Hermit ate fried rat to pass the time. Eventually, four hours passed by, and no one showed. “I guess he’s not active tonight” William said. “I thought for sure he would be!” Said Jim Logan. They eventually headed back to their cabins and called it a night. Back in El Fantasma’s lair, Jarod and Lawrence found themselves in a mess. They stood in the chambers of Fantasma himself, where he stood in front of them. “Hello there!!” Lawrence said followed by a large smile. Jarod just looked up at him in shame, as he then face palmed. “Welcome to your demise, gentlemen! What be your names?” El Fantasma said as his yellow eyes flashed a glare toward Law. “Lawrence Daggerpaine, and this is Jarod. We are the delivery service, we have come to pick this up” Lawrence pointed to The Sword of Freedom.

“Hahahhaa! You amuse me greatly, Mr. Daggerpaine! Your soul should taste excellent! Hah!” El Fantasma cackled. “They couldn’t have possibly gotten past Saurky alone, send the men on high alert for any friends of theirs!” El Fantasma ordered to a ghost next to him named Viperious. “I shall” He said while exiting the room. “Now, back to our guests. Mr. Jarod, aren’t you a bit… small?” Fantasma said followed by a mocking grin. “It’s Jarod Pillagebane, um, actually. And, I’d prefer you not to insult the man who is going to slice your head off” Jarod said slowly. Fantasma cackled. “Yes but you aren’t quite a man, are you? You’re more of a…. half… of a man, wouldn’t you say? Hahahah!” Fantasma said followed by more cackling. Jarod growled and began to walk forward, but Lawrence stopped him with his hand. Their location was not very escapable now, and they needed to think quick. “Um, so, now that we have said, you know…. ‘hi’, we’ll just be um… going..” Lawrence suggested. “Leaving so early? I think not. Let’s have some….. ‘fun’…” Fantasma said slowly

Meanwhile, Basil and Jack were still navigating the caverns. They heard marching from ahead of them. “Get ready….” Jack said while preparing himself. Basil seemed curious as to what was ahead, but when they became visible, he knew right away. They glowed orange, purple, red, and green.They were more ghosts, along with some other creatures. Two red ghosts, two Undead Tree Stumps, four orange ghosts, one green ghost, and a few zombies charged toward the pair. Jack loaded his pistol, and terminated a zombie Basil threw cheese as his long range attack Once landed in a stump’s face, and it clearly wasn’t very satisfied. Jack and Basil looked stunned when they realized some ghosts carried not only cursed blades, swords, and daggers, but even guns. Jack Eliminated one gunned Ghost, but another fired back and shot cheese out of Basil’s hand. “DOH!” Basil said. Jack eventually shot the other, but he was out of bullets, and the remaining enemies attacked, led by the green-glowing Viperious, who unsheathed a Viper Blade. Several strange zombies attacked. Ones face looked like a plank of petrified wood, and the back was missing. Basil punched his head off, and he fell to the ground. Basil unsheathed his Barracuda blade and swiped the zombies, while Jack finished the orange ghosts long range. Viperious, the red ghosts, and the stumps stayed more behind, waiting for their round. The purple ghosts’ bodies were not visible, only their spector, and they launched purple flames at Jack, burning his hand and causing him to drop his pistol. He pulled out a cutlass and defeated the rest of the zombies that Basil was fighting.

The purple ghosts continued launching fire bolts, and one knocked Jack down. Basil did a blade storm style attack without the back-stab and with extra slashes, which damaged a purple ghosts. He then used his lightning attack, but somehow the spector just grabbed the lightning and shot a bolt of it back at Basil, knocking him down as well. By this time, Jack was up, and he unsheathed his Masterwork broadsword, which he kept safely in a case attached to his belt. He only used this in emergencies. He did a move similar to Basil’s, but the Purple spector still survived, and shot a firebolt knocking Jack back down. Basil did many fancy moves against the purple spector, dodging any firebolts. He then went for some brute force attacks, but this thing wouldn’t go down.

The other purple specter then launched an orb at Basil, and he was knocked back again! Jack decided there was no facing these things. Viperious then stepped forward. “I’ll take them, I need some practice!” Viperious said in his snake-like voice. Viper Blade clashed against Bloodfire Broadsword. “Do remember, this is a venomed blade, one cut and you won’t make it out of this place alive!!” Viperious said. Basil got up, still injured, and pushed Viperious to a wall. The red ghosts and the purple ghosts, both in spector form began approaching. Basil then pushed Viperious onto the purple ghost that they had fought, and it was now poisoned. Basil and Jack began to run back. Basil found the ladder, and they climbed down. “What about Jar and Law?” Basil asked before they began exiting. “We have confirmed that Fantasma is here, and that he has the sword. We never really knew that for sure, so now we can go back and get help.” Jack tried to convince Basil, but he didn’t seem sure he wanted to leave them there. “We have to go, Basil!” Jack said while running with their only torch toward the exit. Basil decided to follow. Basil wondered if Saukry would still be after them, but he wasn’t scared, he had his Barracuda with him. Back in Fantasma’s room, Lawrence attempted to persuade Fantasma into letting them free. “Honestly”, we got lost in the seas, we came here, fought our ways through, and and and……” Lawrence started. “What my friend here, is trying to say, is…” Jarod started.

“Is that he wants to steal from me, I know exactly why you pirate lords are here. I also know you have others in here, so if they escape my men, I am making sure to be… cautious. “ Fantasma said. He walked out into the balcony over the marching warriors, and signaled a former naval officer turned zombie’s attention. “Summon the mutilator. Let their ship meet its doom.” Fantasma said to the zombie. The zombie quickly nodded his head. Lawrence and Jarod exchanged looks. They didn’t know what this mutilator was, but it didn’t sound friendly.

Meanwhile, Basil and Jack nearly reached their ship, a giant sea monster swooped from below and crushed their ship in half. Basil stopped in his tracks, while Jack walked up, interested. The fish then revealed its head again, opened its mouth, as eels shot out of its mouth and grabbed the few pirates aboard, and dropped them into its mouth. Jack now stopped in his tracks. They stood there, in the mouth of the large skull, awaiting their certain demise. Back at the group of ghosts, Viperious was being questioned. “We could have defeated him! You never summoned red ghosts or stumps!” Said a purple spector with a voice like wind. “I promised Saukry the final attack.” Viperious said. Sure enough, Saukry then approached Jack and Basil. He growled angrily. “Now you shall die for certain!” Saukry roared. However, the Lightning Wolf had approached the scene. “Oi! I see Basil and Jack in the mouth of that rock!” Jack Can yelled. “Climb the beardy, mates! C’mon move along! We’re in a hurry, come on!” Richard said. Jack Can and Bloody Billy began climbing the beard.

“Ladies first!” Stormwalker said while signaling Richard to climb the beard. “Exactly” Richard said while signaling Stormwalker to go. Jack Can and Billy reached the mouth, only to find Saukry in the cave. Jack Pistol and Basil seemed glad to see familiar faces. “Hey, guys!” Said Jack Pistol. Jack Can handed Jack Pistol some ammo, and they both loaded. Billy saw Saukry.

“I hate ugly people!” Billy said. Saukry didn’t seem to pleased with this comment. Richard and Stormwalker eventually agreed to come up. Richard unsheathed his new cutlass and Stormwalker revealed a large royal broadsword. But as Saukry seemed outnumbered, Viperious appeared in the scene following by two stumps. Both Jacks fired at a stump, but that only made it angry. Two more stumps entered the room with purple ghosts following them. “You promised me the final attack!” Saukry said. “They had reinforcements, you do as well.” Viperious said. Eventually the four stumps began merging together to form a mega stump with four heads. It launched pieces of bark like daggers. Stormwalker grabbed a rock and blocked the attack. Richard was still taking in that there was such thing as purple ghosts. Basil and Stormwalker charged against Saukry. Saukry used lightning on Basil, which knocked him back into the rocks. Stormwalker glared at the ghost. “Ready to die!?” Stormwalker asked. “Nah….” Saukry said as he did a cleaving attack on Stormwalker, but he blocked. Stormwalker tackled Saukry, blade at hand. Jack Can dodged bark attacks while Jack Pistol shot lims off of the Stump. The stump charged and knocked Jack Can nearly off the cliff. Richard threw two ghost-killer cufflinks at one of the purple spectors. It began disintegrating, as it then exploded in a strange electric outburst, as it then become dust. Where it had died, there was a small object. Billy raced to see what it was. “Hershey bar!” Billy said as he took it and ate it. Richard unsheathed his sword again, and Basil did the same.

Viperious merely watched the battle. Richard, Basil, and Stormwalker team-attacked Saukry. Richard threw a cufflink, Stormwalker punched his face, and Basil struck him with lightning using his blade. The Jacks fired dual attacks against the stump. The other purple spector approached them, but Richard threw another ghost-killer cufflink. “Hah! First time seeing purple ghost, but does that stop me from defeating them? No!” Richard said with a smile, as he then unsheathed his seven seas cutlass and hacked at Saukry. The team was doing well, until the Stump knocked Jack Pistol back. It then grabbed Basil, Storm, and Rich, as it launched them through the hall. Jack Can got up and fired at the stump, but the Stump then grabbed both Jacks and threw them into the hall as well. “See? You couldn’t have done that without my stump!” Viperious said to Saukry. “Your stump couldn’t have done that without me!” Saukry roared. Richard and Jack Pistol stood up, as the others began slowly recovering. They then saw a figure approaching from the hall. It was Lawrence! He was carrying Jarod on his back. He also had the Sword of Freedom in his belt! “Law! You got the sword!” Richard said. Law looked at Richard with stone cold eyes. They didn’t blink nor move. He put Jar on the ground, flat on his back. He had some cuts and bruises, but was still breathing, unconscious.

Lawrence then unsheathed his General’s Broadsword. He flipped the blade upside down and lifted it. “I came here so you could watch your friend die!” Lawrence, very strangely said. He began to aim the sword toward Jar’s stomach. “No!” Jack Pistol said as he fired a pistol directly at Law’s sword, launching it back into a rock. Lawrence unsheathed the Sword of Freedom. “What’s wrong with you, Law?” Richard asked. “He must be under a curse!” Jack said, as he realized he was out of bullets. He grabbed his ammo pouch, but Law launched an orb that turned the pouch into a coral. Jack Pistol unsheathed his broadsword. Richard and Basil turned to see Viperious and Saukry readying their blades. Saukry charged at Richard. He attempted many blows with his Barracuda, and Richard barely dodged them. One direct hit in the chest and Richard would be done. Richard took his one chance to slice the ogre with his Seven Seas Cutlass, but Saukry blocked, and locked Richards blade using the spikes on the Barracuda blade.

“I’m gonna have to get me one of those” Richard said as he struggled in a lock hold against the creature. Basil was having more luck. Having a Barracuda Blade of his own, he locked Viperious’s blade as well. Jack Can and Billy were busy running from the Stump. Billy was eventually forced to the edge of the mouth. The Stump began to charge. Billy’s mouth just froze open. When the stump was almost at Billy’s position, Billy lunged right. The stump had already swung an arm at his former position, and with Billy not there, it unexpectedly plunged into the rocky cliff. The rocks began to crack, and half of the Stump was off the edge. Jack Can fired his pistol at the massive creature as much as possible, but it wouldn’t stop the stump from climbing. It eventually reached the edge again, and stood. It didn’t look good for Billy, but as the stump first began to lift its leg, the rocks it was standing on began to collapse. Combining the blow from the Stumps arm and the weight of the massive creature, a large portion of the mouth’s lip fell, along with the four-headed stump, crashing into the ocean, not far from where the Lightning Wolf was docked. However, not even this stopped the stump! It began to climb the rocks. Then, out of the mere blue, a gigantic fish swung out of the ocean. It opened its massive mouth, revealing many hungry eels instead of teeth. “No. The fish! The… the….. The fish!” Bloody Billy muttered. The fish swung its eels toward the climbing stump. They latched onto the creature, electrocuting the no longer invincible stump. The stumps hands dispatched from the rocks, and the creature fell straight into the mouth of the giant fish. The eels began ripping off lims and pieces of the beast, as to fit the remains into the monsters mouth. The creature then submerged, strangely not attacking the Lightning Wolf. “I hate sea monsters” Billy muttered. Meanwhile, Jack Pistol was forced to battle against Lawrence.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Law! Please just… put the sword back in your sheath, and we can get going! Law?” Jack kept attempting to sway Law away from his eerie mind-control curse. Law just swung his sword against Jack. Jack blocked, but noticed Law was even more skilled with his blade than usual. Law performed a fancy series of low-slashes, cutting up Jack’s legs. Jack could barely block Laws blows. Meanwhile, Saukry struck Richard with lightning. “Hah! Not any pirate can best the mighty Saukry! You shall die… now!” Saukry said as he prepared to stab Richard. Richard dodged, and moved his leg forward, kicking Saukry back. He then stood up, and they engaged into a duel. Saukry swiped his spiked blade even more, while glancing at Basil, who began to keep losing ground as to avoid a single cut from Viperious’s blade. The three duels combined into a huge battle of chaos.

Richard tried to swipe at Viperious and Saukry at once, but Saukry had good defense, and knocked Richard back to a wall. Lawrence then got into a lock against Jack. They ran further into the cave, leaving Basil and Viperious the only ones left in the simple area. The cursed blades clashed, deadly Viper Blade vs. the almighty Barracuda Blade, until Richard kicked Saukry into Viperious, and the pirates gained the advantage. Billy and Jack began tackling the ghosts, and the two minions of El Fantasma turned swiftly, struck both of them with lightning, and turned back just in time to block Richard and Basil’s attacks. Saukry swiped Richard down by hitting his boots, and they then teamed Basil. “Uh….” Basil began to worry, as he threw cheese.

This only angered Viperious, and Basil was forced to run. Richard and Jack Can stood up, while Billy ate the cheese. Lawrence and Jack were in a death duel. Lawrence fired burning seaweed, knocking Jack back further. “You die now, mortal!” Lawrence said as he launched many attacks against Jack. Jack grabbed his torch and stuck it into Lawrence’s stomach.

“ARGH!!!” Lawrence screamed. Saukry and Viperious eventually removed Basils blade from his hand Viperious pointed his blade at Basil’s throat, as Saukry once again wielded two Barracuda blades, this time, against Richard. “No thanks!” Richard said as he threw a cufflink and a rock at Saukry, before running past him. He quickly ran to Jack, the only pirate left winning. Jack knocked Lawrence out using a rock, and stood with Richard. “Stop or your cheesy friend dies!” Viperious said with his blade at Basil’s throat.

“Hey, I aint cheesy!” Basil protested. Saukry also captured Jack Can and Billy. Richard and Jack Pistol sheathed their swords. Viperious ordered Jack Can and Bloody Billy to carry Jarod, while Basil and Jack Pistol were forced to carry Lawrence. Saukry took a moment to knock Stormwalker unconscious. “He’s too strong to be awake.” Saukry convinced himself. Eventually, they reached El Fantasma’s lair once again. Richard then saw a figure he had been wondering about for weeks - El Fantasma. “Ah! Even more guests! Wonderful! You must be Richard Goldvane, and you must be… Basil Bridgebain!” Fantasma said with a wicked grin, before turning his back to the pirates and walking slowly. “Ah, so you’re El Fantasma. I expected you to be a bit more… intimidating?” Richard said with a smile. Fantasma stopped in his tracks. He unsheathed his blade, turned swiftly, and pointed it at Richard too fast for Richard to even take it in.

“Is this… ‘Intimidating’!?” Fantasma asked. Richard waited a few seconds before responding, still taking everything in. “Um… err…….. Debatable?” Richard said with a smile. Fantasma tightened his glare and hold on his blade. Richard began stepping away. “You know… phantom with asthma..” Richard began while Fantasma put his blade away and growled. “… Your reputation highly exceeds you. I mean, what exactly do you do? You stay in a murky cave all day, summoning ghosts, stumps, and fish alike to do you bidding. Shouldn’t you… err… ‘get out’?” Richard suggested. “I am busy planning and strategizing ways to gain ultimate power” Fantasma attempted, but Richard went on. “You just seem a bit… lazy to me, you know… might want to… kill some more people… do a bit more… help grow this fear you seem to want so much” Richard said. “I do not care for reputation, nor fear, unlike your friends from the trading companies.” Fantasma said.

“Oh, trust me, they aren’t my friends. But we do agree on something - Cothern is very big on… fear.” Richard said.

“I am not a man who craves attention. I do not wish to be feared by my enemies. I am not that ignorant. I only wish to see pain, and suffering. I wish to see death upon all who attempt to rise against me.” Fantasma said. “Why? What are you trying to achieve?” Richard asked. “Rule. Rule over these wretched seas of voodoo, magic, and conflict. There are many secrets here, Goldvane. There is much evidence of the supernatural ancient origins in the Caribbean that can still be found. It’s not going to be a long wait before everyone knows about them. They are the gateway to unlimited possibilities. They are the gateway to ultimate power…” Fantasma said. “So, what do you want with Atlantis then? You don’t seem to need treasures. Why do you need an underwater city full of jewels and gold?” Richard asked. Fantasma just let out a slight laugh with a smirk. Jack Pistol stepped into the conversation. “What have you done with Lawrence!?” Jack asked. “Oh, just having some… fun. One of the most painful things for someone to go through is to be forced to kill their own friend, and well… the midget would have been too easy” Fantasma said. “Hey!” Jack Can said. “Err, the other midget” Fantasma corrected. “How do we cure him?” Jack Pistol asked. “Hah! You’ll all most likely be heading to the Soul Chamber unless you have something I value in your possession, in which case, you’d probably still be heading to the Soul Chamber” Fantasma said. Richard held tightly onto his piece of parchment which held the location of Atlantis. The paper had coordinates on a certain part of a certain map, which could be bought at chart stores. Richard owned this map, and had the exact location. All he needed to do to have endless treasure, and access to the hidden city of Atlantis was grab the Sword of Freedom and escape.

“Got anymore Ghost-killer cufflinks?” Billy whispered to Richard. “Nope. I left the rest of the powder on the ship.” Richard whispered back. “So… what exactly is this Soul Chamber?” Asked Jack Pistol. Richard began looking around. He noticed they were in the hat of the rock skull. “Maybe if something shot a hole through the rocks, we could jump out, into the water, and then climb aboard the ship!” Richard thought. However, he had no way of pushing a hole through a large, hard, heavy rock. He would also need a diversion. “The Soul Chamber is a device created by myself. You see, I was cursed but a hex created by yours truly. It was reflect back at me by a mystic sword, and I now require souls to feed on to stay stay alive. If I don’t have enough souls, I will die out, but I will be forever trapped in a dimension indescribable… a fate no human desires. Some day, once I have enough power to free myself from this curse, I shall gain ultimate power.” Fantasma said. Jarod began waking up. He stood up, and stretched his back and arms. He then yawned, and looked around. “Jack! Basil! Richard! Can! Billy!” Jarod seemed shocked to see so many faces. Only Basil and Jack Can were in a good enough mood to say hello back. “What’s wrong?” Jarod asked. Basil pointed behind Jarod. Jarod turned to find Fantasma staring into his face. “Boo…” Fantasma said in a mocking tone. “Ahh!” Jarod flinched, and then stepped back. Jarod began remembering what had just happened.

“Oi! Lawrence was hexed by Fantasma! He, well… sort of beat me up!” Jarod explained. “We basically had that figured out” Basil said as he ate his last slice of cheese. “Well, Mr. Phantom with asthma and an extremely creepy glare, I think we’ll just um……….. Going?” Richard suggested. Fantasma just shook his head. Law began to wake up. Richard realized, the side of the wall that was closest to the outside was behind the pirates, not Fantasma. If only we had a cannon, he thought. We could just fire a hole and jump out. “Law, is that you?” Jarod asked. “Ah, my servant was awaken! Mind taking out Mr. Goldvane while you are awake?” Fantasma said with a large grin.

“Why do you do this?” Jack Pistol asked. “I have goals that you cannot possible think up, mr. Pistol. You are quite of a simple man, your actions revolve around country wars, and making a decent pay. You know nothing of true power. You pirate lords know nothing of what magic is hidden in the Caribbean” Fantasma said mysteriously. “Actually, we know a lot about voodoo, thank you very much” Richard said while observing the area more. “Haha… Voodoo is basically the word for the mere basics of the magics here. Ancient, mystical power can be found if you search deep enough. All you need is to know where… to look… I believe your friend Jolly Roger already has it located. He’s just sending others to acquire it for him, as he’s extremely too lazy to do it himself” Fantasma said.

“How do you know so much about your enemies?” Basil asked. “You think I know a lot? Ask Foulberto Smasho that question, I’d be very interested in hearing his answer” Fantasma said. Richard observed the area, while Jack Pistol, Basil, and Jarod kept chatting with Fantasma. Richard glanced at the Sword of Freedom, in Lawrence’s belt. It was a magnificent item to even glance at, considered the work that so many had through to acquire it. Many even died merely attempting to find it. “Foulberto Smasho?” Jarod asked. “Ah, just the newest First Mate on El Patron’s crew. After I left, he took the title. Now he’s just cooped up in a cave with a few Mutineers to my old Captain.” Fantasma explained. Bloody Billy and Jack Can began playing a game of War using a playing cards. “Daggerpaine…! Why are you delaying!?” Fantasma asked. Lawrence seemed to have some battle going through his brain. “I shall do as you command, master…” Lawrence said in a very plain, haunted voice. He unsheathed the Sword of Freedom and pointed it at Richard. He began stepping down from the area Fantasma was stationed at. He walked straight at Richard.

“Um… let’s just talk this through, shall we?” Richard asked. “What happened to the Soul Chamber?” Jack Pistol asked, attempting to buy Richard time. Fantasma just ignored Jack and admired that Law was about to attack Richard. Richard began backing up, but Law didn’t stop. Richard was pinned against the wall. Lawrence plunged his blade at Richard’s face, and Richard moved slightly left, dodging the attack. The sword was stuck in the wall next to Richard’s head. Lawrence looked Richard in the eye. He blinked a couple of times. “Eh?” Richard said trying to figure out if this was Lawrence or Zombie-rence.

“It’s me…” Lawrence whispered. “Oi. We’re in the hat of the skull, if we could…” Richard attempted to finish his whisper, but Law interrupted - “Push a hole through, aye, I got it, figured it out earlier” Lawrence whispered. “Darn you” Richard whispered back with a smile. “What’s taking so long?” Fantasma asked. Jack Can seemed to know what was happening. “Oi! You slimy twit! Get off your butt and get moving! If you want to murder Jolly Roger, do It yourself you lazy rat!” Jack Can yelled. Fantasma didn’t seem to appreciate Jack Can’s comment. Knowing Fantasma was distracted, Lawrence pulled the blade out of the rock, and stepped back. Richard stepped aside.

Jack Can continued yelling at Fantasma. Lawrence began spinning his sword. Fantasma noticed this, but watched as if it were a play. Lawrence shot a large beam into the rock. The impact, knocked Law and Richard back. Bloody Billy threw cards in Fantasma’s face, as Basil and Jack pushed Saukry and Viperious to the ground, grabbing their blades and other items. “Guys, jump!” Lawrence said as he sheathed his blade and jumped out of the large hole in the wall, and landed in the water. Jack Pistol and Basil followed. Richard grabbed Stormwalker, threw him out into the water for the others to catch, and threw a cufflink at Fantasma before he could grab his elusive blade. Jack Can jumped down, followed by Bloody Billy, and finally, Richard. “To the ship, mates!” Richard said right before he realized Lawrence was already at the ship. The remaining crew members climbed aboard. “Haha! Loser Fantasma!” Jack Can shouted.

Fantasma hadn’t looked out of the window yet. “Fools! The Mutilator would have already crushed their ship!” Saukry said. Fantasma and Saukry walked to the hole, and looked out to find that their sea monster hadn’t eaten their ship. “How….? Why wouldn’t it….!” Saukry said in shock. “Ready the ship! We set sail for Shipwreck Cove to assemble our attack force!” Richard said. The rest of the crew yelped in excitement and readied the ship. “Prepare the assault vessels for attack!” Saukry ordered to some of the men.

Fantasma turned back to his seat when he noticed something. A small piece of parchment on the ground where Richard fell when the explosion impacted. “Belay that order……..” Fantasma said. “Sir?” Saukry said in confusion as he and Viperious stopped. “I know where they are headed, master Saukry. Prepare the Devourer for a long voyage…” Fantasma said. “Yes sir” Saukry said as he headed off. “Sir, what is on that paper?” Viperious asked. “The location… of Atlantis…” Fantasma said. Back on the ship, the crew were resting from their hard voyage. Jarod and Jack Can were eating biscuits, while Basil ate cheese. Jack Pistol and Lawrence just lied on blankets. They had been in that cave for what seemed a life-team. Lawrence, however, decided to get up. “Richard.” Lawrence said. “Aye?” Richard replied. “Did I…. harm anyone?” Lawrence asked. Richard glanced at Jarod’s bruises. “Uh… no.” Richard said. “Well, good. Because, I assure you, I wasn’t in control…” Lawrence said. “Oh, I know.” Richard said. “Richard. This blade represents everything we pirates fight for, you know? Freedom.” Lawrence said. “Yeah but there won’t be freedom unless we get out of here. “True…” Lawrence agreed.

The worn-out crew glanced back at the skull rock formation, which now had a large hole straight through the hat. About an hour passed, and the crew had navigated out of the fog. “Something isn’t right…” Lawrence said, concerned. “I agree. They haven’t sent any assaults, fish or warship.” Richard added. Lawrence and Richard stood at the railing, thinking… “It’s almost as if… they know something… that…” Lawrence began, when… “We don’t know yet…” Richard finished for him. Meanwhile, in a deep murky Cavern, Jolly Roger was plotting attacks on El Fantasma. “If this Undead War hadn’t started, I could be finding Jack Sparrow!” Jolly Roger yelled, frustrated.

Jolly Roger was on a high rock overseeing other Skeletons who were performing voodoo, dancing, rituals, and digging for unknown reasons. Then, a man appeared. Behind him were two small figures, carrying bodies. Jolly Roger took note of his visitor, and stepped down from his high rock. “Jamie Lopus!” Jolly Roger said. Jamie bowed, as Slappy and Sloppy dummies sat two dead bodies of Pirate Lords on the ground. “Ah, you have my bodies. And the item?” Jolly Roger asked. “We attempted to recover the item. The dummies tried four times, but it eventually became too dangerous.” Lopus said. “Argh! Well, I’ll deal with that myself. You have brought me my bodies, but seeing as you haven’t paid me with my item, I must ask for a larger payment than this if I am to give you your weapons.” Jolly Roger said. “Yes, we have brought a payment. Have you ever heard of Atlantis?” Lopus asked. “I’ve had my fair share, why!?” Jolly Roger asked. “Well, what if you could… visit the legendary underwater city?” Lopus asked. Meanwhile, the Brethren Court was awaiting Richard’s return. Many pirates sat at the dock, waiting. Will Goldvane was worried if his crew would make it back. “I hope they’re alright. I don’t have any other family after Richard, I believe.” William said. The Lightning Wolf came into sight, at last. The pirates began cheering. The ship docked, and the Pirate Lords came to congratulate the crew. Slowly, Richard, Lawrence, Basil, Jack Pistol, Jarod, Jack Can, Bloody Billy, and Stormwalker walked down from their ship and onto the dock. They walked down a long dock, and reached the cheering crowd. “Did you acquire the sword!?” Jack Swordmenace asked. Lawrence held up the mighty blade. The pirates cheered even louder. Richard held his hands up to his ears.

“Dude, don’t do that, it’s weird!” Stormwalker said. “Did you defeat Fantasma?” More pirates asked. “No, but we defeated many of his men and….” Lawrence tried to finish, but the Pirates cheered even louder. Stormwalker held his hands to his ears now. Richard just looked at Storm with an expression of “Hypocrite!”. The pirates began scattering throughout the ships, telling other pirates of this success.The Pirates, before quenching their thirsts for gold, quenched their thirst for fun and drinks, and celebrated in the middle meeting room, with loads of rum. Basil, instead ate loads of cheese. “You’d bet he gets constipated, eh?” Roger Squidfish said to Richard. “Very possible…” Richard said as he continued throwing cufflinks at a dart board, as he drank more rum. He eventually became too drunk to hit the bull’s-eye, and accidentally hit a pirate’s arm. “Hey!! You… bulganrumpindrumpin…” The drunk pirate said before throwing a bottle of rum at Richard. Richard ducked and it hit another pirate, who threw a dagger at the man who threw the bottle, but missed and hit a large bearded pirate. A bar fight began. Jack Can and Bloody Billy fled the room, while Basil and Stormwalker used their size to defeat any pirates willing to mess with them. “Enough!” Ezekiel Squidfish yelled. The pirates then began to realize how stupid they had been acting, and stopped. Nightfall hit the Cove, and many pirates went to bed. Richard and the other Pirate Lords began discussing battle plans. “Alright, we have the sword, all we need to do now is attack Atlantis head-on and we shall have the riches!” Swordmenace said.

Richard began reaching inside his pocket for the piece of parchment with the coordinates on them. “Richard, you didn’t… lose it… did you?” Lawrence asked. “Of course not!” Richard said as he began to reach in all of his pockets, but no paper was found. “Um, Richard… are you sure that…” Basil began. “No! What… what happened!?” Richard yelled, frustrated. “You know, we never reached the Pool of Remembrance.” Ezekiel suggested. “Yes! That’s it!” Richard said. “We shall travel there tonight!” Ezekiel said. “But, it’s dark, won’t it be hard to travel there?” Richard asked. “Good point, it will be more exercise for you when you’re struggling to see!” Ezekiel said. “Oh no, we’re taking the elevator this time!” Richard said. “Not if I get to the elevator first!” Ezekiel said while running down through ships. “Oh no you don’t!” Richard said as he followed. They ran all the way down to the docks, as they ran on a very long dock that stretched out to the rocky cliffs. They eventually got to the elevator. “Shall we go?” Ezekiel asked. “Aye!” Richard said, hurriedly, as he sat his lantern down on the elevator. Ezekiel turned the elevator on and they began rising up. “Just be careful…” Ezekiel said. “Why?” Richard asked.

“This place can become a bit… ‘dangerous’ at night.” Ezekiel said. The elevator continued up for five minutes, increasing Richard’s fears. “What type of… dangers… exactly”? Richard asked. “Deceased Pirates, mr. Goldvane.” Ezekiel said. The elevator continued for another two minutes, until the elevator finally reached the top. They passed the shop where they had gotten snacks, and the spot where they had confronted Lopus. After five minutes of walking, they spotted the Pool of Remembrance. Richard was amazed by it. He expected some old, poorly-crafted bucket of water, but no, it was a stone, octagon pool, and the water was as clear as glass. Richard just looked at it for a minute, and nothing happened. “You must focus… clear your mind…” Ezekiel said. Richard began seeing things… he saw himself and his brother Edward as a child. He ‘fast-forwarded’ more, and saw himself defeating Billy Hullbatten. He then saw Jolly Roger, The Menace, and the Evil Dummy, followed by the death of Edward, except he was placed as a child, and not an adult. His murderer was not Blackbeard this time, it was Richard! “I see a memory… but… it’s changed… it’s…” Richard began. “This usually means that your brain fears or has dwelled on that alternative memory… try thinking of something else.” Ezekiel said. Richard began thinking of the parchment. He saw the numbers clearly. He said them to Ezekiel, as he wrote them down on another piece of parchment. “Wait… I’m seeing more…” Richard said. He saw a caterpillar, which then turned into a butterfly. The butterfly flew until it reached a large storm cloud. Under the cloud, was Richard, and all the pirates. They were getting drenched. The butterfly, strangely, went back into a cocoon. Now, the storm cloud wasn’t over them, it was heading towards them. Richard told Ezekiel this. “The caterpillar represents the past… the cocoon represents the present, the butterfly represents the future. The pool only shows someone a future if it’s important. This means… a storm is coming, and a bad one.” Ezekiel explained. “Well… all we can do is prepare, then?” Richard asked. “Yes, unfortunately, weather is unchangeable.” Ezekiel said. Richard looked in again. He saw several Pirates get struck by lightning, and dying. He then saw himself get struck, but it wasn’t killing him. He was very sorrow, and looked more sad than Richard had ever been. Richard decided he had seen enough. “Let’s leave before the deceased pirates find us using the Pool.” Ezekiel said. The two then headed back for the elevator. They got in it, and turned the switch to go down. They reached the bottom, and went inside. The next day, the Pirates awoke, and the first thing Richard did, was watch for storm clouds. The wicked feeling of knowing a storm was coming was something Richard dreaded from his childhood. He would rather it pop out of nowhere than rub the fact that it was coming right in Richard’s face. The pirates met back in the meeting room. Swordmenace stood on a tall chair.

“Gentlemen… ladies… today… we fight for the existence of Pirates. Today… we fight for the freedom of all residents of the Caribbean. If the treasure of Atlantis were to fall into the hands of our enemies, that would be a quick stop and a sudden drop to many of us. We have the most valuable sword that unlocks the gates We have the location of the gate… we have the men and the weapons to take on the guardians. Today… we take… Atlantis!” Swordmenace yelled. Many other pirates yelled in agreement.

“Now, who volunteers to join in on the attack?” Swordmenace asked. Richard raised his hand up and volunteered his ship and crew as quickly as he could. Stormwalker, William, Jack Can, Bloody Billy, Jeffrey Blasthawk, Charles Swordeagle, the Skinny Pirate, Ezekiel, and Scruffy Jack readied their weapons. The Keeper of the Code, Robert McRoberts, also was going to be with Richard. Sarah decided to stay. “Ugh, I’m not going underwater! I’ve been hiding in wrecked ships and cabins this whole time, is there any towns around here!? Where’s the clothing shop!? My boots are dirty! Ugh!” Sarah screamed before walking away. Lawrence volunteered his crew, who would go on Basil’s ship. Jarod, Jack Pistol, and some other pirates readied their weapons. Two other pirate captains agreed to come along. “So that makes five ships! My ship, The Green Runner, The Cutthroat Cobra, and two volunteer war brigs!” Swordmenace said. “There are four different jacks coming, don’t get them confused!” William said to Richard.

“Let’s see… Scruffy Jack, Jack Pistol, Jack Can, and Jack Swordmenace, right?” Richard asked. “Yup. Hope we find some treasure. Isn’t that what you and Edward always searched for?” William asked. “Aye. We would travel through the swamps… searching for lost gold bars…” Richard said with a smile and a chuckle. “Ever find any?” William asked. “No… but we did find a golden necklace in an old boat.” Richard said. “We should go searching sometime.” William said with a half-joking look on his face. “Ah well, how about this. After we discover the most ancient, historical, gold-filled legendary underwater city… we’ll go searching for gold bars in the swamp, ey?” Richard said.

“You sound very enthusiastic…” Will said with a nudge. “Aren’t I always?” Richard asked. “Gentlemen! The time has come!” Swordmenace began. “Time for… what?” Bloody Billy asked. “The time… to take the most legendary treasures… known to earth!” Swordmenace finished. “Except Hershey Bars…” Billy said. “Captains… launch… the ships” Swordmenace said. The ships began readying. “Time, Richy?” Lawrence asked. “Aye!” Richard replied. Lawrence unsheathed the Sword of Freedom. “Hoist… the colours!!!!” He said with a grin. The pirates began hoisting their soggy excuses for flags, some of which were fearable, others… not so much. The Runner raised its green skeletal flag, and the pirates boarded their ships. The captains took the wheels, except Lawrence and Basil, who fought over theirs. Jack had to remind them they were a team, and then… finally, all the ships were moving. Hermit threw a rat into the ocean behind the ships as a “good-luck charm”. Meanwhile, the EITC ships were sailing on an expedition. “Men!” Duckfish said to gather the men on his ship. He was using his War Brig this time, not his Ship of the Line. “We are heading to a location given to us by an unknown client. This is rumored to be… none other… than the Lost City of Atlantis!” Duckfish said. Jeffrey Redscurf and Billy Hullbatten rallied the troops, and the ships were ready. Meanwhile, El Fantasma’s ships were already far ahead of the others. A strange, rock-headed man walked up to Fantasma.

“You sure about this location?” He asked. “I’m dead sure, Mr. Trankus.” Fantasma said. Meanwhile, Jolly Roger’s ships were having problems. “The rudder won’t work-ahahahahrgryyrgyfwyug!” A skeleton said before being demolished by Jolly Roger. “Then launch the Bloody Blood Scourge!” Jolly Roger screamed. Eventually, Jolly’s ship was ready. From all directions, four enemy fleets headed to the exact same coordinates. Some encountered wind, some didn’t. Fantasma’s ship reached the area first. “Should we stop sir?” Trankus asked. “Yes. This is the spot…” Fantasma said. “You sure?” The crewmember asked. “Yes… I can feel it!” Fantasma said. However, Jolly Roger’s fleet then arrived. His fleet was two small ships. “Prepare the cannons, sir?” Trankus asked. “No. I have other plans” Fantasma said. One minute later, the giant fish swooped completely out of the water! It landed on Jolly Roger’s escort vessel, completely ripping it into pieces!

“Arghh! Ahhhh!” Skeletons yelled before being crushed. “Noooo!!! No No Noooo!! I will not allow it! I will not allo--” Jolly started, but the creature then attacked his ship. The cursed wood was failing, and the skeletons stood no chance. “Arghhh!” Jolly Roger said before teleporting away. Mere seconds later, his bout was completely eaten. “Our biggest enemy has gone to the depths. We are the first ones h-” Fantasma started, but Duckfish’s ship then entered the area. “Prepare the cannons now!” Fantasma said. Both Duckfish and Fantasma had two escort vessels. These ships emerged in a large battle, until one of both team sunk. The ships needed to be completely destroyed, however, seeing as there was a breathable town below. Then, finally, the Brethren’s four ships arrived! The three fleets collided, but Fantasma had other plans. “Submerge the ship! Fantasma’s ship had a strange device that drilled a hole into the bottom of the ship. “I have waited for this moment… for a long time, Mr. Trankus. Prepare all weapons! Firearms, blades. Unfortunately complete ghosts cannot survive completely submerged into water for even one second, so I couldn’t bring them. However, being only half ghost, I have the ability to walk underwater, thank you very much” Fantasma said. The device started drilled holes. A very large piece of wood was pushed into the bottom of the hull with this device. There were four devices on the ship, so it began to sink very fast. Being cursed wood, Fantasma could partially control it, and that helped it go down even faster. The ship quickly submerged. “It seems we need to take a swim!” Duckfish yelled.

The naval officers began jumping off of the ship and into the water. “Ezekiel, do your thing” Richard said to Ezekiel. The Runner and the Cobra were farther from the battle than the other pirate ships. Ezekiel held up a jeweled crown. Both Pirate ships began magically going underwater. “Take cover, mates!” Richard said. He handed William a cufflink. “What’s this?” William asked. “Might come in handy” Richard replied. Both pirate ships were now underwater, and the crew held on right to the rigging. The ships were then moved toward the bubble of voodoo air, faster than any of the other teams. It was rather deep, and took a moment for the ship to finally reach it. When they did, Fantasma’s ship was already out of sight. The two pirate ships then went through the bubble, and landed on the sand below. Only solid objects could go through this bubble, liquids could not. The pirates were the first ones there.

“Ready?” Richard said with a sigh of relief. Basil and Lawrence stood up as well. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Stormwalker said. The crew readied their weapons. Jack Can, Scruffy Jack, and Jeffrey Blasthawk had blunderbusses. Other pirates had pistols, cutlasses, broadswords, sabres, and Lawrence had the one and the only - The Sword of Freedom. This was it. The time to take the city of Atlantis. The pirates walked in what felt to them like an emotional slow-motion. None knowing if they would make it out alive, they walked towards the battle. They then realized the king had jumped down into the water, as he went through the bubble. “I jumped before Fantasma’s Ship even dropped” Swordmenace said. “Alright, let’s keep movin!” Basil said. Once again, the pirates walked in what felt like slow motion. They walked to the roofless tunnel. They entered, and walked to the door. Lawrence used the Sword of Freedom to unlock the door. They began walking into the corralled palace room. The Angler Lord was eating a starfish on his throne. When he saw the pirates enter, he jumped, and dropped the half he hadn’t eaten on the stone ground. “Ah, have you brought me my sword?” The Angler Lord asked. He didn’t seem surprised by the crowd Richard had brought, however, Charles the Menace and Dr. Skull did. “What is this?” Dr. Skull asked. The pirates fully entered the room. “This, Dr. Skull, is an attack force” Richard said. “Ahahahaahahaha!” The Angler Lord cracked up. “Now, Mr. Angler Lord. Time to negotiate” Swordmenace said. “How so…?” The Angler Lord asked. “With this sword, we can turn your sons back into fish creatures. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” Swordmenace asked. Skull and Charles seemed shocked.

“Makes no difference to me… ahahahahah! You all actually fell for it. They are not really… my sons. You see, it’s a long story…” The Angler Lord began. “What!? What are we!?” The Menace asked The Angler Lords. “You’re creations. Ever wonder why your names were so… strange? Skull, Menace, Achaelos?” The Angler Lord began. “You mean… everything… was a lie?” Skull asked. “Yes. I intended for the fleets to follow you, Menace! Or as you call yourself, ‘Charles’.” The Angler Lord said. Why!?” The Menace asked. “To gather groups… to create… a chaotic battle.” The Angler Lord said. Then, Fantasma and his men arrived. “Hello, all! What a wonderful day for us all to be here….. Isn’t it, Mr. Goldvane?” Fantasma asked. “Yes! Everyone is arriving… for the grand finale” The Angler Lord said. Jamie Lopus and the two Dummies walked out of The Angler Lord’s back room. “What!? You were suppose to destroy that dummy!” Dr. Skull said. “I was tired of you bossing me around, mr. Skull. That’s why I teamed with the Angler Lord. He let me gather groups for him, so he can perform his ‘grand finale’. I’m not sure what it is, but he paid me greatly. “You… double-crosser!” Skull said. Skull didn’t get angry often, but it was clear he wasn’t happy now.

The Menace then realized both Dummies had his staffs. “Where did you get those!?” The Menace asked. “A man named Jolly Roger” Jamie Lopus replied. Duckfish and his men then arrived. “Ah! We’re all here now! Now… is the time. The time for me to perform the grand finale. The Spell of Soultakers!” The Angler Lord said.

“What… exactly is that?” Richard asked. “It’s a supernatural forced, summon by a host. That’s me, of course. When summoned, all souls present, basically within a mile of the hex, shall be drained into the caster. Basically, I’m taking yours souls, and putting them into myself.” The Angler Lord said. “I have a similar technique, but it’s not as ranged as yours” Fantasma said. The Angler Lord didn’t seem to hear him. “And How does this benefit you?” Richard asked. “It fuels me. It… feeds me. I shall once again… become… a human!” The Angler Lords said. “No!” said Robert McRoberts, the keeper of the code. He began walking through the crowd and toward The Angler Lord’s high chair. “I will NOT allow you to perform this… evil… sorcery! Do you know what I am going to do to you… if you do this? Do you know…………… what I’m going to do…….. IF…… you perform this… evil….. Sorcery!?” Robert asked again. The Angler Lord didn’t respond. “I’m going to PUUUhhhhhh” Robert said before falling to the ground. Behind him was General Duckfish with a smoking gun. “He was getting far too annoying” Duckfish said. Jeffrey Redscurf was behind him. Jack Can saw this.

“Redscurf!!” Jack Can said as he walked over with a gun in his hand. “Oh no! It’s a midget! I’m so frightened! Everyone, run… for your lives!” Redscurf said. “You murdered my brother, Redscurf!” Jack Can said. “You murdered an ant… midget!” Redscurf said. Jack Can just sighed. “You’re despicable.” Jack Can said. “Well, actually, I can’t prove my claim, but I’m sure you’ve murdered an ant sometime before, correct? So… that makes us even, right?” Redscurf asked. Jack Can loaded his pistol. “Alright… everyone just.., settle down. You don’t want to ruin the big finale!” The Angler Lord said. “I hate big finales” Bloody Billy said. “Um… about the big finale…” Richard began. “Um… I don’t really… uh… see the point of it… exactly? Well, I think we outta just… call it a day, aye? Not really up for the whole… soul getting drained……………………. Thing… today, ok?” Richard said.

“Wait… are you meaning to tell me that we all came here, only to have our souls drained into your silly staff?” Duckfish asked. “Yes, Mr. Duckfish. I planned out every single event throughout the last thirty years to come to this very moment. You all seek gold, but all you will find is death!” The Angler Lord said grimly. “You have corrupted your position, father! You are the Keeper of Atlantis! It’s your job to…” Dr. Skull began. “As keeper of Atlantis, it’s my job to do whatever I WISH! And today, that is to gain true strength!” The Angler Lord said. “And what do you intend to do with this… true strength?” Pirate King Swordmenace asked. “Whatever I wish!” The Angler Lord replied. “So we all die for you to do whatever you wish? Seems a bit grim if you ask me” Richard said. “It is grim… everything in this world is grim. Murdering your own family, creating three beings only to lead a crowd into a throne room, much more.” The Angler Lord said.

“Wait. Are you saying you murdered your ancestors?” The Menace asked. “Yes… to take the throne, as the rightful older brother, I eliminated the younger brother who was just so much… ‘better‘.” The Angler Lord said. “You’re nothing but a scam!” Dr. Skull said. Billy Hullbatten pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Richard. “You cut my hand off, Goldvane. You should have cut both off, because the other is about to kill you.” Hullbatten said. “Oh, well isn’t this lovely? We’re all going to die and Mr. left-hand here wants me to go first, ey? Well, tell ya what. I’ll go down with a fight, but I’m not letting you just shoot me here randomly. I shall be shot… dramatically…………….. before we all get sucked into ‘ole fish-man’s body. Lovely day!” Richard said. The Angler Lord then pulled out a Staff. It was the Staff of Oceans. This was one of the staffs The Menace had been searching for all those years. The Angler Lord began summoning the ultimate Soul-drainer. “Now!” Richard said. Will threw his one cufflink at The Angler Lord. It hit his hand, causing him to drop the Staff. “Now! Attack!” Swordmenace yelled. “Unlock the gates! Acquire the swords! For England!” Duckfish said. “Murder all this twits or I’ll have your heads for cannonballs!” Fantasma ordered to his men. And then instantly, a chaotic battle began. Fantasma’s crew, the naval officers, the pirates, and the Angler Lord’s henchmen all battled against each other in this massive quake of conflict! A brave Naval Officer charged at The Angler Lord with his cutlass drawn. He swung what was going to be a high swing, but the Angler Lord caught his arm, cracked, and broke his arm, then punched him three times in the chest, breaking the majority of his ribs, and then threw him across the entire room.

Jack Can went straight for Jeffrey Redscurf. Daggers drawn, he attempted to avenge his brother. Redscurf dodged the daggers easily and knocked Jack down. “Did you really think… PRAGH!” Redscurf said as he was unexpectedly thrown back four feet. Charles Swordeagle had hit him with the butt of his blunderbuss. “Woohoo! Woohoo-hoo-hoo!” Jack Pistol and Basil were team-attacking Fantasma’s creatures. They ran into Trankus. He revealed that his right arm was a Bull Shark head, and his left was an Alligator head. His heads snapped down, chomping off a dozen heads of Naval officers and pirates. He soon charged after Jack Pistol and Basil. “AHH!” They both yelled.

Basil struck the shark head with lightning using his Barracuda Blade, as Jack dodged an alligator swoop. Instead, the swoop chomped onto the arm of a creature working for the Angler Lord. It somehow managed to go into a death roll and chomp his arm off, eating it. The more the heads ate, the buffer the man got. His head consisted of large barnacles and crushed wood. He eventually his both of his arm-heads to ram the two pirates, knocking them back. Eventually, Law came to the rescue, shooting burning seaweed at the back of Trankus. “Argghrauf!” He smirked before turning around. He saw Lawrence had the Sword of Freedom. He charged. “Uh….” Law said slowly as the creature ran towards him. Before he knew it, a Naval guard grabbed the sword from his hands. Trankus then pushed a pirate out of his way and used his shark head to eat a random Naval sailor’s head. Jack Can ran after the naval guard as well. Everyone wanted these swords.Meanwhile… “You double-crosser!” Dr. Skull said to Jamie Lopus. There were on the stairs near The Angler Lord’s throne, away from most of the battle.

“I was simply tired of being the Apprentice. Now, I will become the Ruler of Atlantis when The Angler Lord dies.” Jamie Lopus said. Dr. Skull unsheathed the Sword of Voodoo, and attacked Lopus. Lopus countered the attack using a random blade. The two dummies began firing hexes at Dr Skull using their Staffs. Fantasma saw this conflict. He knew it would stall things out, and eventually work to his favor. He decided to make it last longer, and shot a large Lightning bolt at Sloppy the Dummy, completely demolishing him, except for his Staff. Dr. Skull and Lopus continued dueling. Meanwhile, Stormwalker pushed Navy guards out of his way to find the Menace. “So here we are again. Time to finish the battle?” Stormwalker asked as he unsheathed a broadsword.

“So be it…” The Menace said as he unsheathed his sabre and engaged into a duel with Stormwalker. They fought for awhile, until a navy guard ran between them with the Sword of Freedom. Following, was Jack Can, and the enormous Trankus. Everyone had to take cover when he ran past if they didn’t wish to be eaten by an Alligator or shark. Jarod and Swordmenace were firing pistols at enemies from afar.Jack Can recovered the Sword from a guard. Trankus nearly ripped him apart, but was shot by Billy Hullbatten’s gun.

The bullet went through him, over Jack Can, and plummeting into a Pirate’s head. Jack Can ran through the crowd. Trankus continued eating enemies in several bites. Jack Can threw the sword to Jarod, who ran through crowds, and tossed it back to Jack. It was a midget tossing party! However, Duckfish had other plans. He pushed down Jack Can, and caught the sword instead. He sliced a pirate and pushed through crowds, until Stormwalker and the Menace got in his way. It was a three way duel. The Menace, Stormwalker, and Duckfish. The swords clashed, and the chaos began to rise. Jeffrey Blasthawk shot the Angler Lord, and ran up to him, hitting him with the butt of his Pistol. The Angler Lord grabbed him, and crunched his ribs. He then threw him out into the crowd, near Stormwalker, the Menace, and Duckfish. Duckfish tripped over him, and dropped the sword. The Menace grabbed it. “At last…” The Menace said before Stormwalker cut his hand and took the sword. They continued dueling. Richard was pushing his way through fighting crowds trying to find one of the swords. “Didn’t plan on all of these people showing up……” He thought to himself. He looked over at Lopus. He remembered that he was the one who gave him the location. Richard also knew that Lopus was with The Angler Lord, and that the Angler Lord wanted a crowd.

“That double-crosser!” Richard said to himself. Hullbatten fired a shot near Richard, but a Fish Creature got in the way. Jeffrey began standing up, grunting, and moaning. Jeffrey pulled out his pistol. Trankus was just about to eat off Bloody Billy’s head, but Jeffrey fired a shot, hitting Trankus in the leg and knocking him down. “I hate alligators… and sharks!” Billy said. Trankus then ran over to Jeffrey, and launched a Bull Shark Ram into his chest. He was down again. Then, Billy Hullbatten approached him. He pointed his gun at Jeffrey’s head, but Richard tackled him. Trankus came back by, until a Navy Guard decided to shoot him and grab his attention. Richard kicked Hullbatten’s gun from his hand, and then punched him in the face. Hullbatten then tackled him, and pushed him to the ground. Richard punched him again, and he stepped back. They fought some more, until Hullbatten grabbed a dagger, and stabbed it into Richard’s side. Richard fell back. Hullbatten grabbed his pistol again. Jeffrey had stood up, and threw a dagger at Hullbatten, who ducked and dodged, and the dagger scrapped Richard’s cheek, knocking him down again. Hullbatten loaded his pistol, and fired. Slowly… the bullet flew in mid air. Richard stood up to see a hole in Jeffrey’s chest. “No!” Richard yelled, in anger. “Amazing what one hand can do, eh?” Hullbatten said. Hullbatten was then attacked by other pirates, and Richard continued looking for the swords. Stormwalker and the Menace locked blades.

“What are we fighting for?” Stormwalker asked. The Menace thought on this a moment. “Not really quite sure…” He said. The two then began team-attacking Trankus. Trankus grabbed and bit two guards and threw them by their heads onto Stormwalker and The Menace. Dr. Skull eventually defeated Lopus, and shot a beam at Slappy the Dummy, knocking him back. He approached The Angler Lord. He was busy pushing through enemies who were piling ontop of him. He grabbed a soldier and a pirate each with one hand, and threw them away. He then turned to Skull. “This is wrong…” Skull said. “Oh, really?” The Angler Lord asked. Lopus then appeared behind Skull, and they engaged in another duel. The Angler Lord picked up a broadsword from a pirate. Skull knocked Lopus down. “You should not betray the one who taught you all of your miserable skills!” Skull said. The Angler Lord pointed the broadsword at Skull. “You’re a bad creation, Skull. But there’s always room… for a ree-do…“, “Wait…“ Dr. Skull said. “No time…“ The Angler Lord said as he then launched the broadsword through the air and into Skull, impaling the sword into his stomach. “Father…………” He said slowly before throwing the Sword of Voodoo out into the crowd, and falling to his death. “Nooi!” The Menace yelled as he got up and rushed straight to Dr. Skull.

“Get the swords… unlock… the gates…” Dr. Skull said.

“Brother…” The Menace said slowly.

“Go…” Dr. Skull said. The Menace stood up and rushed to the crowds, and grabbed the sword. The Angler Lord then pulled The Menace up to him. “Hand it over, Menace” The Angler Lord said. “No.” The Menace said, as he grabbed the Sword of Wisdom from The Angler Lord’s belt and shot two beams at the Angler Lord, knocking him back into many rocks.

“The name is Charles, also.” Charles the Menace said. The Angler Lord was angry, but guards began piling ontop of him before he could stop the Menace from running through the crowds. He ran back to Skull, who no longer had any expressions on his face. The Menace just looked up and decided to make the Angler’s Plan failing his main goal. Jarod and Jack Can found the sword again, and continued the midget tossing party. Eventually, a guard caught it, but Richard took it from him. “I got it!” Richard yelled. Many enemies then looked at him.

“Um… I mean, I wish I had it! I don’t have it! I… ahh!” Richard yelled as he then noticed seaweed on the ceiling. He pushed a rock over to an area, and jumped. He caught a piece of seaweed, which then lowered a bit. Richard began swinging on the seaweed. “Haha! Can’t get me here!” Richard yelled. However, guards began shooting at him with muskets. He swung hard and jumped down, landing in an area that didn’t have a lot of fighting. The Menace gave the Sword of Wisdom to Jarod the Midget. “Get ready” The Menace said. Richard gave the Sword of Freedom to Stormwalker. “Don’t lose this” Richard said. The Menace walked up to Stormwalker. “Now?” He asked. “Aye!” Stormwalker said. Stormwalker and Charles the Menace charged towards the gates. There wasn’t as many battles going on over there either. The Menace launched the Sword of Voodoo into one keyhole. Stormwalker put in the Sword of Freedom. “Jarod! Now!” The Menace yelled. Jarod was being attacked. He threw the Sword of Wisdom to them right before he was tackled by two fish creatures.

Stormwalker put it in. The gates flew open. The second Gate’s sword was already in, and they simply turned it. These gates then opened. What they saw was magnificent. Beautiful. A gigantic room filled with gold statues, rock formations, and stones. Richard walked into here, ignoring the battle. There were birds here. They flew in patterns and chirped what sounded like ancient, extinct bird calls. It was unknown to Richard how they survived. “A wonderful force of nature” he thought. There was a pathway to a large golden statue. On the sides of these statues were two tiny walls, about the height of a smashed shoe, holding together groups of tiny stones. Placed on the gravel and stones were other statues, and rock formations. Richard walked through this path. Engraved into the path was the words “Ατλαντίδα ~ Πόλη του Ωκεανού”. This was the greek version for “Atlantis ~ City of the Ocean” The statues were all of the past owners of Atlantis. At the end of the path, it split into two paths, and between the two new paths was a large, golden statue of Poseidon. On a rock below him, read the words “ Ποσειδών, ο Δημιουργός της Ατλαντίδας”. Duckfish saw that the gates were opened. The fight in the throne room began to settle down as many were stunned by the beauty of Atlantis. Duckfish ran in to see the incredible room. Fantasma also noticed it was open.

“Finally…” He said to himself as he rushed in. Everyone began running into the Lost City. Duckfish gathered his men. “All soldiers! Take the treasures! Take it all!” Duckfish said. Eventually, the mass amount of navy officers that hadn’t been killed began taking everything. The pirates and Fantasma’s creatures began taking items as well. “Clever clever Goldvane…” Lopus said with a sabre pointed at Richard’s throat. “Wasn’t me… thank the midgets for this recovery” Richard said. “Oh, they’ll be dead, no need to thank a dead person, ey?” Lopus said. “Actually, I’d thank Dr. Skull. He looks to be quite dead to me, ey? True enough, if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be here, now, ey?” Richard said. “Oh, but he taught his own murderer” Lopus said. “You’ve taught all of us how traitorous you really are, so, basically, you did the same…” Richard said as he pointed a gun at Lopus. Lopus swung his sword to knock it away.

“Oh…” Richard said as he ducked attacks. His gun had fallen into the piles of rocks. He grabbed his gun, and accidentally, a few rocks. He put it all in his pocket as he grabbed a gold bar to salvage. People started fighting over the treasures. Eventually, this battle became more angered than the last. Richard saw Duckfish digging through the stones. “Ah, must be worth something” Richard said to himself. The battle scattered throughout the Lost City of Atlantis. The Angler Lord, staff in hand, walked into the Lost City.

"Enjoying the treasures? Well, too late!” The Angler Lord said. His staff began charging the spell of destruction. Nobody was there to stop him. The spell began… whoever was near him began disintegrating “Not this time!” El Fantasma said as he used his sword to strike The Angler Lord with lightning, knocking him to the ground. The spell was delayed. Richard began running through the gigantic room looking for anything extra valuable, until he ran across Duckfish. They began fighting. Jeffrey Redscurf joined in to help Duckfish. Richard was being team-attacked, until Jack Can joined in to assault Redscurf. Duckfish fought very well for his age. “You filthy pirate rats won’t take this treasure!” Duckfish said. “What treasure? Rocks?” Richard asked. Duckfish paused for a moment. “Rocks… can be valuable!” Duckfish said. “Clearly!” Richard said as he continued fighting Duckfish. Eventually, he knocked Duckfish down, but before he could finish him Lopus returned. Richard pointed his sword at him. They began dueling. Richard threw a left slash, while Lopus parried with a right swoop.

They continued dueling, until Duckfish got up and joined in. Fantasma saw the three fighting. “Ah, lovely conflict.” He said to himself. He eventually joined it. It was four-way fight. Fantasma struck Duckfish with lightning, knocking him back twenty feet and into the Poseidon statue. Charles the Menace and Stormwalker approached Lopus. “Glad to see you two working together” Richard said. “Only temporary…” Stormwalker said. “You traitor!” Charles said to Lopus. They began team-attacking Lopus. It was now just Richard and Fantasma. “Shall we have a toast?” Richard asked. “I’m not a man for humor, Mr. Goldvane. You have no idea of the contents of this city.” Fantasma said. “Oh really? What? What is in here? What do you desire so badly?” Richard said.

“If I told you, you’d probably find it, knowing your damn luck” Fantasma said. “So you don’t consider the location to an underwater city just happening to be on a piece of parchment that fell out of a mans pocket in your room lucky?” Richard asked. “Again, not one for humor” Fantasma said.

“Unfortunately, I am!” Richard said as he threw a cufflink into Fantasma’s eye, and grabbed the piece of parchment out of HIS pocket! “My paper!’ Richard said as he walked off. Fantasma was in pain, but his glowy yellow eyes managed to use voodoo and push the cufflink out. Jack Pistol had dual pistols. He fired two shots at Trankus, who came rushing to him, eating people in his way. Out of the blue, Lawrence stuck a blunderbuss in the alligator’s mouth. The shark head began attempting to eat his head off. Basil came over with his Barracuda Blade and struck the shark head with lightning, stunning it. The three pirates continued to hammer Trankus until they knocked the beast out.

“Haha!” Jack laughed. Lawrence was them attacked by three fish creatures. He unsheathed his General’s Broadsword, and did an amazing “Hurricane”-type attack to their feet, knocking all of them to the ground. He then finished them off one by one. Jack Pistol, Jarod, and King Swordmenace began holding off the Angler Lord so that they wouldn’t all have their souls drained. The pirates began hauling most of the treasure. El Fantasma found the staff Sloppy the Dummy had dropped. Slappy the Dummy approached him, most likely seeking revenge for Fantasma defeating Sloppy. “You do not know my powers, ghost-person! I shall arrrgrhrgh” Slappy said as Fantasma launched a super-lightning-bolt at him, zapping him to pieces. He grabbed his staff as well.

He then found the staff that the Angler Lord had dropped. He now had three Staves. He walked near the stones. He began using the staves for some strange “scan” type of spell. As it finished, he looked confused. “Someone has already found it…” He muttered to himself. He approached the Pirate King, and used the staffs to instantly knock him to the ground. He put the staves on his back and unsheathed his sword. King Swordmenace was defenseless. He began running, until Fantasma knocked him down with a voodoo beam. “What do you want from me?” Swordmenace asked. “Are you here for the gold?” Fantasma asked.

“Of course. What else is there to find here?” Swordmenace asked. Fantasma just walked away. Swordmenace got up. The Angler Lord was nearby. They began to battle, but the Angler Lord delivered a head-straight haymaker, knocking the not-so-strong-anymore king back. He picked him up and threw him across and back into the throne room. The pirates still had the largest amount of treasure captured. They carried it to their ships, and stuffed it into the cargo hold, as Richard and the other leaders held off the enemies. The English had also salvaged a large amount of treasure. However, Fantasma’s group had taken only one gold coin. “What is he looking for…” Richard thought to himself. Fantasma eventually encountered The Angler Lord. “So, you’re the mighty Angler Lord?” El Fantasma said. “Yes, and I could easily rip your head off! Now give me my STAFF!” The Angler Lord said.

“Not today.” El Fantasma said as he struggled to pull the three staves out. He knocked The Angler Lord back to his throne area, crushing his small stone chair and the wall behind him. Fantasma then noticed the voodoo Crystal that allowed them all to breath was behind there. “Mr. Angler! I call this the Spell of crushed DREAMS!” Fantasma yelled as he used the three staffs to start some hex. “I think we should get outta here…” Jarod said. “Aye! We have so much gold! We’re gonna be rich!” Basil said. Basil, Jarod, Scruffy Jack, and several other pirates grabbed as much gold as they could and got out.

Duckfish, Hullbatten, Redscurf, and the other navy officers also began to flee. El Fantasma’s hex began. The area began to shake. He shot a lightning bolt directly at the Voodoo Crystal behind The Angler Lord. The Voodoo air bubble began to fail. Large holes appeared all around the bubble, allowing large amounts of water to flood in. Along with this water, was the giant sea monster! Eels hungry, the fish swooped in with large pools of water. The water didn’t quite reach The Angler Lord’s chair yet. The fish began to grab naval officers, pirates, and fish creatures alike with its eels, sucking them into its massive mouth. Richard, Stormwalker, Jack Pistol, Lawrence, Jack Can, Bloody Billy, and Charles were most of the pirates that were still in Atlantis. The water and the fish began flooding through Atlantis. The monster eventually grabbed the Pirate King, electrocuting and eating him. “No!!! Not the king!” Jack Pistol said.

“A sudden death….” Richard said. The water began flooding the whole room. “No!” Stop this!” The Angler lord said. But then, the whole force broke, and water crashed in, destroying everything! It was liquid death… people drowned, got crashed into rocks, or things fell on them. Fantasma’s force also launched a large shockwave everywhere, obliterating any material nearby.. The Angler Lord tried to keep balance as water splashed all around him. “No! This is MY home! I own it! I am Ruler of Atlantis! I am…” Eventually, the ceiling broke, the water came in, and the rocks fell straight to the Angler Lord, crushing and burrying him in rocks. The pirates fled through the roof-less cave. Atlantis’s statues were knocked everywhere, crashing into other things. The Poseidon Statue fell as well. The Lost City of the Ocean was once again lost. In the end The Menace was with the pirates, and finally had his beloved Sword of Freedom. Jarod had the other two swords. The pirates scurried through the tunnel and found themselves at their ship. The water around that area then collapsed as well. The cargo was loaded, and Ezekiel used his magic to raise the ships. Eventually, the entire bottom surface was covered with water. What the pirates didn’t realize, was that Duckfish and the navy had stowed away on their ship. Once all the pirate ships reached the surface, Duckfish and the navy jumped off and back to their vessel, carrying a large portion of gold. “Hey you! Stow-aways!” Jack Can yelled.

“Wow, daylight looks….. Amazing… after that…” Richard said. “Aye… but hey RICH! We did it! We accomplished our goal!” Lawrence said. “Law. I don’t know. Was it worth it? Wasn’t much gold…” Richard said. “Ah, don’t be greedy!” Jack Pistol said, barging into the conversation. “I’m not. I just don’t know if that small amount of treasure was worth the deaths. I mean… we lost our king. We lost Jeffrey.” Richard said. “Yeah… we had some losses, but if that treasure would have fallen into enemies hands…” Lawrence began. “What? What would happen? There was no voodoo… no power. Just treasure. What drew people like Fantasma into there…?” Richard asked himself. As Richard moaned, the other pirates aboard the Runner cheered. “Crew!” Richard said as he held the Sword of Freedom in the air. “Today… we took the treasures of Atlantis… defeated the Angler Lord… recovered three super-swords! Now, sail! Sail ye dogs! Sail for freedom, and the thirst for our future adventures!!!” Richard yelled. The crew began sailing. “Also, sail to beat Basil’s ship!” Richard said. Basil and his crew somehow heard this, and began sailing. It was another race, but this time, friendly, with no cannons involved. The two ships sailed past a beautiful sunset.

Meanwhile, back above Atlantis, Jolly Roger’s ship arrived. “NOOOOOOOOO! We missed it! We! Arghhh!!!” Jolly Roger said as he used his soul storm to crush skeletons aboard his ship. The Harkaway turned back towards their next prey.

Meanwhile, Duckfish’s ship returned to an English port, where Cothern was there waiting. A soaked, exhausted Duckfish walked into Cothern’s office. “Do you have it!?” Cothern asked. “No, sir…” Duckfish admitted. “What!? You couldn’t find it!?” Cothern asked. “Sir, the pirates and El Fantasma were both there. Luckily we didn’t lose many men.” Duckfish said. “This is… unfortunate. However, I have another matter to discuss.” Cothern said. “Which is?” Duckfish asked. “England is in a new-found war with Spain. You are requested to lead battles and defense fleets against them as Head Admiral.” Cothern said. “And who will I be working with…?” Duckfish asked. “They are signing on captains, but for now, only Matthew Blastshot has been confirmed.” Cothern said. “BLASTSHOT!?!?!? NO! I will not ALLOW IT!” Duckfish said. “Kings orders….” Cothern said as he walked into his backroom.

Meanwhile, the pirate ships arrived back at the Cove. They sailed through the entrance, and arrived back at the stacked ships. The pirates began to celebrate. The pirates then scurried back onto the docks. “We won!” Basil yelled. “Nope, we did!” Richard said. Lawrence, Jack Pistol, and Jarod began running across the ships spreading the news. The Pirate Lords met up in the meeting room. They discussed everything that happened. Though they lost their king, they were still happy. They began considering new kings.

Meanwhile, The Menace, Stormwalker, Jarod, and Richard were awarded some scrappy Pirate metals. Stormwalker kept the Sword of Wisdom. The Menace kept the Sword of Voodoo, and Richard kept the sword of Freedom. Richard returned to his cabin. He sat his swords on a new rack. The Goldvane Broadsword, his Masterwork Sabre, his Seven Seas Cutlass, and finally, on the top rack… the Sword of Freedom itself. He pulled out his pistol and sat it down on a table along with the rocks he had accidentally picked up and put into his pocket. He looked at them, estimating values. He then noticed one was different… it was a more unique stone with a hole in the middle… “Interesting…” Richard said slowly…

Meanwhile, Fantasma was the new ruler of Atlantis. He had his workers dig through the rocks, searching for something. “We searched through them all, sir, it’s not here.” Trankus said. “No… this was unseen… who could have it?” Fantasma asked as he sat on The Angler Lord’s throne. It may seem like an end. A large battle, many deaths and finally Atlantis has been uncovered. But no… this isn’t the end yet… no… far from the end. What was the mysterious item Richard found? What are Fantasma and Cothern looking for? All… shall be revealed…

Behind The Scenes Edit

My newest section is Behind The Scenes. Here I will share some inside information from the writing of TGT. There's probably nobody that's interested in this, but hey, it gives me something to do!

Deleted Scenes and DialoguesEdit

I have actually come up with several scenes for the story that didn't make it into the actual page. Some I actually already had written, so this section is for those that made it all the way to be typed, but were decided not to be put in.

Hermit As Bait = Chapter 13

"Hermit As Bait" was originally an action sequence in Chapter 13: The Sword Of Freedom, but was removed due to the need to cut down on length and action in the chapter. It took place at Shipwreck Cove, and was created to give smaller characters an action sequence, but it just couldn't fit in, and was forced to be removed.

Meanwhile in Shipwreck Cove, the pirate lords started to worry. One of the pirate lords had been murdered and no one seemed to have any idea who was. Night fell onto the secret location, and Jim Logan discussed a plan with Hermit. On the edge of a rocky cliff “I think we should trap the murderer!” Logan said. Logan was a young, upstart lord. He replaced his father after he died, and wasn’t the most experienced of them. However he knew the basics, and he was clearly onto something. The large Hermit thought on this. To help him think, he threw rats out of his pocket into the ocean. “We need bait!” He said clearly. Jim wasn’t one for long words, he was a simpler pirate lord. He suggested that they used cheese for bait. “That only works on rats. We need something the murderer is after. Like one of us!” Hermit thought. Logan thought up a suggestion. “How about we use Swordmenace as bait?” Logan thought. “Great idea, but what if the killer actually surprised us and was able to murder him? We don’t need the king dead.” Hermit said. “True. Let’s use you as bait then!” Logan suggested. Hermit didn’t seem to like this idea, but before he could speak, Swordmenace entered. “Hello there, mates. Heard you were plotting a solution to this mess so I thought I’d join. I brought someone else as well” Swordmenace said. Behind him stood yet another large and strong-bodied man. It was Skull X, Keeper of the Code. Skull wore a purple bandana with a vest and some dark black clothing. Hermit and Skull were very close friends, so they started talking about random things. “Have you seen my new gigantarodent?” Hermit asked. “No, I’ll be sure to look at it though.” Skull replied. They eventually agreed to the plan of Hermit being bait. But before they put Hermit in position, another man came up the hill. It was Will Goldvane“Ahoy! I thought I’d help with the plan!” William said. “Sure, you can help. Hermit is going to be on ‘The Wild Boar’ ship, out on the bow part of the broken ship. We will then hide and wait for the killer!” Skull said. Hermit frowned at this plan, so he convinced them to let Roto The Rat be near as well. 5 minutes later they arrived at the location and the plan was set. Hermit ate fried rats to pass the time. After waiting an hour, Hermit heard footsteps coming from the ship next to them. The ship they were had its bow literally rammed into the other ship’s side, and the pirates had formed a small tunnel to get into the other ship. The footsteps sounded very small but hard. Hermit unsheathed two daggers. Before he could shine the lantern at the small tunnel, a blue voodoo hex shot him back ten feet. William wasn’t really in his place, so he waited for others to make a move. The attacker didn’t know anyone was watching and began walking up the small staircase. Jim unsheathed his sword, grabbed the lantern and charged in, but the figure was gone. He saw a figure jumping around behind the boxes. He the saw two flaming boxes fly toward him. He was a goner, but William threw a steering wheel which reflected the boxes, Skull and Swordmenace unsheathed swords, and charged towards the boxes. The boxes began forming a giant box monster, but Will and Jim threw grenades at it before it could form. Whoever this killer was, it was a master at voodoo, and began launching all sorts of attacks from its hiding spot. It then launched a large lightning bolt at Jim Logan, but William threw a barrel in front of him, and the lightning bolt demolished it, leaving a strange mark on a single plank of wood. “I’ve seen this mark somewhere before” William said. Footsteps were heard running away, as the attacker seemed to be spooked off. The four went to where they heard it run, which was below decks in the other ship. “He’s in here” Jim said. “How do you know?” William asked. “He couldn’t go anywhere else, Roto is up on the passage-way to the next ship.” Jim replied. Spare anchors shot at them from out of nowhere, and chains forced by voodoo to form a human shape grabbed swords with their chainy hands and attacked them. They all fought back, as Jim and William bested them easily, Jack and Skull just went with brute force, and ran past them toward the killer. They saw it run up onto the deck. “He’s escaping!” Skull said. They both ran up to find no murderer. Roto would have stopped the killer if it went to the next passage. Roto was just lying there. “He must have teleported away, arggh!” Swordmenace said. The strange chain hex ended, and the four sighed in relief and regret. William went back to the barrel that was struck by lightning. “I have seen this somewhere! I just can’t remember where!” He said. As the night darkened, the group returned to Hermit. Thankfully he was still alive and they quickly healed him up.

Besting The Devil

Besting the Devil is the name for a conversation between Richard Goldvane and Johnny Cothern/Scarface.Richard asks Cothern about his nickname, "Scarface", and he explains how he uses it as a name of fear, as it does sound quite scary. They eventually end up mentioning Edward the Terrible, and then the conversation ends. It is unknown if it will be released. It had a possible Chapter 11 release, but with so much planned, it didn't make it into the chapter. It is unknown if it will make it into the story at all.*"So... what's the whole deal with the 'Scarface' folklore story?" - Richard

  • "You, do of course.... see them?" - Cothern
  • "Yes, yes, of course. But... why the name?" - Richard
  • "It's a nic-name. A name of fear..." - Cothern
  • "You seem awfully obsessed with fear, mate" - Richard.
  • "Fear is an advantage in these times." - Cothern
  • "Advantage? Explain" - Richard
  • "Fear is very powerful. It can force a man into doing something. It... enslaves the human. As it did me when I was young..." - Cothern
  • "Mate... you do know... fear is a tool of the Devil, right?" - Richard
  • "Yes, I do, Richard. I have bested the Devil. I have defeated my childhood fear." -Cothern
  • "And what is that?" - Richard
  • "Regardless.... I plan to best the devil once more. I shall use his weapon to force my control on the Caribbean islands. I use it for power...." - Cothern
  • "You can't best the devil twice, mate." -Richard
  • "Oh? Look at you. Surely you have. The Devil brings fear, worry, regret, and much more. Look at your brother, Edward. You bested, and killed him! He was surely a Devil." - Cothern
  • "Don't insult my family...." - Richard
  • "Family you killed?" - Cothern
  • "One, family is family, he was overwhelmed by rage, anger, and the Devil had control of him. Second, I didn't kill him, Blackbeard shot him." - Richard
  • "Regardless, if it weren't for you, he would probably still be alive." - Cothern
  • "If it weren't for me, everyone would probably still think he was dead, after he faked it." - Richard

What's So Special About The Sword Of Freedom?

This was a possible scene in chapter 12. It served as an alternative to the reason the Sword of Freedom is so special. Please note that the content in this rough draft possibility has been replaced, and nothing said in this dialogue is necessarily canon to the storyline.

  • Richard Goldvane: So..... why is everybody after the Sword of Freedom? Don't they know they need the other swords to unlock the gates?
  • Jack Swordmenace:I believe Pirate Lord Squidfish knows the answer to that
  • Roger Squidfish:What? I'm a Pirate Lord?
  • Jack Swordmenace:No, your father is
  • Roger Squidfish:Really? I never knew!
  • Basil Bridgebain:Aye, recently replace another lord
  • Jack Swordmenace:Bring him in!
  • Ezekiel Squidfish:Roger! Your alive! ( Ezekiel hugs Roger )
  • Roger:Aye! I finally escaped that nasty ship!
  • Ezekiel:Good! Now, is this Mr. Goldvane?
  • Basil:Aye
  • Richard:Oi! You must be Roger's father. Basil and Roger have explained to me your power in summoning squids
  • Ezekiel:Yes. What is it you want to ask me?
  • Richard:Well, what's the reason that everyone wants the Sword of Freedom, when they need the other swords?
  • Ezekiel:Well, you see.. -coughs- the sword of freedom, is more powerful. With it, if you are in the underwater city, and so are the other swords, you can force them into your hands. It.... is the key to getting the others. With it, and the knowledge of how to get into the underwater city, you will have yourself.. the treasures..... of Atlantis.
  • Basil:Uh... you forgot the uh...
  • Swordmenace:The curse!
  • Everyone: -gasp-
  • Ezekiel:Ah, yes. If you open the gates to Atlantis, and your intentions are to take, and or use the gold and treasures, your body must forever serve as part of the gate. Many bars will break loose, and your body will become solid gold, and replace them, as punishment, for your greediness
  • Richard:Uh huh.....

Writer's LogEdit

It was a normal July day. I was bored, and had recently joined a site called POTCO Players Wikia. I had made a page for my Pirate in POTCO, Richard Goldvane. I decided to make a small tale, and base it off of something that happened between me and another player name Billy Hullbatten, who claimed "I am an EITC Soldier!" He wanted me to "join the EITC", and I acted as if I was, but i wasn't.  My friend and I followed him to his "master," a name he'd given to a glitched boss, Ian Ramjaw. Long story short, I based it off of that. Thus was the birth of the Goldvane Trilogy, and my writing hobby!

I made two tiny sequels. One was based off of a character I made named Samuel the Skull. The other was to introduce William Goldvane, my test pirate. I had no idea where I was going with this, or if they would even combine. I put them all in one page and called them the Goldvane Trilogy. I decided to expand this, but, sadly, Trilogy meant three. I already had three chapters, so I planned to make three whole books!

I used Slappy's character, The Menace, to make my first big-hit release, Chapter 4: The Staff Collector. I very much liked this chapter. It introduced one of my favorite characters, Bloody Billy. Once he saw Slappy's character in it, Francis Bluehawk asked to be in. I had created the first story that actually allowed other users to join in, I believe. I made another chapter, eventually. I got a handful of requests, and had many ideas in my head. I gotta say, it was the support that kept me going. It was all the people wanting characters, and saying it was actually not bad, that kept TGT alive. I might have left it with a 3-chapter trilogy if everyone threw it int he dirt. I made Chapters 6 and 7, and had a bazillion ideas. I didn't know what to do! I was hammered with requests... but, eh... that's good, right? I was actually starting to get alot of compliments. Then I started, in my opinion, improving in writing. I realized my first few chapters were pretty sloppy, but I kept on going.

^^^ Old log, so I'll start a new one. :P

October 16th, 2014... I am suddenly feeling nostalgic. I'm longing to once again experience the thrills of my past, and I'm realizing how fast time has gone by. Just looking over some of this... I was young, sloppy, and careless. However, it still brings me a smile to remember these stories. I think that one day I will complete this story arc... maybe if P5 is released I'll have some more motivation to write about POTC. As for now, I will continue my Shadow Origins for Star Wars fiction - which, by the way, will have content from a majority of users. A lot of people are going to be working on it, and even though we're at a bit of a slow point with school restarting, it's going to be one hell of a release when we come out with the finished product!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in writing this... I don't know why you all wanted to be a part of this, but I'm grateful because it was an awesome experience in my life to have written a story like this with you. And yes, I say with you because you all had your characters become part of this story and it was truly an innocent, enjoyable time in I think all of our lives. This story lives on as a reminder of how much Pirates motivated us... was a great time.